Reece's Faith, Part 36

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Reece stirred and drifted to wakefulness with a smile on her lips. As she became more conscious, she was aware of the goose pimples that covered her body. I'm not cold. In fact...

She shifted her weight and found that she was quite aroused. Before she had time to wonder how she had gotten to this point, a hot breath blew across her nipple and she stifled a groan. How does she always wind up in that position?

Reece grinned as she shivered with even more goose bumps. Lifting her head, she peered down at her lover, sleeping peacefully with her arm thrown across her ribs, her hand cradling the club owner's breast, fingers splayed across the mound and brushing her hard nipple each time the tall woman inhaled. Faith's head was was nestled between Reece's shoulder and left breast, her cheek resting comfortably on the fleshy pillow, her lips barely touching the other painfully hard nipple. Her leg was not really thrown over, but rested on Reece's long one.

Reece shifted again, acutely aware of the tingling in her groin. She very much wanted to wake up her slumbering lover and make love, but Faith had had one hell of a night. Which is probably why I'm in such a condition now, Reece thought with a smirk.

The tall woman looked down at her breast and the sleeping face which rested on it as hot breaths drifted across her sensitive nipple, barely teasing the other. She grimaced as some wetness seeped out, tickling her. God, she's driving me insane! she thought, growing more frustrated. Reece replayed last night in her mind, how Faith had looked underneath her, arms tied, her neck muscles straining as she threw her head back and screamed. The club owner made love to her repeatedly this way, but never quite satisfied her own burning within herself. Every orgasm she'd had, she purposely cut short, waiting for that glorious moment when she'd straddle Faith's face, feeling her exquisite tongue inside. When her exhausted lover begged for mercy, Reece untied her and held her. Within seconds, she was snoring, completely comatose.

Reece groaned at her stupid idea to bring up those images at a time like this. She was really aroused now, painfully so. Unfortunately, Faith was apparently still out cold, breathing deeply, teasingly, driving Reece crazy with need.

Reece shifted her weight again and breathed in sharply as her wet thighs brushed together. No, this will never do. She bit her lip and slid her hand between her legs, all the while watching Faith's lips. Just to take the edge off, just until she wakes up...

The club owner moved her free leg and gave herself more room. She again considered waking Faith the second her fingers fell into her drenched sex. She used a slow, steady movement, clear away from her clit; she swore she was just going to touch herself until Faith woke up.

Reece sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and tried not to move. She was so very wet and so turned on as a result of denying herself total pleasure earlier that morning.

Blue eyes, focused on the parted lips, as long as they could before drifting shut. The feeling of Faith's fingers and her moist breath were killing her little by little. She worked slowly, methodically. Her fingers circled and teased the most sensitive part of her sex, although it begged to be touched. She warred with herself that if she just rubbed it a little and stopped, she'd be okay. She got closer to it, hovered over it for a few seconds and it twitched in anticipation; so, she touched it. Immersed in a moment of bliss, Reece unknowingly groaned in pleasure.

The deep rumbling sound under her ear caused the actress to stir. She became aware of the heart beating loudly beneath her cheek and lay silently, still somewhat foggy from sleep. She waited. Her head rose and fell a bit too rapidly for her lover to be sleeping and the way her hair ruffled from her breaths, she was obviously upset. Faith was about to jump up in distress when she heard another very restrained and satisfied groan vibrate under her ear and she froze. Suddenly aware of her position, she immediately realized her lover's dilemma and she struggled to keep herself in check. Poor baby, she got left out this morning and here I am, slobbering all over her tits.

Faith wondered how Reece could have gotten this far without waking her. Her lover wasn't known for her control. Why didn't she wake me? the actress questioned momentarily before she figured out that Reece had probably felt sorry for her. The hair on her head ceased to ruffle and she felt the muscles shift under her arm, head and leg. Knowing that her lover had turned her head, Faith opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was a tasty nipple standing rigidly before her lips. Stifling the urge to suck it into her mouth, she glanced down. Reece's fingers were buried between her legs. The sight was breathtaking. Her tall lover's body was at the edge of release and Faith wanted to see the result. She stuck her tongue out and swiped the hard flesh at her mouth.

Reece sucked in a breath through her teeth and stilled her fingers.

"Y... you're awake?" the club owner gasped.

"For some time now, Sexy," Faith sat up and covered the nipple entirely with her lips.

Reece wrapped her hand around Faith's head and pressed her closer. "God, Faith, I'm so fucking horny," she groaned again, even as she spoke.

Faith nodded and slid her hand from the other breast down under her lover's, between her legs. She smiled against the flesh surrounding her face at the eager way Reece's pelvis lifted at the contact. The hand at the back of her neck tightened its grip.

