Reece's Faith, Part 25

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Faith was getting antsy. She had been sitting in this room, arguing, bargaining, and bitching with the cast and crew of her show.

Without Michele, Faith was thrown into the starring role, a position she didn't want. Jayme, the new producer and writer, was gesticulating frantically. The actress had no idea what she was saying; she'd tuned them all out a while ago.

Okaaay. I have way better things to do. One of which is probably waiting for me in my favorite leather trenchcoat.

Faith sighed loudly, expelling a large gust of breath that got Jayme's attention.

"I'm sorry, Faith, are we keeping you awake?" she said sarcastically.

"Actually, yes." she grumbled.

"Look," Sandy butted in, "We have to shoot 5 more episodes for this season. Why don't we just have Mish's character on some sort of vacation, and work all this out over the break?"

"I think it's a great idea. Right now it's too stressful to get anything good done. I don't want to force Faith into a responsibility she isn't comfortable with. With Mish gone, 'Campus' is all about Faith," Jayme agreed, looking to the rest of TPTB.

"Ok, I give up." Faith threw her hands up. "I've been sitting here listening to all your suggestions, but no one's asked me!"

All eyes were on Faith.

"So, tell me what you want then." Jayme plopped down in her chair.

"Well, for starters, I don't want Judith to have an affair with the professor, that's way too 90210 for me. Besides, have you seen him? I'd rather sleep with Travis."

"Cool!" Travis high-fived Jim.

"You know what I mean, you idiots." she smirked at the guys.

"Please. I know I don't stand a ghost of a chance with that woman of yours lurking around." Travis shook his head grimly.

"Speaking of said woman, are we done yet?" Faith stood up.

"Alright, I don't see why we have to keep the actors any longer, let's call it a night and we'll just edit the scripts we already have. We'll cross the Michele bridge during break." Jayme stood up too, to the relieved looks on the actors' faces.


Outside the studio, Sandy and Ali waited with Faith for Reece.

"Yeah, so it was shaky for a while, but she finally left."

"I can't believe she's that adjusted to Reece already. She must be something." Ali nodded to herself.

"Yeah, I mean as far as mother's go, Reece isn't exactly the type they'd want their daughter to fall in love with." Sandy nodded too.

"She really surprised me there." Faith admitted.

"Isn't it awful when your mother is there? You can't have sex."

"Who says?" Faith grinned.

"Oh you lucky dog." Ali laughed.

"Wait, weren't you all cramped out last week? Cuz I know I was and we get it at the same time." Sandy wondered.

Faith just blushed. When the two women gave her curious looks, she changed the subject.

"So about what you said before, you really think Mish will be a bitch?" Faith asked Sandy.

"Well, she doesn't have to try hard, I'm just saying watch out."

"Yeah, who knew?" Ali shrugged. "Charles I can see, but her?"

"You know, Reece thinks I was a threat to her, but she's biased."

"Oh no, she's right." Sandy argued. "Since you came along, the ratings have doubled, the fan mail has tripled, and it's been all about Judith."

Faith heard the distant rumble of a Harley and her stomach tingled in anticipation. "How come I don't see any mail? I mean, not that I am eager to read it, but still?"

"Oh, they have people to read and answer them for us. If you want, you can snitch mail anytime. But be careful, I read some mail that positively terrified me," Sandy warned.

Faith's eyebrow shot up in question.

"Yeah, be prepared for some sick sexual requests." Ali agreed.

"Speaking of sick sexual requests..."

"Stop that!" Faith backhanded Sandy in the belly, watching the bike approach.

Reece cut the engine and glided to a stop in front of her lover. She took off her thick winter riding gloves slowly before lifting off her helmet and running her fingers through her hair. The show was intended for Faith, but the other women sighed as well.

"Hi, babe, miss me?" The tall woman winked at the actress, throwing a long leg over the bike and sitting sidesaddle.

"I knew you'd wear that coat." Faith narrowed her eyes seductively. "And you will be rewarded for it."

"I'm counting on it." The club owner grinned ferally.

"How's it hangin', oh tall one?" Sandy teased.

"A little to the left." Reece stood, opened her trench, and rearranged her crotch. "There, that's better." She smirked.

