Private Dancer

part 6

by Vertigo

The characters herein are mine. Any resemblance to real or fictional people are strictly part of your imagination. Some places in the story are real and some are fictional.

This story depicts an explicit love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Author's note: I have to take a moment to jump up and down and cheer wildly for Complx and Barb. You ladies are a huge help and I appreciate it. I genuflect at your feet.

Authors other note: I must thank my FIANCE for not lopping my head off for spending way too much time playing with these ladies.


After her cold shower, hot coffee, and flipping through the channels on the TV several times, the club owner wasn't feeling any better than before; still horny, still aggravated at herself, and still wanting the blonde bartender from out of her dreams. She flopped on her bed and finally settled on video games, firing up the Playstation for some serious butt kicking. She felt somewhat better while blowing the faces off of the zombies, and turned up the volume to hear them scream. It was then when her houseguests entered and, due to the stereo speakers, she never heard them arrive.

Cori heard the noise from upstairs and grinned. The element of surprise on her side, she took her time showing the slack-jawed bartender around the house.

"I can't believe this is in Manhattan! It’s unbelievable. That table there," she pointed at the table that made Cori blush, "that's a one of a kind. And that painting, my God, I think it’s an actual Monet! Where did she get this stuff?"

"Jeez, Faith, calm down. This is all as was when Frankie left her the place. The only thing she added to this place, is herself."

"Wow. Frankie, huh? What's the deal with that?"

"I'm working on it. All I know is that since he died, she," the dancer gestured upstairs, "hasn't been the same."

"But look at this place! Are you sure she only worked for him?"

"Faith, trust me on this one."

"I'm just amazed is all. What's upstairs? I mean, besides Reece."

"Her boudoir, with connecting frickin’ Roman bathhouse."

The bartender felt warm suddenly, thinking about a certain someone in a bath. "Is she coming down? I'm not so sure I want to surprise her. It can be dangerous."

"Nah, don't worry, I told you she knows we're coming. Anyway, I want to surprise her somewhat, she has no way out of it then."

Faith nervously took off her jacket and sat on the couch, while Cori grabbed some wine from the kitchen. They could hear Reece laughing wickedly while explosions filled the air. They giggled, knowing that if the boss saw them she'd flip out, which made them giggle even more. Finally they composed themselves enough to sit down and wait for the right moment to alert Reece of their presence.

"So, Faith, what makes you think you can't dance?"

"It’s not that, it’s just no one has ever seen me naked before, and I'm not entirely comfortable with a crowd of strangers gawping at me that way."

"No one?! Not even..."

"No, no one. The only time I had sex it was in the dark and we had most of our clothes on anyway." She took another mouthful of wine, enjoying the way it made her insides all warm.

"You mean to tell me, you only had sex once? How do you survive?" She made a look of horror.

"Just fine, thank you. It wasn't all that wonderful anyway. Nothing like when I...." she blushed and drank some more.

" when you what?" Cori refilled their glasses. "Come on, Blondie, spit it out."

"Well, I can't believe I'm going to tell you’s gotta be the wine, but…." she stalled.

"What! I gotta know now..."

"Remember when we went shopping and… Well, the night before we talked and…" She emptied her glass for confidence. "Well, I fantasizedaboutReece…whenImasturbated." She blushed furiously.

Cori sat there for a second to decipher what the blonde said. "Ohhhh, so it was good?" She wiggled her eyebrows.

"Fantastic. It’s never been like that before, and believe me, I get lots of practice."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. So if you'd let her see you naked, why don't you pretend that the audience is full of Reeces and..."

"Nonono, no way. I don't even think I'd be comfortable naked in front of you."

"Take your top off."

The bartender stared blankly at her, both of them feeling the wine kicking in.

"Really, start by just sitting here casual with your top off."


"Okay, I'll take mine off, too." She did. "How's that?"

"I don't know, Cor."

Neither of them noticed that the noise from upstairs had stopped.

"C'mon, just do it. You wont even notice it after a few minutes. Just get used to the feeling of being topless."

Faith reluctantly took off her top and her bra. She struggled not to cross her arms and tried to act casual. This made them giggle again, and this time they couldn't stop and it became full out, tears in your eyes, hysterics.

