Private Dancer

part 17

by Vertigo


The characters herein are mine. Any resemblance to real or fictional people are strictly part of your imagination. Some places in the story are real and some are fictional.

This story depicts an explicit love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Author's note: I have to take a moment to jump up and down and cheer wildly for Complx and Barb. You ladies are a huge help and I appreciate it. I genuflect at your feet.

Authors other note: I must thank my FIANCE for not lopping my head off for spending way too much time playing with these ladies.

Faith was worried. Cori didn't come home and she didn't call. Faith knew this because she had been up half the night sweating with the heat. The blonde swore never to complain about not having enough heat. This apartment was sweltering, and she went into Cori's room to find some shorts. That's when she saw her friend hadn't come home. Faith figured Cori was with Reece, but that didn't ease her mind any. The amount of trouble those two could get into worried her. The possibilities were endless. She couldn't wait another minute and was dialing Reece's phone number when there was a pounding at the door. It sounded like someone was kicking it with a heavy boot. The only person she knew with boots like that... Her heart sped up with fear that something bad had happened to one or the both of them and she dropped the phone and ran to the door. She flung it open breathlessly and was relieved to find Reece standing there with a guilty smile on her face. They stared at each other for a moment, Reece fixated on the tiny relieved smile and Faith was lost in pale blue depths. Reece's shoulder groaned and Faith noticed Cori draped over it like a sack of potatoes.

"Oh my god! What happened to her?"

The tall woman strolled in and casually dropped her bundle onto the couch, then motioned towards the door.

Faith watched as a cute blue-haired girl waved from the doorway. She was holding Cori's backpack. Faith put two and two together…

"Oh man. How much did she drink?" She went over to her passed out friend and covered her.

Reece gestured at Violet with a little bit of anger in her eye. Faith followed her eyes and crossed her arms and waited.

"Hi, I'm Violet and I don't know. Maybe 5 or 6 gin and tonics. I didn't think she was that drunk, she seemed ok enough." She blushed. "I mean she was alert and responsive sir!" She saluted Reece.

The tall woman nodded but looked annoyed at Violet.

"That half bottle of Jack at your house probably didn't help either."

Blue eyes narrowed at the speaker. "Didn't you have enough of me yet little girl?"

Faith shot Reece a look, and she returned it in kind. "Hey, I'm not her mother. She can stand to get laid once and a while. Who am I to stop her? I certainly wasn't going to stand and watch the goings on in my guest room Faith."

"Reece you know what I mean. Look at her… better yet," She gestured to Violet, "look at HER?" Faith pointed at Violet but couldn't take her eyes off the tall brunette. She thought Reece looked simply delicious. She was wearing her short biker jacket, sweat pants, a tank top and her big clunky boots were untied.

Reece snickered as Faith took inventory. Her face gave it all away. She couldn't stay angry with Reece and the cocky club owner knew it.

Violet felt uncomfortable. She saw something going on and felt she shouldn't be there to witness it. Besides, she had a taste of Reece's temper this morning and was damned if she was going to experience it again. She went over to Cori and started to pick her up into a sitting position.

"What are you doing?" Faith looked at Violet with a raised eyebrow.

"Since it's all my fault, I'm going to take her to her bed and make sure she don't puke in her sleep. Could someone point me there?" She stared down Faith. Apparently the blonde didn't like her much either.

"I got her." Reece swooped down and maneuvered Cori into her arms. "It's just as much my fault as it is hers. I got distracted at the bar and didn't realize how many she had."

"Distracted? What do you mean distracted Reece?" One to talk, as she zeroed in on the crouching butt.

Reece ignored the question and stood. "Why don't you two start again? Violet, meet Faith, Cori's best friend and watchdog." She chuckled and walked carefully into Cori's room.

"Charmed I'm sure. What did she mean by distracted Violet?" God look at those thighs!

"Beats me. I didn't see her all night." She shrugged.

"Did she go home alone?" Green eyes were ablaze with jealousy.

