Reece's Faith, Part 45

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Cori stood there by wall, trying to discern the image she thought she had just seen. Why would she take Smudge to work? And what was he wearing? The dancer started walking towards the boss' door. She lifted her hand to knock then heard the muffled shouting and thought better of it. She cupped her hand to the door and frowned. Eavesdropping would have been much easier if the door wasn't soundproofed. She knocked.

"Stupid dog! What!?" Reece flung open the door and Cori took a step back. The tall woman was visibly frustrated and not so pleased to see her. "Did I thank you for the rat yet, Cori?"

"Reece, where are your pants?" The dancer slipped past the club owner and waltzed into the office.

"By all means, come in," she said sarcastically and slammed the door.

"Well? What gives?" Cori gestured to the boss's bare legs.

"I took off his diaper and he fucking exploded."

"That was a diaper? Wait, he's sick?" Cori dropped to the floor and crawled over to the dog, placing him on the wee wee pad Reece had thrown down. "Is my wittle baby not feeling so vewy good?"

Reece rolled her eyes and took off her shirt with a wince. "No, he's not. Apparently he's fond of smelly, rotten garbage and made a pig of himself."

"Awww... the poor teeny baby. You have a tummy ache?"

"Don't pity him, he willingly ate the trash."

Cori did a double take as her boss was standing in nothing more than her underwear and socks. Narrowing her eyes playfully at her friend's stare, Reece twirled around dramatically.

"Was that a hickey on the back of your thigh?"

"Fuck you, Cor," Reece blurted in embarrassment.

"Ooo, I'm flattered, Reece, but what will Faith think?"

"Ha. Cori, put him down, if you know what's good for you," she warned opening her closet and pulling out some clothes.

"Always prepared, huh Reece?" The dancer placed Smudge back on his wee wee pad and stood up.

"It helps," Reece smirked, slipping her jeans on. "You know, if you were able to sneak the other rats in your apartment, why did you leave me with him?" the club owner gestured to the puppy that was contentedly chewing on his tail.

"Faith wanted to keep him, Reece. You know that. Are you gonna wash that stuff, Boss? It smells in here."

"Yes, I'm gonna wash this stuff," she mimicked.

"There's a laundromat a few blocks away. Uh, will you...?"

"Sure. You go on, he's safe with me."

"Just stay away from the firing end, Cor," Reece mentioned before disappearing.


Cori was sitting in the big leather chair with her feet on Reece's desk. She understood why the tall woman would be holed up in here for hours. With the door closed tightly, you could hardly feel the pulsing bass beats and the darkness that covered the windowless room was soothing. The dancer jumped as Reece's phone rang. She stared at it with a grin, knowing it was most likely Faith. "Lounge," she grumbled.

"I've been thinking about you all day, sexy."

Cori bit back a giggle. "Mmmm," she hummed.

"You wanna know what I was thinking?"

"If you tell me, can I watch?"



"You shit. Where's Reece?"

"She had to wash her clothes. Smudge is pretty ill."

"Oh, no. He barfed on her?"

"No, he crapped all over her. Did you have anything to do with his panties?"

"His what? Panties? You've got to be kidding me," she snorted with laughter.

"Yeah, they're blue and white gingham. You mean, Reece bought him those things?" Cori joined in the mirth and snickered.

"I suppose. She called me from the Vet and I told her they make doggie pampers. I guess she couldn't find any," she giggled. "Oh, god, Cor, is she really pissed?"

"Actually, I think she's putting on a good show. He's definitely growing on her." The dancer began opening drawers and snooping.

"I think so, too," Faith agreed. "I caught her playing with him yesterday. She said he had dirt on his back, but she was petting him."

"How can she pet him without squashing him?" Cori picked up an envelope of photos and grinned at Faith's pose by the Christmas tree.

"Heh. She uses one finger. It's so adorable. He sits in her hand."

"How fucking cute is that? Oh, here she comes. Call right back," Cori hung up the phone threw the envelope back in the drawer and ran to the couch.

Reece peeked her head in the door and located the pup asleep on his wee wee pad. "Any surprises?" she whispered.

"Nope. I think he's done."

"Thank fucking god," she breathed and reached down to put the panties back on the dog. He jumped up immediately wagging his tail so vigorously his whole body was moving. Reece had to lift him off the floor to stop him from twirling around in continuous circles. When she lifted him, his little tongue flew out repeatedly, catching the club owner's lips over and over again. "Okay, okay... just calm down, rat... What?" she growled at Cori's highly amused face.

