Reece's Faith, Part 10

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Faith was snoring loudly by the time Reece snuck into the house. The tall woman rolled her eyes and smirked at the sound. Having skipped dinner, She made a beeline for the kitchen, and frowned as the light from the fridge momentarily blinded her. Rummaging around in the brightness, she settled for a half-stale bagel and a bottle of water and made her way into the living room. As she passed by the guest room, the club owner peeked inside, curious to get a glimpse of the people who had created her Faith.

Judging from the lumps under the comforter, Quinn Ashford was at least 5'8", and solidly built. Marsha was about the same size as Faith, and seeing the familiar blonde hair poke out from the covers made Reece grin. She tiptoed around in the dark and sank heavily into the couch, chewing quietly, and listened as the muffled snorts of her lover floated down the stairs. To some, the sounds of the night were unsettling, but to Reece, the noises of the city and the large dark house were comforting, and she relaxed deeper into the couch. Soon enough, she was fast asleep.


Faith rolled over in the empty bed and frowned. "Well, I didn't really believe that she'd come home last night." She muttered to make herself feel better. "It's not me, it's them. She loves me." She stood up to stretch.


His wife's shriek startled Quinn, who was stretching the last vestiges of sleep from his sore back. He jumped up and ran into the living room, his heart racing a mile a minute, his head filling with all sorts of horror stories he'd read about in the New York Times.

Faith was halfway down the stairs in full panic mode when she heard the crash. She jumped the rest of the way in one leap.

"AAH! Quinn!" Marsha screamed once more.

Faith arrived in time to see her dad holding a small statue, about to make contact with Reece's head.

"DADDY! NO! Put that down!" Seeing the odd look on Reece's face, Faith rushed to her side. She was pushed away as the tall woman leapt off the couch.

"Get off! I'm fine." she growled, picking up broken pieces of the pottery that littered the couch.

Faith noticed that her lover was bleeding from her hands. "What just happened here?" the actress demanded of her mother.

"That.. that.. woman grabbed me!" Marsha clutched her Versace robe tighter against her body. "So I hit her with that offensive southwestern pot."

Faith gave Reece the eyebrow and cocked her head.

"Who the hell are you? What are you doing in this house?" Quinn lifted the statue in a threatening manner.

Reece narrowed her eyes, plucked the figurine out of the man's hands and placed it back on the shelf.

"That is a one-of-a-kind piece. I'd like very much that you not touch my stuff."

"Your stuff?" he asked, folding his arms over his chest.

"Yes. This is my house, hence, my stuff." Reece was fuming. It was taking all of her self control not to pick the man up by his nasty BVD's and fling him out the window.

They glared at each other angrily.

The actress was embarrassed.

"Mom, Dad, this is Reece. She's the woman I share the house with," Faith offered as a means of distraction.

"Charmed." Reece bit out sarcastically.

The actress watched as her lover stalked up the stairs. She turned back to her father, who was giving her that look.

"You know, that look may have worked when I was 5, but now it only makes me sick. What were you thinking? How could you do such a thing?"

"That roommate of yours was mauling your mother!"

Faith looked to her mother and she was nodding in agreement, a look of horror on her face, and a fading blush. Curious...

"You are not living here any longer, young lady. I didn't raise you to associate with these...this kind of person! You will move this instant! Deviants, I tell you!"

Unable to listen to the ridiculous ranting of her father any longer, Faith ran upstairs to listen instead to the ranting of her lover.

Reece was pacing in the bedroom, her entire body shaking with tension. Faith anticipated a very combative confrontation.

"Babe, let me take a look at your hands?"

The tall woman stopped stalking and glared at her lover. Faith walked confidently towards her and glared right back.

"I'm in no mood for pride right now, baby, give me your hands."

Reece presented her hands to Faith, and was led into the bathroom to have her cuts tended to.

Grateful that the tall woman was being compliant, the redhead dried the water off with a towel and began applying the band-aids.

"Hon," the actress asked quietly. "What happened down there? Why is mother saying you 'mauled' her?"

"I thought it was you."

"What?!? You what?!" Faith dropped the box of band-aids. "Just what did you do to her?!"

"Babe! I was sleeping, for Chrissake!" The club owner pounded herself in the head. "I felt her walk between my legs and I just pulled her into my lap. It was purely instinctual!" she shouted.

Faith couldn't help herself and started to giggle. The look on Reece's face was absolutely priceless. She had never seen her lover as speechless and startled as she had been when she ran into the living room. And now she knew why. And Mother's face...probably the closest she's come to sex in years. Faith began to laugh outright.

"I am soooo glad you find this amusing! I groped your mother! GOD!" Reece covered her face with her hands and belly-flopped onto the bed. "I can't go down there now!" she groaned.