All three actresses gaped at the bulge.

"What? It was her idea." Reece pointed at Faith. "It goes with the trenchcoat."

"REECE!" The redhead closed her eyes as the hot blush crept up her neck.

"God, Faith, I don't think I've ever been so jealous in my life." Ali admitted.

"C'mon, Ali, lets go get drunk and play 'guess what they're doing now'."

"Oh, ha ha. Goodnight, ladies." Faith turned up her nose playfully and sauntered away.

"Well, I'd stay and chat but.." Reece gave her cockiest grin and followed her lover.

Sandy groaned.

"What are you bitching about? I'm not getting any either." Alison frowned at the couple mounting the bike.


Faith released the skin from between her teeth and poked her sweaty face out from inside the trenchcoat to look at her panting lover.

Reece immediately leaned heavily on her, blowing warm gusts of breath on her neck.

The taller woman had one leg on the handlebar, the other on the floor, and both legs were shaking from the strain she'd put on them moments before. Faith squeezed her legs tightly around her waist and twitched slightly, causing Reece to groan.

"Jesus Christ, can't possibly want more?!"


Reece tilted her head back and blue eyes stared in disbelief.

"Easy there, tiger, just kidding. I was merely attempting to get the feeling back in my legs."

Reece reached behind her and unlocked Faith's ankles. The actress's legs fell heavily on top of her still-trembling thighs. Faith grunted as she fell forward, still entirely filled.

"You know, babe, when you're on top, you can at least try and do some work." Reece scolded playfully.

"I was, but then you started moving and it felt too good."

"Cook up anymore fantasies yet?" The tall woman shifted her weight and Faith hissed through her teeth.

"Take it out, Reece. Now."

"Shit, Faith, I forgot...I didn't mean to hurt you." The tall woman babbled.

"Hurt me?" She wiggled and licked the sweat off of the glistening neck in front of her. "Hardly."

"Ohhhh." Reece understood. Her lover was trying to save her life. One more ride like that and Reece was sure she'd be crippled.

The tall woman gathered her strength and lifted the smaller woman up and off of her lap. Faith sat down again and sighed contentedly, the heat on her inner thighs from the dildo snuggled between them making her shiver.

"Cold, babe?" Reece put both feet on the ground and wrapped her trenchcoat tighter around them.

"No. It's perfect." Faith nestled her head into her lover's neck and yawned.

"Faith, you can't fall asleep like this. What will Pepe think?"

"Honestly, Reece, with the wad of money you threw at him, Pepe isn't going to be around for days."

"That, or he's laying face down on some bar. Hey, what are you complaining about? He let us fuck in the garage." Reece rubbed her cheek in Faith's hair.

"True, I'd have froze my tits off outside. God it's cold!"

"Now that you mention it, I lost feeling in my ears and my hair is starting to freeze. Wanna blow this taco stand?" The club owner reached between them to force Fatboy back in her pants, but her hand was halted by a smaller one.

"No. Stay right there."

Faith twisted around under the leather coat and faced forward. Still holding hands, she scooted up towards the handlebars, and Reece had no choice but to follow.

"Ooo, I like this." Reece leered down at her lover.

"Thought you would." Faith gave a leer of her own. Feeling their toy press up against her back, she made a happy noise.

Reece bent her head to speak into Faith's ear. "I guess I'm not done with you yet, Faith Ashford." She growled, then grinned as she felt the shudder run through the smaller frame.

Faith reached her hand behind her neck and pulled the dark head closer.

"You better never be done with me, Reece Corbett." she whispered.

"Never." Reece swore, and started the engine.


The club owner sat up in bed and sneezed. "Ow." she groaned. Everything hurt. She blew her nose as hard as she could but only managed to clog her ears. Faith had said she looked pale the night before, but Reece shrugged it off as being tired.

"Fucking great." she grumbled.

Shuffling into the bathroom, the tall woman ran the shower and prepared to step in when she noticed her reflection in the mirror.

"Ugh.." she stuck out her tongue at herself. "I look as horrible as I feel." She rummaged around in the medicine cabinet to no avail.

"Not even a goddamned aspirin! Great!" She felt miserable. Her head was pounding and she knew she had a fever.

