Reece's Faith, Part 35

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Faith jumped up, startled. Not knowing why she was awake or what woke her, she rubbed her face and snuggled back down into the bed. Then it hit her. "Reece?" The bed was empty. She looked at the clock and became worried.

Five in the morning!

She quickly threw on Reece's shirt, managing to button it halfway before hurrying out of bed. "Reece?" she glanced at the darkened bathroom. With her heart pounding, she hurried down the stairs. Coming to the living room, she heard the television and then saw Reece. She was in her underwear and a tank top, sitting in the recliner drinking a beer and, by the empties on the side of the chair, she'd been at it a while. The blue glow of the TV, combined with the twinkling of the Christmas tree, allowed the actress to drink in the tension of Reece's features.

Faith slipped into the room and stood there, not knowing what to do. Still slightly disoriented, she struggled to figure out what had gone wrong between going to bed and now. We had such fun last night, she remembered, but it really has been a wild ride these last two days. Poor Reece hasn't had a moment to herself. Maybe she needs some time. She's been acting so different all day. I wish she would talk to me. Faith jumped when the television was shut off.

"What's it like to have parents?" Reece barely spoke. It was more like a whisper.

"Honey?" Faith asked, confused.

"What did it feel like?" she pulled the recliner upright and twisted around to look at the actress.

"Reece, I don't understand what you're asking. That's a very complex question," Faith sat on the armrest and stroked her lover's cheek.

"Your mom, she hugged you, right?" the tall woman said cryptically, then stood up and left the room.

Faith stood as well and scrubbed her face with both hands. She was not at all prepared for this. What exactly happened with mom today?

Reece appeared with another beer. She sat down again and stared at the tree. "Did you get ice cream if you got an 'A'?"

"Please, baby, tell me what's going on," Faith pleaded.

Reece's attitude made Faith nervous and it relieved her to see her lover take a deep breath, releasing it as a heavy sigh. She knows she's being a bitch. Thank you for trying, baby.

"I was watching this show on PAX... Don't ask. It was oh, so goddamned perfect I wanted to puke. But all of a sudden, I felt... Never mind, it's stupid. Go back to bed," Reece reclined the chair and guzzled her beer.

The actress sat on the floor in front of the chair and chewed on the many things she wanted to say. Reece was upset, that was apparent, but she was brooding over something that couldn't be changed. She has to deal with this. As fucked up as that sounds... it's the truth. Yet Faith knew she couldn't tell her in those words. She looked at the woman she loved. Reece was feeling quite pitiful, her face was so sad that it broke Faith's heart to see her like his. Reece had just experienced her first family Christmas... as a grown adult. The tall woman was never exposed to something like that before and it really got to her. I can't even begin to imagine what this must have brought up for her, the horrible childhood memories she probably struggles with to hide every day.

Faith wanted her lover to get this anger out of her system. She'd happily bear the brunt of the tirade, if it made her feel better. Judging by he glassy shine in those troubled blue eyes, she was quite high and on her way to becoming totally drunk. In Reece's case, drunk and pity made for a very unmanageable team.

"Vanilla with sprinkles. It was my favorite," Faith answered the long forgotten question.

Reece averted her eyes from the tree to her lover.

"We had cookouts on July fourth and huge family gatherings on most every holiday."

The club owner finished her beer and put the empty bottle on the floor with the others.

"I had it pretty good compared to some. Sure, my parents weren't perfect, but they did the best they knew how. I certainly wasn't easy," she smiled at her many childhood memories.

Reece pursed her lips and played with her shirt.

"Mom wasn't as cool as she is now. She used to make me cry when she brushed my hair. She always made my pigtails too tight and I hated Mary Janes."

Reece turned her full attention to Faith. She imagined how her lover must have looked as a five-year-old with pigtails and shiny shoes.

Faith turned towards the tree. "Christmas morning wasn't like you think, though. Yeah, there were lots of presents, but mom was too anal to allow me to go wild with the wrapping paper. She saved it, you know. I don't know what for, I personally never saw the same paper again."

Reece's lips curved into a slight grin.

