Reece's Faith, Part 43

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Faith met Reece's unwavering stare, falling deeply into the piercing blue irises. She wasn't totally convinced that she was dealing with The Animal; the face staring back at her was most definitely Reece. However, the way Reece was staring at her was where the question mark sat. Either way, if her dry mouth and wet panties were any indication... to say that she was turned on, was an understatement.

Reece scooted the chair up until the edge touched the bed. "Take off your pants," she instructed.

With Reece where she was, Faith had to lie back on the bed and lift her legs in the air to peel her pants off. She picked herself upand sat there, focused on Reece's tongue as it wet her lips.

"Now, sit right there and put your feet on up my thighs," Reece pointed right at the edge of the bed, where the chair met the mattress.

The tall woman's command was quiet, but strong. Faith did as she was told and put her hands on her own thighs. Reece leaned in close and breathed on her face.

"I know what you want, Faith. You want me to fuck you. You want me to fuck you hard and fast," she smirked, the impact of her own words showed clearly in her eyes. A drip of sweat slipped down the side of her face and she dipped her head to the side and wiped it on her collar.

Faith swallowed audibly and Reece's upper lip curled into a wicked sneer. She leaned on Faith's legs and ran her hand through the blonde hair at the back of her neck.

"You want to feel my weight between your legs, filling you." She tightened her fingers and pulled back on the hair in her hand until the actress's throat was totally exposed. Faith whimpered with the moist breath on her skin and attempted to nod.

"You crave it." A hot wet tongue drew a line from Faith's collarbone to her ear, where soft wet lips paused. "You need it. You need me."

The deep husky voice sent a violent shiver through the smaller woman's body. She was suddenly assaulted with the heady scent of Reece's sweat and leather and groaned in approval. The fingers in her hair tightened painfully and she whimpered again.

"Don't you?"

"Yes..." the blonde woman whispered, shivering again as her lover's face traveled from her ear back to her cleavage, inhaling deeply.

The club owner let go of Faith's hair and she fell forward. Faith's hands gripped the strong shoulders and she tried desperately to meet Reece's lips.

"But that's not going to happen," the dark woman breathed on parted lips.

The strong smell of whiskey added to the actress's sensory overload. She loved the taste of alcohol on Reece's tongue. Lost in the smells and sensations, it took her a moment to register her lover's last words. What? "Ree... why... why not?" she practically sobbed.

"I'm incapable," she smirked against the soft lips.

"No, you're perfectly capable Reece. Please..." Their lips made contact for a split second and Faith groaned painfully. She needed to feel Reece's tongue crashing into her mouth. She needed to dig her fingers into the wet skin at the base of Reece's spine.

The club owner chuckled briefly before leaning back and folding her arms. Faith relished the sound of the creaking leather. "Nope, I don't think so. You're just going to have to do it for me."

While not what she really wanted to do, any contact would be welcome at this point. Reece's cocky demeanor was thrilling to Faith; she could feel the strength in the muscles shifting under her thighs as the tall woman spread her legs further and, in turn, opened Faith's wider.

Reece barely moved her head, pointing her chin between Faith's legs. "Touch it for me. Show me what I do to you," she spoke in a controlled tone.

"I'd much rather..." Faith gasped when her hand was taken and thrust between her legs.

"Show me what happens when you think about The Animal. Tell me how wet you are," Reece stifled a groan as she spoke, wishing that the beads of sweat sliding between her breasts were Faith's fingertips.

Faith swallowed hard. Her plan had backfired immensely. Reece was supposed to prove how capable she was of pleasuring Faith. A drunken, cocky Reece should have made for a much different scenario. Not that this was disappointing, Faith had secretly wanted to do this for her lover for a long time; only this isn't how she'd pictured it. She wanted to catch Reece in a public place and force her to watch discretely as she touched herself.

"Your panties just got soaked, Faith." Reece heard the rasp in her own voice, thanks to the whiskey. She'd been using it to her advantage by talking to Faith as much as she was. She slid her hand down and let it rest on Faith's ankle, watching the flush cover her lover's face. Reece was just as wet as Faith.

