Reece's Faith, Part 21

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"Oh...oh.." Faith moaned.

Every time Reece dragged her tongue upward, the actress moaned. The tall woman was kneeling at her feet holding one stocking-clad leg over her shoulder, tasting.

Sure, Reece had other plans in mind, but one look at her lover standing there by the bathroom door, and the club owner's mind went blank. There was little that she could do except fall to her knees in worship.

Faith found it amusing when her lover dropped there speechless, but kept the chuckle to herself. Having Reece on her knees may have been the topic of the day with her friends, but the tall woman didn't need to know that bit of information. When she came out of the bathroom in her little outfit, she had no idea that the club owner was waiting for her. Faith had a whole seduction planned, but that scenario flew out the window when her lover knelt before her.

"You like?" Faith asked her admirer, lifting her hands up over her head.

Reece nodded and nuzzled the blonde curls, inhaling the clean scent of her lover.

"I figured you would, now stand up and let me get a look at you."

The tall woman shook her head and continued to rub her face between the actress's legs.

Which led to this moment--Reece taking leisurely licks up the length of Faith's sex, one hand underneath, fingers spreading her lips open, the other hand gripping her hip tightly, holding her against the wall. She kept a slow torturous pace, beginning at the crease of Faith's ass to the tip of her clit, then closing her mouth to savor the taste as it got stronger each trip. The metal in her tongue sliding smoothly over the needy nerve endings, but not hard enough to satisfy.

The club owner knew what she was doing, Faith was sure of that.

Reece hadn't made a sound, but if she concentrated and held her breath, Faith could hear when Reece opened her mouth to start the teasing journey again. But just barely.

Reece kept her tongue flat, limp almost, with hardly any pressure at all, and the feel of the hard steel standing out in contrast to the velvet of the tongue surrounding it was driving Faith mad. She whimpered and grabbed Reece's ears.


"Please what?" Reece stopped licking altogether and directed her hooded eyes upwards.

Staring down at her lover made Faith gasp. Reece had never looked more sexy, more beautiful. She was wearing a vest, a tight leather vest with nothing else under it. Her legs were wrapped in the same leather pants she was wearing the first time they made love. The soft black leather pants that drove her insane with the way they hugged Reece's muscular legs and ass. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, her sky blue eyes shining, and her lips wet and parted, open enough to give Faith a glimpse of her tongue and the steel ball that was torturing her moments ago.

The club owner saw the glassy green eyes stop their journey and zero in on her mouth. With a smirk she captured the piercing between her teeth, rolling it back and forth between her lips.

Faith breathed in deeply. Seeing her lover fiddling with the piercing excited her and Reece knew it. The actress reached down and rested her fingers on the smirking lips. She shivered as the steel ball slid back and forth across her fingers. Glancing back at the playful blue eyes, she pouted.

Reece chuckled behind the smaller hand and snaked her tongue out, wrapped the muscle around one finger and sucked it into her mouth.

"Ohhh." Faith groaned.

"Mm hmm." Reece agreed.

Faith liked this new facet of their lovemaking very much. They really never actually had foreplay before, usually intense sex, which made her like this little display even more. Reece never ceased to amaze her with her sexual prowess. Faith felt very lucky at the moment to be on the receiving end of such knowledge.

The club owner sucked the tip of Faith's finger much like she did another area of her body. The actress moaned as she felt it where it was intended.

Knowing her tall lover liked to feel some control, she gave it to her willingly. Faith knew what she was doing, but Reece didn't have to. The actress liked her in control and sometimes she set her up, like now. Faith slid her finger out and drew a line on her body from the bottom of the silky material up to rest on the lace between her breasts, knowing how it would cause her lover to react.

Reece's mouth watered. Seeing those green eyes staring at her lips with such hunger forced a growl from her throat.

"Touch them."

"I'd rather you touch them. They want you so much." Faith slid the bustier down to expose her breasts, knowing exactly what would come next.

The tall woman guided Faith's hand to her left breast.

"Touch it for me." Reece started to feel that rush of pleasure that she got when she dictated their lovemaking.

Faith grinned inwardly and squeezed her breast for Reece. She watched as the kneeling woman's nostrils flared in excitement. She knew how wet she must have just gotten in those pants as her command was obeyed.

Faith let her nipples peek out from between her fingers as she kneaded. The tall woman licked her lips and stood up on her knees, her mouth hovering over Faith's right nipple. The redhead could smell her own scent on Reece's breath.

"Your breath is so hot, baby." Faith moaned, squeezing her fingers tighter around her nipples, giving her lover an unconscious invitation.

