Reece's Faith, Part 40

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It was very early New Year's Day. Two figures lay snuggled under the comforter, arms and legs tangled together. Dark hair draped over blonde, as Reece rested her cheek on Faith's forehead. The smaller woman snored slightly, her partner breathed evenly and deeply, ruffling the light hair with each exhale.


Cori and Violet had been up all night.

The dancer arrived home to find a trash bag on her doorstep. At first, Cori was leery of the bag (this was New York) and she sidestepped it, giving it a nudge with her toe. The bag wriggled and yipped. The dancer shrieked and Violet came running outside in her underwear, armed with a teakettle and a fork.

"Holy shit, Cor! You fucking scared the life out of me!"

"And what were you going to do to save me, make tea?"

After the piercer caught her breath, she and Cori opened the bag carefully and jumped back, waiting. Violet lifted the fork, just in case. Three little black puppies came stumbling out, shivering, weak and hungry.

"Holy crap!" Violet squatted down to get a better look.

"Jesus, Vi, they fit inside my hand! What the hell are they?"

The dancer marveled at the tiny dogs. She had never seen something so small. She cuddled all three against her chest to try and warm them."If I'm correct, they look like itty-bitty Dobermans. I bet they're Miniature Pinchers. God, they're adorable." Violet took one away from her lover and snuggled it. The little pup tried to suckle her earlobe and yipped. "Let's get them inside and find something to feed them..."

And so, the two new mommies were kept awake by their brood. Each time one nodded off, a pup would whimper and whine, prompting another cuddle and kiss. Both mommies were tired and cranky.


Reece stretched out her legs and curled back up, snuggling closer to Faith. Faith adjusted, backing her rear into the warmth behind her. Reece pulled the actress impossibly closer, burying her face in the back of Faith's neck. Both women smiled contentedly in their sleep.


Violet yawned violently and gathered the three animals inside her coat, following Cori on her mission to spread the joy.


Reece stirred, her subconscious alerting her to something, but not sure what. The club owner sluggishly fought the warning, grunting and throwing a leg over Faith. Her sleeping mind registering her lover intact, she fell back into her dreams.

"You could just puke," Cori barely whispered.

"Go on... do it," Violet prompted.

The dancer tiptoed into the bedroom and carefully placed the three puppies in front of Faith. Then she high-tailed it back into the hallway.

Faith mumbled and laid her arm out on the bed. Something licked her hand. She balled up her fist and stuck it under her head. Something licked her eye. She frowned in her sleep and covered her face with her other hand. Something bit her elbow. Her eyes flew open and she was face to nose with the smallest most adorable puppy she had ever seen. Immediately alarmed she tried to sit up, but realized she was being held rather protectively and stretched her neck to investigate the snicker.

Cori and Violet waved conspiratorially from the hallway.

Faith wiped her eyes; only to find she wasn't seeing things, there really were three and one seemed to be trying to climb over her to Reece. Oh, this will never do... Faith worried.

Cori also felt apprehensive. Only now did she realize in all the years she knew the club owner, she never once saw her interact with an animal. She started to step into the room when Violet pointed out that the puppy had wandered around to the foot of the bed, directly to the tall woman's toes.

Three women cringed in preparation.

"NNnnyyyiiiiii!!!!!" Reece was hopping on one foot, holding the other, looking frantically around until she lost her balance and fell on her ass.

Unable to contain herself, Faith burst out in hysterics. Cori and Violet followed suit and Reece frowned furiously at all of them. Violet sobered slightly at the sight of Reece's naked tits jiggling as she stood up.

The half dazed club owner was a sight in her backwards pajama pants and her hair a wreck. "Something bit me," she whined.

When Reece turned around to look at the bed, the dancer had a good view of her ass through the open fly on her pj's and her laughter renewed. Cori ran to the bathroom in what Faith figured was an emergency pee.

"Hon..." Faith was desperately trying to control herself, but it wasn't working. "Oh, god... look..." she attempted an explanation by holding up a puppy.

"What the fuck is that?" the tall woman stepped closer, squinting at the dog.

"It's a puppy, Reece," Violet offered through her tears of laughter.

"It's a rat," Reece declared confidently.

"Hey!" Faith gathered the puppies and snuggled them. "They're adorable."

Reece stubbornly sat on the bed and wrapped the blanket around her breasts. She was very embarrassed and was glad Cori wasn't in the room to lay into her about her little dance. Puppies... she snorted to herself, still angry at being wakened like that.

