Private Dancer

part 14

by Vertigo

The characters herein are mine. Any resemblance to real or fictional people are strictly part of your imagination. Some places in the story are real and some are fictional.

This story depicts an explicit love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Author's note: I have to take a moment to jump up and down and cheer wildly for Complx and Barb. You ladies are a huge help and I appreciate it. I genuflect at your feet.

Authors other note: I must thank my FIANCE for not lopping my head off for spending way too much time playing with these ladies.


Somewhere between leaving the office and getting in the car, Faith absolutely needed another taste of those beautiful lips. She felt as if she would starve without them. What the hell is wrong with me? Maybe it was watching the leather covered ass moving in front of her. Or, maybe it was knowing the owner of said flesh loved her. Either way, she really needed it. Knowing that if she so much as touched the frustrated woman she ran the risk of being ravaged right there in the middle of the club didn't even phase her. She needed to feel her right this minute.

Cori saw the couple ahead of her and couldn't resist the temptation to following them.

The blonde dancer could have burnt holes into the leather-clad butt in front of her. She trusted the tall woman to contain herself, but she only wanted a kiss. They WERE in the middle of the club. Surely she could have one measly kiss? Glancing around quickly, she decided to wait until they were in a darker area.

Reece was about to turn the corner when she suddenly felt small hands start at her butt and work around to her stomach stopping her from moving any further. She looked over her shoulder and the expression she saw left no room for words. She abruptly turned around backing Faith against the wall, her hands already tangled in blonde hair. Whoa girl, take it easy.

The smaller woman stood on her tiptoes, closed her eyes, tipped her head back and waited. Reece looked around the bend and noticed quite a few people left in the club. She took a deep breath and gave Faith an out.

"Hey babe, everyone will see you." Her hair is so soft.

"So." She licked her lips in anticipation.

"So, think about what people will think about you, kissing the great pussy meister."

"I don't really give a shit." She opened her eyes and narrowed them at Reece. "Just one kiss."

Cori was shocked. Faith? You little tramp She smirked.

"We're gonna make a spectacle" She gave her one last chance to say no or they wouldn't make it to breakfast. Just one kiss indeed…

Faith ran her hands up under Reece's jacket and scratched her way down from strong shoulders to the small of her back, resting them on her new favorite place. Reece gasped and closed her eyes. 10, 9, 8, 7,...

You are playing with fire young lady. Cori was a little worried about her friend now.

"Now Reece" she breathed.

654321. The club owner nearly pulled her off the ground by her hair it was so fast.

Faith groaned into the kiss. Her hands squeezed the ass she was holding. It was so perfect she could scream. Wrapping a leg around Reece's and pulling her closer, she felt the growl in her mouth when their bodies met. Strong hands migrated to her own ass and the smell and feel of Reece overwhelmed her. She wasn't so sure about her own self-control now. Nibbling on a convenient lip she was lifted off the floor. She wrapped her legs around the strong body and whimpered. Pressed hard between leather and concrete, she could hardly breathe. Or was it the kiss? The tongue wresting with hers felt like velvet as she sucked on it hard.

My lord! She's out of control! Cori couldn't believe how Faith was acting. Her mouth hung open as she watched the dynamics at play before her.

Reece's knees buckled as she pulled away from the kiss before she brought the dancer to the ground with her. If she so much as looks at me right now, she's toast. Breathing heavily, she let go of Faith and turned away to lean her back against the wall. Oh god, I'm not gonna make it…

The woman in the shadows was stunned, and proud. Oh Reece… bravo! She gave her a mental standing O. Now count to 10 my friend. The tall woman was really trying and that meant a lot to Cori. This was a stunning display on Reece's part but she would have to warn Faith of this power she was so close to abusing.

Faith saw the fight for control all over Reece's body. The muscles in her jaw were flexing as were her fists. One more minute and she would be taken right here. Somehow the consequences didn't matter at all to her at this minute. She almost felt bad for all she had been putting the shaking woman through yet she still needed to feel her. But she also was aware of her surroundings enough to know this was not the place. Tentatively she touched Reece's cheek making her flinch before she pulled her hand away.

"Don't touch me right now." Reece barked.

"I can't seem to control it" Fascinated by the raw sexual energy radiating from the club owner, she watched the blue eyes change color.

"Don't tell me about control woman." She bit out.

