Reece's Faith, Part 32

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Reece awoke to the delicious smells wafting into their bedroom. Turning over to cuddle, she met cool sheets and an even colder pillow. Frowning slightly, she turned back over and stretched. Not really wanting to wake up yet, she opened an eye a little bit and peeked at the clock. It was 10:30. Huh? Why did I sleep so long? Sitting up, the thudding in her temples reminded Reece just how much alcohol she had consumed last night. She swung her legs off the side of the bed and rubbed her face. Yawning loudly, she made a face at the condition of her mouth. "Blech. I drank too much."

Last night had started out wonderfully and then got even better when Cori and Violet popped in with a batch of Cori's famous Eggnog. After that, most of it was a blur up until Faith had brought her up to bed.

Oh yeaaah... now that I remember... that was goood, the tall woman thought with a smirk.

While Faith was still recovering from their aggressive coupling two nights prior, Reece was not. She was drunk, horny and a bit loud about it. Faith was having a hard time controlling her determined lover in front of their company and was eternally grateful when her two friends decided to call it a night on her behalf. Too drunk to drive, they had stayed in the guest room while Mom slept on the couch.

Thrilled with the opportunity to devote all of her attentions to her amorous lover, Faith couldn't wait to get her in bed. Reece, slightly uncoordinated and unable to reciprocate, found herself completely at Faith's mercy. Repeatedly. Finally, she had to beg Faith to stop. The tall woman had never been so thoroughly ravished before and, even though she protested, she loved every minute of it.

Oh, baby. Just wait 'til I get my hands on you, Faith Ashford, she grinned at her naked self, chuckling at the hickey on her inner thigh.

A loud clanging of pots startled Reece (definitely not a familiar sound to be coming from her kitchen) and then muffled voices drifted through her half-opened door.

What is going on down there? The tall woman stood up and stretched again. She stumbled into the bathroom to wash up. Again she chuckled, this time at the weakened condition of her leg muscles. "She really got me good," she mused as she brushed the sandpaper out of her mouth.

Throwing on a robe and pulling her hair back into a ponytail, the tall woman drifted downstairs to see what was going on.

"See? I told you we had a bigger pot!" Faith harrumphed playfully.

"These things are so dusty, I don't think she ever used them," Violet snickered.

"Shut up you and just peel these," the actress said as she tossed a bunch of carrots at her friend.

"Girls... shush now, you're going to wake Theresa and after how much she drank last night, she can't be in a pleasant mood."

"Please, Mrs. Ashford, if we heard her, you had to hear her. She sounded pretty pleased to me. Besides, Reece isn't coming down any time soon. I don't think she could possibly move after what your daughter did to her," Violet pointed at Faith.

"Me?" the actress blushed. "How do you know I did all the work?"

"Because, dear, we didn't hear one peep out of you. The way that poor child begged for mercy..." Marsha tsk'ed and shook her head.

"Mom! Stop it right now." Faith's face turned darker. "I don't think I'll ever get used to my mother knowing what I do in bed... and teasing me about it," she mumbled.

"Well you should have gagged her or something," the piercer teased.

"Please, Vi, like you were quiet as mice. The whole neighborhood knows how hard you like it now." Faith snickered.

Reece decided against entering the chicken coop and detoured into the guest room. Cori was lying on her stomach with her eyes wide open; she pulled the covers up over her butt.

"You heard them?" the tall woman whispered.

Cori nodded. "Eavesdropped too, huh?" she asked.

"Yeah. Scoot over."

"Come on in." Cori lifted the blankets and Reece slid inside. "You made the right choice. I actually went in the kitchen. Marsha hit me in the back of the head for making Violet wait so long to come."

"Good grief. I'd certainly be eating soap for the things I said." Reece turned onto her back and folded her arms behind her head.

"I agree."

Reece looked sideways at her friend.

"Please, Reece, the whole block heard you. You must have been pretty drunk to be that fucking loud about it," The dancer stated bluntly.

"She was wild last night," was the club owner's reply.

"Reece, you certainly have changed. When we were together, you never even let me touch you and with the way you were carrying on last night..."

"Enough about last night, Cor," Reece started to get uncomfortable.

"I'm only teasing, Reece. It's all in fun. We're friends, remember? I find it fascinating what Faith has done to you."

"What do you mean, done to me?"

"You've become more human."

The two women lay there listening to the conversation in the kitchen. The club owner sighed heavily.

"What?" the dancer wondered why Reece suddenly seemed sad.

"Cori, ever think about life?"

"Elaborate, Reece," she laughed, getting up on one elbow to look at her friend.