Faith's chest was rising and falling rapidly and her nipples were painfully hard. She was dying to touch herself, but was hesitant. She felt the spectacle and wished Reece would throw herself on top of her and give in, but Reece was too stubborn; she hadn't even taken off her jacket yet.

"Come on, Faith, I know how hot you are. You've been waiting for me all day." She lifted the small foot and swiped her tongue across the instep. Faith moaned and her hand was instantly in her underwear.

"I want to see your fingers," the tall woman reached over and shoved the thin material to the side. Faith groaned as her foot pressed into Reece's breast. She hooked her finger under the crotch of her damp panties and held them there. "Oh, you are so wet. Show me," Reece whispered huskily. The scent of her lover's wetness made her mouth water.

Faith opened herself for Reece's pleasure, rubbed her fingers in the wettest area and held them to her lips. Reece looked hypnotized as the actress opened her mouth. At the last second, Faith suddenly smeared her fingers on the startled club owner's lips. Like lightning, Faith's wrist was in a vice grip of pain and she gasped.

"Don't play with fire, little girl. You can't handle me right now." She threw Faith backwards and sat back in the chair. An all too familiar feeling traveled quickly through her body and settled in between her legs. She was going to have Faith tonight, but first she needed to sober up. This was just an appetizer.

Her face was unreadable, but her eyes conveyed all that the actress needed to know. Faith was scared now. All this time she was sure this was Reece, drunk, but still Reece. While she thought she was playing with her lover, she had been playing with The Animal. Eyes wide open; she lifted herself into a sitting position and rubbed her wrist.

"You wanted this, Faith, you got it. I'm onto your little game."


"Touch it!" she growled. The actress replaced her hand. "I turn you on. You like my power, you like the way I make you feel."

"Yes. God, yes." Reece's intense glare made her heart beat frantically again. She ran her fingers between her lips, stopping at her clit.

"You think about fucking me when you touch yourself." The tall woman again lifted Faith's foot and licked her big toe.

"Oh, god... Reece!" Her hips jerked involuntarily.

"I can be Reece, I can be The Animal." She sucked the digit onto her mouth and slid her tongue around.

"Oh... shit..." Faith squirmed and whimpered.

"Tonight, I'll be both," she sneered as she nipped the toe.


"Move those panties. Show Reece how you play with your pussy for The Animal." The club owner proceeded to the next toe.

Faith writhed, her hand rushing between her legs to pull her underwear away while the other went directly to work, satisfying the throbbing.

Reece growled at the sight. "Don't touch your clit. Fuck yourself."

Lost in the sound of Reece's voice and the sensation of her lips and tongue, Faith didn't hesitate to fill herself. She was sure she felt the grumble of a moan against her foot at the same time she did.

Reece had to admit, this was hotter than she thought it would have been. Total control always got her off, but this was so much better. She could almost feel those fingers inside of herself and she squeezed and clenched her inner muscles as if they were. God, I'm way too close. Maybe 'cuz I'm drunk? Faith slipped another finger inside herself and Reece lost that thought with a gush of her own. "Oh, Faith, that is beautiful. Is that what you do when you're alone or is this reserved for my eyes only?" Reece placed the foot back on her lap and smirked when Faith's toes dug into her ribs.

"Only you," she groaned as her other foot was treated to a tongue bath.

"Harder and deeper. That's my hand." The Animal was taking control as she watched Faith close her eyes and increase the strength of her thrusts. She let go of the foot and pulled herself to the edge of the chair. Leaning over, she blew on Faith's heated flesh.

"Oh... oh, god..." Faith took advantage of Reece's nearness and hooked a leg around her neck, raising herself off the bed in the process.

The tantalizing closeness of her lover's sex had Reece working double time to control herself. She removed Faith's leg and put it back on her thigh. "Touch your clit now, I want you to come."

The actress obeyed and this time she was positive Reece growled. It didn't take long for her to come; she was so close.

"Yessss..." she shouted hoarsely as her thighs gripped Reece's.