"When I was in the second grade, I played a tube of toothpaste in my class play -- Tammy Toothpaste. My costume was nothing more than two giant pieces of cardboard stapled together and a plastic cap on my head. I couldn't walk for fear of tipping over and all I had was one line. 'Use me twice daily.'"

The club owner snickered.

"I thought you'd like that. My dad must have taken a thousand pictures of me that morning. He was so proud of his little girl. He bragged about it for weeks." Seeing a bit of tooth appear between Reece's lips Faith got up and moved to the armrest again.

I wonder if he still has those pictures, a dark eyebrow rose in thought.

"Mom never told me she was proud of me when I was a kid, but Dad made up for it. I certainly was Daddy's little girl."

"I don't think I can blame him," the tall woman whispered. She grinned when Faith blushed.

"Every Saturday morning, I used to jump on their bed, to Mother's dismay, and lay on top of his belly. Flat across it, like he wasn't even there. It had to be uncomfortable, I mean he must have had to pee."

Reece snickered at Mr. Ashford's misfortune.

"We'd watch cartoons until Mother's yammering forced us to go downstairs. He'd then make some sorry excuse for waffles or an omelet, but I loved that time with my daddy."

Reece took Faith's hand, kissed the palm and then put their hands in her lap.

"Sunday mornings, we went out for breakfast. My favorite was the pancake house. I always wanted to order the chocolate chip pancakes with the powdered sugar. Mom was dead set against it, so I always wound up with some sort of blander stack and when they weren't looking, I'd pour all three syrups on them."

"I'm sure your dad was on to you," Reece wrapped her arm around Faith's waist and pulled her onto her lap.

Faith snuggled into her lover's chest and leaned her head back onto her shoulder. She paused to let the comforting feeling wash over her as it always did when she was surrounded by Reece. "He was. One time, Mother was out of town at some function and it was just the two of us. The waiter asked me what I was having and Dad said, 'Chocolate chip pancakes with extra powdered sugar for my little girl.' When it got there, he pushed the syrup holder at me and told me to go to town."

"I bet you got sick," Reece rested her hands on Faith's belly.

The actress breathed a contented sound. "All over the car, but it was worth it. Eventually though, I grew up and my father wasn't so cool to me anymore."

The club owner rubbed her face against Faith's hair, closing her eyes. The sound of her voice and the buzz of the alcohol soothed Reece immensely, but she was still uneasy, her foot shaking a mile a minute. She knew that she'd have to get this out of her system sooner or later; she opted for later and let the warmth of Faith's body seep into her.

"What happened?" she asked, genuinely curious.

"I guess it was a mutual thing. I wasn't such a little girl anymore. I think it hurt him when I told him I really don't want to spend weekends farting around with my folks. I had better things to do."

"Yeah, must have been hard for him."

"I guess, but he busied himself with work and spent much more time at the country club. I was busy with my friends, studying for a college I wanted no part of plus the acting program took up all my spare time."

"Where was your mom?"

"Oh, she was always running somewhere with the girls. The only quality time I spent with her was when we went to the stables. Mom loved to ride the horses. We did that once a week, but we never talked much about anything."

"Marsha on a horse. Now there's an image," Reece chuckled.

"She really was good. She even won some ribbons when she was younger. She also had a crush on her female instructor."

"What?!" Reece laughed.

"No, she told me this recently. It's true," Faith laughed with her.

After some quiet nuzzling, Reece kissed her lover's ear and smiled. "Thank you Faith."

"Anytime, baby," she turned in her lover's arms, surprised at how strongly Reece was clutching her. "Are you ok?" she asked, feeling the tall woman's grip loosen slightly.

"Now I am. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself for a while there," Reece admitted.

"And that's understandable. You missed out, Reece, and it must be hard to deal with it. I couldn't imagine living your life. I'm just glad that you survived it."

"Sometimes I don't think I did. Sometimes I feel like I'm so empty, like I have nothing left to give. Nothing to draw from when I need to... and it makes me so angry to feel so useless."

"I know, baby. I'm so sorry you feel like that."

"I have you, why should I feel so useless?" Reece wondered, a touch of anger seeped through her frustration.