That would be when Reece came down the stairs. Speechless and stunned, she sat on the bottom step and stared at the spectacle before her.

"Okay, okay." Faith sniffed between fits. "So now what? We're drunk and topless in our boss’ house."

"We drink more wine and make like we're just two friends who aren't drunk, topless, and in their boss’ house."

"I wish she was here with us, pretending not to be topless."

"You pig. You two will get along just fine. I created a monster."

"You slept with her, what’s she like? Is she soft, hard, strong, feminine..."

"All of the above. She's got it all, Faith, all."

Reece mentally strutted around.

"What was she like? I mean in bed."

If a grimace was audible, the boss would have given herself away. She remembered the way they first came together. It was all aggression and power. She dominated Cori and made her beg. It was much different after that, Reece deciding that she only kept up with her as long as she did out of remorse for the first night and, in retrospect, because of her feelings for the dancer.

"Um, it was fine, Faith. She'll make your wildest dreams come true." Well, it's not really a lie, the dancer thought. "Your darkest fantasy."

"Dreams, mmm, fantasy, yeah. I wanna smell her hair, touch her skin, taste her sweat. I never felt like this before. I want to touch and taste every inch of her. God." The little tipsy blonde was getting turned on.

Cute, even her tits blush. "Hey, you don't seem to be bothered by the naked thing anymore."

"I'm naked?" She picked up both her breasts and feigned a swoon. "Oh, lordy be!"

"You, my dear, are drunk." The dancer laughed, and drank from the bottle. "This one's empty, want more?"

"No, I'm toasted already. Hey, Cor? What's it like? Dancing for all those strangers. I can't do it, you have balls."

Cori stuck her hand down her pants and fished around for a moment causing Faith to crack up again. "Nope, no balls there, babe. But damn that felt good. I need to get laid."

"You too, huh? I can't stop dreaming about her. I mean it…sex."

"Her? Boy, you got Reece on the brain, girl."

"And on the shoulder, on the leg, on the mouth."

The woman on the stairs shuddered at the image.

"Come on now, Faith. I told you, not yet. She'll go way too fast for you. You gotta show her that you are worth more than a quick fuck. She doesn't have the same romantic ideals as you."

"It has to be soon, Cor. I swear, it was like she was really honestly touching was electric. It was...mmm, it was perfect. I don't want to imagine, I'm dying to know what the real thing would be like." She unconsciously ran her nails up and down her arms making every hair stand on end, among other things. The woman on the stairs stifled a groan at that and her parts stood on end too.

"Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I am officially a member of the fan club."

It was then that Reece made herself known. "Ahem. I'm not interrupting something, am I?"

Both women looked down at their chest, then at each other.

"Ah, no, Reece, we were just, um, talking..." Faith turned around to cover herself up, acutely aware of her nipples.

"Hey, don't worry about me. Make believe I'm not here."

The bartender’s eyes widened. Yeah right! Pretend that your every desire isn't standing there staring at your nipples. She went to spin around and lost her balance. Suddenly feeling warm hands on her naked waist, turning her around, she stared right into the blue eyes of her fantasy.

"Hey, Faith, you all right? You wanna lay down? Go on to the guest room. Cori will show you."

Faith wasn't that drunk; she was lightheaded from being topless in front of Reece. Burning the feeling of those hands on her skin into her memory forever, she gulped audibly "No, I'm fine, really. I just wish I had my top."

The tall brunette smiled. "Nah, leave it off, I think you both look wonderful." She stepped away feeling a sense of loss when she let go.

Both women said thank you, and didn't know what to do. They certainly didn't plan this… playing twenty sex questions, topless, drunk, and with the object of her desire didn't sit well with Faith. She eyeballed Cori, who shrugged. Reece took it all in silently, enjoying this lovely turn of events.

"So," Cori broke the tension. "What are you doing home, boss? I wouldn't have expected you ‘til morning."

"I had a change of plans. I came straight home."

The two guests looked at each other with confused expressions. "Which reminds me, Cori, that car lot by you selling anything worth my while? I need wheels. I refuse to walk in this cold." She helped herself to a new bottle of wine.

