Reece's Faith, Part 49

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Sandy, John and Ali barely had time to scatter as Reece blew through the door, wearing the cocky smirk that always turned Faith's knees to jelly. The actress ran to catch up to her tall lover and wrapped her arms around Reece's waist. She closed her eyes and hummed in pleasure as one strong arm wound around her shoulder as they walked towards the dressing rooms.

Once behind the closed door, Reece exploded with laughter.

Faith stepped back to admire her lover in her current state of hysterics. "It was that good, huh?" Faith asked, catching Reece's mirth, a broad smile lighting up her face.

The tall woman nodded, slowing down to a small chuckle. "You should have seen Jayme's face!"

"I would have tried, but John already had his big fat head attached to the keyhole. He didn't see anything, though."

Reece sat down on the chair and beckoned to Faith by pursing her lips and tilting her head back. Accepting the silent invitation, the actress curled up on her lover's lap and kissed her. The lip lock ended far too early for Reece and she sighed when Faith pulled away.

"Hey, I'm not done with you yet, sweetie, I need to lock the door," the actress winked and backed up to the door, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Know what? I don't want to stay here any more, let's say we pack up your stuff and go," the club owner stood and suggested.

"You have a point. Besides, we already christened that chair," Faith snickered.


Reece was more than ready to leave, but Faith was still saying her goodbyes. She waited patiently, holding her lover's belongings when she heard a strange foghorn sound coming from outside. Rushing to the window, she found that she wasn't the only one who'd heard it and she had to squeeze between a few people to see the source of the disturbance. What she saw caused a deep groan of discomfort to escape her already impatiently clenched teeth. "Uh, babe? You might wanna see this," she called to Faith and made room for the actress to see the commotion.

"Oh yeah, John mentioned something about that. Jeez, there are a lot of people!"

"You're okay with that? Do you want to leave another way?"

"No, Reece, I want to do this. It's important to a lot of people. Am I comfortable? No, but I have you to protect me," Faith squeezed her lover's hand and received a kiss on her forehead in return.

Sandy opened the window in order to hear what the crowd was yelling about and a dozen or so people poked their heads outside. They were indeed yelling 'We're here! We're queer! Get used to it!' John puffed up proudly and chanted along with them.

"Faith, what's this all about!?" Jayme was suddenly at her side tapping her foot and pointing towards the window wildly. "Is this your idea? Well, I think it was just plain stupid."

Reece bristled and was about to interfere when she felt Faith's hand press against her stomach.

"Oh?" Faith challenged.

"Stupid is as stupid does."

Everyone turned to look at John who shrugged his shoulders. "I saw that in a movie. It seemed appropriate." He stepped in front of the producer and poked her in the chest. "This," he pointed to the ever-growing crowd, "was my idea. If anything is stupid, it's the way you treated Faith. You, my dear, are the stupid one because you not only lost the best actress on this whole cast, but the best make-up artist in all of New York." Jayme chuckled indifference and John became furious. "Oh, you think I'm funny? I'll show you funny. I'll throw you out that window to that crowd and tell them all that you're the one who wrote Faith into that horrible corner. Let me tell you something else, missy, if you ever call Faith stupid again, I'll let Reece at you and after she's done dismembering you, I'll show you what a size 11 snakeskin slip-on feels like upside your narrow-minded head!" The make-up artist drew everyone's attention from the window and the applause he received embarrassed him. He looked near to tears and Reece clamped a strong hand on his shoulder and pulled him back.

"Easy, big guy, deep breath," she instructed him. Glancing at the smirking producer, who obviously thought John's threat held no water, Reece became angry. "Hey, Jayme," catching her attention she twisted her face into her most menacing smile, then lifted her hands and clenched the fists. With a small yet effective sound effect, she twisted her hands around and said, "Crunch." Jayme paled and turned on her heel. Reece smirked at a job well done, draped a possessive arm around Faith and John and the three walked outside to even more applause from the large crowd assembled in the lot.


That weekend saw the group of friends meeting at a restaurant in a victory celebration.

"Oh, my god, I'm all atremble!" John swooned. "When she said," John affected a deep dramatic voice, "warm stickiness of their blood..." the make up artist fanned himself.

