Reece's Faith, Part 41

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Reece was sitting in the recliner, absently flipping through the channels on the TV. She found herself watching Faith and the puppies more than the tube and finally clicked it off. "Babe? Where are they going to sleep?"

"In the bed that I got."

"You know they aren't going to stay in that bed you bought. They're going to be wandering around leaving presents all over the house." Reece got up from the chair and kneeled by Faith.

"I suppose you're right. We're going to have to block off an area. Maybe the kitchen, there's no carpet in there in case of an accident," the actress smiled as Thelma and Smudge suddenly flopped down into a nap.

"Who's this again?" Reece asked of the awake pup.

"Louise." Faith watched as Louise sniffed her siblings and climbed on top of them to join in a nap. The actress turned to her lover, "Reece, maybe they should sleep in our room. You know, in case they are afraid or something."

The club owner knew it was coming. She had already laid out a bunch of wee wee pads on the floor by Faith's side of the bed and blocked it off with cardboard, but hearing Faith beg made her feel a little less whipped than she had been feeling lately. "Hmmm, I don't know," she feigned annoyance.

"Please, honey?" Faith crawled onto Reece's lap and her lower lip poked out.

"Maybe you should sleep in the kitchen with them."

"Pretty please?" the actress nuzzled into Reece's neck and sighed. It was meant to be a coaxing tactic, but the smell of Reece made her weak. She kissed the soft skin under her lover's chin.

Blue eyes fluttered closed momentarily, until she realized that as long as those puppies were around, she wasn't going to get any. She sat back on her heels and frowned. Faith burrowed in her hair and Reece groaned when she felt the warm breath on the back of her neck.

"Mmm. You smell so good, baby. I promise to clean up after them if they make a mess." Faith's mouth began wandering. Reece adjusted her head accommodating to her every move.

"Okay. They can stay in our room. Oh, god..." Faith's tongue snaked into her ear.

"Thank you, baby."

"Don't start something you can't finish, Faith," she warned.

"Who says I won't finish," the actress breathed, moving to straddle Reece's thighs.

Reece brought her hands down and slid them under Faith's bottom, lifting her higher and closer, prompting her to wrap her legs around her back. The need Reece had been holding back surfaced like a gusher.

"Yeah Reece..." Faith urged as her lover stood and carried her to the couch.

"You have no idea how much I've been wanting this," the club owner breathed against her lover's lips before covering them with her own.

"Yes," Faith agreed with an enthusiastic hip grind.

Reece laid the smaller woman down on the couch and was pulled down on top of her by the legs around her waist. She was immediately, painfully aroused and was in a hurry to undress.

Seeing Reece frantically pulling at her clothes caused Faith to groan. It was apparent that her lover was in a rare mood, one where she wanted her own release first. This thrilled Faith. She hardly ever had the chance to make love to Reece first. Her mouth watered in anticipation. She scooted up into a sitting position, blatantly leered at Reece's nakedness and licked her lips.

Reece groaned and shivered.

Oh yeah... she definitely needs this.

Faith lowered her head and lifted her eyes in a truly seductive gesture and Reece felt herself get wet. The expression on Faith's face clearly showed that she understood Reece's need.

"My baby needs something?" she asked cockily.

Reece nodded, "You... real bad."

Faith reached her hand out and Reece practically jumped on top of it. Both women gasped. "God, Reece, is all this for me?!" Faith shuddered.

The club owner groaned and nodded again.

Faith had the incredible urge to have Reece climb up and straddle her face, but she sensed that, for now, Reece would never do it. She slid her fingers around and Reece moved closer to her. Faith wanted to open her eyes and see Reece's glorious body tremble above her. God, I've gotta get her up there! Faith could almost feel those thighs trembling on either side on her face. Looking into Reece's eyes at this moment, made her only want it more. She reached out her other hand and grasped a tight thigh. She pulled slightly and Reece stiffened. "C'mere." Faith pulled again.

"Faith... I don't know that I can..."

"You wanted to so badly on Christmas... I want to taste you, please?"

"You were tied up then, it was different." The club owner's eyes narrowed when her lover's fingers stopped moving. "Faith..." she growled.

"Here, I have an idea." Faith reluctantly took her hand from its warm wet haven and adjusted herself so she was sitting properly on the couch. Reece raised an eyebrow.

"Faith, I'd have to be standing on the couch..."

"Exactly. You're not exactly in a submissive position then, are you?"

