Reece's Faith, Part 2

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REMINDER: The sections in bold are flashbacks, and this entire chapter is a continuation of chapter 1's flashback.

Reece reached the top of the stairs and turned with a cocky little swagger. She looked towards the bedroom and all of a sudden... her knees went weak.

There, sticking out of the doorway, was a leg. Not just any leg, Faith's leg. It was wrapped up in a black stocking complete with a garter. Her mouth watered and she swallowed. A hand poked out from the room too, and its fingers were beckoning Reece to approach the doorway.

She wanted to, really wanted to, but her legs wouldn't move. The same hand reached out and now an arm was flat against the door frame. Faith's head followed, and the expression on her face caused Reece to whimper out loud.

"You know legs, I should be furious with you for interfering, but..." Faith licked her red lips.

Reece attempted to tell Faith how goddamned hot she was, but her throat was so dry, it stuck together.

"'re just too damned sexy to stay mad at." Faith blatantly ran her eyes over Reece's length, and she smirked at the groan she caused.

"Are you coming or what? You haven't been properly thanked." Green eyes narrowed and zeroed in on stunned blue ones. Then they disappeared into the room along with the arm, the hand and the leg.

Reece stood there in a state of both fear and awe. Momentarily panicked, she briefly pondered her inability to speak, her complete lack of control, and the power Faith had over her body. Then the hand appeared to beckon her once more. Reece's need for Faith overrode her instincts and she ran into the room. The sight that greeted her made her lightheaded.

Faith was leaning up against the headboard, one leg bent up at the knee, the other stretched out in front of her. Aside from the stockings and garters, the vision was wearing a very silky-looking black bra and panties. Blue eyes widened considerably upon noticing that one of Faith's hands was in those panties. Reece was naked and kneeling between those legs in seconds.

"It's about time Reece." Faith let her knee drop to the bed with a sigh. "I had to start without you."

"I see. Don't let me interrupt." Reece stretched her body out on the bed and leaned up on her elbows. She stopped Faith's hand from ceasing its work by grasping the wrist.

"Don't…don't stop. Here, maybe I can help." Reece pulled Faith's hand from inside the panties and brought it to her mouth. Her nostrils flared at the smell of Faith's arousal. She began to suck and lick each finger.

"Oh yesss..." she hissed "...whatever you want Reece. Just tell me."

The blonde gasped when her fingers were engulfed in Reece's hot mouth. If it was possible, she would swear the piece of steel in that tongue was melting.

When Reece was satisfied that all the fingers were wet enough, she lifted up the elastic band on the silky panties and replaced the hand in its original spot. Faith groaned when she felt her wet fingers slide back in her underwear. The knowledge that Reece's saliva was touching her, caused her to whimper on contact.

Reece briefly closed her eyes at the sounds. She let go of the wrist and placed her hand on top of Faith's, the black material the only barrier between their hands.

"Finish what you started, I want to feel you do it." She put some pressure to Faith's hand to remind her. Faith groaned again.

"Come on baby, it looks so hot." The tall woman rubbed her cheeks on the stocking clad thighs, and her free hand up and down the length of Faith's squirming body. "You're doing it just for me."

"I just thought... oh!" Faith was cut off by a nip to her calf. She felt wetness seep out under her fingers.

"You said whatever I want. This is what I want."

Reece slid her lips behind a knee, loving the scratchy feel of the stockings on her tongue.

"But what about you... oh god..." The blonde's legs fell open as a wet tongue trailed up her inner thigh.

"Mmm, you just never mind about me, I wanna watch you for now." Reece continued on with her tongue bath and felt the hand under hers start to move.

"Show me what you do when you think about me." Reece groaned. She watched and felt Faith's hand move down. "Yeah..." Her heart palpitated when she looked up at the vision spread out before her like a feast.

The club owner's voice was getting rough, and it didn't escape Faith. She brought her other hand down and ran her nails up from betwen Reece's breasts to her throat, pausing to feel the pulse beating in her neck. She was dying to suck on the skin there, and taste her salty skin. She stared at the spot, wishing her eyes could communicate with Reece's neck and it would place itself in her mouth. Faith felt herself get wetter and reached down towards her entrance.

"Go on, pretend it's me." Reece's voice dropped an octave.

"But I need you. Please." Faith slid her hand from Reece's throat and grabbed the back of her head, pulling it up.

The club owner ignored the pulling at her hair and crept up on her knees a little to bathe Faith's stomach, her free hand teasing the taut nipples alternately, occasionally pulling at the shiny ring. Each time she did, Faith's hips moved higher, like it was attached. It was a very welcome reaction. One that made her own groin twitch.

Reece glanced up at the expression on her bartenders face. It was beautiful; green eyes were watching every movement she made, lips half open called to her like a siren song. The club owner abandoned her tongue bath to devour those delicious looking lips. She growled when Faith took control of the kiss, biting and sucking on her lips, the invading tongue hungrily searching out every part of her mouth.

