Reece's Faith, Part 14

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With Faith's nipple ring poking between her lips, Reece's tongue foraged around in her mouth for saliva. It was there a minute ago...

"Open Reece, suck."

"Uh, Faith, baby... I'm not sure this is going to work," she stammered, struggling to sit upright.

"I heard you, you said it: My fantasy is to have Faith take me. Soo?"

"Yeah, but that's just a fantasy. I don't think I can, you know, let you, do, well... that." She grimaced.

"I'm not tying you up and blindfolding you, honey, just calling the shots." Faith stroked her lover's face.

"Yeah, but... "

"Yeah, but what? Come on, baby," she purred, reaching behind her andsliding her fingers back into the slippery folds. "God you're soaking wet. Just go with it."

"It's just that," Reece gestured behind her to the dildo, which Faith had put on the armrest. "I never .." her voice trailed off.

"Reece? Are you saying you've never been fucked?" Faith tried hard to hide her disbelief.

The club owner nodded with a half-embarrassed smile. "Well, not by someone else."

Oh no, not that image again. Faith shivered at the thought ofher tall lover pleasuring herself with toys. "And your fantasy, does it...?" This time she gestured towards the dildo. "By me?"

"Yeah." Reece lay back down on the couch and covered her eyes with her forearm.

Well, I bet that wasn't an easy admission. "That's ok, hon, we don't have to do that. We don't have to do anything now if you don'twant." Oh but I want!

Faith caressed the silky dark hair and saw the club owner's tension fade. She leaned over and kissed Reece softly, running her tongue along her bottom lip. The kisses became more intense and the actress smiled when she heard the quiet growl from beneath her.


"Reece?" The actress continued to lick the moving lips.

"Now that you gave me the choice... it doesn't seem like such a bad idea." Reece's lips curled up into a grin.

A million and one images of herself taking Reece crowded her mind all at once and Faith groaned.

"You better mean that, Reece," she warned.

"I do. You're naked, on top of me, and I'm dripping wet." She grasped Faith's hand and placed it back between her legs. "Now come over here and take me." Blue eyes narrowed seductively.

Faith surged with adrenaline and she quickly picked up where Reece had left off. She wrapped her lips around a nipple and sucked it into her mouth, hard. The sudden heat and strength of the suction made the tall woman gasp. The actress captured the flesh between her teeth and smiled.

"You like hard?" She punctuate the question with a nip.

"Yeah, hard.." Reece groaned as her nipple was bitten.

Ok, so this is new. What do I do? What if I hurt her?

"Show me how. I want to fulfill your fantasy." The actress was startled at how hard she was breathing.

Reece slid one hand down between her legs and pressed Faith's palm against her hard. She humped the hand forcefully and moaned.Faith's stomach clenched with arousal and she ground herself into Reece's abdomen. She's so hot! So horny, so out of control!

The tall woman arched her back.

"Faith, really suck them." God I want her to fuck me! She pulled Faith harder to her breasts.

"Oh yeah, baby.. so hot." She sucked and bit at the hard nipples and was rewarded with a shuddering moan. The redhead felt herself get even wetter and she rubbed her sex harder across Reece's ribs.

"Yeesss.. oh.. oh.."Fuck me Faith.. please.. Reece was on fire. I need this.. I've lost all control and I don't give a shit!

The sounds coming out of her usually less than vocal lover were driving the actress wild.

"More... now.." the tall woman was shuddering.

"Show me." God yes!

Reece took hold of Faith's wrist and guided her hand up and downroughly between her legs.

"That's right." Faith was so incredibly turned on by this new information. Oh my god this is unbelivable! She allowed her hand to be led in its movements, it felt too good to stop.

"Uh huh.. just like that.." Reece stared into her lover's eyes and nodded, still holding the smaller hand. I have never been so fucking horny in my life!

"You want more?"

"Yes..more." She flung her head back and arched her neck. Please.. I can take it." Fuck me goddamnit! She wanted to be filled,taken by this woman. I can't believe this is happening.. I need this so badly..

Faith obeyed. She worked her mouth possessively, roughly against her lovers breasts, and Reece growled as sharp teeth manipulated her nipple.

"I love your tits Reece."

"Shit!" The tall woman grabbed on to Faith's hip and pulled her wet sex closer towards her face.

"I bet you can smell me huh? You want to taste me?"

"Yessss...oohhh..." Faith lifted herself up so Reece can take a peek.

