Private Dancer

part 18

by Vertigo

The characters herein are mine. Any resemblance to real or fictional people are strictly part of your imagination. Some places in the story are real and some are fictional.

This story depicts an explicit love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Author's note: I have to take a moment to jump up and down and cheer wildly for Complx and Barb. You ladies are a huge help and I appreciate it. I genuflect at your feet.

Authors other note: I must thank my FIANCE for not lopping my head off for spending way too much time playing with these ladies.


Reece hovered impatiently around the bar. Faith was too distracted by her presence to worry about anything else but keeping her hands to herself.

"Excuse me, can I ask you something?" Brad motioned to Faith.

Reece practically pushed her towards him and then disappeared from view. She was flanked by Cori and Violet as they watched Faith laugh at the man's business card. Reece couldn't help but smirk. They talked some more and Faith still had a skeptical look about her. Then she looked surprised as he made the cross your heart gesture.

"I swear Ms. Ashford."

"So let me get this straight Brad, you saw me here when?"

"Yesterday." He lied.

"And you had to come back to see me today?" She was very skeptical.

"Absolutely! I have a feeling you will be very pleased with my offer. When can you get to my office?"

"I'm off on Monday. You went through all this trouble for a bartender in a titty club?"

"No, I went through all this trouble for a very attractive woman who probably doesn't even want to be here. Give it a chance Ms. Asford."

"Please call me Faith." She looked at the card again. He seemed legit. Where is Reece? She'd know if this guy were fishy.

"Faith, you have to believe me. I already told the big guy that you would be perfect for this part. At least come and see." He begged.

"Ok, I believe you." She smiled.

The three women held their breath and watched the exchange of phone numbers. Only after he shook her hand and left did Faith show the full effect of her happiness.

Reece thought she looked beautiful with that brilliant smile. Violet ran into the dressing room to ready the balloons she brought. Cori had to be on stage in two minutes and she patted Reece on the back and took off for the stage. That left one very pleased woman watching Faith bask in her happiness.

Faith wanted to scream. She was so excited at this moment, her ears hurt from smiling. She quickly looked around for Reece, and was slightly disappointed when her search came up empty. Why did she disappear like that anyway? It's so not like her to leave me here with a potential flirt. Especially since she saw him watching me. She was distracted from her thoughts by a man shouting for a beer. She placed it in front of him, smiled her best tip smile and bent down just a little bit. He fell for it and soon she was shoving a 5 in her tip cup.

Reece also fell for it and couldn't stop herself from approaching the bar.

"Hey sexy." The bartender greeted her with a smile.

"Hey yourself. Do I have to break some legs?"

"What are you talking about?" Faith was bewildered.

"That guy, the one who gave you his number, do I have to break his legs?" She asked again with a sneer.

"Oh, him… no. He was just trying to convince me to work for him." She tried to bait the tall woman.

"You took his card. So, what does he offer that this lovely place can't?" The club owner pretended to be hurt.

"Oh nothing. Just a role in a TV SHOW! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" She screamed the last two words and jumped up and down like a nut.

Reece laughed at her excitement and ran behind the bar and wrapped her arms around the jumping woman.

"Congratulations baby! I knew your dream would come true!" Reece kissed her on the top of the head. It felt good to hold Faith like this. She didn't even care who was watching.

"I'm an actress. I did it Reece! All those cattle calls and sleepless days were not for shit. I really gave up, I never thought… I guess its true what they say, just when you least expect it…" AAAHHH! She was excited all over again.

The tall woman found it very contagious and couldn't help the beaming smile from crossing her face.

"God Reece you look gorgeous when you smile like that." Faith was stunned.

"You make me smile like this Faith." She confessed.

"Well, you better stop, or you'll give people the impression that you're happy." She teased.

"Yeah, that or my teeth will get dry." She joked.

"Hey Blondie! You think you can tear yourself away from her to wait on a few of us thirsty tip givers?"

Reece stiffened up but Faith reassured her that he was a regular and it was ok.

The bartender pulled away and Reece went around to the other side of the bar sitting on a stool just as Cori took the stage. She swiveled herself around for a better view. It had been so long since she had actually sat and watched the girls perform. Within moments she gasped as she felt a cold wetness begin on her neck, and work its way to the front and end up in her cleavage. The club owner shivered and cocked her head to meet the eyes of the only person on this earth who could get away with something like that. Her head was positioned back and the cold beer was dragged up her chin to her mouth and a hand tipped her chin back. Reece allowed the liquid to be poured into her mouth and swallowed, feeling the cold work its way down through her hot insides. The strong hand holding her chin shifted and fingers traced her wet lips.

