Private Dancer

part 5

by Vertigo

The characters herein are mine. Any resemblance to real or fictional people are strictly part of your imagination. Some places in the story are real and some are fictional.

This story depicts an explicit love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Author's note: I have to take a moment to jump up and down and cheer wildly for Complx and Barb. You ladies are a huge help and I appreciate it. I genuflect at your feet.


It was getting windier and colder every day. Reece finally admitted to herself that it was time to put the motorcycle away for the winter. Never really being without the bike for more than a few days, she felt like she was saying goodbye to a part of herself. I suppose I have to buy a warmer coat too, she thought with a frown. It had been so long since she spent a winter up north, she forgot how cold it could get. Shopping was not her favorite pastime, and was usually avoided. A fifteen minute trip to The Levi's Store was considered a spree. Tying the last of the heavy tarp over the machine, she sighed loudly, catching Pepe's attention.

"Don't worry, I'll keep it safe," he said reassuringly.

"No doubts, amigo." She shivered a little. Well, lets go get that coat.

She wandered towards the closest area to shop, Times Square. It was a tourists’ haven, and she deliberately avoided any slow moving groups of people with cameras. Anything you can possibly purchase can be found on 42nd street. The tall woman was amazed how people could be fascinated by neon and some billboards.

After a long while, many elbows and a few growls later, the scowling woman settled on a jacket, hailed a cab, and plopped her aggravated self in the back seat. The vat of vile car freshener and near deafening foreign music added to her mood. Closing her eyes and laying her head back, she tried to relax and think calming thoughts before she had an aneurysm. Deep breaths would only kill her at this point. In moments, an image of the gorgeous blonde named Faith, lounging in a bubble filled tub danced across her eyelids. While not exactly calming, it was a welcome thought, and she smiled despite the blaring horns and lurching cab ride.

Reece melted willingly into the green eyes in her mind; she was horny in an instant, only to be jolted into reality by a recording of Jackie Mason reminding her to take her belongings. How does he listen to that crap all day? she wondered and shoved the money into the little drawer in the partition. Taking the steps two at a time, she headed straight for the Jacuzzi, leaving a trail of clothing in her wake. There was some unfinished business to tend to with a certain green-eyed lady, and she was eager to get to it.


Cori managed to fall back to sleep after the boss had left. It wasn't long before the phone rang and she answered it with a growl. It was a very perky Faith asking her to come shopping with her. "Oh hey! Sorry, sure," the sleepy dancer agreed. "If I may, why the hell are you so damned cheerful?"

"Oh, no biggie." My fantasy Reece had me screaming like a banshee....

"Anything to do with our talk last night?" Cori was crossing her fingers.

Yup, thanks to your details. "You can say that." The grin was almost audible. "C'mon, you said something about dressing me up?"

"You bet!" She remembered Faith's monetary situation and though of the best place to barter. "Hey, let’s go to 14th street, they have tons of street vendors and it’s a bargain hunter’s dream."

"Cor, I heard everything there fell off the back of a truck. I'm not so sure I want "hot" stuff on my body." Too late. It was out of her mouth before she could stop it.

"I beg to differ. And I'm sure Reece has been called worse."


"Stop blushing like that, my phone is melting." She heard a groan.

They met at the coffee shop from last night. Faith got there first, grabbed a window booth, and ordered a giant coffee for her friend. Her thoughts drifted immediately to Reece. Walking up the stairs from the subway, Cori saw her friend's dream like stare and the coffee waiting for her and smiled.

"Large, black, three sugars." The blonde pushed the cup towards the dancer.

"Oh, bless you, child." She took a large swallow of the brew. The blissful expression on her face was like looking at dope addict getting a fix. Her friend matched her expression. "What's up, Mary Sunshine?"

"Nothing, can't I enjoy the day?" Her friend gave the eyebrow. "I'm excited about getting a new job and shopping okay?"

