Reece's Faith, Part 38

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"And what kind of name is 'Sarge' for a woman?"

The Ashfords were seated at the restaurant and Quinn had been complaining ever since Sarge appeared at the car for Faith's purse. Marsha had tolerated his whining gracefully, but her patience was wearing thin. "She was in the Army. She protected our country."

"I'm just observing, Marsha. I mean, did you see her?"

"So she's a little masculine. With her job, who cares?"

"You know I don't like that. It's not normal."

"Oh, and what if Faith looked like that? Would you say the same terrible things about your own daughter?"

"That's not what I mean and you know it."

"Quinn, why don't you stop judging and just relax. Faith is happier than she's ever been in her life. If Theresa and her friends can make her feel something that we obviously couldn't, why should you care what they look like? Would you care just the same if that girl had one arm? That's not normal either. You should be thankful, not judgmental. Those people took care of Faith when we didn't."

"Marsha, I know that. I'm just worried about her. She seems to be living in a whole other world."

"So? Thank god she's healthy, happy and hasn't given up on her dreams. She's made loyal friends who support her and has someone who worships the ground she walks on. And, incidentally, I feel pretty secure about Faith's safety with someone like Theresa by her side."

"Yeah, well... she seems a bit unstable to me."

"For Christ sakes! I wonder what you seem like to her," Marsha retorted sarcastically.

"I want to like that woman, honest I do, Marsha, but..."

"That woman makes her smile so brightly... she can light up a room, Quinn. I haven't seen our daughter smile like that since she was a child. Personally, I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a part of her life again, like any mother should, I wouldn't care if she was living with a farm animal, " Mrs. Ashford finished her rant and sipped her drink ever so daintily.

Quinn toyed with his napkin, seemingly lost deep in thought. He wasn't pleased about being chastised, but he knew, deep down, his wife was right. Faith sparkles when she's with Reece and he should be happy, not angry. Combine with next. "Hon, you are absolutely right. I wasn't being ungrateful, I'm glad they helped my little girl," Quinn sighed heavily and played with a breadstick. "I suppose I'm just jealous."

"Well, you have good reason to be. Faith trusts you less than she trusts her friends."

"How can I fix this, Marsha? I made so many mistakes," Quinn felt like crying.

"You have to accept Faith's choices and support her, not butt heads with Theresa. Faith knows how to handle you, but I'm afraid her partner is a little hasty to react on Faith's behalf. You need to prove to her that you accept Faith and love her. Only then will you earn Theresa's respect. Without her respect, your daughter can't really forgive your previous behavior."

Quinn ran his hand over his face. He knew his wife was right, but could he be as accepting as she is? How did this happen to her anyway? "What changed your mind, Marsha? Why is it so easy for you to accept their relationship? How did you do it? How did you earn her trust?"

"Well, Theresa and I certainly started out differently than you two did, but once you get to know her, she's really very charming."

"Charming?" Quinn smirked. "You used to think I was charming."

"Yes, and I still do. Now eat your dinner before it gets cold. I want to be home before the ball drops."

"We have plenty of time, Marsha." Quinn looked puzzled.

"Well dear, not with what I have planned for dessert," she smiled playfully and wiggled her eyebrows.

"Oh yeah? Heh... well come on, woman, eat! What are you waiting for?" he grinned right back.

"Eat your pasta, Quinn, you just may need that energy."


Reece stood behind the stage, her eyes searching constantly, her muscles tight. Tonight she was working and it felt great. Already pumped from the excitement of the day, she jumped at the chance to guard the stage. The familiar feeling of guarding the girls was energizing.

Back when she was younger and wilder, her job was much more than guarding the dancers. The club and its occupants were in constant danger. The threat of being raided wasn't as scary as the threat of being robbed. Frankie refused to accept the "protection" that the other clubs did and, more times than not, The Lounge was under attack by the very people that offered the protection in the first place. Reece often found herself fending off flying stools or bottles as these goons came crashing through the building, if not hustling the girls out the back door as the police came busting in through the front. There were no illegal activities that she knew of and she feared no one, but she protected the girls' anonymity fiercely and made sure they weren't publicly humiliated.