Faith kissed her eyelids and then her lips. "I can't make everything go away, Reece. God, how I wish I could. Some things you have to do by yourself and sometimes they never get better, but you'll never be alone anymore."

"Promise me, Faith. I need to hear that you aren't going away. Please tell me," Reece's voice was so urgent and her eyes so full of fear.

The actress knew that this was the most important thing in Reece's world right now. She was more than happy to oblige. "I promise, Reece. I promise you that I'll never go away."

Reece was so relieved, so overwhelmed with emotion that she felt like screaming. She held onto her lover until she successfully fought the urge. Suddenly aware of the warm flesh under her hands, her eyes narrowed. Staring into Faith's deep green eyes, a completely different urge thrummed through her body.

Uh oh. Reece breathed in deeply, trying to fight the shaking in her hands. Seeing Faith's lips part and a short gasp escape them, she knew the actress had read her expression and she regretted her unguarded moment. A nervous sheen of sweat appeared above her upper lip and she swiped it away with her tongue.

You had a feeling this was gonna happen, Faith thought nervously, but it was brief. Once that tongue came out, her body reacted on its own accord. "Yes, Reece... I'm all yours," Faith shivered, tilting her head up and closing her eyes in acceptance.

Reece blinked a few times in disbelief. Faith was offering herself. YES! she shouted in her head.

Reece kissed Faith so hard and with so much emotion, the red head's heart felt like it may explode.

Good god! Faith felt all the hairs on her body stand on end. Reece's whole body trembled with restraint; her long fingers clutched her shoulders tightly. Ohh, this is soo good, the actress wrapped her arms around Reece's neck and struggled to keep up with her starving lover.

The kiss was endless and hungry, sloppy and forceful. Faith felt her lips swelling, bruising and welcomed it with gusto. It felt as if Reece was feeding off of her, and it was setting her whole body on fire.

Reece pushed her body forward and the chair closed with the momentum.

Faith instantly wrapped her legs around her waist and her arms tightened around Reece's neck. She dug her fingers into the long black tresses and groaned deeply into her lover's mouth.

Reece slid off the chair to her knees on the floor. She wrapped her arms around Faith's back and squeezed her impossibly close. She felt like she'd die if she let go. She whimpered uncontrollably, deep within her throat.

The actress heard the barely audible sound and she braced herself. Her lover needed to release all the emotions raging through her. The energy had been building all day, from the club to her father and finally the triumph of knowing that she was hers to possess. Faith knew Reece was only capable of two such releases: fury and sex. The thought of her lover taking her with this much pent-up energy made her head swim and her sex throb.

Reece needed Faith; she needed to give her the only thing she was confident she had. However, she was past the point of control and giving Faith what she had to offer was not a choice the actress could make anymore. It was a necessity on Reece's part. She couldn't speak, so she grunted helplessly into Faith's mouth.

The actress nodded, she wanted this as much as Reece did. Sucking the thrusting tongue into her mouth and holding it with her teeth, she released Reece's hair and pushed her shoulders. The tall woman arched back enough for Faith to tear off her shirt, while Reece ripped her own right down the middle.

The actress threw herself at her lover's bare chest and the tall woman fell backwards, reaching an arm behind her for support. Reece's other hand was pawing and groping everywhere, nothing was untouched, Faith's shoulders, her throat, her bucking hips, her backside. Reece's hand was roaming up and down, scratching marks down her twitching back, digging into the sides of her breasts.

Faith whimpered from the nails digging into her and squirmed against her lover's damp body. Reece's breasts crushed her own, the nipples poking rigidly into her flesh. The desperate way Reece was touching her caused great floods of arousal to pour between her legs.

The club owner lurched and arched, following Faith's every move, not wanting to lose contact. The urge to possess was quickly becoming a need. She bit Faith's lips, pulling them, sucking them.

Faith bucked erratically as the sensations from her mouth traveled with lightening speed to her sex. The feel of Reece's skin, slick and hot, combined with the trembling in her barely controlled muscles, drove Faith insane. She ground herself fiercely into Reece's body, leaving trails of arousal on the club owner's already wet skin. She was panting into Reece's mouth; she wanted to feel the weight of the woman on top of her. She wanted to look up into those wild blue eyes as she gave her the ultimate pleasure. Faith groaned loudly and tugged at the strong shoulders until they lowered, pulling the long body on top of her.