"Uh huh. That's the ‘I can't wait to go shopping’ glow if I ever saw it. Oh wait, maybe it’s the ‘new job’ blush."

"All right already! I did some thinking about what you said last night." She didn't know where to start.


"Um, well, I guess I admit to being attracted to Reece. " She blushed again. "While that's all well and good, I don't think I know how to do anything about it, I mean, um, what do I do now?"

Cori was very amused at her friend’s admission. "So in other words, you want to know how get Reece into your bed. Right?"

"Uhm...well, no. Before that…I want more than sex," she struggled to explain herself.

"Oh, I see. You want to be her friend. Reece doesn't have friends."

"You're her friend, aren't you?"

Cori frowned. "I like to consider myself her friend, but I don't think you'll get that much out of her."

"I'm not going to be one of her whores. I want her to know me. After all you told me about her, I feel like I know her already. It would be different if I didn't. I'm not a toy."

"You're serious? I'm sorry, honey, but Reece doesn't have relationships; she fucks and moves on."

"I think I could be different." Faith looked confident

"Listen, please don't romanticize about her. She'll break your heart. While I know for a fact she wants you, and you might actually have a chance at getting closer than many, Aphrodite isn't about to descend on her. And if she saw it coming, she'd be sure to push it away. My advice is to get what you can."

"I intend to get what I want, not what I can." Faith stood up and put on her coat. "C'mon, I have some convincing clothing to buy, and you have to help me."

"Faith, you don't want to start this. Not with her, please, none of us can take the backlash," Cori pleaded

"Don't worry, trust me, everything will be fine. Now, no more talk about it. Let’s shop!"

The dancer frowned. As much as she wanted to see these two together, she couldn't help feeling like someone was going to get hurt big time. She'd have to have a talk with Reece, and she wasn't sure this was a good thing.


The Lounge was pretty crowded when Reece arrived. She was feeling rather cocky tonight and decided to wander around the club, taking in the scenery for a while before locking herself away in the office. Monica noticed her first and she elbowed Debbie, who elbowed Honey, who in turn skittered off to the dressing room to tell the others. It was very rare that the boss prowled around the club like this. It reminded Monica of when Reece was a fixture at the bar, running collection errands for Frankie, or bouncing some asshole out on his ear.

The dancers loved her and she took full advantage of that, never at a loss for pussy. Monica swore that Frankie encouraged her to sleep with them, always disappearing into a secluded corner with a dancer, and sometimes not so subtly right there in your face. The tall, dark woman had a certain air around her. It was almost like you could see the electricity crackling off of her body. But it was her eyes that captured the attention. Some of the girls swore it was like being hypnotized; they never had a chance. She laughed a lot more then too. God she was gorgeous when she smiled. Monica grinned at her memories.

Since Frankie died, the spark was gone and the fiery blue faded to dull and sad. She had always kept to herself and, in those days, you could probably find her staring into space lips pursed in thought. But she was never sad. Since she became owner of the place, she was hardly ever out of her office, if she came in at all, and she never fucked the girls any more, either. Monica was silently hoping that this was her big chance to have the boss, never having the opportunity of being "picked" in the past.


"Shit, Faith! We are so late! Reece is going to kill me!"

"She wont actually kill you, Cor. Calm down, we're almost there. Besides, how do you know she'll even be there yet? She's probably stuck in traffic anyway."

The dancer didn't look any less upset. "I'm going to call. One of the girls will have to cover for me. Oh, and she locked up the bike for the winter, so traffic isn't the answer." She dug into her backpack for a quarter.

"Oh, she did? Yeah, I guess you'd have to. I mean you can't ride in the snow." Crap! Faith really wanted to be on the back of that baby so she could wrap herself around that woman. After the dream she had this morning, she wanted so bad to work out the details of foreplay on a moving bike.

"What? Oh, man. Thanks." She hung up the phone and leaned her head on it. Is she nuts? Can't she wait ‘til Faith gets there?

