Reece's Faith, Part 30

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Faith flew through the door to their house, kicking it closed behind her. She ran up the stairs, disrobing as she went.

I hope she gets some breakfast first... please let her be hungry.


As the two friends were chatting in the coffee shop, Reece trotted by, apparently jogging home. Her pace was quite leisurely, but she wasn't far from home to begin with. Her cheeks were red from the cold, and Faith wanted to scold her when she saw that her hair was wet. But then seeing those long legs and tight butt Faith fell right back into her frazzled state.

The actress tossed some money on the table and ran directly into a cab, leaving Cori slightly bewildered, but smirking knowingly. After all, she did have a naked woman in her bed.


Faith stood in her underwear trying to figure out what to do next. She didn't have a plan of action, but she certainly had an agenda. Reece, bed, and sex.

"...Then make it known how much you need her. Tell her, show her. Prove to her that she's the air that you breathe..."

Cori's words stopped Faith in her tracks. She sat on the bed for a moment.

"Now what? If I jump all over her, what does that say? I need you? Yeah, but for what, for sex? That'll never do." she thought for a bit, then began to smile. The actress had a very good idea, and while it was for Reece's benefit, it was also slightly self-indulgent.


A short while later, Reece jogged up the front steps, thinking of nothing but a hot shower and a nap. The door opened before she even took out her keys.

"Hey Sexy." Faith winked, leaning on the doorframe, eyeing the tall vision.

Reece took a long look at her welcoming committee. She had on a cute little tank top short enough to expose her belly, royal blue satiny looking pajama pants--probably Victoria's Secret, she thought--and her bare feet.

Oh, and look at that... no bra. Reece grinned lecherously at the two points in Faith's tank top.

"Are you quite finished?" Faith asked of her lover's appraisal.

The club owner nodded, smiled, and took the offered hand. Faith looked good.

Good enough to eat.

Reece closed the door behind her and allowed herself to be led. After all, she did have a beautiful view. Unable to stop herself, she cupped her hand under Faith's ass cheek as it wiggled up the stairs.

"You like what you see, baby?" Faith looked over her shoulder, and didn't remove the hand.

"Absolutely." Reece was lost in the feel of the silky material slipping back and forth under her hand, and nearly tripped up the last step.

"Well there's time for that later." The actress walked Reece into the master bathroom.

The club owner stood in the doorway, head cocked in confusion. The jacuzzi was full, topped with a layer of scented bubbles, and the room was lit by a multitude of candles. Faith sat on the edge of the tub and with a sideways nod gestured for the tall woman to come over.

Reece felt warm inside, and an embarrassed smile spread across her lips. Suddenly feeling the heat, she unzipped her jacket and let it fall to the floor, stepped closer to Faith and shrugged, grinning sheepishly. She had no idea what was going on.

Faith glanced up at her with a sexy smile, then untucked her lover's sweaty shirt from her jogging pants. She ran her hands under Reece's shirt, gliding them up and around the still-slick skin.

Reece shivered.

Satisfying her needs for the moment, the actress stood, taking the shirt with her. Reece lifted her arms and had to assist when it got too high for Faith to reach. Then the tall woman stood there, uncomfortable, yet curious.

"I can see by your expression that you're not sure what this is all about." Faith slid her fingers in the waistband of the nylon jogging pants, and pulled them down to Reece's knees.

"Lift," she instructed.

Reece put her hands on Faith's shoulders and lifted first one leg, letting Faith pull off her sneaker, then the pant leg. Then she repeated the process with the other leg.

"Well, you see, I'm going to spoil you now." The actress fingered the waistband of the lycra shorts and as an afterthought, dragged her fingertips up and around Reece's thighs, causing the club owner to shiver again. Faith held the two tense cheeks in her hands and closed her eyes.

"You won't believe how hot your ass makes me." She murmured, resting her cheek against her lover's belly. Hell, I can't believe it. She squeezed the muscular flesh a few times before realizing what she was doing.

"Try me." Reece drawled cockily.

Reluctantly, the actress drew her hands up and hooked them in the top of the shorts.

"Turn around, baby." She whispered in anticipation.

Reece complied quickly and Faith pulled slowly, exposing one of her lover's most cherished assets to her eyes, bit by bit. She wanted to dive face first into the skin, rub her face all over Reece's ass, but that wasn't the plan.

At least for now... Faith smirked to herself and licked her lips as the entire body part was bared.

Reece bent over to pull the shorts off of her feet, unaware of what that would do her her drooling lover.

Well, just one lick...

Reece gasped as she felt the hot wetness caress her skin. She stood up quickly to look over her shoulder and saw Faith's tongue sliding across her left cheek, a blissful expression on her face.

Didn't it used to be my tits?

The club owner chuckled to herself at Faith's new obsession. She had to admit she was getting turned on, she'd never really had anyone pay so much attention to her ass before. Not that she would have let them anyway. That meant turning her back to someone, naked, and that was a much too vulnerable position for Reece. Faith's tongue running up the crack of her cheeks was a new sensation to the tall woman, it felt weird, but good. She felt her insides twitch.

Too good...

Reece felt too strange with Faith's nose up her ass and although she trusted no one more than Faith, she became uncomfortable with the situation, and scolded her body for reacting as it did.

"Faith, what is this all about?" Reece turned around to face her lover.

Faith opened her eyes then quickly closed them and breathed in deeply when she was confronted with Reece's pubic hair.

"Sorry...I got distracted." She blushed. "I want to pamper you, but you turn me on so..."

"Why? What did I do to deserve this? Not that I'm complaining, mind you." Reece smirked.

"You deserve this just for being you. Don't you understand you don't need a special occasion? I love you, Reece."

