Reece's Faith, Part 26

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"You have no earthly idea how impossible that woman is, Sandy!" Faith threw her hands up in frustration.

"Come on, sweets, it can't be all that bad, can it?" Alison squeezed her friend's shoulder in a comforting gesture.

"Yes, it can and it is." Faith paused to get a plate.


"Ali, she's stubborn, temperamental, obnoxious, cranky, whiny, nasty...oh, and if you ask her, she's none of the above. Let me tell you, I love her to death, and this playing nursemaid crap may just prove that point. She's going to kill me."

All three women stood pondering the table of food in front of them.

"Did you try threats?" Sandy wondered.

"Been there, done that. Picked noodles out of my hair for the rest of the evening. Soup should be empty. So I've been told. She should be the poster girl for flu shots."

"Ooo, sounds lovely." Ali reached for a sandwich.

"Yeah, very. She broke the lamp on the nightstand because her nose was whistling. She said it was doing it on purpose." Faith sighed and grabbed some junk food. "Yet all the while she insists that she's fine, nothing is wrong with her that a few beers wouldn't fix."

"It's logical, alcohol sterilizes, therefore killing all the mean ol' flu bugs." Ali explained.

"But honey, you really are beyond bitch today, what gives?" Sandy asked.

"Sleeping next to her all night long is becoming a slow torture. She has a leg over mine, breathing on my neck...I'm horny as all hell."

"Thanks for the visual, Faith." Sandy complained.

"I'll give you visual. Last night, instead of subjecting myself to that torture, I went to watch a movie and it would seem my mother left a tape in the VCR."

"Oh god no..." Ali's eyes went wide.

"Oh yes," Faith confirmed with a nod, "there she was, in all her sweaty naked glory, her beautiful ass...flexing and clenching..."

"ENOUGH!" Ali held up her hand.

Faith fanned her face. "Woo, yeah...and who knows when I'll get some again." The actress's foul mood returned. "You'd think they'd surprise us once and a while with something new, but no, it's always the same freaking food."

Ali and Sandy exchanged looks of amusement. The entire cast and crew were already tiptoeing around the actress, and now the craft services people were starting to look scared.

"Is there something I can get you, Ms. Ashford?" A young PA with a much-gossiped-about crush smiled sweetly. "I can run and get you anything you want. Just say the word."

Faith simmered down some upon seeing the doe-eyed young girl waiting expectantly for an answer.

"Can she be more obvious?" Ali whispered to Sandy.

"Hi, er..."

"Leslie." Sandy prompted in a low murmur.

"...Leslie. Thanks for the offer, but really, I'm fine. Just blowing off some steam." Faith smiled.

"Cool, no problem. But if you ever need anything, I'm never far away." The PA grinned.

"No kidding," Ali muttered under her breath and received an elbow to the kidney from Faith.

"You got it, Leslie. Thank you again for the offer."

The trio watched as the young girl practically skipped away. They made their way to a table to sit and eat lunch.

"Oh, Ms. Ashford, can I wipe the seat for you?" Sandy teased.

"No no, here, sit in my hands, Ms Ashford." Ali cupped her hands on the seat.

"You guys are just jealous." Faith winked.

"Yeah well, maybe so, but please girl, she's got it bad." Sandy chuckled.

"I hope she realizes that I'm spoken for." Faith said seriously.

"Oh get real, honey, everybody knows you have the biggest girlfriend on the playground." John popped up behind Faith. "Hey I see we're eating healthy today." He said, eyeing Faith's 2 packs of Twinkies.

"Yeah but she's got a diet soda." Sandy pointed out.

"So, are you holding up as well as my makeup?" John lifted Faith's chin into the light.

"Yeah, I guess. She's just impossible is all. You know she unburied her old cell phone for me to carry around now?"

"Well, so where is it?" Ali looked around for the phone.

"In my bag. It's embarrassing. It plays the entire score from "The Godfather" when it rings."

"Figures." The makeup artist laughed.

"What, is she keeping tabs on you now?" Sandy seemed concerned.