Although this was not The Lounge of years ago and there was no real threat to the girls or herself, she still let her old feelings of being the protector take over her persona. She had no choice really, The Animal was so close to the surface already, it needed no more than a nudge.

Faith was seated at the bar and would be, for quite some time. She was hot and sweaty and wished her purse wasn't in the office. She really wanted a mirror about now. Glancing around her, she dismissed the thought of going to the safe, quiet office and staying there.

It was New Years Eve and every single man New York City seemed to be at the club. The crowd was thick and Faith had no desire to hop into it any time soon. Letting her gaze fall on the bartender, she snickered evilly. Christina was up to her ass in work and it thrilled Faith to see her so harried. When Reece told her about what happened with Christina in her office that day, Faith had gone ballistic. The actress had to promise not to maim the bartender in order to be allowed into the club again, but that didn't mean she couldn't think about hurting her. Christina was forced into apologizing to Faith by Reece, of course, and the actress gloated about that for a long time. Having to call Chris up to pinch hit behind the bar tonight annoyed her, but seeing her sweat like this was worth it.

"Okay, you can stop setting me on fire in your daydreams, Faith."

"Well, Christina I see you've learned my name," the actress replied with a bored look.

"Yeah... Look, I'm really sorry..."

"Don't apologize. No need. You want my woman and you can't have her."

"Very mature," Chris said disgustedly.

"Your fantasies should be punishment enough," Faith smirked.

"Okay, now I'm confused," the bartender leaned over the bar closer to Faith.

The actress hoped she would do just that and she leaned towards her ear to explain in a sultry voice. "In your fantasies, I bet you picture her naked, sweaty body, writhing beneath you... begging for release... arching into your touch... The great Reece Corbett whimpering and moaning until she starts trembling in the throes of a killer orgasm... you hear her screaming her pleasures into the night... Faith! Yes! Faith! Faith! OH, God! Faith!"

Christina had a flushed dreamy look about her up until the woman in her fantasy yelled. She looked at the actress who was grinning very smugly. "I hate you," Christina stormed away as Faith snickered cockily and tilted her head towards the TV screen over the bar.

When Faith got tired of looking at the soundless television, she scanned the crowd for any troublemakers and then settled her eyes on Reece. The actress felt a tingle in her belly watching her lover work. She observed the tall woman from her perch.

Reece stood with her legs slightly apart, chin up, shoulders back and her hands held slightly away from her body, casually dangling. Her whole demeanor was different, confident and her lopsided smile was endearing. Each time she winked at one of the performers, Faith felt her heart flutter. The club owner was being used as a prop by every dancer on the stage and the actress loved it. Her flirtatious actions only made Faith proud.

She was nervous at first when the guys told Reece they didn't have enough men to cover the stage, but Reece sprang up and volunteered quickly. She fell into her old skin very easily and Faith was thrilled to be witnessing the old Reece. To the average Joe, her lover appeared to be relaxing, but Faith knew better. Reece was on high alert, watching everything at once. It was exciting for the actress; she was watching the woman she had only heard about. All those stories were true; Reece was positively crackling with power and dripping with sex.

"Amazing, ain't she?" Cori shouted over the pounding music, squeezing her body into Faith's space.

Faith nodded her head. "So different," she shouted back. It is such a turn on to watch her. No wonder she had her pick of the girls.

"You should see her in action."

"I bet it was gorgeous."

"Oh, I wouldn't say gorgeous... exciting, maybe."

"How so?" Faith wondered.

"Watch this," the dancer yelled. Cori grabbed her friend's hand and dragged her off the stool and into the crowd.

Faith was momentarily alarmed. "CORI!"

"Relax, just wait..." she grinned.

Faith panicked slightly as she was surrounded, until she was suddenly lifted off the floor by a hand around her waist. Disoriented, she found herself in her lover's arms, face to face with the tall woman. How the hell did she get here so fast? Their eyes met and she was surprised by the look of fear and anger in the intense glare.

