Reece's Faith, Part 3

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Faith thought she heard a jumble of foul words as she was thrown quite literally from her daydream. With a yelp the blonde became airborne for just a moment, then landed with a thud on the bike seat. She was aware that they were going slower and were surrounded by midtown traffic. It also seemed that she grew shorter and Reece grew taller. What's wrong with this picture?

"Christ! Uh babe? Would you mind scootching back a bit?" Reece sounded as if she was in pain.

Confused, the passenger realized she was sitting comfortably in the driver's seat and Reece was straddling the gas tank.

"Oh my God!" she yelled as she struggled to settle herself further back on the seat without leaning on her lover for support. She helped pull Reece back into place, which wasn't easy as she was steering the bike around another pothole.

"Are you ok?" Faith knew how hard she'd hit the seat, and it couldn't have been pleasant for Reece.

"Fucking potholes! Where the hell are all my tax dollars going?"

Faith could tell her lover was really pissed off again, and she frowned.

"That's it! I refuse to pay taxes any more! If I have one mark on this bike..."

Well, this sucks. After that little daydream, she was more than eager to get home and "discuss."

Now she'd have to wait till Reece calmed down. Lovely.

"...If there's one fucking little scratch..."

Hello??? Did you forget about me? The girlfriend?

They stopped at a red light and Reece turned around and took off her helmet. Faith didn't like the angry look on her face at all.

"Are you alright? You didn't get hurt did you? If you are I'll sue the fucking Department of Transportation."

"I'm ok, honey." She received a skeptical look. "Put your helmet back on, I'm really ok."

Satisfied, Reece replaced her helmet and turned back around. "I'll sue the freaking city."

What the hell is the matter with her? Its just a pothole? Faith worried again. Reece had been acting like this all week, jumping at little things and getting really angry over nothing. If she keeps this up, I'll never be able to tell her about my script! She took her hands out of Reece's pockets and replaced them under the leather jacket. She comfortingly rubbed all the parts of Reece's anatomy that she could reach until she felt the tension dissipate slightly. Then she moved her hands further south and toyed with the waistband of Reece's jeans. It wasn't exactly her fantasy, but it would do.

"Did you hurt yourself anywhere that needs a kiss, sweetheart?"

"Oh yeah, it needs many many kisses."

"Well then, let's get this baby home, shall we?"

Faith pulled Reece's shirt out from her jeans and stroked the tight stomach teasingly. The driver started wiggling around in her seat.

"You better stop that, Red."

"Oh? Why is that?" Faith was feeling rather cocky making her lover squirm.

"Because with that graceful landing, the seam of my jeans wound up someplace that it shouldn't be.."

"Ohhhh?" Faith tugged on the waistband with a smirk, thoroughly enjoying the feel of Reece's butt jerking against her spread thighs.

"Yeah and if you keep that up, it'll be over way before it starts."

"And that's a bad thing?"

"Don't make me stop this bike, Faith." she teased.

"Oh alright," she grumbled, suddenly reminded of long car trips with her father. Sliding her hands up Reece's ribs to bring her back to the present, she was satisfied with the shudder she caused. Pleased that she'd calmed the edgy woman, Faith leaned back against the sissy bar and relaxed for the rest of the ride.


After many hours of "discussion," in various rooms of the house, the two freshly-showered women were sitting in the living room eating dinner. Reece was still edgy, and Faith was trying to figure out a way to bring up the script without an explosion. It would help if she told me what was bothering her. The actress had been all set to tell her 5 days ago when she received the damn thing, but Reece's behavior that day had been very unpredictable and hadn't gotten any better since. Faith felt that if she told her now it would look like she was trying to hide it from her, and that wouldn't be good at all.

"What's wrong, Faith? You aren't acting right."

Faith gulped down some wine and prepared for the onslaught. "Well, I have this thing.."

The phone rang and Faith thanked all the gods."I'll get it babe." She picked up the phone in the guestroom.

"WHAAASSSUUUPPP!!" Cori screamed.

"Oh god, not that, anything but that. Packs of teenagers have been drive-by whassuping all month." Faith cringed.

"So, did you tell her?"

"No, I was trying to, but she's been acting so schizo lately, I'm afraid this would make her wild."

"You know, now that you waited so long, it's not gonna look good."

"Yeah, thanks for the brilliant deduction, Watson."

"I have an idea."

"No, no. That's quite all right."

"So my suggestion of telling her while you had your face between her legs wasn't brilliant? Don't scoff."

"Did you forget the size of her quads?"

"She's not going to kill you Faith. But I have serious doubts that 'Jim the Dim' will survive," she added seriously.