"Uh, I'll check it out. We'll check it out. Faith is my new roomie. We were just celebrating." She turned the empty bottle upside down for show. I said don’t tire yourself out. Not stay strung like a tightrope. Shit, talking sex with Reese now was not a good idea.

"Congratulations, I was going to mention that to you, but I see it’s taken care of. I wasn't too happy about you living alone. How'd dumb and dumber make out?" She dangled the newly opened bottle at the dancer.

Cori snatched it up and handed it to Faith with a wink. "If you mean Monica and Debbie, they got a place on Houston, and they're living in sin."

Reece cringed. "Those two are going to kill each other. If Debbie comes to work with one bruise, I want to know about it. You got that?"

"What are you gonna do? Beat Monica up? That'll teach her."

"No, knock both of their empty heads together and toss them out on the street. I don't need that shit in my club."

"Yeah, yeah…gimme that bottle." Cori grabbed it from the bartender, who was getting warmed up to the idea of Reece staring at her chest like she was.

"If you don't mind me asking, and not that it bothers me in the least, but why are you two topless?"

Faith blushed again. Cori tried to explain. "Well, I was just getting her adjusted to all the nakedness she'll be around at the club. I figured this was a good way. Right?"

"Oh, that's right." Faith nodded her head vigorously.

"Oh, okay, carry on then," the boss smirked.

They all stood and stared at each other. The dancer observed the boss’ demeanor and deduced that she must have taken care of business somehow, being as relaxed as she was. The bartender tried not to notice Reece's clean smell, damp hair, and hard nipples. This time there was nothing left to the imagination since all she had on top was a well-worn white t-shirt. For her part, Reece never stopped grinning having plenty to look at. "What were you all planning to do tonight?"

"We were going to play truth or dare when you walked in." Cori offered.

"Yeah? Can I play, or should I get some popcorn and watch?" She leered and took a swig, offering it to Cori who slapped her on the back of the head.

"Watch this, asshole."

"Such a mouth! So, Faith, can I play with you?" She lifted an eyebrow suggestively. Faith nearly choked on her wine, making Reece smirk and Cori narrow her eyes at her.

"Please? I'll be good, I'm always good." the tall woman licked her lips. She heard all she needed to on the stairs to torture these two for a lifetime.

Noting the hitch in the blonde's breath, the dancer answered for her. "If you play, you have to play fair."

"Okay." She crossed her heart. "I will. You guys start and I'll get some chips or something. Maybe soak up some of that wine you two guzzled."

Faith thought it was a great idea, being that she was the most gone. They had an agenda and she wanted to stick to it, stomach knots and all.


Reece was in the kitchen getting the snacks and thinking about what those two planned for tonight. She heard enough on the steps to guess that this was some sort of test to see if she could control herself with the blonde beauty, and she knew enough that she was most definitely the object of Faith’s desire. They obviously had an agenda for tonight, involving her and Faith.

So, here's the thing: Faith wants me, I want Faith, but Cori is afraid I'll use her, hurt her. There must be more to the story because I don't see how it would hurt anybody if two people who wanted each other fucked. What else can they want from me? And is shaking their tits around part of the plan? And why the hell did I agree to play truth or dare? Well then, I'll have to come up with some interesting dares. This was turning into a very strange night. When she returned to the living room, Cori was nose to nipple with Faith. Reece dropped the chips.

"Right there." She pointed to a spot on the blonde’s breast. "I swear it looks like a smiley."

Faith picked up her breast for closer scrutiny "Where? I don't see any smileys. I think you're nuts."

"Boss lady? C'mere, tell me that freckle doesn't look like a smiley."

"Uhm, okay." She dropped to her knees in front of the blonde, who was nearly cross-eyed from looking intently at herself. Strange, but good, she thought.

Faith noticed the boss kneeling in front of her and quickly covered her breasts with her hands. "No, that’s okay. I believe you. No need to call in the dogs."

"Aw, you guys are no fun. I wasn't gonna touch, just look."

When she spoke, her breath fell across the bartender’s skin and she shivered. Oh god. Faith stood up abruptly and sat away from them on the couch. Reece liked the reaction and filed it away for later.

