Reece's Faith, Part 24

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Marsha wiped her hands on the kitchen towel and hurried to answer the front door before the bell woke the girls. She opened the door and stood agape at what was on the stoop.

"Uhm, you must be Faith's mother. I'm Cori, we spoke on the phone. Pleased to meet you." The dancer stuck out her hand but the older woman still stood there immobile.

"Sooo, can I come in?"

Marsha was transfixed on the silver hoop as it moved when the girl spoke. "Oh! Yes! Certainly, come in." Mrs. Ashford sputtered in embarrassment.

She wasn't kidding when she warned me about her friends...

"Are they here?" Cori wondered at the silence of the house.

"Yes, they're still sleeping." The older woman stared as the guest removed her coat.

Cori was all too familiar with the way she was being looked at, and decided to humor Faith's mom.

"OK, let's get this over with, shall we? This," she pulled down the shoulder of her shirt, "Is one of my tattoos, it ends here." she turned around and bent her head, showing the back of her neck. "It took 3 weeks to finish and yes, the damn thing stung. I have 9 piercings, from the neck up. Yes, the tongue ring hurt," Cori stuck out the muscle, "but I still got it pierced again. Call me masochistic, but it reaps the rewards. No, my nose and lip didn't hurt, but I had a hell of a time learning not to drool when I drank."

Marsha looked on, nodding, genuinely interested.

"My hair is currently 'Pillarbox Red'. Yes, my parents know what I look like. I have a job, an apartment...let's see...oh, and I'm a dyke. My girlfriend's parking the car. Wait till you get a load of her." The dancer thought a moment. "I think that about covers it." She headed towards the fridge.

"Well then." Marsha shooed Cori away from the icebox and into a chair. "Would you like bacon? Or are you one of those vegetable lesbians?"

The dancer laughed. "I'd love some, Mrs. Ashford. I couldn't live without meat."

The two women made small talk while Marsha prepared Cori's breakfast.

"So, how long have you known my daughter?"

"It feels like forever. She's such a great person, Mrs. Ashford. You done good with her."

"I don't deserve the credit."

"Someone has to, may as well take it. I love that woman, she's my best friend."

"Do you know Reece long?"

"Very." Cori wasn't sure where the older woman was going with this line of questioning. "Why?"

"Just asking." Marsha shrugged.

"I love Reece too," she said, slightly defensively.

"I worry about my Faith, Cori, that's all."

"Look, Reece may look scary, and she may act it sometimes, but I swear, Faith is her whole life." Cori smiled.

"Yes dear, I can see that for myself. I can't help thinking she's hiding something. She has a few secrets, that woman does."

"Well, everybody does, don't they, Mrs. Ashford?"

"I suppose you're right."

"Don't you worry about Faith. She's got me as a watch dog."

The doorbell rang and Cori went to get up but Marsha stopped her, placing a plate in front of the dancer.

"You eat, dear, I'll get that."


Faith rolled off of Reece's back and frowned at the clock. She really didn't want to get up yet, she had another hour left of sleep. The pain in her back and the need to go to the bathroom had awakened her and she trudged out of bed crankily.

Great, this sucks.

The club owner shivered when the warmth disappeared. Groping around blindly in the bed, she too frowned when she came up empty.

"Faith?" she grumbled.

"Umm." Came the grunt from the bathroom.

"Bed." Reece rolled over and lay with her arms open, waiting.

The toilet flushed, the water ran, and then the door closed. Reece opened one eye to look at the clock.

"What are you doing up? You have time." She stretched and yawned.

"Got my period, don't feel good." Faith mumbled around her toothbrush.

"Aww babe, come back to bed. I'll rub your back like you like."

Reece felt bad for her when she got her period. While the club owner didn't suffer at all, Faith really got it bad.

The actress appeared by the side of the bed with a very cranky expression. "Make it go away baby." she groaned and lay down next to her lover.

Reece straddled her lover and rubbed her back to take away the cramps. The actress grunted and moaned in pain and pleasure as the strong fingers kneaded away at her tight muscles. The club owner knitted her brow in annoyance.

Here we go again. First it's the cramps, then she's horny, and she don't let me near her for a whole 5 days. She stared at Faith's ass and grinned.

This time, I'm gonna get some.

"How come you don't get sick?" The actress grimaced into the mattress.

"Dunno. Maybe it's because I work out."

Faith groaned as Reece worked her magic.

"You alright? I don't like it when you're in pain."

"Oh love, that isn't pain, it feels wonderful. You have such talented hands." Faith reached behind her back and rested her hand on Reece's leg.

"Love? You never called me that before." Reece smiled at the nickname as she moved to rub the muscular legs.

"That's what you are, you're love. I can feel it when you look at me, when you touch me. Ohh, right that's love."

"That's your hormones talking." The club owner couldn't believe she was blushing.