"Look at me." Green eyes fixed on blue, both glassy, both wild. "That's my pussy," Reece sneered possessively.

Faith pulled her fingers out and threw that hand behind her for balance. She rubbed her clit as she came loudly, arching her body off the bed.

The Animal's nostrils flared as she watched the display. Her back was soaked through from her perspiration, but she wasn't even thinking about that. Faith's scent overwhelmed her and she needed to taste her.

The actress lay back on the bed in a panting, groaning heap. Reece slid her hands underneath her body, holding a perfect cheek in each one. Lifting, she brought Faith's sex to her mouth and inhaled deeply.

"No... Reece... not yet!" Faith gasped and tried to grab onto something, but she couldn't reach her lover. The feel of the rough leather jacket on the inside of her thighs and the cold wet hair on the outside of them made grit her teeth.

The tall woman shifted in the chair, the delicious aroma of Faith's sex after orgasm made her clit pound. She swore if she looked down, she'd see it pulsing against her jeans. She moved her hands towards Faith's pink wetness and leaned in to nip at the sensitive bud.

"Aahh! Oh, god..." Faith shouted when Reece plunged both thumbs inside of her, biting her clit simultaneously. She locked her dangling legs around strong forearms and crushed her mound into Reece's face.

The surge of pleasure that shot through the club owner was powerful and she reflexively jerked her hips, pressing her throbbing clit into the seam of her pants. The jolt was so intense, it caused her to pull her mouth away and gasp. She watched her fingers as they were swallowed up eagerly by the hungry crevice. Reece's center was on fire.

"God, yes... fuck me, Reece!"

The Animal had had enough.

Faith cried out at the sudden emptiness, but soon whimpered in relief as the heavy weight of her lover fell on top of her. Strong hands ran roughly under the back of her shirt, lifting it and yanking it from her body. The actress grabbed Reece's hair and pulled her face down to her mouth.

"Let me go, Faith."

The sneer was audible and Faith untangled her fingers quickly, anything to keep Reece on top of her.

"Don't touch me unless I say."

Faith nodded, placed her hands palms up at the side of her head and sucked her bottom lip into her mouth.

The innocent gesture sent Reece's senses reeling. She was barely in control as she felt her pelvis thrust mindlessly into Faith's leg. She felt hot, slow and heavy. The weight of her clothes was too much. She felt light headed and it did not help matters that she'd polished off nearly a quart of whiskey. Keeping herself in check wasn't going to be easy; she feared it wasn't going to be possible at all.

Faith watched the inner struggle as her lover threw her head back and shivered. The tall woman was lost in her own world as she pleasured herself. The actress moaned as she watched the expressions pass across the dark features. A fat drop of sweat splashed on her face and Faith winced. Reece was way overdressed and she was sweating profusely. Faith worried that she may dehydrate after what she put herself through today. She had to get her naked, for more reasons than the obvious. But how to tell the Animal what to do? Faith felt a shockwave jerk her body and she screamed when the rough denim-covered thigh met her exposed sex. She couldn't control herself as she began assisting in Reece's pleasure, thrusting and flexing her thigh muscles.

The club owner huffed and growled and fell down on her elbows. Her wet hair slapped Faith's face and neck; her panting breaths blew hotly across her neck.

"Yes, Reece..." The actress pressed her leg harder into her steaming crotch and was rewarded with a long low moan and her leg was trapped between two rock hard thighs.

Reece threw her head back and arched severely. "Come on your leg," were the only words Faith could discern from the constant sounds Reece emitted. Suddenly, her lover growled long and deeply, and then convulsed. Reece's release was gorgeous and Faith soaked it up. Reece trembled and hunched over, drawing out every bit of pleasure she received. Faith watched as the tall woman's face finally relaxed, her body fell limp and she dropped heavily on top of her.

Then she passed out...



Faith groaned as the first snore resounded through the room. It took a while, but she finally made her way out from under the unconscious schnarfing lump.

"Well, that's just brilliant, Reece!" she whined and stomped her foot.