It was like they had been starved of each other's mouths for an eternity, when in reality, they had spent more time exploring this facet of their relationship than anything else. But for Reece it was never enough. The void that had been waiting for Faith felt enormous, and she had an almost desperate need to fill it.

Groans, teeth banging together, whimpers and loud inhales were the only sounds in the room. Although quiet, to Reece it was a deafening reminder of just how much she needed this woman. How out of control she really was. And although she felt fear at this thought, it wasn't as frightening as it had been out in the hallway. In fact, it lessened every day. Still, she needed to maintain some semblence of control, if for nothing else than to prove to herself she could.

Reece broke the much too intense contact and resumed her tongue bath at Faith's neck. She had every intention of showing Faith just how much she appreciated this little thank-you party. But a hand tightened in her hair, and blue eyes rolled back with a groan. She sucked rather forcefully at the skin in her mouth.

"Please... Reece. Carefully." she panted.

Reece tweaked a hard nipple and growled. "Mine!" she sucked hard at the skin on Faith's throat.

"God yes!" Who the hell cares…

"...make up artists... mmmm... get paid for it..." and she proceeded to mark her territory for all to see.

Reece was reveling in all the sensations. She tried to concentrate and pinpoint the one she liked best. Faith's flexing legs wrapped around my thighs? The silky scratchy material rubbing against my skin? The wet satiny black panties sliding between our hands? The taste of Faith's throat? The breathless sounds of pleasure blowing across my ear?

It was a tie. She lipped the nipple ring and reflexively thrust against the body beneath her while she tugged at the metal hoop. She felt Faith's fingers enter herself and they moaned in sync.

Faith needed to feel Reece on her skin now. She pulled the crotch of the underwear aside, but Reece didn't touch her. Instead she took her again by the wrist and guided her hand in its motions.

"Please baby, touch me," Faith begged.

Reece didn't know if she could slide down the bed without coming.

Not getting the intended response, Faith used her other hand to gather her wetness and stuck her fingers into Reece's mouth. That got her the reaction she wanted. Her fingers were accepted hungrily.

"Oh you wanna play dirty?" The club owner growled. Not waiting for an answer, she tore off the black panties and wrapped her arms around silky thighs. She twisted abruptly.

Faith was startled for a second until she felt the heat of Reece's mouth right where she needed it. "Oh yeah." she breathed. Looking down at the shining blue eyes beneath her she added, "Did I mention that's my favorite muscle?"

The owner of said muscle flexed it and grunted.

Faith threw her head back and groaned.

The tall woman increased the pressure of her movements.

"God that's good." Faith whispered more to herself than out loud.

Reece was in desperate need of attention, the vision above her was quickly heating her arousal to a boil. And this time, doing it herself wouldn't be enough. She pulled away from her feast, causing Faith to gasp and grab for the headboard.

"No!? Why are you... OH!..." The blonde was yanked away, and suddenly was on all fours with her nose inches away from Reece's center.

It felt like forever since Reece had indulged in this kind of mutual gratification, she was more than eager to feel Faith's mouth.

However, this was a first for Faith, and she was unsure of how her lover thought she could do much more than enjoy what was going on between her own legs. Reece's tongue was fucking her, she could feel the steel barbell dragging in and out on the underside of her clit, combined with her nose playing her exposed bundle of nerves like a fiddle.

"God Reece!" Faith's elbows gave way and her face fell onto her lover's thigh. She inhaled deeply and shuddered. Now I know why she freaks out when she smells me! MMmm…

Reece's hips lifted up and searched out the mouth that was breathing on her, teasing her mercilessly. She growled her need into Faith's sex.

"Oh shit..." The blonde felt the growl like a vibrator. Inspired, she secured her arms around Reece's wide-spread thighs and dove in with gusto, her tongue rushing to lap up the sweet ambrosia of Reece's arousal. She immediately saw the benefits of the position when her chin mashed against an oversensitive clit causing the hips below her to surge.

The club owner whimpered her satisfaction and gyrated her pelvis, allowing Faith to concentrate on using her tongue, which right now, felt like it was everywhere. To show her appreciation, Reece reached around with the hand holding the blonde's ass, and entered her with her thumb, leaving her own tongue to play at will.


Faith's hips took on a life of their own and Reece was actually having a hard time keeping up with the erratic bucking above her face, not to mention timing her breaths. None of it mattered any more when there was sudden insistent suction on her clit.

"Faith baby... mmm." she gasped.

The bartender pushed herself down on Reece's mouth, demanding she shut up. "Don't you dare stop," she whined.

Reece didn't intend to and reached around with the other hand to rub her lonely thumb into the abundant wetness, passing it around her already pumping finger. She waited for a signal that it may be too much for her smaller lover, but Faith rocked backwards with all intents of capturing the digit. Watching and feeling her two thumbs get sucked up into the warm tunnel put Reece dangling at the edge of her own climax.