"What did you think you were doing Faith?"

The actress winced at the tone of Reece's voice. Finding Cori nowhere in sight, she improvised. "I slipped off my stool. Sorry."

"You scared the shit out of me! Fuck!" the club owner was breathing hard.

Faith's eyes went wide when she felt Reece's forearms trembling. Jesus, she was really scared! Look at her posture... wow. Imagine being taken by this woman? Oh yeah... just look at her eyes! They look silver! "I'm sorry, baby. I'll go back to my stool..."

"Not after everyone saw you in that dress, you won't," the tall woman pressed herself into Faith's back and wrapped one arm securely around her middle. She seemed to cut a pathway through the crowd with a mere look. "You'll come with me."

Faith was getting turned on by Reece's attitude, she really liked this Reece. She silently wished the tall woman could play bouncer every night.

Christina frowned furiously when she saw Reece burst into the crowd and retrieve Faith. What does she have that I don't have?

"Here," Reece let go of her captive and gestured to the stage. "You'll sit here where I can see you."

While the fear was gone from Reece's eyes, the anger wasn't and Faith obeyed. She sat on the stage with her back to the dancers and frowned when her feet didn't touch the floor. She tried to bring her short dress down over her thighs, wiggling around and trying to cross her legs. This only managed to show her entire thigh and she quickly uncrossed them.

Reece watched her lover fidget around for a while, smirking at her dilemma. Sidetracked for the moment, she jumped when a g-string hit her in the face. She tossed it away and growled only to see Cori's big head in her face laughing hysterically.

"Casual, Boss, very casual," she remarked before wiggling her naked ass away.

"You have to admit, Reece, that was funny," Faith laughed.

"Fucking hilarious," Reece sneered in embarrassment.

Faith pursed her lips. Okay, miss personality, I can take you on...

Reece immediately assumed her role as protector again while Faith thought of a way to ruffle her.

The club owner saw her lover inching closer to her out of the corner of her eye. What is she up to? she wondered. A man leaned his body on the stage and Reece was ready to pounce, but he caught her eye and backed off quickly. She jumped as something chose that second to crawl up her leg.

Faith giggled as the tall woman flinched. She ran her stockinged foot up the inside of her lover's thigh and smiled sexily up at her when Reece gave her a glare.

The club owner rolled her eyes. Faith was going to torment her.

Cori danced over and wrapped her bra around Reece's neck, raising both eyebrows at the leg that was growing out of her crotch. She leaned over and kissed the tall woman on the lips, enjoyed the look of shock on her face, then danced away again.

Faith had to cover her mouth so she wouldn't laugh out loud. She received another less threatening glare, so she continued her game. She snuck a hand under her dress and slid her underwear down to mid thigh, clearly visible to Reece, but not to the crowd.

Reece swallowed and bit her bottom lip; grateful at least, that she took her foot away.

Faith cocked her head and gave Reece a coy look, lowering the tall woman's resistance a bit more.

Blue eyes narrowed as the actress slid the panties down to her ankles and lifted her foot between the tall woman's legs again, the flimsy material dangling from her stockinged toe. Reece resisted the urge to lean into her foot. God, she has no idea! the club owner thought. With her head and body comfortably playing the role of The Animal, Faith was skating on very thin ice.

The actress was well aware of her lover's state of mind and was wondering herself why she was playing with her. She knew how Reece would react and Faith was nowhere near ready for The Animal, especially sexually. She just couldn't seem to control herself.

Reece took the panties, put them in her pocket and held Faith's ankle tightly. She leaned over to the actress's ear. "You have exactly one minute to get your foot out of my crotch. If you don't, I will have you and we both know that isn't wise."

Faith shuddered as Reece spoke into her ear. Her threat excited her and she blushed. Knowing that her lover meant what she said, Faith eased her foot away from Reece's crotch and leaned back on her hands, spreading her legs wider.