"Ew, Cori. You don't know what touched that receiver last. What happened?" The bartender ran to catch up with her.

"Boss lady is making rounds tonight."

"But you said she doesn't do that any more." Faith looked crestfallen "No, I don't think it’s about that. The girls think she's prowling too, but I think there's something else on her mind, especially since she knows you're starting tonight." They turned the corner to the club. "Open that coat and let me look at you, girl!"

Faith made a show of flashing Cori, and inadvertently Sam, who blushed. "Oh yeah, you're going to knock ‘em dead."

Sam let out a wolf whistle, startling them both into laughter. "You ain't kidding!"

"Oh! Hi, Sam. Ya think so? ‘Cuz I have my sights set on an apartment with its own toilet."

Cori grabbed her around the waist, "C'mon, let’s sneak into the dressing room before anyone else sees us."


Monica had all but thrown herself at the club owner. She gyrated, humped, and bumped all over the place trying to catch her attention. Reece noticed the extra effort, but wasn't interested. Sure Monica was hot; long legs, dark hair…gorgeous…but not her type. The other girls vied for her attention, too, leaving Reece very amused. She knew her own reputation well and did nothing to change it. She liked what they were up to and it made her even cockier. She flirted with the girls, toyed with a few waitresses, even tipped one of the dancers, but it didn't feel the same. She wasn't the least bit interested in any one of them. Here she was, women falling all over her, but she couldn't find what she was looking for.

She noted that Cori wasn't around, and this disturbed her. What if Faith changed her mind? She got a knot in her stomach thinking about it. She also just noticed the waitress straddling her legs, just short of a lap dance. She put her hands on the girl’s waist, lifted her up, and placed her aside as she stood up to leave. Suddenly feeling extremely frustrated, she immediately grew tense. "Shouldn't you be paying attention to the men?" she asked sharply, before stalking off to find out where Cori was with the woman who invaded her dreams.

Cori and Faith were just exiting the dressing room when they caught sight of a very agitated Reece storming towards her office. They were about to duck back inside when the ice blue lasers pinned them to the spot. "Uh oh," Cori whispered. Faith just swallowed hard. The boss stopped short when she saw the fear in the green eyes. She opened her fists and tried to stop her jaw muscles from clenching.

"Uh, hey. Great, you're here". She stretched her fingers unconsciously, but Faith saw an invitation and took it. Reece swallowed and tried to block the tingling feeling out.

"So, you're going to work the bar for the waitresses for now. Just until you get the feel of it, okay?" She didn't want to release the smaller hand and, if she could, she'd hold it all night.

The bartender wasn't complaining and she didn't want to let go either. Nodding in agreement, she never lost eye contact. "I'm a little nervous and a bit uncomfortable in this outfit, but I think I'll be okay."

The taller woman broke the gaze to take in the smaller woman. Wow! Her mouth fell open at the sight before her. God, now I really know what she looks like half naked.

The blonde blushed scarlet with the attention, but she welcomed every ogle the beautiful woman gave her. Besides, it made her stomach do that thing.

Cori, silently taking it all in, was shocked yet thrilled to see the boss react in such a way. "Fierce, huh? I thought she'd look good in fishnets. How about the dress?"

The dress? Reece was still lingering at the garter. Looking up slowly, her mouth went dry as her eyes traced every curve the little Lycra dress clung to. She wanted to be that dress.


"Umm, yeah. Unbelievable. It looks…you look great. Good luck tonight." She tore herself away and tried to act as casual as she could walking to her office. Which wasn't easy, considering she might have just experienced the first simultaneous heart attack/orgasm in the world.


Cori and Faith stood there looking at each other, and then in the direction of the anticipated slam. After which, Cori ushered the new bartender to her place and ran down the list of faux mixed drinks as quickly as possible.

"When in doubt, improvise. But never make it a bright color." She puffed out her chest and deepened her voice in imitation. "Real men don't drink pink."

"Thanks, Cor. Where you going?"