"Faith, no," she grabbed the smaller hand and moved it away quickly.

The actress sat up. "What is it, baby?" she asked with confusion.

"I need your mouth," Reece put pressure on the back of Faith's neck. "Please," she pled.

"What do you want my mouth to do, Sexy?" Faith drawled huskily, bringing their wet fingers to her lips and treating Reece's exactly like she would be treating something else in a second.

"Shit, baby... God! That... with your tongue." Reece pushed Faith's head down and the actress wasted no time burying her face.

Faith was amazed at how her stomach clenched upon tasting her lover. Reece's scent was strong after their early morning's activities. The tangy wetness was abundant, it tasted different and made the smaller woman drool for more.

Reece held on to Faith's head with both hands. While she wanted this feeling to go on forever, the fire in her sex told her it was not to be.

Faith knit her eyebrows together in disappointment when she felt her tall lover's hips begin to move erratically. I just got here! she complained to herself.

"Oh, Faith, don't stop... don't..." Reece begged through moans.

Of course, that was the furthest thing from the redhead's mind and to prove her point, she suddenly buried three fingers up inside her lover.

Reece made a barrage of noises, none of which Faith could define, not that she had the chance, since her head was captured tightly between Reece's thighs, while her lover was bucking powerfully up into her mouth. Her fingers were in a vice grip of suction, held deeply inside. Faith grunted excitedly as she sucked Reece's clit strongly into her mouth, thrusting her fingers mightily into her, setting off another loud yelling fit from her quaking lover.

Faith stopped thrusting and pulled out her fingers, but never took her mouth away from lapping up all the fruits of her labors. Reece tugged at her head, but Faith held her ground until she felt the strong thighs slacken and Reece's legs splayed open bonelessly. She lay there a while, letting Reece come back to earth and then rested her head on her lover's abdomen.

Reece felt rejuvenated, even after such a mind blowing orgasm. She lay there, catching her breath and thought about how easily she could find comfort in this extremely vulnerable position with Faith. She smiled at her luck.

Faith smiled back at the look of love on Reece's face. "All better now?" she grinned.

Reece pretended to think about it. "I guess so, but hold that thought, okay?" she joked.

"I could think of much better things to hold," Faith swiped at Reece's overheated sex with her tongue.

"Whoa, don't start that again, I may have you there all day," Reece teased.

"Oh, yeah, torture me," Faith beamed back.

The club owner reached her hand down and ran her fingers through Faith's messy red hair, trying to smooth down all the twisted alfalfa's and cowlicks. "I don't understand how it looks like this every morning. You don't sleep like a maniac," she chuckled.

"I wouldn't talk, Medusa," Faith pinched Reece's hip.

"And that's nice?" the tall woman teased before clasping the headboard with both hands and stretching.

Faith's head lifted with her lover's arch and she sat up quickly to admire the long naked body in a lengthy stretch.

"Aaarrgghhh..." Reece growled as she flexed all her muscles at once.

The actress drank in the sight with a look of pure delight. When the tall woman relaxed, she fell back down with a deep happy sigh. "Reece, you have no idea what you do to me."

The club owner's lips pulled back with a silent chuckle. Faith looked terribly adorable with her mouth hanging open and her hair sticking up all over the place.

Faith was sitting cross legged her knees touching Reece's left thigh. Reece was leaning up against the headboard, her long legs stretched out in front of her, crossed at the ankle. The club owner laughed to herself when Faith's arm came up to scratch her nose and her hand was completely lost in the long sleeve.

"How'd you wind up in my shirt again?" she asked Faith, running her hand up underneath the front of the too large garment. She let her fingertips tickle Faith's ribs for awhile, and then circled around her belly button, teasingly dipping her pinky down to ruffle the light blonde hair.

"Dunno," she shivered and took hold of Reece's wrist with both hands.

The club owner smiled playfully. "Oh, and that's really going to stop me?" she pursed her lips.

"Who said anything about stopping?" Faith smirked and brought Reece's hand up to cover her breast. "I'm just offering some assistance." she closed her eyes and dipped her head back as the large hand closed over and molded her flesh.

"I see," the club owner grinned. Reece continued to massage the pliant flesh. When Faith groaned and relocated her hand to the other breast, her own eyes drifted closed.

The actress let go of her lover's wrist with one hand and lifted the shirt up over her neck, draped across her shoulders. She looked up to see Reece's eyes closed, her mouth half open in an expression of pleasure. It thrilled the actress to know Reece was receiving that much pleasure from touching her.