"No Reece, that's my heart talking."

"I like when your heart talks." Reece turned her over and kissed her.

The depth of Faith's adoration shone from her eyes.

"I love you so much it scares me." The tall woman whispered the confession.

"Oh honey, I know you love me." The actress sat up and hugged her fiercely. "There's nothing to be afraid of. I know it's new. Just go with it."

Reece covered Faith's lips with a long loving kiss.

"That's my heart talking." She grinned.


"And that's my stomach talking." Faith giggled.

"Yeah," The club owner nodded. "Mom's up, I smelled it too."

"Let's go make an appearance. It's her last day and all."

"I'm right behind you, sweet cheeks."

"I'd prefer 'love'." Faith teased.

"Me too, but you won't let me." Reece teased back.


"Well they were up till all hours last night." Mrs Ashford explained.

"I'll bet." Violet snickered.

"Have you seen that video collection?"

Cori gagged on her eggs.

"Hon?!" Violet ran to her side.

"I'm ok." The dancer choked.

"Well, I have to admit I'm a bit of a prude, but that stuff... I must say I'm somewhat enlightened in this lesbian sex thing."

Cori's eyes matched Violet's in her look of shock.

"Morning, Mom." Faith entered the kitchen. "Hey, when did you guys get here?" She took note of the expressions on her friends' faces.

"MOTHER! What did you say to them?!"

"God, Faith. Your mother is cool!"

"Cool!? My mother?"

"Morning, Mrs. A." Reece patted Marsha on the butt and went to the coffeepot to pour a cup.

Cori's mouth actually fell open.

"Hey, I owed her a grope." The club owner half explained.

The older woman blushed and swatted at Reece's shoulder. "Oh, you are such a card!"

"I don't think I want to know." Violet looked frightened. Cori nodded.

"God, what did I do to deserve this?" The actress looked to the heavens for an answer.

"Honey, I wish you wouldn't take the Lord's name in vain. You did enough of that last night."

"Mother..." Faith groaned. "Why don't you go and get dressed... please." She begged.

"Sure, dear, I'll get out of your hair."

Faith made a face at her mother's back, then threw herself into a chair and groaned.

"Wow, Faith! Your Mom's the shit!" Violet gushed.

"Why? What did she do to you?"

"Nothing, babe!" Cori replied. "She's just cool is all."

"My mother?" Faith was still unconvinced.

"Yeah, she told us she practically forced you guys to fuck. And did you know she watched Reece's pornos?"

"What?!" The club owner dropped her coffee. "Shit!"

"Baby, be careful!" Faith rushed to her aid.

"SHE WATCHED THEM?" Reece shouted.

"Yeah, she told us she learned something too." Cori snickered.

"Oh no." Reece looked horrified.

"Reece, why the face? So she watched some pornos.."

"I'm in some of them, Faith." The club owner looked at her feet.

The room fell quiet.

"You're in them, in them?"


The silence was deafening. Cori and Violet were watching Reece, who was staring at the floor.

"Well, I'm assuming this was before I came into the picture." The actress narrowed her eyes.

"Yes. Way before." Reece couldn't take the scrutiny, and started for the door.

"Don't you dare walk away, Reece!"

The club owner stopped in her tracks and turned around to face her lover.

"If you'd rather we left..."

"No, Cor, it's ok." Faith smiled.

"Reece?" Violet asked.

The tall woman shrugged and half smiled at Faith.

"So, did the women know they were being filmed?"


"Are you um...on the receiving end of .."

"It's all just me doing them." Reece grimaced and closed her eyes, waiting for the attack. When none came, she peeked open an eye and saw Faith standing there with a smirk.

"So, no one's touching you then?" Faith's eyebrow went up.

"Well, I didn't say that...what I mean is..." The tall woman began sweating.

"Nah ah ah.. you don't have to go there. I know what you mean."

Again, the room sat silent until Faith spoke up.

"So, you're fucking them?"

The club owner glanced at her lover. "Some."

"That I wouldn't mind too much." Faith smirked.

"Huh?" Cori, Violet and Reece questioned.

"Well, I could watch that. As long as no one was doing you." The actress grinned.

There was a collective sigh of relief.

"Can I watch too?" Violet wondered. Cori backhanded her in the stomach.

"Faith? Are you serious?" Reece was dumbstruck.

"Yeah, totally. I wanna see them." She hugged her lover and smiled. "I just gotta see that ass in motion..." Faith squeezed her lovers butt and mmm'd.

"Why don't you just put mirrors on the ceiling?" Cori asked.

"I can't keep my eyes open long enough, let alone focused." Faith grinned.

"You'd be surprised." Violet winked.

"You have mirrors?" Reece wondered.

"Yeah, and it's great. You can watch the top of Faith's head when--"

"Whoa there. I'm getting horny." Faith held up her hand.

