Private Dancer

part 15

by Vertigo

The characters herein are mine. Any resemblance to real or fictional people are strictly part of your imagination. Some places in the story are real and some are fictional.

This story depicts an explicit love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Author's note: I have to take a moment to jump up and down and cheer wildly for Complx and Barb. You ladies are a huge help and I appreciate it. I genuflect at your feet.

Authors other note: I must thank my FIANCE for not lopping my head off for spending way too much time playing with these ladies.


Cori surveyed the apartment with a frown. Faith was sure to drop dead if she saw what was happening here. That is, if she could make it past the two women on the floor against the front door. Somewhere around four in the morning the conversation turned to sex as usual, weird experiences, and finally, the ultimate fantasy. They must have made 3 beer runs to the all night bodega by then. Not shocked at all that Reece was the subject of many, she nearly fell over when her blonde friend's name was mentioned.

"So Cori," Honey smiled "You mean to tell me you haven't done the nasty with little Long Island?"

"No!" She was blushing. "She's my best friend."

"Oh yeah…" Debbie snorted, "That's terrible." She snickered.

"Wouldn't think of doing that." Monica added her two cents.

"Come on guys…" Cori waved her hand around trying to come up with a proper reply.

"Hey, so what's up with her and big bad boss?"

"Oh, that. Why? What do you know?" The hostess asked.

"Just that rumor has it, Faith has her tied and branded." Pepper the new girl added.

"No way!" Someone shouted.

"Yes way! I heard that Reece went to the Playhouse and had a fit."

"No, I heard that she dragged her off the stage and punched Roy right in the face!"

"I heard she twisted off his dick."

"LADIES! Where the hell does this stuff come from? None of that happened…"

"How would you know Cori? You there or something?"

"I heard she likes to watch…" Debbie wiggled her eyebrows.

"God, yes I was there… AND no, Reece didn't go postal. Not at all."

"Ooo, do tell…"

"Don't you have anything better to talk about?"

"NO!" The sound of several women shouting nearly knocked her over.

"Well I do, so who wants more nachos?"

"Speaking of… where is our guest of honor?"

"What am I her keeper?" Cori was unable to disguise her guilty blush.

"OOOOH YOU MEAN… she's with… they're… OH MY GOD!" Many responses jumbled into one and the hostess's ears rang. She flopped down into the nearest chair and sighed with defeat.

Monica not liking this one bit leaned over the grimacing dancer. "YOU mean to tell me, you LET her go home with REECE!!?"

Cori winced.

"Oh yeah great. And here I thought she was your best friend." Someone from the kitchen added sarcastically.

"Shit guys. I am not her mother! Faith is a big girl…"

"Yeah with ridiculous ideals and as naive as they can get."

"HEY! From what I saw… AND YES I WAS WATCHING thank you very much… Little Miss Long Island is a LOT less naive than you think. And MUCH LESS moralistic. I bet Reece is the one doing all the begging tonight." Oh god, Reece is going to kill me.

All eyes stared at Cori.

"So, I was right. Leashed and bound." Pepper snorted, got on all fours and wiggled her ass. "Thank you ma'am may I have another?"

They all laughed at the image. Cori had to admit it was funny. Putting Reece's face to it made them even more hysterical. This led to the acting out of all sorts of scenarios, which led to Cori standing in the middle of the living room, the only one that wasn't otherwise engaged. She felt very lonely. She looked out the window. Whatever the position, they HAVE to be done by now. She was a little curious as to where Faith was anyway. She thought back on their nights. No one spent the night with Reece Corbett, not even her. But then again, no one was Faith. Hmm, maybe she DOES have her leashed. The picture made her giggle again as she grabbed her coat, stepping over the women on the way out the door.

