Reece's Faith, Part 5

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Not great at apologies, Reece decided to head over to the studio, take Faith out for a ride, maybe even fulfill a little fantasy of hers. When it came to show and tell, Reece was much better at the show part. She grinned. Besides, she could have her little chat with Jim while she was there.

Thankful for the unseasonably warm weather, she mounted the bike and revved her up loudly. The rumbling echoed through the garage and set off a myriad of car alarms. Even though it meant he'd be scrambling around half the night shutting off alarms, Pepe was amused. She's something else, this Reece. In a way, he wanted to be just like her. He even sat on her bike sometimes. He whistled loudly through his teeth and watched as she drove up the ramp and out of sight.

Reece drove past The Playhouse. Idling at the light, she turned her head and looked back at the club. No, you're better than that shit, Reece. Still, she felt all the built-up misplaced anger rise. It had been a long time since she let loose. Too long. Her jaw clenched. Maybe if I just rough him up a little? Not one to analyze, she immediately blamed Roy's annoying antics for distracting her, making her angry, and therefore, making Faith afraid of her. That will never do. The bike peeled away from the light in a screeching left turn. He almost made me fuck this up with Faith! Irrationally furious at Roy now, Reece was out for blood. She circled the block and parked on the sidewalk in front of the bouncer, nearly taking off his foot. She lifted her helmet and with a sneer, dared him to say something. He didn't.

"Wise choice, my man." She patted him condescendingly on his cheek. "Where's my buddy Roy?"

"Who wants ta know?" He gave her a long leering look, puffed himself up, and then arranged his crotch.

Reece snorted, restraining herself from strangling the goon with his own thick gold necklace.

"Charming." She breezed by him towards the door, which he sidestepped in front of.

"Sorry, no ladies without an escort." he grinned.

"No worries." Reece flashed an evil grin. "I ain't no lady." And she pushed him aside effortlessly.

Reece walked in like she owned the place. Many heads turned in hopes that she was the featured dancer tonight. She banged her helmet on the bar and the startled bartender came running.

"Where's the boss?"

The bartender glanced at the woman's eyes and nodded recognition. "He's not here," she lied, throwing a warning glance to the waitress.

"Oh, I see. Thanks for your help" Then she turned to the waitress and flashed a winning smile.

Yikes! Someone should feed her.

"Maybe you would know where Mr. Roy is?" Reece narrowed her eyes seductively.

The waitress nearly swooned. "Oh, I'm Ronnie! He's in his office! " She giggled like a schoolgirl.

Reece inwardly rolled her eyes. She bent her elbow and linked Ronnie's arm through. "Lead on, my fair lady," and the tall woman bowed gallantly, shooting an evil smile at the bartender.

"What the hell was that?" asked a customer.

"Fucking Ronnie...That... is Reece Corbett. Owner of The Lounge and Frankie's former right arm. What she's up to though... never mind. I don't want to know." the bartender shook her head.

"Fuck she's gorgeous.."

"Yeah well, she's equally as dangerous. I hope she leaves Roy at least one tooth. He's ugly enough as it is."


Reece thanked Ronnie with another bow and a kiss to her hand. The dancer giggled again, and skittered away. Reece spat just in case. Poor girl.

The club owner really needed to get this out of her system. She couldn't afford to have Faith see her lose it. She took a moment to allow "The Animal" to surface, and then with one kick, blew the door clear off the hinges.

Roy hit the deck, nearly pissing himself.

"Ah, glad you remembered how to greet an old friend." Reece grinned ferally.

"Fuck off." he scrambled to his feet.

As Reece advanced with menacing slowness, he backed up slightly.

"You having fun playing games with me Roy? I got no patience for you, or your bullshit." She gestured with her hand, chuckling when he flinched.

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. I think you should leave." He was proud and thought that came out rather forcefully.

Reece guffawed.

Roy fumed.

"Oh that's rich. You think.. Oh stop, you're killing me."

Before he saw it coming, her fist was buried deep into his stomach. While he was hunched over, and before his brain had time to register the pain, her knee connected hard with his nose.

"You know what I think, Roy?"

Roy retched at her feet.

Reece squatted down to his level and picked his head up by the hair. "I think you have too much time on your hands."

The blood poured out of his mouth when he responded.

"Please, Reece, don't kill me... "

"Your boredom gave me grief with my woman, it pissed me the hell off. You understand?"

She shook his head for him. "Atta boy. So, I'm going to give you something to keep you busy, and, consequently, out of my affairs. Comprende?"

Roy wasn't stupid. He nodded.

"Thanks, old friend." Wuss.

He flinched at every crash and bang that echoed through his club. He wept. I thought The Animal was dead?

Feeling much better and very adrenalized, Reece hopped on her bike and headed towards the set.


Jayme had pulled Faith off to the side. "You know, there's a bit of an uproar about you Faith."

"What? What did I do?" she nervously shifted her feet.

"You a dyke?" the head writer asked bluntly.

Faith's eyes widened. "Uh..."

Jayme's eyebrow shot up. "Well I guess that answers that question. You should work on that."

"What does this have to do with anything? Is it Jim?" She felt sick.

"No, but Charles is having a cow over it. You gotta be more discreet about where you hang out, Faith." She put her arm around the trembling actress' shoulder.

"I.. what do you mean where I hang out?"

"Titty clubs? Honestly, I'd have figured you for a leg woman." she joked.

"Oh god..." Faith groaned. "This is so not good." She slumped down to the floor.

"Don't sweat it, Faith. There's quite a few of your type floating around here. Just watch yourself more carefully. Tabloids live on this kind of stuff."

"What do I do now?" the blonde ran her hand through her red-blonde hair.

"I'd say make this look good with James, and maybe Charles will stop birthing farm animals."

Faith buried her face in her hands.

"Keep the stereotype to a minimum. You're famous now babe. Image is everything."

John ran up in a flurry of hand gestures. "Oh Louise! There's this wonderfully intimidating, yet drop dead gorgeous leather clad woman here to see you." He fanned himself dramatically. "And she's on a Harley!" he shrieked.

Faith laid herself out on the floor. "Kill me. Just kill me."


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