Reece's Faith, Part 1

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The characters herein are mine. Any resemblance to real or fictional people are strictly part of your imagination. Some places in the story are real and some are fictional.

This story depicts an explicit love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Authors note: I want to take a second to thank those of you who poked and prodded me to write this sequel. I wasn't nearly done with these ladies. My list buds, who let me use their names in vain. :-) And of course, Rachel, Stacia, and Complx for making my gibberish understandable.

Authors other note: I must thank my FIANCE for not lopping my head off for spending way too much time playing with these ladies. Thank you for keeping the fount of inspiration so readily available for me to dip into at will. I thank you, Reece and Faith thank you, the readers thank you.. etc


It was incredible. All her senses were being overloaded. Even behind the shades, her eyes watered when the icy wind slammed against her face. She wished she could feel it through her hair. The constant deafening rumble of the machine beneath her was dizzying. Her hands were numbed by the steady vibrations of the handlebars and the cold. She tried to catch her breath. Her lips had long since lost feeling, but she licked them anyway. The brightness of the sun was blinding. She squinted through the tears, not wanting to miss anything. Trees flew by at breakneck speed; she couldn't focus, only smell the beauty in fleeting glimpses.

The body behind her leaned impossibly closer. Long powerful arms and legs trapped her, forcing her to feel every moment as if she herself were in control of the beast. She closed her eyes. Adrenaline was pumping so rapidly through her body she couldn't help from screaming. God it was euphoric.

The trees slowed down, the rumble became a purr and, suddenly, it was deafeningly quiet. It was over just like that. The warm protective body behind her was gone, she tried to get off the bike but found that her legs were shaking. Her body was still thrumming with excitement. Faith tore off the helmet and sunglasses to glare at the person responsible for ending it all.

"Reece! Why the hell did you stop? God that was incredible!" She was practically shouting with frustration.

"I think I overdid it, being your first ride and all...."

"NO WAY! That was fanfuckingtastic!" Faith blurted out.

Reece chuckled. "I just wanted you to see it from my point of view. We should probably get going back towards the city within a half hour, so walk it off baby."

With her helmet under one arm, she shook out her dark hair, and pulled her gloves off with her teeth. "Anyways, you have to shoot that ep bright and early, and we all know how you love to get up in the morning."

The blonde back-handed her in the belly. "Aw c'mon Reece?" she whined. "Just a little more?" Faith jumped up and down on the seat, stuck out her lip and made puppy dog eyes.

"Babe, that line works much better in the bedroom. Besides, we've been pushing her limits for nearly an hour." Blue eyes twinkled as she effortlessly lifted the smaller woman off the machine, kissing her nose.

Faith crinkled that nose in disappointment.

"Well, I do have to pee." The blonde admitted with a kiss to a nearby cheek. "I think a kidney shook loose." She disappeared behind a tree.

"I told you, it's like riding a horse, you have to relax and go with it. You're going to be stiff for days with the way you tensed up." Reece found another tree to take care of her own bladder. "Ah fuck, you got any tissues?"

Faith was standing over the squatting woman holding one of those travel packs of tissues. "What'll you give me for them?" she teased with a smirk.

"Well, I could just drip dry, or pull up my pants now, no matter to me." she shrugged. "If you like the taste of that sort of thing."

"Ew. Here. And you better clean it good woman. I have a vested interest in that." Faith walked over toward the bike. There were waves of heat rising off of the engine. She suddenly realized it was February and shivered. She warmed her hands on the heat pouring off the bike.

"Wow, I have this fantasy...but now I'm not so sure. I can't even fathom sex on this thing. My heart would explode!" Green eyes closed to draw up the images of that fantasy.

"First off, I don't usually open her up like that. Second, sex at that speed is not an option. However.." Reece wiggled her eyebrows, "I can work around that little speed thing. For you, anything." She leered.

"I'd freeze my ass off right now, but hold that thought." Faith leered right back. "Let's get home and discuss this further."

Reece narrowed her eyes and climbed in front this time. "Oh yeah! Discuss...I'm sure Pepe can be bought into leaving the garage for a while."

