Reece's Faith, Part 47

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Faith followed everyone into Reece's office. Violet plopped down in Reece's chair and immediately started fiddling with the club owner's laptop. Cori stood, looking over her lover's shoulder.

"Hey, when did you get this, Boss? I never saw you with a computer. I didn't even know you knew how to use one."

"Are you kidding? Frankie taught me all I needed to know. I just thought I could do everything on my own, but I got tired of playing with pencils, Cor. I got this program that takes care of all my business for me now."

"You finally got yourself an accountant then, huh?" Faith smiled knowingly. "She's not as cute as I thought she'd be."

"Very funny, Faith," Reece stuck her tongue out at the actress retaliated in kind. "You better put that away unless you intend to use it," Reece threatened.

Faith blushed, "Well, it's been fun, but I have a script on the kitchen table waiting for me to read and I think I need to find you..." Faith pointed at Reece, "...a less inutile pair of boots." She stuck out her tongue again and left the room.

"Inutile?" Reece and Cori both repeated the word with raised eyebrows, and then all three women looked Reece's boots.

The tall woman lifted her foot and sniffed at it, then shrugged. "Well it don't mean 'stinky'."

"Inutile, it means 'worthless'," Violet clarified. She got two looks of confusion. Turning the laptop around to face the women, she tapped the screen and continued, "I looked it up. You didn't think I knew that off the top of my head, did you?"

"Well, I didn't think Faith did either," Cori snickered. "Hey look something else up," she said as she leaned over Violet once more.

"Okay, what?"

"Look up 'Cori'."

"That's a name you twit, not a word," Reece teased.

"No, that's alright, I can just go to a name search. Give me a minute."

"Then, look up 'Reece'," Cori said excitedly.

Violet was overcome with snickers.

"What? Is it my name?" the dancer looked at the screen then scowled.

"Come on, Cor, spill it," the club owner began getting up off her couch.

"No, no. Stay there. It's not important," Cori lifted up a hand in protest.

After Violet composed herself, she spoke. "Cori, a boy's name, it's English and it means 'from the round hill, seething pool and ravine'."

"Seething pool! Could you imagine?"

"While being a boy's name is wrong, they got the 'round hill' thing right, though," Violet poked Cori in the boob and began laughing again.

"Why don't you look up her full name, Vi?"

The dancer narrowed her eyes at the tall smirking woman.

"Don't mind if I do. Okay, Corrine, definitely a girl's name, it means 'maiden'."

The club owner had a small burst of laughter, then settled quickly, knowing she was next.

"Oh and I suppose yours is any better, Reece," the dancer pouted.

"Reece, also a boys name, it's Welsh, it means 'ardent, fiery, enthusiastic'."

Reece nodded her head. "Can't argue with that, but again, it's not a boy's name. They oughtta fix that."

"Theresa..." the piercer began.

"Come on, Vi..." Reece grimaced, getting up and coming to stand by the two.

"From the French and Spanish, it means you are named after a saint." Everyone took a moment to chuckle and snicker, before Violet continued. "From the Greek, it means 'summer, to harvest and from the island of Theros'."

Reece took possession of the laptop and typed for a moment. "Faith, allegiance to duty or a person. Loyalty, fidelity to one's promises, sincerity of intentions. A firm belief in something for which there is no proof, complete trust..." she trailed off in thought.

"Wow. You sure know how to pick 'em, don't ya Reece."

"This thing is right, you know. Faith is all that to me. If I hadn't met her, who knows what I would be like right now?" Reece said seriously.

The three women thought about that for a while, each lost in their own version of what might have been.

"It's not pretty, is it ladies?" Reece asked rhetorically. "Okay, now Violet, 'a purple flower'."

"That's it!?"

"Sorry, hon, that's it."

"I'd rather be a ravine," Violet pouted momentarily. "Hey, Reece, we're going furniture shopping, wanna come with us?"

"Oh no, no thank you. I'm not the shopping type," the club owner grimaced and shut down her laptop.

Cori shrugged. "Suit yourself, but we gotta go." The dancer pulled on her coat and paused. "You know, that was a really generous thing you did for us, Reece. I don't know how or when we'll be able to repay you. Thank you."

"I didn't ask to be reimbursed, Cori. Consider it a housewarming gift, okay?" the tall woman fidgeted.

"You just can't accept that you do nice things can you?" the dancer hugged the club owner.

"Just go shopping, will you?" Reece backed away out of Cori's grasp and rolled her eyes.

"Later, Saint."

"Later, Ravine."