Ok, easy now Legs, keep breathing. Cori was rooting for the underdog.

"I'm sorry. Honestly. Go warm up the car. I need a minute to calm down."

"Faith, we're not going to breakfast." She bent her head and stared into green eyes with undisguised lust.

The blonde swallowed the urge to fall to her knees. "No, we're not." She couldn't resist and touched her neck.

Uh oh. Thought the voyeur. NG. She wondered if she should interrupt.

Reece grabbed the wandering hand by the wrist and pulled it up over her head. Faith was back against the wall with nearly 6 feet of pure frustration pressed against her faster than she could blink. The power frightened and thrilled her at the same time.

"If this is another test Faith, I'm about to fail." She descended towards her mouth but a hand on her forehead stopped her.


"I'm sorry." She wiggled away. "Go, go start the car, I'll be right there."

"Tell Cori you'll talk to her later." Reece stalked off into the club.


Faith squinted in the darkness and saw her friend with a guilty smile and a little wave.

"You were there the whole time?"

"Guilty" Cori smirked.

"Do you enjoy watching?" Faith teased.

"You know, it seems to be my calling." The dancer shook her head.

"It could be worse." Faith smiled back.

"You missy are in for a hell of a night." She nudged her with her shoulder.

"Obviously. She has this unbelievable effect on me. I can't seem to control my actions."

"I know." She chuckled. "I saw."


The blonde thought about all the things that her friend had told her in the beginning about the dark club owner, especially the details and she blushed. Then she thought about the pictures she found in Cori's room. She suddenly felt scared.

Cori was watching her friend think. She really couldn't be having second thoughts now. Could she? "Well? Why aren't you running out there?"

"What if I don't know what to do? What if I don't know how to do it? What if..."

"Geez Faith, trust me, you'll do fine."

"Cori? I want her so bad. I never felt like this in my life. Its scary."

"I know hon." She hugged her friend.

"I don't care if she fucks me anymore."

"I don't think you have to worry about that. Well unless you ask her to." She smiled an evil little smile.

"Oh god. What have I gotten myself into?"

"Reece Corbett's heart."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Well for starters, you still have all your clothes on. Second, she walked away. You are running the show here Faith. God knows how. Just a warning... don't push it. She can be... well, hard to handle."

"More so?" She asked amazed.

"Much more. I don't know what you're into, but… never mind. You'll be fine. Love you. Get going"

I'm trusting you Reece. She's trusting you.

"Love you too." Faith ran. She already felt lonely with out her.


Reece backed the car out of the garage and pulled in front of the club. She was all energy and anticipation. "Come ON Faith!" She had never waited this long for anything she wanted, especially getting laid. This made her pound on the steering wheel with impatience. Why am I doing this again? She blew out a long breath.

Some time, last week maybe, Reece couldn't think right now, in the middle of one of their talks, Cori told her Faith loved her. The Dancer also laid out a list of do's and don'ts when it came to affairs of the heart. Reece tried hard to remember them. She cannot act on impulse like she always had. Her impulse being aggressive, demanding, and taking what she wants. I am expected to be gentler, less domineering, aware of Faith's needs - not just my own. She sighed, her leg bouncing a little less rapidly. It was just as well. Her habit of using women wasn't appealing any more. The morning after had nothing on the way she'd been feeling during the act nowadays. No amount of time spent with any one of them took the place of those 5 minutes on the couch with Faith.

Why am I doing this again? Because I love her. And if I don't, she'll go away. We all know how well I handled THAT.

Reece laid on the horn, causing Sam to get up and check it out. The bouncer saw her boss with her head on the steering wheel and her hands gripping the dashboard with white knuckles. She tapped on the driver's side window. Reece opened her eyes and looked sideways at Sarge before sitting up in her seat and opening the window.

"What's up?"

"I just came to ask you that question. You ok?"

"Yeah, did you see Faith?"

"She's talking to Cori. Should I get her?"


Sam chuckled.

"And just what is so humorous?"

"You." Reece sat straight up and glared at her. "Now wait a minute... really. Look at you." Sarge pointed at her.

"I can kill you with one blow."

"And I can break that arm before it touches me. A Few Good Men. Remember?"

"Well, so, elaborate on your mirth" She cocked her head up at the bouncer.

"You're so frustrated its funny."

"I don't see the funny part Sarge."

