Reece's Faith, Part 37

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Mrs. Ashford was coming up the street as Reece was leaving for the gym. The tall woman waved and held the door open, bowing gallantly as the older woman passed. "Happy New Years Eve." She said with a smile.

"Oh, you too dear. You're so charming when you want to be, Theresa," Mrs. Ashford gushed delightedly, then both eyes widened upon falling on the grinning woman's lips.

"Thank you kindly, ma'am." Noticing that Marsha's gaze had fallen on her very bruised lips, Reece bowed her head and tipped an imaginary hat with a shy grin.

"Maybe one of these days you can remind Quinn how to be a gentleman," Marsha smiled and kissed the grinning club owner on the cheek.

"Aw, Mrs. A," Reece teased.

"Well, you're certainly in a good mood!" she laughed, then raised an eyebrow at the obvious signs of her daughter's ardor peppering the tall woman's neck.

"Yep," the tall woman winked.

"So I take it you found my gift?" Faith's mother whispered conspiratorially.

"Gift? You mean there was more? I really liked the shirt, by the way. Thanks," Reece smiled genuinely, unzipping her coat to show off her gift.

"I'm glad you like it. It's that newfangled workout material. Faith tells me you are prone to sweating, this wicks it away," she pointed at the shirt and then winked. "Oh, you bet there was more, just not something I thought should be opened in mixed company," the older woman leaned over, "if you know what I mean," she added as she gestured towards her husband who just turned the corner.

Reece's smile sat there, but her demeanor must have visibly changed because Marsha rubbed her back and whispered. "He means well, dear, please give him a chance."

"For you, Mrs. A, I'll try," she grinned halfheartedly and sprinted down the street, wondering what exactly Faith's mother bought them that was so secretive. Deciding that her lover would tell her if it was important, she continued her run to the gym.


"Oh, Dad, you didn't have to get so much food!" Faith was emptying bags from Zabar's.

"Well, honey, they're world famous for their bagels and lox, let's test that theory, shall we?" Quinn joked.

"You must be starved, Faith," Marsha winked at her daughter.

"What makes you say that?" the actress asked innocently while her face turned red.

"Theresa was in a very good mood this morning."

"Mother!" Faith hissed. "Must you always be thinking about my sex life?"

"I said nothing of the sort. You just pretty much confessed to that yourself," Marsha harrumphed and sat down to eat.

Faith's ears burned brightly as she watched her mother smear cream cheese on half of a bagel. She snagged a Raisin bagel and began to cut it.

"I'd break off small pieces, Faith honey, unless you want to open up that bite mark on your lip," the older woman stated around a mouthful.

Quinn had the good sense to blush. His daughter's sex life was none of his business. However, he was a wee bit concerned about that bite mark.

Noticing her Father staring at her mouth, Faith dropped her bagel and glared between her parents.

"Quinn dear, pay it no mind, you should have seen Theresa," Marsha wagged a chastising finger at her daughter.

"Okay, would you like details, Mother, because I'd be glad to give you a play by play," Faith pursed her lips and tapped her fingers in irritation.

"Faith, don't be fresh to your mother," Marsha continued to wag her finger. "If you weren't wearing all your hickeys like medals, no one would give you a second look."

"Marsha, please, I'm trying to eat," Quinn mumbled, his body language showing his acute embarrassment from this conversation.

"Well, if you can even remember what it was like to give a hickey, dear, it wouldn't mortify you so," Marsha replied with a hint of frustration.

Faith winced, "Oh, yuck."

"What?!" he argued.

"You know what I'm saying. If you had half the drive that Theresa does..."

"Oh, god no, Mother!" She didn't just go there...

"You're jealous of your daughter's... nookie frequency?" he asked incredulously, sitting up straight in his chair, ready to defend his manhood.

Dear god, this isn't happening...The actress put her fingers in her ears and hummed loudly.

"Don't you find me attractive anymore? I can't remember the last time you touched me."

"Marsha, of course I find you attractive, don't be ridiculous."


"Then why don't you ever want to... you know..?

"It's not like I don't want to, exactly..." Quinn tried to explain.

"DADA DADA DADA DA..." Faith began singing "The Chicken Dance".

"Then what is it, exactly?" Marsha put down her bagel and folded her arms.

"Well, maybe if you dressed more like your daughter, I could behave more like her girlfriend," Quinn fought back.