Reece laughed as Cori growled in the hallway. She sat down at her desk and stared at the penholder in thought before releasing a long sigh. She almost regretted having to go back to being "Reece Corbett, Lounge owner" tomorrow. It was a great week for her, and for Faith. Now Faith will go back to work and find out the fate of Judith, if there even was a Judith anymore. With the way these shows went, one false move and you're out. With the press Faith had received lately, Reece wouldn't be surprised if Judith was going to be killed in some hideous accident. The club owner already felt guilty, blaming herself for the possible death of Judith. Realizing that this train of thought would get her nowhere, she stood and grabbed her coat, closing her office door behind her.

Maybe I'll take a walk or something, she thought as she left the club and pulled down the gates. Faith is shopping, who knows when she'll float in, and with what... Reece snickered at the vision of her lover shopping for boots. Does she even know what size I am? It occurred to the tall woman that Faith always knew. In fact, she never even questioned it; she just accepted that every time Faith bought her something, it was bound to be perfect. How cool is that? Reece strolled down the street smiling, until she passed by a lingerie shop. Do I know what size she wears? She frowned now, feeling a bit stupid. Sure I do. I mean all I have to do is look at something and imagine her in it. Reece stepped into the boutique as she tried to convince herself.


Reece beat Faith home, as she figured she would. The club owner was nervous, a feeling that she was coming to recognize more quickly now. She purchased a few things in that little shop and was now worried that she may have made a mistake. What if it's too tight? She'll think she's fat! Reece smacked herself in the forehead. What if it's too big? Then she'll think that I think she's fat! That though made her shudder. Before she had time to put the bags in the trash, Faith's key was turning the lock.

"Reece? Are you home?" she called out from the doorway.

"In here," Reece replied rather high pitched.

Faith stood in the living room with a look of concern. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," she cleared her throat, "Uh, just a tickle. What ya got there?" the tall woman pointed to the oversized bag Faith was holding.

The smaller woman took off her coat and threw it on the chair. "Only the coolest Harley Davidson boots ever made," Faith beamed.

Reece's eyes lit up in excitement. "Yeah? For me?"

"No, for Smudge. Of course for you," the actress handed her expectant lover the bag and plopped down onto the couch.

Reece pulled out the box and threw the bag aside. She opened the lid and slowly took out a boot. She held it almost reverently in front of her.

"Do you like them?" Faith smiled at her lover's expression of joy.

"Like them? Are you kidding? These are AWESOME! Where did you find them?" she babbled, already undoing the big knot in the shoelaces and slipping her foot inside.

"There's this place that sells all licensed Harley gear. I actually stumbled upon it. How does it fit?" Faith was proud. She'd never seen Reece so excited about anything other than sex.

"Perfect. I don't even think they'll bite me either," she did a few ankle bends. "Nope, perfect. Thank you, Faith, these are great," Reece leaned in to kiss Faith and the actress pulled her neck down to deepen it.

"Mmm, I missed you today, Reece. What did you wind up doing?"

"Oh, I um, well we played on the laptop?"

The club owner's dodging made Faith worry. She followed Reece's rapidly wandering eyes and spotted the cause of her discomfort. "Baby? What's in the sexy bag?" Faith grinned.

"I picked something up for you too." Reece had a guilty look as she handed Faith the bag.

"What's the matter? Are you afraid I won't like it?" Faith teased.

"Well, sorta... just look inside," the tall woman said impatiently.

"Oh, gee, Reece, thanks," Faith held up a six-pack of tube socks.

"Oh, mine," she snatched them away. "You get the rest."

The fact that Reece bought herself new socks didn't escape Faith. She'd commend her on that later; right now, she was dying to know what was in the bag. She reached inside and lifted out a silky deep red velvet teddy, then a thong to match. "Reece, it's beautiful!" Faith exclaimed. She put it up against herself and Reece held her breath. Faith brought the outfit back down and checked the size.

Reece turned slightly blue from lack of oxygen. Faith smiled, and Reece startled her with a loud gust of air.

"Wow, baby, you knew my size and everything. You're the greatest," the red head wrapped her arms around the relieved club owner, who grabbed the bag.

"There's more, Faith," she smirked.

"Don't you want to see me try it on?" Faith wiggled her eyebrows.

"Oh, yeah!" Reece growled and chased her lover up the stairs, then ran back down minus her pants to gather the presents.


Faith couldn't remember ever feeling anything like this in her life. It wasn't one particular feeling, it was a combination of many and Reece was the source. She barely had time to model her new outfit before Reece got that look in her eyes. In a heartbeat, the actress was on her back, with Reece drooling between her legs. She could feel the combination of her own arousal and her lover's saliva pooling on the sheets beneath her as her tongue worked its magic.

"Oh, god..." Her head lolled to the side as her fingers dug deeply into raven hair. Reece's tongue was lapping at her, from bottom to top, slowly. "Please, by... faster... ohh."

