Reece's Faith, Part 16

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"I can't believe I missed that!" Violet laughed as she rang the doorbell.

"You really had to be there. It was hilarious." Cori snickered. "I never saw her behave like that before, and I've seen some things... It was most definitely a show of possession."

Violet rang the doorbell again. Still no answer.

"Right there on the bar? What did Christina do?"

"Actually, I think she enjoyed it. And they weren't fucking or anything, just putting on a good show." Cori knocked loudly.

"Well, the way the girls were anyway, Reece just carried her out there and started sucking her face off?"

"Yeah, Faith was wrapped around her like a second skin. I tell you, it was hot. Just sat her right on the bar. I was on stage and the customers started leaving me to watch them." She chuckled and kicked on the door.

"Cor? Are you sure she said we should come over?"

"Yeah, Faith invited us for dinner, she just hadn't told Reece yet." She paused and put her ear to the door. "I don't hear anything."

"Ya think they're doing it?"

"I don't know." She closed her eyes and covered the ear that wasn't against the door. "No, I'm sure they're not. I'd have heard something by now."

"You're right," her lover agreed. "They're not exactly the silent couple." She sat down on the stoop.

"Aha! There... I heard something." The dancer pointed upstairs.

"What was it? Are they doing it?" Violet stretched her legs out.

"And they accuse me of being a pervert. I think so.. I think I just heard Faith. Oh yeah, they're doing it alright."

"I just want to know. It's not like I want to watch them or anything," Violet said defensively.

"You know, ever since you saw them naked...Oh, bravo, Reece. That sounded wonderful."

"They weren't naked. Only Faith was." The piercer argued. "Let me hear too." She got up from the stoop and pulled Cori away from the door.

"I don't hear anything.. oh," she blushed, "I think you should congratulate Faith as well."

Cori put her ear to the door again. "I think they're done. Well, so, what'd you think? Hot huh?" Cori smirked and rang the doorbell repeatedly.

"Faith certainly is a hot little number. But Reece.. well... she's like.." Violet couldn't find the words.

"Uh huh. I thought you said she wasn't naked?" The dancer teased, now leaning on the doorbell.

"Well, not entirely. She's awesome, ain't she? And you slept with her? God, honey, you rule," Violet applauded.

"Heh, I'd bow but you'd probably goose me."

"You're probably right." The piercer leered. "Even so, neither of them turn me on as much as you, ya freak."

"Aww, that was too sweet."

"Come here, little girl. Wanna piece of candy?" Violet patted her lap.

Cori got comfortable and smiled. "I'm really glad Reece introduced me to you, babe." She craned her neck around to steal a kiss.

"Me too. I gotta remember to thank her." She cradled Cori's head and the two women kissed passionately.


"Woo... wow... god..." Faith panted around Reece's tongue.

"Oh yeah.. you said it." Reece agreed breathlessly. "I love feeling you come." The club owner wrapped her arms around Faith's head and kissed her deeply.

The actress still had her eyes closed when Reece ended the kiss. "I think I have rug burn. Did you hear bells or was that just me?"

"As much as I'd like to take the credit, Cori's been one pain in the ass." Reece rolled off of her lover, grimacing as the carpet itched her sweaty back.

Faith sat up. "You think they left? I hope they didn't."

"I don't care." The club owner shrugged. "C'mere.." she reached for Faith's hands.

"Be nice. I did invite them, you know. They're probably mad at me now."

"Well then, maybe you should have thought about that before you threw yourself at me."

"I was putting on my underwear Reece, I hardly threw anything at you." Faith got on all fours and picked through the pile of clothes for said item.

"See? Look at you, there you go again."

The tall woman crawled behind the shorter one and slid her hands around to cup Faith's breasts. She sucked on her neck while rubbing the nipples with her thumbs.

"Oh baby..."Reece mumbled, and sucked harder.

Faith groaned and fell forward, enjoying the renewed arousal, until she felt teeth and pulled away.

"God, Honey, control yourself! What has gotten into you?" Faith peeled Reece's hands off of her breasts and pulled on her underwear. "John's gonna kill me!"

"What? He has make-up." Yeah, what has gotten into me? It's like I can't get enough of her. The club owner shrugged. "So I can't touch?" Reece stuck out her lip.

"Yes, you know very well that you can touch. Just not while our friends are standing on the stoop." Faith turned around and sucked Reece's protruding lip into her mouth, making the tall woman shiver.

"Why not? They can't see me." Reece grinned and began to dress as well.

"I'm going in here to get dressed. Just to make sure I'm not throwing body parts at you without my knowledge." Faith closed the bathroom door behind her.

"You're no fun." Reece stuck her tongue out at the closed door.

"Put that away. That's how it all started." the actress replied.

Reece narrowed her eyes at the closed door.

"Oh, and that doesn't scare me either."

"What the hell?" Reece snickered. "I'm getting way too predictable."


