Reece's Faith, Part 15

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Faith's eyes popped open and she was momentarily confused. After taking a second to wake up, she remembered where she was, and how she got there. With a squeak she stretched her body out on top of Reece's and watched her sleep.

Propped up on her elbows, she stared down into the most beautiful face she'd ever seen. I may be biased, but I doubt there's anyone more gorgeous walking this earth.

Tracing every feature with her eyes, she smiled broadly.

She loves me as much as I love her. She trusts me.

Realizing how important trust was to Reece, Faith felt a wave of pride pass through her body. She kissed her lover gently and watched as her lips curled into a happy little grin.

Faith stayed that way for some time before she heard Reece's stomach growling and decided to surprise her lover with some food. She started to get up but was engulfed in strong arms and pulled back down into a bear hug. With her cheek resting on Reece's breast, she decided that moving wasn't such a good idea anyway, and snuggled down. Reece lifted a long leg and wrapped it around Faith's thighs, holding her tightly.

The actress had never felt safer or more contented in her life. She kissed the skin beneath her lips and sighed happily.

Rumble.. gurgle

Faith gave Reece's stomach a dirty look.


As much as she didn't ever want to move, she couldn't ignore the noises her lover's body was making. "Ok, let's get some food into you, hon."

"No, stay like this." Reece answered in a groggy voice.

"Well, good evening, sexy." Faith kissed her lover on the nose. "Lemme get you something to eat."

"No, just lay here." The club owner stretched and setted back down.

"But honey, you're starved."

"I got what I need right here." Reece groped Faith's bottom for emphasis.

"As much as I'd like to agree with you on that, you need some sustenance in that hollow pit."

"Ok." Reece relented as her stomach grumbled in agreement.

"Besides, I'm famished too." Faith unwrapped Reece's limbs from around her body and frowned at the loss. "But we get right back into that position afterwards, ok?"

"Put that down," the tall woman ordered.

"Reece, I have to put on clothes..." Faith giggled and held up her panties.

"No you don't. Look on the desk." She yawned.

The actress found two big brown bags standing there, and, upon investigating, found two large cups of coffee and a few foil-wrapped packages that smelled very much like food.

"Violet popped in a while ago--she thought we might need food. Or, as she put it, she didn't want to answer the reporters when the headlines read 'Prominent club owner and famous actress starve to death while fucking'."

"Violet? What... oh no..."

"What's wrong, Faith?" Reece sat up on the couch.

"She saw us?"

"Nope, just you. I had gotten up to pee when she called from the car. I had my jacket on."

"Oh god!" Faith hid her face in her hands.

Reece laughed. "Come on, it was only for a few seconds, and then you turned over onto your stomach."

"And that makes me feel better how?" Faith groaned with embarrassment.

"It was your hot little rear end that she gawked at. Half of New York already seen that."

"Yeah well.. it still doesn't make me feel any better."

"Hey, that's a nice ass! I don't mind people seeing what belongs to me."

"Well this time, I'll let you get away with that remark, because it does belong to you."

Reece smiled. "My bare ass was sticking out too. Come on, she brought us food. Go on, eat something."

"I don't think I like the idea of her seeing you naked too."

"Why not?" Reece tore the foil off one sandwich and mmm'd. "Ooo, a heart attack."

"Same reason." Faith took Reece's sandwich away. "A what?"

"Bacon egg, and cheese on a buttered roll. Yum."

Faith stared at the greasy mess.

"Eat it, it's good. And just so you know, my ass belongs to you too. Everything does."

"Do you really mean that, Reece?"

"Yes." The club owner gulped the lukewarm coffee and shuddered. "Yuck." She got up to prepare her coffeemaker and collided with the naked actress, who had jumped up into her arms.

"I love you so much." Faith whispered.

Reece leaned back against the desk and just held her.