"You want that? Breathe, smell it. I know how hot it makes you."Reece began aggressively humping Faith's hand, shuddering and shivering with unquenched desire.

"God you are so beautiful" The actress marveled at the sight.

"Ohh.. that's to me." Now.. put it in..

Whoa.. that was close, almost came there."You look so good with your pants half off." She scraped her teeth along the nipple. Reece arched her back and whined.

"So wet...and all for me." She bit down again on the nipple and pinched Reece's clit her captive hand.

Reece groaned and covered her eyes again. Just do it.. fuck me.

Faith continued to tease Reece, her fingers doing what she'd observed earlier. I can't believe she's letting me do this! She was anervous wreck but she'd never let Reece know that. She always wanted to control her tough lover, but was terrified she'd get laughed at if she attempted it. Now she's giving me permission and I'm scared shitless...I don't even know what to do. Great Faith, way to go. The actress switched nipples.

Reece could only stand so much teasing; she'd given herself a large dose of it, and now she was way past tolerant. Especially with Faith's juices spilling onto her ribs. Inside me, I need you inside me.

Faith felt Reece's hand cover her own and guide two fingers to her entrance. The smaller hand stilled.

"Tell me."

"Faith..." the tall woman groaned. Now woman!

"Faith what?" She let her fingers circle and tease but not quite comply with what her lover was craving.

Reece was about to tell her, but it wouldn't come out. Instead all she did was lift her hips and moan as she felt Faith's fingers flit over her entrance.

"Ohh.." She groaned.

"Is that what you want?"

"Yes," she whispered.

Faith slipped two fingertips inside and groaned herself when Reece hissed in pleasure.

"Or is that what you want?"

"Both." The club owner's throat was dry from panting.

"Both fingers?" Faith teased.

"Faith...please..." Reece lifted both of them off the couch as she tried to capture the elusive fingers.

The actress suddenly plunged three fingers inside of her lover, and moved them in and out rapidly.

"Ohhhhhh..." Reece felt her eyes roll back in her head. Never before had she wanted to be fucked like she did at this moment. Never before had it felt so good to be so full.

"God, yes!" She was close to screaming.

"You like this, huh? You like me fucking you hard and fast?" Faith was grinding herself into Reece's ribs just as hard, and just as fast. This was much too heavy for her to handle; she was going to come.

"Reece, look at me."

Blue eyes that looked more like black popped open.

"Watch me come." Faith held Reece's chin steady. She took her fingers out and stuck them in her mouth.

Reece reached up and twisted the nipple ring in time with her lover's spastic grinding.

Faith moved her hands to hold on to Reece's head. "Ohhh yeah...that's it baby...don't me.." She grunted through gritted teeth.

Reece whimpered at the sight of Faith riding her body, her tits bouncing inches from her mouth. She clenched her jaw at the pain/pleasure of her hair being pulled with each twitch of Faith's orgasm. She flexed her abs in response to the juices trickling down her side.

"Oh yeah, Reece...that was amazing."

"Uh huh"

Faith lifted up and looked at her lover's face. Her blue eyes were half lidded and she was sweating profusely and biting her lip. She could feel Reece's chest heaving with every breath. Reaching up, she took the dildo, drawing a line with it across the heaving breasts.

"You want something, Reece?"

The actress got up off of the couch and removed Reece's jeans and underwear. Those heavy-lidded blue eyes following her every move were beginning to excite her again.

Faith then picked up one long leg and draped it over her shoulder, a pang of need shot through her belly as Reece's glistening sex opened up in invitation.

"God Faith.. just touch me." Do it...

YES! The redhead dove in face first and licked like a starving cat.

"Shit!.. ohhh.." Reece growled. I want this..

The actress growled right back, bringing the dildo up between them.

"Faith.. wait.." She grabbed blindly at her jacket until she found her inside pocket, and dug inside.

"No, don't wanna.. wanna fuck you." she mumbled.

Reece groaned loudly, very much wanting to be fucked. "Wait, I gotta put this on.."

Faith looked up at the condom with a suspicious eye.

"It was in my pocket.. the dildo..please." She breathed as Faith never stopped moving her tongue. Reece pulled the redhead from between her legs and broke the record for condom applying.

The actress took the dildo, and stroked it, feeling the latex against latex sensation. She would save all the condom in the pocket questons for another time. Right now she had a unstoppable urge to see the dildo being swallowed up inside Reece. She glanced up at her lover and saw that she too had that urge.