Blue eyes stared into green with wonder. Faith thought that Reece's expression resembled one of childlike awe.

"Why? How?" The tall woman whispered.

Faith's eyes flashed as she stood up. "Christ, Reece! Is it so hard to believe? I love you! Not for one particular reason, but for many. I love you for everything that you are and were. It all made me love you, the good and the bad and the intensely aggravating! Why is it so hard for you to accept?" Reece looked like she'd been slapped, and spun away from her lover. Her jaw clenched, and her shoulders slumped.

"Fuck, Faith, I feel like I don't deserve this. How can you love me so unconditionally? You can have anyone.."

"NO! I don't want anyone, I want you! Now shut up, get your gorgeous ass over here and let me pamper you before I throw you over my knee and spank you."

The tall woman turned around in shock. Her mouth opened and closed then she shook her head. She stepped closer to her lover and threw her hands in the air.

"Fine." She mumbled.

Faith nodded and reached for her lover's sports bra. It proved to be a task as it was soaking wet and hard to remove.

"You're on your own, tough guy." Reece smirked, and was nearly strangled with her own underwear as Faith twisted it around her neck.

"You'll bend over if you know what's good for you."

The club owner narrowed her eyes at her lover, then bent over, but was sure to cover her ass as she did. This caused Faith to chuckle as she pulled the wet garment over Reece's head.

"Now, get in that tub." Faith pointed and flung the bra into the corner.

"Yes ma'am." Reece saluted and stepped in. She sighed as the warm water enveloped her. Sitting down she closed her eyes and leaned back, stretching her long legs out, her toes curling in pleasure.

"Mmmm...thank you, Faith. This is just what I needed." Reece moaned throatily.

A spark of arousal ignited inside of the actress as her lover spoke with that voice.

Reece groaned in pleasure.

How am I going to get through this if she keeps doing that? Faith wondered, and reached for the washcloth.

Reece jumped when she felt the unexpected touch, then relaxed into it.

Faith lifted a long arm out of the tub and gently ran the cloth over it, then placed it back into the tub. She did the same with the other arm, then worked across the tall woman's shoulders, then her back.

By the time Faith finished with her toes, Reece had quit feeling so undeserving and sucked it all up with happy little sighs. Faith washed the long dark hair and threw in a scalp massage as well. She passed on washing the important parts, leaving them for Reece to do herself. If she so much as looked at a nipple, or a curly hair, Faith was positive she'd lose control. Aroused as she was, it was difficult enough for her to touch Reece without jumping into the tub and ravishing her. Especially while the tall woman was being so compliant. By the time she finished with her lover, she was dozing in her lukewarm bath.

The actress paused and watched Reece's face in its relaxed state. There was an adorable curve, almost a grin on her lips. Faith never realized how long Reece's lashes were until now, with the candle's glow causing them to cast shadows on her cheeks. The redhead had a sudden urge to kiss Reece's eyelids, and did. The club owner started.

"Go on, baby, get washed off and lay on the bed."

"Naked?" Reece questioned sleepily.

"But of course." Faith grinned.


"That was incredible, Faith." Reece sounded positively boneless as she stepped out of the shower, all rinsed off. "No one's ever given me a bath before. Or licked my ass for that matter." She shook her head and smirked.

"Believe me, it was all my pleasure." Faith smiled at her naked lover. "Lay down, Sexy."

"Yes ma'am." Reece fell face first onto the bed and Faith's mouth went dry.

"I like you like this." The actress straddled Reece's thighs and poured some baby oil onto her back.

The tall woman jumped. "What the hell was that?" She tried to look over her shoulder, but Faith pushed her head back down.

"Just relax, I told you I'm spoiling you. It's baby oil." The actress began rubbing her lover's back.

"It felt weird is all. Why is it so hot?" Reece mumbled into her arm, then moaned as Faith's fingers dug into her muscles.

Must she make those sounds? Faith glanced down at Reece's ass framed between her thighs and hoped she could finish her massage without biting it.

"I warmed it. Feel good, baby?"

"Ooohh yeeaah." The club owner purred.

Fine. Purr. See if I care.

Faith pursed her lips and tried to forget the fact that Reece was completely submissive, naked, and between her legs.

"Mmm, right there...harder." Reece grunted.

Ok... that did absolutely nothing to me. Faith kneaded her lover's body, getting more aroused by the second.

"Oh god, that's sooo good."

Dead mother naked..

Faith worked her way back up Reece's arms and slid down her thighs, biting her lip as her need came in contact with her lover's flesh on the way down. She began rubbing Reece's calves and looked up at the relaxed body.

"Ooohh, baby... yeah." Reece groaned.


Faith worked up the one leg, breathing heavily as she neared Reece's sex, then she worked down the other leg. Her eyes were glued to the black curls; she could see that her lover was aroused.

Faith leaned close and breathed in slowly and deeply. She forced herself with all that she had not to fall face first into the crevice, instead taking in the scent of Reece like it was a drug. Her eyes moved to the globes of muscle that she adored and she had a sudden vision of herself and what she'd done to Reece in the bathroom.

She never considered that Reece would allow her that much freedom to explore, trust her like she did. Faith couldn't imagine Reece even letting someone think of doing such things, and here she was just taking it without asking.

And she didn't stop me.

This was powerful information. Faith had free run over Reece's body. It was a very good feeling, one that she never experienced before.

The adrenaline moved quickly through her body and her stomach clenched almost painfully with arousal. She looked at her hands resting on the body beneath her. Faith couldn't remember when she stopped massaging.

"Jesus, Faith...that was the most incredible thing I ever felt." The tall woman made a move to turn over and Faith pushed her back down into the bed.

"I'm not done with you yet." Her voice crackled with energy.