Wandering hands immediately found places much more interesting than the handlebars to hold onto. The driver looked over her shoulder at the smirking culprit.

"What? My hands are cold." She replied innocently.

"So stick them in my jacket pockets."

"Party pooper." She stuck out her tongue behind Reece. "Why am I back here anyway?"

"It got colder, I'm blocking you from the wind." Reece lifted the bike off the kickstand.

"My chivalrous baby." Faith reached up and kissed the back of the neck in front of her.

"OK! All lips and fingers to yourself. A TV star with road rash won't bring in the viewers."

Reece brought the bike to life, closing off all verbal communication until the first traffic lights of Manhattan. With nothing left to do but think, Faith snuggled closer and let herself melt into Reece's back. She inhaled a deep breath of cold air and leather and smiled. "I love you so much," she mumbled. She knew Reece couldn't hear her, but she had to say it out loud anyway. So much had happened to her in the last few months. So much happened to 'us'! Faith thought back to when she was "discovered" by a talent scout at The Lounge that night and chuckled. Did Reece really think Cori could keep that a secret?

Reece felt Faith's muscles contract in a sigh behind her. She wondered what she was thinking about. Probably the shoot tonight. It's been bothering her since she got the script. I hope they're not killing her off, or pulling any 90210 rape and burn shit. She considered pulling over when she felt another sigh. Then Faith tightened her grip around Reece's middle and the tall woman relaxed.

Reece's passenger squeezed tighter as she thought back to that day.

Faith exploded through the door in a flurry. The blonde was smiling so hard, it made Reece's face hurt.

"Hon? What's up?" The taller woman was pulled onto the couch. Faith jumped onto her lap and gushed.

"I got it! I got the part! I'm in the show!" she ended each statement with big wet kisses.

"Fantastic! Did I have any doubts? What's the role? When do you start?" Reece stood up with Faith still wrapped around her.

"They're going to send me everything tomorrow! I can't believe it...I gotta call Brad! No I gotta call Cori! Shit, this is so cool!" She scrambled down from Reece's arms and dashed to the phone, pulling off shoes and stockings along the way.

The taller woman stood there and watched in amusement. She felt a great deal of pride. Faith's dream came true, and there was nothing more pleasing to her than seeing those green eyes lit up like they were at this moment.

Her whole life changed that night, and she owed it all to Reece. With a smile, Faith remembered how strangely Reece acted in front of Brad at the congratulations party that night, and how nervous Brad acted too. She should have known something was up- She wasn't that naive. She blamed it all on the excitement and not having the chance to corner Cori sooner than she did.

"God Cor, I wonder how Reece is going to take all of this... I mean, she's excited and all, but, I don't know." Green eyes spotted Reece standing against a wall, watching the goings on with little amusement. "She's not, well, she doesn't seem happy...its like she's hiding something. I guess I wouldn't know what to expect from her, would I. You know her better than me."

"Hey! I beg to differ. You know her way better than moi." Cori shoulder butted her friend.

Faith gave an insincere smile as she watched Reece chew on an ice cube.

"Ok Faith, just folly me, I gotta tell you something. Not because I'm a rat mind you, but because I think it will help you understand how happy Reece really is for you."

Green eyes caught blue and Reece gave her a brilliant smile. "See now? Look at that face, it's all about you, Faith." The dancer led her into the guest room.

At first, when Cori let Faith in on the whole thing, the blonde was furious at the club owner. She was angry that Reece would think that Faith needed her help finding an acting job. Then she was stunned at the lengths Reece was willing to go to make her dreams come true. It wasn't every day she made an ass of herself in public, and for someone else's benefit. When Faith thought about it, she had really given up on an acting career at that point, even though she herself didn't realize it. She remembered how Violet and Cori had talked her into going to see Brad the morning after they met at The Lounge. And how she was too distracted to realize that they had already planned a party before she even spoke to him. She chuckled again at how lucky she was to have them as friends even if they were no better than nosy wash women. Faith shook her head and smiled at how blind she had been to how involved Reece was with the whole thing. Then she blushed, when thinking about how she'd thanked her after the party.