The actress curled her toes around Reece's shoulders; she could feel the muscles shifting under her feet as her lover's arms strained to hold her in place, never changing the pace or the rhythm, driving her insane. "Come... on... Reece..."

Faith tried to concentrate on the other sensations, like the heat burning her hip where Reece's right palm lay, the bite of her fingers digging into the sensitive flesh or the way the other hand tasted as those fingers curled over her lower lip and rested their tips just behind her teeth. It didn't work. Reece's excruciating pace was about to drive Faith mad. "Reece! Please!" she sobbed.

The tall woman pushed her lower body up and knelt between Faith's trembling legs. She gasped as a warm tongue teased her fingertips, and then pulled her hand away before it drove her to distraction. She needed to concentrate. The throb between her own legs was creating a buzz in her ears; Faith's tongue swirling around her fingers was too much. Besides, she had other plans for those fingers. The club owner sat back on her heels and Faith let out a cry of protest.

"Shhh..." Reece soothed and gently traced Faith's soaked nether lips with her warm, wet fingertips. Her other hand cupped around a heaving breast, the rapid thump of Faith's heart drove [[into] her. She focused on pleading green eyes with a look of adoration as she touched every spot she knew would bring Faith pleasure.

"Ohhhh..." Faith's hips reflexively thrust and Reece used her other hand to hold her down. The actress had only recently started to feel comfortable while Reece made love to her this way, watching her, watching herself. As the blue eyes met hers, Faith was forced to inhale as all the air left her lungs from the impact of that single look.

"You are so beautiful like this, Faith. I could watch myself make love to you all night long."

The smoky timbre of her lover's voice combined with the words that she spoke sent a violent shudder through Faith's body.

"Oh, yeah, you like this," Reece licked her lips as her fingers entered her lover slowly.

Faith uttered a wordless groan of approval. Giving herself over totally, she let her legs fall open and they hit the mattress.

Reece leaned over and latched her lips to the sensitive skin behind Faith's knee, as she shifted her other hand to graze Faith's nipple back and forth.

Faith moaned deeply. The combination of all the sensations at once were overwhelming her. It was as if everywhere Reece touched was a direct line to her center. She could feel and hear the copious wetness she was producing in reaction to her lover's touch. She placed her hand over the larger one teasing her breast and pressed it down firmly. Faith noticed when she did, the mouth left her leg. Reece was watching her again, and she couldn't care less.

"Tell me, Faith."

The actress knew exactly what her lover needed to hear, and she was more than happy to comply. "You feel sooo good..."

Reece shivered. The surge of self-pride was a drug to her. If all else was wrong with the world, she was always able to give Faith pleasure. It didn't matter if she couldn't do anything else properly. In this moment, she could never disappoint Faith. Ever. And she loved to hear it.

"What else... what else baby..."

"I need you, only you..."

"I'm gonna taste you," Reece whispered. "Make you come for me."

The warm air felt like electricity as it wafted over Faith's clit. "Do it, Reece, only you..."

"Yesss, only me," Reece nodded and lowered her mouth.

"Ohhh..." Faith moaned a long breathy growl as Reece's tongue covered her clit and pressed down. The amount of wetness that Reece encountered shot a gush of empathetic liquid from her own center. This is heaven. The club owner breathed in deeply as she began the sucking motions that were sure to make Faith scream.


Faith's hips surged and Reece was forced to abandon her breast to hold her bucking lover down. Reece was pumping her fingers hard and fast, her lips pulling in time with her thrusting. Faith's thighs were suddenly wrapped around her head, but she still heard the screams of passion as Faith exploded in her mouth. Reece moaned in sympathy as Faith's pelvis stayed suspended and her back arched severely, but she didn't stop giving her pleasure until the smaller body fell back down heavily and the trembling legs loosened their grip.

"Oh god... oh... god... oh... god..."

Reece slithered up the twitching frame of her spent lover; placing errant kisses to her favorite spots, wringing occasional whimpers out of Faith.

"Reece, oh, my god."

The club owner chuckled. "Suddenly, you've become very religious, Faith," she teased.

"Oh..." Faith breathed deeply, attempting to slow her frantically beating heart. "If I could lift my arm, I'd slap you."

"For what?" Reece asked, then bent her neck and licked a drop of sweat snaking between Faith's breasts.

"Oh, no, get out of there," she lifted Reece's chin. "I'd slap you for being so selfish. I have no strength to take care of you now," Faith pouted.

"No biggie. I'm okay."

"Reece, you're not okay. You're about to slide off my leg. Jesus, I'm exhausted!"

Reece straightened her body out on top of Faith's and lifted herself up to rest on her forearms.

"Don't leer at me like that, Reece," Faith shivered all over again at the glint in those blue eyes. "You'll kill me, I'm, sure of it."