Faith had watched Reece drink beer from the bottle before. After each guzzle, her tongue would swipe the rest off her lips. She anticipated that motion now and made sure she would feel the wet muscle this time. She was suddenly struck with an intense need to feel the tall woman's tongue, everywhere.

Reece was unaware of her habit and couldn't for the life of her understand why she had just licked Faith's fingers. Realizing that the hands had left her head, she spun around to see the most wonderful expression on her bartender's face. Faith studied her own hand with a half-lidded hungry look. Ah, the tables are turned now huh my little friend? Payback time. With a sexy smirk she leaned her forearms on the bar and cleared her throat. Faith's head shot up at the sound, and watched as the perfect, wet lips before her opened, requesting more.

The bartender stepped closer and held Reece's chin while she poured more beer into her mouth. She wanted to be that errant droplet on her bottom lip, and became transfixed on it.

"What's the matter Faith?" She drawled. Green eyes were mesmerized by her mouth. The bartender felt a hot tingle in her belly and inhaled sharply. She wanted to be that beer and slide over her tongue and down her throat.

Reece licked her lips again, and smirked at the pained expression. It was the one she wore when she saw Reece's tits for the first time.

The tall woman leaned impossibly closer and trailed her tongue piercing across her lip. Tonight. No more bullshit.

"Paybacks are a bitch aren't they babe?" Reece reached out and snatched the bottle away. Sticking her tongue out flat, she let the rest of the beer pour over it into her mouth. Some spilled over and down the sides of her neck. She knew this might just do the bartender in. Adding fuel to the fire, she put the empty bottle down and lifted the hair off of her neck showing Faith the wet trails on her skin.

"Oh you are so in for it Reece Corbett." She groaned. Her hand reached out to trace the path the liquid took.

The club owner chuckled and stood up abruptly. "You'll have to do better than that to make me say Uncle."

"OK, I give. I'm not playing games anymore." The blonde gave up.

"So you admit you've been toying with me?" Reece crossed her arms under her chest and Faith groaned again.

"Yes, but no more, I promise." She practically whined.

The customers at the bar could feel the energy crackling between the two women. Those that were regulars, knew who the tall woman was, and had a pang of sympathy for the smaller woman. Reece was a force to be reckoned with and toying with her was practically unheard of. The fact that the blonde wasn't laid out on the bar already was puzzling.

"Well I'm kinda liking this game. I still haven't given in." She grinned.

"Oh god… you're going to torture me now aren't you?"

"Do you have any idea what I had to restrain from doing to you Faith?"

"I had an inkling…" Boy did she have an inkling. She wanted Reece to take her with all she had.

"And you want that?" She asked seriously.

"Please Reece, I want you so bad right now."

"And what is it that you want?" She practically whispered.

"I want you to take me like you don't know my name." She admitted.

Adrenaline flowed rapidly through the tall woman's body.

"Make me."

Faith's expression turned frustrated and she blew out a breath.

Reece was totally prepared to give in, but seeing the effect she had on the bartender changed her line of thinking to devious. She suddenly had a better idea. It was time to beat Faith at her own game. Have the bartender beg her now. It gave her a rush to picture just such a thing. It was almost difficult to walk away from the bar right then, but she managed. She figured she'd add kerosene to her own fire and watch the girls perform. She chuckled. Poor Faith. She wants this, heh, she won't know what hit her.

Faith nearly came from the sight of her faded denim covered ass walking towards the stage. God help me! She sighed. Where did those jeans come from? They look so soft… Her thoughts cut off when it registered where Reece was heading. She nearly leapt over the bar to follow her.