"Well, I guess they're still here, Faith. I'll go let them in."


"Keep your panties on," Reece said as she came down the stairs, draping her sweatpants over her shoulder.

knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock


knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock


Reece flung open the door and Cori fell into the house.

"Hey shithead. There's no need to grovel."

"Ha ha. Where the hell were you anyway?" Cori propped herself up on her elbows. "Oh, anyone ever tell you you should model those things?"

The tall woman followed Cori's eyes to her underwear and shrugged. "Hi Freaklet. Come on in." They stepped over the dancer and headed for the kitchen.

"Hey, she's right about your ass, Reece." The piercer shoved a bottle of wine at the club owner and jumped up on a stool.

"Hmm, planning on getting me drunk and having your way with me?"

"Shyeah, right." She shook her head in mock exasperation. "What took you guys so long, anyway?"

"I was fucking my woman."

"Reece!" Faith scolded from the doorway, with Cori right behind her. "Put your pants on. You're distracting the company."

"Well, it's a sin to tell a lie." The club owner smirked and stepped into her sweats.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Reece's ass has left the building."

"It does encores." The tall woman mooned the dancer.

"Cori," Faith rolled her eyes at Reece and kissed her friend hello. "I probably don't want to know the answer, but I have to ask--why were you on the floor?"

"She was banging her head against the door." Violet replied.

"My hands were occupado." The dancer continued.

"Oh." Faith didn't want to know.

"Then how were you ringing the doorbell?" Reece wondered.

Cori just wiggled her eyebrows.

"Faith, remind me to wash the door bell."

"Idiot." the dancer stuck her tongue out at the club owner.

"Freak." Reece grabbed it and pulled.

"OW! You are such a jerkoff, Reece!"

"Hey! I happen to like that particular appendage!" Violet slapped Reece's arm.

"Well, tell her to keep it where it belongs." The tall woman walked into the living room with some wine.

"I could, but that would be very antisocial." Cori followed closely behind her boss.

Faith and Violet looked at each other and shrugged. They watched the two friends partake in their favorite pastime. The actress turned and started pulling things out of the oven.

"So, how's business, Vi?"

"Ah, you seen one steel rod through the scrotum you've seen them all."

"Oh, never mind." Faith winced and quickly changed the subject. "What's up with you two? Do I hear wedding bells?"

"Not just yet, but we're registered at Trash and Vaudeville just in case."

Faith laughed and the two women began setting the table for dinner.


Violet and Cori agreed to clean up after dinner. Reece took advantage of the situation and pulled Faith to the couch and onto her lap.

"Hey, I almost dropped this." The actress held up her wineglass and a beer bottle.

Reece took the beer bottle, emptied it quickly and set it on the coffee table. She wrapped her arms tightly around her lover's middle.

"Take it easy with the beer, babe, I don't know if I can handle you drunk." Faith winked.

"Why don't we try it out then. I'm buzzed already." Reece slid her hands up and down the redhead's back and pulled her close.

"Honestly, baby, not that I'm complaining, but it seems like you can't keep your hands off of me lately."

"Should I?" The club owner replied, with her lips on the nape of Faith's neck.

"God no, but I was just..." The actress closed her eyes and shivered.

"Shhh." Reece kissed and nipped all the skin that she could reach.

While enjoying every second, Faith couldn't help herself from wondering what brought this on. She turned around to straddle her lover.

"Reece? Does this have anything to do with Christina?"

"I don't see her here, do you?" The club owner took Faith's glass and put it on the table. She then placed the smaller hands on the back of her own neck.

The actress obeyed and ran her nails up into Reece's hair. She adored the way her lover melted when she scratched her head.

The club owner squeezed Faith's face with both hands, pulling her closer, kissing her harder. The actress felt a tingle between her legs, and, finding the alcohol taste on Reece's tongue a turnon, she sucked on the invading muscle. Both women groaned, catching Cori's attention.

"Oh goody! Looks like we get to see them fuck." Cori stage whispered.

"Ooo, lucky me, Maybe I can learn something." Violet joked. "Quick, go get some popcorn."

Reece's middle finger appeared from under the collar of Faith's shirt.

"Oh, and don't forget the Goobers, gotta have Goobers."

The piercer sat in the recliner and made a show of getting comfortable. When the two women showed no intentions of stopping, however, she got a little uncomfortable.

"Hon, are they really going to do it in front of us? I don't know if I can take it?" She squirmed.

"No way. Are you kidding? They're just playing with us. Boss lady would never let us see Faith in that way. Too possessive." The dancer made herself comfortable with her lover in the large recliner.

Faith moaned languidly into her lover's open mouth as Reece's hands ran under her shirt and around to the front.

"Uhm.." Cori fidgeted watching her best friend arch into the touch, "I'm sure she won't want us to see Faith naked." Right, Reece?