Faith mumbled again and snuggled even closer to the warm body behind her. Wide-awake and very confused, Reece stared out the window for an eternity smelling the golden hair beneath her chin. What the hell happened to me? She absently stroked the hip under her hand as she contemplated her situation. This was all too weird. No one shared her bed. And snuggling? She shook her head and sighed. She had to admit it felt nice, but she couldn't relax enough to really enjoy the benefits. Faith however remained unconscious. Reece thought about the blonde's prior living conditions and wondered how bad it had been for Faith to up and go, subjecting herself to what she had been through willingly. The smaller woman sighed and turned around completely with a big smile. Reece studied her face. It was so relaxed, so trusting. She wished she could be like that. She'd be just as asleep as her love was. God I said love? That makes twice. What the hell happened to me? Faith mumbled again and Reece watched in awe as the most inappropriate snore came out of such a small body. She better not! The taller woman thought. She placed her hand over the blonde's mouth but she continued to make the hideous but amusing sound through her nose. Reece then tried pinching her nose. If possible it got louder through her mouth. She let go moved the blanket aside a bit and bent her head to whisper into her ear and the smell of sex filled her lungs. Damn we stink. She smirked. She neared Faith's face and realized her face stunk like sex too. She was reminded of how and why and felt her groin twitch in response. Ooo, lets not go there right now, she's sleeping for shit's sake. Reece reached over and tickled her back, Faith shivered and stopped snoring. But the small woman snuggled closer and was now breathing on two hardening nipples. Reece groaned inwardly. She tried to push her away gently, thinking a shower was a good way to avoid the morning after conversation she was sure would occur. Faith just threw a leg over her and snuggled closer, pinning her in a very awkward place. Jesus Christ! If the wide awake woman moved a little bit closer, a knee would be between her legs. Reece was starting to think mornings after weren't such a bad idea. She moved slowly until the sleeping woman's leg made its contact. She groaned inside. Ok, this is wrong. She thought as she looked down on the sleeping face. But it feels so good. She argued with herself. Faith sighed and got impossibly closer, her lips brushing a very sensitive nipple. That's it. Reece extricated herself and sat on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands. What is wrong with me? I'd never pass up a chance like that! This is all too crazy for me to even… The bed moved and she felt a soft naked body press up against her back. A sleep deepened voice that sounded close enough to erotic spoke onto her neck. "Morning sexy. Sleep well?" She ended with a barrage of tiny kisses to her neck. Reece growled.

"Mmm, that would be a yes." Faith started nibbling from neck to shoulder, as her hand drifted down towards Reece's ribs.

Reece looked at the smaller hand and even though her body wouldn't move, she tried willing it with her eyes to reach up and cover her breast. She leaned her body back into the one behind her and turned her head to see the woman who was wreaking havoc with her senses.

Faith looked up into half closed blue eyes and shivered. She wanted to see that look as often as possible.

"Oh, I see you must have had the same dreams as me huh baby? Can I see?"

Her hand left Reece's ribs and started to slide down. With a look of amazement, the tall woman watched her legs open in invitation. She started to breathe heavily. Oh god. I am so not in control here. I am just going to sit here and willingly let her take me? Faiths hand reached its goal, she watched as her own hips betrayed her. I can't believe this is happening.

"Ooooh, you must have had one hell of a dream Reece." She moved the other hand around and started to fondle one very grateful nipple.

Reece let her head fall back on Faith's shoulder and closed her eyes. Oh shit, I really need this… but… She was on the edge of panic, trying to let go and allow Faith the freedom of making love to her, but something in her head was screaming that she was weak. Just as Reece was about to bolt, a warm mouth covered her ear.

"God Reece, you are so beautiful. I need to do this. Please let me. Please."

The tall woman trembled with all the emotions. The feel of a wet tongue tracing her ear didn't help matters and she heard herself saying, "Yes."


Cori listened intently at the door. Not a peep could be heard. She was happy she still had the key. Carefully and quietly, she let herself in and closed the door. Straining to hear anything remotely like voices she came up empty. Good. She thought, Asleep, or out. Still very quiet, she took off her coat and helped herself to some food should Reece and Faith actually happen to be upstairs. She chuckled again as the image of Reece on all fours begging took her by surprise.


Now I've lost control of my mouth too? The tall woman found herself being laid on her back, her feet still on the floor. For some odd reason, she felt a little better with them there. Faith looked at Reece's body language and realized she DID have power over this woman, but knew she had limits. She gave Reece the freedom of choice and from her point of view, it looked more like a struggle than a seduction. Trying not to overstep her boundaries, she faced the tense woman with an understanding look.

"Babe, its an orgasm. It's feeling good, enjoying it, letting go. Just relax. Let me touch you again. I promise you'll like it." She added with a toothy smile.

Reece gave a half smile. Inside however, she was waging a war. YOU'RE WEAK! I'M HORNY. YOU'RE GIVING IN. I WANT TO… Faith breathed on her neck and watched the goose pimples come out.

"I know you want it."

