Reece's Faith, Part 46

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Faith squeezed her arms around her lover's stomach and rubbed her chin into the leather-covered back. It had been a while since they had taken a ride and she was infinitely thrilled to be wrapped around Reece's body as she was now.

A picnic... she smiled to herself. Reece is taking me on a picnic. Faith kissed Reece's back and wished her helmet wasn't stopping her from rubbing her face in the thick ponytail whipping around in front of her. With nothing else to do but think, she went over the last wonderful week with the club owner.

Reece had been in a fantastic mood for the whole week she was off. She often visited the contracting crew at The Lounge, sometimes with Faith and Smudge in tow, sometimes on her own. From what the actress could tell, the club was going to look great and Reece was very pleased with her choices. In fact, nothing seemed to bother the tall woman at all lately. She was terribly playful and very compliant of even the silliest of her lover's whims. Faith knew it had something to do with the weight of Frankie's death no longer being a burden on Reece's soul. The tall woman let go of her savior turned mentor and it was like a black cloud was lifted from her world. Reece felt comfortable with Faith and her new friends and confident enough that she no longer needed to hold on to that part of her life any longer. It showed and Faith couldn't be happier.

The actress recounted her day so far as she sat on the back of the Harley. This morning started off with sleeping in, something Faith was growing accustomed to lately, and ended with Reece making love to her in the most wonderful of ways. Faith relived that with a blissful expression on her face.

After long moments of kissing and touching, Reece had lifted Faith onto her lap and the actress wrapped her legs around Reece's back. She caressed Faith almost reverently as she maintained eye contact. When the actress tried to touch her lover, Reece placed her hands back down. "Only you, Faith," the dark woman whispered, while her fingers traced the outline of Faith's breasts gently.

Faith shivered at the ticklish feeling and attempted again to lift her hands.

"No, let me make love to you," Reece said a little more forcefully, but in no way demanding. "Please..." she added as her fingers brushed over hardened flesh.

"Are you okay, Reece?" Faith asked breathlessly. This was unlike anything she had shared with her lover and, while she was hard pressed to argue, she needed to know everything was okay.

"I'm perfect, you're perfect." The club owner leaned in and kissed Faith's chin, then her nose and then her lips. Reece pulled back slowly and continued to convey her love with her eyes and her hands.

Faith sighed contentedly as the long fingers softly loved her breasts. This was new and wonderful, something she never experienced, nor thought possible of her strong lover. It was gentle and unselfish, and the way those eyes were watching her, it was almost religious. The fingers slipped lower and Faith jerked as they tickled down her ribs.

"Sorry," Reece half chuckled as she let her fingers slide up and down Faith's thighs. "Does this feel good?" she asked as her lover expelled a shaky sigh.

"It feels wonderful, sweetheart."

"Good. Just relax and enjoy," Reece smiled the smile that made Faith feel special.

The actress squeezed her legs tighter as those long fingers began an exquisite dance through her center. She closed her eyes briefly as they touched and teased her most sensitive spot and forced them open to find a look of pure happiness in Reece's eyes.

"Its all about you today," Reece said as she worked her fingers in a familiar pattern. She smiled as her lover groaned with pleasure.

Faith read the adoration in those baby blues and had an overwhelming feeling of pleasure gather in her belly. She opened her mouth to speak and was silenced by a gentle kiss.

"I love you, Faith," Reece whispered across her lover's open lips.

"God... I love you... too," Faith whispered brokenly as she started her journey to release.

"That's it, baby... look at me," Reece urged quietly, watching Faith's eyes intently. They narrowed, then widened, then fluttered, giving Reece all of her.

"Ohh... Reece... oh..."

"You're beautiful. I'm so lucky..." Reece said as Faith climaxed for her, because of her. "Kiss me."

Faith threw her arms around Reece's neck and kissed her. Reece slid her hands around to Faith's back and up until they met in her hair. She laced her fingers together and leaned them both forward until Faith was on her back underneath her. She began to trail a series of kisses downwards.

"Reece, baby... " Faith wondered what had gotten into her.

"Shhh, let me love you today."


Faith squeezed all her limbs against Reece's body. Today was a great day for Faith and it was about to get better.