The club owner was well aware of Faith's reactions. She could hear the sounds of her licking her lips and breathing heavily. She also felt the hot breath between her legs and tried so hard not to lift her ass up to meet the lips that were so close. Her little spitfire was feeling her oats, considering her options. Reece knew it had something to do with Faith's newfound courage, and it made her heart pound with approval.

"Ok then, I'm all yours, do whatever you want."

Reece smirked into her pillow. She knew Faith could take that sentence a whole lot of ways and hoped she'd take it the way she craved. The club owner had never felt more relaxed or more comfortable in her life. The idea of Faith taking her right now wasn't at all as disarming as it would have been just a day ago. The very thought of Faith's tongue between her legs right now caused her to push into the mattress.

The actress gulped loudly at Reece's statement.

Does she realize how loaded that was?

She saw Reece's pelvis grind and her pulse sped up.

Oh god...she does know what she said..

Reece "oofed" as Faith threw herself on top or her back.

"Thank you, I love you so much, Reece" She whispered breathlessly.

The club owner turned her head to meet the lips at her ear, reached a hand up behind her to grab Faith's head, and kissed her hungrily.

"I love you too. I.."

The tall woman shuddered as sharp nails skittered across her shoulders.

"You what?" Faith pulled the hair off Reece's neck and licked a wet trail around to her other ear.

The tall woman groaned and arched her neck. "I want you, Faith." She breathed.

"God...and how I want you." the actress got up to strip her pants off as fast as humanly possible, then settled herself on her lover's thighs.

Reece lifted her torso up and leaned on her forearms, watching Faith scramble back on the bed. She groaned when she felt the heat on her skin. Faith grabbed the muscles that were taunting her and kneaded them.

"I've been thinking about this all day." She squeezed Reece's ass roughly and the tall woman stiffened slightly.

"All day." Faith scooted down and leaned over, touching her lips to the flesh beneath her hands.

Reece squirmed into the mattress again, moaning when her clit received the contact she needed.

"I watched you today." She kissed the skin with an open mouth. "At the gym." She licked with her tongue flat. "God you turned me on." She nipped and Reece jumped.

"Babe?" It's just Faith... Reece looked over her shoulder at her love and relaxed instantly.

"Shh, it's ok" she soothed. When she saw the trusting blue eyes meet hers she continued.

"I've been fantasizing..." She ran her nails from Reece's shoulders to the small of her back watching with approval as the welts appeared.

Faith licked her lips at the hissing sound she made and the movements of Reece's back muscles as she shuddered. She grinned ferally, watching her ass pump and flex.

The club owner arched off the bed from the waist up, groaning in pain/pleasure as Faith dragged her nails down the same path again.

Faith fell forward onto her forearms over her lover's striped back and licked her ear. "You know what I've been fantasizing about doing to you?"

"Oh god, please tell me." Reece begged, now actively humping the mattress.

Faith positioned herself and lowered her sex onto Reece's butt. She groaned as Reece reared up and met her wetness. "This." She growled and gyrated.

"I want to come on your ass baby."

"God yes!" Reece lifted her hips up in anticipation. "Do it."

Faith ground herself into the hard muscle, falling onto Reece's back, moaning loudly into her ear.

"Yesss." Reece hissed in pleasure. The feel of Faith's weight on her back, her sex grinding into her body, was making Reece whimper. She thought how odd it was not to feel trapped, but it was very fleeting as Faith groaned into her ear once more.

"Then, after I come on your ass, I want you to fuck me." The actress grabbed onto the headboard and threw her head back, riding her lover with determination, smearing her wetness all over.

Reece's clit burned when she heard her lover's voice--hoarse with need--telling her such things. She grunted her approval and lay her body back on the bed. She reached up and covered Faith's hands with hers and ground her ass up, meeting her rhythm.

Faith whimpered, and began an up and down motion. Reece felt her own wetness seep out into the sheets and knew she was only seconds away from coming.

"Reece, oh god Reece.."

The tall woman squeezed Faith's fingers tightly to the headboard as the first tingles of her impending orgasm spread through her sex.

"Shit." she grunted. Teeth sunk into her shoulder and she shouted Faith's name.

"Yes baby..coming.. on your ass..." The actress groaned breathlessly into her ear. Feeling the body on top of her tremble and hearing Faith talk like that, did wild things to Reece. She let go of Faith's hands for fear of crushing them and gripped the sheets with white knuckles. Faith's wetness spilled onto her ass and she groaned and tensed briefly, then shook all over.

Faith had begun to come down from her climax as she heard the noises Reece made signaling hers was about to begin. She leaned over to watch her lover's face, brushing the long strands of hair off her cheek, and slid a hand down between Reece's legs.

The club owner could only whimper as she forced herself into Faith's hand.

"Come for me, baby." She whispered, knowing how the tall woman got off when she talked dirty. She saw her blue eyes pop open, unfocused.

"Oh yeah, you're so hot." she continued, waiting for Reece's lips to part and the deep throaty groan to escape them.

Reece didn't disappoint. Opening her legs wider, she thrust hard, groaned loudly, and ground herself into Faith's fingers, finally settling down.

"You come so beautiful, Reece." Faith teased Reece's lips with her tongue and was impressed with her lover's recouping abilities when a strong arm pulled her head down and Reece's lips and tongue meet her own, and she was turned over. When they were lying face to face, the club owner wrapped a leg around Faith.

"You kiss your mother with that mouth?" She poked Faith in the stomach and rolled on to her back.

"You, my dear, love hearing me talk like that. It gets you so hot." She crawled on top of her, craving the contact.

Reece blushed. "Yeah, so? Got a problem with it?"