"Where'd you get them?" Faith asked as she kissed one puppy and let the others cavort on the bed.

"Hey, those weren't walking around on the sidewalk and now walking on my pillows..."

"Please, Reece..." Cori rolled her eyes.

"Did ya make it, babe?" Violet teased her girlfriend.

"Yeah, just about. Don't make me laugh like that again after so much coffee."

"Shoulda peed yourself. Dropping rats on my bed..."

"Oh, come on, baby... look at..." Faith paused and lifted one up for inspection, "...him! It's a boy!"

"And two girls. We found them on the stoop in a bag last night, or rather this morning." To make her point clear, Cori yawned widely.

"Oh, my god! Who would do something like that? What are you going to do with them?" Faith was growing very attached to this little boy and kissed it on the nose. It licked her in the mouth.

"Blech. Don't kiss me until you wash your mouth. You know where they lick."

"Reece you can't be serious?" Faith was astonished that her lover didn't share her love of animals.

"Well they do," Reece scrunched up her nose in disgust.

"You're just jealous cuz you can't lick yourself."

"Shut up, Freak."

"We can't keep them in the apartment now, but since we're moving in two weeks... we figured maybe you can..."

"Sure!" Faith gushed. "Look at their cute little skinny legs!"

Reece had her mouth hanging open and was positive the word "no" was going to spring forth adamantly, but just seeing Faith's expression while she played with the puppies made her hesitate long enough for her lover to answer.

"Reece?" Cori asked with a tremendous pout.

The club owner rolled her eyes.

Faith held a puppy up to Reece's face and animated his paws. "Pweese Weece... we have no pwace to go. Sniff sniff... We are so vewy teensy and need wots of cuddles."

"Jesus, Faith!! Okay!" Reece threw her hands up in the air, defeated. "Just don't blame me if I squash one by accident. I have big feet," she snickered.

"Reece Corbett, don't you even joke about hurting these beautiful babies! She didn't mean that. She's just cranky cuz mommy Faith passed out cold and she didn't get any last night."

Cori raised her eyebrow at Reece who scowled.

"It's not like I didn't try, Reece," Faith explained. "I did, after all, drink the whole bottle of champagne."

"S'okay," the club owner pouted, then glared at Cori.

Cori ran over to Faith for protection, stuck her tongue out at her friend and did the "neener neener" dance.

"Don't push me, Freak." Reece stomped out of the room as threatening as one could be while topless, with their ass poking through the back of their pants.


Reece grumbled around the house all morning. She had every intention of picking up from where Faith fell asleep last night. But nooo... Thank you, Freak. She was irritable and wanted to get laid. She made a few comments, but nobody paid her any mind and when Cori and Violet left, Reece settled for pouting alone in the kitchen.

"Baby! You have see this," Faith giggled from the living room.

This was the millionth time Reece had to see something already and she rolled her eyes before sliding her chair back to look in on Faith. One pup was on Faith's head. Its spindly stick-figure legs splayed out in all directions and it was chewing on her hair.

"He's gonna pee on you."

"You're such a grouch, Reece. Go ahead, brood."

Reece sighed. She had to admit, it was funny in an "it's gonna pee on your head" kind of way. She pursed her lips and got out of her chair. Faith sure loves them and I've never seen her smile so much. But they're romping... I don't think I've ever seen something that tiny romp. She eyed the puppies sideways as they frolicked. Nothing ever frolicked in my house either.

Faith glanced secretly at Reece. She could tell her lover was softening to the puppies. Reece was almost smiling as she stood there watching. They'll get to you yet, Reece, she vowed, then giggled as one of the pups tried to climb inside her sweatshirt.

Reece grinned. That must be the boy... he's got good taste. Wait a second!? Can dogs be gay? Cuz I think it was a girl...

"Hon? Whatcha thinking?" Reece raised an eyebrow in amusement and then chuckled softly, "You truly don't want to know." She shook her head and returned to the kitchen.

"Oh, Auntie Reece loves you, don't you worry, babies."

Reece groaned out loud.

"Hey babe? What are we going to name them? We have to get them some food and some toys. Oh, and maybe we can find some cutie little sweaters and matching collars..."

The club owner banged her forehead on the table and slid down.

"Do you think we need three beds or they'll share one? Maybe they'll sleep with us, that would be so precious."

Reece aimed a pretend gun at her temple and pulled the trigger.

