Reece's Faith, Part 11

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Cori bounced into The Lounge and was met with the solemn face of Sam.

"What's with the pout, Sarge?"

"You haven't heard?" Seeing Cori's confused look, the bouncer continued. "Didn't Faith call you?"

"Me and Violet spent the day in the city. Why?" The dancer became scared. "Did something happen to Faith?"

"Reece is in jail." Sam put her hand on Cori's shoulder. "Faith called here, frantic."

"Sarge, what the fuck happened? What did she do? Is she ok? Where's Faith?"

"Calm down, Cori, she's ok, everyone's ok. It would seem the boss paid Roy a little visit that she conveniently forgot to mention. Did him good, from what I hear."

"She's in jail for beating up that asshole? God! Don't the cops know it was a good thing?"

"Well, she took the long way out and half the club with her."

Cori snickered at the mental image of Reece trashing The Playhouse. "Did she call Nikki? Should I?"

"No need, that's what Faith called here for. She had to have gotten in touch with her by now. Why don't you give her a ring?"

"Yeah, thanks. I still can't believe she's in jail. Which one?"

"The big one, downtown. They got her at home."

"At home? But Faith's parents are there!" The dancer's eyes went wide.

"There was a blowout of some sort with them too."

"Oh my god. You know, Faith was afraid something would happen, but I bet she never envisioned this." Cori shook her head. "This is the last thing she needed with the parents there and all."

"I heard her father yelling in the background when she called. I asked if everything was ok, and she blew it off."

"She must be thrilled. Lemme go make that call. Later, Sarge."

"Yep, let me know what's going on, ok?"


The club owner sat handcuffed to the bench in the middle of the precinct. At first they had her in the holding cell, but there was a difference of opinion on who sat where. Reece wanted to sit on the bench inside the cell, but some drunk with piss stained jeans was already there so she moved him. A small brawl ensued and the troublemaker was escorted out, so here she sat, still in yesterday's clothes, tired and angry.

"You know there, Stretch, there was no need to get violent with the guy."

Reece gave the arresting officer a sneer. "He puked on my shoe."

"But if you hadn't kicked him in the stomach..."

"Shut up, dickhead."

Just then two ladies of the evening arrived for a short stay. They stopped in front of the tall scowling woman in leather and sized her up. One gave an appreciative whistle.

"Ooo, look at that. Wouldn't mind a freebie for her!"

The club owner narrowed her eyes and showed her teeth.

"Lookit, honey! She bites, too!" They giggled as they were pushed into the cell with the piss guy.

"Hey, Mr. Officer, I'd very much like it if you can cuff me to that bench too."

"Fuck you." Reece growled.

"Any day, sweetie, any day."

"Yo cop!" Reece yelled."Can I make my phone call now? I got much better things to do."

"You made your call already."

"No one answered, I got someone else to call."

"Well isn't that too bad." He shrugged and smirked.

She pulled at the cuffs and moved the bench with her efforts.

"You better just sit there like a good prisoner and maybe I'll let you make that call."

"You condescending little fucker!" She sneered. "Just you wait 'til I get out of..."

"Uh oh.. I wouldn't threaten a police officer in a whole station full of them, Butch."

"Bite me, asshole." she growled.

"Oh, I'll bite your asshole, sweetie." one prostitute offered.

Reece shook her head and breathed deeply. Faith, where the hell are you? It's been hours!


Nikki replayed the day's events in her head as she drove to 1 Police Plaza to meet up with Faith and Cori.

Since this was a favor, she hadn't been able to do anything until after her shift and it had been on her mind all day. However, she did get the chance earlier to have coffee with the actress to reassure her that everything was going to be fine. Both admitted they weren't so sure that the club owner would be fine, but Faith was worried to death. Nikki told her it was better for her not to go to the station and see Reece; she was afraid that the tall woman would be mistreated and Faith would freak out. Reece never did know how to behave very well with authority figures.

Nikki listened to the way Faith spoke about Reece, and chuckled. She was impressed with this little spitfire who apparently had her hooks deeply embedded in her old friend.