"Nothing," she giggled. "Nothing." The phone rang and saved the dancer further explanation.

The tall woman put down her puppy and went to the desk. "Lounge," she answered shrugging off her jacket. Her eyes narrowed and she sat heavily in her chair. "Oh, yeah? And then what?" she purred, waving her hand at Cori, dismissing her. Reece then twirled her chair around, her back facing the smirking dancer who saw herself out. The club owner closed her eyes and stretched out her legs. "Is that a promise?" she asked her very descriptive lover. "Wait, the phone clicked, hold that thought." She clicked over to the other line. "Lounge. Yes, this is she... hold on a second." Reece clicked back to Faith, "Hon, it's the contractor, I gotta go... me too." The club owner turned herself to face her desk and picked up a pencil to fiddle with before she connected back to the contractor.


Reece pursed her lips. As luck would have it, she managed to get an appointment for an estimate today. After showing the men her ideas, they inspected every inch of The Lounge, punching calculators and drawing plans. Reece shifted her stance nervously. It was very close to opening time and the girls were curiously eyeing the men in construction gear. When the head guy finished scribbling in his notebook, she braced herself. "So, guys, what's the damage?"

He turned the calculator over to face the club owner and she seemed to study the figure for a moment. "This is the lowest?" Seeing the nod, she continued. "What's the estimate on time?"

"Honestly? Miss Corbett, we'll have to close down the club for a week, tops."

Reece frowned at the contractor. She wasn't thrilled with closing the club now that it was packed each and every night, but if she was going to accommodate the crowds and make the dancers more comfortable, then she'd have to do it. "Frankie trusted you, buddy. You better not be dicking me around."

"Oh, no!" his eyes went wide. "I know who you are," he nearly bowed.

Jesus Christ... Reece thought, annoyed. "Okay, I'm giving you the money for shipping and materials. You'll get paid for labor when it's done. Comprende?"

"Certainly. Trust me, a week is a long estimate. It could be done sooner."


After a long walk through her books, Reece came to a conclusion. One that she was certain the girls would appreciate -- Faith too, now that the actress was on hiatus. The club owner called a meeting after closing.

"Okay, listen up, everyone!

"Oh, my god! That is the cutest puppy I ever saw!"

"Awww... look at his sweater! What does it say?" Reece rolled her eyes impatiently and put Smudge down on the bar. He immediately peed. Cori saved Reece any further embarrassment by cleaning up and replacing his diaper. She propped him on her knee as she sat down.

The club owner sat, tapping her fingers on her thigh, her lips pursed in annoyance. After the initial novelty wore off and the snickers subsided, Reece got back to her announcement. "I have bad news and I have good news. Which do you want first?"

"Bad," several voices blurted in unison.

"Okay, I'm closing the club for a week." Reece folded her arms and sat back against the bar. She anticipated the reaction she was getting to the news. "If you're all done murmuring and yammering, how about hearing why?" she asked with a smirk.

"Would that be the good news, Boss?"

"Yep. I'm renovating the place. Another bar, more stage space, more lights and less 70's red velvet and shag. I'm also adding a couple of showcase spots," Reece pointed to the two corners, "for featured dancers or special performances. You will have more freedom and less grabbing." Lots of raised eyebrows, smiles and gasps of approval carried through the small crowd. "As you know, we already need a new bartender, but we'll be needing two more. If you know anybody trustworthy, bring 'em by next week. Also, I want to have you girls alternate between waitressing and tending bar. The dancers will be asked to consider some girl/girl shows. Any problems?"

"Girl/girl huh?" Cori wiggled her eyebrows.

"Will Faith be coming back?" one girl asked expectantly.

"Uh... no. You'll just have to chose amongst yourselves," Reece smirked at the dancer's pout. "We made a pretty penny these last few and I'm going to give you all a week's pay as a bribe to come back. I figured in an average including tips, so you should all be pleased," Reece waved the envelopes like a fan.

"Are you serious, Reece?" Cori stood up. "I mean, we made that much money?"

"Yes, we did. No one is tied down here. You can get another job if you want, I can't stop you. The money doesn't guarantee you'll come back, but I hope it's enough of an incentive. I am very happy with the way you all work and would like to keep you on as long as you'd like."