"Oh, and wee wee pads. This is so much fun! It works out just fine that I'm on hiatus now, I can take care of these little babies..."

"Faith, you do realize they're going back with Vi and Cori when they get settled?"

"Of course I do... Reece? Why are you sprawled out like that and halfway under the table?"

"Get that rat off my counter. I make food up there," the tall woman crinkled her nose.

"Oh, really, Reece," Faith shooed the club owner away and poured herself a cup of coffee. "If you're so concerned, then you'll come with me while I take them to the Vet."

"Aw, Faith. I don't do doctors."

The actress turned around to look at her lover. Reece sounded pitiful and she had to see it for herself. "Why?"

"I just don't. You go on and take them."

"I need help with them, babe, at least until I get something to carry them in."

"Take my old gym bag." Reece offered.

"Ew, baby. I'd like them alive, please. Oh, there's that pet shop on Christopher Street. Why don't you go and get them something to travel in and some food, too."

"Yeah, whatever," the tall woman grinched her way upstairs.

"Oh, and Reece," Faith called up after her, "some bowls, too."

"Good grief, Faith!" she slipped on her gym shoes and frowned.

"You want to stay and look after them while I go?" Faith snickered.

"I'm going... I'm going," Reece put on her jacket and pinched up her face when Faith shoved a puppy at her.

"Kiss Auntie Reece goodbye, Thelma."

"What?" Reece practically leaned over backwards as a tiny tongue traveled the length of her cheek.

"This is Thelma, that's Louise and that one, is Smudge."

"Oh, boy. You won't mind if I just address them as 'hey dog'," Reece grimaced again. "Would you stop licking me?!"

"Oh, I never thought I'd hear you say that," Faith chuckled. "Hear that, Thelma?"

The tall woman wiggled away and left Faith to romp and frolic with her puppies.


The man behind the counter at the pet store sensed Reece's confusion, but with the pained look on her face, he was wary to ask.

The tall woman wandered around the small store with no idea in the world what to buy. Finally, she came to a stop in front of the counter. "Hey, I have three dogs, about the size of rats," she declared.

"Uhm... and?" the clerk cocked his head.

"I need dog stuff," Reece folded her arms.

"No kidding. What 'stuff' do you need?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Bowls, food, something to carry them in, something to pee on..."

"What kind of dogs do you have?"

"I don't know," she began to get frustrated. "They're tiny little things with toothpick legs. I told you, they're the size of rats."

The man came out from behind the counter. "Follow me, please."

They came to a stop at the window full of tiny puppies. Reece made a face at the pug. Ew, it's so ugly, it's almost a pity.

"Any of these ring a bell?" he asked sarcastically.

"Don't patronize me," she growled. "Like a Taco Bell dog with longer legs."

"Oooohh. I think you have Min Pins."

"No, I have dogs."

"Right," he grinned. "Okay, I'll get you some things. Any color preference? Girls? Boys? Puppies? Adults?"

"Puppies. Two girls and a boy."

He disappeared behind a display and Reece picked up a doggie T-Shirt that said, "Gay Dog". Hmmm... She picked through the shirts and things, grinning and snickering at the sayings. Might have to come back here and pick up some of these.

"Here ya go. Two bowls, puppy chow, wee wee pads, a floor tray to put them in and some treats. I need you to take a look at the carry cases we have, you may want to go for some of the soft bags. Would you like some collars?"

"Crap. I don't know. Look, hold these things here. I'll have my girlfriend come in and pick everything out," she hung her head and left.

"The poor butch, not a clue in the world what she's gotten into," he snickered.


"Hi, I'm Faith, my girlfriend left some things here..."

"Yes, I've been expecting you," he smirked at the cute little blonde.

"Well? What are you looking at?" Faith asked defensively.

"Oh! I'm terribly sorry. It's just..." he shook his head, a look of surprise on his face. "How do you walk around with the weight of that one wrapped around your finger?" he blurted.

Faith laughed loudly.

Relieved, the clerk joined her.

"I apologize for her behavior. I guess her attitude wasn't pleasant, huh?"

"She's a bit much," he made a tiny gesture with his fingers.

"I really am sorry," Faith hung her head.

"No apology needed, she's very easy on the eyes," he winked and came out from behind the counter. "I made four sales from the women who followed her in."

Faith giggled. "Okay, whattya got?"

