Reece's Faith, Part 27

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Faith stood there holding the remote with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Violet chuckled, then wiggled out from underneath the stunned club owner, who seemed frozen to the spot with an unusual expression on her face.

No wonder I don't recognize that look. Faith thought. I don't think I've ever seen actual fear on her beautiful face. She snickered at her lover's gaping jaw.

"Faith, honey, it's not what you think!" Reece scrambled to her knees, looking frantically back and forth between Violet, the TV, and Faith.

"Yeah, she was merely straddling me, pinning me to the floor, while reaching into my pants, while watching smut." The piercer stood next to Faith with her arms folded across her chest. "All quite innocent, if you ask me."

Reece gulped loudly. A look of utter confusion replaced the fear. What the..???

Faith walked over to her befuddled lover and kissed her on the cheek to reassure her.

"So, do you know the sheer embarrassment of getting a dirty phone call in the middle of taping? Do you have any idea what those people did to me? How they tortured me for the remainder of the shoot? Oh, and lets not even mention John."

The club owner narrowed her eyes and realized this was all in fun. At her expense, but still fun. Faith cocked her head at the paused image on the screen.

"Oh, look at that, Vi, paused her in mid arch." Faith licked her lips and walked over to the TV. She pointed to a spot between Reece's shoulder blades. "See that spot? A little muscle twitches there. I've never seen it, but I feel it when I hold her."

"Faith?" Reece sat down on the couch, "So you're not mad at me?"

"Mad? No, not at all, but paybacks are a bitch."

"Don't you think I've been punished enough?" The tall woman tried to pout.

"No, Reece, the lower lip has to quiver more." Violet pointed to said lip and quickly pulled her finger back as Reece growled.

"Be nice, Reece." Faith scolded. "I wanna see this." She hit play on the remote and regretted it as soon as the image started to move.

Reece smirked at her lover's hitched breathing. Looks like your little plan is backfiring.

Violet was glued to the screen as well. "Ah! There it goes! I saw it." She looked to Faith for confirmation. The actress was too busy staring at Reece's other attributes.

So that's what her thighs look like when she's...oh, and she curls her toes too...god, those arms!

Reece nearly laughed out loud at Faith. Violet was actually watching with a critical eye, but not Faith. She was watching with lust. The club owner could picture her facial expression, the parted lips and the hooded eyes; she could see the flush creeping up the back of her neck. Reece snickered. She picked up the forgotten remote and as she did, glanced over her lover's shoulder at the action on the screen.

Odd...? She thought, at the twinges of embarrassment she felt watching herself.

I don't even recognize that woman's--no, that girl's face. Reece shrugged it off. What's done is done. Besides, Faith is loving this. She raised the volume and grinned, watching the blonde head tilt to the side.

Faith was startled out of her fog by loud grunting and moaning, and then the screaming of her lover's name in ecstasy. Her clit twitched in sympathy, and she shivered from the sensation.

Violet felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Reece nod her head in the direction of the door.

"No problem," she whispered in her friend's ear. "Have fun, Reece." She winked, then slipped quietly out of the room.

Still staring at the screen, Faith watched in anticipation as her lover rearranged herself so that the other woman was on top. She reached out and traced Reece's image on the screen.

"Why doesn't this bother me?" She wondered aloud.

"Should it?" The club owner switched off the TV.

Reece's low voice in her ear forced Faith to close her eyes. "I think so." She turned around to face the tall woman. "You're fucking someone else and it's turning me on. Isn't that twisted?"

"Maybe." The tall woman traced her fingers up Faith's arms, causing the actress to shiver. "But I love you just the same."

"Shouldn't I be jealous?" Faith covered the larger hands with her own.

"No." Reece bent her head and kissed Faith's neck. "Because it's old, it's a tape," She snaked her tongue out for a taste. "It's not real." Reece continued to kiss her way around Faith's throat. "Maybe you're just horny."

"Yeah, maybe." Faith breathed weakly as Reece's fingers tickled up her back and laced through her hair.

"Or maybe..." The club owner kissed her chin, "'s because," another kiss, "you're envious, and," another kiss, "you wish it were you."

"Mmmmaybe.." Faith groaned. When the hot tongue traced her ear she fell to her knees.