"Well, this little spit of a woman has you sniffing around her ass like a dog. I find it very refreshing."

"Refreshing. You're not gonna pull out a douche now are you?" She deadpanned.

"Damn Reece, you watch too much TV. Here comes trouble." She walked away still smiling.


The blonde dancer fell into the car and closed the door. Reece was staring at her.

"What?" She was starting to get that stomach thing threefold.

"You certainly took long enough. Put your seat belt on."

"I hate these things. They're claustrophobic. And speaking of, what's the deal with this car?"

"Put it on or we don't move. What's wrong with the car? It'll get you where you want."

"Ok" She reluctantly put on the seat belt and made sure to make a face about it. Reece just sighed and peeled away from the curb practically taking the corner on two wheels.

"Oh, I see your point." The dancer looked sick.

"Sorry 'bout that. I'm in a bit of a rush." She smirked and put her hand on Faith's leg.

"As much as I like it there, please keep it on the wheel."

"Are we going to your place or mine?"

Faith thought about it for a minute. She thought of her bedroom. She might be more comfortable knowing Cori is in the next room, but she had this small little part of her that wanted Reece to have the upper hand. Home turf gave you that advantage. Besides, she was really curious about that bed… and more. She became terribly turned on about the more part and blushed.

"Your house, your bed, your..." She patted her bag.

Reece growled and her head swam with the possibilities. She was amazed at how this little woman was making her feel. She heard Faith's stomach growl and made a snap decision. She pulled over by the all night bagel store. She got out and bent her head back in to speak.

"What do you want?"

"Well, you said you're full of surprises so..." She leaned over towards the drivers door, giving Reece an eyeful of half-naked cleavage, "... surprise me." She winked.

"You have no idea what just happened in my pants..." The door slammed.

Faith laughed out loud at Reece's discomfort. She knew she really should stop it, but it was so much fun. She liked teasing the tall woman mercilessly. She loved watching her squirm under her control. Maybe even got off on it. "Oh my..." She wondered, "this is certainly new." She smiled. Who cares? She saw said woman approaching. Look at her! And she's all mine to play with.


Sam ran into Cori and the girls on their way out.

"Cori wait a minute."

"I'll be right there ladies. Yeah Sarge?"

"What's with those two?"

"Who two."

"Reece, Faith, you know."

"I have a feeling we'll hear all about it tomorrow. I'm privy to some information that would curl your toes. Come to my house. We're having a party for Faith and we're using her picture as a stand in."

"Any excuse to party huh?" She laughed and locked up the gates, joining them.


Faith ate her bagel and drank her Yoo Hoo before they even got to the West Village. She was staring at the dark haired driver in such a way that it became very hard for the driver to concentrate on the road.

"Look here blondie, I'll pull this thing over and…"

"What? I'm just looking."

"Looking like you want it."

"I do." She couldn't believe she said that.

"Oh? Tell me what IT would be."

Faith blushed. What exactly IS it that I want? She looked down at her hands.

"Come on lady, out with it. Make the drive interesting."

"You want me to tell you what I want?"

"Yeah." She smirked. "Maybe I need instructions or something."

"Oh really, I don't think you need instructions at all. You're just a pig who wants me to talk dirty."

"I am. So, talk. Come on now, we're almost there."

"Can't you wait till we get there to tell you that I want to feel your naked skin all over mine?"

"Um, no." She liked that one. "What else?"

"I want to taste the back of your neck." The words were doing to her what they were doing to Reece.

"Yeah? And…" She needed a shower this very second.

"I want anything you want Reece." She was starting to sweat now.

"Oh baby!" She stopped short almost missing the red light.

"On second thought," Faith tickled Reece's neck. "Maybe you should just" she tickled her lips, "surprise me." She pulled her fingers away before she got bitten.

The tall woman groaned out loud and peeled down the street, double-parking in front of her house. She went around to the other side and swept Faith up, carrying her to the door. The blonde was already burrowing her way through soft black hair to the nape of Reece's neck. "Hurry" She whispered before she found skin and tasted it.

The club owner took two steps at a time even with her care package. Faith wrapped her legs around the tall woman and held on. No longer tasting now, she was sucking and it made the body she was wrapped around tremble again. She liked this reaction and sucked harder, leaving a mark.

"Goddammit Faith." She grunted. "I can't get the door open like that." She tore the mouth away from her neck and saw the most beautiful lips half open and wet. Green eyes were full of want. Her tongue was inside Faith's mouth without her knowing it.