Reece jerked upright from a blow to the bladder. Finding the knee attached to her sleeping lover, she removed it and swung her legs off the bed. I'm naked? Glancing around the room in confusion, tired blue eyes located her clothes. When did I get naked? The tall woman yawned and grimaced at the condition of her mouth. Running her tongue over her top teeth, she tasted the remnants of last night's binge and it made her queasy. She reached down to retrieve her shirt and groaned at the pounding in her head. The club owner stood on shaky legs and stumbled into the bathroom for damage control.

Well, that was just stupid, Corbett. You're dehydrated. Reece examined the dark circles under her eyes. Those, and the fact that there wasn't a drop of moisture in her mouth, led her to her conclusion. Sighing in disappointment at herself, she brushed the feathers out of her mouth and went downstairs in search of food and liquid. After a huge breakfast, a quart of Gatorade and a really long shower, Reece felt almost human. While in the shower, she remembered the events of last night. All up until she passed out. Faith must have undressed me, she frowned. Poor thing. She was soo hot last night... and I go and pass out, she scrunched up her face in thought. I don't think I've ever done that before! Reece took a moment to understand the meaning behind such a stupid, yet incredible, act of trust. She grabbed her stomach as it twinged with a now familiar ache. I gotta make this up to her. I gotta fix this. The guilt faded as an evil grin spread across her features.


Faith awoke to the eerie feeling of being watched. When she opened her eyes, she was startled to see sparkling blue eyes inches from her face. That feeling was replaced by a warm fuzzy one and a lazy smile graced her lips. "How are you feeling?" she whispered, hoping Reece wasn't suffering too badly.

Reece looked down at her love with amusement. Faith had yet to become aware of her situation. "Great. A little food, a nice shower..."

Faith attempted to turn over and Reece stopped speaking to watch the changing expressions on her face. Confusion, followed by panic and then a deep ragged breath. The actress narrowed her eyes briefly, then relaxed. "You look pleased," she smirked with a silent chuckle.

"Didn't want to leave you hanging. Wouldn't be fair," Reece smirked back, reaching for something out of Faith's line of vision.

The red head moved her wrists about inside the furry cuffs. "Ya know, this feels much better than the plain leather. I like it," she stated matter of factly.

"That's good. I intend to keep those on for a good long while," Reece smirked in that way that told Faith she was in for a long and delicious ride.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" Faith wiggled her ass until the sheet slid off her lower body.

"Patience, Faith."

The actress narrowed her eyes at her lover's tone. It was slightly irritated and demanding. She moaned deep in her chest as the tall woman crouched on top of her.

The club owner crawled up over the smaller body and straddled her at the waist. She ran her fingers up the actress' raised arms until they reached the restraints that held her and then she repeated the action with her mouth, tasting and biting every so often on the way.

"Oh, Reece," Faith groaned. "Come down here, I wanna feel you on top of me."

"No." Reece let her lips slide across Faith's throat. She felt the hard swallow and smiled against the skin. "Open your legs," the club owner patted a thigh and it instantly moved to accommodate her body.

"Please..." Faith bent her knees and hugged Reece with her thighs. She was reminded of the last time she was in this position and how wild her lover had been. It sent a warm feeling to her sex and a fluttery feeling to her stomach. She had felt so incredibly full with Reece's weight heavy upon her body, trapping her beneath the deliciously damp and muscular frame. Faith groaned again and squeezed her legs tighter.

Reece put a hand on each of Faith's knees and pushed them to the mattress. She trailed her tongue down the left side of her lover's breast, continuing over her ticklish ribs and even further still, until the actress was squirming.

It occurred to Faith that Reece must have been up a while now and she certainly prepared. The seemingly endless supply of saliva dampening her flesh satisfied her worries of her dehydrated lover. While one part of her was relieved, she wasn't prepared for this little tongue bath and found herself reacting much too strongly, much too quickly.

Reece nipped at the sensitive skin on Faith's hip, bringing her hands underneath to massage her shapely rear. She could barely stifle her groan of approval when Faith's legs straightened out and spread open even wider. She ruffled her nose through the blonde curls; Faith whimpered and thrust her mons into Reece's nose. "Eager, aren't we?" she teased, her deep purr revealing her own pleasure.

