Private Dancer

part 4

by Vertigo

The characters herein are mine. Any resemblance to real or fictional people are strictly part of your imagination. Some places in the story are real and some are fictional.

This story depicts an explicit love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Author's note: I have to take a moment to jump up and down and cheer wildly for Complx and Barb. You ladies are a huge help and I appreciate it. I genuflect at your feet.


Faith looked back over her shoulder at the tall woman stalking off into the darkness. "Shit, Cori, did I do that?"

"No, babe, she does it to herself. She's a real piece of work. You'll get used to her moods. But really, I think she likes you." That is the biggest understatement ever, she thought. "That is...if you still want to work here." They settled at the bar.

"Well, I'm not sure." I can't afford those clothes, she thought. "These women look like a Victoria's Secret catalog. I don't think I'd be comfortable at all..."

"Bullshit, you are one hot little number, Faith. Trust me, you'll do just fine. I have a few things at home that would suit you perfectly. Show off your best assets." She went out on a limb here. "And once Reece gets one look at you in the outfits I have planned...well, the next time a door is slammed around here, I bet you'll be on the other side with her."

The blush that covered the cute little blonde's neck was all the answer she needed. Now, how was she going to get to the boss lady without her own neck being snapped? She grinned widely. I just love a challenge.

Faith knew she would die of embarrassment. Was it that obvious? How did Cori know what she was thinking? God! She saw me looking at her breasts! Just kill me. But I liked looking at her breasts. And then there was that feeling in her stomach again.

Cori saw the internal struggle and decided to end it. "Hey. You wanna meet my ex roomies?"

"What? Ex? What happened?" Faith asked, thankful for the change of subject.

"Reece threw them out. It was for my own good. Now I gotta find new roommates."

"She threw out your roommates? Cori, I don't get it. I don't get her." Or why she makes me feel like this, she said to herself.

"Oh, stick with me and I'll make sure you get it." Faith was about to cut in. "Come on, I'm not blind. It looks to me as if you have a tiny little crush on Tall, Dark, and Sexy. I can help you out if you let me."

"Cori, I don't know what is going on." She lowered her eyes. "I'm not a lesbian, at least I don't think so. I never thought about another woman…well, like that, and I am not exactly comfortable with all of this either." She gestured around the club. "I mean I'm okay with you guys, and with the club and all...I am not homophobic or anything...." She looked into Cori's sympathetic eyes. "I don't know what I mean. I just don't feel comfortable is all. Thanks for trying to help me. I better get home." She got up from the chair and headed towards the door. Please let me make it out before I cry.

"Please, Faith. Let’s talk about it. I'll get you a cab and we'll go get something to eat?" She tried to convince the blonde with food. Noticing her face sink lower, it hit her. Everything made sense. The job, where she lived, the fact that she was still wearing the pants she lent her... She has no money! "My treat. I owe you for dragging you here anyway."

"No thanks, Cori. Its very nice of you, but..." Her stomach rumbled louder than the bus that went by. "Um, I'll catch the subway and eat at home."

"You are not taking the subway at this hour. I refuse to let you. Come on." She grabbed her by the bicep and pulled her into the waiting cab. "No refusals. We have to talk."


After properly chastising herself and her behavior, the club owner was sitting on the office couch with her head in her hands. She started to question her feelings. Sure the blonde was a knockout, but so were a lot of the women she bedded. Why did this one feel different? I don't even know her. Damn, she was practically undressing me with her eyes. But that happens all the time too. Why did it feel like her eyes were actually touching my body? Why did I react that way? Why the hell did my mouth go dry at the idea of Faith really touching me? "I need to get laid. That's all. I need to get out and get laid." She grabbed her helmet and her jacket and headed out with determination. She stopped short in the doorway after seeing Cori and the blonde on the sidewalk. "Sam, what's up?"

"Well, Faith wants to take the subway and Cori don't like it."

"Ah, good for Cori." She hadn't taken her eyes off of the bartender. She looked so sad. I wonder why? "No one should ever make her frown."

"Yeah, it doesn't become her at all."

Reece was not aware she had spoken that last thought out loud.

"Well no, it doesn't," she covered. Seeing them get into a cab, she made a mental note to talk to Cori about a potential new roommate with blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. Which just locked into hers, for a brief moment. A strange feeling tickled down her spine and landed in her knees. Laid. I need to get laid. "Later, Sam."

"Safe home, boss."


"Earth to you read me?"

"Sorry. It’s just...she looks so..."

"Hot? Sexy?"

"No, determined. Like she's on a mission."