They fell against the door hard. The way Reece's stomach was flexing against her, Faith was near exploding. "Mmmm" She groaned in her throat. Reece growled and pulled her away, shivering with arousal. She managed to open the door propelling them both into the hallway. Faith kicked it closed on the way in and found herself going up the stairs towards the room she most wanted to see. Reece was still holding her off by the throat. She gave her a look that meant business along with a lip lick for emphasis. The taller woman dropped her on the bed.

Faith propped herself up on her elbows and was looking up at a sight she will never forget. Reece wanted to be naked NOW. She stood there for a second until she remembered she had to actually take off her clothes for that to happen... First the jacket fell off, then her shirt. She was about to peel of the damp T- shirt and was stopped.

"No, leave that for now." Faith's voice was deeper and dripping with need. Reece shivered. Her needs, not yours girl.

"You don't know what you do to me do you?" The taller woman leaned down towards the smaller one until she was on all fours over her.

Eager to feel her weight Faith grabbed two fists full of T-shirt and pulled. Reece remained where she was until a ripping sound was heard. She lifted an eyebrow and sat up leaning on her knees. Trying to gather her control.

"Please baby, I need to feel you on me." The woman on the bottom whined.

Mercy...I give.

"Reece, what's wrong?"

"Take off your clothes for me Faith." She breathed.

Never really having made love before, Faith did as she was told and started to take off her boots.

"No, take them OFF for ME Faith." She gestured to the floor and the blonde stood up shakily.

"That's what I was doing" She was confused.

"No you weren't baby."

Recognition dawned on her. "Oh" She smirked and started moving her body in ways that made the woman on the bed sweat. "Like this?"

"Now." Reece sat on the bed, took off her boots and leaned back. "Please."

The dancer stared at the woman on the bed. Blue eyes blazed, sweat on her neck, the wonderful T shirt and its contents poking through invitingly. She bent down seductively and whispered. "A Private Dance will cost you hon." Her eyes sparkling.

"Oh, I'm good for it." She leered.

"I bet you are baby." She stood up slowly and so close to the sweating woman that her chest touched her chin on the way up. Reece growled.

Faith turned away from her and bent over to unlace her boots. Reece sat on her hands. The dancer tossed the boots aside and started to peel away her jeans. Reece bit her lip and groaned. Faith turned back around. Cleavage assaulted Reece as the dancer bent over to pull them off leaving a tiny black thong. Reece's heart started pounding. Damn she's hot. Faith squatted down and ran her hands up herself to her breasts and squeezed them together with a leer and a moan. She crawled between very tense leather covered legs. The tall woman thought she might keel over. She leaned back on her elbows again needing distance. Small fingers worked open the buttons of her shirt and left it hanging there giving Reece the most sexy view of a black lace push up bra against soft pale skin. She squirmed uncomfortably, her pants suddenly tight. The blonde turned away again and wiggled her sexy ass seductively against an overeager crotch. She slapped away the hands that grabbed her hips and danced her way around the room while teasingly removing her shirt. Reece took deep breaths. Working her way back to her prize, Faith stood as close as she could without touching and pulled the straps down to her bra. That was it. Assaulted by tantalizing flesh, Reece grabbed her by the ass and pulled her to her lap devouring her cleavage.

Faith was reeling with the feel of hot lips on her sensitive skin. This was only the second time in her life she felt this way. She moaned encouragement and pulled black hair closer to her. Feeling the growl against her chest was too much. She pushed Reece down on the bed and fell on top of her. Catching her breath she stared down into the extremely aroused eyes of her dream and she started to shake. She didn't know what to do.

"You ok?" the tall woman whispered.

"Shit I want you so bad."

"So, come get it."

She bent down and fell into Reece's mouth kissing her wildly. She could hardly breathe from the way her heart was beating. The taste of Reece's mouth was delicious, hot and soft at the same time. She felt her bra come off and she whimpered into her lovers throat. She felt strong hands come between them lifting the T-shirt up enough so their breasts touched. She arranged herself until she could feel the soft leather on her legs and hot skin on her chest. Reece opened her legs wide and gave Faith room to move, who immediately pushed downward. She pressed her hips up into the squirming body on top of her and nearly came. Faith jerked away from the kiss when their crotches met with a whimper.