"Oh, yes..." Faith gasped, feeling the warm air blow across her sex.

"Well, it would seem I neglected you last night..." the club owner spoke directly into Faith's center.

"Ohhh, god... Reeece..." The feel of those silky lips caressing her and the puffs of hot breath drove Faith insane. She wrapped her legs around Reece's head and pulled.

Slightly stunned and caught completely of guard, Reece chuckled into the warm flesh before wrenching open the offending limbs and holding them apart. "Oh, no. That will never do, Faith," she grinned at Faith's expression of disbelief despite her attempt at being in control. "You give me no option," she tsk'd and took hold of the leather straps she'd brought to the bed earlier. She tickled Faith's feet with them and then squatted down on the bed between the open legs.

Faith gasped at the feel of her lover's warm hand wrapping the cold leather around her ankle. "Oh, god, you're going to kill me," she breathed as a kiss and a lick was placed on her arch.

"Gotta teach these feet to behave, Faith." Reece repeated the actions on the other foot with the same response from her squirming lover and secured the straps to the foot board.

"Baby, please..."

The whimpering nearly did Reece in, but she maintained her composure and scooted up the bed to hover over Faith's flushed face. "Now, you were saying?" she wiggled her eyebrows and leered down at Faith's body.


"Yeah, I got that part." The club owner leaned back and folded her arms under her chest, knowing perfectly well what it would do to Faith. "Please, what?" Reece slid the tip of her tongue out and traced her own lips and then let her piercing lay on her bottom lip.

"Anything, Reece!" Faith whimpered.

"Glad you said that," Reece leered and smiled evilly. The tall woman backed off the bed and stood at the foot. She ran a hand through her hair, sweeping the errant strands off her face and put her hands in her pockets. She strolled casually around the bed, leering all the while at the object of her desire. "Do you know how hot you look?"

The deep purr of Reece's voice slid over Faith's body like honey. She was grateful for the distraction from the thump of her own blood pounding in her ears. With Reece standing like that in front of her, she could clearly make out the bulge in her pants. She felt herself gush at the prospect of being fucked while restrained and then grimaced at the very same thought.

"Your cheeks are pink and I can see your heart beating. This turns you on more than you thought."

Faith nodded and swallowed. Her lover appeared more like a stalking cat than a human as she approached the bed. The anticipation was killing her. She had no idea of what to expect and it was thrilling her. She tried to close her legs, to quench the small flames that were licking at her clit. The slow trickle of arousal slid through her lips and she felt them open in response.

Reece was in a state. She knelt at the side of the bed and let her gaze wander up and down the actress's stretched body. She tried desperately to keep her nostrils from flaring as she watched Faith's left breast throb in time with her heart. Fear. Excitement. It smells so good. Reece's lips curled into a half smirk. Blue eyes narrowed at the site of the center of her lover's desire. Strong thighs clenched together at the jolt of pleasure that tingled through them, the dildo getting into all the intended places.

Faith was wet, very wet. The actress whimpered as if she physically felt the caress of Reece's eyes.

Oh god. The tall woman closed her eyes for a moment. She had a fleeting vision of The Animal and a faceless female.


It's Faith. Let it go, Reece, she wants you. Narrowed blue eyes met glassy green ones. The club owner felt a flock of birds take off in her belly as she watched her lover nod and arch her back.

"Touch me or I swear I'll die."

Reece was squatting over Faith in the blink of an eye. The long fingers of both hands manipulating painfully tight nipples as her teeth pulled at the salty flesh of Faith's throat. The rest of her body hovered tantalizingly close, but not giving Faith the contact she was craving.

"Fuck..." the actress gasped. The onslaught of sensations were making it hard to breathe. One second she wanted to cry out from the sharp teeth at her skin, but as soon as the pain registered, the velvet of a hot tongue seared into her senses, driving her insane. She pulled blindly at her bonds, wanting desperately to pull her hungry lover down, to surround herself in Reece. "Jesus, Reece, I love your mouth... don't stop..."