"You got that right. She's going to make an appearance at the Reece Corbett Fan Club." She received a puzzled look. "I'll explain the enigma that is Reece over some good food. Okay?"

"Why do I have this feeling that I don't want to know?"

"Oh, I think you want to know everything about her."

Faith rolled her eyes. But inside, she really did want to know everything. Where she lived, what she liked, what she slept in, how she smelled, what her skin felt like. A very large shudder passed through her. She glanced at Cori, who was giving her the raised ring and a smirk. Well, she thought, you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em. "You know, you should have pierced the other eyebrow. You don't look cocky, just silly with it bouncing around on your head."

"Yeah. How did you know I was shooting for cocky?"

"Shut up. Let’s go eat. You have some things you wanted to tell me." Faith decided to venture into Reece's world.

The two women found themselves in the Village. By the time they had their menus, they noticed a familiar figure idling at the light on the corner. Another figure that apparently couldn't keep her hands to herself was draped around her from behind. Legs and all. "Wow!" Cori said. "She was fast tonight! Must be horny as all hell."

"Okay, Cori, spit it out. What is that all about?"


Reece couldn't help but see the purple hair in the window. Or the other woman gaping at her. She suddenly felt like she was doing something wrong. As if she were hurting the little blonde. She felt teeth at her neck and the insistent pressing against her lower back. Laid. I need to get laid.


"Oh!" The redhead underneath her cried out. Reece was fucking her with all she had, her fingers plunging deep within the woman. All she needed was to get laid. She snagged a nipple with her teeth. The woman gasped.

Reece pushed back harder against the raised leg, in attempt to come again. The first one did absolutely nothing to squash the flame in her groin. Looking down at the stranger in her bed suddenly disgusted her. She sneered and closed her eyes. The woman groaned loudly. She didn't want to hear her. "Shut up," she said, and bit harder at the tender flesh. The woman whimpered. "I said shut up." The elusive orgasm was killing her.


Oh, the image of Faith saying those exact words flashed before her eyelids. She rubbed herself harder against the already soaked thigh. She could feel the woman closing tightly around her fingers. She saw Faith in her eyes staring back at her with need... The woman started to shudder...then she yelled. Reece opened her eyes and watched as the stranger, not Faith, succumbed to her. She didn't want her there any more. She rolled off of her and lay there hating herself. Fingers made their way between her legs. "No, don't touch me. Just go."

The woman looked hurt. Oh fuck. "Look, I'm not feeling so good. I'll see you again sometime. Okay?"

Well, at least she smiled. Reece watched as the woman got dressed and smiled again as she let herself out. She rolled over onto her stomach and groaned. The throbbing in her crotch had not eased at all. The cause of the ache started to come back to mind. She turned back over as the image in her head rolled on top of her, touching her. Her hands followed the path that her green-eyed lover took. It felt like nothing ever had. In no time, her fantasy had taken her to places she only dreamed of. This was just what she needed. "Oh, Faith!" she cried as the powerful climax shook her very being. "Jesus!" she breathed at the feelings that overwhelmed her entire body. When she finally came back to reality, she rolled over on her stomach and clutched her pillow tightly. Tears were in her eyes and she had no idea why. Blinking them away, she realized Faith was the one. That frightened her like nothing before.


The bartender was lying in her bed as the sun peeked into her room. God. The things Cori had told her. Faith was wide awake, her mind buzzing with all this information: the club, Frankie, Monica, and mostly Reece. So I'm not the only one, huh? Everybody slept with her. Cori even slept with her! And did she have to be so graphic? She had an idea Cori knew exactly what she was doing to her. So, it’s okay that I want her to touch me, and after hearing those stories, all I'd have to do is ask. "Hey, Reece, touch me." Yeah right. Hmmm, the thought of Reece touching her was not at all as unpleasant as the thought of asking her.

She started thinking up a scenario, what would happen if Reece did touch her. She'd love to run her fingers through that silky looking black hair, smell her perfume, and feel her arms around her. That wasn't unpleasant either; in fact it was very nice. She wanted to be the one that the tall gorgeous woman took home tonight. She imagined that she was on the back of the bike, wrapped around the muscular body. The feeling moved from her stomach to between her legs. It was a long time since she was this aroused. Her thoughts started becoming much more detailed. Damn Cori to hell. Reece was touching her all right, touching and biting and licking. Faith couldn't move fast enough for her fantasy. She was panting and sweating before her blue-eyed lover had even touched her where she needed it most. When she finally did, Faith gasped at how wet she was. Unable to control the fantasy, she let it take her to new places. Touching herself never felt so good in her whole life. It was like Reece was really there, doing incredible things to her body. She began trembling almost violently and grabbed a pillow to smother the name she screamed as she came. "Holy shit!" she gasped. "What the hell was that?" Wow, she thought, imagine what the real thing would do. She was totally drained and fell into a deep sleep almost immediately.