"I don't know..." Reece's eyes darted around nervously. She stood up in front of the couch.

Faith felt sympathy for her lover. She didn't want her to do something she was uncomfortable with, but she wanted to get her way, too. A thought occurred to her and she smiled devilishly. She slid off the couch between Reece's legs, all the while never wiping the sexy smile from her face.

"Oh... I guess..." The tall woman stopped speaking and gasped as the tip of Faith's tongue grazed her wetness.

Faith frowned. She could only reach Reece with the tip of her tongue. Being able to look up into her wet center and not be able to taste it was driving her crazy. Reece would either have to squat or Faith was going to have to tuck her legs under herself to make herself taller... and still she wasn't going to be able to bury her face as she desperately wanted. Reece was going to have to accommodate. Faith continued to tease Reece with the very tip of her tongue as she thought of options.

Reece moaned and leaned forward, propping her hands on the back of the couch, enabling herself to see Faith licking her. Her lover was straining to reach her and she knew if Faith kept that up, she'd hurt herself.

The actress nearly swooned as she felt Reece take a step backwards. She glanced up and into half lidded baby blues that fluttered closed as she dragged her tongue across the more available wetness.

"Faith... yes... harder," the club owner grunted and moved her hips.

The actress couldn't go any harder. She stretched her neck to the limit and growled with frustration. Determined, she grabbed Reece's legs roughly and shoved them back further. The tall woman jerked a bit, but complied and now she was in an even more vulnerable position than if she would have simply sat on Faith's face in the first place.

"Oh, Reece, this is so hot," Faith groaned and plunged her tongue inside.

Reece's eyes opened wide and she locked them on Faith's. She couldn't believe the position she was in. She was astounded that she wasn't feeling the least bit of trepidation and marveled at how good Faith felt this way. In fact, she wished she could spread her legs even wider.

Faith felt her underwear drench and she shivered. She was surprised to find herself so turned on by Reece's position and was powerless to stop her hand from pressing against the crotch of her jeans. Reece leaned forward even more in an attempt to see Faith's tongue touch her. Her long limbs were nearly spread-eagle and Faith couldn't stand it any more. She opened her jeans and reached inside with a groan.

Reece couldn't see the action, but had some idea what was going on as Faith's tongue took up a more rapid pace. She looked into sparkling green eyes and they conveyed deep pleasure. Reece saw her own wetness glisten on Faith's face and it drove her insane. She rocked her hips and clutched the couch tightly. "God, that's so incredible," she whispered. The tall woman started to move with Faith. The frantic pace of her lover's tongue was making her legs shake and soon had to rest a knee up on the couch.

Faith felt the leg by her head and silently screamed. She slid her hand out from her pants and wiped her wet fingers up the front of Reece's stomach.

The tall woman moaned, the sticky trails on her skin confirming where Faith's other hand had been. "Turn around so I can see you do that..." she whispered hoarsely.

Faith shook her head. She wanted the club owner on her face. She squeezed Reece's thigh and started to slide up onto the couch. "Come on baby... come here." She licked Reece's juices off her lips and stripped off her clothes.

The club owner needed a second to regroup. Seeing Faith's lips shining with her own arousal made Reece whimper. Watching the tongue that was pleasuring her so thoroughly poke out made her sweat. Watching her strip was a two-gulp affair, but the look on Faith's face when she spoke again was her undoing.

"I need you to come all over my face, Reece," the actress threw her head back and groaned.

Without warning, Reece pushed Faith down on the couch and straddled her face, lowering herself to the hungry mouth below.

"Oh, god, yes!" Faith felt light headed. Reece was sitting on her face.

Reece let out a strangled growl as Faith pulled her weight completely down. It felt as if she had more than one mouth and the club owner had to look down to see for herself. The lust in the green eyes shining up from between her legs caused a gush of wetness to escape and Reece growled as the strong tongue swiped down at her entrance to gather it.

Faith let out a long "mmm".

"Shit..." Reece jerked from the vibrations. Faith was avoiding her clit and it needed attention, but from this position, Reece could not do anything. She dropped her hands down on the armrest and ground into Faith's face. Desperate for relief, she rubbed her clit up and down on Faith's tongue, unaware of what the display was doing to her lover.

Faith dug her nails into Reece's ass as the arousal slid between her own ass cheeks. Reece riding her face had her on the very edge of orgasm. She crossed her legs tightly, trying to quench the flames between them; she thought she might burst from excitement. Reece's tits were moving deliciously as she rocked forward and back, she had sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and was making little groans each time she rocked back. Faith decided to give Reece release before she herself came from the visual alone. The actress locked her arms around her tall lover's back and wrapped her lips around her hard clit.