Cori was still up and was gyrating wildly about a half inch away from a poor man's face. He looked ready to faint. Violet eyed the whole thing with a sneer, but didn't let it get to her. This was Cori's gig and she had no right. Just then there was a strong hand on her shoulder and she had every intention of breaking a bone or two when she saw amused blue eyes staring at her. Reece leaned her head in and spoke in her ear over the music. "You ok?" Violet nodded and rolled her eyes. The tall woman nodded in return and casually strolled over to the dancer waving a bill in her fingers. Cori nearly lost her balance and slid headfirst down the pole. REECE IS GIVING ME MONEY?? On her approach towards the boss, she saw Faith maneuvering her way to the stage with a determined look on her face. Oh no! You guys are not involving me in you twisted foreplay. She backed up a tad and Reece gave her the eyebrow. Faith was standing by Reece's side now and eyed Cori. It was a little battle of the wills. Faith had a delicious idea and gave the dancer a look that made her cringe. Without warning, Faith was on the stage with Cori. Reece had to blink a few times to get the message to her brain that this was really happening.

Cori looked a little panicked but Faith whispered something in her ear and they fell into a very sexy routine. Cori mock licked her way down the blonde's body and ended up on all fours at her feet. Then Faith pretended to pull Cori up by the hair and they did a slow grind into each other that left a few men groaning. The club owner was no better off than they were as she felt her groin tightening at the display. Violet wended her way through the crowd and tugged on Reece's belt wide eyed. The tall woman shrugged in reply, but never took her eyes from the stage.

Faith twisted herself in Cori's arms and bent down to remove her boots, planting her perfect bottom into the other dancer's crotch. Cori threw her head back and thrust into the woman in exaggerated ecstasy.

Reece felt her cheeks get hot with both arousal and jealousy. C'mon woman, you know it's just a show. You see this practically everyday. She scolded herself.

Now Cori had Faith's head in her hands, mashing it into her crotch. The blonde woman crawled between the other dancer's legs and felt her way up the girl's back letting her hands wander to the front of the arched chest. She cupped full breasts and twirled the dancer around 'til they were face to face. Cori mouthed, "Ready?" Faith answered with a swallow. "As ready as I'll ever be."

And then they were topless.

Reece's knees gave out and she nearly fell right there. The sight of the two women holding their own breasts and rubbing nipples made her mouth go terribly dry. She glanced quickly at Violet who was about as far-gone as she was. Only Reece had the good sense to close her mouth.

The delicious friction of her new piercing was causing Faith to groan. She didn't dare let the sound out fearing it would embarrass her friend. Instead she spun around, she and Cori went about a routine they only practiced in the privacy of their living room.

Reece let her mouth fall open when Faith approached her topless. Only then did she notice the new jewelry and it looked so appetizing, the saliva returned to her mouth threefold. The tall woman had to swallow… she wanted to have that ring in her teeth. She felt the wetness seeping out of her as the blonde stood in front of her and rubbed her thumbs over her erect nipples. Reece saw the expression on her bartender's face and knew Faith was very pleased with the pleasure/pain of the new adornment. More wetness flowed. Faith leaned over and placed her lips on the tall woman's ear. She groaned and breathed into it until Reece gripped the stage.

"Mmmm, C'mon baby, I know you want to fuck me." She breathed.

Oh Faith…

Faith disappeared and collected her tips. Occasionally the two women met and put on additional displays for enthusiastic tippers. Cori silently wondered if Faith would do this again, she must have doubled her usual take tonight. She caught sight of Reece's expression and her eyes went wide. She had seen that expression plenty, and knew the club owner was not going to last much longer. Slithering her way over to Faith, she made a show of squatting behind her, working her hands upwards and ending on her face. She smooshed her head in her boobs before turning the blonde's head towards the boss. "You are in big trouble honey." She whispered. Cori could feel the woman shudder when she made eye contact. She released her and smacked her ass for good measure.

Reece saw Faith coming towards her and knew what she had to do.

The blonde dancer made quite a picture as she squatted down with her ass in Reece's face. The club owner narrowed her eyes at the scent that made its way towards her. Faith turned around and lifted her tits up to the aroused woman's face. The rule was no touching, but this was her club. Reece wrapped her arm around Faiths waist and threw her up over her shoulder. The crowd erupted into applause as the tall woman stalked purposefully, yet unsteadily towards her office. Cori bowed and jumped from the stage into the very open arms of a very horny piercer.

Faith knew she was playing with fire but couldn't help herself. She slid her hands down Reece's back. Closing her eyes, she paused at the feel of the shifting muscles as she walked. But that wasn't where she intended on stopping. She continued down until she felt the softness of old worn Levi's under her palms. She gripped the firm muscles as they bunched under her hands. She felt the tall woman growl and her own ass muscles scrunched in anticipation. A hard slap in said area startled her.