Cori bounced into the dressing room at the Lounge. Earlier in the day, she had tried to get in touch with Reece to show her the article in the local rag mag. After speaking to Marsha, and finding out that the two women hadn't been heard from for hours, she figured that they would come here for privacy. Since Reece had given her and Violet the car, and since the dancer didn't drive, Cori sent Violet on a mission to find and feed her friends.

She had been worried about them and their relationship when all this shit with Faith's parents started up, and then with Reece getting arrested, she just wanted to know that her friends were ok. She also didn't want to be accused of stalking them and she knew if she showed up at the club, and they were getting it on, she'd never hear the end of it.

Cori had been a little startled by Violet's eagerness to go, but realized her lover had never seen Reece naked, and that was a sight everyone should behold. She sent her off with her blessing, a kiss, and a promise, which she fulfilled as soon as the woman returned home. Now satisfied and ready for work, she excitedly ran to the office to show Reece the news.

Knock knock


"One would think you'd had enough of that already."

Cori peeked her head inside the door. The boss was sitting in her chair with her feet up on the desk, tapping a pencil on her leg.

"One can never be too sure, can they?"

"Oh, you're in a good mood." The dancer jumped up on Reece's lap and pushed the tabloid into her chest.

"What's this about?"

"Page 27...go ahead, read it." Cori was a bit shocked that Reece hadn't told her to get up yet.

The club owner found the page and began to read. She started to grin, then smirk, then all-out gloat. She dropped her feet to the floor and laughed out loud.

"I thought you'd get a kick out of that." The dancer laughed with her.

Reece wrapped an arm under Cori's ass and stood up. The dance yelped and grabbed onto the tall woman's neck.

"Reece! Put me down!"

"This is priceless! Woo Hoo!" She twirled Cori around in circles, cheering.

"You know, if it was anyone other than Cori, I'd be very worried right about now."

"Faith! Help!"

"Baby," Reece waved. "Come here.. you gotta see this." She thrust the newspaper at the actress, and twirled around once more.

"I'm gonna yak, Reece..."

"Baby, Cori looks like she wants to get down."

Faith came over and kissed the dancer hello on the cheek and took the paper. The club owner grabbed the dancer under her arms and lifted her up high before putting her down again.

"God, Reece, is that any way to greet a friend?"

"Oh, pardon me." Reece grabbed Cori's face and gave her a wet sloppy kiss on the lips. "Hello."

Shaken a bit, Cori turned to face Faith, who was engrossed in reading.

"Did you see what your woman just did?"

Faith shrugged, seeing nothing unusual about her lover's behavior. "She's happy. She slobbers when she's happy."

"Like a dog." The dancer mumbled, wiping her lips.

"AFR! ARF! Pant pant pant."

"You're insane, Reece."

"And you're a freak. So, Faith, what do you think?"

"Reece, you did this?" She looked disturbed.

"Yep," she answered proudly. "All me."

"But is it true? Or did you make it all up?"

"It's true alright. He's a twisted man, I just helped. what?! Roy's place is closed and that's all that matters."

Cori cut in. "He's a nasty man with a nasty habit for young innocent women. Girls. It's a good thing he's behind bars and that fire trap is closed."

"So, it's not all made up? He really is a pervert?" Faith shuddered, thinking about how much time she spent alone with the man.

"Yep, but we couldn't find any women who would speak up about him, so we made some up ourselves. Reece called the info in, and with Nikki's help..." she stopped and smirked.

"Wow...then this is great news then!" Faith waved the paper around.

"Yup." Reece smiled.

"Then let's celebrate. You got any ideas?"

"Yeah, freak, go get Violet and get naked. We'll have a menage a four."

Faith looked at her lover in disbelief.

"She's your girlfriend, Faith." Cori shrugged as she left the office.

"Reece! You did not just say that."

"What better way to get her out of the room?" The tall woman swept the actress off her feet and kissed her.

"Oh that again." Faith closed her eyes and parted her lips.

"With pleasure." And she did.

"Oh...and again..."


Reece grumbled at the knock on the door. "We're fucking, go away!"