Nikki thought back to when she first encountered the club owner. She had been one of the officers on duty the day The Animal, as she was referred to at the time, was dragged in, dirty, kicking and screaming. The name fit her as she behaved exactly like a caged animal. Nikki was the one who had opened the cell when her "uncle" arrived and had been treated to a long stare courtesy of clear blue eyes. She was immediately intrigued.

After Reece had gone, the other cops started talking about her arrest record and her previous charges. Infatuated, Nikki made it a point to get to know the woman behind the rumors and insinuated herself into Reece's surroundings. Eventually, the taller woman noticed the attractive blonde cop. Soon enough, Nikki got her wish and was lying on her stomach with The Animal pounding into her from behind. They got together a few more times until the then bouncer tired of her. They stayed acquainted, and the cop rather liked the new Reece. But on occasion The Animal still needed to come out of hiding, and Nikki was more than happy to comply, even if she was a bit sore the next day.

The officer didn't share this information with the actress, with good reason.


Faith's father was staring at her all night like she was about to sprout horns. He was not amused with the way his daughter was going about her life. And now, she was getting ready to go to that place. What was wrong with her? And what was wrong with Marsha, for that matter? She was consoling Faith and hugging her like this was a terrible thing! That dyke belongs in jail, not with my daughter. He was very angry, and disappointed.

"Mom, would you be sure and answer the phone please? If Reece calls, I'm on my way. Ok?"

Marsha met her daughter at the door and stopped her from leaving. This had turned out to be a horrible day and her daughter was suffering.

"Faith, if it means anything, I'm very proud of you."

Faith almost swallowed her tongue. "You're what?" she asked, just to make sure she wasn't hallucinating.

"I said I'm proud of you. When I was a young girl, I had dreams of becoming an actress...You know, like Elizabeth Taylor. She was my idol." Marsha looked down sadly. "But, my mother had other plans, and well, I see my dream come true in you."

Faith wiped away her tears and hugged her mother fiercely. "Thank you, Mom. I needed to hear that. Really." She sniffed.

"And another thing, my first crush was on my riding instructor... Rachel."

"Mother! Are you serious?" Her green eyes were as wide as saucers.

"Well, looking back on it, yes. It was most certainly a crush. So I'm not upset that she's a woman, Faith."


"But I'm not so sure I like the idea of my baby girl hanging around with people like her. She seemed quite dangerous, and her arrest only confirmed that."

"I know ma.." Faith blew out a frustrated breath. "I just... Oh, Mom, I have no idea what to say to you."

"Sweetheart, if Theresa is what she seems to be, then your father has every right to be angry. He just has no right to talk the way he is."

"I know, I know. Mom, you really shouldn't call her Theresa, she hates that. Can we talk about this later? I really need to see her, to see that she's ok"

"I can't really say if we'll be here when you get back, but I'll try to talk some sense into your father. You just come home in one piece, with your friend."

"Mother, either call her Reece or call her my lover. You have yet to see what my friends look like." She giggled.

Marsha grimaced. "Oh dear. Maybe I'll have to get your father out of here for that."

"Good idea, Mom."

"I love you, Faith."

"I love you too, Mom."


"Hey, Butch! Someone's here to see you!"

"Well, what do we have here? What a pretty picture, Reece in handcuffs." Nikki paused and pretended to think. "I don't think I recall any instances where you were the one restrained. Who would have thought?" The cop took out her keys and located the right one.

"Oh, you are so incredibly hilarious." Reece rolled her eyes and pulled at the bracelets.

" wait a minute." The blonde pulled the keys away. "Maybe I should take advantage of this unlikely situation." She saw the hookers nodding in agreement. "Or maybe I should let your friends in there have a go at you first."

The hookers started to dance with glee.

"Come on! These things are tight, my hands are numb."

"Good lord no! Not that!" Nikki laughed and released the cuffs.

"Yeah, I won't be able to feel the life slip out of you when I strangle you for teasing me."

"You know, Reece, I had to promise Waltzing Matilda over there..." she gestured to the dancing prostitute, "...a date with you to get you out of here."

"Wait, I think a drop of pee came out from laughing so hard." The club owner drawled, rubbing her cold hands together.

"Come on, tough stuff, you got a very worried woman waiting for you."

"I just gotta go clean off my shoe first."



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