"You like me... you really like me..." Cori emoted badly. She pouted and stuck out her tongue at the groans and objects tossed at her.

"Okay, are there any questions?"

"Yeah, what would you do for a Klondike bar?"

"Shut up, Freak."


"Hey, Reece, wait up!"

"Whassup, Cor?" the tall woman waited for her friend to catch up.

"Violet's picking me up, we're going to check out a place, wanna lift?"

Reece shrugged and then followed Cori to the car. "I am not scrunching into the back," she announced.

"Wouldn't dream of it, Reece," the dancer smirked and crawled into the back. After the tall woman gathered her legs and crouched down, Cori added with a snicker, "Of course, you remember the seat is broken."

"Fuck you, Freak."

"Hi, Reece. Hey, Smudgaroonio!" the piercer reached into Reece's coat and scratched the puppy's head. "Sooo, wanna see the place with us?" Violet asked hopefully.

"Sure, just hurry up. I can't feel my ankles."


After seeing the apartment, Reece pulled Violet aside. "You can afford this place?" she asked skeptically.

"Just about, isn't it great? It's just five minutes away from you and Faith."

"You remember what we talked about, don't you?" Reece whispered.

"Reece, after the money you laid out tonight, I hardly expect you to be giving me charity."

"Violet, you're not charity, for fuck's sake!" Reece hissed through clenched teeth.

"Okay, okay... if Cori wants this apartment, maybe I will take you up on it, but only the moving expenses."

The tall woman smiled, "Great. Glad to help."

"That is, unless you'd like to donate your muscles instead?" Violet winked.

"Not on your life," Reece shook her head adamantly.


"Smudge agrees. I only sweat when necessary."

Just then, Cori came running up to the two women, the Real Estate agent in tow. "Did you see the bathroom? Oh, my god... what about the closets! I haven't had closets like that in my life! And the kitchen... there's an ISLAND! I always wanted an island! I want it! I want it, I want it, I want it!"

Violet glanced at Reece who nodded almost imperceptibly. "Okay, we'll take it!" the piercer smiled proudly and Cori jumped up in her arms. Reece couldn't help but smile along with the two women.


The four friends were gathered around the living room. It was a puppy play date and they were very happy to be reacquainted. Cori and Violet were filling Faith in on the details of the day as Reece annoyed the puppies. Thelma wanted to climb on her leg and each time she got close, the club owner replaced her to her original position. She did this numerous times, each time snickering at the pup's determination.

"Reece, stop that," Faith waggled a finger in her direction.

Reece pouted and handed the pup to Faith on her way out of the room. "I'm going to take a shower," she announced. "Anyone wanna come?" the club owner grinned evilly.

Faith raised an eyebrow at the invitation. The opportunity to shower with her lover was one she'd never pass up, but she had company. Reluctantly, she shook her head no and frowned.

"Oh well, I guess I'll have to wash my own breasts for a change."

"You are so wrong, Reece," Faith pouted.

Reece snickered as she reached the top of the stairs and added, "And other parts, too."

"She's in a great mood, Faith," Cori observed.

"Luck, I guess. She runs hot and cold lately," Faith shrugged.

"And that's unusual, how?" Violet chuckled, earning a playful slap from the actress.

"Yeah, but I know what you mean," Cori said with thoughtful look.

"Well?" Faith prompted.

"You know she gave us all a week's pay, including tips?" the dancer asked.

"And she offered to pay the moving expenses?" Violet added.

Faith's eyebrows shot way up into her hair. "What?"

"I thought you knew," Cori whispered.

"No, I didn't. Wow," she glanced towards the stairs. "She's finally spending that money," Faith smiled.

"What money?" wondered Violet.

"Frankie's money," Faith said, still focused on a spot by the stairs.

"Oh," Cori said quietly. "This means she's finally letting him go, doesn't it?"

"Maybe. I don't know what goes on in that head of hers."

Violet thought it would be a good idea to change the mood. "Hey, speaking of the inside of that one's head," she gestured to the ceiling. "What happened that night? You know, did The Animal come out and play?"

"Ohh, did she ever," Faith blushed.

"Do tell, Faith!" Cori scooted over closer to her friend.

"Yeah, I'm curious as to how you manipulate her into changing personalities," the piercer urged.

"Babe, The Animal lives inside Reece. It's a permanent part of her being. She pushes it down, away from public view until it can't stay hidden any longer," Cori tried to clear things up. "There's no two personalities, it's the public and hidden side. We all have two personas."