"Mmm, like that huh?' Reece gasped liking it a little too much herself.

"You have no idea what just happened in my thong."

"I know. I can smell you." She narrowed her eyes and lifted up again. The blonde sucked in a breath and groaned grinding herself down. "MMmm, smells so good." It was so long since she had tasted a woman, and this woman was making her drool. The club owner took smaller hands and brought them to her waist.

"Take off my pants."

"What?" Oh god, I can't stop now!? "Reece, please, not yet…" She pleaded.

Reece stilled the moving body. "I want to feel your skin."

"I don't think I can stand " She moaned.

"So kneel." She sat up and the blonde slithered down her legs to the floor. She saw the wet spots left on her pants and smiled evilly. Oh Faith, what you do to me.

Faith was so close, and was desperately trying to open the buttons on the leather pants. Who ever heard of button fly leathers anyway she thought, frustrated. Once opened, she could see what she'd only dreamed of. Pulling them down to the bent knees she let her hands wander the exposed heated flesh. Up the inside of Reece's thighs and back around the outside. The sitting woman's hips rose when she got too close to her crotch. Reece trembled and made fists so not to pull Faith up by her hair onto her face. Faith let her fingers brush across the dark spot. She was startled at how wet the material of her underwear was. Even more at how the dark woman whimpered when she did. So she did it again.

Reece was beyond frustrated. NOW? Now she's going to explore? JESUS H CHRIST! Oh shit... touch me there again Faith and I swear I'll... Oh god... why me... I can feel her breath... fuck... THAT'S IT!

Faith was abruptly pulled up by her armpits and lying on the bed. Reece kicked her pants off and flung off her underwear. She straddled her dancer, grabbing her both hands in one. Faith felt her breathing on her face. With the free hand, Reece touched Faith's lips. Faith licked them and closed her eyes. Reece growled and tore off the remaining thong making Faith yelp in fear.

"I won't hurt you. I promise." She traced full lips with her tongue. She knew she had to go slow, but judging by the flushed face beneath her, not too slow. Her hand started touching every part of the blonde's body it could. She started at her neck, touching around to the stretched throat, watching her swallow. She looked up at Faith's face. She was watching her with controlled lust, breathing through her mouth. Wetting her lips every so often. Reece smirked and let her hand wander towards the breasts she thought to be the most beautiful. She touched them lightly around in circles, then palmed one. Faith arched into it, hard nipple pressed into her hand. She squeezed the sweaty flesh feeling her heart beating wildly. She looked up again, and Faith almost seemed to be in pain. She was biting her lip and her eyes were squeezed shut. She rubbed her palm on the hard flesh.

"Look at me baby."

Cloudy green eyes focused on blue.

"I'm gonna let you go, but don't touch me yet."

Faith nodded. Never before had she felt anything like this. "Anything" She breathed.

Reece let go of her hands and sat up, taking off her tee shirt. Faith groaned when she stretched her arms up.

"What is it baby?" She could almost feel the weight of the green eyes on her chest. She touched her own stiff nipples.

Faith grabbed the pillow behind her head.

"You like these a lot huh?" She leaned over Faith, dangling her breasts in her face.

"Oh god yes." She was feeling faint again. She turned her head so she wouldn't bite one.

"I remember." She smirked.

Reece captured Faith's lips in a searing kiss, rubbing their nipples together. She wasn't sure she could stop now if she wanted to. She shoved her leg between Faith's and was burned with the heat.

"Is that what happened in your thong?" She moved her thigh slowly smearing wetness all over it.

"Oh yes! Don't stop!" She had never felt flesh on flesh before and this was unbelievable. This was Reece! She had only dreamed of this moment. She focused on the face above her and strained her hips up harder. Reece lowered herself on Faiths leg, making her gasp.

"It happened to me too."

Faith dug her nails into Reece's back, thrusting herself hard against her. Not caring that she wasn't supposed to touch her. She groaned into a sweaty neck and started sucking. Her nails left marks all the way on their path down her back and then between them where they ran over painfully erect nipples. Reece arched, and whispered through her teeth.


"Mmmm." She was lost in the taste of Reece's neck and the feel of her flesh. Oblivious to what she was doing to her.

"Faith" She needed to taste her now.

"Mmm what." She rolled both nipples between her fingers.