Reece never lost contact, following her lover down on her knees, widening her long legs to surround Faith's. The actress felt the shoulder of her shirt being tugged down, her lover's mouth trailing quickly over the exposed skin.

"God, what you do to me." Faith reached up and grabbed both sides of her lover's face and pulled her up for a kiss, sucking both lips into her mouth. Reece squeezed her thighs tightly, causing the smaller woman to groan.

"I want you, Reece." she mumbled into the kiss, pulling the dark head down to her cleavage. "Now."

Reece plunged her tongue down into the warm crevice, breathing in the smell of Faith's skin. She licked as much of it as she could reach, hooking her fingers in the neck of the shirt, pulling it down more and more. When the shirt would go no further, she yanked it down hard, tearing it open and exposing Faith's breasts. With a growl of triumph, Reece stared at her prize.

Faith gasped at the action, excited by the surprise. She wrapped her hands in the soft black hair and pushed Reece's head into her chest, guiding her mouth.

Reece briefly allowed Faith to move her head back and forth, and bathed whatever area was presented to her tongue. She attempted to close her lips over a nipple but wasn't able to, her mouth wasn't in one place long enough. She reached up and covered Faith's hands with her own and pulled them off of her head, placing them on her shoulders with a growl of warning.

"Don't touch."

Reece closed her strong hands around Faith's breasts, pushing them together. She attacked both nipples at once, sucking as much into her mouth as she could, kneading the flesh roughly. Faith arched into the touch, inhaling sharply. She sensed Reece's urgency, and it cranked up her arousal threefold. She loved it when Reece acted this way.

"More," she urged. "Harder, baby."

The club owner leaned over, pushing Faith to the floor. She grunted as strong legs wrapped around her thighs and pulled her down hard, while the hands on her shoulders tightened their hold.

"Yesss." The actress moaned, feeling her lover's full weight on top of her.

Reece let go of the breasts she was feasting on and pulled Faith's leg up between her own. The contact was electric and she bit the nipple she was sucking.

Faith yelped and squirmed. "God that's good, baby."

Reece nodded from her position and pressed herself into Faith's leg. She nipped and bit at both nipples, trying desperately not to move her own body at the pace it was dictating. The sounds Faith was making were sending jolts of pleasure between her legs, making her want to stop everything and get herself off.

Faith took hold of Reece's shirt and began tugging blindly, until it was twisted up around the club owner's neck. She dug her nails into the sculpted back, drawing deep growls of pleasure from her lover.

Reece tried to slip lower, but was tangled up in her own clothing. Reluctantly, she lifted herself up and stripped from the waist up.

"All of it. I need to feel you." Faith's voice was raspy from panting. It went straight to Reece's sex.

The tall woman stood and quickly removed her clothes. She moved to the couch and sat, motioning for Faith to follow. With a seductive sneer, the actress stripped off her remaining clothes.

The club owner leered as her lover dropped onto all fours and crawled over, stopping between her knees.

"You're so wet I can see it." Faith whispered as she rubbed her cheek against Reece's inner thigh. The tall woman groaned painfully as she felt the hot breath blow across her needy sex.

"You're gonna kill me." Reece moaned.

"Funny, I said the same of you." She smirked and stuck her tongue out for a lick. "But it was an entirely.." She licked again, "..different context."

"Faith..." Reece's whole body twitched.

The actress climbed up and straddled her lover, adjusting herself so that their centers were touching.

Reece lifted one long leg and wrapped it around Faith's back to hold her in place, in turn opening herself up wider to the contact. She braced the other foot against the coffee table.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good." She groaned and pushed into the feeling.

"We never did this before." The actress closed her eyes for a moment to relish the sensation of Reece's pubic hair rubbing against her clit. "I wanted to try it," she breathed, and reached down to open herself up, jerking at the sound of Reece's whimper.

Reece gritted her teeth as Faith tried to find a good position. "You keep wiggling like that and it will be all over," she warned, trying to will her hips not to buck.

The actress reached behind her and grabbed the edge of the table for support, then began moving herself against Reece.