"Not at all. I intend to use it again when you're fucking me senseless." Faith leaned down and captured Reece's lips. The club owner groaned into the kiss, feeling her arousal creep back up a notch. Faith pulled back slowly, taking her time in releasing Reece's lower lip from her mouth.

"You watched me at the gym?" Reece asked as she raised the tank top up to stroke Faith's breasts.

"You have no idea what it did to me." She shuddered as Reece sat up and covered her nipples with kisses.

"Oh, I think I have a clue." The tall woman chuckled and sucked a nipple into her mouth.

"Mmm...oh yeah. Does that make me a pervert?" Faith pulled Reece tighter to her chest.

The dark head nodded, and mumbled. "Love you anyway."

Reece pushed Faith to her back and spent a long time lavishing each nipple with attention. Faith threaded her fingers through the dark tresses, getting wetter and hotter by the second. She reached a hand between her legs and groaned with relief. Reece allowed this for a few strokes, and then took the hand and replaced it onto her head. She raised her eyes to look at Faith and gave her a scolding look, then bit the nipple she was sucking.

"Baby!" Faith tightened her grip. "God!"

Reece smile knowingly. She was driving Faith crazy. The hands in her hair moved under her arms, attempting to pull her up. When Reece finally did comply, her mouth was covered with a series of frantic sloppy kisses.

"Mmm...want something, Faith?" Reece whispered into the open mouth devouring hers.

Faith nodded quickly and pushed Reece's hand between her legs and moaned.

"Oh, you are so drenched, babe." Reece slid her fingers around gathering the moisture, then brought them to Faith's clit. She rubbed it hard and quick, knowing how desperate she was for release.

"For you..." the actress breathed, holding Reece's forearm with a death grip. "Faster, Reece.." she whimpered.

Reece slid her tongue up Faith's neck and stopped at her ear.

"I thought you wanted me to fuck you senseless." Reece teased, knowing there was no way on earth Faith would let her stop now. The nails digging into her forearm were proof of this.

"After...please...don't stop...don't stop." she pleaded.

The club owner chuckled as Faith's face scrunched up in desperation. She dipped her head and kissed those luscious lips before moving to kiss behind her ear.

"Not on your life, beautiful. I live to see you come." Reece purred, knowing that would bring Faith over.

"Ooooohhhhh.." The actress moaned loudly as she came.

Blue eyes narrowed. It was the truth; she did live to see this. Reece watched the pleasure wash over her lover's beautiful face with adoration.

Faith let go of Reece's arm and rolled on top of her with a satisfied sigh.

Reece smiled at the small orgasm, she knew it wasn't going to be long and drawn out, it was a quickie and the club owner didn't want her to come to fiercely anyway. Reece's whole body was throbbing at the moment. She was chomping at the bit to come herself, preferably while thrusting into Faith.

"Oh...that was good." Faith sat up and put her hands on the strong shoulders in front of her. She stretched her back, making a lovely sight for Reece to gawk at.

"Your turn, baby, I know you must be dying." Faith slid a hand down Reece's body and the tall woman jerked and shuddered as the fingers slid right inside of her.

"You ok, Reece?" Faith asked with concern hearing her lover gasp.

"Yeah." She sat up and shook her head. "I just came a little." Reece looked with amazement at her lover's hand, the two fingers still inside her.

Faith chuckled. "Welcome to my world, Reece."

The club owner raised her eyebrow in a question, then groaned as the fingers slid out and then back in.

"I swear sometimes I come when you simply look at me." She watched her fingers slide in and out, covered with the abundant wetness. Reece moaned deep in her chest and closed her eyes. Faith's other hand reached down and she slid a finger from that hand inside as well.

Reece jumped in surprise. Faith acting so dominant was driving her nuts. She had a feeling the smaller woman was staking some sort of claim on her body and damn if she wasn't enjoying every minute of it.

"Faith.." She panted and laid back, spreading her legs wider.

Faith continued pumping slowly and evenly until Reece started to moan with every thrust. Green eyes stared into blue ones with a look of pure lust. The blue eyes fluttered when Faith twisted one hand around and she ground the heel of her hand into Reece's clit.

"You're just taking all sorts of liberties with me today, aren't you?" The tall woman breathed between grunts, pleased that Faith was enjoying herself.

"Are you going to tell me you don't like this?"

"God no."

Faith pulled her fingers all the way out and spread them, holding it up to her lips.

"You couldn't deny it anyway. It looks like your body speaks for itself, baby." She smeared her fingers over her mouth and licked her lips.

"I think it's screaming, Faith." Reece panted in frustration.

Faith reached under her pillow and pulled out out Reece's harness, which was already fitted with her dildo of choice. She dangled it in front of her lover, then dropped it on the bed. She stood, pulling Reece up to a standing position, and began putting the harness on her.

"I got so incredibly hot just now, watching myself fuck you." She whispered, giving the toy a tug.

"I don't think I have to tell you what it did to me." Reece gasped and closed her eyes as her lover pushed her back down on the bed. When she opened them, she found Faith crouched over her staring deeply into her eyes.

"What?" Reece asked with narrowed eyes.

"You." Faith answered vaguely, tracing Reece's features with her fingertips. At the arched eyebrow, she continued. "Reece, I don't think I can live without you. And I'm not just talking about this, the sex. You really are a part of me. Please believe me when I tell you how much I need you."

"What are you talking about?" Reece asked, not quite comprehending.

"I love you so much." she repeated.

"You just say that cuz I let you hump my ass." Reece teased.

"Oh god no, Reece, it's so much more than that." Faith studied the deep blue eyes and then she saw it. "And I think you know exactly what I mean."

"Yeah, I do," admitted the club owner with a small grin. "Are they really the windows to the soul?

"You tell me."