Reece reached behind her and held Faith's legs in place as she stretched out her own. She fell heavily onto her lover and growled as strong legs clenched around her waist. She drove her body hard and fast into the smaller woman relentlessly, overwhelmed by her need to hear Faith scream her name. She swallowed a loud cry as Faith's nails broke the skin on her shoulders. Fearing she hurt her lover, Reece pulled her mouth away and breathed heavily, "I'm sorry... Oh god, Faith..." she grunted and clenched her teeth. Sweat dripped down the sides of her face.

"No!" Faith groaned. She was just about to explode when Reece had pulled back.

"I can't control... I don't think I can..." she panted even as she resumed thrusting into Faith.

The actress was astounded that Reece would apologize for her lack of control. While certainly a nice gesture, now was not the time. Faith grabbed Reece's chin and forcefully pulled her face to hers. "Do it... prove it Reece..." Faith could barely speak as the thrusting against her continued.

"I need to... "

Faith squeezed her chin, pulling their lips together, cutting her off. "Make me come..." the actress demanded and bit down on Reece's bottom lip, then sucked it into her mouth.

The club owner attacked Faith's mouth, not surprised when she tasted her own blood. She got up on her knees and leaned over further, her hands braced way over Faith's head. The smaller woman's knees were practically touching her own shoulders as Reece thrust into her.

Faith cried out, half scream, half whimper as her mound ground into the hard muscles of Reece's abdomen. In her current position, she was wide open, her aching need escalating quickly. She reached over her head and grasped Reece's forearms, grounding herself for the explosion.

Reece had her lips curled back, her teeth tightly clenched. Looking down into Faith's face, she reveled in the intensity of her eyes and growled at the rush she received, acknowledging that she made her feel this way.

"Ree... ah..."

Reece shivered as a bead of sweat traveled down the side of her breast, tickling her, before falling onto her lover's neck. Faith's lips opened in an attempt to scream, but all that came out was a strangled gasp. Nails dug deeply into her arms as Faith arched her neck and stiffened. The club owner stilled her actions, watching the beautiful woman come because of her.

"That's mine." Reece owned this orgasm.

Faith shuddered and jerked her lower body up into Reece's groaning continuously. "Yours." She breathed out between sounds of pleasure.

Reece groaned deeply and flexed her stomach muscles. She concentrated on the feel of Faith's sex spasming on her skin. She pushed her weight forward once more after her lover stopped gyrating underneath her and grinned wildly at the gasp that she caused.

Faith was highly aware of her lover's state of mind and knew Reece probably had no idea how close she herself was. The tall woman was too wrapped up in Faith's pleasure to think about herself, but the actress knew better. She also knew to give Reece a second to regroup, but not too long, or she would be on the receiving end of another attack and she desperately wanted to see her lover succumb to the pleasure as well. Faith took this opportunity to take in the sight.

Reece hadn't budged from her position. Her breasts hovered tantalizingly close, teasing her as they swayed with Reece's great heaving breaths. Her hair stuck to her neck and face, driving Faith insane. The actress never knew that sweat could look so sexy until she met Reece; the tall woman always shone within seconds of their lovemaking. Her strong muscular arms shook slightly, but were still planted firmly over Faith's head. She looked positively delicious to the actress and although she loathed taking this sight away, but she knew it was time.

Faith slid her legs down and pulled her lover's lower body into hers. Reece's sex met Faith's and her eyes widened. The club owner's knees slid down and she readjusted her upper body, her mouth open and about to feast on a very enticing breast. Faith felt the wet heat soaking through Reece's underwear and grinned sexily up at her, "And that's mine," she whispered and thrust her hips.

Just then, a million firecrackers exploded inside the tall trembling woman. "Oh god..." the club owner's body collapsed and her head dropped onto Faith's breast, her entire body twitched with release.

Faith dug her heels into Reece's backside, groaning in empathy while her lover's weight crushed her. She was almost disappointed when Reece slid her hips down, escaping the grasp of her legs.