"OW! Hey!"

Reece said nothing, but the twitch in her shoulders told Faith just what she was thinking. It made her shudder.

"I smell you again Faith. You know what that does to me don't you?" She growled.

This is the Reece she heard stories about. This is the Reece she so desperately tried to coax to the surface. This is the Reece she fantasized about. And this was the Reece she wanted to tell she loved. She needed to have this woman hear those words. This Reece needed to hear those words.

The blonde jumped as fingers were suddenly touching her wet skin and drawn roughly back and forth over her sex. She heard Reece inhale and groaned at the image she was missing.

"Oh yeah. I forgot. You like to watch don't you?" The words vibrated through Faith's body.

Reece dropped the bartender on her couch and watched with a satisfied sneer as she arranged herself. Then she closed and locked the door.

Faith saw the way Reece was breathing, the expression on her face, the color of her eyes, her feral smile. Her nostrils were flared and she was repeatedly licking her lips. The tall woman kicked off her boots, and tore open the buttons of her fly with one yank. That's when she knew, Reece was going to fuck her. A flood of wetness soaked her underwear. She moaned and lifted her hips off the couch.

"You see something you like?" Reece taunted her as she stripped off her shirt. The tall woman approached the couch and leaned over Faith She dangled a breast over the blonde's face and then fondled it. Faith tried not to squirm, but it was fruitless.

"You want me don't you? You want to feel my naked body hunching against yours." She practically snarled.

Faith swallowed hard and nodded like crazy.

"Do you know what I want Faith?" The tall woman reached down and yanked off the skirt. She flung it away hooked her fingers inside the fishnet stockings and the tore them right out of the garters that held them.

Faith sucked her top lip into her mouth and whimpered.

Reece snapped the elastic of the lacy panties, causing the wearer to flinch hard.

"Take them off."

Faith slid them down her legs and went for the garters.

"Oh no, those stay." She fingered them with both hands. "They make you look dirty." She breathed into her ear. "And you wanted to be taken like a dirty girl."

Reece took the panties from Faith and closed her eyes when she felt the wetness. Holding them up to her face, she breathed in deeply and groaned. This was definitely not a stranger… a stranger didn't make her heart sit in her throat. "Oh yeah…"

Reece climbed on the couch and straddled the smaller woman at the stomach. She took both hands in one and lifted them over her head and placed them on the couch.

"Stay." She commanded the hands.

Staring down into the most beautiful green eyes, she willed herself to stop panting. Faith bucked her hips. Reece began panting all over again. This wasn't an unusual event. She fucked women all the damn time. Why was she having this teeny bit of guilt? Look at her dammit! She wants you to fuck her. Even so, big bad Reece still needed to warn her of what she was requesting.

"I want you Faith. I want you in the worst way. Do you know what I'm saying?"

Faith was wide eyed and breathing quite heavily herself. She gave her best hungry look.

"Oh, yeah. I know exactly what you're saying baby. Give it to me." She arched her head back.

The tall woman's body was practically vibrating. She dropped to her elbows and bit the offered neck. "I want to see you writhing under me. I want to hear you begging me to make you come." She sucked hard at the tender skin. Faith groaned helplessly. She felt as if she could come just from the insistent suction on her throat. She lifted her hips again, searching for contact.

"Oh, you need something Faith?" She smirked.

"Yes." She breathed.

"Tell me what you want." Reece climbed higher until her knees were even with the smaller woman's head.

"Reece, please…" She whined. The power to speak disappeared. Nirvana was mere inches away from her face.

"Well then, I can choose what to do. Of course that could mean I choose to make you watch me get myself off." She grinned evilly.

Faith felt the gush spill out of her and she whimpered painfully. Right there?

"Is that a yes? Hmm?" Reece started to lift her breast to her mouth and rubbed her wetness very slowly on the hard nipple under her. Faith squeezed her eyes shut. Bad enough she's doing that to my breast, seeing her lick her own tit would definitely make me come right now. Reece moaned and Faith bit her lip.

"Oh no, that will never do. Open your eyes Faith." Her voice was commanding.

Green eyes opened to focus on the dildo the tall woman was holding. She groaned loud and long.