"Reece! I can't believe you said that!" Faith sat up and fixed her shirt.

"Well? We were almost there." The club owner frowned.

Faith just gave her a look.

"Oh alright, the door's half open anyways. COME IN!"

"Uh, you're sure?" asked the voice.


A strange woman entered the room. Faith took note of how good looking she was, and what she was barely wearing, and sat straight up. She also saw Reece purse her lips as she too took stock of this woman.

"And you are?" A dark eyebrow raised in question.

"The new chick in town." She smiled.

"Oh, right. I forgot you started tonight." The club owner gave her body another long look.

"S'okay." She replied, blushing. Mmm, mmm, mm, you tall and sexy woman. After blatantly staring at the club owner, she glanced at the red head and shrugged. Oh I can see I'm going to like working here.. a lot.

"I'm Reece, I own the place, what was your name again?" The two shook hands.

Faith took offense at how long this woman held onto Reece's hand and forced down a sneer.

"You can call me Chris." She winked. You can all me anything you want, sexy.

You can call me Chris. The actress mimicked in her head. Spare me.

"So, what's wrong? Any problems? Just ask Faith here to teach you that sneer. That'll back 'em up a bit."

Faith tried to remove the ill-hidden expression from her face.

"No, no problems. Cori thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself."

Oh she did, did she? "You're the new bartender?" The actress looked the bartender up and down.

"Yeppers. Christina." She stuck out her hand.

Faith ignored the gesture and stood up, noting that she was at least 4 inches shorter than the new girl. She stuck out her chin in defiance.

Reece gave her lover a curious eyebrow. What's this? My little Faith is posturing?

"So, Reece, we should have quite a crowd tonight. I heard that the Playhouse is closed." The bartender arranged her shirt so more cleavage would show. "What do you think? Is it enough?" She pointed her tits at Reece.

That's about enough, toots... Faith stepped between the two women. "Why don't you just get back to work. Your boss has more important things to attend to at the moment." Run along now...

"Well, if it's ok with you, Reece," she flirted openly.

Faith narrowed her eyes at Christina. Oh, this one is for the books.

"You heard the lady, get back to work."

"Ok then, see you later, Reece. Bye Fawn." Christina closed the door behind her.

"FAWN? Why that little..."

"Faith, honey?" Reece chuckled.

"That--that...Argh! I don't like her, Reece, and don't think I didn't notice her flinging her tits at you like she was..."

The club owner bit her lip so she wouldn't laugh. "She'll do her job, that's all that counts."

"She'll do her boss given the chance." She fumed.

"And who makes that decision, Faith?" Reece wrapped her highly agitated lover in her arms and kissed her reassuringly. "It takes two to tango, babe, and I am not available to dance."

"Yeah, well...she better just watch it." The actress stared at the door. "Fawn...ha!" She snorted. "I'll give her something to remember my name by."

Reece watched with her arms folded across her chest as Faith pitched her fit.

"C'mere you." She reached out and pulled the actress into her arms again. "You know, you're beautiful when you're jealous."

"Shut up and make me feel better."

"And how would I do that?" Reece cocked her head and smirked.

"You can start by putting me on your lap and kissing me senseless."

"Definitely doable." The tall woman sat in her chair and followed the instructions. "Now what?" she asked breathlessly.

"You do it several times, or until I slide bonelessly onto the floor. Which ever comes first."

"Then what?" Reece leaned in and traced Faith's chin with her tongue.

"Then you do it again up on the main bar."

"Faith..." the club owner chuckled knowingly.

"If you love me, you'll do it." The actress pouted.

"You're serious? Babe, there's nothing to feel threatened about. Really."

"Oh? Then put yourself in my place. Go on...imagine it was the other way around."

After a few moments Reece's whole demeanor changed.

"I'll kill her."

"Well, that's not entirely necessary, but keep that option open."

Reece stood up with Faith still clinging to her.

"Where we going?"

"To the main bar. I got something to show Christina."


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