Cori and Violet had stayed to help clean Reece's place after the party. Everyone was happily buzzed, and Faith had insisted they all stay for what was left of the night. All four women were lounging around the living room. Violet stretched across the love seat, Cori sat in the recliner, and Faith was on the couch with her feet on the coffee table. She was contentedly brushing her fingers through Reece's hair, relieving every strand of tangles, and simply enjoying the ability to do so. She loved the freedom of touching this woman who everyone feared. The club owner twisted around and laid her head on Faith's lap, practically purring from the feel of those fingers stroking her head. She turned her face and placed a quick little kiss to the underside of Faith's breast. Startled by the action, Faith blushed and slapped Reece's shoulder.

"Stop that! We have company!" she warned. Blue eyes twinkled and she kissed the other breast.

"Um, if you two'd rather be alone. . ." Violet implied.

"Ha! Reece performs better for an audience," the sleepy dancer yawned from the recliner.

The club owner tossed an errant piece of popcorn into the woman's gaping mouth. "You just like to watch."

Cori sputtered and spit. "Ew, that's disgusting. How do you know this didn't fall outta someone's mouth?" She tossed the popcorn back at Reece, who swatted it right back in midair. The easy bantering continued.

"You're just jealous 'cuz I'm fondling a TV star."

"Fuck you asshole."

"Been there-done that." Reece feigned boredom.

"Go scratch your ass."

"Eat me freak."

"Spread 'em.

Faith just took it all in with a grin. She was so glad to have met this bunch. They had quickly became an important part of her new life. Especially the woman who was breathing on her now-exposed stomach.

"Reece..." she whispered. "Please stop it, you're making me crazy."

"I can't help it. Your flesh is too close to my nose." Reece watched as goosebumps rose all over Faith's skin, noting that her nipples had joined in on the act. She reached up under the T-shirt and brushed the pierced one with her fingers.

"I love this . . " She paused to fondle the ring. "...especially when it's between my teeth."

The blonde threw her head back and moaned. God . . . if she keeps that up, I won't care who's in the room.

"Reece. . . please," she whined.

Reece smiled, then turned towards Violet. "Hey Freaklet, thank you for the gift." She tweaked the nipple ring slightly.

"My pleasure. Well, actually, Faith's pleasure." She smirked.

Faith groaned and jerked.

"Why don't you two get a room." Muttered the recliner.

"Good idea." Violet took Cori by the hand and started towards the guest room. "If I have to listen to Faith any longer I may just jump you out here."

Cori snorted. "You ain't heard nothin' yet. Just wait till they really get started."

Faith gasped, Reece mmm'd.

Cori was thrown into the guest room before she had a chance to comment. "Hey!"

Reece's intentions were halted by a hand yanking a chunk of her hair. "What the hell was that for?!"

"You are evil. Evil evil evil." Faith emphasized each word with a yank.

"Let go you maniac!" Reece growled.

Faith twisted her hand presenting Reece's neck for the tasting. She let the miffed woman watch her lick her lips before latching onto her throat.

Reece squirmed and shook her foot like a dog when you scratch the right spot. "Fuck! You're gonna draw blood, " she panted. She wasn't going to let Faith know how much she was actually enjoying the sensation. Faith let go of the skin but not before nipping at the sore spot first. The hissing sound Reece made shot a spark right where it counted.

"You know baby, " The blonde teased her lover's ear with her tongue, "I haven't properly thanked you for sticking your nose where it didn't belong.

"I'll stick my nose . . . mmmm." A wet muscle invaded her ear.

"Meet you upstairs?" Faith slid out from under Reece's head, and shook her hips all the way up the stairs. She turned on the landing with a giggle.

The club owner sat up and shook her head. "Man does she ever have me good." She chuckled to herself and turned out the lights. Hearing the sounds of pleasure, she stopped by the guest room.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do." She laughed. "Don't worry, we plan to cover it all, " came the muffled response.

The tall woman ascended the stairs. Time to receive my thanks.

Part Two

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