"Come on ladies, here's the chips, let’s play your little game. Cori, go first." The tall woman made herself comfy on the couch as close to Faith as she could get, watching her squirm.

"Okay, Faith, truth or dare?"


"Do you have a favorite fantasy?"

"Yes. Cori, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to dance for Reece."

"Wait a minute," the boss protested

"No, that was my dare and I'll take it."

She danced provocatively standing between Reece's legs while Faith provided the music.

"Okay, enough." Reece was getting a little edgy. "I don't like this game."

"Yeah, yeah. Faith, truth or dare?"


"Does your fantasy include someone we know?"

The blonde hesitated a bit. "Um…yeah."

Reece perked up. "Oh yeah? Who?" As if I didn't know.

"No way, you can't ask a question until your turn, boss." Cori shook her finger at Reece who gestured to bite it.

"All I wanted to know is..."

Faith, in a daring move, slapped her hand over the boss’ mouth. "Nope. You have to wait your turn." Reece poked her tongue out and tickled her palm. "Hey!" she jumped. "You don't play fair. Just for that...Cori, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to fake an orgasm."

"Oh yeah, I like this game." Reece elongated herself and made a stretching noise.

"Pig." The response was in stereo.

Cori went on with the dare, body writhing, breast grabbing, and all. Faith almost shot wine out of her nose.

"Serves you right, you and your dares."

"Shut up, Reece." Faith was getting drunk.

"I'm just saying..."

Cori spoke up. "Reece, truth or dare?"

"I don't know if I want to play anymore." Two pouts fired in her direction made her give in. "Okay, um, dare."

"Ooh, dare, huh? Bold move, boss lady. I dare you to take your top off in a show of solidarity."

Reece thought about it for a second, then decided against it. "No, I change my mind, truth."

"No! You can't just change your mind…take off your top! We're topless, what's the big deal? We can see everything anyway."

"Why do I feel like this is gang up on Reece night? If you can see everything, why do I need to take it off?"

"Because I dared you and that's how you play the game. Besides, we have ours off."

"Oh, I see that," she leered. "Okay, but you have to take it off for me." Smirking, she figured she'd make them work for it.. "Both of you."

Faith and Cori looked at each other with raised eyebrows, then went for it. Faith lifted Reece's arms up while Cori lifted the shirt. As each new spot of skin was exposed, Faith's mouth watered, and the now expected thing in her stomach became near violent. God! Did you ever see anything so…. Oh, to feel those abs, oh Lord, look at those! They're even more perfect naked...

"You can put my arms down now, Faith." The boss grinned at her.

"Oh yeah, sorry, went away for a second." She blushed.

"Oh yeah?" Reece saw the opportunity. "So, Faith, truth or dare?"


"Where'd you go?"


"Just then, when you went away, where'd you go?" Reece tilted her head and crossed her arms under her breasts, watching the blonde’s eyes travel across her body.

Cori knew her friend was in trouble and was curious to see what she'd do. She shoulder-butted her to get her attention. "Go ahead," she mouthed.

"I, um, I was thinking about something, doing something." She looked to Cori who was encouraging her with her eyes.

"Apparently." Reece snorted. "What though?"

"I was wondering what it would be like to, um, you know, it’s just that, you know, just touching you, I mean them, oh! You know what I mean!" She stammered and dropped her head totally embarrassed. This was not what they planned at all. They were supposed to gang up on her. She swiped the bottle of wine.

Reece lifted an eyebrow, "Oh, I think I do know what you mean." She let it go. "Okay, your turn."

"Reece, truth or dare?"

"Yeah, I knew I shouldn't have agreed to play this game. Truth." She had a feeling this would throw them.

Cori and Faith looked to each other. Reece wasn't supposed to pick truth, only dares, now what. Cori shrugged and drank some more, leaving Faith on her own.

"Okay, did you ever do it on your bike?" The wine making her much more bold

"Yes, plenty of times. You interested or something?" Cori shot her a look and she grinned wickedly knowing a little bit more than before about the blonde. She filed that away, too, should the chance arise. "You, truth or dare?"