I NEED IT NOW. YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF. NOT LIKE HER I CAN'T. compromise. The smallest voice won. Reece looked into trusting green eyes and couldn't contain the crooked smile from gracing her lips. She narrowed her eyes as she answered.

"If you don't touch me, I'll have to do it myself."

"You wouldn't…" Faith challenged getting to her knees at Reece's side.

"Oh wouldn't I? It would kill you to watch me do it. I know it would." Her own hand traveled slowly across her stomach.

"You're absolutely right." Faith reached out to touch her before it went any further.

Reece held Faith's hand away and teasingly stopped her own short of her sex. "Hmmm, what would you do if I did it?" The tall woman looked at her with an evil twinkle.

"I don't know." Honestly she didn't. She had never seen another woman's vagina, let alone touched one before last night. The jolt that went through her seeing Reece touch herself was as new as everything else. What would I do? She sat down crossed legged at the tall woman's thigh.

"Would you touch yourself too?" Reece liked this. She was in control again. The feeling she got when Faith watched her last night was intense. This was going to be good.

Faith blushed and shrugged.

"Well let's see shall we?" She grinned ferally and let the idle hand wander between her legs. She lifted one leg up and around the sitting woman trapping her between her bent legs. She opened herself up and just let Faith look at her exposed sex. She felt a drop of wetness seep out under the scrutiny.

Faith's ass cheeks clenched. She closed her eyes. Reece saw the muscles flex in her legs. After all she had about as clear a view of Faith as she had of her.


"Um, yeah… it makes me want to touch myself too."

Reece leered. "Soooo…" Now her ass clenched with the thought.

"No way…" She blushed. "I can't even… Oh god no, I can't do that Reece."

"Too bad. Because if you did, I'd reward you."

Curious, Faith cocked an eyebrow. "With what?"

"I told you I had plans. Where's your bag?"

"Why? It's downstairs. What pla… oooohhh." She blushed again. When she looked up, Reece was dangling a harness from her index finger grinning wildly.

"Reece! It's broad daylight… I can't!" But she stretched out her legs on top of Reece's.

"Don't you want it?" She threw the harness at Faiths chest.

"Yeah." She whispered.

"Then touch yourself for me." The tall woman's hand stroked the length of herself in encouragement. She filed this away for emergency coaxing.

Cori was up the stairs and about to enter the room. It was too quiet. She was going to check out the video games. Reece couldn't be home.

"Please Faith."

The poor dancer nearly swallowed her tongue.

"Come on. I promise I'll go slow."

Holy fucking shit! Reece IS begging! She knew she HAD to get out of there. This would absolutely be her death if the tall woman knew she heard that. And with her uncanny hearing…! She couldn't help but blush imagining the scenario that must be playing out in there. She bent down to the keyhole. If Reece was really in that kind of position, she had to see it. All she could see was the tall woman's back but she could make out Faiths feet resting on her thighs. She guessed they were facing each other.

"That's a good girl… go inside… Please."

She could see nothing but she heard enough to know that if she stayed any longer, the tightening in her stomach would lead to other activities that would get her caught. Little did she know, both women had their own hands between their legs and Faith was rapidly losing this battle. She stumbled down the stairs with wide eyes.

The blonde's legs were starting to twitch. Reece watched her as she intently stared at her hand. The club owner was teasing herself, trying not to work herself up too fast. She wanted to possess Faith. She needed to be over her thrusting into her. Holding her in her arms when she trembled in ecstasy. Maybe then she could let herself go. Give Faith her… well, faith.

"Oh god… Reece… I can't believe how turned on I am…" Faith panted. "I think I'm going to come already…"

"Go on, come for me." She spread herself wider and played with her clit for Faith to watch.

The blonde dancer went flying over when she saw that. Shouting Reece's name she leaned forward and Reece immediately grabbed her face with both hands and swallowed her cries.

"Cori's here baby." The breath in her ear gave her an aftershock.

"Uh huh." She wanted a kiss.

"MMM, just letting you know. Go get your bag." She grinned.

"No, I want you now. I want to see you come too." She pouted.

"Oh I will, don't you worry. Go get something on and get it. I need you. Hurry."

"Hmmm, Cori's here? Do you think she heard me?"

"Yeah, I'm quite sure. Why?"

"I just figured I'd… we'd teach her a lesson on peeping."

Cori stopped all movement when she heard her friend shout. Her sex throbbed in sympathy knowing exactly what Reece could do. She was lost in memories of those nights, and she heard a small sound.