"I'm warning you, Faith, if I see one hair of that pussy when I stand up, you will regret this."

The actress shivered involuntarily. Oooh, she never said that word before... Finding herself completely aroused and soaking wet, Faith shook herself back to reality. What is wrong with me!? Quickly closing her thighs, she nodded so that Reece could feel it and closed her eyes when she felt the tall woman straighten up. The last thing she needed to see was The Animal aroused.

"Good girl," Reece smiled cockily.


It was ten minutes before midnight and Reece ordered the music off. She motioned for Christina to turn up the volume of the television and all eyes were on Dick Clark.

Faith was standing on the stage in front of Reece. The tall woman had her arms draped around Faith's waist, her chin resting on her shoulder. There was no one behind them and Reece was able to relax a bit. All the dancers were out on stage and at the five-minute mark, Sam turned on the house lights.

Faith rested her hands behind her on Reece's hips and leaned her head against hers. Long fingers unlaced and caressed her hips and thighs teasingly. "I love you, baby," Faith smiled as Reece nodded in agreement. She closed her eyes and leaned back into Reece, making her stand up straight to accommodate. The tall woman rested her chin on Faith's head, and continued to journey up and down Faith's legs.

"I love you, too, Faith."

Faith felt a sense of peace in the middle of the madness. The two women sighed contentedly and watched as the Mayor of New York and Muhammad Ali started the ball on its journey.

The dancers began counting at thirty, so Reece figured it would be pretty loud and obnoxious by the time they got to ten. She turned Faith's head towards her. "Happy New Year, sweetheart."

Faith felt her knees weaken as Reece's lips met hers and kissed her senseless. She vaguely heard the ruckus over her heart beating and knew this year was off to a mighty fine start.

"Happy New Year, Reece," she turned completely around in her lover's strong, protective arms and snuggled into her. She knew that the chaos of the club would intrude on their moment any second, but however brief this moment would be, Faith wouldn't change anything about it for the world. No regrets.

Reece had to move. As much as she loathed it, she had to break their embrace. The real world came crashing back loudly and The Animal was back on duty. With a final kiss, she released Faith and motioned for Sam.

Faith watched the mayhem explode around her with wide-open eyes. The house lights went dark, replaced by the pulsating multicolored spotlights. There were dancers and people all over the stage, the music was suddenly blaring and the crowd seemed to have doubled, all within a heartbeat. She was stunned at the anarchy that seemed to have occurred. Before she had time to react, she was being lifted up off the stage by her lover and handed over to Sarge.

"Take her home," Reece commanded.

Faith wanted to protest but the look on Reece's face was all business. Her tall lover was sneering evilly and her eyes were full of excitement. Faith watched in awe as Reece laughed wildly, grabbed two men by their jacket collars and banged their heads together, then jumped off the stage, dragging them towards the back door.

"C'mon, Faith, let's get you outta here."

"No!" Faith was frightened for Reece.

"Don't you worry about her, she'll be just fine," Sarge said with a confident smile. "This is merely playtime for The Animal."

Somehow, it didn't reassure Faith, but she let herself be led to the door.


Christina stood on top of the bar and silently observed the goings on below her. She saw the way Reece reveled in her duties and groaned at her strength. The sight of the tall woman throwing her jacket to the stage and tossing a grown man over her shoulder made the bartender shudder. God, I want her.

When Reece returned, she stood on the stage, proud and tall, flexing her hands. Chris wanted those strong hands touching her with their power. The bartender came down from the bar and began trying to clean the mess that was her station.

Finally, the last of the customers was gone and The Lounge was closed to business. Reece surveyed the place and groaned. "What a fucking mess!" she complained. She had no desire to be here any longer. Her body twitched with energy and she needed to get home. Even though she knew she couldn't expend the overflow with Faith, the thought of wrapping herself around the actress was calming her slightly. The real thing was certain to tame her to a more manageable state.

