Reece's Faith, Part 13

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"Um, baby, you can put me down now." The blood was rushing to Faith's head and if she wasn't going to faint before, she was now.

Reece kicked open the bedroom door and dropped her lover on the bed, pulling Faith's robe off.

"Don't you dare move," she ordered. "If I don't get to finish what we started, I'm telling you, I'll explode!" She threw off her towel and dove onto the bed.

Faith allowed her neck to be kissed a few times before she started squirming uncomfortably. The taller woman, assuming it was her body weight, lifted up a bit and continued to ravish her.

"Do you have any idea how hot I am right now, Faith?" Reece whispered in a nearby ear.

"You're doing a good job at showing it, babe. But..." The smaller woman heard the raised voices of her parents waft into the room.

Reece hummed her way across Faith's collarbone before she realized that the woman underneath her was not responding as she should. She looked up at Faith and saw a grimace. Reece immediately sat up.

"What? Am I doing something wrong? Am I hurting you?" the club owner asked in confusion.

"Reece, I can't...not with them, you know..." Faith winced at the huge frustrated gust of air expelled from her lover's mouth.

"What the fuck, Faith? When am I going to..."

"Oh, Reece, it's not like you won't ever get any, just wait another day. Please?" She pouted dramatically.

Reece slumped forward and her dark head hit the pillow face first.

"You know, honey, I'm just as horny as you are."

"Like hell you are! You forget that little episode with my pillow?" Reece spoke into said pillow.

"God, it still smells like you." She groaned and turned over onto her back.

"Aw, come on, you big baby," Faith rolled over so that she was cuddled up to her lover and laid her head on Reece's shoulder. "It's just one more day. After tonight, I'm positive they'll be leaving first chance they get."

Reece took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Ok," she agreed reluctantly, "but come tomorrow, parents or not, I'm going to make you scream right on the famous kitchen table."

"Oh you are, are you?" Faith smirked.

"And the coffee table, and the couch, and the guestroom dresser, the night table..."

"I get the point, Reece." Faith groaned.

"You'll get more than the point, babe, you'll get the whole 8 inches."

"Oh no fair teasing, you rat!"

"Yeah, well, you started just go to sleep."

Once Faith was asleep, Reece slipped out of bed and got dressed. She wasn't anywhere near as tired as she should have been, and sleeping in such close proximity to Faith wasn't helping matters any. The only way for her to get any sleep was to get out of the house. Grabbing her favorite jacket, the one she had worn home from the club the last time she was there, she put it on and relaxed a bit as the familiar weight of the leather sat on her shoulders.

Faith knew the moment Reece left the bed. She lay there motionless and listened to the sounds of her lover dressing, the zipper on her gym bag opening and closing, and ultimately the sound of Reece slipping out the door. She knew it had nothing to do with her, but couldn't help herself and began to cry.


Reece worked out hard. Although she would have preferred a little screaming, pleading, and bleeding, the heavy bag was a perfect substitute for Roy. Going to the gym was always the safest way for the tall woman to rid herself of frustration, sexual or otherwise. Only this time, it wasn't working so well to rid her of horniness. The more she wondered about it, the hornier she became. She also noted that this was a great time to work out--not many people at all. After Cori had planted the idea in her head that everyone was staring at her, she was grateful for the lack of patrons. Her choice of a white tank top, combined with her perpetual nipple hard-ons, was sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

The showers were empty, too, and for that Reece was also grateful. Had anyone cared to look, they would have noticed that the lower half of her was just as excited as the upper half. I really gotta take care of this... she thought as she tried to wash herself without too much contact.


Faith shuffled across the living room floor and peeked into the guest room. Marsha was sitting in the chair watching Quinn pack up their things. Spotting her daughter in the doorway, she got up and left the room.

"Mom, I take it you're leaving?" Faith grinned knowingly.

"Well, dear, I would stay on, really, but I'd have to go home to him eventually." She smiled.

"You know, Reece really is a good person. She loves me, she wouldn't ever let anything happen to me. She protects me."

"Honey, you don't have to convince me. I saw how she behaved when your father raised his hand. I know she loves you, I can see it, I can feel it."

Marsha paused and looked into her daughter's eyes. "Faith, do you really know her? I mean, do you trust her with your heart?"

"Mom, I know her. I trust her with my life." Faith squeezed her mother's hands. "If she hurts me, and I'm talking about my heart, I will personally let Daddy throw an 'I told you so' party in my honor."

The two women hugged. Marsha walked a step away from her daughter and smiled proudly.

"Mom, I uh, well...thank you. You surprised me these last few days."

"You're welcome, sweetheart. Your father will come around. And if he doesn't, I'll just have to come visit by myself."

"I think I'd like that very much. You don't know how much this means to me, you being so accepting of me and Reece. Not everybody is." Faith whispered the last sentence with sadness.

"Someone is being mean to my baby girl?" Marsha puffed up.

"Well, The Powers That Be at the show aren't quite as nice about the whole thing. Though John... oh mom, I think you'll love him."

"Does that mean I'm being invited to a real sound stage?"

"Absolutely. But it'll have to be next visit, though, I'm off today. I was really planning on spending some time with Reece, but never mind."

"Why don't you go and visit her at work? She can't possibly have all that much to do with a place like that."

"Oh mom, you don't know the half of it. She does plenty. Well...I do have the spare set of keys to the club." A sudden image of herself sprawled out naked on the bar came to her and she blushed profusely.