"You sure you're ok with this?" Faith asked, rubbing the dildo up and down the wet open lips.

"Yesss.. please." Now, fuck me now...

"Please what?" Faith watched the erratic movement of Reece's hips with hunger.

"Oh god.. you want me to say it.." Out loud..

Faith nodded and pushed the head of the dick just slightly inside. She wanted to scream at how beautiful it looked stretching those soft wet lips.

Reece thrust down as far as she could, but barely got any more inside. It was enough to make her moan, a moan which forced Faith to lean back on her heel to satisfy the sensation that settled in her sex.

"Faith.. I'm begging here.." she whimpered. Just do it!

The actress kept still, all except for her eyes which shot Reece a saucy look.

The club owner leaned up on her elbows and peered at her lover. Green eyes transmitted the most sexy of all looks and Reece fell back down on her back.

"Please?" She whined, thrusting her hips again, and reached down to assist.

Faith batted her hands away, bent down and flicked her tongue over Reece's hard clit.

"GOD!" she screamed. I need this. I want this..Oh Faith..

"Yeah...that's it." Faith whispered into Reece's center, and flicked her tongue again.

"OK! Ok.. please Faith, put it inside me." she panted, pushing Faith's head down.

Faith got up on her knees and pushed the dick inside almost halfway before pulling it slowly out again. The sight of that had her reaching between her own legs.

"No... please, don't touch yourself.." Reece sounded like she was sobbing.

"Say it." She demanded.

"Fuck me Faith.. please.. just fuck me." she finally yelled.

She got her wish. The dick slammed home and Reece sat straight up on the couch with a strangled groan. She never wanted to be fucked like this in her life. She felt like she would die if Faith stopped.

"You are so beautiful .. so hot Reece." Mine, all mine.

"I need more.. harder." The tall woman thrust hard to quench the need.

Faith complied, and felt the wetness ooze out of her sex in sympathy. She was in complete and total ecstasy watching Reece. The club owner was holding on to the armrest behind her head in a death grip, the veins in her arms standing out like a road map. Her hair was plastered to her face, her mouth open, panting and grunting, her eyes closed. Her feet planted into the couch cushions, her hips bucking and straining to get more. Her sweat glistened body writhing beneath her. Faith could only take so much.

Reece could feel the movement but wasn't aware of anything except the pounding between her legs. There was a shadow and she squinted open an eye to the most wonderful sight of Faith's dripping wet pussy right in front of her mouth. Needing no invitation, she pulled the wiggling ass right onto her face.

Faith groaned and felt the orgasm rapidly approaching the second Reece's mouth touched her. She wanted this to be mutual, she dipped herr head and sucked.

Reece froze when she felt the pulling at her clit.

"Fuck, Faith! That's it.. faster!" Oh god..oh god..oh god..too good...

The actress wasn't sure which so she sped up both her hand and her mouth. The tell tale humming against her clit signalled that Reece was there...

"Oh yeessss! Shit!" The club owner shuddered and shivered.

That's it baby..let me hear you.. Faith noticed that fingers had replaced Reece's mouth, but couldn't care less.

"Faith.. oh...oh..oh ..AAH!" Reece stiffened up and yelled out a barrage of sounds.

Amazingly enough, she never ceased her hands and Faith was coming too, whimpering and grunting into her lovers center.

"Ohmygod.. Faith.." she panted hoarsely. "Stop.. your mouth..." Her body shook uncontrollably.

Faith let go of Reece's clit, but held the dildo inside, feeling it twitch a few more times before taking it out.

"Fuck!" The tall woman breathed deeply a few times, trying to contol her spasming body.

"Oh Reece, that was beautiful,, you are beautful."

"Come here.. " The club owner was breathing heavily.

Faith turned around and layed herself on top of her sweaty, twitching lover. "Wow, look at you.. you're a mess sweetie." She wiped the sweat away from her eyes and kissed both of them gently.

"Shit Faith.. that was.. you were..." She twitched again. "Whoa.. I can't belive this."

"I fucked you good didn't I?" The actress gloated.

"Thoroughly." Reece breathed deeply a few more times before turning to stare at Faith in awe. "I have never been that fucking loud in my entire life!"

Faith kissed her lover's stomach. "You have no idea how hot you are do you?"

"Damn, that was good." Reece sighed with satisfaction.

Faith wore a cocky grin as they both drifted off to a well deserved sleep.


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