"Well aside from us, yeah. But I don't think she slept any." Taking in the look on Faith's face she asked, "Are you her girlfriend or something?"

"I don't know, well yes, you can say that. If I have any say in the matter."

"Good luck. She's a little intimidating." Violet patted Faith's back.

"To say the very least. Thanks, but I think I got it covered." Faith started to like her. She was friendly enough, and she was concerned about Cori. That was a good start. Not to mention she withstood Reece and judging by their interaction, the tall woman couldn't have been very cordial to her. She imagined it was the car ride from hell.

Reece undressed her friend and tucked her under the covers, moving the hair out of her face. Cori stirred, opened one bleary eye and mumbled. "Hey pig, who was the suit?"

"You just never mind him." She bent down and kissed her friend on the forehead.

Cori smiled at her sudden tenderness. "You're something else you know that bosslady?"

"Get some sleep Freak. You'll need it."

When Reece emerged from the bedroom, Faith was looking at Violet's driver's license.

"So blondie, should I do a background check on her?"

"Very funny, she's legal. She was showing me her real hair. It's the same as mine, look." She handed her the card. "Did you know she does piercing?"

Reece glanced at it before handing it back to Violet and narrowing her eyes. Well they certainly hit it off. She didn't know if she should be comfortable with that. Speaking of uncomfortable, Faith looked mighty good in those shorts. Reece felt the twinge return with a vengeance and shifted her stance.

"I apologized to her, she's going to stay with Cori while I go shopping. Let me go get her one of my T-shirts…"

"I'll get it, be right back." Reece bolted in front of her to get the shirt. Faith and Violet shared a confused look, and shrugged. Violet snickered.

"Maybe she wants to rifle around in your unmentionables." She wiggled her eyebrows.

"I wouldn't be surprised Violet." She laughed.

Reece quietly sifted around in the disorganized mess that was Faith's dresser. Truth be told, she did want to root around in her drawers, but really needed to get out of eye contact with Faith. She was feeling very warm since she walked in the house, and she felt the sweat start to trickle down her back when she looked at those sexy legs. Underneath all the mess was a large envelope. Temptation won and she peeked inside. They were Faiths headshots. God she's beautiful. She stood up and shoved it inside the back of her jacket and halfway down her pants. Grabbing the first T-shirt she found, she joined the two in the living room, a fresh pot of coffee already in progress.

"I thought you were going shopping?" Reece really wanted to get out of there. It felt like the walls were closing in.

Violet and Faith shared a scheming look. Already Reece regretted her choice of Cori's bed partners. Her Faith was bound to get corrupted by all these freaks.

"Oh I am." She giggled. "But first we're going to chat."

"Do I want to know?" She cocked her head at Faith.

"Oh, trust me, you'll be the first to know." She smirked.

Reece made her way to the door shaking her head and mumbling something about the gym.

"Oh Reece? Kiss goodbye?" Faith stood up and approached Reece with a certain look in her eye.

The tall woman shivered and backed up, reaching behind her for the doorknob. If this is anything like the last one, Lord help me.