"She bailed on the carry cases. They're over here. I suggest with Min Pins you take a soft case, they're very fragile as pups."

Faith nodded.

"And you'll need some sweaters, they're too small for a New York winter."

"Okie Doke. Point the way, my good man," Faith's nose crinkled as she smiled.

"Well, I can see what that big one sees in you, you're quite charming."


Reece was sitting on the floor in the living room, staring at the puppies. At first, she was crawling all over the floor chasing after the errant pup, but got annoyed when she realized she was on her hands and knees. If she was going to be crawling around in this position, she better damn well be getting something, other than rug burn, in return. Fed up with trying to corral the tiny dogs, she constructed a fort out of the couch cushions and pillows. The little dogs were shivering, so inside she spread out the blanket from the guest room. "If one of you pees on my blanket, I'll squish you," she warned. One pup yipped and she picked it up. "Rule number one, no talking back. Hey, I'm talking to you, look at me," she brought it to her face. Its little tongue snaked up her nostril. "Oh, man, that's disgusting."

Faith bustled in the door with a load of bags. She raised an eyebrow at Reece's appalled expression. "Reece? What's wrong? Are they okay?"

"It picked my nose!" she looked absolutely horrified.

Faith dropped the bags and broke out in laughter.

"I'm glad you find that amusing! It was gross," she placed the puppy back in its makeshift pen and gathered the bags.

"Oh, Reece, I love you," Faith wheezed between laughs.

"You're just lucky I love you, Faith Ashford, these things have tried my... Shit! It crapped! It crapped on my blanket! Great!"

Another burst of hysterics escaped Faith as Reece held the dog at arms length with two fingers, her nose was so scrunched her eyes nearly disappeared.

"God! What the hell did they eat!? For a rat, you goddamned stink!"

"Oh god... oh... Reece... give it to me..." Faith gasped. Faith held the pup up to her face and it licked her whole face. "Louise, that was a bad girl. No poopydoops on the blankie."

"Poopydoops?! Faith, it's a crap and it stinks!"

"Oh, you big fat baby. Go empty the bags and I'll clean up. Nice playpen, by the way," the actress teased.

"It was either that or I locked them in the closet. They're fascinated by the tree." The club owner rooted through the bags. "Faith, this is a bit excessive."

Faith looked at the three tiny coats her lover was dangling off her finger. "They're tiny dogs, Hon, they get cold."

"No, a Rottweiller is a dog, a Pit Bull is a dog... those are rats," she made squeaky noises.

"You're going to give them a complex."

"I'll bring home a real Doberman and give them a heart attack," the tall woman brought the dog bowls into the kitchen and laid them on the new placemat.

"Reece, that's not nice... they're precious," Faith grinned. Reece was definitely warming up to them. She watched as her tall lover filled the bowls and selected a place for the "bathroom".

"In this case, size matters, Faith," Reece teased.

"Don't you listen to Auntie Reece..."

"Oh, that has got to stop," Reece crossed her arms and tapped her foot.

Faith raised an eyebrow in defiance.

Reece cocked her head and aimed a narrow-eyed glare of intimidation.

Faith mimicked her move with a wagging finger.

Reece let out a frustrated growl and flung her arms in the air, returning to the safety of the kitchen, mumbling under her breath.

"Yes, how do I walk around with her sitting in the palm of my hand?" Faith snickered.


"Reece, stop it!" Faith smacked her lover's hand again. "We're in the doctor's office!"

"I was just trying to pet Thelma," she feigned innocence. "Is it my fault she's in your coat?

"It's Smudge and yes, it is your fault. If you didn't scare him to death he wouldn't have thrown up in the carrier." Faith was livid when she found Reece swinging the carrier around in a circle.

"It was a gravity experiment. Their feet never left the bottom of the bag."

"Well just for that, Sir Newton, you have to hold Thelma and Louise on the way home."

"It wouldn't be so bad if it were Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon," Reece pursed her lips.

"I hope they pee on you."

"Oh, how original."

The doctor gave back the girls and Faith handed them to Reece. The tall woman thought about intimidating, but decided not to waste a good glare when she was only going to wind up losing. With a sigh, she placed them in her jacket, grabbed the empty carrier and paid the bill. Meeting her lover outside, Reece took her hand.

"I hope you're happy, Reece," Faith said with a tight face.


"He just peed on me."

"Way to go, Smudge!" she reached into Faith's coat,;held up one of his tiny paws and then high-fived it.


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