The tall woman felt slightly relieved when she spotted the off duty cops picking their way through the debris. She knew she could go home now. Scanning the club for Sarge, she did a head count of the remaining staff, frowning when she didn't spot Chris. "Figures she'd cut out on me," she frowned.

Sam was approaching with a huge garbage bag in one hand and a distasteful look on her face. "Boss, this is disgusting."

"Yeah, I shoulda warned you. It gets pretty gross."

"Hey, Reece, it was exciting seeing you in action tonight. Thanks," Sam gushed.

"Yeah, but I'm paying for it now. I'll never get any sleep in this condition," she sighed, frustrated.

"What about Faith?" Sam blushed.

"No," Reece answered sternly. "I gotta go get her purse and get home. Lock up?"

"K... Thanks again."


Reece entered her office and stared at her couch. Many nights she used this office to release the energy she felt now. Shaking that thought from her mind she reached for the bag on her desk and frowned. Someone was behind her.

She reacted purely on instinct. Spinning on her heel she grabbed the silent intruder by the throat and slammed the body into the wall. Breathing heavily with the urge to strike, she cocked back her fist to see Christina, smirking despite the grip on her airway. "Fuck!" Reece yelled and let go. "I could have fucking killed you!" The tall woman stepped away and put her back to the wall. She breathed deeply trying to control herself. "What are you doing sneaking around on me? Don't you realize..."

"Oh, yeah, I realize. You're so full of pent up energy, you're practically vibrating," the bartender stepped in front of the tense woman and placed both hands on Reece's tight abdomen.

Reece blinked rapidly, trying to figure out what to do. "Christina, just back off and walk away," she growled, eyes flashing.

"You're panting; I feel your stomach clenching... give it to me," she pressed her body against Reece's and shuddered at the trembling she felt.

Reece groaned loudly and banged her head back against the wall. She was powerless against her urges. "Please... I'm begging... go away," the club owner rasped.

Christina boldly ran her hands up and covered Reece's breasts, latching onto the tall woman's throat with her lips.

Reece hissed loudly and her body responded by sliding lower on the wall. She couldn't will her arms to move. "Oh, god... stop Christina... stop..." her voice was little more than a whimper.

The bartender moaned and licked Reece's chin, trailing her tongue across the shaking woman's lips. Reece's hips bucked and she knew if she didn't do something quickly, she'd have the bartender on her back in seconds, but her hands wouldn't do anything but claw at the wall.

"Yes, Reece, take me... fuck me... I want you..."

Reece felt the hands stop their assault on her breasts and slide back down to her belt buckle. Oh, god... I'm fucking toast...

"You need this, Reece...

"I need this..." the club owner groaned hoarsely.

"That's right... there you go." Christina soothed, silently cheering her victory.

Reece squeezed her eyes closed so hard she saw spots. She had to make it stop. She rooted around inside her cloudy mind until she found what she needed, just as Christina was opening her pants.

"Ohhh, Reece... I know what you want."


The hands stilled.

"I want Faith..." Reece's hands moved and grasped the bartender's wrists painfully.

"Ow... Reece... you're hurting me."

The club owner sneered wildly, baring all her teeth. "But I thought you knew what I wanted? You know what I need," she taunted wickedly. "Right, Christina?" she snarled.


Reece turned them around and slammed Christina against the wall. She pressed her body into the bartender and lowered her head to her mouth. "Am I hurting you?" she sucked Chris's bottom lip into her mouth, then bit. Hard. Reece chuckled at her gasp.


"Yeah, baby, scream my name..." Reece snickered and shoved her knee between Chris's legs forcefully. "But I thought you wanted this. Isn't that right?" Reece lifted her hand and toyed with the blood that dripped from the bartender's mouth. Chris flinched hard.

"NO! I'm sorry... I don't..."

"You're pathetic," she laughed. The club owner roughly threw the bartender at the open door. "Get the fuck out of my club. If I ever see you again, Christina... I'll let Faith have at ya."

After the woman left, Reece sat down bonelessly on the floor. She needed to get home now more than ever. She needed Faith... NOW.


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