Faith was guffawing. She knew that if she continued to laugh at Reece's expense, she was going to be in for real trouble. She took several deep breaths and only lost it once before composing herself. After wiping away the tears, she walked over between the long legs and turned Reece over onto her back, the taller woman still covering her head with the pillow.

"Oh, Reece, it's alright." Faith uncovered the club owner's face.

Bright blue eyes carried annoyance with a hint of something Faith was unable to read.

"I'll explain everything to them, ok?" She bent down to give Reece a peck on the cheek but was pulled down and engaged in a very heated kiss.

"Ummm...mmm..." Faith tried to pull away, but was held tighter. Her struggling sounds were replaced by happy ones. "Mm hmm." She wrapped her arms around Reece's neck and pulled her up into a sitting position.

"Oh, wow. What brought that on?" Faith managed to get out before her lips were consumed once more. She pressed herself hard into the leather-covered thigh.

"You were a bad girl last night, Faith." Reece narrowed her eyes and stared at her actresses lips.

"What?" Faith was a bit confused at the change of mood in her lover and pulled back to look at her.

"The pillow.. it smells like you were a bad girl."

"Oh..." Faith blushed.

"Did you actually follow through on your threat?" Reece inhaled the pillow once more.

"Well, I didn't intend to at first." she confessed.

"Then explain how my pillow smells like you?"

"I was only hugging it, really, but then I started thinking about what you said, you know, about the bag of goodies..."

"You pictured me playing with myself?" Reece smirked.

"And the bag." Faith lowered her head. "The pillow was I uh..."

"Humped my pillow?" she leered. "I thought I told you to wait for me?"

"I thought you said you'd be home to make love to me." Faith countered.

Reece thought about a reply, but raised an eyebrow instead.

"Uh huh. I thought so." Faith kissed Reece's nose and stood up. "I better go down and see to my parents. They're going to be impossible to deal with, so you stay up here for a while to avoid confrontation. Okay?"

" go ahead, tell me you masturbated with my pillow and just leave me hanging here." Reece cupped her crotch for emphasis.

"You just get your hand out of there, woman. Any touching being done over there needs my supervision."

"Hell yeah. Go on.. I'll be waiting for you."

Faith winked and licked her lips as she disappeared out the door.


"So you see, it was an honest mistake." Faith laughed as she explained the situation.

"I don't like the looks of her one bit, young lady."

"Daddy, please.. she's really a good person. I wish you didn't judge people so quickly by what they look like."

Reece stopped eavesdropping on the stairs when she heard Faith get upset.

"Well, only a crazy person dresses in all leather. Or a..."

"Dad, don't you dare..." Faith warned as she saw Reece coming down the stairs.

"Good morning." offered Marsha.

Reece grunted, still embarrassed.

"Reece, be nice." Faith tossed her a look.

"I had no idea who you were, Mrs. Ashford. I was asleep."

"That's ok. What's done is done." She threw up her hands.

"You call that an apology? What are you, on drugs, maniac? Scaring my wife half out of her wits!"

Shit is he hostile! "That was as good as it gets, Sir."

"Dad, please, let's drop this." pleaseohpleaseohplease..

"Fine. I for one would like to put this whole ugly incident out of my head."

"Yes, let's do that." Reece snapped. "It's not like I enjoyed it."

Faith gave her a pleading look, and Reece's nostrils stopped flaring.

"I started a pot of coffee, Reece, would you like some?" Please calm down, baby, Faith prayed.

"Well, how about if I whip up some breakfast for us, huh?"

"Mom, really, that won't be necessary. I'm not hungry anyway."

"Don't be silly, once you smell the bacon, you'll be ravenous. How about a tour around the kitchen cabinets, honey?"

"Alright, if you insist." Faith shot Reece a look ordering her to comply.

"My mouth is watering already. Mrs. Ashford, if Faith learned how to cook from you, then I can hardly wait."

This time, Faith gave Reece a look that she'd never seen before. Whoa, that's new. Baby's got some temper. She chuckled.

"What exactly do you do, Reece? And what kind of a name is Reece? Irish?"

Great. Which one of those zingers do I want to answer first? "Um, it's Italian, actually...

Faith bit her lip so she wouldn't giggle, earning a curious glance from Marsha.

"It doesn't sound Italian to me." Quinn cocked his head and smiled.

Sure, bait me, asshole. "Reece is short for Theresa."

There was a snicker from her lover.

"Ah, I see. So, Theresa, what kind of business are you in?" Quinn gave Reece an eyebrow.

There was a muffled chortle from beside the cabinets.

"I'm self-employed. I own a business." The club owner fidgeted in her chair. She was torn between making a good impression to please her lover and running out of there as fast as she could.

"I see. What kind of business are we talking about? This is quite a spread you have here."

"I own a gentleman's club." She scowled at Faith.