Reece got up and slipped out of the line of vision. There was a large exhale from the couch as Faith thought Maybe if I don't see her, I can speak.

Reece was adjusting the straps on her harness with shaky hands. Never before did she feel this out of control while in control. She turned to face the couch and her stomach flipped when she realized what she was trying to do. There was no way she could simply fuck Faith. No matter whom she tried to convince, she would always be making love.

"Are you gonna stand there all night? Don't you have some work to do?" Faith sat up and licked her lips. Right now Reece looked like a goddess to her.

The tall woman shivered at the tone of voice her bartender used. She was more than willing for this. She wants me to fuck her… Reece grinned evilly. Who am I to deny her? She stood in front of the couch, green eyes riveted to the new addition to Reece's body.

"Tell me what you want me to do Faith."

Long fingers disappeared into the blonde's center, and smeared themselves in abundant wetness making them both moan. She then wiped it all over the tip of the dildo.

Reece kneeled between Faith's legs. How far is she willing to go? The bartender would never suck her dick, she wouldn't know what to do. She knew this would be quite a request of Faith, the woman never having actually seen a blow job, but the thought was turning her on more and more. She only had the ho's give her a "blow job" because it would put them on their knees at her feet… complete submission, and it made the club owner feel powerful. For some reason though, Reece noticed she dropped to her knees this time. She shook that thought off. Now was not the time.

"Lick it for me. Get it nice and wet." She breathed, more aroused at the idea than she had ever been.

Faith didn't know what to do. She had only seen this done in a porno. But watching the long fingers absently stroke the dildo, was getting to her. Wanting desperately to connect with Reece, she gave it her best shot. She took the larger hand off of the toy and brought it to her lips. She kissed each finger then sucked two into her mouth. The dildo twitched and the blonde knew this was a good thing. She grabbed a hold of the black member and pulled it. Reece was wide-eyed as it pushed back into her mound. This motion was repeated until Faith was satisfied by the glazed look in Reece's eyes. The tall woman's center throbbed as she watched Faith pull the phallus in time with the suction on her fingers. It was almost an overload to her senses - it felt too good. She had to keep reminding herself that this was her bartender, the things she was doing! She groaned.

Satisfied with the sound, Faith lowered her mouth to the toy. Keeping an eye on the darkening blue ones above her, she poked out her tongue and licked the tip slowly. Reece jerked and grunted as if it were her own dick, never taking her eyes off that tongue. Faith proceeded to lick the dildo, top and bottom, wrapping her lips around it and sucking noisily on occasion. This made Reece pump and gyrate her hips. She loved the reaction she was getting and didn't want to stop.

The kneeling woman was experiencing feelings that she never had before. There was a pounding in her ears that she normally didn't have, and she was far more turned on than she could ever remember being. She couldn't tear her eyes away from that tongue… it was like she could really feel it. She shuddered and swore to have more sympathy for the customers that asked the girls for blow jobs. She'd still have them unceremoniously tossed out, but she could see their point. The dildo pushed against her hard and she closed her eyes. It was too much sensation, and Reece had overestimated herself. She heard herself whine.

Struck by that sound, Faith snaked a hand up between the strong flexing thighs. Sliding her fingers through the soaked opening, Reece growled and thrust harder. Faith pulled away afraid of being gagged. "Oh you liked that huh?" She teased the slippery skin with her fingers.

Coming to her senses, the tall woman grabbed the torturous hand and resisted the urge to shove it into herself. She needed to be inside Faith.

"Open those legs wide for me."

Faith did as she was told, and felt her juice slide down between her ass cheeks. She narrowed her eyes and started stroking her own thighs.

Reece's nostrils flared widely at the action. "You want to touch yourself?"

"No, I'd much rather you fuck me senseless. But if you want…" She rested her hand over her pulsing sex.

Reece showed no signs of arguing so she began touching herself.

In reality, Reece was shocked mute by Faith's behavior. And doubly so while she watched the small hand work its way into the drenched folds. She was suddenly very jealous of that hand and growled.

Faith was very pleased with that sound and she shimmied down enough to rest her ankles on the kneeling woman's shoulders. She watched as the tall woman rocked her hips in time with her moving fingers, then turned her head and began licking and sucking her ankle.

"Oh Reece!" She twitched all over from the sensation of that tongue.

Reece switched ankles and bit at the tender skin. All the while watching Faith for any signs of climax.