"So, Faith," Reece began a she rubbed her mound against Faith's leg, "are you too tired to bend your knee?" She shifted her hips and bit her bottom lip at the sensations.

"Oh, yes, Reece, I want to see you!" Faith nodded excitedly and propped her leg up slightly to accommodate the long frame. She was eager to have Reece ride her; it was few and far between that her lover allowed her this pleasure to watch her. It was a thrill for Faith to see Reece hunching over her, giving herself pleasure.

The club owner raised herself up higher and slipped an arm behind Faith's neck. Reece then lowered her center back down and Faith gasped at the slick warmth coating her thigh. The tall woman shuddered and dipped her head to speak into Faith's ear.

"I like this baby, it's like I'm fucking you." Reece pulled her head back and leaned her weight on her one arm. She thought about maybe sliding further down, to look into Faith's face while she came. She unconsciously jerked her hips with the thought and groaned. Being as tall as she was, if she stayed in this position, her tits would be swaying directly over Faith's face. She thought about that for a moment and with a nod to herself, made a decision.

Faith placed one hand on Reece's ass and the other above her head to thread their fingers together. It seemed as if Reece was positioning herself in such a way that... If I stretched my neck, I bet I could...

"Suck my tit, Faith."


The tall woman moaned and ground herself into her lover. Faith's teeth pressed lightly into her nipple, holding it in place while the tip of her tongue flitted frantically across the tip, flooding her with sensation. It was too good. She would come quickly and need more, but Faith was too tired. Ohh, but that tongue! Reece felt the clench in her belly and stopped moving. "Let go, baby."

Faith released her hold on Reece's breast and pouted. "I was quite enjoying myself," she protested replacing her mouth with her fingers.

"God, Faith, I was gonna come," she breathed heavily a few times, "and I want you to touch me." Reece pulled Faith onto her side and lay facing her.

Faith reached out and touched her lover's lips before leaning in and covering them with her own. The actress let her hand drift down and caress Reece's sensitive nipples until the club owner took the offending hand and pushed it down.

"Oh, Reece," Faith breathed in between kisses. "So wet."

"Unn..." Reece grunted as Faith entered her swiftly. She released the grip on Faith's wrist and wrapped her arm around the smaller body, pulling it closer to her.

Faith loved moments like this, where Reece was vulnerable and wasn't afraid. It was the ultimate gift as far as she was concerned. "Is this good, Reece?" she whispered quietly, not wanting to break the mood, but needing to give Reece whatever she wanted.

"Yes, don't stop," she replied breathlessly, her voice raspy.

Faith adjusted her hand slightly and the heel of her hand made its contact. Reece jerked and grabbed at her wrist again. The club owner held it still and moved herself instead.

"Yes, Reece, you're so hot," Faith encouraged.

"For you..." she grunted and sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, never taking her eyes away from Faith's.

Faith could tell by the way Reece was squinting that she was almost there. She was trying to maintain eye contact and it caused a warmth to spread through the actress's core. Her lover picked up her momentum and Faith felt the wetness seep around her fingers. Reece groaned deep in her chest and her fingers dug painfully into Faith's wrist.


Faith nodded as Reece forced the word through her tight lips. Seconds later, they opened up and a whimper-like gasp escaped them.

"Yes, Reece, come for me," Faith panted, caught up in her lover's pleasure.

Reece trembled and pressed her clit into Faith's hand. Green eyes closed briefly as the contractions squeezed her fingers tightly. Reece's head fell onto Faith's shoulder and she growled, causing a shiver to course through the smaller frame.

Finally, the club owner relaxed and pulled Faith's hand away. In seconds, Faith found herself on her back, covered completely with a sweaty trembling Reece. "Ohhhh, yeeahh," she purred and twitched some before seeking out Faith's lips and kissing her senseless. When the kisses slowed, she made small happy sounds in her throat. Reece was more at peace than she had been in a long time. All that mattered right now was the bliss that she felt in Faith's arms and she intended to make it last. She nuzzled her nose into the crook of the actress's neck and poked her tongue out in different spots until Faith squirmed and giggled.

Faith found this behavior adorable and had to take advantage of it. She reached around, ran her nails through Reece's hair and scratched her scalp. Reece practically melted.

"That feels incredible, Faith."

"Wanna cuddle, sweetie? I'll do scratchies until we fall asleep."

"Deal," Reece inhaled and exhaled a deep contented sigh. "Move me?" she asked with a chuckle.

Faith pushed and shoved until she maneuvered herself out from underneath the heavy body. She then patted her shoulder and Reece wrapped her arm and leg over her and rested her head where Faith indicated. They both yawned.

"Hey, where's my scratchies?" Reece slurred sleepily.

Faith lifted her arm and rested it on Reece's head. The club owner attempted to move her head under the hand, but was too tired and they both fell asleep that way.

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