"I got something to do real quick. I'll be back to check on you before my first set." She kissed her cheek and took off.

Knowing the boss, she had to hurry or Reece would be running out of the door in search of a quick fuck. She stood outside the office door and composed herself, thinking of the best way to approach this fascinating new development. The dancer never would have thought she'd bear witness to a crack in the facade. Snickering, she stood poised to knock when the door flew open, presenting a very high-strung woman, and she nearly fell on her face.

"You gonna stand out there all night?" It was more of a statement, with her eyebrow asking the question.

"God! I hate when you do that! Can I talk to you about something?"

"Make it quick, I gotta go."

Cori stood in the office while Reece leaned on her desk. The dancer took stock of the woman…her leg bouncing rapidly, twisting a pen like a baton. The boss was wound up tight, and this might not be a good idea. Her palms started to sweat and she was about to get up and leave when a hand on her thigh startled her.

"What? You can't talk all of a sudden?" Reese got up and began to pace.

"Um, yeah. No! I just was wondering…." she floundered.

Reece was getting agitated and stood in front of her with her arms folded across her chest. "You were just wondering. So what else is new?"

"Um, could you do me a favor?" Cori had given up on her original idea of teasing the boss about her weakness. Now she just wanted to get out of there and pick this up after Reece was less "edgy".

"Depends." The tall woman had her jacket and gloves on already and was walking towards the door. "What kind of favor?"

Cori had an idea, "Can I stay at your place today? I mean, I'm not too comfortable in that house by myself."

"That's what got you so nervous? She raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"Well, I want to bring company...." She cringed waiting for the explosion, but all the tall woman did was tap her foot and open the door.

"What, did you tell some chick that you lived in my place?" she snickered. "Need to impress someone?"

"No! I had plans with someone and, well, I can't break them now, and like I said, my place is...yeah, well I guess I don't really want to entertain in my shit hole, so, yeah, you're right."

"Not only don't I believe you, but that was so awful, I have to see what this friend is like. She must be something else if she's able to make you make an ass of yourself. C'mon, I got business to attend to."

The boss was sweating now.

"Thanks, Reece. You won't regret it."

She opened the desk drawer and tossed the dancer her spare house keys. "I think I already do. Go on, you're up in five minutes."

"Oh, and don't tire yourself out."

"Oh? What's it to you?"

"Nothing, go get laid before you explode."

"Thanks, I needed your permission."


Faith was doing great at the bar, but she wished she could wait on the customers. As much as she hated the stupid chatter at The Tavern, she missed the interaction. It made the night go faster, and she was much more busy. Oh, the waitresses were sweethearts and shared the tips with her, but she was rather lonely. When she wasn't daydreaming about Reece, which she did often, her curious nature had her making up life stories and scenarios about the customers that came and went, and that helped her pass the time.

The music stopped and the announcer warbled something to the crowd, which started a ruckus. She looked towards the stage to see the big fuss and a little spotlight was fixed on Cori. She fought the urge to turn away, even though it felt like she was looking at her own sister moving about suggestively in her underwear. Watching her best friend parade around shaking her parts almost made her angry, until she saw the amount of money she accumulated. Just then, Cori started to disrobe and Faith couldn't help turning away.

Oh man, I could never do that. I give her credit. The crowd was cheering wildly and she peeked again. To her amazement, there was a small pile of bills on the stage and Cori was swinging around naked on the pole, her garter was completely full of money. Holy shit...there must be a hundred dollars there! she thought in awe.


Meanwhile, Reece was on her way to her favorite place wondering what Cori meant by that last comment. "Why wouldn't she want me to tire myself out? What does she care? Unless...nah, she wouldn't want, but maybe her date..." She mentally slapped herself. "Cut it out, you need to get rid of this tension, she's right. You're going to explode, you predictable slut."