"Fuck, Faith! Oh, yeah... that's it..." Reece urged breathlessly.

The actress rubbed her face and chin back and forth, emitting hungry groans, the feeling shooting shock waves through Reece's clit. The sensations overwhelmed her and Reece whimpered. She started bucking erratically and Faith's heart began thumping wildly. She had no idea what to expect from Reece, never having had her come up there before. She could see her abs ripple and clench and she glanced up in time to see her squeeze her eyes shut and clench her teeth.

"SHIT! Oh... here goes..." Strong fingers absently gripped Faith's head and held it tightly in place. Reece tried to warn Faith. She tried to be aware of her movements too, but her thighs tensed reflexively and her body shuddered spastically. She heard herself yell but then only heard the blood rushing in her head.

Faith watched Reece's orgasm from a new angle. It amazed her to see her nipples harden as stiffly as they did while she came; she never noticed that before. She groaned as she felt Reece's ass cheeks flexing and jumping in her hands. Dark hair blanketed her face, but Faith knew what it looked like. She was too entranced by the whole package. That is amazing... I think I'm going to come!

Faith shook out her legs and fought her own climax to thoroughly enjoy the one she was indulging in.

Reece calmed down enough to loosen her grip on Faith's head. She unclenched her thighs and backed up enough to drop her head on Faith's shoulder. "I'm sorry, babe..." she panted, blindly rubbing the actress's head.

"You didn't hurt me, Reece. In fact..." she took Reece's hand and put it between her legs.

"Oh yeah..." Reece purred and lifted her head to watch Faith's face as she entered her.

Faith waited. And waited. She lifted her hips a bit. "Reece?" she whined. "Not now... please, I need you!"

"They're staring at me," she whispered.


"The rats, they're watching me," she whispered again. "Oh god... do you think they watched me when..?"

I don't believe this... "Ignore them... please."

"But, babe!"

"Oh, good god. You never cared about an audience before, why now?" Faith was clawing at Reece's forearm.

"They're babies."

"Reece Corbett, if you don't fuck me immediately you will be infinitely punished!" Faith grabbed Reece's wrist with both hands and pushed as she lifted her hips.

The second the club owner's fingers were surrounded by Faith, she lost all thoughts of the puppies.

Faith groaned deeply as she was filled. She met Reece's lips in an open-mouthed kiss and sucked on her tongue. Reece sped up her movements and Faith whimpered into her mouth. "Oh, god... It's right there... more Reece!" she demanded.

"But if I do that babe..."

"Please do it," Faith pled.

Reece withdrew her fingers and rubbed the third one in the abundant lubrication. She slid them halfway in and Faith thrust up, burying them completely.


Reece raised both eyebrows at the ease she encountered. She watched Faith closely and the look on her face was exquisite as she began thrusting in and out. She reached under the actress's T-shirt and toyed with her nipple ring. Faith gasped.

"Oh, Reece... I can't..." she whined in frustration.

The club owner had a feeling Faith held back an orgasm and now she was in that place where she was hanging at the edge. She knew what would bring her over and slid her body down between the outstretched thighs. "You have no idea how insanely jealous I am of my fingers, Faith. God, they're so lucky."

The actress whimpered and pulled Reece's head down.

The tall woman smirked and swiped her tongue over the swollen nub and Faith jumped and moaned.

"Reece, please..." she breathed.

By the desperation in Faith's voice, Reece knew her stay would be short. She sucked the hard bit of flesh into her mouth and picked up the speed of her fingers. She batted her tongue over the engorged tip only seconds before Faith's orgasm burst through her loudly. Reece replaced her mouth with her other hand and sat up on her heels to witness this magnificent thing. Faith's body doubled into itself as she twisted on her hand. Reece wiggled her fingers and her lover screamed her name, making the club owner's heart pound. She wanted this to last a long time and drew it out as long as faith would allow.

Finally, the actress grasped the long arm between her legs and stilled it. She was exhausted after such an explosion, but was reluctant to let Reece remove her fingers for fear it would start off more aftershocks. "Can't you just leave them there forever?" she sighed contentedly.

"As much as I'd love to, we'd draw crowds in the supermarket." Reece kissed Faith gently and eased her fingers out.

"Oohhhh... mmm..." the actress wiggled around in pleasure lifting her arms way up over her head.

