Reece's Faith, Part 42

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Yo, Reece, c'mere," the older man called from his office.

"What's up?" the twenty-something girl said as she leaned on the doorframe and ran a hand through her long black hair. She was wearing beat up combat boots, washed out blue jeans, a thick gray sweatshirt and had on a well-worn leather motorcycle jacket, which fit snuggly on her wide shoulders.

"I have a job for you. You in the mood?" he smirked, knowingly.

"But of course," she drawled, "I'm always in the mood." She uncrossed her ankles and clomped into the room.

"I tell you a million times to pick up your goddamned feet, but no, you gotta keep fuckin' up the floor. Jesus Christ."

Reece rolled her eyes and proceeded to drag her feet until she was behind the big leather chair, then started to knead Frankie's shoulders.

"Again she can't lift her feet. I tell ya, you're a fuckin' animal," he chuckled.

Reece leaned down over the man's shoulder and spoke close to his ear, "One of these days, I'm gonna come in here with my boots all shiny and the laces tied, goose stepping like a fucking nazi. Would you like that Uncle Frankie?" she purred dangerously.

Totally unfazed by her response, the older man dropped his head to his chest with a groan, "The neck, Reece, more to the left."

Complying, the tall girl chewed her bottom lip in anticipation. "Where's this job? Can I break bones or do I have to behave?" she asked excitedly.

"Yeah, you can do whatever you want. I couldn't give a fuck. This scumbag blew his chance to make nice. Go to town, baby." Frankie shrugged Reece's hands off his neck when they started to cause great pain. Simply talking about an opportunity such as this one got the girl all worked up. Twisting in his chair to meet the feral sneer, he shook his head. "I think you enjoy this way too much. I should come out and watch exactly what causes you such pleasure."

"No, you shouldn't," she answered quickly and insistently.

"Hey, I was teasing you. It's perfectly okay with me. I don't hold it against you just because you get off making grown men cry," he smirked handing her the address.

"You're lucky I like you. They've cried for less," she smirked back somewhat relieved at his response. Reece wrapped her big arms around him in a bear hug before clomping out the door.

"Ay, watch your back!" he called after her.

"Yeah... yeah..." she muttered.

Reece had worked herself into a frenzy by the time she was standing in front of the door. She hoped this was the right address; her sweaty palms practically turned the words on the paper into a big blue smear. 'It don't matter,' she thought, 'kicking ass, is kicking ass. Everyone's guilty of something.' The twisted elation she felt when she knocked caused her to laugh out loud, knowing that the second the door opened, her fist would connect with flesh. After cracking the knuckles of her right hand, she bent slightly at the knees and cocked back her arm. The door opened.


Then a scream.


In her bed, on Bank Street in the West Village, the real Reece screamed at the dream Reece. "Oh, my god... NO!"


The Animal averted her fist at the last possible moment and connected solidly with the building wall, a hair's breadth away from the small woman's head. She grimaced hard, the impact efficiently breaking at least two fingers. Shaking with adrenaline and gasping in shock, The Animal grabbed the screaming woman and clapped one hand over her mouth. She shoved them both inside the apartment and kicked the door closed behind her. "Who the fuck are you?" she growled. "Where's Richie?"

The blonde woman stifled another scream.


The sleeping club owner thrashed and growled, unable to wake herself out of the nightmare.

"Reece! Please wake up!" Faith feared injury from her frantic lover and scrambled off the bed.


The strange woman shook her head frantically, frightened to death. The Animal breathed in and out rapidly, letting her gaze meander over the body at her mercy. The trembling woman was apparently expecting someone else since she answered the door in a well-worn T-shirt and her tiny panties. Fiery blue eyes zeroed in on the braless cotton-covered breasts and Reece swallowed a groan. Shaking her head to get rid of the twisted thought, she backed the smaller woman into the wall and pushed her into it hard enough to terrorize, yet not enough to harm. "You're lying, bitch," she growled quietly, noticing how green the woman's eyes were. She lingered there, a jolt of pleasure coursed through her already hyper-sensitive body. She shivered violently at the direction her mind went. 'Now I'm a fucking pervert?' she thought, disgusted with herself.