Marsha wanted to be shocked but her daughter's dancing and wing flapping were terribly distracting. Quinn was staring at Faith in much the same way his wife was.


"Now look at what you've done. Your daughter's gone insane," Marsha pursed her lips at her husband.

"I drove her insane? Madness runs on your side, Marsha, or did you forget your crazy Aunt Gertrude?"

"She liked pin cushions, Quinn. It's a harmless hobby."



Opening her eyes, the actress saw her parents staring slack-jawed in shock at her. Faith groaned pathetically. Now she was the one mortified. "Um... I'm going to take this up to my room, if you don't mind." Not waiting for an answer, the actress grabbed her breakfast and ran as fast as she could up the stairs and shut the door.

"That's your side, Marsha, I'm telling you," Quinn shook his head sadly.

"Nonsense. She's not insane, it's endorphins."


Reece felt refreshed after her workout; she showered at the gym and headed over towards the club. Feeling pretty good with herself, she stopped at the florist to send Faith some of her favorite flowers. Afterwards, she hailed a cab and even managed to keep her good mood over the din of the foreign music blasting in her ears. Well at least it smells like curry. I like curry, she mused.

Unlocking the gates to her club, the tall woman wondered what was in store for her on New Year's. I hope it's not going to be a repeat of Christmas. Which reminds me... What was Michele's last name again?

Reece closed the gates behind her and flipped on the house lights, surveying her club for the first time with an owner's eye. "I really own this," she smiled. "I bet I could do more with this place." The club owner walked around, examining the angles. "If I were a perverted old horndog, what would I want to see?" she thought out loud, moving over to the stage area. "Hell, two out of three and I'm asking myself," she laughed at her own question.

Reece came up with some great ideas on improving her asset and, most of all, utilizing space. She strolled into her office with a determined air. Settling in her chair she flipped through Frankie's rolodex and located his contractor. Reaching out for the phone, she was surprised to hear it ring. "Lounge."

"Help me."

Reece barked a laugh at the plea, and settled back comfortably. "Whassamatter, sweetie?"

Both women raised eyebrows at the endearment.

"Mother and Father are discussing their sex life over breakfast. I'm afraid that I'm helplessly traumatized now."

"Oh. Ew..." Reece sympathized with a scrunched face.

"My sentiments exactly," the actress said while chewing.

"Well, you're eating, so it can't be that bad," Reece deduced.

"But I'm taking little bites. Mother would hate to see me suffer due to my sexually induced injuries."

"What injuries?" Reece asked tensely.

"My lip appears to have a bite mark, as well as various other exposed areas."

"Oh," she relaxed, "I guess I should have warned you," the club owner said guiltily.

"Don't feel bad, Reece, I love it when you get... you know... forceful... territorial."

"Yeah?" the relief in her voice was evident.

"Absolutely. However, certain areas will be off limits for quite some time, hon."

"I'm sorry, Faith," Reece said sadly.

"First I couldn't beat those words out of you, now you say them at the most inappropriate times," Faith teased.

"I mean it. I hate it that I hurt you... in any capacity."

"Well, for your information, this capacity is very well received and worth every flinch," the red head thought about it some more and added, "very worth it. You are the most wonderful lover in the world," she smiled.

"You don't have much to compare me to, Faith," Reece chuckled playfully.

"You've surpassed any wild fantasies and dreams I ever had on the subject by miles," Faith said sincerely.

"You really mean that, don't you?" the club owner smiled proudly.

"Of course I do."

"I love you, Faith."

"God, Reece. I love you, too," Faith was caught off guard.

Reece chuckled at her lover's reaction. "Go see if your parents are making up on our kitchen table. If so, there's an Ikea catalog under the coffee table."

"Ew, Reece."

"See you soon," Reece laughed.

"You are so dead for that," Faith warned before hanging up.


"Faith!?" Marsha yelled.

"What does she do up there for so long?" Quinn wondered.

"After that little spectacle you caused in the grocery store, I'd be surprised if she comes down at all."

"Please, Marsha, the girl looked like she was dead."

"She's a Goth, Quinn," Marsha sighed dramatically.

"What the hell do I know from that? FAITH?"

"If you were hip like me, you'd know such things."

Quinn shrugged and blew off is wife's comment with a wave of his hand.

Marsha, on a quest to make her husband more receptive to their daughter's lover, lifted the recently delivered flowers to his face. "Aren't these roses beautiful?" The older woman inhaled deeply, "They smell so good!"

