Reece's Faith, Part 29

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Cori sat fiddling restlessly with the sugar shaker. Faith had called her at the crack of dawn, practically foaming at the mouth she was so excited. The dancer couldn't get a word in edgewise as her friend babbled on about having to talk to her immediately. So, here she was at their favorite coffee shop, waiting not so patiently on Faith's arrival.

The waitress appeared again, and as she did the times before, Cori blushed in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry, I haven't decided what I want yet."

"Maybe if you opened the menu, it'll come to you." The woman teased, refilling Cori's coffee cup with a wink.

Come on Faith...where the hell are you!?


The actress had every intention of meeting her friend on time, but as the cab stopped at the light in front of the gym, Faith's plans changed.

I'd know that ass anywhere!

"Hey, stop here...I'm getting out." The actress stuffed the fare through the little hole and practically ran towards the window.

Reece had her back to the street as she concentrated, focusing all her energy into feeling the burn as she lifted the heavy dumbbells out at her sides, then up over her head.

I've never seen flys look so hot...

Faith was drawn to the sight. She was standing in the street looking up. Quite a few people stopped to see what she was staring at, and when they would linger too long, Faith found that she actually knew how to growl, given a good enough reason.

Reece did her final rep and put the dumbbells down, bending at the waist and stretching her lower back. She had no idea that she had an audience as she twisted this way and that. The tall woman wiped her face on a towel and shook out her arms.

Faith was inside the gym now, partially hidden by some machines. She watched with an open mouth as her lover lay down on a bench and began to do leg lifts.

Oh god! she drooled. Those thighs, oh baby...what a beautiful display!

Faith watched intently as her lover's pumped legs raised and lowered the weight. Reece lifted her arms from her sides and gripped the bench behind her. Green eyes followed the movement and were now visually stroking the slick flexed biceps. The actress caught her tongue poking out and moving in conjunction with her eyes. She had to close her eyes to compose herself. She was startled at the intensity with which she was attracted to Reece's muscular form. Faith was never turned on by brawn, and while Reece wasn't huge muscularly, she was definitely built.

Perfect. Not too big, not too veiny...but simply delicious.

Faith always cringed at those women's bodybuilding shows on TV. The way those women's veins stood out made her squeamish. However, now she often had the urge to trace the veins in Reece's hands with her tongue. Green eyes focused on those hands now. Faith stuck her finger in her mouth to chew on a nail, suddenly needing something to distract her tongue.

Her eyes traced the tall sweating woman's arms, beginning at her hands and ending at her shoulders. Faith had to control herself or she'd make a scene.

Ha! Like it would be the first time some crazed woman jumped on her in the gym...couldn't really blame them. She smiled proudly, possessively.

She's all mine, she gloated.

The exertion Reece was putting out made every muscle visible and defined. Faith was breathing with effort.

How hot is it in here? she wondered as the sweat trickled down between her breasts. Yeah right, like the lycra-covered goddess you're devouring with your eyes has nothing to do with your condition. She shook her head in astonishment at just how hungrily she was staring.

Reece turned over on to her stomach to do leg curls. Faith whimpered and shifted her position at the dampness between the legs as she watched Reece's butt flex rhythmically. She immediately pictured herself underneath her drenched lover and had to bite her lip to keep from groaning. The actress had seen enough and ran out of that gym as fast as she could.

Oh boy! That was not a good thing! she hailed another cab and jumped in. I am so horny I could scream!


Cori tried Faith's cell phone again with the same results. Faith never changed her message and although it was funny the first time, Reece crooning "Talk to me baby" a la Barry White was really annoying the dancer now.

"Easy now, what did that poor defenseless phone ever do to you?" Faith teased as her friend pounded the pay phone against the wall.

"Oh I don't know... but I'll tell you what it didn't do." Cori narrowed her eyes and folded her arms over her chest.

"Oh yeah?" Faith smiled at the waitress who seemed oddly relieved to see her.

Cori follwed her to the table. "Well, for starters, it didn't wake me out of a coma after a whopping 3 hours of quality sleep to prattle on about needing to talk to me before I opened my eyes, and then leave me here waiting for an hour while my G.G. lies naked in our bed." Cori breathed and drank some coffee. "Thanks a pantload, friend."

Faith chuckled. "G.G.?"

"Yeah. Gorgeous Girlfriend." She smirked and blushed.

Faith raised her eyebrow. Cori countered the move with her own arched eyebrow.

"Gorgeous girlfriend?" Faith giggled.

"Yeah, got a problem with that?" Cori mock threatened.

"Not at all. If it were anyone other than Reece, I'd probably come up with a few pet names myself." Faith grinned as she mentally went down a list of pet names.

"I hear ya. I bet there isn't one that's good for mixed company." The dancer teased.

"Speaking of gorgeous girlfriends.. I'm sorry I was late." Faith tried her best puppy dog face.

"You can just put that face away, woman. I wanna know what was so important that you interrupted my beauty sleep. And where is your cell phone?"

"I left it home. Aren't you sweet?" Faith thanked the waitress who placed her usual breakfast in front of her, and began to eat.

"Well?!?" asked the exasperated dancer. "Spill it, shorty."

Faith attempted an intimidating look that Cori waved away impatiently.

"Ok. So two nights ago, Reece has another nightmare." She paused to swallow some eggs. Cori rolled her eyes.

"Well this time she told me what was going on. She relives the past. That guy, the one who made her fight, well, now we know what happened to him." Faith sipped her coffee, to her friend's dismay.

"Faith! What happened to him?" Cori drummed her fingers on the table.