"You are insatiable," Reece teased, licking her fingers.

"And you are so fucking hot," Faith narrowed her eyes at Reece's tongue.

"Would you like to take this upstairs?" Reece wiggled her eyebrows.

"Absolutely. But you're going to have to carry me."

"Hey, you really wouldn't have punished me forever would you?" Reece wondered.

"No, I just would have told my mother on you."

"Oh, no! That is punishing me forever Faith," Reece pouted. "They were watching me, you know."

Faith giggled and kissed Reece's shoulder. "My big strong baby. I love you."


Once in the bedroom, Faith slapped Reece on the naked ass.

"What the fuck?!" Reece growled, unable to rub the sting out with her hands full.

"You shithead! You already had the room set up for the puppies!"

The club owner flashed a lopsided grin and shrugged, dropping Faith onto the bed.

"You can't cocky grin your way outta this one. Okay, wise ass, now you go down and get them."

"But, Faith..."

"You better hurry or I'll start without you." She rubbed her nipples with both hands and writhed around for Reece's benefit.

"Aw, crap!" Reece stopped in the doorway to see Faith's hand snaking its way down her stomach. "Hey! Slow down..." she growled as she flew out the door.

Faith reached under the bed and pulled out their new present, slid it over her favorite toy and laid it on her belly. She chuckled as she heard Reece commanding the puppies to be good on her way back up the stairs and replaced her hands in the position Reece last saw them.

The club owner stopped in her tracks when she saw the addition.

Faith rubbed the toy on her stomach and moaned. "You'd better hurry..." she teased.

"I just gotta wash my hands..."

Reece dropped the puppies in their spot, gave them a treacherous glare and bolted into the bathroom. Faith had to snicker at her enthusiasm. When the club owner jumped on the bed, her hands were still wet.

"Reece, you're dripping all over the place."

The tall woman climbed over and lowered her sex onto her stomach. "Why yes, care to do something about it?"

Faith grinned wildly, "How do you feel about getting fucked?" She rested the dildo against her chin.

Reece thought about it for a minute while Faith's heart pounded in her ears. "I have to be on top... okay?"

"Anything you want, love." Faith was grateful for her acting abilities or Reece would have just been witness to a naked happy dance all over the bed.

Reece leaned over and kissed Faith passionately. Their hands began to wander to all their favorite places. The kissing progressed to near frantic proportions and Reece was beginning to squirm. "I am so ready for you, Faith," she looked at her lover with want written all over her face.

The actress was so turned on already that she only nodded and swallowed. Reece would be the death of her, she was sure of it.

"You wanna use your hands or a harness?" she whispered into the small ear.

"Harness. I want to hold you," Faith's voice was deep and hoarse.

Reece winked at the obvious excitement, got up, retrieved the harness and put it on Faith, attaching the dildo.

Faith watched through dazed eyes. She was more than eager to see her lover fucking her.

When she was finished, Reece slid back up Faith's body. "You wanna do this so bad, don't you?" she purred, pinching Faith's nipple teasingly.

"Oh, god, yes." Faith covered Reece's hand and pressed it harder into her breast.

Reece took some time adoring Faith's breasts before she could wait no longer. She positioned herself over the dildo and brought Faith's hand to it, replacing her own.

"Hold it still, baby," she whispered into Faith's ear and pressed down.

The actress gasped as she felt Reece's lips enclose the shaft. The tall woman groaned into her ear as she slid further down, meeting Faith's fingers.

"Faith, you feel so good... move your hand." Reece drew back her head to look at Faith, arched her back and filed herself completely. "Oh, fuck, that's good," she groaned and rocked slowly.

Faith was in awe. She thought she'd be doing Reece, but Reece was in complete control and it was gorgeous. The actress finally had the sense to move her hands and clutched at Reece's arms. Her lover was rocking on top of her and she broke out of her daze when Reece moaned deeply. She new what Reece was doing, she'd been in that position many times to know her lover was rubbing her clit against the harness. She also knew this was making her good and wet so she could get good and fucked. The thought made Faith shudder and she became a participant. "Feels good doesn't it, Reece?" Faith scratched her nails up towards her strong shoulders and back down again.

"Oh, yeah," she growled.

"Mmm. I know." Faith closed her eyes to call up that particular feeling. When she opened them, her lover was sucking on her bottom lip and moaning. "You must be so wet by now." Faith reached out to both Reece's breasts and squeezed the nipples hard.