It was either one or the other, but not both. Reece pulled the hungry mouth away by her hair.

"Oh!" She was almost frightened by the look in those blue eyes.

"I need to taste you." She knelt between Faiths legs. "Please" It felt to her like all her blood was pounding between her legs. She watched her bend over and lift her legs over her shoulders. Reece closed her eyes and inhaled the scent of her dancer. "Oh Faith, I waited so long for this."

"Me too."

Reece remembered this was her first time and felt oddly proud. She wasted no time in letting her tongue poke out and taste the sweetness she had been dreaming about. It was even better than any dream. Faith sat up at this new feeling and watched the pink tongue wander slowly around her sex. She couldn't control the sounds that were coming from her mouth. Reece's tongue was creating havoc with her senses. Blue eyes opened and caught her own in a look she had never seen before. Wetness poured out of her and Reece lapped it up, her eyes closing with a moan. Faith's arms were shaking and her hips were moving on their own and she had to lie down. The noises coming from between her legs added to the unbelievable sensations that were flying through her body. She felt the soft but strong tongue push inside of her then out again. Faster and faster she went. Faith started groaning continuously and she felt the orgasm start.

"Oh my god Reece!" She warned.

The tall woman replaced tongue with two fingers and sucked the hard clit into her mouth. Faith lifted up off the bed and dug her heels into Reece's back.

"Holy shit" The blonde nearly screamed.

Reece sucked hard and batted her tongue back and forth, driving her fingers harder. She felt Faith's orgasm start before she did and mentally screamed with happiness. Her dancer's thighs closed around her head trapping her in the spasms of her release. Reece groaned along with her, never missing a drop of her essence. When the smaller body relaxed, Reece kissed the inside of her thigh, feeling it tremble. Faith ran her fingers through the wet black hair lying on her stomach, trying to pull her up.

"Not done yet." Was the muffled response.



MORE? The blonde dancer felt the breath tingle across her skin. What more can she possibly want? Can I give her more? Isn't she… ready? Oh dear lord! The fingers inside her started to move shooting sensations all over her body. She jumped away with a whimper.

"Trust me baby. I know what I'm doing." Reece held up her wet sticky hand and showed it to Faith before thoroughly cleaning her fingers with her tongue. Faith groaned and blushed simultaneously.

Reece made yummy noises and offered a finger to Faith who blushed harder and turned it down.

"You don't know what you're missing."

This was completely new to the blonde who found herself being incredibly turned on again by these actions. She grabbed Reece's wrist and rubbed her wet fingers on her own lips, licking them, then made a trail to her left nipple, guiding the moist fingers over it. She let her own taste linger in her mouth before swallowing and found she didn't mind it at all. It made her crave to taste the woman hovering over her. She groaned and moved the hand to her right breast. Reece was practically incoherent as she watched her own hand and the face below her study the movements of her body. She was drenched and ready, but she could wait. This was her dancer's show. The usual urge to ravage was gone for the moment and she watched mesmerized as Faith guided her own hand to her own body. She started at Reece's lips and worked her way down her chin towards her throat. The tall woman shuddered at the raw smell of sex as it passed under her nose. She guided the hand down past her breasts over her stomach and into her own wetness. Despite the fact that it was her own hand, Reece stifled a groan.

"I'd like to hear you."

Reece just swallowed. Never having given this much control to someone before made her scared. This didn't make sense. By now, she would have gotten off at least twice. But this woman had her in the palm of her hand. She swallowed nervously again. She wasn't sure she could let Faith go any further. She'll have to stop this now. Then her fingers hit her clit. She gasped out loud.

"Yeah. It means I'm doing something right." Faith looked up at her face and smiled playfully.

She trailed the fingers down to the soaking opening and back. She made a beeline for Reece's nipples, smiling at the moans she caused. Then she painted her swollen lips, wanting so bad to devour them.

"Truth or dare Reece."

Reece took a deep breath and fell right into hungry green eyes. Here goes. "Truth."

"Do you want me to go on?"

Nothing made sense. Faith leaned up and against her skin. Oh yes yes yes.

She leaned in close and kissed her, sucking the first taste of Reece from her own lips. Faith groaned all over her mouth.

"Tell me."

GOD YES! It wasn't coming out of her mouth.

"Reece? Do you want me to stop" Faith looked afraid.