"She is a pleasure to watch. Too bad you couldn't see it, it was probably even better than it sounded," Cori chuckled.

"Hey, is this a private party or can any old crackpot join?" Faith joked as she sat down, her lover standing right behind her.

"Any old crackpot already did," Reece gestured with her chin to John.

"Shuh-up, Spike."

"Hey, thanks for this celebration guys. You really didn't have to," Faith leaned across the table and hugged Violet.

"Hey, it's dinner time, we were hungry. You just landing a movie deal was simply good timing," Cori teased.

"Thanks for inviting me, Reece. I missed Louise," the make up artist wiped an imaginary tear.

"It's only been three days, you drama queen," Reece snorted.

"Don't go anywhere so quickly, John. I requested that you be my make-up artist for the movie. We're just waiting for the studio to give you a call."

"Hmmm, well... I don't know," John pretended to think. "I'd have to check my book for any other big important movie starts that want me to serve them." John bit his lip for a second before exploding in a very John-like fashion, "YAAAAHHHOOOO!!! Wheee!" He got up and danced a little victory dance, which turned into an all out conga line of one circling around the table.

"Siddown, Mary, people are staring!" Reece reprimanded playfully, though she was enjoying his display.

"I'm gonna work for Faith, yeah! I'm gonna work for Faith, yeah!"

The table and quite a few others were laughing out loud. This spectacle only caused people to start recognizing Faith and Reece saw that she was getting uncomfortable with the sideways glances and whispers. On his next pass by the tall woman, she pulled him onto her lap and glared at him. "Enough. We get the picture."

John scrambled off her lap like she was covered in spines. "Jesus, must you be so scary?" he wiped himself off and sat down in his chair with a loud huff.

"Anyone know what we're having?" Cori asked from behind a menu. "I can't decide. It all looks so good."

"I know, babe. Anyone ever eat here before?" Violet asked.

"Ooo! Ooo!" John raised his hand and waved it around.

"Yes, tall boy in the back row," Cori called on him.

"I did, Miss Cori, and it was yummy. I got the eggplant rolotine."

Reece rolled her eyes. If these were the people that Faith liked to surround herself with, well then, she would have to deal with it. Like it or not, they cared for her lover, they took care of Faith in her absence and she was grateful. Putting up with them in public places, however, was going to take some getting used to. As the chatter continued, the club owner put down her menu and glanced sideways at her lover. Faith's eyes were sparkling with mirth and Reece found it beautiful. Her lips curled up in a smile and she found herself kissing Faith's cheek without thought.

Startled by the spontaneous act, the actress turned to her lover with a look of confusion. Seeing Reece blush at her own actions was an eyebrow raiser. Faith almost said something, but at the last second chose to let Reece off the hook and entwined their fingers instead of drawing any more attention to her pinkish lover.

The waiter sidled up to recite the specials. When he noticed Faith, he became flustered and John giggled. Reece pointed a warning finger at him and he physically zipped and then buttoned his lips, drawing another eye roll from the club owner.

"I'm terribly sorry to be so rude, but aren't you Faith Ashford?" the waiter squatted down and asked the actress.

"Yes, I am. And you are?"

"Oh, I'm Paul, just another struggling actor. I just wanted to thank you for what you did," he said shyly.

"What I did?" Faith asked, puzzled.

"Yes, when you drew all that attention to why you quit "Campus". I didn't protest, lord knows I should have, but it was a wonderful thing to see on the news. By putting your face out there, you cracked some stereotyping. It changed some things, some people's views about who and what gay people should look like."

"That was my idea," John piped up, enamored by Paul's squatting butt and talking directly to it. "OW!" he glared at Reece and rubbed his shin.

"You're welcome, Paul."

"Well, I just wanted to thank you. Have a great dinner everyone."

While Paul proceeded to take everyone's order, Reece watched Faith's expression of embarrassed shyness turn to a more prideful smile, complete with a slight chin raise. She squeezed Faith's hand tighter and smiled back at her when she turned to face her.

"Feels good, Reece," she beamed. "I did something... and it feels really good."