Faith trapped her against the door and came at her on tiptoes with an open mouth. The taller woman's head bent reflexively. A startlingly strong grip on the back of her neck forced her to bend her knees as both her lips were sucked into a warm welcome place. She groaned as each lip was treated to a nibble and then parted forcefully with an insistent tongue. Another groan escaped and nails bit into her neck followed by a thigh thrust roughly between her legs. Why didn't I wear underwear? Reece wondered fleetingly. A hand snaked under her tank top and the tall women nearly screamed from the tugging on her nipple. She felt the perspiration rolling between her breasts and started to feel lightheaded. Reece's mouth was being thoroughly devoured, and she'd be damned if Faith's leg wasn't strong enough to lift her off the floor. Said leg began to grind and Reece's groin burst into flames. She was already working on full throttle since Faith's torment yesterday, and this did absolutely nothing but stoke her fire to unbelievable proportions. Reece was soaking her sweats and needing to gain control, started devouring back. She grabbed the blonde hair and pulled the suction off her mouth and began her own on the exposed neck. She trapped the torturous thigh between her own and pushed back, causing a strangled whimper from Faith. The sound made her even hotter so she did it again, with the same result. Her head began swimming and her bent legs were getting weak. She was quickly giving in, or passing out. NO! She screamed in her head. She needed to sit down, or stand up, anything not to feel this helpless. She pressed her shoulders tightly against the door and took the pressure off of her thighs. Her sharp teeth grabbed a piece of Faith's throat and she felt the groan vibrate through her mouth. The tall woman couldn't stop from sliding lower, only succeeding in planting the muscular thigh harder up against her. Somehow Faith was able to notice this and use it to her advantage, causing a very tortured growl to escape the body she was ravishing. Reece was sweating so badly now, her eyes were stinging with it, and most of her jet-black hair looked like shiny rubber. The jacket felt like it weighed a ton and she tried to shrug it off. Faith saw this and yanked down one shoulder, latching herself to the skin with nails and teeth. Tasting the salty tang of sweat, and feeling droplets fall from Reece's face onto the back of her neck caused her to growl. Reece was getting way beyond rational thinking. She was close… too close. She started to panic when her knees began shaking and pulled away with a grunt, the momentum causing the smaller woman to fall on her butt, legs akimbo.

Reece stood there panting, with her head in her shaking hands while Faith wrapped her arms around her knees and tried to compose herself.

"Um, I gotta go Faith, see you later?" She rasped in a half whisper.

"Yeah, I thought so…" She didn't bother opening her eyes.

"If it's any consolation… I'm going to the gym." Reece wobbled through the doorway.

At first Faith felt like crying, but then it hit her and she looked at the closed door with a triumphant little smile. Reece was going to work it off with weights, not flesh. That meant something had definitely changed. Reece was already committed to her.

And she knew it by telling me about the gym.

Having a proud moment, Faith sat and replayed this impromptu attack in her mind. At first she was highly embarrassed for behaving as she did, but picturing a shaking perspiring Reece reacting to her in that way made her crotch throb. Deciding on some quick relief in a nice cool shower, Faith tried to stand up to let Violet know she'd be a minute, but her legs were too shaky.

"How the heck does she do this to me? I can't function like this!" She ran her hand between her legs, once, then twice and that's all it took to set her gasping.

"GODDAMNIT!" Faith had to yell, she couldn't even make it to the shower.


Reece sat down with a thud. She pulled the envelope out of her pants and closed the car door. Her hands were still shaking and her legs felt like jelly. "How the hell does she do this to me?" She wondered. God, she nearly took me where I stood! Reece stared unfocused as she replayed it in her mind. She shivered at the two sensations between her legs. The heat pulsing through it and the cold of her soaking sweats against her naked sex. Grabbing a few Kleenex out of the glove compartment, she stuck her hand down her pants to wipe, which lasted a little longer than it should have, and ended with a large shudder and a frustrated groan. "Damn. I can't believe I did that in my car!" She banged her head on the steering wheel until someone pulled along side her wanting her parking spot. Giving him the finger, she took out the photos of her little bartender and her heart ached. God she was cute with long hair. Staring at this particular photo, Reece decided to make a pit stop for batteries… if she made it to the store.

Faith managed to collect herself. Violet was looking at her with concern when she teetered back into the kitchen. Flushed, sweaty, and shaky.

"Did you two just… with me right here?" Her eyes were enormous.

"Almost." She drank her coffee and sighed. Not giving away the truth. "They give way too much heat in this place."

"Um, wanna tell me about it?" The piercer wet a paper towel and put it on the back of the blonde's neck.

"Oh yeah… that's nice. Long story. Wanna hang around while I take a shower? I'll tell you after."

Drying off after the long cool shower, Faith thought about it, and smiled. It was kinda funny Reece running away and all. Hell, at least tonight at the club, she can't run away.


Brad didn't disappoint. He had called while Reece was out and left a message for her to call him back. She did and they decided that he was to come to the club tonight and "spot" Faith bartending and the rest will be up to her.