"They're making my nose itch, take them away. FAITH? Will you go up there and tell your daughter that I haven't got all day? I'm hungry," Quinn sat heavily on the couch and picked up the Ikea catalog. "Where'd this come from?"

"I have no idea. You know, she is taking awfully long. It's not like she's making herself up, she never does anymore."

Faith descended the stairs and shook her head at her parents constant chattering.

"Marsha, you know she said that she hates anything on her face now that she has to wear so much at work."

"I know, dear, but she just looks so..."

"What, Mom? Butch?"

"Heavens no! Not in that sexy dress. Now, Theresa, well she's butch."

Faith sighed heavily.

"What were you doing up there?" Quinn asked impatiently.

"Hiding, Dad. Let's go guys, I promised her that I'd be there early, before the customers start pouring in."

"Quinn, stop making faces."

"I can't believe I'm going to a strip club with my daughter."

"Gentleman's club, dear."


The small family headed into the black car and got comfortable.

"Barry, meet my dad, Quinn."

"Pleasure, sir."

"She has her own..."

"Yes, Dad, he's my driver."

"Theresa got him for her. Isn't that wonderful?"

Faith rolled her eyes. "We're going to the club, Barry."

"Quite a spectacle there, Ms. Ashford."

"Don't remind me," Quinn mumbled.

"Gonna be a mob scene there tonight. Should I wait for you?"

"Would you? That would be great. We shouldn't be too long, anyway. Just going to pick up Reece and head out to dinner."

"Ms. Ashford, if I may, I don't think she's going to be able to go anywhere tonight."

"Well, let's just get there first." Faith became worried. He was probably right, now that she thought about it. After all that publicity... A lesbian who owns a gentleman's club should be novelty enough. Faith bit her fingernail. However, if that lesbian happens to be a gorgeous hunk of woman like Reece, who's also living in sin with a famous actress, then it was going to blow the roof off her club.

Suddenly, Faith was having serious second thoughts about taking her father there tonight. She was about to voice her feelings when her cell phone rang.

"What the hell is that?" Quinn questioned the muffled sounds of Beethoven's Fifth.

"It's the phone, Dad," Faith shook her head in exasperation, rooting around in her purse.

"Beethoven?" he questioned.

"Theresa did that," Marsha grinned.


"Hi, babe. How long you got?"

"About five minutes, why?" Faith furrowed her brows at Reece's frustrated breath.

"Nothing. Just wanted to know. Be careful. Love you."

Love you? How odd of her to say that now, Faith stared at the phone in confusion. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. Her lover sounded very strange.

"Look, Quinn, it's Times Square! That's where they drop the ball."

"I've been here, Marsha. Who was that, Faith?"

The actress heard her name, but not the question. "Dad?"

"Faith? What's wrong?"

"Oh, my god!" Marsha interrupted.

"Holy fuck..."


There was a line of people an entire block long, five deep, behind police barricades, all waiting to get into "The Lounge".

"Ms. Ashford?"

"Here's fine, Barry. Dad, Mom, stay here a moment, will you? I shouldn't be long."

"Hey! Ms. Ashford! You shouldn't go out there alone..."

Faith slammed the door and stood in the middle of the street in awe. She hadn't seen this many people waiting in line since that time Barbra Streisand was at Madison Square Garden... and it wasn't even freezing then, either. She suddenly realized what Reece's phone call was all about; she didn't want her to come to the club and witness this mess. God, Reece! What are you thinking in that club right now? Faith panicked for her lover and hurried past the mob, towards the front door.

"Hey, there's that chick, you know... her," he snickered.

"Yeah! That's the dyke's girlfriend!"

There were many more insults to follow. Faith got a sick feeling as she heard all the comments hurled at her from the sea of people.

"Hey! Let her through, asshole!"

Cori's voice was like music to her ears. Faith felt relief, even as she was picked up off the ground and lifted over the barricade by unfamiliar hands.

"You heard me, fuckhead, MOVE!"

Cori, thank god for you! Faith was being crushed in the throng as she tried to make her way up the steps. She was on the verge of hyperventilating when a strong, very familiar hand reached out to her. "Reece!" she yelled as she struggled to get through the mob.

"Whattya think this is? The Limelight? Back the hell up, jerk off!" Cori pulled Faith's arm hard.

With the help of her best friend and her strong lover, Faith was finally where she needed to be.