"Ahem." Her friend was standing butt naked in front of her reaching for her bag.

Cori took in the sight and couldn't help but comment. "Dear god, have you two been at it all night? Look at your tits??!! You can't show them now! Your neck… turn around… she didn't hurt you did she? Oh honey, look at you…"

"Oh she's fine. You should see what I look like."

Cori looked up at the stairs to see Reece, as naked as Faith. Her hair wild, her eyes glowing with something… she gulped audibly when she realized what it was. Reece came down the stairs and Cori saw all the scratches, nail marks, bites and various hickeys. She turned to her friend.

Faiths smile was brilliant. And a bit cocky if you asked her.

"If I knew you were here, I'd have left the door open so you can watch." The tall woman snickered.

"Yeah that is unless you wanted to join…" Faith teased.

"Faith!" Cori was shocked.

"Make yourself comfortable Cori. I have no idea when we'll be done." She pointed at Faith. "She's gonna kill me… But I'll die with a smile."

Cori had the good graces to gape at her blonde friend. Almost wishing she had been there.

"Yeah, I have a lot to learn. Catching up is so much fun."

"You guys ever hear of a shower? God you're offensive."

"And you're just jealous." Reece bent down and gave Cori a smoldering sloppy tongue kiss. Faith giggled as her friend's knees gave out and she crumpled to the chair.

"Good lord. Now I am." Cori breathed.

Reece stuck her fingers in the dancer's mouth.

"MMPH Reeth!"

"That's Faith" She smirked. Cori's eyes widened. The tall naked woman stuck the other hand in her mouth.

"That's me. But I'm sure you knew that." Cori looked like she had been spun around in circles for an hour.

"Now that you've had the full experience… Faith?"

"Yep, a kiss, and two tastes. That oughtta do it."

Reece held up the dildo. "Now I'm going upstairs to fuck the shit out of Faith. Would you like to come watch or shall we do it here?"

Cori was dumbfounded. Of course she chastised herself for actually wishing the invitation was valid.

Faith slapped Reece in the stomach. "Hey, you don't want to kill her." She jumped up on Reece's back. "Come on woman, you got some work to do."

"Work, work, work…" She smirked. "Cori… you coming?"

"No go ahead… don't worry about me… I'll be ok… all alone…"

Reece ran up the stairs and raced into the bedroom. Both were snickering at Cori's state.

"…I'll be fine… I have a hand… good old Rosy Palm… just me and the shower massage…"

Faith slid off and slammed the door blocking out her friends rambling. She leapt on top of Reece and sucked her lips into her mouth. Reece groaned and thrust her hips up into Faith.

"You know baby, I think we were very cruel to her." Faith nipped at Reece's lips.

"Yeah, cruel…" She practically swallowed Faiths face.

"Mmm, someone wants it bad." The blonde rubbed her leg between Reece's.

The tall woman twisted them around until she was on top and smiled wide. "Now, where were we?"

Faith reached for the leather straps. "Fucking 101…"


Cori was jerked awake by a police siren blazing as it flew down the street. It was pitch dark in the big townhouse making her very disoriented. She felt her way to the lamp to see what time it was. There wasn't any lamp.

"Fuck shit… goddamned table." She hissed rubbing her shin. Realizing she was in the boss's house she panicked somewhat. Did they go out and leave me here? What the hell time is it? God, what the hell DAY is it? She found the light switch and squinted at the clock. 8 o'clock? Sunday night? Jeez! Cori stood still and listened carefully for any clue someone else might be home. Her eyebrow lifted when she thought she heard a rumbling sort of sound from upstairs. Are they still upstairs!? She looked up the stairs as if Freddie Kruger were waiting for her. They can't be… no way… She sprinted up the stairs and put her ear to he bedroom door.

"Faith." She whispered. No answer.

"Faith." She tried again a little louder. She cocked her head when she thought she heard a muffled sound.

"Faith… Reece?" There it was again. Cautiously she opened the door, and was struck speechless by the view. Looking like some sort of mutated octopus, Reece was laying face down, spread eagle on top of Faith who was on her back, also spread-eagled. Both were naked.

"Woman what did you do to Reece?" Cori whispered, "You didn't kill her did you?" On cue, the tall woman emitted a snore that could wake the dead… in Japan. Cori didn't even hide her look of shock.