The club owner gyrated. "Dripping."

"Then fuck me." Faith twisted the nipples. Faith's mouth went dry as her lover moved her hands to rest on her shoulders and arranged herself on her knees.

"Say it again, Faith," she breathed raggedly. "You know what it does."

"Fuck me," she croaked.

Reece leaned her weight on Faith's shoulders, lifted herself up and slowly lowered herself back down. Faith watched with pure lust as Reece continued to ride her. The actress wanted so badly to hold her tall lover but couldn't move her arms with Reece leaning on them. She would have been angry that she was being used as a sex toy if Reece weren't so fucking breathtaking. Faith tore her eyes away from the vision on top of her to what was going on between their legs. She groaned loudly at the sight of the dildo buried between Reece's lips.

"Look's so hot, huh?" the tall woman panted, catching Faith's gaze.

Faith swallowed hard and refocused on the sight above her. Reece's palms felt moist and hot, beads of sweat started forming on her skin. One drip was making its way down the side of the club owner's neck and Faith tried to reach out to touch it.

Reece must have felt Faith trying to move her arms because she moved her hands behind her to Faith's thighs. "God, your thighs are rock hard..." Reece observed breathlessly as she moved with a new rhythm.

Raking her eyes over the new sight before her, Faith thought she might have an out of body experience. It can't get any better than this.

Green eyes met blue as Reece's eyelids fluttered and her pace quickened. The club owner dug her fingers into Faith's thighs and looked down to where they connected. This was something she only imagined doing, never dreaming she'd give this much of herself, be this open with anyone. "I can't believe I'm fucking you like this," Reece whispered, slightly embarrassed.

Yes, it does get better... "God, you're so hot, Reece. Don't stop," Faith urged.

Reece looked away. Her grip loosened on Faith's thighs and Faith was afraid she may back out.

"Reece, come here, I need to hold you."

The tall woman sat up and dropped heavily on to Faith, groaning in her ear as she was filled in a new way. Crouched on top of her lover with her knees at her elbows, Reece was so open.

"Yes baby... feel me inside... feels so good." Faith dug her nails into Reece's ass, and braced her feet into the mattress.

"So fucking good..." the club owner growled and adjusted to the new position. Her head snapped up as Faith thrust up into her, meeting her, filling her.

"That's it, Reece... fuck me."

"Uuh..." Reece grunted wordlessly as Faith pumped into her deliciously.

"Will you turn over?" Faith purred.

"No..." Reece squeezed her eyes shut.

"It's okay, baby... this is soo good," Faith reassured her lover and pulled her down into a wild kiss. She was a bit confused at Reece's inability to kiss properly until she heard and felt the small whimpers in her throat. Oh, shit! She's going to come and I'm not even touching her clit!

Reece broke the kiss and her head fell to her lover's shoulder heavily. "Oh, god, Faith... I don't believe it..."

Reece's inner muscles clamped down on the dildo and Faith could feel the tension as she thrust up inside. "Yes, Reece... yes, baby..." Faith longed to see her lover's face.

"Fuck... I'm gonna come..." shocked, Reece sounded like she was asking a question.

Strong legs clamped into Faith's sides and Reece stopped moving entirely. Faith thrust upwards with renewed energy. The tall woman's body shook violently and her pelvis ground purposefully into Faith. Reece lifted up onto her elbows as her back arched and she stared at her lover with a mixture of awe and ecstasy. Her mouth was open and her eyes half closed. To Faith, it was the most beautiful vision she had ever seen.

The actress wrapped her arms around Reece's shoulders and pulled her down. Reece clutched at Faith's arms and breathed heavily into her neck. Goosebumps sprouted all over the tall woman's body and she let all of her weight fall on Faith. "Jesus Christ..." she panted.

"Nope, just Faith," the actress teased.

"No, Faith, really..."

"Reece, are you okay?" Faith patted her lover on the head.

"I think so," she chuckled, getting up on her elbows. "I never had a vaginal orgasm before. That was wild."

"Now you know why I can keep going... and going..." Faith waggled an eyebrow and pushed some damp hair off Reece's face.

Reece moved her legs and a whole new look crossed her face.

"Hon? What's wrong?" the actress chuckled at the look of confusion in her favorite baby blues.

"I'm still horny," Reece raised an eyebrow in amazement.

"Bring it on, baby," Faith dared with a wiggle of her hips.

The club owner narrowed her eyes and growled playfully, setting off a small chorus of yaps from beside the bed.

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