The club owner simply nodded, knowing exactly what her lover was feeling, and cheerfully gave Paul her order.


Later that night, Reece slid under the covers and watched Faith sleep for a long while. All night at the club, the only thing on her mind was Faith. She needed her lover, really needed her in the worst way. The couple hadn't really made love for almost two weeks and Reece thought she had set some sort of new personal record, which was especially annoying, since she was lying here right now, staring at Faith as she slept. Wake up, Faith, Wake up, Faith... she chanted in her mind while staring intently at her lover. The sleeping woman didn't even flinch.

Reece rolled over and scrubbed her hands over her face in defeat. Well, looks like I'll be flying solo, she decided with a frown. Sparing one more intent glare at Faith, Reece flopped back rather heavily and the bed bounced. Faith grumbled and turned over to face Reece, her hand reaching out blindly until it found the club owner's arm. Faith then pulled it towards her as she scooted her body closer to her lover, until she was hugging Reece's arm like a body pillow.

Reece narrowed her eyes at her sleeping, smiling lover. Well, that's just great, I can't do it with my other hand! The tall woman turned her face towards the wall and she stared at it for a long time. She tried not to concentrate on the weight of Faith's breasts as they hugged her bicep. It didn't work. The club owner sighed loudly and turned back around to face Faith again. She doesn't realize what she's doing to me, does she? Reece jiggled and flexed her captive arm. "Faith," she whispered. "Gimme..." she flexed her bicep again and Faith made yummy sounds, digging her fingers a little harder into the tense muscle. Then, to Reece's amazement, Faith scooted even closer and curled up, placing Reece's fingers directly in her crotch.

THAT does it! The tall woman shoved her left hand down inside her boxers and tested her agility. A pleased grin spread across her face as her legs parted wider.


Reece was roused to wakefulness by an odd sensation on her forearm. Opening her eyes, she was face to snout with Smudge and he was humping her arm. Sitting up quickly and dislodging the pup, she lifted her arm in the air and shook it. "Oh, man, that was disgusting!" she scolded the puppy that just sat there on the bed staring at her. "Bad Smudge, bad, bad puppy," she shook her finger at him and he began to gnaw on it. "Cut it out!" she whisper-yelled.

"Babe? What in the world are you doing?" Faith's sleepy voice drifted from under the covers.

"Ugh, yuck. Smudge was humping me," she grimaced and shook her arm again.

"He's got good taste." Faith sat up and watched her lover shake and flap her arm. "Stop that, you look like you're trying to take flight. It's distracting as all hell."

"What, pray tell, is it distracting you from," Reece scrunched up her forehead.

"This," the actress sat up and threw herself on top of Reece, hugging her in a vice grip.

"Hey, now this is good. Wouldn't want to distract you from this," the club owner stretched her neck up in an invitation. "God knows how long it's been since I had..."



"Shut up and kiss me."

"Yes ma'am."

In the midst of many long awaited kisses, Reece reached up to touch Faith's face. The actress pulled back and stared at her lover curiously.

"What?" Reece puzzled. "Why did you stop?" she groaned.

"Your hand, Reece... you touched yourself?" Faith's eyebrow arched high on her head.

"Well, Faith, it's been what, two weeks? Gimme a break," Reece pouted.

"In our bed? With me in it and you didn't wake me?"

"Believe me, I tried."

"Do you remember that promise you made me about touching yourself?"

"No, refresh my memory. I'm sure I was unfairly coerced, anyway," Reece teased.

"You said, you'd touch yourself for me... so I can watch," Faith folded her arms across her chest.

"No, I think I said maybe. Maybe I promised to make you feel like a big giant clit again?" Reece wiggled her eyebrows.

"Oh, now you're sadly mistaken," Faith shook her head with a cute little grin. "So, are you going to let me watch you?"

"Now?" the club owner questioned. "I'd have to be in one hell of a mood to just sit here and do that," she chuckled.

"I'm sure I could assist you in getting to that mood, Reece," Faith purred at the end of her sentence and Reece's eyes narrowed. The smaller woman leapt across the bed and landed on top of her waiting lover, throwing her on her back. She grabbed both sides of Reece's face and squished, making fish lips, sucked them into her mouth and teased them with her tongue.