Reece's tongue toyed with the silver hoop peeking from between her lover's fingers. Faith let go of that breast to grab the back of her head, pushing her hard against the nipple.

Reece suckled hungrily, batting her tongue across the nipple as her lover's hips squirmed against the wall. She pushed her body into Faith's and the smaller woman jerked against her.

For Faith, it wasn't nearly enough contact and she took Reece's hand from her hip and pushed it towards her sex. She was surprised that her lover allowed the movement, and leaned into the touch.

Reece's thumb rested on her clit, her fingers rested on her lips, but she didn't move. Instead the tall woman looked up into Faith's face, released the nipple she was sucking and held the ring in her teeth.

"Move for me. Fuck my hand."

Faith needed no further instruction and began to move against the large hand. She moved slowly at first, afraid she might come too quickly, leaving both Reece and herself unsatisfied.

Glancing down, watching Faith move on her hand, Reece felt herself getting wetter by the second. She leaned her hips forward trying to get some relief from her tight leathers.

"It's turning you on, isn't it, baby?" The actresses voice was husky. "Want me to take care of that? You'll have to come closer."

The sound of Faith's voice combined with the feeling on her hand and the vision of her lover sent Reece reeling. She pulled Faith down until she was sitting on the floor with her legs splayed, the large hand still situated between them. Hungry blue eyes drank in the sight from toe to head. Silky black stockings, shiny blue garters, lacy blue and black material bunched up under perfect breasts.

"Take it baby, it's all yours." The redhead urged.

Looking at Faith's flushed face as she spoke those words was Reece's undoing. She leaned forward and thrust two fingers inside her lover.

"Yesssss" The actress cried out, grabbing Reece's neck and pulling her into a heated kiss.

"Fuck it." The club owner bit Faith's lip. "Fuck my hand."

The redhead obeyed and both of them groaned. Faith let go of Reece's neck and pulled her even closer by the front of her vest, popping open the snaps as she did. Their breasts came together and the taller woman growled again, mashing herself harder against her lover.

Reece leaned her forearm against the wall behind Faith's head for balance, afraid that her shaking legs would betray her control. A stockinged leg moved between two leather-covered ones and the tall woman practically fell onto it. Reece pulled the leg into her crotch and grunted inside Faith's mouth, her tongue moving in time with her hips. The actress groaned, feeling the tingling sensation ignite in her sex.

"I'm gonna come, Reece.." Faith whined.

She'd recently started making this announcement to her lover. She knew Reece liked to watch her face as she came. The actress was aware of the sense of pride and accomplishment Reece felt bringing her to orgasm. Seeing how lost the woman was in her own pleasures, the redhead felt the need to alert her to her own.

Reece stopped moving her hips and pulled her head back. She wanted to watch as her lover's face displayed the ecstasy that she was giving her.

"Oh, yes .. now!"

The club owner thrust into Faith and just held her hand still, letting the smaller body take its pleasure from her.

To Reece, there was nothing more beautiful than seeing and feeling her lover come.

"That's it, I love you, baby." The tall woman groaned as her fingers were clutched and milked by Faith's inner muscles.

"I love you so much, Reece." The actress threw herself on top of her lover, pushing Reece onto her back, cutting her orgasm short in the process. She knew if she didn't, Reece would draw this one out and the actress needed strength to attack her lover properly. She nuzzled her way across the club owner's throat and started to suck at the skin.

"Oh no you don't, I'm not through with you yet." Reece protestsed.

Faith sat up and straddled Reece's stomach.

"But what about you? I know you didn't come." She traced full lips with her fingertips, making Reece shiver.

"I can wait, it's you who wanted to play." she smirked.

"Indeed." She glanced down at Reece's exposed breasts and smiled. "Too bad I didn't get the full effect at the get-go."

"Yeah well, you shouldn't have let me see that outfit in its entirety if you had other plans." The tall woman fingered a garter.

"I want you to take me on your bike, dressed just like that."

Reece actually felt her heart palpitate.

"Yes, with your leather jacket on. The long one, so you can wrap it around me while I sit on your lap." Faith trailed her finger across the leather waistband.

Reece croaked.

Faith cocked an eyebrow in amusement as she saw her lover swallow hard in preparation to speak again.

"Oh yeah? What will you be doing on my lap that I'd need to cover you?"

"Wrapping my legs around your back and riding that fat dildo I fucked you with." Faith unbuttoned the fly and played with the hair that appeared. "For starters."