Brad wasn't so sure he liked Reece, after how she threatened him in the bar. He'd seen her in action a few times in other bars, and pretty much figured her for a cold hard bitch. He only picked her because he was positive she was gay and he was completely cornered that night. He never would have dared if he hadn't run out of options. He thought that playing the "gay card" would be a plus. Apparently she couldn't care, proving his initial accusations of her true. But in contrast, he knew she was going out on a pretty long limb for her "friend". She really pulled it off last night. Somewhere she had a heart and it wasn't such a bad one either. He finally dialed her number and was very relieved to reach her machine. He did wince at the message. It simply said "Speak" leaving him no time to contemplate what to say.

The talent scout was startled when he heard her voice on the other end of the phone. She was nothing like the other night. Her voice was deeper, sexier, dangerous.

"Ok Brad, what do you want to do about this." She stated, not questioned.

"Uh, I thought you were running the show?" He replied.

Reece chuckled. "I like a man who knows who's in charge. You'll come to my club, Faith bartends there. Ever hear of 'The Lounge'?"

"No, I'm sorry but…"

"Quite alright Brad. I'd be disappointed if you did. All you need to know is on my card. It's a Gentleman's club, so dress like one." Reece sounded amused.

"Oh, I see. Is she the only bartender? How will I know who she is?" He was very nervous.

"I'll be there at the door. If I'm not just ask for me. Don't make me wait… Mr. Rogers." She chuckled again. "You must have had one hell of a childhood." And she hung up.

This friend of hers better be something or his ass was grass. He stared at the address to the club and wondered why she called it hers. Maybe she hangs out at this joint so much, she considers it her own. Yeah, she probably bounces there. Perfect job for that one. Gentleman's club huh? Wall to wall men. Oh yay! He thought excitedly. What do I wear to a titty club?

Reece procrastinated for hours over going to the club tonight. There really wasn't any reason for her to be there, and she certainly wasn't needed hanging around when Brad "discovered" Faith. She knew that was exactly what she would do, hang around her. And if the bartender didn't become suspicious first, Reece will drop dead from the delicious tortures she had to endure. But she really wanted to see Faith's face when Brad offered her an acting job. That night of embarrassing behavior would be all worth it to see her genuinely happy. After all, she could never show her face in that bar again. That oughtta make up for it.

She remembered how it felt to actually have a real job. The feeling she got that first night Frankie brought her to the club was one she'd never forget. It was a mixture of pride and accomplishment. After basically being a slave, all her life, she was finally free. And she was respected as a human being. People weren't afraid of her anymore. Well, ok, that took some work. She chuckled at how Frankie would repeatedly call her into the office and lay into her for scaring off the clients. But he never gave up, and never stopped believing in her. The memory put a smile on her face and made up her mind. She was going to the club. Faith wasn't exactly a slave, and she didn't seem to mind her job, but boy will she be happy to act. I can be Faith's Frankie. She thought with a wishful look. Boy, what I wouldnt give to hear his voice again. She rooted through her closet until she found the faded pair of jeans he threw at her that day. She really could almost hear his voice when she slipped them on. Hey Animal… She really missed that.


Faith was more excited than ever. She and Violet had a very educating afternoon. While yapping about tattoos and such, Faith admitted a strong interest in piercing her nipple. Her only problem was still hearing her father's voice ranting his views on "those retards with the tattoos and rings".

Violet had to laugh, it wasn't something she hadn't heard before. Some of the answering machine messages at the shop were way worse than that.

Faith wished she could see one. Violet then produced a breast and showed Faith her own nipple adornment.

"The best part is, when you get tired of it, you take it out! It's not permanent."

"Wow, that's pretty hot. Can I touch it?" Faith was very intrigued by the whole thing.

"Sure. Just don't tug on it. It goes straight to my clit." Violet warned. "And Cori's asleep." She added with a smile.