Reece began moving her fingers, lightly pinching and caressing Faith's nipple, jiggling the silver hoop ever so slightly. She opened her eyes slowly, focusing on her lover's half-lidded eyes as they watched her hand intently. Reece pulled the hoop a little harder. Faith moaned. Inspired, the club owner reached over with her other hand and laid it on Faith's hip. She glanced from her own hand to her lover's idle hand and then to the green eyes watching her.

Faith followed the unspoken instructions and wrapped her fingers around Reece's wrist, guiding that hand to her other breast.

Reece was a little more enthusiastic by now and worked that breast with more determination. Both of her hands massaged firmly, her fingers occasionally tweaking and rubbing the pebble-hard nipples. Faith's soft moans and arching back were driving her crazy. Realizing that she was squeezing her legs together, she uncrossed her ankles and bent one knee up. She wanted her full attention to be focused on Faith's pleasure.

"Reece, yes," Faith whispered breathlessly.

"You have such beautiful breasts, Faith. I don't think I took the time to tell you how much I love them. They fit so perfectly in my hands."

"They were made for you," she groaned.

Reece twisted the ring and Faith yelped, digging her nails into the muscled forearm.

"Reece, yes," she breathed again. The actress didn't want it to end, but she was in desperate need of attention much lower.

The club owner narrowed her eyes as ten fingers closed around her right forearm and her hand began to slide down. She made eye contact with her lover and clenched her jaw at the need she encountered in those green eyes. When her fingertips encountered Faith's most sensitive flesh, the actress sat upon her knees and thrust her hips forward, simultaneously throwing her head back. The sight of that alone made Reece gasp. The feel of Faith's slick, hot skin and the sound of her long, low groan had her squirming.

Faith held Reece's hand between her legs up against her tightly and didn't move. She relished the feeling of the muscles twitching under her fingers, longing to delve inside and explore. She groaned in anticipation and swore she felt more arousal slide out between her lover's long fingers.

"God, Faith," Reece swallowed hard. "This is... you are so hot. Are you sure? I mean, is it okay?"

"I don't know, Reece, just don't move," Faith strained to talk from her position.

"Ok, but, please, I don't want to hurt you." The club owner let her eyes wander over her lover's body. Faith was arched so dramatically that the only thing keeping her from falling backwards was the death grip she had on her arm. Her nipples incredibly hard, pointing straight up to the ceiling, her thigh muscles completely taut, Reece desperately wanted to throw herself on top of Faith and ravish her, but the sight of her lover in this position was breathtaking.

Faith wiggled on Reece's hand carefully, testing her tolerance. It felt sore, but not too bad. She did it again and this time rubbed her oversensitive clit into contact with her lover's fingers.

Both women groaned loudly.

"It's okay?" Reece asked tentatively.

"Just go slow," Faith breathed and thrust a little more forcefully before realizing she'd probably break her neck, should she let go. Using Reece's arm as an anchor, she pulled slowly until she righted herself.

Faith's face was red and she was breathing heavily. She walked on her knees, holding Reece's hand in place and straddled her thighs, nodding at her stunned lover. "Touch me, Reece... gently."

Reece sat up quickly and wrapped her arm around Faith's waist. She leaned her cheek against Faith's abdomen and groaned as her fingers slipped effortlessly around. Tilting her face up she watched as the ecstasy played on the beautiful face above her. She circled her fingers around, then slid them back and forth. Gently moving her other hand up, she grasped the back of Faith's neck, making her look down.

"You are so swollen. Are you sure?" Reece marveled at how receptive Faith was.

"Yes, just go easy, okay?" Faith whimpered as Reece stroked her clit gently. "Yessss slow... oh... like that..."

"Faith, you are so fucking wet," Reece's mouth watered.

"Watching... you touch me."

The club owner caught the scent of Faith and lost it.

"OH!" Faith yelled as Reece slipped her tongue into her folds.

Reece groaned as Faith's muscles surrounded her tongue. She kept up the slow stroking with her thumb, spreading Faith's lips open with her fingers. Glancing up, she saw her lover's hooded eyes watching her every move. Reece groaned.

Faith rocked her hips in time to Reece's slow motions. Her tongue felt like velvet sliding slowly inside and just as slowly out again.

Reece's own sex was alive again, begging to be touched. She was so aroused by this whole scene that she was convinced she'd come by simply tasting her lover.

Faith rocked back and forth against Reece's tongue and torturously slow thumb. She wasn't sure that she could take it but she wanted more. "Reece, suck on it... gently," she whispered to her unusually patient lover.