Reece was lost in her own world, oblivious to all but the road ahead and the body behind her. While she'd usually drink in the passing trees and scenery, today the only thing she cared about was wrapped around her and breathing on her neck. The tall woman focused on the warm puffs of air and shivered. For the life of her, she could not figure out what had gotten into her lately. She was very relaxed and laid back, and even caught herself whistling on more than one occasion. While not uncommon, being caught whistling "Hi Ho, Hi Ho" was a little embarrassing, especially for Reece. Faith suddenly kissed the back of her neck and broke her from her thoughts.

"Are we almost there?" she shouted.

"Almost," Reece turned her head and shouted back.

The two women went back to their thoughts, unaware that they were, for once, both thinking about the same thing.


The bike slowed down and Faith took the break to drink in her surroundings. It was beautiful. Although she could only hear the bike at the moment, she was sure the birds were singing. Smiling, she squeezed her thighs against Reece's in excitement.

Reece tilted her head to the side and glanced over her shoulder briefly. She could only see the top of Faith's helmet, but it wasn't hard for her to picture her lover's face in anticipation. A picnic was not on the agenda for the club owner when she woke up today, but the idea hit her out of nowhere and she went with it. Faith would love that, she thought and made it an official plan. Reece raised the visor on her helmet so she could smell the trees and fresh air. She breathed deeply, and wondered why this, too, made her smile. I'm getting way too soft... she worried. Faith's hands wormed their way around and into her trench coat. Reece smirked smugly as they groped around and finally came to rest cupping her breasts. Any thoughts of becoming too soft quickly fled as her eyes narrowed with the feeling of those hands holding her. On the contrary, I'm quite hard... she joked to herself.

Faith released Reece's breasts as the bike came to a stop. Her hands were immediately covered by her lover's and brought back to her breasts. Reece took off her helmet and twisted around to relieve Faith of hers. The green eyes twinkled as she leaned in for a kiss, which became many kisses until they were both laughing in each other's mouths.

"Babe, I think my back is breaking," Reece chuckled.

"And my wrists," Faith giggled.

They both climbed off the bike and Faith grinned appreciatively at the sight of her tall lover. She looked positively delicious in her attire. Faded Levi's peeked out from the slit in the front of her leather trench coat, her beat up clunky motorcycle boots with the boot straps and chains adorned her feet, and her dark, wrap around sunglasses added the perfect touch to her wind-reddened face. Maybe 'dangerous' is the word I'm looking for... Faith thought.

"Whassamatter?" the tall woman questioned, releasing her hair from the ponytail.

"You are just grand, Reece," Faith hummed her approval.

Reece looked down at herself in confusion. "Huh? I'm a wreck, Faith. Look at me," she gestured to her body, and then took off her gloves.

"Oh, I am, baby, I am -- and from where I stand, I see the most attractive woman on the face of the earth. I feel like exploding sometimes with the knowledge that you're all mine."

Reece looked astonished, but recovered quickly. She walked to her grinning lover and held her face in both hands. "You, are the most beautiful woman on earth, Faith Ashford, and I am the most lucky," she said seriously, running a thumb over Faith's lips.

"Oh, Reece, I love you so very much." Faith stood on her toes and kissed the tall woman with all the emotion as she felt at the moment. The club owner hummed in pleasure as Faith's soft lips surrounded her own. It made the actress' heart swell to hear that sound. She broke the kiss and buried her face in Reece's chest. The heavy smell of leather aroused her, forcing her to close her eyes. "I don't know what has gotten into you Reece, but I'm loving every single minute of this."

"I don't know either and I'm starting to like it, too," she chuckled. "Come on," Reece tugged at Faith's hand. "Let's go have a picnic."


Faith rolled over onto her back and laid her head in her hands. This was a wonderful week and she loathed it to end. She stared up at the clouds as they drifted by, smiling as a warm hand rested on her belly.

"Hey, you okay?" the tall woman shifted her body until she was laying her head on Faith's thigh.

Faith removed a hand from under her head and began softly stroking her lover's scalp with her fingertips. "This was the best week of my life, Reece, thank you so much."

Reece grinned, "It was one of my most memorable, too." The tall woman sighed indulgently as Faith absently ran her fingers through the dark hair.

The actress propped herself up on her elbow and looked pointedly at the long form stretched out on the grass.

"Hmmm?" Reece looked upside-down at her.

"Why a picnic? You don't seem like the type," Faith wondered.

Reece shrugged. "I don't know. It just felt right. Don't you like it?" Reece worried and she sat up to face her lover.