Faith watched in anticipation as her father and lover had "the" conversation. Her mother had stopped scrambling around the kitchen and stood expectantly at her daughter's side.

"A gentleman's club." he repeated, as his face turned slightly pink.

Reece sat taller and her expression changed to defensive.

"She inherited it, daddy. She was left the club in a will," Faith hurried to offer.

"You own a strip club?"

"Yes, I do. Problem?" Reece clenched her jaw.

"Daddy, calm down. Its not like she's doing anything illegal..."

"Illegal, no. Disgusting, yes." He stood up. "Faith, you are not associating with this pig. She's is a freak, a pervert..."

Reece's eyes were huge. Ok, breathe...10..9...8..7...

Faith could see her lover's chest heaving with anger.

"Quinn, dear, please calm down."

"You are not living with a filthy piece of..."

Reece stood up so fast the chair fell over.

Afraid her premonition of Reece beating her father would come true, Faith tried to calm the situation. "Daddy, Baby, please. Let's not get crazy here."

Faith saw the expression on Reece's face change. Immediately she realized what she had said and swallowed hard.

"What did you call her?" Quinn was furious.

Seeing as Faith seemed to be paralyzed, Reece stepped closer to Quinn.

"She called me Baby." The tall woman leaned down into the angry man's face.

"Faith Ashford! Why would you call this rude and nasty woman such a thing?" He pointed wildly in Reece's face.


"Reece is my lover." The actress glanced in the tall woman's direction.

"Excuse me?" Marsha squeaked

"What did you say?" Quinn sat back down with a thud.

Faith walked over and grabbed her lover's hand. The club owner peered down into frightened green eyes and gave an almost imperceptible nod.

With Reece squeezing her hand, and the safety she felt in her eyes, a wave of confidence washed over the actress.

"I said, Reece is my lover." She smiled.

"Why you filthy little.." Quinn's lunge at his daughter was stopped by the taller woman's crushing grip on his wrist.

"Sir, I suggest you sit back down now." She sneered. When he resisted, her face twisted into a sadistic smile.

"Oh Jesus!" he gasped as he felt his bones close to being crushed.

"I said sit!" Reece snarled.

Faith stood frozen as her father obeyed. She was mortified at the turn of events, and frightened by the look on her lover's face.

"Babe, let go of him. It's ok. Come on."

"Your dyke tried to kill me!" he yelled once he had his hand back.

"Quinn! Stop it this instant! Can't you see she was trying to protect Faith?"

"She's an abomination.." He wouldn't look at her, but he gestured in her direction.

"Yeah, well, I'm an abomination too, Daddy. We love each other. We live here in this house in blasphemy and do horribly perverted things to each other on that table."

"Oh my god... I think I'm going to have a heart attack. You're looking to kill me, aren't you?"

"Daddy, grow the hell up." Faith smiled at her lover, who looked like she was desperately trying not to laugh.

"Good lord, Faith! This is how you repay us for all that we did for you? What else are you gong to surprise us with?"

"Well, I could show you my nipple ring." She smirked as Reece made clicking noises with her tongue piercing. "But then you'd have to give me a dollar."

"Marsha! Listen to your daughter!" he yelled frantically.

"I am," she stated calmly. "And I think she told you, didn't she." She winked at the two women.

"Sir, I suggest you find a hotel to stay in if you cannot treat your daughter with respect. This is our house--you're just visiting." Reece stood behind Faith and held her shoulders. "I don't tolerate idiots too well." She looked down at Faith. "I tried, Babe, I tried."

Faith felt a kiss to her hair, and then the warmth and support of her lover was gone.

"You know, Daddy, you had better lighten up, she could have done some serious damage to you. I won't stop her next time."

"Faith, honey, it's ok. I'll take care of your father. You go on and take care of your, um, friend. I will not leave here under such conditions."

"Thanks, Mom. I apologize for this whole thing." she blew out a breath and headed after Reece. What the hell else can happen today?

The doorbell rang. Faith opened the door to find two police officers on the stoop.

"Can I help you?"

"Is this the Corbett residence?"

"Yeah, that freak is Corbett." Quinn motioned towards Reece.

"Reece Corbett?"

She nodded suspiciously.

"You are being placed under arrest. Palms against the wall.. spread 'em."

"Wait a minute! What are the charges? You just can't walk in here.."

"Faith, honey, it's alright."

"Trespassing, aggravated assault, criminal mischief..."

"Son of a bitch!" The club owner realized what was going on.

"Reece! What the hell is going on?" Faith was panicked, holding on to her lover's arm.

"You have the right to remain silent..."

"Honey, it's ok. It's Roy, I'll be alright. Call Nikki, will ya?"

Faith watched as her mother crumpled to the floor in a swoon, her father stood in shock, and her lover was led out the door in handcuffs.


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