Reece's Faith, Part 23

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Mrs. Ashford put down the last of the tabloids and laughed out loud.

"Oh my!" she continued laughing.

Faith shut off the blow dryer to investigate the sound.

Is Mother laughing? She wondered. I don't think I ever heard her laugh like that in my life!

"Oh dear!" The older woman held her stomach and laughed.

That is Mother! What the hell is she so hysterical about?

Faith suddenly became nervous. Her mother could have gotten into anything.

Shit! Why did I leave her alone down there? I let her talk me into a bath. I should have known it was a plan for her to snoop!

She started dressing, grabbing clothing from the floor.

Oh God.. I hope she didn't go through the video cabinet. Not only does Lucky live there, but Reece's video collection could kill her! She ran down the stairs in fear.

Marsha tried to collect herself, but she couldn't stop laughing.

"Mom? Are you alright?" The actress edged closer to her mother.

Marsha held up a tabloid and shook it around.

Faith felt her legs go numb when she saw the cover picture.

"This is some...oh my...interesting coffee table ...oooh...reading, dear." The older woman continued to pull herself together.

"You find this funny?" The actress furrowed her brows in confusion.

"Oh, Faith dear. I haven't laughed like that in ages!"

The actress had no idea why her mother was reacting with such hilarity to her half-naked body. The clothing choice alone should have given her a mild arrhythmia. The fact that it was all over the coffee table should have at least caused her to stroke.

"Again, you find this funny?" She put her hands on her hips.

"Oh my yes!"

Faith stood there tapping her foot as her mother continued to titter.

"That outfit doesn't help any.." she giggled.

The younger woman looked down at her clothes and smiled. In her haste she'd thrown on Reece's inside-out sweatpants and a T-shirt that read: 'Remember my name, you'll be screaming it later.'

"Well I'd rather be on the cover of a magazine in this get up than that one."

"Oh honey, the pictures aren't bad. In fact, they're flattering. Remind me to show you my pictures some day."

The actress sat down next to her mother and stared at her in shock.

"Mom...who?" Faith was speechless.

"I had racy pictures taken for your father when we were engaged. A promise of what was to come if you will."

Faith blushed. My mother the pinup girl.

"Oh, stop looking at me like that, honey."

"But Mom?" she whined.

"How did she take to these?"

"A lot better than I thought. She put them there."

"Oh? She must be very proud of you, then. If anyone ever got a hold of my pictures, your father would kill them."

"Proud?" The actress questioned.

"Well why else would she put them on display like this? Who took these?"

"My ex-producer and co-star. They were both fired."

"I bet Theresa had something to do with that."

"Well..." Faith looked down at her hands guiltily.

"What is that all about, Faith?"

"I haven't told her yet." she winced.

"Faith! You mustn't keep secrets like that!" Marsha scolded her daughter.

"I just thought she'd react a bit differently. I guess I should have told her, cuz, man, am I wrong about that."

"Oh, I'm not so sure she'll let them go that easily, she seems very protective toward you. But I'm certain if you ask her to, she'll play nice." Marsha smiled.

"I hope she'll go easy on me for keeping this from her."

"She better or she'll have me to answer to. Besides, you have that woman wrapped around your pinkie. I watched her today, she worships you."

"Trust is very important to her, Mom." Faith scowled at her mistake.

"Then you should have known better, dear."

The key in the door startled them both. Reece wasn't due home so early.

"Oh no...what am I going to do, Mom? She knows." Faith panicked.

"You don't know that, honey." Marsha tried to reassure her daughter.

The expression on Reece's face confirmed Faith's fears.

"Baby, let me explain." The actress began.

"Why didn't you tell me who it was?" Blue eyes narrowed.

"I think I better get a drink" Mrs. Ashford escaped into the kitchen.

"I'm sorry, Reece. I didn't mean to keep secrets! I know I promised...I was just..." Faith sobbed.

"Hey, don't cry." The club owner felt her anger float away when she saw how upset Faith was. She knelt down, grasped the smaller hand, and held it to her face.

"I just feel so shitty about this."

"I'm not mad at you for keeping it from me. I kinda feel stupid now, really." Reece pursed her lips in thought.

"Stupid? How?" Faith sniffed.

"Well, you were afraid to tell me, weren't you?"

The actress nodded and looked away.

"I don't want you to ever be afraid of me. I guess I don't now how to prove to you that you can trust me." Reece sighed in sadness and dropped Faith's hand.

"Oh no! I'm not afraid of you! Baby, please don't think that. I was afraid of how you'd react and what you might do to them." Faith leaned over and kissed her lover on the lips. "You have to admit, you can be dangerous when you're angry."