"NO" She managed to grunt. "Please, no." She slipped her hand free from Faith's grasp and guided the smaller one between her legs. She groaned again and laid back pulling her dancer on top of her. "Go on, touch me."

The blonde's mouth attached itself to a nipple at the same time she realized where her hand was. She groaned when she felt the wetness coating her fingers. The same wetness she tasted on the nipple she was suckling. Damn she tastes good. She nibbled the nipple and was rewarded with a long drawn out moan and a hand on the back of her head. Reece's hips were moving and she realized she must be torturing her. But she really didn't know what to do, or what she liked. At a loss, she moved back up to her lips and kissed her breathless. She murmured her embarrassment on Reece's mouth. "I don't know what to do."

"Just touch me." She sucked a lip into her mouth.


"Want me to help you?" Reece was so near coming, Faith could blow on her at this point and she'd be done. The blonde nodded. Reece put her hand between Faith's legs and shuddered from the amount of wetness that returned.

"God Reece...not me…"

"Yes you. Do to me what I do to you."

Baffled that Reece could even think she'd be able to concentrate while she's doing that, Faith just closed her eyes and enjoyed it. Reece stopped.

"Faith, give me your hand." She did and Reece started to move it and herself. The tall woman closed her eyes and mumbled something inaudible.

"You're so soft… and wet " The blonde dancer felt her mouth water.

"You did this to me Faith." She let go of the smaller hand and moved her body instead.

Faith ran her fingers all over the silky wet skin. She watched Reece's face and body react to her touch. It drove her on. Seeing that beautiful mouth fall open and two perfect breasts heaving made her heart pound even faster. The club owner groaned loud and Faith was awe struck with the realization that she was the cause of Reece Corbett writhing beneath her. Faith became inspired.

Reece wasn't expecting it and jumped when she felt fingers enter her and a hot wet mouth cover her. She looked down wide-eyed at the blonde head between her legs and nearly drowned the poor girl. Reece shuddered when strong arms closed around her thighs holding her in place.

"Good God Faith..." She wrapped her long legs around her dancers back and gripped her shoulders. Faith could lick her like that forever.

"So this is good?" She mumbled into her task.

"So fucking good" Reece growled. She hadn't felt anything like this in her life. This feeling is what she had been waiting for. Complete and total bliss.

"Oh don't ever stop... shit" Reece was forcing down the building explosion. She wanted this to go on and on.

Faith was too busy to speak. She just zeroed in on the center of Reece's being and answered with a nip of her teeth.

"Jesus!" This is it. Reece thought. Total submission. She thrust hard into Faiths face and begged.

"Please... oh please...." She was pleading with no one. The all-encompassing mind blowing orgasm that she was waiting for was so close she could touch it. She tried biting her lip to hold back the inevitable. It didn't work and she started muttering incoherently.

Faith wasn't going to stop. In fact she pumped her fingers faster adding a third.

"Fuck... fuck... fuck..."

She looked up at Reece's face and nearly came herself to find herself being watched. She felt her fingers being squeezed and saw Reece's mouth open but no sound came out. Oh no. She whimpered to herself. But I'm not done yet. She had Reece in her nostrils and was damned happy about it. The legs tightened around her body and it seemed like every single muscle in the tall woman's body tensed. Green eyes watched blue intently until Reece's back arched off the bed and she yelled out. It was more like a growl that started out low and ended with her name. She moaned loud and held on for dear life when she felt Reece tremble and come. And did she come.

Reece was on the verge of tears with ecstasy. She was holding Faith's head so tightly to her, she was afraid she'd suffocate, but could do nothing about it. It was all reflex taking over and she didn't know what to do. This was not her usual tension release. When it had all subsided, and Faith felt a little give to move her fingers, Reece grabbed her hand and took it out. She was shaking all over and Faith thought she might have done something wrong. She sat up on her knees and cocked her head at Reece, glancing down at her hand.

"Oh baby. Shit." She took a breath. "Come here."

Faith's lips never looked so inviting and Reece took the invitation. She wrapped her arms tight around her and kissed her like crazy. Faith was squirming with need and when her soaked sex touched the hard abs she was lost. She rubbed and ground herself into the already slick skin and Reece grabbed hold around her waist to keep her from sliding off.

"Yeah, that feels good don't it babe?" Reece loved it. This was something she was accustomed to. A hot little woman getting off on her body. Seeing Faith doing it was a whole new concept. This is what she fantasized about at night. She flexed her stomach to help. The dancer dug nails into her biceps and Reece sneered.