"Nah, she wants me to have it in case of an emergency. She doesn't like me going home from here at all hours alone. She worries about me too much, and now with her home sick..." Faith trailed off.

"Oh, good idea then. I'm sure you can change the ringer, can't you?" John asked.

"I'm sure it can be done, but I have no idea what to do with these things. I'm an electronic idiot." Faith smirked.

"Let me look at it, I'm sure I can do something." John offered as the buzzer rang, indicating taping would resume soon.



Reece frowned at the phone. Why do people call when you're sick to ask you if you're resting?


"Oh, I see we're in a better mood today." Violet giggled.

"Please don't tell me you called to ask me if you woke me. I'll have to kill you then."

"What, do you think I'm that stupid?" Reece could hear the grin in her voice. "No, I actually called because I cooked some real food this time and figured with Faith gone for dinner, you could use the eats."

"What did you make?" Reece's stomach growled loudly. Solid food sounded like a brilliant idea.

"Oh, chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, corn..."

Reece's mouth watered. "Alright Vi, get your ass over here now." The club owner suddenly felt starved.

"Yes ma'am." the piercer chuckled and hung up.

"Oh yeah, some real food!" Reece rubbed her hands together in excitement. "Finally."

The tall woman shot out of bed and into the shower. She was made aware of a few things while she washed. How much better she felt today, and how a week in bed with Faith, without sex, had affected the amount of time spent washing between her legs.

"Ok, that's enough." she said as she ran her hand over her crotch just one more time.

"Ok, this is the last one." This time lingering a little longer.

"Stop that!" she told herself and found the control to rinse off.

Stepping out of the shower she looked at her reflection in the semi-fogged mirror as she dried off. This too proved difficult in some areas. "As much as I am looking forward to this dinner, it's going to be one hell of a long night." she told herself.

-------------- Meanwhile back at the set...

Judith : "I'm sorry, Travis, it can never be, I love Jim."

Travis: "How could you? He's no good for you... you deserve much better."

Judith: "Like who? You? Ha!"

Travis: "Yes me! But I guess Jim's trust fund was much more attractive than I could ever be."

Judith: "That's not true! I don't care about his money--"

The digital chirp of "Hey Big Spender" cut through the set.

"CUT!" Jayme yelled angrily. She walked over to the side, picked up a Faith's bag and stomped over to her with steam coming out of her ears.

"I do believe your handbag is singing show tunes." She handed the bag over to a red-faced Faith and stood tapping her foot.

Mortified at the various snickers and giggles, the actress retrieved the phone.

"Hello?" she said meekly.

"I'm so fucking horny. I want you so bad."

The actress turned her back to the room and blushed harder.

"Reece! Not now!" she whispered in embarrassment.

"Am I making you blush in front of your friends?"

"Yes. Are you feeling better?" Faith figured she might as well ask.

"Oh yeah, much much better."

Faith closed her eyes at the throaty purr of Reece's voice.

"God, the things you do to me! I gotta go, baby, but by all means hold that thought."

"I'd rather hold you, but the thought will do for now."

"Gotta go, really Reece. Love you."

"Me too, you."

Faith turned off the phone and cleared her throat nervously at the room.

"Umm, sorry's off now." she blushed profusely.

"Looking a little flushed there, Faith." Sandy teased. "I guess the woman's feeling better?" She winked.

"Oh yes. Much." Faith smirked.

"Come on people! I want to finish this today!" Jayme yelled and everyone fell into their places.


Back at the Corbett/Ashford residence...

"You know, Reece, Cori's been coming home with a lot more money these days. With Roy's place closed, the Lounge is the 'it' place."

"Yeah, I'm telling you, Vi, the bucks are just flowing in. Business has never been better." Reece stuffed the last forkful of potatoes in her mouth.

"I'm glad you liked it." The piercer smiled as she put the dishes in the sink.

"Like it? That's my favorite meal. How'd you know that?" She wiped her mouth and threw the napkin on the table.

"Cori told me, Miss Mannners". Violet threw out the napkin with a distasteful look on her face. Reece rolled her eyes.