Reece whimpered and then those glorious lips wrapped around her universe. Faith cried out and her knees threatened to give. She looked down to see the long body unfold and lay flat on her stomach, her long legs bent, resting against the headboard. Faith allowed herself to be pulled down onto her back by an insistent hand on her hip.

"Mmm," Reece mumbled as strong legs wrapped around her head. She fought to keep control as she waited for Faith to tell her what to do.

"Oh, baby... a little harder... suck a little harder."

Reece pressed into the bed with her hips; Faith's husky voice groaning her instructions turned her on so much. She bent her index finger and used the knuckle to tease Faith's opening.

"God, Reece... that feels so good," the actress gyrated her hips, groaning.

Reece was getting so aroused by all this that she felt the moisture pooling beneath her.

Your tongue... use your tongue." Faith whimpered and groaned again.

Reece obeyed and moved into a kneeling position. She slid her hand from Faith's stomach to between her own legs. She groaned as her fingers delved into her own wetness.

Faith knew that sound and forced herself up onto her elbows. Blue eyes peered back at her from between her legs, then rolled back and closed. "Oh, god," Faith whined.

"Mmm hmm," Reece agreed, slowing the motions of her hand on herself. She knew how Faith hated it when she wasted a perfectly good come when she could herself could have it. She gave her wet fingers to her lover as a peace offering.

Faith licked Reece's fingers, sucking on the fingertips until Reece was whimpering with need.

"It's okay..." the actress grabbed Reece's hand. "I want you to," she released the large hand and almost laughed at how fast it flew back between the tall woman's legs.

Faith saw the controlled movement of her lover's arm and moaned. "No, really do it, Reece," she said a little louder than she intended.

Blue eyes looked up, confused.

"Put your fingers inside. Do what you want to do to me."

Reece gazed hesitantly up from between Faith's legs, but never stopped moving her mouth.

"Please?" the actress begged.

Reece slid two fingers inside herself and groaned around Faith's clit.

Faith nearly swooned from the knowledge and the sensation. "Work them... just let it go."

Reece tried to pump her fingers but since that elbow was pretty much holding her up, she pumped her hips instead, causing a huge moan from her lover.

"Oh yeah, that is so hot..." the actress wished she were on the other side so she could watch her lover's ass in motion.

The club owner adjusted her legs so she could make contact with her clit. When she did, she accidentally forced her knuckle into her lover.

"Oh god! Almost there, baby..." Faith grunted.

Reece whined; she was so close. She doubled her attentions to Faith and was very pleased to hear the loud groan and feel her clit twitch in her mouth.

"Oh god... oh..."

Reece felt her own sex begin to ignite. Please be now, please be now... oh fuck! Reece started to come and there was nothing she could do about it.


The club owner grunted with her release, mashing her clit into her hand. Faith jerked around like she was electrocuted and her legs squeezed Reece's head so hard, the tall woman thought she'd suffocate. Reece stopped her own erratic grinding in order to concentrate on Faith's orgasm, continuing to work her tongue over her lover's clit.

"Oh, my god, Reece! Stop!"

The tall woman tore her mouth away from Faith and she instantly curled into a twitching, groaning ball.

Concerned, Reece immediately tried to wrap her arms around Faith, who pushed her away with a sob. "Oh, god, don't touch me," she moaned as she twitched violently.

"Faith! What's wrong?!" Reece was extremely alarmed.

"If you touch me, I'll die," she groaned and then chuckled.

Somewhat relieved, the club owner sat on her heels and leaned over her lover. She touched her back and pulled away as Faith twitched again.


"What the hell did I do?" she worried.

"I don't know, but it was absolutely wonderful," Faith breathed and turned over. "I'm sorry, Reece, but it felt like my entire body was my clit."

Reece raised an eyebrow.

"I think I was just too hypersensitive. Everywhere you touched me felt as if you were touching it and it was too much."

"Are you better now? Can I touch you?"

Faith chuckled at her lover's wide-eyed look. "Yes, and you better do it quick," she smiled.

Reece tested with a hand to Faith's arm and, satisfied when she didn't flinch, she wrapped herself around her smaller lover and sighed. "You scared me for a bit, Faith. I never did that to anyone before."

"You got scared? Imagine what it would feel like to be one big, giant oversensitive clit for a second, will you?"

"Uh, no thanks."

"Hey, baby?" Faith twisted around to look at her lover.


"Will you do that again for me sometime?"

"Make you feel like a giant clit? No way. I don't think I know how I did that to begin with."

"No, not that. Will you touch yourself like that for me?"

Reece blushed.

"It was so hot, Reece, Please? For me?"

"Maybe," she mumbled.

"Okay, baby, maybe's good."


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