Faith lovingly trailed her fingers along Reece's eyebrows, her nose, and then traced her lips. Bending down, she kissed those lips, the nose, then each eyebrow. Sitting up again, she took Reece's hand and kissed each finger before rubbing her cheek into the palm.

"What do you see in my eyes, Reece?" she whispered into the strong hand.

The club owner didn't have to think before answering, but the feel of Faith's soft lips in her hand made her pause.

"My salvation." She answered quietly, swallowing the lump in her throat.

The honesty with which she spoke caused a swell of emotion in the actress. She threw herself on top of her lover and rained kisses all over her face.

Reece cupped Faith's face in both hands, relishing in the feel of her lips touching her skin.

"Do you know what that means to me?" The actress asked.

"Couldn't possibly be as much as you mean to me." Reece answered matter-of-factly.

"Oh, Reece, do you mean that?" Faith wondered tearfully.

"Faith, I'm not nearly what I would consider the poster girl for relationships...and I am a horror to deal with, I know. But you've shown me how much you love me, you prove it to me on a daily basis just by being here when I open my eyes in the morning. I have no idea how you put up with me and my shit. I know what I have, and how lucky I am to have it. I'd be a real asshole to let you go."

Faith was speechless at Reece's monologue. She didn't know what to say. After a short while just staring at her lover, she found the words.

"Thank you for giving me your trust." Faith twined her fingers with Reece's.

Reece stuck out her chin in an oddly defiant gesture, but Faith knew it was her way of showing that she acknowledged her admission of weakness but wasn't able to deal with it yet. Faith didn't press the issue and simply took it for what she knew it was--Reece's pride covering her fear.

"I'm not going anywhere, Reece." Faith said sincerely.

"That's right, you aren't. I don't intend on letting you." Reece mock sneered.

"Oooh, I love it when you're bad." Faith half teased, really wishing Reece would be bad more often.

"Do you now." The club owner wiggled her eyebrows with a lecherous glare.

"Oh yeah." she shuddered.

Faith leaned into her lover and kissed her. The kisses changed into deep hungry ones, and soon both women were moving against each other with need.

"Now, I do believe we have unfinished business," the actress said after giving Reece's body a long leer.

Faith scooted down and licked a trail from navel to throat, where she attached herself and sucked hard.

Reece squirmed and groaned.

The actress got a thrill that Reece still allowed her to take control and suddenly became aggressive, sucking and biting a path downward, leaving a line of bruises and teeth marks.

"Marking your territory, Little One?" Reece bit out through her gritted teeth.

Faith nodded and began giving the same treatment to Reece's breasts. She scratched her nails down the long arms and held strong hands down on the bed.

"Faith!" Reece's back arched off the bed when the actress bit her nipple too hard. "Go easy!" She breathed through her clenched jaw, even though her legs opened wider.

Someone's getting a little too comfortable here. The club owner thought with a smirk. Gotta fix that.

Reece's eyes widened as half her breast was sucked into Faith's mouth. Ok, so ask me again in an hour. She closed her eyes and groaned.

Faith sat on Reece's thighs, reached between them, and positioned the dildo so it was standing up in front of her. She stroked it as if Reece could feel it, and rubbed herself back and forth on her lover's slick center, which was framed by two strips of leather.

"Oh yeah...I've been waiting for this..." she breathed into Reece's neck as she stroked the toy and pressed harder. She moved her other hand to squeeze Reece's breast.

What has gotten into her? wondered the club owner when one nipple was twisted and pinched quite roughly, the other one sucked hard.

"Faith baby.. " She growled. The actress's sudden wild streak was driving her insane. The unpredictable behavior was so out of character. She had to keep reminding herself to calm down, that this was Faith.

Ok, this is your lover, look at her.

Reece focused on the green eyes looking back at her from her breast. Then she focused on the hand between her legs.

Yeah, that's Faith alright. And she happens to be jerking you off.

Reece found it hard to control herself and pumped her hips in time to Faith's stroking.

The actress began another descent, never letting go of the dildo, but dragging her free hand down, digging her nails into the Reece's skin as she did. She settled herself between the long legs and propped herself up on her elbow. She kissed the dildo and paused to look at Reece's confused face.

"Oh're gonna...oh god.." Reece had to close her eyes, Faith was acting so much like the girls of her past, it was blowing her mind. She fought the urge to jump to her knees and grab a handful of hair.

"JESUS!" she screamed, as her right knee was suddenly at her ribs and Faith's tongue thrust inside of her.

Reece's hands flew to the edges of the mattress, grabbing the sheets tightly. Blue eyes glanced down, rolled back and shut. It was all too much for the club owner.

The blowjob would have been enough, but this..?

She growled as her lover rubbed her whole face back and forth between her legs.

That tongue is pure evil.

Faith grunted an animalistic sound, her tongue delving deeply inside Reece. The hips beneath her thrust up into her nose so hard her eyes watered. She stopped abruptly and climbed back up the writhing body, attacking Reece's mouth with the same abandon.

A long leg wrapped around Faith's back and pulled her close, two strong hands holding her head. Reece sucked the evil tongue into her mouth and thrust her pelvis blindy. Faith pulled away and began to chew on her lover's lips. The club owner moaned and her leg squeezed harder.

Reece smelled herself on the warm breath and her nostrils flared. She grabbed Faith's neck and pulled her down, pushing her tongue into her mouth.

"Your body's screaming again." Faith murmured against swollen lips. With her best seductive sneer, she reached down and positioned the dildo at her entrance.

"Now, fuck me now, Reece."

The club owner lifted herself up on her elbows to watch and thrust up hard, burying the whole thing up inside her lover at once. Faith threw her head back and groaned languidly, digging her fingers into Reece's shoulders.

"You feel so good inside me." the actress moaned breathlessly.