"My girl just loves to watch." Reece teased.

"Well, you sure are something to look at." Faith licked her lips appreciatively.

"You're hormonal." The tall woman smirked.

"And horny." The actress kissed Reece's collarbone.

"Wow. You must take after your mom, because you're cool." she teased.

Faith smirked and stretched up for a proper kiss. The liplock was broken by a throat clearing.

"Sorry." Faith blushed.

"S'okay. We kinda got used to the public ravishings." Violet joked.

"Me too. Although I'll never get used to this." Marsha agreed, holding up a dildo.

Cori gasped. Reece and Violet turned red. Faith felt faint.

"It was in my nightstand. I was looking for a pen."

The older woman handed the toy to Reece and made herself a cup of tea. "By the way, that one feels so real." She added as she sat down.

"It's supposed to, Mrs. A." Reece smirked, putting Harley in her bathrobe pocket.

Faith had to sit. The thought of her mother actually knowing what a real penis felt like made her queasy. The fact that she was comparing the two made her lightheaded.

"Well, pardon me for being naive, but why? If you don't want to have sex with a man, why?"

"It's not the umm, part, Mrs. Ashford, it's the person it's attached to." Cori offered.

Marsha contemplated that for a moment. "I see." She sipped from her cup quietly. "You wouldn't happen to know where I can get one of those, would you?" She asked the tall woman.

Faith put her head between her knees when she began to hyperventilate.

"Babe? Take it easy." The club owner knelt at her lover's side.

"So, what's on the agenda today, Reece?" Cori changed the subject.

"Oh, Faith dear, I nearly forgot! A man named John called while I was on the phone with your father." She chuckled. "That's why I needed a pen."

"Welll..." The actress prompted.

"He said that they postponed shooting today due to all the latest, what was the word he used? Yes, scandal. He will call you back this afternoon."

Faith groaned. What do I do with Mother today?

"Hey, why don't you let me take your mom for the afternoon?" Cori smiled.

"Thank you. Would you?" Faith breathed a sigh of relief.

"Of course. What would you like to do today, Mrs. Ashford?"

"Oh I don't know, girls. How about you show me around? And please call me Marsha."

"Cori, I want my mother in one piece." Faith teased her friend.

"No problem. Come on, Marsha. What do you say we all go get pampered today."

"We're going to have a spa day. Sound good?" Violet added.

"Oh yes! That sounds wonderful!" Marsha was visibly pleased.

"Great idea, Cori." Faith smiled. "You be careful with her."

"Will do, Faith." Violet winked as the three women filed out the door.

"If Dad could see her now.." Faith laughed.

"Let's hope he doesn't." Reece embraced her lover.

"Hey, you're right. I don't want her back here again." Faith nudged Reece's pocket with her hip. "I wanna try that one."

"Come on then, what are we standing here for?"

"Reece, I can't. Not now." Faith gestured to her lower half.

"Oh babe, I don't mind. Harley don't mind.."

"I mind."

"Please..." Reece begged as she reached down and caressed Faith's inner thigh.

"Oh god.. don't beg." The actress already felt the tingles.

"Pretty please?" The club owner slid to her knees and kissed her lover's mons.

"Reece..." Faith warned, even though she knew she was losing the fight.

The tall woman nudged between the actress's legs with her nose and breathed hot breath all over.

"Let me make love to you, Faith. I want to so badly." She groaned.

"Get up from there. Doesn't it smell funny?"

"No, not at all." Reece rubbed her cheek on her lover's pubic area.

Faith shuddered.

"Pleeease?" Reece pouted.

"Oh, you're going all out, aren't you?" The actress ran her fingers through the long black locks.

Reece nodded. "I won't use my mouth if you don't want," she bargained.

"You don't think that's gross?"

"Not you I don't." Reece nudged into the warmth again with her nose.

"Did you ever...?" Faith squatted down to look at her lover.

"Nope. But I always wanted to earn my red wings." Black eyebrows wiggled.

"You're a pig." The actress slapped her playfully on the ass.

"Oink oink." Reece leaned in and started kissing Faith's neck.

"Baby.." Green eyes closed in pleasure. Even as she protested, Faith knew she was a goner.

"Hmm?" The club owner's lips sucked in a bit of flesh behind her ear.

"Oh Reece..." Faith shivered, Reece cheered silently. "You really want this, don't you?"

The tall woman groaned her reply and nipped the skin she was sucking.

"Aahhh..." Faith fell bonelessly into her lover's arms.

"Yessss!" Reece shot up to her full height and practically threw Faith over her shoulder.

"Hey! At least let me shower!" Faith giggled.

"Absolutely, as long as I can wash you."

"Oh, I don't know why I even try to say no to you, Reece Corbett."

"Because you like to hear me beg."

"Oh yeah." The actress growled.

"So you wanna make a tape?"


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