She started to think about what she was doing and this was bad. She'd hastily find a woman, be unreasonably hostile with the poor girl, and wind up having either a terrible time, or really rough sex. The latter not usually bothering her much, but with the images that kept popping into her head lately, this would never do. The last thing she wanted to do was manhandle her little fantasy woman, and it was bound to ruin her evening.

Shit! Now what? This was bad, very bad. Not only had the blonde been slipping into her dreams, now she was letting her disrupt her real life. She thought about Faith, about approaching her, maybe seducing her. With an evil grin she thought, Yeah, just do it. Just go up to her, tell her like it is, and take her to your office.

The tall, extremely frustrated woman started walking back towards the club. No, I can't do that. Cori said she was better than that. Fuck, I'm not better than that, what the hell do I care? She does have the hots for me anyway. She stopped walking, and felt something odd inside, a sick feeling when she thought of using Faith for her own benefit. Man! I am losing my mind! Okay, let’s stay predictable and go get laid. She started towards the subway, changed her mind again and just started home, deciding a really long walk would do her good. She kept herself focused on a cold shower and a hot coffee, which was very hard to do since she had always thought with her crotch at times like this.


Back in the dressing room at The Lounge, Cori was changing for her next set, when Faith came in for her break.

"C'mere, Blondie." She patted the overstuffed chair, "Sorry I didn't get to check up on you…how'd it go?"

"That's okay. It went great, smooth. I got it covered. How'd you do?"

"Oh, not so good, I got $93 and a food stamp. Assholes."

Faith's eyes bugged out. "That's not good? $93? Shit, girl, that's a weeks worth of tips at my old job, and you still got another set!"

" want to dance now, too?"

"I couldn't, but the money...nah, I can't." She was fidgeting just thinking about it.

"Okay, chica, but if you change your mind, just tell me. I'll show you how it’s done." With that, she bumped and ground her way around the chair, making them both giggle. "Hey, you want to get some coffee? I could use a cup."

"Yeah, but I don't want Reece to get mad if I leave."

"Are you kidding? She won't be back tonight. She went out..." The dancer narrowed her eyes and looked evil, "...on a mission. She took one look at you and needed to get laid."

"Oh, come on. You don't expect me to believe that." She got a serious look in response. "Yeah?" she smirked. "Wow, I guess it’s working then, huh?"

"Uh huh. But I don't want you getting in too deep with her just yet. Yeah, she wants you, but let’s get her to want to know you first. I have another plan that just might work." She dangled the keys.

"What's that?"

"Boss' keys, now you get to see how the other half lives."

"Oh, I know how they live. I was the other half remember?"

"Oh yeah, sorry. Hey, speaking of living, why don't you come stay with me? I'm not going to be able to foot the rent myself and you want to move so bad, you can taste it."

"You mean that? I'd love it! How much do I need to give you for security? I need to know how much I have to save."

"Nah, no bother, just move in now, and you'll pay me half the rent next month. Get yourself settled in, you know?"

The bartender was trying not to cry. She wrapped her arms around the dancer and hugged her. "You are a godsend do you know that? I'm so lucky to have met you. Thank you."

"No, Blondie, thank you. I'm the lucky one. Hey, let’s go get that java, I want to tell you what I have in mind for tonight."

"If it involves a certain tall boss, do tell." They started to walk.

"You're too much. Yes it does. We'll go over there…after she's gotten her fix, if you know what I mean. She's easier to talk to that way, and all I can get her to talk about is sex really. So we have a plus, we talk about sex, she joins in, and we can play a sort of twisted version of truth or dare. I don't know if she'll go that far, but it’s worth a try. Did I tell you we're spending the night there?"

The bartender ordered her coffee and thought about the implications of sleeping at the boss'.

"She has the most awesome bath the bathroom...with a shower...."

"Okay, okay. I just don't know if I'm ready for this. What if she gets the wrong idea and thinks I'm like the rest of her conquests?"

"I took care of that already. I hope." They entered The Lounge and Faith settled back behind the bar. "Good luck on the next set, Cor."

"Thanks, roomie."

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