"Oh, so it's not a schizo thing?" Violet asked.

"Nah, The Animal is a part of Reece as the dancer is a part of me."

The piercer nodded, she understood now. Faith also nodded in agreement.

"Well, go on, Faith!" Cori poked her in the stomach.

"Sarge practically carried her home, she was really drunk and in some mood!" Faith started. "She was arrogant and horny," Faith paused to smile at the recollection. Violet nudged her and snickered at her blush. "Well, instead of pampering her, I challenged her. I told her she couldn't possibly be capable of doing anything worthwhile to me in that state."

"Good Lord, Faith! You are brave!" Cori said wide-eyed.

Faith smirked. "Yeah, I sashayed up the stairs, but my heart was pounding in my throat. She came upstairs like Jack Nicholson in The Shining and I thought I would faint when she looked at me," the actress shuddered. "Anyway, she pretty much agreed with me that she wasn't able to do a good job and made me do it myself."

Cori guffawed. "Oh... Faith... talk about backfiring!" she continued to laugh. Violet snickered, too.

"Hey! It's not that funny!" Faith pouted.

"Okay, okay... did she finally, you know... get there?" Violet wondered.

"First she made me do it, then she started to do it to me, but then she was so drunk that she humped my leg and passed out."

Two wide eyed disbelieving stares were the only response to Faith's admission.

"I do trust that you will never, ever repeat that." Two heads nodded like dashboard figurines.

"How'd she act the next day? Was she pissed?"

"No, actually she made up for it." Faith threw herself back on the couch arms and legs spread. "She tied me up and really went to town," she said, blushing deeply.

"Ahh, now that's more like it. Here's where details will be greatly appreciated," Cori elbowed her lover. "Take notes, Vi," she joked.


Reece heard the intermittent bursts of laughter from the living room and grinned. She couldn't find a reason to brood today. It was all good to her and she actually liked the change. She slipped on her underwear, jogging pants that snapped all the way up the legs, a T-shirt and, as an afterthought, sprayed herself with Faith's favorite scent. She had no idea why, but she was in a playful mood and was not going to question it. On her way down the stairs, it became silent and she wondered what they were up to. "Talking about me, were you?" she grinned.

"You bet," Faith smirked as she wrapped her arms around her lover's back.

"All good, I hope," Reece joked as she kissed Faith's head.

"Hey, Boss, can we use your fuzzy cuffs?"

The tall woman chuckled. "I guess I know what you were talking about, huh?" she led Faith to the couch and gestured for her to sit on her lap. "Sure, just don't get them all gross," she added.

"Cool!" Violet cheered.

"Hey, Cor, are you having a housewarming party?" Faith asked from her lover's embrace.

"I didn't think of it, but now that you mention it... sure."

"If you need any help painting or anything, let me know. I'm off all week," Reece offered.

"Uhm, don't volunteer so fast, Reece. You will be tending to my needs, first and foremost," Faith said and kissed her quickly on the lips.

"Sorry. You heard the lady, Cori, I have to take care of my baby first," Reece smiled and kissed Faith back a bit longer.

"Oh no, here we go," Violet joked.

"You're more than welcome to stay and watch, Cori. I know how you like that sort of thing," the tall woman teased.

"You watch it, Reece. If it didn't embarrass Faith, I'd take you up on that offer," Cori warned.

The actress mumbled something into Reece's neck.

"I think she said, 'Pull up a chair,' Cor," Reece laughed.

Cori glared at Faith's back. "Ha ha."

Faith's hands snaked up inside Reece's shirt and found her breasts. The tall woman groaned.

"Uh, you better either pull up that chair or leave the room, guys, she's not stopping..." Reece gasped as her nipples were toyed with. "I don't know how much more I can take without retaliating..."

Violet and Cori shared a thoughtful look before winking at each other. "Okay, then we stay."

"Babe, they're staying..." Reece warned her busy lover who once again mumbled something, this time into her cleavage.

"She said..." the club owner dropped her head back and groaned as Faith became bolder, lifting her shirt and exposing her breasts to their friends before covering a nipple with her mouth. "...go away."

The couple huffed in mock disappointment and disappeared into the guest room. Once inside, their giggles could be heard by the pair on the couch.

"Faith... god, baby... you weren't going to stop, were you?"

"Umph..." she shook her head between Reece's breasts and continued to ravish them.

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