"Oh, of course I like it. I love it!" the actress rested her hand on Reece's knee and smiled. "It's a bit chilly, if you must know, but I wouldn't complain about it. I'm sure you can think of ways to make me warm," she added with a wink.

"Could I ever," the club owner wiggled her eyebrows. She crawled over Faith until she had no choice but to lie back down. The long heavy trench coat covered both of their bodies as the tall woman leaned in for a kiss.

"Mmm, that's very effective," Faith grinned, suddenly much warmer, and reached around Reece's neck to pull her down for more.

They kissed and groped like a couple of teenagers on a hot date until Reece tried sneaking her hand inside Faith's jeans.

"No baby, we can't just do that here..." Faith sounded a bit like she was trying to convince herself. She held the strong wrist and cocked her head.

Reece was breathing erratically and that alone was a good argument on her behalf, but she understood Faith and rolled away.

"Thank you, hon," Faith sat up and leaned over her prone lover. Her dark brow was creased and she looked annoyed. "Reece? I'm sorry..."

"No, don't be silly. It's my fault," the club owner took a deep shaky breath and blew it out slowly.

"My, my, you just get all worked up, don't you?" A blue eye opened halfway and managed to give her a sarcastic stare. "Oh, you. Stop that. It's flattering, really. I like that kissing me gets you so horny."

"You do, do you?" Reece sat up and gave Faith a patented 'Reece Smile of Danger'.

"You wouldn't," Faith dared.

"Don't tempt me, gorgeous," Reece chuckled.

"Sometimes I feel like just waking up tempts you."

"It does, Faith, it does," Reece answered sincerely.

The actress smiled and shook her head. This was a side of Reece that she could really get used to, but she was reluctant to lose the other Reece for good. Faith suddenly got a head full of sneering Reeces. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to hear that irritated growl from deep inside her lover's chest. The frustrated one she emits where she is trying so hard to keep her cool. Or the look she gets right before she's about to lose it...

"What was that for?" the club owner asked.

"What was what?" Faith replied with a look of total, confusion. Her colored cheeks didn't escape Reece.

"You chuckled and then groaned a little," blue eyes narrowed. "Were you being a bad girl, Faith?" she teased.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Faith blushed deeply. "Come on, let's get back. I know you want to check on the club," she stood and hurried to collect their picnic paraphernalia.

Reece waited there for a second, smiling to herself. I know that look and that blush, Faith Ashford, and I know exactly what you were thinking about, too, she snickered and joined her flushed lover in her task.


Cori and Violet pulled up just as Reece was getting dressed. She waved them in from the window and pulled her socks on.

"Faith? They're here. Hurry up," she called into the bathroom.

"I'd have been finished if someone didn't distract me," she teased sticking her head out of the shower stall and winking.

Reece leaned in closer and stole a wet kiss before leaving her lover to wash in peace. It wasn't her fault that Faith was so sexy when she was wet. She grinned as she ran a brush through her long, wet hair. Hitting a snag, she frowned. Maybe I should just cut this head already, she thought seriously. Holding her hair behind her and arranging it all sorts of ways wasn't any help. She even tucked it into the back of her shirt. The tall woman was still twisting around in front of the mirror when Faith returned.

"What are you doing, Reece?"

"What do you think about me cutting my hair off?" She pulled her long locks out from her now wet shirt and brushed it again.

"How off?" Faith panicked.

"Off-off." Reece threw her brush down and sighed heavily. She watched Faith's expression change in the mirror and frowned. "Never mind," she pursed her lips and set to making a braid.

"Here, let me do that," Faith stepped behind her and fingered the soft hair for a moment before separating it into threes. "I'd miss it, Reece, but if that's what you want to do..." she shrugged and leaned over to see her lover's face in the mirror.

"Really? I just get so fed up with it sometimes," Reece turned around and embraced her lover as soon as she felt the small fingers finish.

"I love your hair, baby. I really do, but it's your hair. You do what you want," Faith made a sour face and kissed Reece's lips with scrunched lips.

"Gee, that's convincing, Faith," Reece chuckled and patted the small bottom before leaving the room.

Aw, crap. Why did I act like that? She's not shaving it off. The actress pulled out some clothes. I better tell her it's alright.

Moments later, Faith joined the women in the living room. Catching Reece's eye, she smiled shyly and nodded. Reece's head perked up and she returned her own dazzling smile.

"What was that all about?" Cori asked.

Violet shrugged, "Beats me, but it looked like Faith just gave Reece permission to do something."