"Hey! What about me?" Cori whined, quite drunk now. "I wanna play, too," she pouted

"Truth. No, dare. No wait, truth. Okay, dare."

Reece sat there for a moment in case she changed her mind again.

"I said dare."

"You sure?" Faith nodded "All right, do it."


"What you want to do. Do it, I dared you."

Recognition crossed the blonde's face and she nearly fainted.

"Oh no you don't, you gotta play fair." Reece unfolded her arms and reached for Faith's hand. Faith was nearly hyperventilating when her fingers touched Reece's skin. The boss left the bartender’s shaky hand on her stomach and lifted her chin to make eye contact. "It’s okay, I dared you."

"I, um, God I want to so bad." She flattened her hand on the muscular abs and slid it up and around over her ribs. Reece turned all goosepimply and leaned back in the couch and closed her eyes. The hand was joined by another, and the exploration moved upwards to her collarbone and shoulders.

Cori, feeling very left out and very drunk, announced her intent and tottered towards the bathroom to pee. Reece used all her strength not to lift the woman up and ravish her. This was part of the game and, she was sure, the plan. She was to prove she could control herself. There was a trail of tingling where the exploring fingers roamed. When they reached the outer sides of her breasts, she pulled them away and sat up. Faith was breathing heavily and Reece could see the need in her beautiful green eyes.

"Was that to your liking?" she whispered.

"Oh yes, very much. And you?"

Reece nodded. "Was that the first time you touched a woman?" She found herself stroking the inside of the smaller hands with her thumbs.

"It was the first time I touched anybody." The boss went to say something... "Yes, I did have sex, but only once, and we were half clothed. It wasn't a night to remember."

"Sorry." She looked into sad green eyes.

"Don't apologize. You weren't there." I could stare into those eyes forever.

"I wish I was. Then you would never want to forget it." She was sincere.

Unsure of what to say, Faith dropped her gaze. It landed on two perfect, naked breasts. She jerked her head back up and saw Reece's amusement and rolled her eyes.

"You liked touching me?" Faith nodded. "Has anybody ever touched you?" The bartender shook her head. "I can't believe no one ever did. You're very beautiful." Faith blushed at the compliment. "You're welcome. Can I, would you let me touch you?" The blonde didn't look up but nodded. "Look at me, you don't have to say yes if it’s uncomfortable." Faith breathed out a "yes." Reece took her hands and slowly drew them up Faith's arms and down her sides. Her nipples immediately hardened making two hearts beat faster.

Faith resisted the urge to close her eyes. This was real and she needed to see it. Biting back a whimper she watched the path that the larger, stronger hands took across her shoulders, down between her breasts to her stomach, around her navel, her waist, up her back and around her neck. A moan slipped out when Reece reached a sensitive spot on her neck and Reece filed that away too. Faith was suddenly grasping her biceps, her nails digging into the skin.

Reece didn't have much control left. She reached up and traced full lips and received another deeper moan. All the boss wanted to do right now was take her, push her down on the couch and kiss the shit out of her, taste her body, fuck her ‘til she screamed her name. She started to tremble; it was a fight for self-control that she didn't think she'd win.

"Your hands are shaking."

Reece felt the words on her fingers and the battle was as good as lost. "Truth or dare, Faith..." she whispered in her ear.

"Huh?" The blonde's senses were reeling. Soft black hair tickling her shoulders, moist breath in her ear.

Reece half kissed, half sucked along her jaw line until she reached her chin. Pressing their foreheads together she spoke… "Answer me, Faith. Truth or dare?"

"Oh God..." The feel of Reece's lips brush against hers was too much.


"Do you want me to kiss you now?" She nipped at the quivering lip, feeling the nails dig harder into her arms.

"Oh please, yes."

Reece grabbed the back of the blonde's head and not too gently brought their lips together. The sound that came from Faith pushed Reece faster downhill. She wrapped her arm around the smaller body and lifted her onto her lap. Nipple brushed nipple and Faith felt faint. She whimpered into the ravishing mouth and got her tongue sucked in response. She felt a warm hand close around a breast and accidentally bit down on Reece's bottom lip. The boss growled and rubbed her thumb roughly over the nipple, making herself as hot as Faith, who was making such delicious sounds. Oh my god! I'm sitting on her lap, topless, making out with her, and.... Faith stopped the hand that was making its way into her jeans. "Wait..."

