Reece's Faith, Part 44

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"No, let me," Faith said as she stared hungrily at the dildo.

Reece steeled herself in anticipation of feeling Faith's tongue on her palm. She held out her hand for Faith to lick it and was startled when the smaller woman bucked her hips instead. Reece almost toppled, but when it dawned on her that Faith wanted to lick the dick and not her hand, she jumped at the chance. Reece shuddered when Faith rubbed her cheek against the dildo.

"Did you ever wish you really had a cock, Reece?"


"Me too."

Reece nodded as Faith continued to make love to her dick. Like right now...

"It's so warm, like you."

Reece groaned and grabbed the back of Faith's head with both hands, pumping her hips, watching intently. By the time Faith had sufficiently wet the toy, Reece was about a second away from coming. Pulling the dick out of Faith's mouth, she yanked her pants down, lifted herself higher and straddled her lover's face.

"Oh, god, yes!" Faith nearly sobbed in pleasure. She knew this harness would be a dream come true as it framed Reece's sex, instead of covering it. She dove in with gusto and immediately drew Reece's clit into her mouth, driving her chin into the crevice and shaking her head back and forth.

"Faith... yeah... like that..." It wasn't long before Reece came with a series of small jerks and grunts.

Faith was not surprised at all. It was a quick and much needed release for her lover. It took mere moments for the club owner to gather herself and she slid down Faith's body. Feeling the hard nipples poking into her, dragging down her overheated skin, caused Faith to groan.

"I owe you two, now," Reece held up two fingers and wiggled them.

"Gotta be fair," Faith practically gasped as she watched those fingers draw up her stomach towards her breast. She jerked in response to the pressure on her sensitive nipple, the fingers pinching and pulling first one than the other. "Reece!"

The club owner chuckled. Poor beautiful nipples will be sore for days. "Mmm?" she glanced up to catch a fiery glare from her trussed up lover.

Faith merely whined as the dick poked at her opening.

"Is this what you want, Faith?" Reece propped her body up on her elbows and, by using only her hips, she positioned the dildo and inched it in. The sound of the creaking headboard caused a silent chuckle to escape the tall woman and she slowly filled her lover.

"Ohhhhh," Faith moaned blissfully, as if she just lowered herself into a steaming hot bath. It was that good.

Resting on her knees, fully inside her lover, Reece trailed her tongue over an aggravated nipple making Faith hiss through her teeth. "You okay, babe?" she whispered in a bright red ear.

"Purrrfect," Faith moaned.

The tall woman reached underneath her smaller lover, palming her lower back. She lifted Faith's body up until black leather met sticky blonde hair and Reece was comfortably kneeling.

"Ohh... baby... yeah," the sensations flowing through the actress's body as their center's touched caused her to lose her breath.

Her leverage perfect, the club owner was able to twist and gyrate, pump and flex any which way she pleased, while her bound and suspended lover could do no more than accept it. Reece tested Faith's tolerance with a quick jerk of her hips.

"Yesss... please!" The blond all but screamed.

The tall woman chuckled. Faith was so receptive; so ready... it made her own heart pound.

"Come on, baby... fuck me... do it..."

The breathless and raspy plea shot through Reece like a thunderbolt. With a surge of adrenaline, she pulled back and then filled her lover.


Reece pulled back and this time she pumped harder.

"God, yes... harder..."

Reece strengthened her thrusts to the point that she had to slide her other hand under Faith as well, to keep them both from collapsing. The club owner was grunting and growling in time with Faith's gasps and moans.

"Your cock is soo goood..." Things were coming out of Faith's mouth and she couldn't even try to stop it. Each time Reece filled her, Faith uttered another word. She was driving her tall lover insane with each breath. "Shit, yes... fuck me... god... Reece..." Faith had become monosyllabic as the thrusts grew harder.

"You are so hot, Faith... look at how you take me inside... shit, you're so wet..."

Faith wanted nothing more in the world right now than to wrap her legs around that strong body and pull Reece on top of her. The way she was holding her by the ass made every muscle in her glorious arms twitch and jump. Faith wanted to suck on those bulging biceps almost as much as she wanted to flip them over and be on top. She never really thought much about being on top before, but the second she thought it, she had to have it.


She needed to look down at Reece's fiery eyes as she fucked her. Faith had a wonderful idea, one where she'd have her wish.

"So fucking hot..." Reece mumbled, thrusting rapidly, watching her dick slide in and out. The leather of the harness was glistening and she had the urge to lick it off.

Faith felt the tingling break out in her clit, followed by the hot sparks in her groin. No... this is too good! Nevertheless, she was powerless to stop it. "Fuck, Reece!"