Reece looked down between them, and then up at her lover's face. Then it hit her.

Fuck! I know what this is about!

She remembered how Faith wanted to hear about how she used those girls, how the young Reece would take them forcefully at their own pleading. Reece also remembered how her lover reacted to the detailed descriptions she offered with slight clenching movements of her thighs and unconscious lip licking.

Reece felt a powerful heat explode inside of her chest and she inhaled harshly to stifle the flames. Baring her teeth and growling, she wrapped her other leg around Faith and used the momentum to roll them over. Then she pulled out and sat back on her heels.

"Reece!" Faith protested and reached for her lover's arms. Reece swatted the hands away and grumbled deep in her chest.

"Uh-uh." she shook her head. "My turn, remember?"

The hungry gleam in her eye told Faith all she needed to know. Faith felt her heart pounding. YES! She shouted in her head.

"Turn over." Reece commanded with a light slap to the hip. Once Faith complied, she used one hand to gather both of her lover's smaller ones and pulled them up over her head, stretching Faith's body up into her chest. The other hand slid under Faith and lifted her hips, pulling her ass up into her belly.

"You want me to fuck you?" The club owner gyrated her pelvis to emphasize her words then suddenly let go of the smaller hands, and Faith fell to her elbows.

The redhead nodded and whimpered. Reece sneered ferally.

"Good, cuz that's what I'm gonna do now."

"Yes, please," the actress begged with a frantic nod.

Reece molded herself on top of Faith's back and bent her head, her lips touching the actress's right ear. She contemplated her situation, not sure if what she was about to do was really what Faith wanted. She was trembling at the idea of letting herself go. The adrenaline was making her scalp tingle, and all she needed was one more push and she was there.

Faith shivered as the long hair tickled her shoulders and neck. She waited and waited while Reece did nothing more than breath into her ear. She was so tense with anticipation of her lover's next move she whimpered.

"Is this really what you want?" Reece whispered shakily.

Faith nodded, and arched her back ever so slightly.

Reece breathed hard through her nostrils and clenched her jaw to keep from screaming from relief. Her whole body shook with excitement.

The actress moaned quietly as the heat blew onto her face. She felt Reece rear back and shudder behind her. The dark head appeared at her left ear. She shivered again from the sensation of Reece's hair spilling across her heated skin.

"I've just lost control, Faith."

The low dangerous timber of her voice sent goosebumps all over the actress. She whimpered again.

With a growl, Reece thrust her hips hard into the upturned ass, and Faith fell face first onto the bed, her elbows unable to hold the weight of her shaking body.

Reece lifted her back onto her knees roughly, slamming Faith's butt into her groin.

"I hope you know what you're in for, sweetheart." The club owner said in a singsong voice as she pushed roughly against her lover again.

Faith swallowed loudly, unable to speak. She'd played with fire and now she yearned for the consequences. Her heavy lover dropped back down onto her and she struggled to hold the added weight up. Warmth blew across her cheek and Reece's hair blanketed her face once more.

"Does my strength excite you?"

Her voice was measured, calm, but Faith could see the tremors in the forearm that was braced by her lips. Reece was at the very edge of her willpower, she was about to explode. Faith worried that she had pushed her lover too far.

Reece drew her hips back further before pumping them slowly, sliding the dildo up through Faith's folds.

"Tell me." she bit out through her teeth, reaching a hand under Faith's chin and turning her head.

The actress felt her heart pound at the intensity of Reece's glare. The blue eyes seemed to glow with heat. Her lover was giving her a last chance. She thought fearfully of what Reece might do if she backed out now. And to whom... with whom... The actress decided that she needed to experience this. Reece needed to do this too.

"Do.. you.. want.. this.. Faith?" she rasped.

"No, I need this." Faith nodded.

Reece's pupils expanded and her lips twisted into a sneer. She pulled Faith's chin higher and plunged her tongue into the open mouth. She was breathing loudly as she claimed every bit of the actress's mouth, their teeth scraping, Reece's tongue thrusting deeply inside.

Faith's neck was cramping in her current position, but her chin was held tightly in a strong grip. She could hardly breathe as her mouth was being invaded in such a manner. Abruptly the onslaught ended and Reece let go of her face. The actress gasped for breath. She was as turned on as she was scared. She trusted Reece with her life, but this was not Reece. The danger made her shiver, she surprised herself with her reaction. Faith turned her head and inhaled sharply. Those eyes burned right through her, she was looking at The Animal.

Reece snickered dangerously as she reached down and slapped Faith's inner thigh.

The actress quickly spread her legs and was pulled back forcefully, fingers swiping her juices and spreading them on the dildo. Her heart sped up and she swayed forward. A sharp slap to her right ass cheek made her cry out in surprise and she quickly repositioned herself.

Reece chuckled, then rubbed the head of the toy up and down over Faith's entrance.

"Fuck it." She instructed in a voice Faith had never heard before.

The actress pushed back until she was impaled. Her already shaky arms shook even harder as she tried to use her elbows for leverage. She heard a hiss of approval from her partner and backed up a little further. Dropping her chin to her forearms, she grabbed her own head tightly as she was filled deeper.

"Don't you know what fucking is?" she questioned with a snarl.

The Animal wrapped a hand around Faith's throat, and pulled her head back. She jammed the dildo home and let out a triumphant "Hah!" when the actress screamed.

Faith felt as if she might faint, her heart was beating so frantically. The strong hand around her throat caused her to arch her neck, her breath to become labored. This woman had the ability to kill her if she so desired. The knowledge caused her to shudder.

But Reece would never allow herself to hurt me.

"AH!" Faith yelled as the powerful thrust was accompanied by another slap.

"Now that's fucking." The growl was followed by a deep chuckle.