The sobbing woman shook her head and yelled. She was afraid she may pass out and grasped desperately at the strong forearm across her throat.

Blue eyes sparkled in excitement at the woman's attempt. Truth be told, The Animal liked it when they squirmed, but never against their will. Regardless, the intense gaze fell on the little bikini underwear, showcasing a fine set of legs.

The woman whimpered, catching her gaze. The Animal lifted her chin and narrowed her eyes, looking down suspiciously. "No, you're not lying are you." Seeing the woman shake her head rapidly, Reece released her completely.

"I swear, I swear..." the smaller woman slid down the wall in tears.

The Animal squatted down in front of the sobbing blonde, her gaze falling on the tantalizing points at the very center of her breasts as they reached out towards her with every pant of the hysterical woman. Unable to control herself, The Animal growled.


"Oh god... oh god... NO! Not Faith!"

The actress felt the terror and desperation in her lover's voice and a wave of fear coursed through her body. The horror Reece was experiencing trying to help her dream Faith was agonizing for the blonde. She could only stand back and wait while Reece struck out blindly.


"Okay, take it easy. Breathe slowly," Reece smirked.

"Who are you?" she choked out. She'd have asked the crazy woman what she wanted, but, considering the way she was leering at her, she didn't have to.

The blonde's voice was hoarse and raspy, but it slid over her body like silk. The Animal shuddered at her own reaction. She uncontrollably reached out a bloody broken finger and touched the lips that were beckoning her. The woman gasped and winced. "Hey, hey... no need to be afraid," she sneered, making her words meaningless.

"Please, don't hurt me," the blonde trembled. "I can't tell you what I don't know."

The tall girl chuckled, sliding her finger into the opened mouth. "I won't hurt you. And I can make you tell me anything I want to hear."

The blonde woman winced and sobbed. She was terrified. The Animal leaned in and inhaled the scent of the frightened green-eyed blonde. The next chuckle she emitted was anything but mirthful.


"Stop... no! NO! FAITH!" Reece struck the headboard with the back of her hand very hard. She bolted upright in the bed and tried to catch her breath, her eyes searching frantically around in the darkness, trying to regain her bearings. Finally awake enough to realize where she was, she breathed a sob of relief. Leaning her shaking back against the cool headboard, she wiped the sweat off of her face with her wet shirt before stripping it off completely. "Oh god, Faith."

"Baby? I'm right here."

Reece stiffened at the location and tone of her voice. Faith was frightened. "Faith? Did I hurt..." Reece's whisper trailed off at the mere thought.

"No, god no, honey!" The actress ran to Reece's side, not knowing what to do for her suffering lover. "But I think you may have hurt yourself."

"No, I'm okay. I think." The club owner flexed her trembling body bit by bit. She shivered again at the dream. I actually was going to... god! She felt sick and took a deep breath.

"Please?" Faith sobbed. "Can I touch you?" Usually Reece ran away, isolating herself. Faith wasn't sure what to expect. The club owner breathed deeply and shakily. Faith knew she was probably doing everything in her power not to bolt. This made her feel very good, in spite of the situation. She longed to hold her lover and soothe away the pain.

"No. I mean... not right now, please."

"Oh. Okay," the actress was hurt and didn't bother to cover it up. "I guess I'll go downstairs."

"Faith... no," Reece called her back without even thinking. The last person she needed to see right now was Faith. Her dream had caused her to experience more than just fear. It confused the tall woman and she wasn't sure she liked the feeling.

"Maybe if you... Look, just come back to bed, Faith," Reece tried to come up with an excuse as to why Faith shouldn't join her, but found none. "I'll be okay, I promise. You can even touch me." Reece wasn't sure that was entirely true, but she'd do anything to take away the misery she heard in her lover's voice.

Greatly relieved, Faith slid carefully back into bed, trying not to touch Reece, anyway. Once settled, she relaxed as a shaky hand rested on her shoulder. She glanced over and saw that Reece wasn't planning on going back to sleep. She was sitting wide-eyed, staring off into space. She had to know. "Reece, who was hurting me?"