Me and my stupid ideas. Fucking on a bike in 20 degree weather... I must be insane.

Slamming the cabinet closed she stepped into the shower. It felt like she couldn't breathe in all the steam, and she washed quickly. After drying off and wrapping herself in a warm towel, she tried to blow her nose again. This time it made a squeaky noise, and continued to make that noise every time she inhaled. After trying unsuccessfully to glare at her own nose, she stomped into the bedroom muttering.

Now cranky, Reece stood in front of her closet looking for something to wear. Hating the feel of tight clothes when she was sick, she opted for baggy jeans, a thick sweater, and big warm socks. She glanced at the bed, messy and unmade. Boy was it inviting.

"No.. you can't." She argued with herself. "Why not? It's just an order, it can wait till tomorrow." The tall woman frowned. "I sound like Fran Drescher."

The phone rang.

"Hey boss, how ya doing?"

"Fine, Cori." She snipped.

"Hair is fine, Reece. So, you're ok?"

"What the fuck?"

"The wife asked me to check on you." Getting no response, Cori tried again. "Faith said you were sick."

Reece shook her head. "Yeah well, I'm good. Just got a little cold."

"I hope you don't mind I asked Sarge to cancel the delivery." Cori asked.

"Fucking shit, Cor! I just have a cold!" Reece was getting aggravated.

"Ok, ok.. but now you can sleep in anyway."

Cori knew how completely intolerable her friend was when she was sick. The last time she slept on the couch in her office for two days before anyone found her, and unfortunately it was Cori. The dancer had to bear the brunt of Reece's crankiness when she volunteered to watch over her in her house. Of course the rewards were outstading..

"As much as I'd love to sit here and listen to you breathe..." Reece said with annoyance.

"Hey, just wanted to see if you needed anything. Nyquil is awesome."

"You still got those little round pill things you got from Chinatown?"

"Yeah, want 'em? They were a lifesaver."

"Yeah, I gotta pick up a few things and then I'll stop by."

Cori grimaced as Reece sniffed in vain. The boss was completely congested and must feel miserable.

"Reece, you should get in bed and I'll come over until Faith gets home. You know I make a great nurse." The dancer giggled.

"Oh don't remind me. You're like a warden Cor. I'll be there in a few."


"I got it, baby. It's probably Reece."

The dancer looked through the peephole and snickered as the distorted image of her boss's face moved closer to the peephole until it was one big eye.

"Open up, Freak."

Cori opened the door and stepped aside. "Patience is a virtue, Reece."

"Eat me." The tall woman twanged nasally.

"Ewwww, you sound awful!"

"I feel awful," Reece groaned.

"But ju look maahhvelous." The glare that she recieved from bloodshot eyes sent Cori skittering into the kitchen to stand behind Violet.

"Just gimme the pills, Freak, I need to collapse somewhere soon." She followed her friend and rolled her eyes.

"Hey, Reece, Cor tells me you're not feeling so hot."

The club owner looked over the piercer's shoulder at the pot on the stove and gasped.

"Ok, I must really be sick because now I'm hallucinating"

Violet snickered. Reece rubbed her eyes roughly, and took another look.

"Why the hell are you cooking dildos in a pot?" Reece was wide-eyed with confusion and just a bit of sympathy for the poor innocent toys. She rubbed her crotch and frowned.

"Jeez, Reece, I'm boiling them to sterilize 'em. Haven't you ever done that before?"

The tall woman shook her head and got dizzy.

"Ugh. No, I just used condoms. Leave it to a piercer to sterilize a dick."

Violet fished one out with a pair of tongs and put it on a towel. The sight was amusing to the dizzy woman and so she laughed, then coughed, then moaned.

Violet winced at the sound, then frowned at her friend's flushed face. "Come here, I think you have a fever."

Reece shrugged Violet's hand off her head but it landed on the back of her neck. "Man, you've got fever!"

"Don't touch me, penis killer!" She hissed as she escaped the room.

"You're such an asshole, Reece." The piercer chuckled.

"Shut up.." Reece started at the tone of her own voice.

"Did you just whine?" The dancer asked with a look of horror.