"Yeah, but she's doing quite an efficient job with her clothes on."

Reece's hands claimed Faith's hips and pulled her closer. The other women could hear them breathing heavily through their noses as they refused to break lip contact.

Cori started to get nervous that they really might go on and do it right there on the couch... in front of her and Violet.

"Cor?" The piercer gulped. "They're not stopping."

"I'm not blind, Vi, they're gonna stop as soon as they think we've sweat it out enough." Aren't they?

"Oh god, Reece..."

Violet and Cori groaned in sympathy from the recliner.

A blue eye popped open and glanced in the direction of the sounds. She broke the kiss and started to nip Faith's ear.

"Cori and Violet are going to cry, we've gotta stop," she whispered.

"Make them go away." she grunted.

"Can't, you invited them." She sucked the delicate earlobe.

"Oooooh god," she drawled. "Ok, but you'll have to stop that first."

Faith pulled away and, taking in the pained expressions on her friends' faces, blushed guiltily.

"I am so sorry." She got up off of Reece's lap and walked clumsily into the kitchen, pulling Cori along with her.

"You ok, babe?" Cori watched as her friend ran a shaky hand through her hair. "What's going on?"

"I don't know." Faith scrubbed her face with cold water from the sink.

"Oh man, Faith. She's on fire tonight!"

"Cori, she's been like that for days. I don't know what's gotten into her. It's scaring me."

"What do you mean, scaring you? Is she forcing you..."

"NO! No, she hasn't, but, no, nothing like that." She blushed deeply.

Oh, Faith darling, I think I know a secret. Cori smirked.

"She's been so much more sexual, you can almost feel it when she walks into a room. The energy, it's so strong, my arm hairs stand up!"

"You say this like it's a bad thing. I wouldn't complain."

"What has she been doing at work?"

"The usual, I guess, although she's been keeping her eye on the new girl."

"I think it has something to do with that floozy bartender. Ever since she started working, Reece has been insatiable."

"I wonder what that's all about? You don't think that Reece and Christina..?"

"No, I trust Reece, it's that tramp I don't trust. I think Reece is afraid of losing me or something. Maybe that Christina is planting things in her head. You should have seen the way she looked at her!"

"Faith, I know, she's a flirt, nothing more."

"Yeah, but I still don't understand why Reece has been so overzealous with me."

"And yet, you still complain."

"Oh, it's not a complaint, it's a question. Now that I think about it, ever since," Faith paused, remembering that day in the office. "...ever since that girl started working... everything's different."

"Well, after that blush, you'll have to elaborate. What's different?"

"Oh, well... it's been different, she's been different." Faith looked down at her hands.

"Sex? Is it better or worse? You're not helping much. I'm guessing here, Faith, spill it."

The redhead looked at her friend with a lopsided grin, and sat down on a stool.

"Well, I saw her, heard her when she was.. ok, when my parents were here?"

Cori nodded, pulled up a stool and sat down to face her.

"Well, we didn't get the chance to.. and so Reece was in her office, she didn't hear me come in... the music was on..."

"You caught her playing with herself?" Cori tried to help.

"Not just that, she was fantasizing.. out loud...about me." Faith blushed and shivered. "I heard her, and so I acted out her fantasy."

"And that's a problem because." The dancer wasn't getting something.

"Well, it was a matter of trust, the fantasy, serious trust. She let me... well, she begged me actually," Faith couldn't stop the cocky grin from her face.

Cori was wide-eyed with this information. "She really did? How did you do that? Holy Jesus Faith.. this is huge for Reece! This is huge for you! I'm so happy for you."

Faith blushed even redder.

"Hey, if you don't feel too uncomfortable.." She wiggled her eyebrow.

"She let me be the first." The cocky grin reappeared.

"The first? I don't think there's any 'firsts' left for Reece Corbett."

"Think again."

The dancer thought about it and couldn't come up with a thing. Unless, by trust she means, submission? Oh, Faith sweetie, we have to talk about this!

"So, since then, she's been crazy. What's happening? It's like she has to stake her claim to me 24 hours a day."

"Oh, yeah, you poor baby." The dancer rolled her eyes.

Faith took a few more beers out of the fridge and Cori grabbed another bottle of wine.

"So, what do you make of this?" The actress asked.

"Really? I don't know. It could be anything. It could be that she's afraid of losing you, now that she gave something so important to you. It could be that she's afraid she may screw up--temptation was always her weakness."

Oh! That's it! She's afraid now that she gave me that trust, I'll walk away with it!

Cori was still speculating. "Maybe she's uptight about Jim. You know, you never really had a man..."

"Hmm, could be. But I think I get all the "man" I need. I just have to ask for it. " Faith wiggled her eyebrows.

"Ain't that great? You can have the dick attached to anyone you choose."

"It's not so much the dick, it's who it's attached to."

Cori nodded in agreement. "Come on, there's no telling what happened while we were gone."


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