"What?" the club owner played dumb.

"In your dream. Who was hurting me?"

"It was just a dream, Faith. Never mind. Go back to sleep."

"S'okay. I'm sure you took care of them properly. You'd never let anyone hurt me," she yawned.

Reece watched gratefully as her lover curled up and fell back to sleep.

Faith never saw the tears falling.


Reece was having a very bad day. Unable to fall back to sleep, the tall woman took off for the gym before sunrise. On the way, she was confronted by two men who inanely assumed that, since she was a woman and alone, they could have their way with her. They picked the wrong woman. She called the ambulance from the gym. The fight did nothing to improve her bad mood; it just heightened it. However, a grueling workout, followed by a long hot shower, had taken the edge off of it. Now safely holed up in her office, the club owner leaned back on the couch and let the quiet emptiness of the darkened space seep into her body. She might have stayed that way all day if it weren't for the pounding on the door.

"Police, open up."


Four of them.



Although very cordial and unusually submissive, they cuffed her anyway.

The Animal growled.


Nikki experienced deja vu as she studied the tall figure sitting impatiently in the holding cell. She'd heard the call go out for Reece's arrest and was instantly concerned. Once she heard the charges, she was confused. While not normally her precinct, she'd still go out of her way to help Reece. Only this time, she wanted answers first. The officer stopped in front of the bars and glared at her old friend. Cold blue eyes met hers and she felt a tingle of fear creep up her spine. "What happened to you, Reece? Beating a woman isn't your style."

"I didn't beat her and I don't have to explain myself."

Nikki narrowed her eyes. "You're in jail, Reece, I think you'd better explain yourself. What exactly happened? She said you practically raped her."

Raped her?! Is she insane? Whoa. Maybe that's why I had that dream? Reece puzzled.

"Well, tough stuff? Spill it."

"I'll explain once you let me out," she purred leaning up against the bars.

While knowing it was a lie, the officer gave in and opened the door. "Come on, time to go. You're not welcome here," she added with a grin.

Reece pinned Nikki against the door with her body. "Now that's not entirely true, is it Nicole?" she growled dangerously into the cop's ear. The officer gulped and shivered. Reece snickered at the tremble, letting her full weight lean on Nikki's body. "I think you want me to stay a while. Don't you?" she breathed into her ear.

"No... I mean... God! Where's Faith?"

Reece pushed herself off of Nikki and punched the cell door loudly. "I'll see myself out," she sneered angrily.

"What just happened here? And where is Faith?" the officer wondered aloud.


Back in her office, the club owner locked the door behind her. With shaking hands, she opened the bottle of whiskey, throwing the cap across the room. She knew she wouldn't be needing it. With any luck, she'd pass out and forget this day entirely. Taking a swig of the tepid liquid, the tall woman blanched and leaned back on the couch. Still agonizing over how her body reacted to that nightmare, Reece slammed her hand into the armrest. Why is this happening to me? How can I get turned on by that? Am I crazy? Taking Faith against her will? And does this tie in with the Christina incident?

Reece slid down on the leather couch, propping her feet up on the small table. The third swallow felt very good going down, so she had a fourth. When her shaking ceased considerably, she had an easier time thinking. "Actually," she thought out loud, "I didn't take her. I woke up. Who's to say that my dream Faith would have said no?" she considered. "Faith and me, we're meant to be. We can't deny each other, it's impossible," she harrumphed at herself in agreement, taking another slow swallow. "But still, the old me... I don't know. Faith wouldn't... I wouldn't... nah. It's better that I stay here now."

The tall woman stayed in her office drinking and thinking, her thoughts drifting between the dream and reality. She chastised herself for reacting to the dream and kicked herself for teasing Nikki. Sometimes chuckling, other times growling as the alcohol seeped into her veins, the club owner continued thinking. Each time she thought about how turned on she was in her dream, she got more turned on in reality. Occasionally catching her hand between her legs, she'd sneer and take another drink. Halfway through the bottle, Reece sat up and smirked. "I bet she begged me for it."

