Reece's Faith, Part 12

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Cori and Faith paced like expectant fathers while waiting for Reece to appear. Nikki had filled them in as to why Reece was arrested and how the cop would clear the charges.

Faith was not amused when told of Reece's violent reaction. However, she wasn't blind, and she was well aware that this was how Reece was used to behaving when faced with a situation. Just because she didn't like it didn't mean that her lover would be able to change the reaction that had been burned into the tall woman's being.

Nikki had told them to wait in the lobby. After Cori realized it was a good idea and convinced Faith to listen, they agreed. The dancer thought that if Reece had pissed someone off, and she had no doubt of that, then she'd be some sort of centerpiece or prize catch and most likely be on display as such. Or there would have been some physical displays of machismo that the tall woman would have had to contend with. In any case, she was sure that Faith would not appreciate either.

"Hey, a welcoming committee." The tall woman stood with her hands on her hips.

"Oh, Reece!" Faith flung herself at her lover and held on tight.

The club owner kissed the top of her head and rubbed her cheek in the softness of her hair. "Faith, it's ok, l'm ok."

"Yeah, but her shoe just barely made it out alive." Nikki cracked, causing everyone to look at Reece's feet.

"What is she yapping about?" Cori pointed her thumb at the cop.

"Shut up, Nikki. Let's get out of here."

Reece peeled Faith off of her and took her by the hand. She felt as if the actress needed to hold on to something of hers and truth be told, she really needed to feel Faith too.

Leading them out into the streets of downtown Manhattan, Reece spun around in different directions trying to figure a good place to get food. Unfortunately, not accustomed to holding hands, she nearly toppled Faith over as she spun.

"Hon? What's the matter?" Faith stood in front of Reece to stop her from twisting. "Stop that, you keep tripping me!"

"I'm looking for food, I'm starved to death! Cori, what's good around here?"

"Dunno." She shrugged.

"Uh, hello? Cop here. If there's food, I know where it is." Nikki gestured at herself. "Preferably the Seaport, but otherwise, you're stuck with Fried Chicken and Blimpie."

"Oo! Reece! I never been to the South Street Seaport! Can we go?" Faith asked excitedly.

"You never been, huh?" The club owner was reluctant to have a long walking tour at the moment. She felt uncomfortable in yesterday's clothes. She tried to sniff herself, and smelling nothing, agreed with a slight nod.

"Thanks, baby! I know you must feel disgusting right now." Faith reached up on her tiptoes and planted one on the taller woman's lips.

"Aw, who cares? With all the fish, no one will smell her." Cori laughed at her own joke.

They started walking away, until Reece noticed Nikki still standing there in confusion.

This is not Reece Corbett. No way.

"What's up? You coming or what?"

"Ok, stand back, pod person, what have you done with Reece?"

The tall woman chuckled and leaned closer until the cop was pinned against the building. She lowered her mouth to Nikki's ear and purred.

"Oh, believe me, cop, I'm all Animal," and growled for effect.

Looking up into the dangerous blue eyes, the officer gulped and shivered. Oh yeah. That's her alright.

"Are you coming or what?" Faith yelled from up the block.

"Um, no, that's ok, you go ahead. Nice meeting you gals!" she hollered. To Reece she spoke quietly. "Call me sometime."

"Nah, thanks for the offer, Nik, but there's no need." Reece winked. "But, I may need you for another type of service." The tall woman jogged up the street to catch up.

"What did you do to her, Reece? She's still standing there."

"Ah, she had it coming, Cor, she fucked with me."

"Babe, she did you a favor, why did you scare her?"

"Oh, I didn't scare her, Faith, I reminded her." the tall woman shrugged.

"Oh. I guess that's ok." Faith looked back over her shoulder at the retreating officer. "Reece? Were you two...?"

"Yeah, a long time ago," the club owner admitted quickly.

"Oh." she paused. "Do you still...?"

"No. Not anyone any more." Reece cut in.

"I love you too, baby." Faith broke out in a huge smile.


After a quick look around the Seaport and a brief stop for food, the trio headed home.

"You know? I didn't think it was possible but I had this same cab once. I can tell by the smell." The club owner winced.

"Reece, can you make him stop that awful music? I think my ears are bleeding." Cori grimaced.

The tall woman leaned over and shut the bulletproof partition, barely blocking either the stink or the music.

"You two are such cry babies." Faith's muffled shout could barely be heard.

"Yeah well... that said from the woman whose nose is buried in her girlfriend's armpit."

"It smells better in here."

"That should say something about the depth of her love, bosslady. I've been there, it wasn't pretty."

Reece stuck her nose inside her shirt. "It's not that bad," she huffed.

"Actually, it's kinda turning me on a little bit."

Two sets of eyebrows shot up.

"Yeah?" Reece grinned inside her shirt. "See, Cor, I told you it wasn't that bad."

"And you call me a freak. Blech."

Faith lifted her face out of hiding to find herself eye to eye with Reece. Black eyebrows wiggled in invitation. The actress felt herself blush but she still managed to slip her hands under Reece's shirt and around her back.