"I'd never hurt you. I'd rather die." Reece swore.

"I know that, Reece, and I trust you with my life." She kissed her lover again.

"I don't think I know how to hurt you."

"Well," Faith smirked, "if I asked real nice..."

The club owner's eyes opened wide.

"Why, Faith Ashford, you naughty little girl." Reece teased.

"I thought I was your dirty little girl." The actress pulled the kneeling woman between her legs and kissed her hard.

"You keep that up and you'll be an embarrassed little girl." Reece warned.


Faith buried her head in Reece's neck. "Mother, you have impeccable timing."

"I thought I waited an appropriate amount of time." Marsha shrugged as she sat down next to her daughter.

"No biggie, Mrs. A." Reece spoke to the older woman but was smiling at Faith.

"I guess I forgot what it was like to be that enamored. I wouldn't want to interrupt."

"I'm sure you remember what all the parts look like. A drink sounds good about now. You want one, babe?"

Faith nodded so Reece left to get some beers.

"Oh yes. My little girl was darling." Marsha looked thoughtful. "You know, she had such a cute little potato." She grinned.

"MOM!" Faith screamed. "You are so wrong!"

Reece walked back into the living room with two beers and handed one to her beet red lover. She mouthed 'potato' at Faith with the most amused look on her face.

"Oh, Mrs. Ashford, do tell." The club owner grinned.

"Well, I'm sure you'd agree. I mean you've seen it." she gestured to her daughters crotch.

"OH GOD!" Faith hid her face behind Reece's shoulder. "This can't be happening." she mumbled.

Reece laughed at loud. This lady is fucking cool!

Marsha winked at Reece and continued.

"Besides, after looking at that video collection, I'm sure you're familiar enough with that particular body part to judge." Marsha sipped her vodka demurely.

This time Reece blushed, and Faith practically crawled on top of her.

"Make her stop, baby." The actress pinched Reece's neck hard.

"OW! Hey!" The club owner frowned and rubbed the sore area.

"Faith, dear, it's not nice to pinch." Marsha scolded.

"I'll get you for this, Mother. I swear it." The actress turned around to face her mom and saw the smile on her face.

"You were teasing me?" she slapped Reece on the thigh. "I can't stand the both of you." She pouted.

"Come on, honey, it was all in fun."

"Great, Mom, not only do you two get along, but you conspire." she continued her pout.

"Reece, be a dear and get me a refill."

The tall woman peeled off her lover and complied.

"Mom, you didn't really look through the video cabinet, did you?"

"Yes I did." she replied matter-of-factly "And if you ask me, I think you oughtta be more careful where you put your toys."

"Oh, kill me." Faith fell face down on the coffee table.

"Honestly, Faith, penises in the cabinet, handcuffs in the kitchen. I swear I almost put strawberry lubricant on my breakfast toast this morning."

Reece entered the room to see her lover banging her head repeatedly on the coffee table.

"What the hell are you doing?" She rushed over and stopped her from hurting herself.

"My mother is trying to kill me."

"Don't be dramatic, dear."

"I'm an actress, I can't help it." She glared at the older woman.

"You'd be happy to know that your father called today while you were in your bath. I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon."

"Thank you!" Faith fell to her knees and gave thanks to the heavens.

"Maybe you'll take me down to that studio you work at in the morning?" Marsha asked.

"Anything, as long as you're going home, I'll do anything you want."

"Ok then, go upstairs and take care of your woman. I bet you haven't had sex since I've been here."

"That would be a correct assumption, ma'am." Reece grinned mischievously.

"Mom! God! I can't just go and have sex on command! Especially with you here...why am I even saying this to you?"

"If I had someone like Reece, I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of her for a second. Besides, the poor woman can probably use it, looking at those pictures all day."

"Thank you, Mrs. A." The two women toasted each other then drained their drinks.

"I wish I could disappear." Faith groaned.

Reece took her by the hand and pulled her up from the couch. Faith was the darkest shade of red the tall woman had ever seen on a human being. Chuckling, she lifted her up and held her like a newborn. Faith clutched on to her lover's neck and hid her face in the dark hair.

Marsha winked and waved at Reece as she ascended the stairs, carrying her daughter.


"I'm mortified, Reece. I can't think of sex now!"

"Not even if I did this?" The tall woman leaned over her prone lover and traced her ear with the tip of her tongue.

"No." Faith replied, unfazed.

"How about this?" Reece took off her boots and straddled Faith, grinding down softly into her.

"Nope." The actress replied as her nipples visibly hardened.

"Ooo, tough crowd." The club owner grinned seductively and took off her shirt.