Faith leaned across the table and whispered. "She killed him."

Cori's eyes opened wide. "No!"

"Shhh! Yes...she told me! And what's even worse, Cori, she beat him to death!" Faith stopped eating and stared out the window.

"She just told you?" The dancer snagged a piece of Faith's toast.

"Yeah. You know, at first she scared me, she was awake, but not should have seen the rage in her eyes. It was horrible."

"Did she hurt you?" Cori sat up and stopped chewing.

"No." she lied. She didn't mean to anyway. "She woke up completely panicked, and as usual ran away. She explained some of it right then, but on the way to see Frankie, she told me all sorts of..."

"Whoa! Wait a minute...she took you to see Frankie!? Holy shit!"

"Yeah." Faith smiled warmly at the memory. "She wanted him to meet me."

Cori reached over and held her friend's hand.

"That is so beautiful Faith. It's like taking you home to meet the parents. That is so sweet."

Faith nodded in agreement. "She was so nervous, like he was still alive. It's very apparent how much his opinion meant to her." The actress paused at the image of a nervous fidgety Reece at the gravesite. "I only wish I was there when he died. It must have been so devastating for her." Faith's eyes watered at the very idea of Reece's loss.

"Oh devastated is an understatement. She was horrified." Cori looked off in the distance with the picture of Reece's anguished face in her head. She had to shake the disturbing image away. "First she disappeared for days, then she went on a drinking binge, then a women binge, then a violence binge, then she went cold as ice."

"Oh god, the poor baby." Faith started crying.

"Hey, honey, she has you now. She's past all that pain."

"No, there's where you're wrong. She still has incredible pain." She was sobbing. "She's not as strong as you may think."

"Faith, I know. She bleeds blood, and cries tears." Cori leaned over the table and kissed her friend's forehead.

Faith sniffed. "I know, Cor. It's should have heard how this guy treated her! I honestly wished he were alive so I could kill him! She talks about it like it's nothing. She was so detached, like it wasn't her she was referring to... but when she's having those nightmares, she's tortured!" The actress sobbed.

"Tortured? How so?" The dancer asked, eyes full of with concern.

"Oh god, he was so awful. Sometimes he chained her up, he hit her daily...she said that sometimes he would beat her till she collapsed. And if she lost a fight, he'd chain her and beat her. He was a mean, vicious drunk..."

"Did he ever, you know, do anything to her.. that way?" Cori gestured around her body.

Faith shook her head. "No. She says he didn't and I believe her. He was actually happy that she was a lesbian from the get-go. He said she would never have been allowed to sleep with men, and would have either had to learn to like women or do it herself. She figures it had to do with pregnancy or whatnot. She told me he encouraged her to get laid whenever she seemed overly tense. He even brought her girls as a present for winning sometimes."

Faith closed her eyes as she recalled what Reece told her about the women she bedded. How aggressive and uncaring she was. "..Like it was a fight too, only with a different kind of prize. Total control over your opponent, I was crazy with the need for control. I got off more on the power than the sex..."

The actress felt bad for those women, but then again, they knew who The Animal was. They gave themselves to Reece on their own accord. Faith pursed her lips as she heard Reece's words. "...They stood there watching me beat someone to near death, and I could see the lust in their eyes. They wanted me to use them as much as I wanted to. I gave them an out, they never took it..." The actress also remembered how Reece mentioned that he would watch them on occasion, and every so often she would catch him in awe.

"What ya thinking, Faith?" Cori wondered aloud at her friend's odd expression.

"He was afraid of her." Faith stated, snapping herself out of her daze.

"Ha! That's probably why he brought her the girls! Imagine a chained Reece in her late teens, sexually frustrated and pumped full of adrenaline? Her orgasms probably saved his life." She snickered at the thought.

"What? I'm sorry, I'm still stuck on a teenage sexually frustrated Reece." Faith sighed dreamily.

"So, what happened? How'd she come to kill him?"

"She was probably going through the normal rebellions, she was just about 20 or so. She had run away before, tried to get lost in the crowd after she had won a fight. That wasn't too bright, though. Too many people knew who she was and he caught up with her real quick. She was severely punished for it."

"I can only imagine." Cori shook her head in disgust.

"Well, she wouldn't talk about it. But she did say that by the time she managed to free herself from her chain, she was completely blinded by anger and hate. The only thing she had on her mind was her freedom, and she didn't care at what cost it came. Once she started, she couldn't stop." Faith shuddered.

"Hon, are you afraid she may hurt you?"

"No, well, maybe. I don't know. I know she would never deliberately hurt me. I'm frightened by the idea of her capacity to kill. She said she was trained to be a killer. It could come so naturally to her that one day I'm afraid she'll do something she'll regret."

"The only time I'd worry about something like that happening is if you were in danger. Reece isn't the same person I met years ago, she's changed, even more so since she met you. She's worked very hard to become what you see, Faith. She works hard everyday not to disappoint you."

"You think I don't know this? Cor, that night, she was shaking with rage... she couldn't breathe...if she wasn't at home, in our bed, with me...god knows what could have happened." Faith's tears started to well up again.

Cori studied her friend's face "Faith, are you worried about her hurting herself?"

"Indirectly, yes." She admitted quietly.

"Then make it known how much you need her. Tell her, show her. Prove to her that she's the air that you breathe. She's devoted to you, completely. Reece has grown so much in the time she knows you. She trusts you. Your opinion overrides even Frankie's now. Especially if she is the subject. If she has any doubts in her mind as to where you stand, or how you think of her...then she may wind up in a situation."


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