"I know you wanted to do this the first day you saw me."

"I dreamed about doing this." She panted between grunts.

"You are so hot Faith. I'm getting wet all over again." Reece let her hands roam to the beautiful breasts swaying over her squeezing them together as possible. She stretched her neck and caught both nipples in her mouth at once. Faith arched and dropped her head back like a stone. The woman on the bottom got even wetter. She sucked and licked them like they were candy, then roamed all over them certain that Faith wouldn't mind all the bruises she was leaving with her teeth.

"Oh yeah Reece." She had to feel those lips on hers. She fell forward and Reece frowned at the loss of the flesh she was sucking. But then Faith leaned hers lips on hers. Letting her sounds and breath fall on them.

Reece was so horny watching her gorgeous dancer work herself into such a state, in person, not a dream; she reached down to touch herself. The realness of the fantasy was too much for her.

Feeling the strong hand on her back, the blonde let go of Reece's arms and leaned one down on her chest instead. She reached the other around to touch the black curls she suddenly missed to find a hand already there. Startled she looked at Reece who had a big grin on her face, then behind her at the long fingers at work. The surge of arousal didn't get lost on Reece as she felt it nearly drip down her sides.

"So, my baby likes to watch?" She showed her glistening fingers to the groaning woman.

"Oh god... I didn't know… until now." She tore her eyes away.

Reece turned her head back around with the sticky fingers. Faith tried to get one in her mouth but failed. Instead she saw those fingers go back to where they were, killing her with each move. She moaned.


That plea went straight to the dark haired woman's clit where she began stroking with a purpose. Faith getting off on it was getting her off even faster. It was incredible. She stuck her fingers inside and when she drew them out it made a noisy squish, and both of the groaned. She was really fucking herself now, and started mumbling again. Faith knew by those sounds that she was close, as close to coming as her now. She couldn't take any more torture and started rubbing Reece's clit furiously. Reece started cursing. This was definitely it. She turned around to watch her face again. It was so hot.

Somewhere in her fog, Reece could feel the blonde's movements were becoming jerky. She grabbed hold of the back of Faith's neck to hold on. She so wanted to watch her face when she was at the point of release. This would make the fantasy complete. She forced her eyes open and stared into Faith's.

"Shit… Oh god… Reece… come with me..."

"Fuck yeah…"

They stared into each other's eyes sharing the ultimate gift. Both of their bodies shuddered, both of their mouths opened yet neither made a sound. Reece was shouting in her head, "I LOVE YOU" but it never came out. They just watched each other as their bodies took control. Faith fell onto Reece and grabbed her by the hair, unable to stop moving, milking this orgasm for all it was worth. Reece lifted her neck and latched onto her lips kissing the last shudder from her dancer. They both rolled over and sighed out loud. Faith giggled still twitching with aftershocks.

"Good God Reece... no wonder they fall at your feet." She sucked softly at the place where Reece's neck met her shoulder.

The tall woman involuntarily jerked. "You know, that was the most incredibly intense thing I ever felt."

"No kidding. I can't move." Faith nestled her head in the space she was kissing and threw her leg over Reece's legs.

"Hey, Faith?"


"Thank you."

"For what…"

"Making my dreams come true."

"Pleasure's all mine." She grinned evilly.

"I felt that." Reece poked her in the ribs.

Soon Faith was sleeping soundly completely wrapped around Reece. Reece smiled and kissed the top of her head. She pulled the comforter up over both of them and sighed. Unbelievable. This is it! This is what it's all about. I made love. She reached over and stroked the soft blonde hair. I am totally lost in you Faith. What do I do now? She looked at the ceiling. "Geez Frankie, you could have warned me." Faith mumbled and snuggled closer. Reece looked out the window at the morning sky then down at the smiling face and touched her cheek. "I love you Faith Ashford and I'm scared shitless." Faith's eyes flew open and she lifted her head to look at Reece.

"I love you too Reece Corbett. And I'm not so scared any more."

"You trust me?"

"With my life." Faith laid her head back down and kissed the spot nearest her lips. With a big smile on her face, she said it out loud again.

"I love you. Pig."

"Me too. Blondie."

Feeling more at ease than ever, both women slept contentedly in each other's arms.

To be continued...

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