"Oh." Was all the club owner could manage as she lost all ability to talk.

Faith talking like this was very new and it did wonderful things to Reece's body. For instance, her pants had suddenly become very wet and her heart was beating so hard her chest was visibly thumping. The club owner wished she could say out loud how much she felt at the moment. She wished she had enough courage to return the favor.

"What do you say we pretend that we're on the bike now?" Faith knew what she was doing to her lover and reveled in the ability to do so. She worked her hand inside Reece's pants and closed her eyes at the wetness she encountered.

The club owner merely gulped.

"Oh no. I think we better take care of this little problem first and foremost. Don't you agree?"

Reece was more than ready to let her lover finish what was started, but she also had a sudden urge to show Faith how much she meant to her.

Give it to her, chicken shit. Give her what she wants.

Instead of answering, Reece turned them both over and she was now hovering above Faith rocking back and forth on her trapped hand.

Lord have mercy! Faith was genuinely surprised by Reece's actions until she took in the whole picture.

Oh yes! Look at this! This is for me!

The tall woman was crouched on all fours above her, her blue eyes staring intently into her startled green ones. The leather vest was hanging open and her two favorite toys were swaying back and forth as Reece rocked. Her pants were open and Faith shivered seeing her hand disappear inside of them.

This is so intense. God!

The actress groaned as she felt her fingers sliding back and forth in the abundant proof of arousal Reece was offering her.

Magnificent..breathtaking.. all mine.

Faith felt an overwhelming warmth wash over her. The trust and openness her lover was showing her right now was enormous. Each time it was a little more, another brick falling from her lover's facade. She knew this was a big deal, but didn't want to scare Reece with the tears that were threatening to spill. She concentrated more on the visual than the emotions.

God she's so hot. So wet .. I can hear it.

She reached up and touched Reece's lips. The club owner licked the fingers and groaned, leaning harder into her other hand. Faith was missing one thing. Her hair. I want to feel her hair. She undid the ponytail and let the long black hair fall around Reece's face.

"You are so beautiful Reece." Faith stared into the half closed blue eyes with deep adoration. The taller woman thrust forward and waited, never taking her eyes off of Faith's.

"Do it." She whispered.

The actress stared right back, enchanted by the pleading look on Reece's face, then positioned her fingers at the waiting entrance.

The tall woman nodded and licked her lips in anticipation.

Afraid she'd never get this opportunity again, Faith took advantage. She watched her lover's expression change as she slowly eased three fingertips into her and stopped. She put her other hand on Reece's stomach to make sure her lover didn't move.

Reece's eyes fluttered closed briefly before opening again with a look of pure need. Faith felt her mouth grow dry. She pushed her fingers in a little more and moaned as her lover's stomach rippled, the muscles clenching.

Reece's eyes widened and her mouth fell open as she was filled deeper. She inhaled sharply as Faith twisted her fingers inside, spreading them out as far as they would go.

"Oh Reece.. you are so wet.. I can hear my fingers moving."

Reece nodded slightly and bit her bottom lip.

Without warning the club owner arched her back and thrust hard, impaling herself thoroughly. She shuddered and grunted never once closing her eyes or losing contact with the green ones she was staring into.

Faith was awestruck as Reece allowed her this moment. She studied every movement of every muscle on her lover's face as she began to move herself again. The redhead watched as Reece moved only her hips, rocking on her fingers. Faith adjusted her hand so her thumb would touch Reece's clit on the next forward motion.

"Ahh!" Blue eyes widened in surprise and pleasure at the contact.

"Yes Reece, give it to me.." she whispered.

"Oh god.." The club owner threw her head back.

"Please baby, look at me, let me see."

"No.. I can't." Reece dropped down onto her elbows, her arms cradling Faith's head, her hair covering the both of them.

Faith understood and wrapped her arm around her lover's neck, holding her tightly.

"Its ok.. I love you so much." She whispered into the damp black hair.

"Umm..oh..Faith.." Reece was groaning right into Faith's ear, making her shudder.

"You're so close.. I can feel it.." The actress continued to whisper, urging and soothing at the same time.

Reece's body was on fire. She wanted to come for Faith. She wanted to share this moment with her so badly, but she wasn't sure she could. Ohhh, but her fingers feel so fucking good.. The club owner pumped her hips hard and fast; the orgasm was going to be intense, she could feel it in her toes. Get up! Give it to her! Show her everything! She screamed in her head.

"Oh sweetheart.. I can feel it.. you want it so bad.."