Even if she wasn't herself at the moment, her lover was in there. The actress squeezed her eyes shut tightly. The fear mixed with pleasure was making it difficult to think clearly. And she needed to think.

Does she want me to talk? Can I tell her how incredibly good this feels? Should I tell her I love her?"

Faith's neck was released and without warning her knees were pulled so that she was laying on her stomach, legs spread. She cried out from the exquisite new feelings her lover was producing in her. Two strong hands groped their way up from her ass to her shoulders, then slid up her outstretched arms. The tall woman laid her body down on top of Faith's back and breathed heavily in her ear.

"Talk to me, Faith. Tell me how good my dick feels inside you." The club owner thrust hard, leering at the way Faith's whole body moved forward with the force of each entry.

The actress was so overwhelmed she merely grunted each time her body was entered.

"Tell me how much you want to come for me." She licked the back of Faith's neck.

"So bad..for you..." The actress managed to sputter.

The Animal pulled Faith's hands over her head and turned onto her side. She held the two hands in one, pressing them behind her own neck. Fingers immediately gripped on, tangled in the long dark tresses.

"Don't move them." The tall woman ordered Faith nodded absently, arching into the long body behind her. Groaning, she pushed her ass back, begging for more.

Reece stopped thrusting and lay there panting, her chest heaving with every breath. She bit an earlobe and sucked it into her mouth, stopping when Faith's moaning became too distracting.

"You like this, don't you." she groaned and rolled her hips.

"So much..." The actress stammered, knowing Reece wanted to hear her. She wiggled her body in an attempt to feel the hard nipples rub into her shoulders.

"I know you do." She pulled back slowly and pushed in hard. A groan rumbed inside her chest when she felt the slick skin of Faith's ass sliding on her lower belly. Fingers dug into the back of the club owner's neck and Faith nodded with a whine. She tried to press herself back tighter.

"You've been thinking about this..." The tall woman paused to hiss with the feeling on her neck. "...since I told you what I did to those girls."

"God yes." Faith nodded, the breath was hot and moist in her ear. She whimpered and squeezed her eyes shut again. She shivered as a strong hand reappeared around her throat, one long finger hooked over her bottom lip and into her mouth.

"You crave me." she growled, and thrust in short quick motions.

"Desperately." Faith groaned, and rooted her hips for proof.

The tall woman shuddered and grunted as those lips moved against her finger. She could feel Faith's heart pounding through her own body. It invigorated her. She tightened her hand around Faith's throat and pulled the actress's head, stretching her neck, arching it back so they were cheek to cheek.

Faith felt like her body was on fire, the heat of her lover's skin was intense.

Reece wrenched a knee between Faith's and propped up her leg. She felt Faith swallow against her hand, and grinned. The actress's leg was high off the bed, draped over her long one. She was wide open and ready. The tall woman snaked her free hand where their sexes met and soaked it with Faith's wetness. She felt the fingers that were digging into the back of her neck twitch. She rubbed her wet fingers into her own heated center and moaned loudly.

Faith was whimpering almost continuously by now, knowing that her lover was so hot, that she had made her so hot that she was touching herself. Faith rocked back and forth, trying to soothe her need. Her hands clenching in Reece's hair to the rhythm she wanted between her legs.

The club owner stopped stroking herself and wrapped her wet fingers around Faith's dangling ankle, lifting it even higher, spreading her open further. She drew her hips back while pushing Faith's forward.

"GOD!" The actress rasped.

The Animal was fucking her. Hard and fast, their bodies slapping into one another's loudly. She wanted to scream encouragement, but the hand around her throat prevented it. All she emitted was a strangled moan.

The tall woman heard the sound and released Faith's neck, needing to hear what she was doing to her. Craving the words that would stroke her ego.

"How do I feel, Faith?" she twisted her hips.

"Deep..." The actress groaned. "So good..."

"Yes, so good." The tall woman agreed with a groan.

"Oh..oh.oh..oh.." Faith accented each exhale with a groan.

"I'm gonna come inside you...yeah..." Her voice was rough and shaky.

The force became exhausting to the actress, her body was being thrown forward harder with each thrust. But it didn't stop, and she was speechless to do anything about it. She was past the point of ecstasy, the pleasure was unbearable and she so badly needed to come. The frantic pace at which the dark woman was entering her had her at the very brink of pain.

"Too.. much..." she grunted hoarsely.

Unfortunately the woman behind her didn't hear as she growled loudly at the same time. She jerked and twitched then stilled, expelling a gust of air with what Faith figured was a much needed orgasm.

Maybe now she took a little edge off. She hoped.

Without any time to recover, the actress found herself on her knees being fucked again, but this time with less intensity and more attention. She groaned and met the tall woman's thrusts.

God, now I know where that nickname came from, she thought.

The tall woman gained momentum and picked up speed. Reece was grunting erratically into Faith's ear, apparently on her way to another climax.

"Let go of my neck." she ordered.

"Can I touch you?" Faith panted.

"No. Give me those."

The actress rested on her right cheek on the damp sheet. Her hands were brought to her own ass.

"Spread your cheeks." Faith did what she was told and moaned deeply. It felt wonderful open like that.

"I wanna see my cock fuck you." she groaned.

Watching as she slid in and out, Reece reached between her own legs to wet her hand. She smeared her juices on Faith's asshole.

"Oh god.." Faith whimpered.

"I have a thing for your ass too." she smiled wickedly as the opening puckered.

Reece slowed her thrusts, rotating her pelvis each time she filled her lover, reveling in the sensation of her clit grinding into the harness. She spent a long time teasing the entrance, watching it twitch... slipping the errant fingertip around the opening. Hearing the breathless groans, she tested the waters, she slid the tip of her thumb inside.