Reece was drunk now and it wasn't exactly clear that this was a dream she was talking about. "Of course she did, she always wants me and she loooves The Animal, doesn't she? And I could sooooo use some right now." A small pulse of excitement wended its way through her veins, mixing with the whiskey, making Reece lightheaded. Enjoying the feeling, she raised the bottle to her mouth and swallowed in rapid succession. Some dribbled out the side of her numb lips and, despite the fact that it was warm, the liquid felt cool as it slid down her overheated skin of her neck. "So why am I here again?" she wondered hazily. "Let's go home and get some, shall we?"

Reece stood up and promptly fell back down. "Okaay. Not such a good idea, Corbett." The drunken club owner stretched her legs out on the couch and was satisfied when the room stopped spinning. "I am so gonna pay for this," she groaned and let her eyes slip shut.

Reece lay shitfaced on the couch, locked in her office while thoughts of what she could have been doing at this moment slid around in her murky brain. The tall woman slipped into unconsciousness with a evil grin plastered to her face.


Faith was angry with her lover. She knew Reece was going to disappear, but this time she didn't call and Faith hadn't heard from her since she had woken up. Pissed, she called Cori and left a message on her machine before throwing herself on the floor. Much to her surprise, Violet showed up at the house after dropping Cori of at work.

"Hey, what's with the message? What do you mean she's missing? She's at the club," the piercer said by way of hello.

"Well, that figures. She's going to sit in her fucking office and brood all night," Faith groaned.

"Why don't you go and see her?" Violet asked, following Faith into the living room.

"Because I'm the last person she wants to see right now. She had a nightmare and, from what I could make out, she was trying to save me from something. It freaked her out and now she's afraid to be with me."

"But why?"

"When she gets worked up, she's afraid she'll hurt me or that she'll say something to hurt me. She's just afraid of me all together," Faith sounded sad.

"Nah, she's not afraid of you. She just doesn't trust herself, is all."

"She makes me so mad!" Faith screamed at Smudge who whimpered and hid his tail. "Oh, I'm sorry, little guy, I was yelling at Auntie Reece" she kissed the small puppy on his nose. She was forgiven with a series of licks to her face and she sighed. "People should be more like animals," the actress stated.

The dog cocked his little head. Violet raised an eyebrow.

"I can't believe I said that," she chuckled, rolling over onto her back and letting Smudge use her as a footbridge. "She is more like an animal than a human sometimes. I just wish she'd let me see that side more often."

The pup yapped.

"Now, I know you don't mean the person I saw on Christmas, do you?" Violet thought Faith was nuts.

"That would be her. She's such a wild sexual creature when she's like that. God." Receiving a curious smirk she continued, "Oh, don't get me wrong, it's not just the sex, but, let me tell you, there's nothing in the world like being fucked by The Animal..." she drifted into a pleasant daydream.

"Excuse me, but did you just groan?" Vi teased.

"Yeah, I saw some of her tape, she was a bit untamed."

"Ha!" Faith snorted. "You have no idea. That was nothing compared to The Animal in our bed."

"So does she just like, change into her or something?" Violet wondered.

"No, it's mostly her mood. The more dark her mood or the more threatened she feels, the better the chance The Animal will come out to play."

"So, what is she, schizo?"

"Mmm, maybe, but I'm not complaining. I love Reece with all my heart, but once in a while, I like the, um, other Reece. I can't take her on full time, though," she chuckled. "She's a tad aggressive, so much more of a presence, so commanding..."

"I wouldn't take you for a game player," Vi giggled.

"No, it's not exactly like that. I mean, yes... but no. You'd just have to take my word for it," Faith stuttered.

"When's the last time you got The Animal?"

"I thought I'd have her on New Year's, but I fell asleep," Faith pouted.

"Can you actually coax her? I mean make her... like that?" Violet asked, intrigued. "I have, but I'd much prefer the element of surprise when it comes to that," Faith grinned. "I think I may have to do some coaxing very soon' though." The phone rang and Faith answered. "Oh, hey Cori, what's up?"

"The woman's here. She's in her office. Sam said she's been here since she got here."

"Yeah, I heard. Violet's here."