"Hot damn girl, you did her in!"

Faith mumbled again and Cori approached the bed cautiously. If the boss woke up now, the fit she'd throw to cover her embarrassment would be horrendous. She carefully lifted the comatose woman's arm from her friend's face.

"Thanks Cori. Help get her off me."

"You can't be serious."

"You know, I haven't wet the bed since I was four and I really don't want to start now. Come on, help!"

The desperation in her friend's voice was too much and she started to giggle. "I don't know… it would be a good 'morning after story' to tell your kids."

"Oh, great, I can taste my bladder and Joan Rivers decides to pay a visit."

"Can we talk? Liz Taylor is sooo fat…"

"Cori! Please!" She groaned painfully.

"Ok, ok, I'll move her shoulders, you slide out."

"Bad idea, we're talking serious pee here. If I so much as bend a knee…"

"Then I'll move her legs and you…"

"Unnecessary friction…"

"Well then, what do you suggest Houdini? I roll her over and she wakes up?"


"Fuck." The standing woman checked out all the angles. "Here…" She slowly rolled the dead weight on to her side and Faith wiggled her way out. Then she lowered Reece back onto her stomach and ran tiptoed out of the room, peeking back in to see if tall, dark and snoring awoke. Another loud snort was the only movement from the sleeping form. Faith was walking in slo-mo and extremely funny towards the bathroom.

"Don't look at me like that. It's not funny. It hurts to walk and there hasn't been circulation in my limbs for hours." She grimaced and entered the bathroom.

Cori ran downstairs so not to laugh out loud.

The blonde dancer stood by the foot of the bed putting on Reece's T-shirt. "You just lost this shirt baby." She studied the long body before her, shaking her head at each and every mark on her beautiful skin. What in the world happened to me? She wondered. Oh, but look at that woman! The dancer shivered and placed a gentle kiss on her lovers lips. Reece made tasting sounds and burrowed into her pillow stretching out her toes. Faith smirked at the grin Reece wore. I did that. She thought proudly. While she was still puffed up, she went downstairs to face Cori and the many questions she was sure to be assaulted with.

Cori was standing by the stove cooking. Even with her back turned, Faith could tell she was smirking.

"Ok, come on, let me have it." The satisfied dancer fell into a chair.

"Gimme a minute, I really don't know where to start." She stifled a chuckle.

"Oh really Cori, at least TRY to hide it."

"Hide what?" She turned around giving her friend an innocent look.

"Puuleeeze. MMm, what ya cooking?"

"A, a....hmmm. A thingy."

"Oh, that's what I thought" Faith's sarcasm wasn't lost.

"I forgot what its called wise ass. It's Spanish. What did her attitude seep into you now?" She grinned.

"Maybe, among other things." She thought for a moment, then shook her head. "I think I may have worn her out."

"Ya think?"

"I don't know what came over me? It was like I wanted to know everything all at once…"

"No kidding…"

"At first I thought I knew what I was missing. But now? God Cor, the things she does to me… did to me…" She blushed.

"Oh nooo you don't. Don't you even think you can be embarrassed after this morning. No way, Miss I'm naked and horny and going to get fucked."

Cori noticed the look on her friend's face and went over to squat by her. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you upset."

"I'm not upset, I'm kind of weirded out at myself. I was like another person in bed. And look what I did to her!"

"Oh Faith, Reece hasn't gotten much sleep lately. She had this coming. And well, you probably did wear her out." She grinned.

Faith blushed. "She's going to be so upset when she realizes that she fell asleep on me. I think we'll try to keep that a secret." She grinned right back. "So, how'd you sleep?"

"You can't be serious? With all the noise coming from up there? I had to beat away the neighborhood watch!"

"You're just jealous again." She teased. "You want details?"

"Please… keep you're hands where I can see them."

"Oh, about that, I really didn't know she was going to do that. But it was kinky huh?" Faith chuckled at Cori's lack of grace earlier. "The way you fell into the chair was priceless."

"Oh thanks friend. Here's some food. Eat. I'm sure you need something."

"Mmm, thanks, I'm starved!"

"That's what happens when you try to do the whole Kama Sutra in one day."

"Kama Sutra?" She mumbled around a mouthful.

"Oh no… I'm not going there. Poor woman has enough troubles. What the hell did you do to her?"

"Oh, everything I can think of, but not enough."

"Oh boy. This is going to be very interesting when she wakes up." Cori smiled.