Reece held the actress tight. She was more than concerned about the trembling, but not enough to let her go. She really needed this too.

"Christ, Reece! It's a fucking mob scene out there!" Sam threw open the door and pushed it closed with effort.

"You okay, Sam?

"Great, Boss, just great."

"You okay, babe?" Reece whispered to her lover, finally taking a good long look at her. Her upper lip curled in approval.

"Yeah, I'm okay.

"Hey, what about me?" Cori pouted.

"What about you?" Reece teased.

"It's usually my hair," Cori retorted.

Reece couldn't control the loud laugh that escaped her. Cori always managed to lighten the mood. "Thanks, Freak."

"No problem. So, Faith, where's the parents?"

"I left them in the car." She turned to Reece, "What are you going to do?"

"I called in a few favors. Some off-duty cops are going to work the line. Don't worry, no one will get in that's the least bit iffy."

"Thanks, Boss. I really need the help," Sam smiled.

"Yeah," Reece nodded. "Alright then, Sarge, you wait for the guys. Cori, why don't you and the girls just get ready? I'm counting on you to keep the others under control," the club owner winked at her friend then averted her eyes to Faith; they narrowed hungrily.

"Aye, Captain," the dancer saluted and went to go wrangle up the girls.

"What do you want me to do?" Faith smiled, still wrapped in Reece's arms.

The tall woman twirled them around and backed Faith against the wall. She squatted down and lifted her startled lover. "You can start by wrapping those legs around me and throwing your head back."


The club owner leaned hard into the actress, pinning her against the wall with her torso. "Do you know how hot that dress is on you?" she whispered, running her hands up and down the underside of Faith's thighs.

"God, Reece, now?" she questioned, shivering from the touch.

"Stockings are such a turn on." Reece took Faith's hands from her shoulders and placed them around her neck. "Hold on and kiss me," she whispered.

"Now?" Faith questioned again.

"Now," Reece tilted her head and stared at Faith's lips, all the while running her fingers all over the stocking-covered legs.

She made the mistake of looking into distracted, but very deep blue eyes. "Aye, Captain," Faith whispered back breathlessly before locking her lips onto Reece's.

Reece sighed contentedly and intensified the kiss. She held Faith's head with both hands, pressing her body tightly into all the strategic places, making Faith groan into her mouth.

The actress tore away from the attack, breathing heavily. Reece didn't move. Still staring at Faith's mouth she stroked her thumb across the bottom lip.

"Wow. Reece... as much as I'd love to continue this... god, stop doing that!" she stopped the thumb from entering her mouth by grabbing the larger hand. "My parents are waiting in the car. What should I tell them?" She kissed the sweaty palm, then licked it.

Reece groaned. "Tell them I have an uncontrollable need to ravish you," the club owner captured Faith's lips again.

The actress drowned in the kiss and jumped as she felt her body go limp. "No... baby... please," she whined.

"Faith..." Reece protested, knowing she had to stop before things got out of hand.

"What has gotten into you!?" Faith unlocked her legs and slid down.

"God, I don't know. I was so worried about you and the minute you walked in the club... I needed you," the club owner explained. "I don't know, maybe it was that dress. Isn't that the one you bought that day with your mom?"

"You are so adorable." Faith grinned at her lover's wide-eyed look of denial, "Yes, you are. Now, what to do about my parents?"


"I'm telling you, she's all right, Quinn! Theresa would never let anything happen to her!"

"How do I know that? What the hell is going on inside that club anyway? Why haven't they come out?"

Faith's purse began chirping. Marsha took the liberty of rooting around for the phone.

"What are you going in there for? That's not your bag!"

"Quiet, Quinn, maybe it's Faith."


"Mother? Are you okay?"

"Yes, dear. Quinn, it's Faith. I told you."

"Look Mom, you and Daddy go to the restaurant. I'm going to stay here with Reece. She needs me now."

"And I know you need her, too, but I'm worried about you. Are you eating?"

"Reece is going to order some Chinese for all of us tonight. She said to tell the Maitre 'd to put your dinner on her tab. She's treating you both. Okay?"

"Are you sure? It's awfully expensive..."

"Yeah, she apologizes and wants you to go have fun."

"Well... if you're sure," Marsha was hesitant to tell her husband the change of plans.

"Yeah, go. Someone's coming to the car to get my purse for me, so wait until then."


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