Faith blushed and changed her mind. "Oh, that's ok then. I wouldn't want to cause you any um, discomfort." She silently wondered if she would survive any more pleasure. It was exhausting enough the feelings Reece produced with a plain nipple.

"S'okay." Violet shrugged. "You want me to pierce yours?

Faith thought about it, looked at the woman's ring and unconsciously held her breast. "I don't know…" She hesitated, "Will it really hurt?"

"If you're not positive Faith, don't do it."

"I think maybe my nipples are too small…" She looked down her shirt. Violet joined her.

"I think they're perfect! Don't judge by mine, Mine is not the size we pierce with, I gradually worked up to this size."

Faith grimaced. "Uh, what size do you pierce with?"

"About the size of Cori's lip ring. Come on, I'll show you."

They went into Cori's room and stood over the snoring woman. Violet took out her breast again and showed Faith the difference. Faith was getting more and more into the idea and took out her own breast She looked from Cori's lip to her nipple and back again.

"Hey, that's not big at all. I think it would look good on me." Faith stared at her nipple in thought. It would probably be better to judge if it were hard. "You're the professional, what do you think?" She absently rubbed the nipple while she spoke.

"I think it would look perfect. You have beautiful breasts Faith. Why shouldn't you decorate them?" Violet said sincerely.

"Oh no, only one." She kept looking back and forth between her nipple, Cori's lip, and Violet. Violet was very patient. She was not going to make up the blonde's mind for her. That decision was all up to her. On second thought…

"Faith, how is Reece going to take it?" She worried.

"Oh you never mind her. She hasn't staked her claim on these yet. If she doesn't like it, she can go scratch." Her mind was settled. "Lets do it."

Cori was slightly bewildered at that statement. She opened her eyes and quickly closed them. She could have sworn she was awake, but judging from what she saw when she opened her eyes, she had to be dreaming. Her mouth felt like sandpaper, and her stomach was growling for food. She had to be awake.

"Please tell me my best friend and a chick I picked up at a bar aren't standing there, each holding a tit talking about doing it."

The two women laughed. "Hey Cor, what do you think, will it look good on me?" She climbed on Cori and put her nipple by her lip. Cori went cross-eyed trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

"Faith! What are you doing?" She backed away from the breast in shock.

"I'm going to pierce it. Will you hold my hand?"

"Can I piss first?" She was still a little confused.

"Go on ya big baby. I'll go make you something to eat." They put their breasts away and left Cori to figure out what just happened.


After the piercing and a successful shopping trip, Faith and Cori headed home. Cori wasn't sure how Reece was going to take to this new development. She figured Cori to be a freak, and now with Violet… Good night! She's going to think we've corrupted her! The phone rang and she jumped. It was Reece calling to make sure Faith was coming in to work tonight.

"Uh as far as I know, yeah. Oh and by the way, I'm fine thank you."

"Good, you were pretty fucked this morning. How's the puppy?" The boss snickered.

"She's actually really nice Reece. Thank you for introducing us. I owe you."

"Good. I might need that favor."

"Reece, you're being awfully weird lately. First the 'Suit', which you still need to explain, and now you're asking for favors? What gives?"

"You'll know all about the guy tonight. Just make sure Faith gets here ok?"

"The Suit has something to do with Faith doesn't he?" She figured.

"Yeah, now can I hang up?" Reece sounded nervous.

"Yeah, sure boss. Later." Cori stood there for a minute. For the life of her she couldn't figure this one out. What would Reece hanging all over a guy have to do with Faith coming in to work tonight? Maybe she just ought to wait and see, as much as it killed her to not know something.

Faith was a bundle of energy and couldn't wait to get dressed and go to work. She was thinking about Reece all day. She couldn't stop reliving the scene by the door this morning. She thought a needle stabbing through her nipple would have quenched that particular problem, but now she was more aware of her nipple than ever. And the pain was borderline pleasurable. Right before she dressed, Violet checked up on her nipple, and was surprised at how well it was taking to the piercing.

"Really? What would happen if I rejected it?" She asked curiously.