"Would you stop? Jim is a nice guy, he's just been unfortunately cast."

"Yeah, well, you're the one that's gotta kiss him anyway. Oh man, I can't wait till you tell her about the bed scene."

"Are you crazy?" Faith felt her palms sweat.

"It's been a while since I saw a good murder, the movies just aren't what they used to be."

"You're twisted you know that? Oh no..." her voice was almost a squeak.

"What's wrong? Faith?"

Reece dropped the script on the bed next to Faith and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Uh, Cor, I gotta go." The gulp was audible.

Cori hung up the phone with a gulp of her own. "Hide the breakables and set up the sofa bed, Violet, we may have a visitor."


"I can explain why I didn't tell you sooner, babe..."

"Tell me what? Spill it!"

"You don't know?"

"What's the fucking secret, Faith?"

Puzzled, the actress shook her head. "Um, you didn't read the script?"

"Should I have? Is that the only way I'll be able to find out what's been eating at you?" Reece picked up the script and started leafing through it. Faith snatched it away.

"No, I'm sorry. I had something to tell you, and I didn't know's silly it's blown way out of proportion."

"So, if it's so silly, why don't you tell me now?" The club owner was now standing menacingly over the actress.

"I'm afraid ..."

"Of what!? ME? What have I ever done to you for you to be afraid of me?" She practically screamed.

"You didn't let me finish. I'm afraid of how you'll react, and well, you just confirmed my fears."

Reece suddenly felt like a shit. Of course she's afraid, look at you, you idiot! She took a deep breath and sat down on the bed.

"Faith, look, I've been freaking out all week over this."


"I'm having trouble at the club, and now you're hiding something from me. I knew it the minute you walked in the door after the read-through. Are they killing you off? Are they gonna hurt your character? C'mon, what gives?"

"What trouble at the club?"

"Inspectors showing up daily, auditor sniffing my ass. It seems your friend from my favorite club has been getting his rocks off torturing me."

"I'm sorry Reece. Really. If I had known you were having such a hard time.."

"Please, Faith, just tell me what's going on so I can stop popping Tums like Tic Tacs."

"Well, I, Judith, has a love interest." She paused, gauging the reaction. Reece's lips got tight.

"Who's the lucky guy?" It looked like Reece's pupils disappeared.

"Jim" she whispered.

Reece made fists in her lap, her knuckles turning white. Faith stood and stepped away from the bed.

"We, uhm.."

"Consummate?" Reece offered through gritted teeth.

"Exactly." Faith flinched as her tall lover stood up and seemed to grow even larger.

"Oh. I see. Is that all?" She failed to make the smile sincere.

Faith nodded hesitantly.

"You were afraid I'd dislike this new character development and run amok all over your little set?" Reece looked her dead in the eye.

Oh, that's bad. Way too calm.

"Well, sorry to disappoint." she stated, still too calmly for Faith, "I'm very happy actually. Congratulations. This is good for "Judith".

"Thank you." Faith said to her lover's back.

Reece exited the room, her boots clomping across the hardwood floor.

Wait for it...


The actress let out the breath she was holding and threw herself on the bed. She called Cori and filled her in, adding that she should be careful not to get in the way of her angry boss tonight.


The tall form restlessly paced the length of her club. Sometimes she mumbled, and other times she sneered. The dancers whispered, the patrons stole glimpses. No one looked her in the eye. They 'd heard the rumors and she did, after all, live up to her reputation. If they hadn't witnessed it for themselves they knew someone who had, and they weren't suicidal. But what they didn't know was that Reece Corbett wasn't at all angry, she was a nervous wreck.

As the owner of the most lucrative gentleman's establishment in New York City, The Lounge, Reece already had her hands full. She didn't need this new development. Tonight, the love of her life was going to lie in bed with someone else, and she couldn't do anything to stop it. Feeling very helpless and threatened, she made fists and continued to pace. No one dared confront the agitated woman, but some people never learn.

"Geez, boss, I saw a thing on spontaneous combustion on one of those learning channels... this woman, all that was left was an arm."

Reece looked at Cori like she was speaking Chinese.

"What the hell are you talking about?!?" she yelled.

"I'm just saying, that you should stand outside or something. Don't take us down with you," Cori said rather boredly.

The tall woman glared at her magenta-haired friend.

"Hey, easy tiger, Faith is acting... she's not actually doing anything with the guy. What is the big hairy deal?" The dancer shrugged. "She did more up on that stage with me."

Reece narrowed her eyes. "And that's supposed to make me feel better?" She stomped off to her office to brood.


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