"You're gonna come, baby... I can tell." Reece wrapped her left arm under Faith's back and freed her right hand. Those fingers flew directly to Faith's clit, where they pressed down, letting the pumping of their hips do all the movement.

The additional sensation caused the actress to cry out and jerk her pelvis erratically, her orgasm shooting through her like a forest fire. "Oh... REECE... REECE..." she screamed loudly.

The club owner's eyes widened for a moment at her lover's explosive screams. She'd never heard Faith make such sounds as the ones she was making now and it made her chest swell as well as her ego. With a cocky grin, she swirled her hips in time to her lover's spasming body, until Faith suddenly went limp; dead weight in her arms. Reece smirked her ass off. Who da woman? I da woman... that's who... Go Reece... go Reece...

Faith's breath was coming in great heaves and Reece couldn't help blowing on her fingernails and shining them on her naked shoulder. She chuckled out loud, as she placed her limp lover on the bed then leaned over to unbind her hands. That done, she twisted around her torso and quickly untied the straps from Faith's feet. Still wearing a shit-eating grin, the club owner brushed her hair behind her ear and leaned over gently to kiss her unconscious lover.

Like a bat out of hell, Faith attacked. Reece was sprawled on her back, her head hanging off the side of the bed with 120 pounds of spitfire chuckling evilly on top of her. "What the? I thought you... that I..."

"Yeah, you cocky fuck. Don't think I didn't hear you gloating while I had my eyes closed." Faith's eyes glowed as she leaned over and speared through Reece's lips with her tongue.

The club owner's eyebrows shot up, but no one noticed her question.

Faith wiggled her body around until she found what she was looking for. Reaching a hand between them, she placed the dildo just inside her dripping entrance. "I wanted to be on top," she shrugged at Reece's narrow-eyed glare, "and I know you never would have let me up from those ties until I was totally oblivious."

"Well... yeah... but... I thought..."

"I'm an actress, Reece. Now, go on, give it to me." Faith met Reece's challenging stare with one equally as menacing, adding a painful nipple tweak.

Blue eyes narrowed to slits and nostrils flared.

"Show me what you got, baby," Faith dangled her breasts in Reece's face, knowing that would end the stalemate.

The club owner grabbed a nipple with her teeth and sucked it into her mouth.

"Oh, yeah, come on, Reece. I wanna feel you inside," Faith purred.

The tall woman put both her hands on Faith's shoulders and thrust into her so powerfully that if she hadn't been holding her, the actress would have flown over her head and onto the floor.

Faith bit her bottom lip so she wouldn't scream. This was exactly what she wanted. If she could only open her eyes to complete the wish...

"You want me to fuck you like this?" Reece growled and planted her feet onto the bed, allowing her strong thigh muscles to do all the work.

Faith leaned back onto Reece's legs and groaned deeply, the dildo filling places it hadn't been just minutes ago. "Shit... that's good..." she breathed between hard thrusts. She reached behind her and clutched Reece's ankles.

Reece remained almost silent, she couldn't speak due to the incredible sensations coursing through her entire body while watching Faith meet her thrust for thrust. The harness jammed into her need with each movement they made, the contact sending hundreds of shocks through her clit. The actress was glistening with perspiration, something she usually didn't do. She was flushed from her breasts to her ears and it made Reece growl to see her so aroused. Her lover was so wet, the slickness was everywhere. The tall woman longed to feel it on her fingers and let one of her hands rest on Faith's hip and the other one fell between them.

Feeling the hand fall, Faith gasped. Green eyes opened and focused on desire-filled blue ones.

Faith could see the state Reece was in and knew what she liked. She released Reece's ankles and fell forward, leaning her hands and her weight on the little space on the bed above Reece's shoulders. She stared into the deep blue, lust-filled irises. "You feel so good... so deep inside," she paused to groan as she was filled again. "You fuck me so beautiful... oh!" She couldn't speak, only breathe through her mouth as Reece strained harder with more intense pumping.

The club owner wormed her hand between them and split two fingers at the base of the dildo, she closed her eyes and growled as Faith's lips crushed down on them again and again.

Faith could take only so much; those wonderful fingers were so close. "Stop moving, baby..."

"Shit... did I hurt you?" Reece barely gasped, so wrapped up in her own arousal.

"Shh... no... I just want to make you come when I come," Faith answered through deep breaths.

Reece raised an eyebrow and received two fingers in her mouth for her answer. She tongued them happily.

Faith adjusted herself until she was half full and clamped down on the cock with her vagina. Then she rocked back and forth slowly.