Reece shook her leg uncontrollably as the sensations traveled down her body. Smudge seeing this as an opportunity attacked the flailing limb, scaling the length of it until he made it to her thigh. Reece was making grunting sounds at the scratching, biting pup and Faith took it as encouragement. She pinned her lover down onto the bed and began kissing her with abandon, the change of position causing Smudge to slide into the crevice between the club owner's long legs. Suddenly, Reece sat up with a strangled gasp and Faith was staring into wide-open, horror-filled blue eyes.

"Reece! What is it?"

"I think I just peed!" the confused club owner tossed Faith to the side to look between her legs.

Faith, to her enormous credit, managed to look sympathetic as Reece picked up the guilty party and glared a hole right through him.

"He peed in my crotch, Faith," Reece was far calmer than she should have been at this moment. "Faith, take him away before my fingers close around his LITTLE, RAT-LIKE THROAT!"

There, that's more like it, thought the actress as she quickly grabbed the pup. Her ears are just the color they should be, right now. Welcome back, Reece.

Reece stood up, pulled the crotch of her boxers away from her body and walked bow-legged into the bathroom. Faith could swear she heard her tall lover muttering about "rat ala king" in between curses and hugged Smudge protectively.

"You really ought to be more careful, sweetie. Auntie Reece has just about had it with you." Faith placed the puppy on the floor and scrunched her face up. Well, so much for sex now. She'll probably scrub it raw after that.


Later that night, Reece sat uncomfortably on a very low barstool in her office with a very ugly green apron around her neck. She stretched her long legs out in front of her, stopping the cramping in her awkwardly bent knees. She lifted the apron and glared at the stool as if it would twirl itself back to normal height, but it didn't, so the tall woman dropped the apron back down to her lap and groaned. Stupid stool. Cori adjusted it so she could reach the club owner's head, but Reece was anxious and couldn't care if the dancer had to stand on her desk. All that mattered was that she was uncomfortable. Reece squirmed and fidgeted like a child who had to go to the bathroom and was ready to bolt by the time Cori bustled in the door screwing the top on a spray bottle.

"Did ya miss me, Boss?"

"Like a hive."

"Come on, Reece, I never saw someone so nervous about getting their hair cut," she began spraying water on Reece's hair and combing it through.

"Just do it, Cori, before I lose it," Reece's fingers poked out from under the apron and pulled it away from her throat.

"Is it too tight? You have a fat neck. I'd take it off, but you'll get your tux all hairy." She shrugged when the club owner ignored her.

"Cori, you're sure you know what you're doing?" Reece questioned, wiping her sweaty palms on her thighs. She jumped when the cold water finally seeped down to her scalp.

Seeing the movement under the apron, Cori giggled. "You're not playing with yourself are you Reece? Cuz then I'd really lose the apron," she joked.

"Don't remind me," Reece said dejectedly.

The dancer came around to face her friend. "Still?!"

"Still," Reece said flatly.

"Wow. That sucks," Cori replied sympathetically.

"Actually, I learned something in all this, Cor."

Cori had returned to her task and answered rather distractedly. "Learned something?"

"I'm ambidextrous."

The dancer snorted in surprise, "You're kidding. You actually tested the theory?"

"I had no choice. She was hugging my right arm like a teddy bear and, well, it was time."

"Shit, Reece, what's going on?" Cori just about finished dousing her boss' head.

"She's got a new schedule, up at dawn, home at midnight and, well, mine's just about opposite. We hardly have any time left. She's exhausted, the poor thing, and I don't want to push it. I'm just thankful as all hell that she's filming in New York. If she were in another state, I'd die."

"No time together, at all?" Cori found this unfathomable.

"Well, almost this morning, but Smudge peed on me."

Cori snorted again. "Sorry, Reece. I'm sure you'll get some after I finish with you."

Reece turned her head with a raised eyebrow, "You better hope so."

"I'm telling you... tonight, you'll have Faith on her knees. Okay, hold still, I'm going to cut now."

Both women said a silent prayer with the first snip.

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