"Cori, she's really sick, she's burning up." The worried piercer followed the club owner into the hallway where she found her leaning heavily on the wall.

The dancer was scared for the boss and fetched the strange herbal pills she was given when she had the flu. They worked wonders for her and she was well in two days.

"Reece, you gotta take a bunch of these whenever you need them. They're little tiny things, but damn do they work!"

Cori nodded her approval as Reece swallowed 4 of the little bb's and Violet placed a cool rag on her head.

"That feels good Vi. Thanks."

The dancer eyed her friend's odd ensemble and cocked her head to the side.

Poor baby.

Knowing Reece only wore that type of clothing when she was really sick, Cori wondered why she ever left the house. "Why aren't you in bed?"

"My bed is too big. It's lonely." she muttered.

The dancer and the piercer exchanged raised-eyebrowed looks.

"Well, you oughtta be laying down, Reece. Why don't you go lay in Faith's old room?" Cori took the tall woman's arm and began walking her to the room.

"Yeah, I'll leave word for Faith at the studio that you're here." Violet added.

"I don't want her to worry." Reece felt dizzy and hot. "I love her, you know." She squinted at Cor.

"I know, bosslady. You get some sleep." The dancer bundled the blankets up on her friend and winced. Reece was sure to sweat out any fever in this apartment. She pulled off the tall woman's boots and wiped the damp bangs off her forehead.

"You remember the last time I took care of you Reece?"

"Uh huh. I returned the favor quite well."

Cori blushed. Once Reece was feeling better, she showed her appreciation in the most unconventional ways.

"That you did boss. You nearly spoiled me."

"Well, you wanted it, I was horny.." Reece yawned.

"Please Reece, we practically did nothing but fuck for a week."

"I was real horny?" The sick woman chuckled, then rumbled, then coughed.

"Shhh, rest Reece. I'll wake you when Faith gets here. I promise."

Cori stroked her friends head. It made her feel strange to see Reece Corbett at the mercy of anything. She used to think the woman was made of stone, but now she knew better. Her friend surprised her so much lately. And she was sure it wasn't going to be an easy ride now that Reece finally found her own heart. For her, for Faith for anyone.

Reece's soft snoring brought the dancer back from her thoughts. Looking down at the club owners face, made her smile. She spontaneously kissed her head.

"Don't ever leave me, Faith." Reece mumbled. "I'm nothing without you."

Cori smiled warmly. God Reece, you really are human. She bent down and kissed her friend gently on the cheek, then went to find her lover.


"Where is she?" Faith was worried to death, Reece never got so sick that she couldn't call her.

"In your old room, hon. She's cooler now, but she's had a rough go."

"What do you mean rough, Cori?" Faith was even more worried.

"Calm down, sweetheart, she had some nightmares, nothing extraordinary considering she was burning up with fever." The dancer explained.

"Nightmares?" The actress got visions of the nights she spent watching her lover twist and turn, yelling out in her sleep. Faith could do no more than watch in fear as Reece struck out violently in the clutches of terrifying nightmares.

"Oh no, she hasn't had a nightmare in ages! This is my fault." Faith sobbed.

"Faith, you don't know that she got sick that night. Stop that. She's just got the flu, she'll be ok tomorrow. Trust me." Violet tried to calm her friend.

"Oh, she got sick that night alright. She sweats when we... a lot. It was freezing out!"

Cori agreed with a nod towards her lover. A lot is an understatement.

Faith disappeared into the bedroom.

"God, could you imagine getting the flu fucking?" Cori shook her head in disbelief.

Violet laughed. "It's certainly another first isn't it?"


Reece was fretting when the actress entered the room. Faith crawled on top of her lover and kissed her forehead, and immediately she was wrapped in two strong arms. A sigh escaped Reece's lips and she smiled.

"I missed you, baby." Reece whispered groggily.

"I'm here now. You go back to sleep. I'm not going anywhere."


The tall woman turned on her side and snuggled into Faith.



"Don't eat the soup."

"Huh?" The actress propped herself on her elbow and discreetly felt her lover's forehead.

"Just don't."

"OK." Faith chuckled and turned around in the circle of Reece's arms. The club owner pulled her tightly against her and sighed loudly. In moments, both women were fast asleep.


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