Faith did feel it. The arms surrounding her head had squeezed tightly, she could feel Reece's legs trembling around her own, and her stomach muscles had tightened against her arm. Most of all, Reece was sweating hard. This had only happened once before and that time her lover lost the orgasm and she beat herself up for days. This time it was too intense--she needed to make Reece come. This was emotional, not just physical.

The club owner whimpered into her ear. Faith didn't know if it was pleasure or frustration. Determined, she grasped a handful of hair and pulled Reece's face away from her neck and kissed her. She sucked on her tongue in time to her thrusting hips and moved her thumb back and forth on her clit.

Reece whimpered into her mouth and Faith knew this time it was pleasure. She tore her mouth away and looked at Reece's face. It was flushed, sweaty and her eyes were tightly shut. I wanna see this dammit!

"Oh Reece.. you feel so good fucking my hand.. god, you're so wet.. listen to it.."

The club owner heard the sound of Faith's fingers squishing around in her own wetness and became slightly embarrassed. She tried to drop her head down again but Faith's hand holding her hair prevented it. She opened her eyes as a reflex. When she did, she saw Faith staring back at her with hunger and devotion.

"That's it baby, you wanna come on my hand. Feel it." Faith thrust back into her lover catching her off guard.

"Ohhh.. Fai.." The club owner tried to close her eyes but her head was jerked by her hair.

"No! Look at me Reece.."

The club owner's arms started shaking, her leg muscles started to twitch, her eyes locked with Faith's.

"That's it.. you're gonna come for me now, aren't you?" The actress stared into her eyes.

"Oh shit!..I. Faith.." Reece grabbed Faith's shoulders and squeezed painfully hard.

"Oh yeah.. here you go.. come's me doing fingers making you come." The redhead watched Reece's face contort as the muscles spasmed inside of her.

Reece reared up and thrust herself hard onto Faith's hand as her orgasm started. She began to tremble all over.

"Oh..OH..!" she shouted, digging her nails into Faith's shoulders.

The actress used her other hand to hold on to Reece's ass as she twitched and shuddered violently. The second she let go of her hair the club owner fell onto her heavily.

"Yes Reece, so beautiful"

"Oh godohgodohgodohgod.." Reece muttered into Faith's neck now holding onto her head for dear life.

Faith was amazed and at the powerful orgasm her lover was having. The taller woman pulled herself off of the fingers but quickly pressed herself into the hand still in her pants.

"Shit.." Reece's teeth were clenched and she still gyrated against Faith's hand. She leaned over and captured Faith's lips in a kiss.

The actress felt Reece's body slow down and she broke the kiss.

"Thank you, Faith." The tall woman breathed into her mouth.

"Are you nuts? Don't you dare thank me, you sexy thing you. That was awesome." Now I know why she feels so proud!

The club owner bit Faith's lip and she smacked Reece on the ass, causing her to jump and groan.

"Don't do that, your hand is still there."

"You want more?" Faith was astonished.

"I want you all the time." Reece lifted herself up on to her knees.

"I love you." "Faith, I don't know what happened.. I really wanted to.."

"But you did, didn't you? Don't worry about that."

"Which reminds me. You have a filthy mouth little one."

"Oh please, you got off on my filthy mouth." Faith smirked and pinched Reece's nipple.

"Mmmmm.. I do believe I owe you one." Reece wiggled her eyebrows. "What shall I do?"

"You can get down there and lick me til I scream." She pushed Reece's head between her legs.

The club owner wasted no time and latched onto Faith's clit immediately.

"Oh yeah baby.. I'm so there." She grabbed Reece's ears and mashed her face into her sex.

"I love tasting you.. especially when you're this wet."

"Yeah oh.. just like that .." She purred.


Reece's ceased all movement and her eyes widened.


Faith stopped moving too.


"You gotta be fucking joking." The tall woman muttered.

The phone started to ring.

"JESUS CHRIST!" Reece shouted as she sprang to her feet.

"Baby, ignore it, please!"

The tall woman narrowed her eyes at the ringing phone and then at the window.

"Honey, don't kill the phone please." She grabbed the cordless handset off of the cradle. Reece stalked to the window with Faith hot on her heels. "One of those annoyances has got to be Cori!"

"Hello?" the actress's eyes went wide and she covered her mouth with her hand.


Reece threw open the window and looked down at the stoop. Her eyes went wide too and she pulled her head back in and stared at Faith in disbelief.

The actress hung up the phone and stared at her lover with the same look of disbelief.

"That was Dad. Mom's gone."

"Then that would explain why she's standing on the stoop with a suitcase."


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