"Faith baby... your fingers... please," she grunted, then groaned loudly when her plea was answered.

Their bodies fit together perfectly, sliding and writhing as one. Each woman was well aware of the other, yet lost in their own pleasure, trying to draw this moment out as long as they could.

Reece began murmuring little grunts and sounds. Faith loved the little curses and mumblings of her lover as she neared the edge. She doubted Reece was even aware she did it. Either way, she loved having that knowledge. However, the little "mm hmm's" had become constant, and their vibrations against Faith's sex started almost violent waves of orgasm to sneak up on her.

The tall woman pulled her mouth away for a moment and watched the muscles contract around her fingers.

"Yeah... oh... Reece..." Faith plunged her fingers in and out faster in an effort to make Reece come with her. The bartender slid her sex down Reece's chin and onto her chest.

"Fai.... FUCK!" Reece uncharactaristically thrashed around, yelling out her pleasure.

Imagining the look on her tall lover's face renewed the intensity of Faith's orgasm, and she kept coming, rubbing herself against Reece's breasts.

Faith's mouth was relentless and she didn't ever want to stop, but she was yanked back by the hair. Only then did she realize her thighs were shaking, and just how intense her climax was. She collapsed onto Reece's body with her legs hugging her head. This only drove the club owner to renew her efforts; grabbing tightly to the clenched thighs, she thrust her tongue in and out like a piston, her chin torturing Faith's hypersensitive nub.

"Oh god no... Stop... please... I'm begging," she dug her nails into Reece's thighs.

Reece held on, her arms protesting the efforts, forcing Faith to ride her face, lapping up all she was offered. This went on for several minutes and ended with the thrashing blonde beating on the bed, nearly sobbing in the throes of yet another orgasm.

"GOD REECE PLEASE!" she shouted, trembling uncontrollably.

The tall woman finally relented, and slid her lover down until she was lying on top of her.

"Animal," Faith gasped.

Reece growled. "That would be me." Funny, it's a whole new feeling when she says it, she puzzled.

Faith twitched with every breath and Reece chuckled.

"You think this is funny?" She slapped her snickering partner in the bicep. Hmmm, the very pumped bicep... She licked the length of the overexerted muscle, tasting the sweat of their lovemaking. Oh yeah. She sucked on it, causing Reece to gasp.

"Faith... think about that." Reece warned her lover where that might lead.

Faith twitched again and broke out in goose bumps at the sound of Reece's rough, breathless voice. What are you, insane? She chastised herself. She wasn't able to move, let alone have another go.

"It's my fault you're so damn sexy?" she slid more than rolled off of Reece, and leaned up on one weak elbow. "Look at me, my arms are shaking. How did you do that?"

Reece reached out and wiped the damp hair off Faith's forehead. "You are so beautiful, how can I not?" She rearranged herself and gestured to her shoulder. "Come here."

Faith blushed. "Stop it. You apparently haven't looked in a mirror lately." She snuggled up to Reece's naked body and sighed. This is all mine! She gave the long glistening body the once over. Look at those legs! That stomach, those incredible breasts! She ran her fingertips in gentle circles over Reece's chest, possibly to soothe herself. Lord, but can I live through it? There's gotta be countless women more attractive than me. More experienced. Am I satisfying enough? God, what about those pictures... would she ever want to do that with me? Would I let her? What about temptation? I won't be at the club every day? Maybe I can have Cori keep an eye out...

"What are ya thinking about babe?"

"Competition." she blurted.

"Huh?" Reece looked down at Faith's uncertain expression.

"I'm scared of losing you, Reece. How will I ever be able to keep you?" she admitted.

"You're shitting me, right?" Reece kissed the top of Faith's head and wrapped her arms around her tightly. "The question is, how will you ever get rid of me?"

"Now you're shitting me." Faith placed kisses along the side of Reece's breast, smiling as the nipple rose to attention. "After all we went through trying to get one another, why would I want to get rid of you?"

Reece shrugged. "I just thought..."

"Well stop thinking then, it's highly overrated. I love you, and after much aggravation, I finally got you. They'll never be able to peel me away from you now. Deal with it."

The club owner felt something inside of her warm. An unfamiliar feeling in the pit of her chest. Love? she questioned. One way to test that theory.


"Reece?" she chuckled. Come on baby, say it.

"I uh..." Go on tough guy, say it. "... I love you." There.

"I know." Faith kissed her on the shoulder. "I'll always know."

Reece smiled and emitted a contented sigh. Faith wrapped herself tighter around Reece's body and yawned. Yup. It's love.

"Besides, you screamed." the blonde teased.

Reece began to blush. "Yeah well... I don't usually, I mean no one has... it's just..."

"I bet you look adorable in red." she chuckled "Don't worry, it won't leave this room." Faith crossed her heart. Well maybe just Cori..

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