"Well, I mean choices that you made, regrets."

"Yeah, I do."

Reece rolled her eyes impatiently. "Well?"

"If you're asking me if I think I made all the right choices, yes. I'm glad all my choices brought me to where I am today. I'd make all he same stupid mistakes all over again just to be here now."

"I just wonder what I may have become if my past was different..."

"No," the dancer sat up cross-legged, "don't you go and wonder about that. All the paths you walked, good and bad, brought you to Faith or her to you. I think it was meant to be."

"She could have any one in this world! She's beautiful, all over."

"Aren't you happy?" Cori asked with concern.

"Well... yeah, but I'm always wondering what's going to happen tomorrow. Someone with more to offer her could come along and..."

"Reece, you got to stop thinking like that. It's gonna tear you both up. You don't want to be the cause of you two separating, do you?"

"No, but..."

"Right. Hey, Faith loves you for you. Who knows if she would have liked a different Reece?"

"A different Reece would be less... unstable." The tall woman became sullen.

"She likes everything about you."

"You sound so sure." Reece wondered how her friend could know.

"She told me," Cori admitted. "She told me how unpredictable you are... and how it excites her. She likes it, Reece." Cori saw her friend's forehead scrunch up. "Yes, even The Animal. She trusts you."

"Yeah, with all her heart. No one ever believed in me like she does. Not even Frankie. I'm afraid I may do something stupid."

"Reece, everyone does stupid things, love itself is goofy. Come on, go easy on yourself."

"I don't think I can live without her, Cori," Reece whispered.

"And you're scared."

Reece nodded.

"Scared that you actually need someone so much, depend on her, scared that you may hurt her, scared she may tire of you... yeah we all been there, Reece."

"I haven't, Cori. What if I wake up and she's gone? What would I do without her?"

"Oh, Reece," Cori reached over and touched her friends cheek, "I don't think that's ever going to happen. Faith was named very appropriately, if you ask me. But why don't you ask her, just to confirm."

"Yeah, I'll do that," Reece agreed. "Thanks, Cor."

"You're welcome. Now, care to explain that mark?" she pointed to Reece's cleavage.

The tall woman opened her robe further and looked down at her chest. "I don't know?" she shrugged.

"If you ask me, it looks like an "F". I think you've been branded," the dancer smirked.

Reece snorted. "You know, lately she's just been psychotic about certain body parts."

"Do tell," Cori grinned like the Cheshire cat.

"She has this ass fetish and she can't seem to stay away from my tits."

"My innocent, little Faith," Cori laughed out loud.

"Innocent? Cute little blondish redhead in the kitchen? That Faith?" the club owner teased.

"Do you know she was so frightened by her feelings for you in the beginning that she nearly puked every time I brought up your name, never mind your tits."

"I know she was hot for me, but now you just lie."

"Honest! She was drawn to your tits from day one."

"Yeah, she certainly likes them. I can't complain but they're nothing special." Reece inspected her breasts then compared them to her friends exposed chest. "Yours are a hell of a lot more attractive than mine."

"I'd be afraid if you got off on your own boobs, Reece, but I have to side with Faith here, I think you've got great tits," Cori said seriously.

"Yeah, whatever." The tall woman covered herself back up. "It's my ass that seems to be in the spotlight lately. God, she's obsessed."

"Its a hot ass, Reece... especially when you wear that leather," Cori shivered.

"Should I be worried to be in the same bed as you?"

"Nah. I'm in complete control now. But ask me again later when I'm in the middle of a fantasy."

"Ugh. Here I used to be flattered. Now I'm just disgusted."

Cori looked up at her friends face to find her smirking playfully. "You shit, you scared me." The dancer pushed Reece down on the bed and straddled her, holding her hands over her head. She sniffed dramatically. "Boss lady, you reek like sex."

"Yeah, I know," Reece replied with a devilish grin.

The door opened before Cori had a chance to move.

"Oooo... now that's a nice picture," Faith giggled.

"Hey baby? Isn't that one of your fantasies?" Violet asked her lover.

"Oh please," Cori blushed. "I'm just..."

"Pinning Reece down to the bed naked?" Faith teased while jumping onto the mattress, making them bounce.

"Help, Faith, she's a brute," Reece pursed her lips in a very poor version of a pout.

Violet climbed on top of Reece behind her lover and peered over her shoulder.

"Say, now I see your point, Cor. I like this view too."

"This is not my fantasy!" Cori whined. "Reece, believe me, they're playing with you."