The two women shared a chuckle and they all left for the club.


As soon as Faith stepped over the threshold, she was dumbstruck. The Lounge had a complete makeover and it was beautiful. The smell of sawdust and paint was much more welcome smell than the one that usually assaulted her upon entering the club. She glanced at her lover, who was standing with her hands in her coat pockets, waiting patiently for some sort of reaction.

"Wow. Baby... it's... "

"Awesome..." Cori finished.

"You did damned good, Reece!" the piercer added.

The club owner let out the breath she was holding in anticipation. "Yeah? You think so?" Reece asked more to herself than her friends. She walked over towards the new stage setup. "It will look so much different in the dark. I really hope the new lights work," she said as she surveyed the ceiling. "Cori, will the girls like it?" she asked worriedly.

"Are you shittin' me? Of course they'll like it, they'll love it!" she climbed up on the stage and hugged the tall relieved woman.

"Alright then, give us a tour!" Faith urged excitedly.

"K. Where do you want to start?" the tall woman crouched down on the stage.

"Reece! Your jeans have a hole in the crotch!" Faith shook her head in embarrassment.

"So?" the club owner shrugged and attempted to see the hole for herself. After nearly toppling over onto her head, she offered Faith a grin.

"Baby, we talked about that. Why is it you can always find the money for everything else but yourself?"

"Faith," Reece started, "I told you, it's not imperative that I buy a new wardrobe because there's a hole in my sock," she finished with a hint of exasperation.

"All your socks have holes. Even the pairs that don't match," Faith made a disgusted face.

Cori and Violet snickered to themselves at this interesting interaction. They two women seemed oblivious to the couple and it was highly amusing to them to see their friends bickering.

"And what about those boots? I told you it was way past their life expectancy. That's why all your socks have holes."

"I just broke them in!" Reece argued.

"They're 10 years old!" Faith retaliated. "How can you even stand to put your feet in them? No wonder your socks disappear," she shook her head and sucked her teeth. "They know all the other socks will laugh at them."

"No one sees my socks, Faith." Reece jumped off the stage, crossed her arms and pursed her lips.

"I see your socks, Reece. Just what are you implying?" the actress tapped her foot in a manner that said she might not be taking this as lightly as the club owner was.

Reece decided it would be wise to back off. She took her lover in her arms and stooped down low enough so that their noses touched, and then she stuck out her lower lip. Faith couldn't help but smile.

"You are the most important someone." Reece kissed Faith's nose, making it crinkle up. "Have I told you, that you have the cutest nose?"

Faith blushed and slapped the strong shoulder playfully. "Stop that, you."

"Ohh, Boss... you're good. Really good," Cori chuckled. She stopped almost immediately as blue eyes threatened to burn a hole through her hat.

"Okay, Reece, you win, but this subject is not closed. You will be getting new boots," she waggled a finger in front of her lover's face and yelped as it was bitten.

"Come on, chicas, let's go see the rest," the club owner stood to her full height and gestured with her hand to follow. The way she lifted her hair off her neck didn't get past Faith who pulled a face.

"Hey? What was that ugly mug about? You never complained about being behind Reece before," Cori teased.

"It's what she's doing with her hair."

"Oh, that?" Cori waved at an imaginary a bug. "She always does that. It must be a bitch to have that on her head all the time. I'd never be able to keep that much hair. It must be brutal in the summer."

"I get the picture, Cori. You don't have to convince me," Faith said sarcastically.

"What? Hey? What's the matter?" the dancer pulled Faith's arm to make her stop walking.

"Reece wants to cut her hair off and I thought you were playing sides. Sorry," Faith admitted.

"Oh. Well." The dancer didn't know what to say. She had put her foot in it already.

"It's okay, Cor. You didn't know. I told her it would be fine, but now I'm not so sure." The actress started walking to catch up to Reece and Violet.

"I think she'd look hot. More butch, if you like that sort of thing," Cori wiggled an eyebrow and smiled with all her teeth.

Faith smirked at her friend's behavior. "I guess, but I'll miss the way it tickles me sometimes," she blushed, "and the way it makes a curtain around our faces when we make love." Faith got lost in that image for a second until she heard Cori clear her throat.

"Well then, you better make good use of it until it goes away," she bumped shoulders with Faith and made Groucho Marx eyebrows. "If ya know what I mean."

"Yeah," Faith grinned mischievously. "I certainly do."

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