The club owner grunted and her attentions lowered. She detoured briefly into Faith's armpit and then began suckling and nipping just below her left nipple. Her left hand enveloped Faith's right breast entirely, kneading and squeezing it roughly.

"Yes! Bite harder... god, Reece... please!" she begged loudly. The torturous mouth obeyed and bit into the sensitive flesh. Relentless fingers pulling and squeezing at her breasts had Faith's hips rooting around like a dog in heat. "I can't wait for you to fuck me." Faith was shocked at the way she was speaking. She couldn't control herself and a slow blush crept up her chest at her own actions.

Reece snickered as the skin beneath her reddened. She sat up on her heels between the outstretched legs, brought both her hands to Faith's inner thighs and massaged the sensitive flesh, her thumbs brushing the hairs on Faith's outer lips. "I know. You're fucking soaked," Reece smirked.

Faith's hips squirmed, trying to make contact with those wonderful fingers where she most needed it.

Reece lurched forward and suddenly covered Faith's mouth with her own. The kiss was demanding and rough and Faith ate it up, stretching and arching her neck in a quest to fill herself with Reece. To her, any orifice would do at this point. Reece broke the kiss by sliding her lips off Faith's and down the side of her face. A strong hand grabbed the actress's crotch and held it possessively. Faith pushed herself into the palm with a loud satisfied groan.

"Sometimes, I'm in my office..." Reece spoke in breathy spurts into Faith's ear. She felt herself lose all control at the sticky wetness oozing through her fingers. "...and I'm minding my own business..."

"Ohhh..." Faith shuddered as the tongue danced across her skin.

"...when out of the blue..." Reece jerked her hand into Faith's sex as she bit down on the neck she was licking.


The strangled scream fueled Reece. "...I have this vision."

The club owner slid her body and her tongue slowly down Faith's writhing body, never letting go of her wet handful. She licked the fingers that were covering Faith's sex, as the actress craned her neck to see. It drove her mad that Reece's tongue was right there, licking her juices, yet not touching her. Her whimpering brought Reece out of her haze.

The tall woman removed her hand and inspected it through half closed lids. She couldn't stop her nostrils from flaring this time and she inhaled deeply when they did. Making eye contact, she shuddered at the intensity of Faith's need. "Do you know what I see in my vision, Faith?"

"Tell me..." Faith rasped with her dry throat.

Reece slid down until her face was barely an inch away from Faith's center. "I see this, Faith." The club put her hands palm-up under her lover's ass and caressed the drenched lips with her thumbs. Faith's pelvis thrust up hard and Reece had to back up her face. She glanced up to see the sheer bliss on Faith's face as she stroked her slowly, teasingly. "Your pussy haunts me. I see it all the time. Wet and beautiful..."

"Ohhh..." Faith moaned deeply as Reece's thumbs toyed with her opening.

"When I see it, I want it. I want to lick it and fuck it. I want you to scream, Faith."

The scratch in the club owner's voice clearly exposed her own need as she spoke. It made Faith wetter. It always did, knowing Reece was hot like this for her. "Do it. Please!" Faith pled.

"Fuck it?" Reece jammed three long fingers inside Faith and pumped them furiously. "Like this?"

"Sweet Jesus!" Faith gasped and ground herself onto the intrusion. Suddenly Faith was empty and she nearly sat up despite her bonds. She glared evilly at Reece who chuckled just as evilly before dipping her head lower. Never losing eye contact, she swiped her tongue up the length of Faith's wetness and then speared it in and out rapidly. "God... god... shit... REECE!"

The club owner laughed outright at Faith's expression. "Or like that?"

Green eyes bore incredulously into blue. "I don't care, Reece! Please! Anything... god!"

"You have no idea how happy I am to hear that, Faith." Reece tugged her shirt off and opened the fly of her pants, pulling out the dildo. She brought her hand up to her mouth as she prepared to spit, as she always did, to wet the toy.

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