"You wouldn't believe the things I've seen" The blue-haired woman grimaced.

"It really doesn't hurt unless I have something tight covering it. It kinda feels good, if you know what I mean." She wiggled an eyebrow.

"Oh, I know what you mean. Just don't go playing with it yet…" She smirked.

Reece was beginning to make Sam edgy. She was hanging around the door for an hour. Plus, she wasn't talking about it. Sam got up and offered the boss her seat. Reece shook her head and continued to drum her fingers on the doorframe.

"Boss, I'm kinda cold. Can we shut the door?"

"Oh, yeah, didn't realize…"

"What's up Boss? Who are we looking for?" Sam couldn't help but join the tall woman in looking out the little square of glass in the door.

Reece realized she was acting like an expectant father and backed off. "No one Sarge. I'll be in my office." She walked away and checked the club one more time in case she missed him. She really hoped he'd get here before Faith did so she could talk to him. Faith seemed to be on her every second and she'd never get the chance like that. She wasn't in her office for long before someone knocked on the door.

"Come!" Reece yelled.

"Gee boss, is that a proposal, or an order?"

"Shut up Freak. Is Faith here?" She stood up expectantly.

Cori narrowed her eyes in suspicion and closed the door behind her. "Speak. And that's an order."

Another knock at the door.

Reece threw her hands up and went to open it. "Grand Central Fucking Station." She muttered. And then yelled, "WHAT?" as she flung open the door. Sam backed away a little.

"Um Sorry Boss, there's a gentleman here who says you're expecting him?"

"Where is he?" Reece was already walking out the door.

"He's by the bar…" Seeing no sense in finishing the sentence now that she was gone, Sam turned to Cori for an answer.

"I have no fucking clue Sarge." She was more than curious when Reece reappeared at her office with the Suit.

"Is this Faith?" He looked at Cori with a very disapproving expression.

"Cori was just leaving weren't you?" Reece gave her a shove but the dancer was not moving.

"Excuse me sir, but who the fuck are you?"

"Cori, go!" She pointed at the door.

"Not until I know what this guy has to do with Faith."

Reece sighed and brought the dancer to the hallway. She wasn't going to win. "His name is Brad, he's a talent scout and he's going to get Faith an acting job." She blurted out.

"So when you said you did him a favor…" She stopped and tried to remember, " threw yourself all over his dick in public for Faith?" She gaped.

"Yeah and…" Reece dared.

"That is so fucking sweet I could cry. God Reece…" She did get misty.

"Oh Christ Cori! Just go get to work, and DON'T TELL FAITH!" She warned.

"You are full of surprises Bosslady." Cori sniffled and followed orders.


Faith noticed the good-looking guy staring at her, and Cori staring at her, and Reece staring at her. She was beginning to get a little self conscious about her choice of outfits. She asked a waitress to cover for her so she could go to the dressing room and take another look at herself. Cori followed her to see if she was ok, and of course get her back out there to Brad. What was taking him so freaking long anyway?

"Cor? Is there something wrong with my clothes? " She twisted and turned in the mirror.

"No way. That is the hottest thing I ever saw!" Cori gushed.

"WooHoo! Look at you girl!" Violet appeared in the doorway with a big shopping bag.

"Yeah but why is everybody looking at me like that?" Faith's face was getting red.

Cori glared at the bag and Violet hid it behind her back… and came in for a hello kiss.

"Faith hon, you look great. I'm sure everyone is looking at you with envy." Violet offered.

"I'd buy that if it were the girls… but…" She looked at herself again. She was wearing a black and dark blue camisole, fishnets and a very snug mini. The new piercing would catch the light every so often and shine through the lacy material. She couldn't find anything wrong with it. She turned to see Cori and Violet whispering animatedly to each other.

"Somebody tell me what is going on?" She crossed her arms and tapped her foot.

"Nothing babe. Violet was telling me a bloody piercing story, I didn't think you'd appreciate it." She lied.

"Hmm, I'll allow that… for now. " She gave the two a wary look and went back to work.

To be continued...

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