This was a vision she'd never forget. The last and only other time she was going to use this dildo, Faith got nervous and she only let Reece use it in her with her hand, while she licked her. She never did get over this particular urge. Reece's body was screaming to fuck her, and now she was about to do just that. She noticed the blonde's finger was precariously close to entering herself and that will never do.

With a loud grunt, Reece positioned herself and thrust the entire dildo inside of Faith.

Faith screamed.

"Oh yeah… you want me to fuck you…" Reece groaned.

"Yes, don't stop… harder." The blonde was writhing.

Reece complied. She watched green eyes threaten to roll back. She closed her eyes and could see her typical fantasy play out on her eyelids like a movie.

"Oh fuck… yes! Reece!" She yelled.

Blue eyes snapped open. Jesus! This is Faith. Its really Faith, my Faith, Faith…

She had no idea that the name was coming out of her mouth with each thrust. Faith's heart was bursting.

"Yes… deeper…" She urged.

"Anything you want love." She grabbed hold of the back of Faith's knees, and bent them all the way up to her shoulders. This was the rest of her fantasy, and she was going to live it all out.

"Oh my god! Reece!" She practically screamed. Her clit on the receiving end of each thrust now.

The tall woman let go of Faith's ankles, bent down and bathed the sweat off of the straining neck beneath her with her tongue. Her hand found a painfully hard nipple and she pinched it in time to her hips.

"Oh yesssss…" Faith hissed.

"Faith… Faith…" Reece continued her unconscious chanting, her voice was raspy.

"Yes, yes, you're so deep…" She groaned.

"I am baby… feel me."

Faith took it as an invitation and slipped her hand down to feel the dildo moving in and out of her. Reece jerked forward for a second as the fingers grazed her swollen flesh. Faith liked that and pinched and rolled the hard clit between her fingers. Reece fell hard onto the small woman's chest and groaned, losing the rhythm completely. This was so much more than her brain could have imagined and she couldn't keep up.

"Oh baby, please don't stop." Faith ground her heels into Reece's back, and her nails into her ass.

The fallen woman lifted herself up on her hands and stared into the green eyes below her. At first she worked her hips around slowly, watching Faith's facial expression change as she picked up the pace.

Then she noticed the silver ring and bent her head down to capture it in her teeth. She didn't pull it, or move it, just breathed on it.

"Shit yes!" Faith's hips picked up speed and she turned her head to bite the taut forearm beside her.

Blue eyes looked at the most beautiful face she had ever seen and her heart skipped a beat. She whimpered and nearly fell again. Nails dug into her ass and pulled her deeper.

"Oh god you fuck me Reece, you just fuck me." She begged.

The tall woman followed orders and soon felt the trembling in the body below her. She grabbed both sides of Faith's face and kissed her with everything she had. She poured every last bit of emotion into that kiss. Faith became motionless at the beginning of her release; the hands on her face kept her head from thrashing as it wanted to. It was too much. She screamed, from the orgasm and the love she felt radiating from the face above her. Reece kept pumping even after Faith had begged her to stop, and finally thrust herself one last time and stayed that way, grinding herself into Faith's still twitching center as she came with a growl.

"Faith…" She whispered one last time and collapsed on the trembling body beneath her.

The small woman's arms wrapped around her head and she hugged it to her chest fiercely. She felt like crying. It was that intense.

Reece needed to catch her breath, her arms and legs weak from the exertion she forced on them.

"Reece, look at me."

Their eyes met and that's when Reece knew it couldn't be any other way.

"I love you Faith. I love you so fucking much." She almost sobbed.

"I love you too baby. I'll never stop, ever…"

Reece kissed her passionately, stopping every so often to mutter "love you…"

"Then show me Reece. Take me home and let me make love to you all night long."


Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn, two very satisfied bodies lay tangled under the covers. Violet had to confess, seeing Cori up there doing such things turned her on like nothing else. Maybe it was that she knew the promise behind her actions, maybe it was because she looked so damned sexy doing it. Whatever the reason, she showed Cori just how appreciative she was, repeatedly. Now the two lovers slept peacefully with smiles on their faces.


Reece thought going home to make love was a very good idea. She had to stand up at some point to do just that, but she was so comfortable where she was. Besides, Faith was stroking her back in the most relaxing way. She'd be a fool to move. Faith relished this moment and never wanted it to end either, but there was a grimace on her beautiful face. She felt the contented sigh against her ear.