The club owner growled as Faith's clit rubbed over hers. Her eyes raked over the arched body riding her own, traveling from flexing thighs to pause on the taut stomach. She moaned as Faith quickened the pace, throwing her head back. Blue eyes watched the stretching and clenching movements of Faith's abs as she moved herself, and she longed to feel them. Reece felt a food of wetness between them, slickening Faith's movements so much that the actress's nails dug into her thigh as she held on tightly.

Not able to sit back idly any longer, Reece reached up and pinched her lover's nipples. Faith groaned loudly.

"This isn't going to take long, sweetheart," Faith grunted between breaths.

"No, not long..." Reece whispered, and moved her hands to Faith's hips to guide her faster. There was a fire in her belly like never before. The sights combined with the sounds overwhelmed her. She felt the first sparks of her orgasm burst upward from her toes.

Faith whimpered and moved her hand from Reece's thigh to her bicep, squeezing hard.

Reece tore her eyes away from Faith's face for a moment and looked down between them. The sight made her mouth water.

"Oh yes!" Faith groaned. The sensation of Reece's wet silky flesh, alternating with her scratchy pubic hair and her hardening clit moving quickly against her, was too much. Faith jerked erratically for a few seconds then pushed herself frantically against Reece.

"Now...coming, Reece," she whimpered and shuddered violently.

"Right with ya.." The tall woman grabbed Faith's chin so she could watch her and she too succumbed to the pleasures.

Before there was time to recover, Faith found herself on her back, Reece leaning over her with a feral look on her face.

"What was it you said about paybacks?" She snickered evilly.

Faith swallowed dryly, still trying to catch her breath. "They're a bitch?" She smirked.

"And so am I." Reece snickered again and wrapped an arm under the smaller woman's back. She lifted and pulled her forward until only Faith's shoulders and head were touching the couch. Draping the smaller legs over her shoulders, she knelt there grinning like crazy.

"Uh, baby?" Faith asked curiously, as Reece pulled her closer against her body.

"Yes?" she cocked an eyebrow in amusement as Faith tried to wiggle around.

"I'm completely at your mercy, aren't I?" Faith smiled at the feeling of Reece's nipples brushing against her ass.

"That's correct." The tall woman nodded and licked a bit of Faith's thigh.

"Oh." she shuddered.

"You're going to watch me make love to you now."

Faith groaned in realization. She could see Reece poke out her tongue and taste her leg, how would she handle seeing her tongue poke there?

"Watch my tongue, Faith." Reece ordered in a throaty whisper.

The actress bit her lip as the wet muscle extended and slowly neared her sex. She wanted to move up to meet it, but couldn't. Reece didn't budge, just let her tongue sit there, the steel ball glistening, taunting her. It was frustrating and exciting all at once. Her lover was teasing her, hovering over where she wanted it most. A drop of saliva fell from Reece's tongue onto her clit, which twitched at the sensation.

"Please, Reece.." She begged.

The club owner dipped lower and with her tongue flat, pressed it against Faith's twitching sex.

"Oh yesss." she hissed in pleasure.

The tall woman drew the muscle up, tweaked her clit with the piercing, and then slowly brought it down.

"God that's so hot to watch," Faith gasped. She felt the wetness flow out of her and down into her ass.

Reece saw the delicious drop seep out and this time slid her tongue lower. She teased Faith's anus until the actress whimpered, then repeated the process again.

"Oh...oh..." The redhead moaned.

The club owner smirked and paused to run her fingers between her own legs. Faith moaned as Reece presented her sticky fingers to her. The actress quickly sucked the fingers clean as her lover resumed licking.

Reece pulled her fingers away and used that hand to run her short nails across Faith's stomach and up into her pubic hair. She detoured her mouth momentarily to lick her own fingers and then continued to lap the wetness that was forming at her lover's opening.

"Honey...please...I can't take it." Faith begged in short gasps. "It's too much."

"Watch me." Reece said, and slid her wet fingers onto Faith's clit.

The actress nearly screamed in pleasure. Both women watched as Reece brushed her fingers lightly in slow circles. Not quick enough to satisfy, and not nearly enough pressure. Faith groaned in frustration, receiving a raised eyebrow and a chuckle in response.

Reece could feel her clit pounding with every rotation. She wished she was able to do something about it. She was soaking wet and beyond hot. She added some pressure to her fingers. Green eyes started to roll back.