"Cori, this is a fritatta." Faith grinned.

"See? I told you it was Spanish."

After eating, Faith went to take a shower in the guestroom so as not to disturb Reece. Cori loaded the dishwasher and heard a curious sound from the Master Bedroom. Given the chance to be alone with Reece, Cori went upstairs to gloat and throw at least one "I told you so" at her friend. And of course, tell her how proud of her she was.

Reece drifted awake to the smell of food. Her stomach screamed in response. Not really wanting to get up out of bed, she rolled over on to her back and stretched long and hard. Noticing Faith wasn't there she sat at the edge of the bed all ready to stand when the next one hit her. Her arms were way up over her head and she let loose a long squeak.

Cori stopped by the doorway, took one look, and spun around and looked at the wall. "God Reece!"

The tall woman just laid there totally elongated, legs stretched out on the floor laughing at the sound she made. And the look on Cori's face... "I am way too contented to move."

"You are so lucky it was me who saw that. If it was Faith, you'd never leave that bed." Cori walked away muttering something about having no shame.

"Like you've never seen me naked." Reece laughed.

"Take a cold one Romeo!"

Reece chuckled and took the advice, opting for a long hot one instead.

The tall woman felt her body relax under the hot water and sighed. She bent her head down so the spray would beat on the back of her neck. Normally, this would be where she tried to wash the night away, hate herself for using sex, and watch as all the shame swirled down the drain. She was never satisfied with these women and more often than not, she'd utilize the shower massage for just one more climax, hoping that it would end the frustration. Sometimes it worked, but only because she wanted it to. Today was different. She felt satisfied for the first time. Well I'd certainly seek help if I didn't. She chuckled to herself. That woman is going to be the death of me. Smiling on the morning after was also a new accomplishment for Reece.

Idly washing her long hair, Reece tried to understand the new feelings being discovered. She had actually found what she spent countless nights searching for. Does that mean I'm done looking? She rinsed out the shampoo and soaped up the washcloth. Shit I'm totally sore. She winced as she tried to reach a spot on her back. Oh god woman, you wore me out. She groaned. She mechanically washed her body as her head swam with questions. When did I fall asleep? Did I fall asleep on her? Oh no! Does she hate me now? What if she isn't here? What if she doesn't want me? Why did I just panic? The washcloth was rough between her legs and she jumped at the contact. Reece was tender, done, finished. Faith Ashford, just where the hell did you come from and how did you know I was looking for you?

The two dancers heard the shower and Cori had to practically hold Faith back.

"But she's naked, wet, soapy, mmmm." Faith closed her eyes and smiled.

"You are unbelievable! Just you sit here young lady and don't you move until she is finished." She scolded.

"But Cori…"

"NO! Trust me on this one hon. She needs to be alone right now. Ok?"

"Why? Why does she need to be alone?" Faith looked frightened.

"Oh don't get nervous. Well not yet anyway. She needs to absorb this whole thing. It's new."

"What do you mean new? And YET?"

Cori sighed and ran her hand through her hair.

"Cori? What is it?" Now Faith was scared.

"Shit. Listen, um, it's hard to explain this to you. Especially you… Have you ever regretted anything you did in your life?"

"Are you telling me she…"

"Nonono… ok, look, Reece did a lot of things in her life that made her the way she is, was, fuck it, I don't know. She regretted a lot of those things too. I think just about everything she did she wished she hadn't, but couldn't control herself from not doing them. Am I making any sense?"

"All our pasts shape who we are Cor. What could she have possibly done to not be able to, no not WANT to face me? I mean… after all we shared!"

"Well, that's just it, she shared." Cori explained cautiously.

"Please, we're not talking about preschoolers sharing paste." She was getting agitated.

"No, but close. She shares "safe" parts of herself."

"Go on." Faith narrowed her eyes.

"Ok, here's what I'm trying to say. She has always acted on impulse, never caring at the time about the outcome. She always thought she was in total control but in reality, she wasn't. If she were, she wouldn't be so sick with herself the next day. Not being able to admit what she was doing, while doing it, was wrong, was not control. But don't tell her that." She grinned.

"Ok. So, what you're telling me, is she likes to think she is in control? I knew that."