"So, is she any good?"


"What?" the older woman asked innocently.


The club owner opened the gates to The Lounge and closed them halfway behind her. She was really hoping to get some decent sleep, but couldn't help thinking about Roy, jail, the Ashfords, and Faith.

The latter being the most pleasant thought, she concentrated on it the most. She entered her office, turned the CD player on to some easy listening crap, and locked the office door. She threw her gym bag on the desk and flopped down on the couch.

I have a whole uninterrupted day to myself. Images of Faith flashing in her mind like a slide show, she removed her boots and lay back on the leather sofa contented to fall asleep to such pictures.

Minutes later, Reece realized that her little plan was backfiring. She was further away from sleep than she was before, and the images had morphed into a porno movie starring Faith and herself.

The club owner turned onto her stomach and tried to block out the images that were now torturing her, but found herself reflexively pressing her crotch into the sofa cushions.

She sat up and groaned with her head in her hands. The thought crossed her mind to take care of the situation herself, but she dismissed it, reasoning that she'd rather come all over Faith's hands than her own.

The image of that thought assaulted her.

Why the hell did I think that? Reece lay back down and closed her eyes.

These are Faith's favorite pants, she thought as she ran her hands up and down the well-worn denim covering her thighs.

They make her crazy.

The tall woman toyed with the buttons of her fly.

She tore open these buttons like a maniac last time I wore these.

Reece opened the buttons in much the same fashion. She slipped her fingertips inside her underwear and snapped the elastic just like Faith had.

She likes when I wear these Calvins. She says they make my ass look edible, and they don't have a 'pee-pee hole'.

She slid her hand over the crotch of the underwear where the hole would be.

I'd think she'd like the hole... easy access and all, she thought with a chuckle.

Reece slid her palm inside her jeans and over her crotch again. And again. She pulled open the pants as far as they would go and ran the fingers of her other hand lightly over her abdomen, shivering as she got closer to her breasts.

Faith loves my tits. Her mouth waters when I touch them.

Long fingers stroked her breast, the nipple pebbling quickly. She pinched the hard flesh and groaned out loud.


The tall woman was still rubbing her crotch with her palm, but it wasn't enough. She lifted her hips and shimmied her jeans low enough to open her knees. Horny as she was, she was in no hurry to complete what she had not even meant to start.

This feels real nice. Slow and steady, no hurry.

She just lay there with her knees bent and spread, toying with her nipples and slowly rubbing herself through her underwear.

If Faith was here, she'd never let me get myself off. Hell, I'd never have gotten this far.

Reece lifted her shirt and bra up to expose her breasts, then scooted up so she could lay her head on the arm of the couch. Now she could see her hands touching her body.

Those are not Faith's hands. She closed her eyes.

If they were her hands, they'd be doing this...

She slid her hand inside her Calvins and groaned when she felt how wet she had made herself.

Oh yeah, it's not a race...never did slow and easy before...nice.

She reached down low to see just how wet she was capable of making herself, and was pleasantly surprised at the amount she found.

If I knew my own hands could do this...

Long fingers repeatedly bypassed the one spot that needed attention most. Circling it, teasing it. It was becoming increasingly warm in the room, and the club owner shrugged out of her coat and left it underneath her.

She found herself circling her entrance more often now and twisting her nipples harder, imagining Faith was touching her, teasing her.

"Please.." She begged aloud, lost in her fantasy.

Pulling her Calvins down to meet her jeans, she began humping the air.


A thought struck her then. My fantasy is having Faith take me?! She opened her eyes in shock.

No one takes Reece Corbett... Her hand slid down into her wetness and she moaned out loud again.

"My fantasy is to have Faith take me." She stated aloud.

This time it was a realization.

Fuck it, it's just a fantasy... She shrugged and lay back down to resume her attentions.

"Oh Reece...god yes, that's hot!"

The tall woman shot bolt upright on the couch and saw Faith standing there, wearing nothing but an expression of pure lust.

"You are so damned gorgeous laying there half undressed, squishing around in your own wetness." The actress dropped to her knees beside the couch.

"Uh, Faith..." Reece's heart was pounding so fast and so loudly in her head, she was sure she was going to have a heart attack.

Faith crawled up and straddled her lover's abdomen, reaching down to slide one hand back and forth in the wetness, reaching up with the other to turn blue eyes in her direction.

"You got me so turned on calling out my name." She slid her hand down Reece's neck to her shoulder and down her side, stopping at the odd object protruding from the pocket of the leather jacket. Rooting around a bit, she grinned mischievously when she realized what it was.

"What do you want, Reece? My mouth? My hands?" She pulled the dildo out of the pocket and rolled it across her speechless lover's exposed breasts. "Or would you like me to fuck you with this?"

"God, Faith... " She swallowed loudly. "What the hell has gotten into you?" the club owner asked nervously.

"I do believe you mentioned me taking you?" The actress smiled evilly.

Reece's eyes bugged out and she shook her head in disbelief.

"Yes, baby, you said it out loud." Faith ran the dildo back and forth across a hard nipple. "Personally, I figured you for a top, but I'm willing to accommodate."

"Oh god. I'm toast, aren't I?" Reece was sweating and uncomfortable.

"Oh, don't worry, I'll give you some control." Faith lowered her nipple to Reece's lips.

"Now, suck."


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