"You make me come... just like that," she whispered huskily before attacking the flesh at her lips.

To Faith, it felt as if Reece swallowed her whole breast. Her lips and tongue were everywhere at once; she felt the suction all the way to her toes. Her tall lover was grumbling her pleasure, making the nipple in her mouth vibrate. One strong hand burrowed underneath her, pressing her lower back into an arch, the other draped around and cradled her head, the long fingers tangled in her hair.

Faith's senses were reeling. She licked her dry lips with an equally dry tongue; she hadn't realized how hard she was panting until now.

Reece moved her mouth to Faith's other breast, giving it the same attention as the first. She could hear her lover whimpering behind closed lips, breathing heavily through her nose, thoroughly lost in the renewed pleasure she was receiving. This knowledge drove Reece on, confident that her frantic behavior was accepted, even craved.

Faith's eyes popped open when Reece abruptly sat up. She lifted herself on one shaky elbow and saw her lover struggling to remove her briefs. Faith quickly unwrapped her legs and sat up, yanking the material away from Reece's waist, tugging forcefully, dying to see and touch what was underneath.

The tall woman knelt up and pulled her underwear off. She stayed there, her chest heaving, body tight as a bow. Her eyes narrowed to slits at what lay naked and open before her and how desperately Faith was reaching for her, lips swollen and eyes burning with need. She reached out, took Faith's hands and pulled her up. "I want you," Reece told her as she lifted her up over her shoulder and carried her up the stairs to their bed.

"Oh god, yes, Reece."

With Faith still in her arm, the club owner reached down and opened the drawer on her nightstand. She dropped Faith on the bed and climbed over her, straddling her. She let one of her breasts fall into her lover's waiting mouth and flinched when her nipple was sucked and nipped roughly. Faith was as hot as she was and that was just perfect.

Reece gathered Faith's hands, held them over her head with one hand and reached beside her with the other.

Faith groaned into Reece's breast as she felt the stiff leather wrap around first one wrist and then the other. She clasped her hands together in anticipation, swallowing hard at the new sound of the metal rings clinking together as she did. She had envisioned using their new toys in a much different, less frantic way, but she had trust in her lover. She whimpered in anticipation.

Reece moved away and Faith's mouth was suddenly empty. She arched her chest up when she felt her lover's nipples brush against hers. She moaned as hot lips covered her mouth and she was kissed hungrily. The actress thrust her tongue deeply inside Reece's mouth when she felt the cool leather straps glide up her arms.

Reece began tying Faith's wrists, securing her to the headboard, never breaking the contact of their mouths. She grinned inwardly as her lover tugged her hands reflexively. Reece detoured her lips to an ear and licked it. She glanced to the side and made sure what she was holding was right and sucked the salty skin of Faith's neck into her mouth, roaming all over, marking her, distracting her.

"Reece!" she pulled at her bound wrists again, desperately wanting to grab Reece's head and hold it in one place.

The club owner maneuvered herself into the harness and when she felt it was securely in place she sat back on her heels, displaying her intentions to her writhing lover.

Faith strained her neck when Reece broke body contact. She gasped when she realized what just happened and what was still to come.

Reece smiled a half smirk, half sneer and leaned over Faith again, capturing her nipple ring in her teeth. The club owner chuckled at the hiss that escaped Faith's lips. Reece leaned over slightly, licked her lover's arm from shoulder to wrist and then sucked her fingers. She repeated her actions on the other arm, watching Faith squirm and writhe made her want to climb up and take full advantage of her lover's open mouth. Later, she shivered at the thought of Faith's tongue.

Nudging Faith's legs apart with her knees, Reece positioned herself appropriately and teased with faint thrusts.

"Oh please..." the actress begged, bending her knees and opening her legs wide.

The club owner bit back a growl at the display. She licked a path to Faith's nipple and sucked it deeply into her mouth at the same time she entered her completely.

The actress screamed, yanking on her arms, wanting so badly to grab onto her lover. Reece pulled back and thrust again, putting her grinning lips to her screaming lover's ear, "Merry Christmas, Faith."


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