Reece grunted and worked across her throat.

"Oh God.... No, Reece, stop."

She lifted her head and Faith nearly drowned in the depths of her eyes. Damn this was going to be hard. "Listen, I think we're getting ahead of ourselves." She ran her fingers through the dark hair and took a deep breath. Okay, can't do that again.

"But I thought you wanted this. No. I know you want this. What's the problem?" Reece was very worked up and not in the mood for morals at the moment.

"Oh, I do, I do, but not so fast." Idiot, just do it! Who cares about tomorrow. She fought that inner voice down. Ugh, shut up!

"Fast?" Reece was wound up. "This is not fast, this is painfully slow. C'mon, we both want this." What the fuck? I'm begging now? "You won't get a second chance." There, that's more like it.

Her inner voice warned her, now she had no choice. Being drunk didn't help, otherwise a threat like that wouldn't take so long to penetrate. She found her hands pulling the tall woman closer to her.

"That's a good girl." Reece praised her choice. Their mouths resumed their fun and this time Faith had her hands wrapped around Reece's breasts as well. She felt like this was so perfect, it felt so right. When she tweaked both nipples the boss groaned, so she did it again. This was answered by a warm mouth covering her own nipple. "Reece! God that feels so good." And it did, she was drowning in new feeling.

In the bathroom, Cori was trying to figure out how long she had fallen asleep on the toilet. She wasn't even sure if she was awake right now. Aha, Reece's house, truth or dare, Faith.… OMIGOD! Faith! She ran out into the living room and stood rooted to the spot. Déjà vu. Faith had her head thrown back, her legs wrapped around Reece's middle, and her hands tangled up in long black hair pressing the head closer to her chest. Sooo, I do what? Tell them to stop? Let them go on? Risk Reece's temper? Shit.

Reece never felt so perfectly aroused before. This was all new to her. She swore Faith’s skin burned her mouth. She tasted so good. She felt like this was what she needed to be doing right now and forever. She needed to satisfy this woman and not just herself. Faith grabbed her shoulder and dug in, Reece needed more and lowered Faith on her back and started licking and kissing every inch of her throat. The smaller woman's hips started to move against her, digging her heels into her lower back. Reece moaned and bit a hipbone. Faith clutched at the strong shoulders desperately, never having felt anything like this in her life, afraid if she let go it would all go away.

Knowing where this was going, and what Faith really wanted, was tearing Cori apart. She wanted nothing more than those two to live happily ever after together, but she also knew that it was the farthest thing from Reece's mind. She knew Faith wanted a "relationship" and not a one-night stand or a few nights as a fuck toy. But look at them! I've never seen Reece so attentive, almost gentle, and Faith… God she's hot. She needs this, I can't just stop them.

"Oh God, Reece, I want..."

Reece slid up the writhing body underneath her and gently pushed their hips together. "What do you want, Faith? Do you want me to fuck you? Huh? Is that what you want?" Reece was ready to blow.

"No, I don't." The smaller body tensed.

"Mmm, right, then what do you want me to you?" She was hopelessly lost in the smell of the blonde's skin.

"I want you to get up." Faith was suddenly dead sober, realizing that when Reece said fuck, she meant fuck. Faith wanted more. She slid out from underneath.

"What? You're serious? But I thought..." Reece sat up, confused and with fire in her eyes.

"Yeah, me too, but not like this." Faith blew out a frustrated breath. "Reece, God knows I want you, but I don't want to get fucked, and that’s where it was going. I can get that anywhere. And so can you." She sat up, too, and took Reece's hand.

Reece jerked her hand away. What the fuck? Damned if I'm begging for it! Her pussy ain't gold! She looked to Cori for an answer, who just shrugged.

Breathing heavily and very, very agitated, Reece stood up. "Well, thank you for a pleasurable evening, ladies. I hope you're both satisfied with yourselves. I am not to be played with again!" and she stormed off up the stairs.

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