"Yeah, but not the way she does. Correct me if I'm wrong, but she wasn't in control at all was she? And she allowed you see that didn't she? Usually she'd be in that shower scrubbing away the memory of her impulses. Then she'd go to the gym and work off the guilt and frustration that accompanied the disgust. She doesn't think I know this but like I said, I study her. She let you in a place no one has been before, and its probably scaring the living shit out of her right now. The love she feels for you, is a brand new emotion. All of this is brand new. In as long as I've known Reece, she has never allowed herself to face the consequences for her actions, until now. She willingly gave you a piece of her. In her head, she just gave up some control. Don't be offended if she doesn't know how to act, or how to follow through with these feelings. I know she has lived two life times before she became an adult. But honestly, here, she's like a child."

"Oh my god! You don't think she's washing ME off do you?" Faith was in tears. "She told me she loves me! Maybe she regrets that now."

Cori held on to her friend and prayed to any god who would listen that Reece was not doing just that. Telling Faith she loved her, this was a biggie… a confession… an admitted weakness. Please Reece, don't give in.

Reece's heart was pounding as she walked down the stairs. She could hear the two voices murmuring but the buzzing in her ears drowned out what they were saying. She smoothed her wet hair nervously again. Ok, we practically crawled inside one another. She has more of me in her than I do. I gave in, submitted to her and now I have to face her. She KNOWS. I was weak. How can face her now? Reece could feel the walls resurrecting themselves quickly. The pounding in her ears was letting up and the familiar rush of confidence was starting to gain control. She could feel it washing across her face as an unreadable mask. Then Faith sobbed. Reece was hit in the stomach with a wrecking ball and all the walls crumbled leaving a sickly feeling in the pit of her empty stomach. She was on her knees at the crying woman's side and she didn't know how she got there. She took Faith's face in her hands and fear tickled up her spine. Did I do this? Did I hurt her? Please tell me I didn't hurt her.

"Did I make you cry?" Reece lifted her face to look into her eyes. "Please stop, I didn't mean to…"

"Oh no! Thank you! Thank you Reece!" Faith started to cry harder ad wrapped her arms around the kneeling woman's neck.

Cori stepped back in amazement when Reece flew through the room. What the hell? The tall woman looked almost horrified. When she knelt on the floor and tenderly held her friend's face, Cori's heart swelled. But something was wrong; Reece was a ball of confusion and concern. She looked into the pleading blue eyes and hoped to calm her fears.

"She thought you might have second thoughts." Cori shrugged.

"Shit, I have third and fourth thoughts, but Faith, you aren't like everybody else. I'm new at this, Its... you're different." She paused to find an explanation. "I don't know. I can't promise you perfection, and I'm so afraid I'll hurt you... but I really don't think I can just walk away. Not this time." Reece fidgeted. "Believe me?"

"I want to. I'm so in love with you, how can I not?" Faith touched Reece's cheek. "I wouldn't worry about hurting me so bad either. I'm young, I'll adjust. she grinned.

Reece's heart fell. "You're probably making the biggest mistake in your life. I am going to be a first class asshole. I just know I'm going to hurt you…"

"Is that a threat? I can take you." Faith smiled.

"Really Faith. I don't know what to do. I'm afraid I might fuck it up. No, I'm sure I'll fuck it up."

"Reece, this is new to me too! Can't we just try to learn together? Nobody has it like the Cleavers. Believe me, I know. I make mistakes too, I'll just have to punish you when you're bad." Green eyes smiled. "Come on Reece, It's just a joke, smile for me." She twined her fingers through damp black hair.

"Faith, listen, I'm not saying I want to, or even mean to, but I have a terrible temper and I tend to act without thinking... I'm going to hurt you, that's a given. But will you be able to stick around long enough for me to punish myself?" The tall woman stood up quickly and faced Cori.

"Don't look at me. She's the one who loves you."

"Reece, get over here and sit down. I don't care about your temper right now. We'll get there when we get there. Just hold me."

Reece folded herself around Faith and it felt good. It felt really good, so she smiled.

"Now that's something I thought I'd never see." Cori's smile was huge.

"Faith?" Reece whispered into her hair.


"If I don't eat something, I'll never walk again."

"Oh my! Feed her Cori! I need her body in working condition!" Faith mock panicked. "ALL of it!"

"Sure. All you want me for is my body."

"Shut up Reece."

"Oh I see it started already."

She received a playful glare.

"Yes dear." Reece walked with exaggerated weakness towards the kitchen. She got a kiss for her efforts. Yep, this feels very good.

To be continued...