Faith couldn't help but swallow as she watched Reece peel off her bra.

"What if I was to do this?" The tall woman caressed her own breasts, knowing it would drive Faith crazy. Not to mention fan her own flames a bit.

"Nothing at all." The actress denied somewhat breathlessly.

"Oh, I see. So this would be a one-woman show?" Reece teased. She grinned as she saw

Faith swallow again as she nodded.

"That's too bad, because I'm real horny." The club owner got up off the bed and took her pants off. "I could really use that tongue of yours." She remarked casually.

Reece stood there letting Faith take a long look at her and grinned when the actress propped herself up on her elbows for a better view. By the time those green eyes reached her own she could see the hunger.

"Nothing?" Reece questioned.

"Uh-uh." Faith tried not to grin but it made her lip twitch.

The nearly naked woman chuckled to herself. She's toast now...pull out the big guns.

The actress's eyes were glued to the strong hands as they touched Reece's body. The club owner licked her finger and circled her nipple with it, the other hand resting at the waistband of her underwear. Faith squirmed and stifled a groan as that hand disappeared behind the material. She turned over on to her side and leaned her head on her elbow.

"And I bet this doesn't get you either." Reece said between heavy breaths.

Faith silently shook her head, totally engrossed at the display. Her sex was throbbing, and if she opened her mouth, she'd be panting. Not being able to see everything was turning her on more than if she could.

"That's ok," Reece groaned, "I can take care of it myself." Not taking her hand out of her underwear, she got back on the bed and lay down facing Faith. "You see...mmm...I have a lot of practice."

Reece could see Faith's pulse racing by the pounding of the vein on her neck. She figured she would have been attacked by now. Baby's got willpower, she grinned inwardly, I don't know how long I can last though, I'm getting off on this game! The club owner doubled her efforts to get Faith to touch her.

"I wish this was your hand touching me," she moaned.

Faith's mouth was completely dry. She squirmed again. She really wanted to watch Reece do this, but she was giving in fast. I'm not going to make it. I've turned into a sex maniac.

"Wanna know what it feels like?" Reece leaned close and spoke into her lover's ear.

Faith nodded, squeezing her thighs together tightly.

"Wet, really wet," she breathed, reaching into her underwear with her other hand to gather some evidence. She took her hand out and rubbed her fingers on Faith's parted lips.

"Oh." Reece shuddered when the warm lips engulfed her fingers.

Faith closed her eyes at the taste. She held the hand tight and after sucking the fingers clean, then brought it to her breast. The fat lady has sung.

"God, I'm going to die if you don't touch me, Reece." she whined.

The club owner nearly tore off Faith's clothing in an attempt to feel her naked skin.

"I thought you'd never ask." Reece growled as her mouth latched on to a perfect breast.

"Baby, I want to be quiet..." Faith whimpered. "I don't know if I can."

Just then the television was heard blaring from the living room. Both women sighed in relief.

Thanks Mrs. A. "This is going to be so fast, baby..." Faith panted "...All you have to do is look at me right now."

While Reece was thoroughly enjoying what she was doing, suckling on her lover's nipples while touching herself wasn't exactly going to get Faith off. She lifted her head and smirked.

"Trust me?" she asked.

"You know I do." Faith pushed some dark hair off of Reece's face.

Still facing her lover, the tall woman took that hand from her face and put it inside her underwear, then placed her hand underneath it. She then reached over with her free hand and pushed Faith's sweats down, slipping her hand inside the soft material of her lover's panties.

Faith shuddered with a gasp as she slid her hand under Reece's.

The club owner moved her hand in the way she enjoyed most. "Feel what I'm doing? That's what I do when I want to get off quick."

"Oh yeah? I'll remember that." The actress closed her eyes and concentrated on Reece's hand movements.

"Show me what makes you crazy." The tall woman urged.

Faith moved her hand letting Reece feel the motions. The club owner closed her eyes too, concentrating on the movement of the smaller fingers.

Faith liked feeling the larger hand engulf her own and move beneath hers at the same time. It was indescribable.

"Kiss me, Reece." The actress tilted her head to the side to meet her lover's lips.

Faith wrapped her leg around Reece's and pulled their bodies closer together.

"Mmm baby, I can feel you getting close." She whispered.

"This is so hot..." The tall woman groaned and sucked Faith's tongue into her mouth.

Reece continued to kiss her lover as she came, swallowing Faith's cries, sounds that brought her to her own orgasm.

The two women stayed up in the bedroom for quite a while that evening. Marsha, on the other hand, was quite enjoying Reece's video collection, going home with a few new things to try.


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