"Watch me." Reece reminded her lover and stuck out her tongue again, playing with the piercing.

"Please!" Faith sobbed.

Reece took pity on her lover. She stopped the motion of her fingers and used them to spread Faith's swollen lips. Her clit was red and hard, begging to be licked.

"Would you like me to lick it?" she purred.

Faith nodded quickly, the sound of Reece's aroused voice sent more wetness to flow into her crack.

Slowly the tongue emerged again, and just the tip made contact with the swollen bundle of nerves. It flicked back and forth. Faith cried out, watching her clit being toyed with.

Reece grunted in sympathy, wishing she had the nerve to allow someone to do this to her. Imagining what it would look and feel like to have Faith's tongue licking her in this way.

The actress felt her lover's hips moving and her breath coming in short pants. She couldn't help feeling proud that she could have this kind of effect on Reece without even laying a finger on her.

"Much better than a mirror, don't you think?" Reece's voice was impossibly low. Faith shivered.

The club owner took her teeth and captured the throbbing flesh. She ever so slightly bit down and pulled.

Faith strained to keep her eyes open as her clit was manipulated by Reece's sharp teeth. The intensity of seeing and feeling was driving her insane.

"Please...I can't..." She grasped the couch cushions for dear life and managed to force her hips up into Reece's face.

Reece wrapped her lips around Faith's clit and sucked with the rhythm she knew by heart.

Faith screamed and bucked wildly. Reece was sucking her clit and she could see every delicous movement of her lips, her cheeks, her was almost intense enough to make her cry. Reece was groaning as she suckled, and Faith could see the muscles in Reece's mouth work, knowing in advance when she would sweep her tongue across her straining clit.

"Oh ...god...Reece...harder..."

Reece obeyed. She pulled harder at the flesh, using her tongue continuously, all the while staring into the wild green eyes of her lover. Watching Faith now, she didn't need any announcements. Faith was going to come and she could tell it was going to be huge. Wrapping her arms around her lover's body, she held on tightly as Faith's legs started to tremble.

"Yes...yes..." Faith chanted, forcing herself to watch.

The club owner's own clit throbbed incessantly, she could feel the moisture on her thighs. Faith's gonna love that, she thought.

The actress's heels dug into her lover's back and her own back arched as much as it could in her current position. Faith inhaled deeply and then with one last hard pull on her clit, fireworks exploded in her head.

"OH GOD!" She yelled, and stiffened so tightly, her shoulders came up off the couch.

Reece shivered. It was a sight to behold. She quickly laid Faith down on the couch and slowed down her attentions, wanting to draw this one out as long as possible.

Finally able to move at will, Faith wrapped her legs around Reece's head and trapped her between her legs, grabbing her ears and holding her there.

Reece, who had no intention of moving, watched as Faith shuddered and twisted around, grunting and whimpering like never before. Reece stifled the urge once again to quench her own desires, wanting to feel her lover's touch more than her own.

Faith started to relax and her grip loosened. She was breathing very heavily and Reece needed to lap up the ambrosia that was sure to have escaped during that orgasm. She pulled her mouth off of Faith's clit and winked when the spent woman lifted up her head to look at her.

"Good god Reece...I never--YAH!" The actress almost jumped out of her skin when she felt the tongue enter her.

Reece raised an eyebrow and glanced curiously at her lover.

Interesting, she thought, and tested her theory by plunging her tongue deeply inside Faith.

"Ooooohhh...yeah...I can't believe this, but," she slid her hand up to pinch her own nipples.

Oh no she don't...thought Reece, as she turned herself around, and Faith was now sitting on her face.

Looking down at Reece's wide open soaking-wet thighs, Faith had to laugh.

"Oh baby, I'm so sorry. Did I neglect you?" She spoke the last sentence into Reece's sex and kissed it.

Reece's hips flew up into her face, and the club owner groaned into her center.

"I'll take that as a yes." She moaned breathlessly as Reece impaled her with her tongue.

Leaning down and settling herself on her elbows, Faith licked the length of Reece's lips. As she touched her clit, the club owner's whole body spasmed.

"Yes, I know, honey, I missed you too." she said as she lowered her mouth to the glistening folds.


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