Faith looked at the three of them and threw her hands up. "What the hell," she laughed as she climbed up on top of Reece's chest, facing Cori.

"Oh yeah, I like this very much," Reece said and wiggled a bit. "I agree, Vi, I like the view too," she leered at Faith's ass.

"You are all assholes," Cori pouted."

Fess up, Cor, you know you want me." The club owner stretched her arms and legs out to the corners of the bed. "You want me like this. Spread eagled, with my hands and feet tied, teasing me 'til I beg, and then fucking me 'til I scream," Reece purred.

Three groans filled the room. Faith scrambled off of Reece, pulling bodies with her.

"OK, everyone out. I have some stuff to discuss with my woman," Faith ordered in a slightly husky voice.

"Oh, baby," Reece wiggled her eyebrows. Faith pulled Reece up into a sitting position and kissed her like crazy. When she finally let up, the club owner was still sitting there with her mouth open and her eyes closed.

"You are so lucky my mom is out there," Faith warned when the others left the room.

"Yeah, lucky me." Reece groaned in frustration. "Why'd you stop?"

"If you haven't noticed, we're cooking," Faith said sarcastically.

Who's coming for dinner? And why do you let her call me Theresa?"

"Hey, she likes to call you Theresa, it makes her feel special. Cori, Vi and Dad will be eating here." The actress winced in preperation for Reece's reacton.

"YOUR DAD?! Oh please, Faith, not him." The club owner flopped back down on the bed in protest.

"Yes, him. I refused to go home with Mom for the holidays, so he's coming here. They have a hotel as of tonight so you can calm down. Okay?"

"Well, okay... but if he so much as looks at me funny, I'm going to have to hurt him."

"Okay, I can't stop you anyway. Now, if I may ask, what was Cori doing on top of you?"

"We were talking about my many attributes."

"Were you, now?" Faiths eyebrow shot up.

"Aw, come on, we were only playing," Reece assured.

"Oh, I know that. I'm just disappointed I missed all the fun. I could talk about your attributes for days. I can write a book about each ass cheek."

"You are something else, you know that?" Reece smiled. "So you wanna play too?"

"Definitely. However, what I have in mind involves you, me and the recliner. It's sure to give Mother a heart attack. Never mind what it may do to Cori and Violet," Faith ran her hand between her legs and sighed.

Reece sat up so fast she got a head rush. "You feel better?" she asked excitedly.

"Ohhh, much," Faith rubbed herself against Reece's bare leg and the tall woman groaned at the heat. "Come on, I want to show you where Mom hung the mistletoe." Faith stood up and took her lover by the hand, trying to pull her out of bed.

"Oh, all right, but don't expect me to behave if you stand under it," she grumbled. "Mother or no mother, I get my kiss."

"Deal. Tonight may be very amusing. Cori told me all about the little tradition you have at the club and how you have to kiss whoever's under the mistletoe."

"Yeah, but that's the club and my office. Anyway, I don't want to kiss anyone but you."

Faith laughed. "Your tradition, pig."

"Even your father?"

Faith laughed louder at her lover's pinched up face. "Yup. Come on now, put some clothes on before I drop to my knees this very minute."

"Oh, and that's a scary thought?" Reece chuckled as Faith exited the room.


The women were having a blast in the kitchen; Reece shuddered when she looked at the mess. Glad she leaving for work, she slipped on her coat. Bending over to adjust her pant leg, she grunted as she was goosed.

"Hey, you better be careful, I have a very jealous girlfriend."

"What she don't know won't hurt her," Faith whispered.

"Well, okay," Reece spun around and pinned Faith against the wall.

"I hope you don't kiss all your girlfriends like that," the actress breathed between kisses.

Reece chuckled as she put her lover down.

"Hurry home, Dad will be here soon."

"Oh yeah, wouldn't want to miss the grand entrance," the tall woman muttered.

"Reece, behave." "Yeah yeah." Reece turned to leave.

Marsha stopped the club owner in her tracks. "Theresa, dear," she reached up on her tiptoes to fix the lopsided mistletoe, "would you help me?" she asked, straining to reach.

Reece looked at Faith and shrugged at her horrified face before taking Marsha in an exaggerated dip and kissing her.

"Oh, my word!" Mrs. Ashford was completely flustered.

"Well?" Reece smirked at Faith's gaping jaw and then fixed the mistletoe. She turned and attempted to leave again when she heard a collective "ahem". Looking over her shoulder, Reece grinned at the sight. All four women were crammed underneath the small green and white plant, puckered and ready.

"Later, guys," she laughed as she closed the door. Still got it, kiddo.


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