"Oh yeah, you skeeve me so much that if I stuck my tongue down your throat you'd melt like an ice cube." Reece smirked.

Violet blushed, grateful her back was facing the table. "Oh please, you're so full of yourself you're bloated."

"I thought so." Reece said with a cocky grin. "Hey, so Cori tells me you guys are looking to rent a one bedroom in the city."

"Yeah, we're thinking about it." Violet started the coffee maker.

"Where you looking to go? I have connections all over the place." The club owner wiggled her eyebrows, and gestured towards the living room.

"Around here, The West Village would be Cori's dream. She's never been able to afford it before, and now with her money practically doubled, and my income, we can most likely swing it." She flopped down on the couch.

"Most likely? That's not definite." Reece looked doubtful.

"Well, it'll probably be doable, but pretty tight, ya know?"

"Well, if you want, I mean, I can maybe help?" Reece fumbled around for words.

"No thanks, no charity, Reece."

"I didn't mean to offend you Violet. I mean a loan, if that's ok." The club owner leaned back and inhaled the aroma of coffee brewing.

"A loan huh? I dunno, I'd have to ask Cori."

"That way, you could get a co-op or a condo if you want." She shrugged.

"You're so fucking nonchalant, Reece." The piercer gaped at her friend.

"What?" Reece looked confused.

"That's a hell of a lot of money you're talking about! God, Reece, what are you, a millionaire?"

"Just about." The tall woman stood, stretched and followed her nose into the kitchen. A full week of clear foods made coffee the second most desired thing on her list. Faith being the first.

"Are you serious?"

Reece nodded at the piercer, who suddenly appeared at her side. "Close your mouth, Violet. Money's not important." The club owner groaned in pleasure as the hot liquid slid down her throat.

"Does Cori know?"

"I don't advertise, Jeez, Vi, get over it." Reece took her mug onto the living room and flipped on the TV. Much to their surprise, the screen was filled with flesh. Not quite comprehending, Reece raised the volume and the sounds of sex filled the room.

"Cool!" Violet grinned, grabbing the remote away. "You get the porno channel?"

"Yeah, must be those amateur videos or something." Reece squinted at the screen, suddenly very familiar with what she was watching.

"Fuck me hard, Reece!"

"You're damn right I will, bitch."

Violet's jaw hung open in disbelief. "This is one of your tapes?!"

"Gimme the remote!" Reece jumped up.

"Nothing doing." The piercer put it in her pants.

"Don't think I won't get it there, just you wait."

Violet looked panicked at first, then laughed out loud and threw herself face down on the floor.

"Oh I know you will, but at least let me get a good look at you in motion, Reece. I heard so much about you." She teased.

"Fine, enjoy it, I did." Reece decided to play too.

"Jesus Christ, woman." Violet peered up at the screen, mesmerized by the sight. "Glorious, just glorious."

Suddenly embarrassed by the show, Reece slipped off the couch and pinned Violet to the floor.

"Ok, fun's over, gimme the remote." She sneered down at her friend.

"No way! Besides you look good in blush."

"This is your last warning, give it to me or I will have to come and get it." The tall woman flipped her over onto her back and held both the piercer's hands in one, waving her free hand in her face.

Faith stood outside the living room biting her hand so not to laugh. At first, while standing outside the house, the sounds coming from inside caused her stomach to flip. She speculated a million and one things that could be going on inside, but never did she expect to see Reece wearing a dark-red blush watching her own image on the screen. And Violet was teasing her mercilessly.

Finally catching the piercer's eye, she gestured to her to keep it up. Poor Reece, the look on her face when Violet threw herself on the floor... priceless.

Faith was about to show herself when a particularly delicious growl emanated from the TV. She felt sparks burst in her groin.

God, I'm in heat.

Noticing the look on Faith's face, Violet relented.

"Ok, I give. I give." The piercer fetched the remote and threw it at Faith, who caught it and paused the tape.

"Hi, Reece, miss me?" She asked with a devilish smirk.


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