"I love the way your skin feels, Reece. I miss it, all of it," she purred.

"Well, feel away, babe. I'm all yours."


"Fuck you, Cori. I put up with Freaklet inside your clothes didn't I?"

"I was shitfaced drunk. What's your excuse?"

"I'm horny as hell."

Faith began sucking on Reece's neck, in that spot she knew made her lover twitch.

"Besides..." Reece groaned, "It's been a few, oh yeah, days."

"Spare me, guys, you're almost home."


Reece was plastered against the back of the seat with her arms and legs spread out. Faith was straddling her, mouth and hands wandering everywhere.

"God, woman, you're gonna eat her alive!"

"Plan to." The actress's head disappeared underneath Reece's shirt.

"Oh baby... that feels so good."

"Thank god! You're home, now run along, you two lovebirds." Cori said sarcastically.

"You sure you don't wanna come with?" Reece asked with a cocky grin.

"You're such an asshole, Reece," the dancer snorted. "Now don't forget, the new bartender starts tomorrow, you're gonna want to be there to harass the poor thing."

"I don't harass, I watch."

"You frighten, but who's counting."

Reece was dragged out of the cab by her arm, and the door slammed loudly. Cori watched as Faith practically pushed Reece up the stairs and threw her against the door for one hell of a kiss, then turned to the driver. "Hey, Habib," she shouted over the music. "There's a big fat tip in it for you if you can get me to Brooklyn in 15." Turned on by my two best friends. There oughtta be a support group for me somewhere.


The two entangled women barely made it in the door before Reece felt her jacket being yanked off and heard it fall to the floor with a thud.


"Baby, please don't make me wait any more..." Faith continued to suck on Reece's bottom lip while opening the leather pants.

"But..." Your parents. "Oh shit!" Fuck 'em. Faith's hand was already inside her pants and it felt too good to think about anything else at the moment.

"Oh yeah, this for me?" The actress felt around some more.

"Oh man." Reece groaned. "I'd love to continue this right here, babe, but, I really need a shower."

"No biggie.. get naked, I'm right behind you."

They ascended the stairs as they disrobed, leaving a trail of clothing all the way to the bathroom.


Marsha awoke sometime in the middle of the night. Every night she cursed her damned bladder. She never could get back into a deep sleep after waking up and peeing. Especially now, since this was not her house and she'd have to turn on the lights to find her way to the bathroom.

"What are you turning on the damn light for, Marsha?"

"Go back to sleep."

She padded into the bathroom and sat on the bowl. She heard the water running in the upstairs shower and cracked open the bathroom door to check the time on the nightstand. Oh my! 4 in the morning and she's just coming in now? When she heard a strange thumping and muted voices, she closed her eyes and strained to hear more clearly. A giggle, a laugh, a growl? What in the world?

"Come on out of there already, you know I can't sleep alone."


"Whaddya mean, shh! What are you doing in there?"

"Shh, nothing," she whispered. "Go back to sleep. I'll be right in."

The upstairs toilet flushed and she heard her daughter squeal.

"What was that, Marsha? Was that Faith?"

"Shut up! Go to sleep!" she hissed.

"Why did she yell like that? Is that woman hurting her?"

"No dear...actually..."

Another squeal followed by a long groan of pleasure resonated through the vent into the bathroom. Marsha blushed, Quinn freaked.

He ran into the bathroom and repeatedly flushed the toilet and turned on the hot and cold full blast.

"That oughtta flush them out. Those pigs!"

"I don't know, dear, it sounds like the water is the last thing they're paying attention to." Marsha quipped.

Just then footsteps could be heard pounding down the stairs.

"It serves you right, Quinn."

"What are you talking about, woman?"

"She's going to give you hell now."

"Good, let her..."

Reece, dripping wet and with eyes ablaze, slammed open the guest room door. She stared at Quinn for a long moment, until she could see the fear in his face. Faith followed seconds later, also dripping wet, with an equal look of venom.

"OUT! GET OUT!" Reece screamed. "NOW!"

"Now you look here..."

"NO, old man, you look here! This is my house, you get out!"

"Reece, baby, calm down. Someone's going to call the cops. Please." Faith pled.

"Yes, Reece, please calm down. I apologize for my husband."

"I tried, Faith, I really tried. He's crossed the line. I don't think I can control myself any longer."

"You already sounded pretty out of control up in that bathroom..."

"Quinn! I apologize for my husband again. He obviously doesn't know what good sex sounds like when he hears it."



"What?" Marsha said innocently.

"Oh god, my mother was listening."

"Faith, dear, why don't you two run upstairs and finish so we can all get some sleep."

"I think I may faint, Reece."

Reece picked Faith up and threw her over her shoulder. She turned to look at Marsha. "With your blessing, Mrs. Ashford?"

"By all means. It must be nice to be young." She waved them away.

Reece stomped off with her blushing care package, and Marsha closed the door to deal with her husband.


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