"Fuck... Faith... oh, Faith!" The dildo pressed rhythmically into Reece, the tall woman wasn't going to last at this rate.

"Touch my clit, Reece... please..." Faith groaned breathlessly.

Reece moved the hand that was currently fondling her lover's swollen lips, up and around the intrusion. Faith whimpered deliciously, making Reece even closer to losing it. "A little faster..." she grunted.

Faith rocked harder and quicker, satisfying both their needs tremendously. Both women were panting and groaning together.

"Almost, Reece..."

The club owner nodded, reaching her own hips up higher. She craned her neck to see between them and that's where she lost it. "Shit... oh... god..." she grunted and trembled.

Faith had been holding hers back, knowing that as soon as she saw Reece come, she'd follow immediately. It never failed.

The club owner clenched her jaw tightly and blew out a loud gust of air. She sat up and stilled briefly, but when Faith convulsed above her, she jammed the harness into her already twitching clit and the tall woman fell back onto the bed hard.

The dildo filled Faith completely as she came, losing control of her vaginal muscles and she made a high-pitched sound, like a siren. She noticed her lover drop heavily to the mattress and fell on top of her, both women grinding their pelvises into each other relentlessly. It seemed their release would go on and on as long as they stayed together.

"GOD dammit... Faith... stop!" Reece's head was hanging off the bed and she sounded like she was yelling from far away.

The actress lifted her head off her lover's shoulder and giggled at the sight.

"I'm gonna pass out for real..." she groaned.

Faith, still chuckling and twitching, climbed off Reece and inhaled sharply as the dick popped out of her. The tall woman moaned. With a great deal of effort, Faith crawled towards Reece's feet and pulled her body down until her head was on the bed. "Are you okay?"

"I never came upside down, Faith. That was a trip," Reece breathed heavily between words.

"Your face is beet red, honey," Faith snickered.

"Your ass will be beet red if you ever do that again."

"What? Laugh at you or fuck you upside down?"

"Ha. I'm fainting away and you're asking questions," Reece stuck her tongue out as Faith climbed on top of her.

"I just want to know what to do for a spanking," she wiggled her eyebrows and kissed her lover soundly.

When the kiss ended, the club owner propped herself up on her elbows and cocked her head at Faith. "Yeah?"

"Well... I was just asking," Faith answered with a grin.

"You surprise me, Faith. Every day, you surprise me," Reece replied with a curious look.

"Good. Wouldn't want you to tire of me." Faith laid her head down on a strong slick shoulder and toyed with a lock of hair. "You stink like sex, Reece."

"Wanna take a shower?" she kissed blonde hair.

"K. Carry me?" she mumbled into the skin.


"FAITH! Get your ass down here!" Reece was fuming and disgusted.

The actress ran down the stairs, still in her towel. Her nose wrinkled at the foul odor. "Ew, Reece, did you do that?"

Blue eyes narrowed in a very un-amused way at her lover.

"Alright! God, it was a joke. Where'd he poop?"

"You name it, Faith. He's sick or something. God! It's repulsive!"

"Oh, aren't we cranky." Faith went to retrieve the roll of towels they kept for such an occasion. Reece smirked and waited. "Oh, GROSS! Ick... oh icky icky icky!"

Reece bit her lip.

The look of sheer amusement on her face didn't escape her hopping lover and Faith frowned. "You could have told me he had diarrhea."

"It's just poopy doops, Faith," she chuckled. Now Faith fumed. "Oh, aren't we cranky." Reece almost guffawed at the look on Faith's face as she cleaned her bare foot.

"Think this is funny? Guess who's taking him to the vet?"

"Oh, no! I have work! No way am I going to carry that shitbag to the vet!" Reece folded her arms and stood her ground.

Faith narrowed her eyes and tapped her foot.

The club owner growled and raised her chin.


Hours later, Reece stepped into The Lounge, quietly hoping Sam was away from the door.

"Hey, Boss!"

Reece cringed and stuck her hand in her coat.

"Hey, you okay?" The look on Reece's face was one Sarge was sure related to embarrassment, but in all the years she knew the tall woman... that was not a look in her repertoire.

"Uh, fine. Just in a hurry. Could you... umm..."

Sarge's eyebrows disappeared into her hair as she watched the boss's breast wiggle around on its own.

Caught, Reece reached into her jacket and pulled out Smudge. "He's sick; I had to bring him."

"Please don't tell me he's wearing panties Reece... please..." Sam's face turned red with the effort not to burst into hysteria.

"I told you he's sick! It's all they had!" Reece yelled and stalked away to her office. The loud laughter behind her caused her to growl loudly at poor Cori who was just trying to say hello.

Part 45

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