"Mmm, you feel so good baby." She spoke into the neck she was buried in. "I don't ever want to move."

"I'm glad you feel good Reece, but I have one request, and it requires you to move." The blonde whispered.

Reece lifted her head and kissed her cheek. "Am I too heavy?"

"No, but I think your dick may be stuck in me."

The tall woman looked at her with such an expression she had to laugh. This of course caused the intrusion to move about and her laughing was peppered with all sorts of noises.

Reece laughed as well and decided that the only way to make sure she pulled out comfortably, was to lubricate it. With an evil little smirk, she raised her right hand for Faith to see. Green eyes looked puzzled, but caught on quickly when the fingers of that hand were stuck into her mouth. With narrowed eyes, she licked those fingers thoroughly. Her heart rate doubled as Reece snaked her hand between their bodies and proceeded to moisten said area. The tall woman repeated this process until they both forgot entirely the purpose of this action.

Breathing heavily, Reece attempted to pull out and stand up, but strong legs wrapped around her waist and arms wound around her neck. When she stood, Faith was wrapped around her like a second skin, and most definitely not complaining any more.

"Oh Reece…" She moaned. She slid down, locked her ankles and was filled completely. "This is very good."

"You like?" The tall woman wrapped her arms just under Faith's ass and squeezed.

"Ooo, very much." She leaned forward, shuddered and leaned back again.

"Hon, as much as you enjoy, I really can't trust my legs…" Reece over exerted her limbs just minutes previous and didn't think crashing to the ground was very good.

"Oh god! I don't want to stop… mmm, yeah…"

In her haze, Faith threw her head back and Reece lost her balance. Recovering briefly, she willed her legs to hold and quickly backed up against the first wall she could find. Faith was so hot, this was so hot. She looked down at their bodies and watched the muscles in Faith's hard stomach twitch and flex with each movement. She stared at the nipple ring with hunger, god she wanted to suck it into her mouth, and she got real wet, real fast. A newfound strength tingled through her body and she started to move her own hips to accommodate. The way Faith was rocking against her was so good.

"Yes… fuck me…"

Blue eyes shut tightly, the visual was too much and she had to calm down. If she came this way they'd hit the ground for sure. Suddenly, nails were digging into her shoulders as Faith found a new rhythm. Reece grunted with effort, and inched along the wall until she felt a corner to lean against. Reece wanted to just throw her down on the floor and fuck her, she felt left out. That is until she noticed the mirror. A low groan rumbled inside her chest.

"I can see us baby. You are so hot." She pulled Faith's neck towards her and sucked.

"Yeah… god… hot…" Faith was beyond comprehending. All she knew for sure was the friction from inside and outside.

"I can see your ass moving." She whispered into her ear.

"MMm…" Was the response.

Reece leaned her weight against her shoulders on the wall and pushed her lower body out so she could see better.

"Oh yeah, Faith, I can see it moving… in and out of your lips…"

Concentrating on the image in the mirror, Reece thrust as best she could in her position. She cupped Faith's ass cheeks and spread them wide so she could see even more. Faith jerked against her with a shout.

"SHIT! What ever you just did… don't stop!"

"I have no intention to." She knew Faith was close to coming. In fact… She thought, If I just gyrated my hips like so…


Reece displayed a cocky triumphant smile even as sharp teeth bit into her shoulder. She held onto her care package tightly and slowly slid down the wall, careful to pull out this time. She had absolutely no strength for an encore performance.

Faith finally settled down and kissed the bitten flesh apologetically.

"Beast." Reece teased.

"I'm sorry, it was just so unbelievable… god…" She sighed.

"MMm, and you didn't have my view." She nodded towards the mirror and green eyes followed.

"Oh, that must have been totally hot."

"It was, maybe I'll put one on the ceiling…" She wiggled her eyebrows.

Faith rearranged herself between Reece's outstretched yet shaky legs. "Oh baby… you are sooo wet. Can I be of any assistance?" She went to touch the source of the wetness and was stopped.

"Not here Faith, lets go home. You wanted to…" She mumbled something…"more comfortable."

Faith smiled happily.

"What are you smiling like that about?" One dark eyebrow questioned.

"I love you too."

The End.

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