Faith bucked up and captured the whole digit, yelling out as it slid all the way in.

The Animal roared and her nostrils flared. She gripped Faith's hair and watched intently as she fucked her furiously, a strong orgasm building steam.

"Ah...oh...yes!" Faith was groaning incoherently, digging her nails into her own flesh. She was at that place where her climax had been denied too long. She was on overload, searching frantically for release.

But not The Animal. She was ready and pumped fast and furious. Growling and grunting, she slammed her body into Faith's.

"I wish you could see yourself. Wide open, being ass fucked and pussy fucked." The tall woman shuddered hard at her own words. "Fucked by The love it.."

Faith simply whimpered into the mattress, far beyond words.

"So hot..."

Faith bit her lip when the hand holding her hair twisted and pulled.

Reece shouted wordlessly, and entered her lover so hard the smaller woman's body fell down on the bed with the force. She stayed buried inside as she ground her groin and her thumb blindly. She arched back with a long moan, and then rolled away.

Faith wanted to cry. She was so frustrated, so hot for this woman, yet she couldn't come.

Kneeling at Faith's side, the club owner leaned over. Dark wet hair covered the actress's face as the tall woman engulfed her mouth with her own. Biting and sucking everything her mouth could devour.

Faith reached around Reece's neck and pulled her close. A strong hand cupped her soaking sex and squeezed. She begged to come for The Animal.


"You want to come so bad." Reece growled into Faith's mouth, then covered her lips again and quickly filled her with long fingers. Her clit twitched violently as she swallowed Faith's screams. Reece arched her back and shuddered when the actress gripped her wrist and forced contact to her clit.

"Oh it.. " Faith whined. She stared first at the smug sneer and then into the glowing blue eyes of The Animal. An incredible wave of heat engulfed her from her center and spread out to every nerve ending. She cried out with relief.

Reece's eyes narrowed to slits as she watched her lover thrash around on the bed, riding her hand.

"Come." she whispered.

Faith sobbed from the intense waves of pleasure that washed over her. Her peak was long and slow. She came quietly, exhausted and drained.

The Animal slinked back a bit as blue eyes gazed at the woman she loved in such a state. Reece suddenly felt a twinge of guilt, but green eyes popped open and showed the depth of her pleasure.

Faith took the hand from between her legs and sucked the fingers clean. She kissed each one in a show of thanks and smiled sensuously when she spotted her lover's abdomen twitch.

"May I?" She asked, her eyes flicking from the sticky pubic hair to the half closed blue eyes.

Reece tried to answer but was interrupted by the throbbing in her sex as she watched Faith unhook the harness and begin licking the dildo. She grabbed her lover's hand and thrust it between her legs.

"Touch me, Faith." The tall woman's knees almost gave out at the contact.

"Oh Reece.." she crooned.

Faith was well aware that The Animal never let anyone touch her. Reece was not totally gone, and that was a safe feeling. Faith gasped at the amount of wetness her lover generated, and feeling confident she pushed Reece down onto her back.

The club owner grabbed Faith's head and forced it between her legs, lifting her hips to meet the mouth halfway. Her center was immediately covered with wet heat. She wrapped a long leg around her lover's neck and arched up off he bed.

Faith licked up all the wetness happily and rubbed her nose back and forth, covering herself in the scent and feel of Reece. The tall woman whined and Faith realized this was not the time to play.

"Inside..." she moaned, blindly groping for Faith's hand.

"Arrrgh!" Reece growled and wrapped her other leg around Faith's back as the fingers moved swiftly in and out.

The actress looked up at Reece's heaving breasts and groaned, wishing she had three hands.

"Faith...suck...please." The club owner rasped breathlessly.

The actress latched her lips onto the throbbing oversensitive clit and pulled hard, batting her tongue across the swollen tip. Reece's legs trembled uncontrollably and she uttered throaty sounds, erratically jerking her sex into Faith's face. Faith doubled her efforts, her neck locked in a vise grip between her bucking lover's thighs.


The tall woman sat up, shoving Faith's head deeper between her legs. She gasped and wheezed, convulsing wildly. With a large exhale, her grip loosened.

"Faith, oh my god," she whined as she collapsed on the bed.

"What? Reece?" Faith asked, scrambling up the tall body.

"I can't move. You've gone and crippled me." The tall woman lifted her arm and it flopped back down heavily.

"You fuckhead! I thought I hurt you." She slapped her lover repeatedly on her shoulders.

"Hey! No beating a cripple!" Reece chuckled. "C'mere you." She held out her arms and Faith fell right into them.

"That was... interesting?" Faith sighed.

"Interesting?" Reece tried to lift her head to look at her lover but didn't have the strength.

"Mm hmm. Veeerrry interesting." Faith purred and sat up.

"Yeah?" Reece lifted an eyebrow. "How so?"

"Aside from giving me the wildest ride of my life, I found your breaking point." She smirked cockily.

"Oh. That." Reece averted her eyes.

"Honey, look at me." Blue eyes met green. "I enjoyed that you know. Very much so." she licked her lips. "Very very much so."

"Ok, but next time just tell me you want The Animal. You don't have to push me there. I can do that on my own."

"Don't worry Reece. I'm not afraid to push you. As long as I'm there when you snap, I'm ok."

"You really ok with it? I mean, I can be pretty brutal." she looked away and frowned.

"Very ok. I trust you, baby." She yawned widely. "You'd never intentionally hurt me."

"Key word being intentional." Reece yawned back and spooned her lover. "You're gonna regret it tomorrow."

"I'll never regret anything we do, especially in bed... and I'm not afraid of you, so forget it. Now go to sleep."

"I'll never figure you out, Faith Ashford."


Part 31

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