"Problem. She's passed out... dead drunk. Should we leave her or do you want Sarge to get her home?"

"Aw, shit. What do you think, Cor?"

"I'd say let her sleep it off. She's dead weight."

"How much did she drink? Maybe I should go there."

"Three quarters of a bottle of Jack. I know... I'm surprised at her condition, too. She can usually handle that," Cori shrugged on the other end of the phone.

"She was probably exhausted, Cor. Most likely went to the gym early, too. My guess is that she hadn't eaten, either. I think she needs some food and she'll be okay." Faith thought for a moment, glanced at Violet and grinned. "Cor? Tell Sarge to bring her home."

"You sure, Faith?"

"Positive," Faith smirked.

"Okay, but Sarge is gonna be one unhappy camper if Reece yaks in her car."

"Reece doesn't yak from drinking, she only yaks from nerves. Bring her home," Faith insisted.

"Yes, dear."

The actress hung up the phone and smiled like the Cheshire cat.

"Just what is that look all about, Faith?" the piercer narrowed her eyes.

"The opportunity of a lifetime just fell in my lap."


Sam propped the tall snickering woman against the door as she rang the bell. Getting Reece home had been an experience for the former sergeant. The club owner wasn't pleased with being awakened, but as soon as she saw the familiar face, she lightened up. Then she became annoying. Between long moments of quiet thinking and fits of chuckles, Reece described Faith's left breast in perfect detail to the blushing bouncer. Sam was never happier in her life to see the door open and Faith's concerned face.

"Put her anywhere," she instructed as Sarge wrapped Reece's arm over her shoulder and they staggered into the dining room.

"This okay, Faith? She's killing me," Sam panted dropping the tall woman into a chair.

"Perfect. Thanks, Sarge." Faith kissed the bouncer on the cheek and the large woman backed quickly into the wall as the actress's breast brushed against her. "Sam? Are you alright?"

"Yeah, fine. See ya, Faith."

Faith watched curiously as the normally reserved woman blushed furiously as she backed into another wall before tripping out the door. She turned and regarded her lover's condition. Reece was drunk, that was certain, but she wasn't as far gone as Faith had seen her. The tall woman was grinning wildly as she stared at her. Coherent enough. Faith noticed as glassy blue eyes followed the shape of her breasts.

"Come here, baby. I wanna touch that one," Reece slurred as she closed one eye to point at Faith's left breast.

Faith shivered at the deep purr. Reece's drunken voice was sultry, at the very least. She stepped forward, just out of range of the outstretched fingers. The actress closed her eyes and felt her heart pound at the frustrated growl. Oh, yeah. Most definitely workable She opened her eyes to the half-lidded leer of her sneering lover. Faith noticed Reece's lips were glistening and silently cursed at herself for closing her eyes and missing Reece's tongue wetting her lips. Faith's nipples both hardened from the thought and Reece growled low in her throat.

"That's right, Faith. I know you want it."

OK, here goes... "Reece, you can hardly stand, let alone touch me. I'd be better off doing it myself, with you in such a state."

Reece's eyes narrowed menacingly.

"Why don't you go to bed and sleep it off? Better yet, why don't you stay down here and have some coffee. I'm going upstairs to, take care of... things." Faith turned her back, not missing the fire in her lover's blue eyes.

Once out of range, Faith ran up the stairs and fell on the bed. Her heart was pounding furiously. She knew Reece would never let a challenge go like that one. Especially that one. There was a crash in the living room, followed by loud cursing. Faith's heart picked up speed until she was sure she'd have a stroke. The heavy thumps of her drunken lover's boots ascending the stairs caused her mouth to go dry.

"Oh Faith..." she called menacingly.

Faith gulped. Here comes...

The tall woman threw open the door with a bang. Faith glanced up into ice blue eyes and shivered.

Reece's head lolled a little to the side as she took in the figure on the bed. Snagging a chair with her foot, she kicked it towards the bed and sat in it, legs splayed, arms folded. "Since I'm in no condition to touch you, you'll just have to do it for me then."

Faith got wet at the timber of Reece's voice. It was low, it was dangerous... it was sexy. It was The Animal.


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