Faith woke feeling better than she had in ages. She grabbed her crow bar and bounced into the hallway, celebrating her mood with a much-deserved shower. She grabbed all her dirty under clothes to wash with her. Last night still fresh in her mind, she let out a long breath and shook her head at how intense her body had reacted to a mere fantasy. So...I guess this means I'm attracted to women, a woman, that woman. Mmm, the tingling was back in her stomach, but she welcomed it now. She could have Reece in the flesh if she wanted. Cori made sure to make a point of telling her how easy it was to have her. Funny, she didn't feel so uncomfortable about it now.

She turned off the water and toweled off her hair. Actually, she felt excited at the prospect of bedding her, feeling her move with her, against her. Oh, better not go there now, kiddo, you got things to do. Wrapping her robe tightly around her, she made her way back to the apartment to start her day. She agreed to the job, and today she would be shopping for some tight, revealing clothes. Working at The Lounge would triple her pay and, if she looked good enough, add hundreds in tips. She would give her notice at The Tavern tonight. This, too, made her tingly, but in a different, new adventure kind of way.


After the gym, Reece found herself in Brooklyn, knocking on her dancer friend's door. When no one answered for a while, she began to become unreasonably jealous, thinking that maybe Cori had spent the night with Faith. And why not? Because I don't want her to! she fumed. When the door finally opened, the dancer looked like she hadn't slept a wink and this fuelled Reece's anger. "You're a fucking ho you know that?"

"Gee, good morning to you too. What crawled up your ass this morning? And why did it do so at this hour?"

"Is she here?" The tall woman was furious.

"Who?" Reece pushed her aside and marched into the house. "Hey! What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Finding the house empty, completely empty, she was ashamed enough to offer an apology. She turned to face the narrowed eyes pointing at her, "No one, sorry 'bout that. You look like shit. Rough night?" She walked into the kitchen.

Cori watched as her boss plopped her body down in the chair, and her helmet and booted feet on the table, clearly expecting coffee. "Reece, what do you want?"

"Nothing. I just thought without Tyson and Holyfield, you'd be lonely. You got coffee?"

"It’s 10 am, I didn't get but two hours sleep." She yawned for effectiveness.

"Then you could use some coffee, too. So who or what did you do last night?"

"Put your eyebrow away, I didn't sleep with her. As if it was any of your business. We talked…about you…all night long." Cori attempted to make coffee, but the yawning was making her eyes tear up too much. "Do this. I'm blind."

"About me?" She scooped the grinds into the machine. "All night?"

"It seems Miss Thing is intrigued by the great Reece Corbett."

"Yeah?" she smirked. "Why do you think that is?" She was actually nervous.

"She wants you boss, real bad." She noticed the relief cross the other woman’s face. "You gonna fuck her?"

"No! I mean, I don't know. I don't want to hurt her." She might be able to get out of this... "I mean, what if she falls in love with me? They do, you know. Then what?" She turned to fill two mugs with the brew. "Can’t have her working for me all broken hearted, can I?"

"Hurt her, huh?" the dancer smirked. "You are so full of shit. You are afraid of her, aren't you?" She saw the woman's back stiffen. Yep, nail on head. "You're afraid that she'll break your heart. Am I right?" The shoulders fell.

"No, I don't have a heart remember? I think you said that to me after you slapped my face." She turned around and Cori saw the depth of her hurt.

"Come on, Reece. Look at me. I’ve known you how long now? It’s okay to feel something besides anger and release once in a while. I know you have it in you somewhere. Love is a beautiful thing. If it’s gonna take a little blonde haired bartender to pull it out of you, why argue? If you want to know what I think..."

"Not really."

"...I think she's just what you need."

Images of the night before came back to her, and she started to blush. Oh, she was what I needed all right! she thought. Exactly what I needed. Chancing a look at Cori, she winced at the look of amusement.

"Boss, why does she make you blush? Honestly."

"Honestly?" Oh, this will be good for shock value. "You might not have fucked her last night, but I did."

"You what? Ohhh, you didn't?" She saw the smirk and the wink. "You pig. Did the woman know?"

"She had already gone." She wiggled her eyebrows and leered.

"I have news for you…the way I left our little friend...I bet she let you." That ought to do it. One candle burning at both ends...coming right up.

Reece just swallowed really hard. The thought of Faith pleasuring herself, calling her name… Oh god, repeat performance, my bed, tonight.

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