Reece's Faith, Part 50

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Faith stepped up into her trailer and leaned her back against the door to shut it. She looked around the interior, taking in the decor and marveled at how it didn't look one bit like the big tin box it did from the outside. Every day she entered the trailer and had the same reaction. "Wow, my very own trailer. This is too much." Feeling overwhelmed, the actress crossed the room and sat on the bed. She was exhausted and even though the other seasoned actors explained that she would eventually get used to it, Faith wasn't so sure it was going to happen. The constant flurry of activity and the ever present swinging overhead cameras was highly distracting to the actress, not to mention nerve wracking. She found it hard to concentrate with all the hustling activity around her at all times. Her trailer was supposed to be her refuge, but Faith felt no such safety outside the protective embrace of her lover's warm, strong arms. A pang of loneliness tugged at her gut and tears burned her eyes.

Faith opened her eyes wide and waved a hand in front of them to avoid the wrath of John and his tube of hemorrhoid cream. She lay down on her back and reached over her head for one of the round decorative pillows. If I close my eyes and squeeze hard enough, I could be hugging her arm, the lonely actress thought. I love waking up like that. As she was hugging it to her chest, someone knocked at the door. "Come in," she muttered into her makeshift teddy bear.

"No, no. That's all wrong. You're supposed to stand up and wave me in with a dramatic sweep of your arm!" John backed into the trailer arms laden with cosmetic cases and what Faith had originally thought to be a tackle box, but was actually John's special make up kit.

"Like this."

The make up artist struck a pose by a small decorative table and transformed his face into, what Faith thought, was a spoiled old film starlet. Or Carol Burnett playing Joan Crawford, she chuckled at her joke.

John waved his arm up and down a few times. "Entrée!" he threw his head back and blinked demurely.

"Okay, I got it now. Thanks," she said as she rolled over onto her stomach, still clutching the pillow.

John frowned at his friend. "Spill it, Louise," he said sternly, taking a seat beside Faith on the bed.

"I'm okay," she said with an unconvincing smile.

"Sure you are," he gave her a skeptical look. Taking in the death grip on the pillow, he added, "Spike, huh?"

"I miss the living daylights out of her." Faith felt her eyes well up again.

"Oh, you poor thing," the make up artist said sympathetically. He rubbed her back soothingly, hating to see his friend cry.

"I hardly ever see her any more! I live with her, sleep next to her and never spend any time with her!" she sobbed. "Not to mention we haven't made love in I can't remember how long," she whispered into her pillow.

"I'm sorry, Faith, I wish I could help you." He lifted up the actress, took the pillow from her grasp and wrapped her in a hug. They rocked as he held her for a while until she calmed down. "Well, not the sex part," John pretended to shudder, prompting a sniffle of a giggle from his sad friend.

"Reece would cut it off and feed it to Smudge if you tried."

"Owie, Faith," he joked and kissed her head.

"Thank you for the hug, John. I needed it so badly. I feel so lonely lately."

John pulled away from the embrace and poked Faith playfully in the stomach. "There's only one cure for that, young lady."

Faith raised her eyebrow.

The make up artist leapt up and screamed, "CHOCOLATE!"

Faith broke out in a huge grin, shaking her head at her leaping, screaming friend. "You're seriously ill," she teased.

John nodded rapidly. "Uh huh. So, are you with me? Craft services has..." he paused for dramatic effect, "BLACKOUT CAKE!"

Her stomach growled loudly. "Right behind you." Faith jumped up and swallowed her drool on the way out of the trailer.

"Glad you're with me, cuz I also have a plan," he winked over his shoulder.

"Plan?" Faith wondered curiously.

John mocked Reece's cocky swagger "I'm gonna get you laid," he said and then winced, holding his crotch. "How does she walk like that? It hurts my wee-wee."


Cori observed her friend from the next stool. That evening, Reece sat as she did every night -- at the end of the bar, nodding and smiling. Yet, this night, after every nod, she'd touch the back of her neck, the new, shorter hair apparently tickling her every time she did. She'd had long hair for her whole life, so this new neck obsession was understandable but it was driving Cori crazy. Every time the boss lifted her hand, Cori did too, reflexively, as she wanted to grab Reece's hand and slap it. The dancer didn't know why this was annoying her so badly, but it was and she had to say something.

"Reece, pay attention. You're developing a new habit and it's annoying."

"Huh?" the club owner looked blankly at her friend.

"Your neck. Leave it the hell alone already, will you?"

"My ne..." Reece realized her hand was rubbing the nape of her neck and she pulled it away guiltily. "Oh."

Cori continued to study Reece, it being one of her favorite pastimes, and she noticed a very uneasy air about her tonight; more so, than the usual tension that she sported on an everyday basis. It has to be the haircut, she thought. Damage control... Thinking for a minute, she flinched as the boss's hand once again returned to the back of her neck. She started speaking in hopes to startle Reece into recognition.

"Reece, you know who you look like with that haircut?" Think, Cori... think sexy, hot...

The club owner raised an eyebrow in question and even managed to remove her hand as she did so. "No, who?" she rolled her neck, attempting to relieve the stiffness that formed by constantly applying pressure to it.

"See? I told you it was a bad habit. Now you're all cricky." Grateful for the change in conversation, the dancer ran behind her boss and began to knead her shoulders.

Susan blew by in a hurry, carrying a full, heavy tray. She backed up and did a double take, stopping directly in front of Reece. The tall woman hadn't noticed, her chin having dropped to her chest from Cori's attentions.

"Hey, you look just like Gina Gershon in 'Bound'!" she said and promptly ran off to deliver her drinks.

Reece mumbled into her chest. "Who?"

Cori breathed a sigh of relief and lifted Reece's head back by her chin to examine. "That's right, Reece, you look like Corky."

"I do not look like Gina Gershon, Cori," Reece denied with a frown.

"But you do. Well, you don't, but your hair does." The dancer ran her fingers through the thick black mass, adjusting it just so. "It's a hell of a lot thicker, but, yeah, that's what it looks like," she declared proudly. "I meant to do that, you know."

Reece messed her hair up with both hands. "I hate arranged hair." She shook her head out. "So, it looks good? Do I look hot?" she wiggled her eyebrows and grinned.

"Definitely hot, babe. I'd do you."

"You already did, you're biased," Reece joked.

Cori grabbed the closest patron and pulled him over to the now shocked club owner, who stood up to escape.

"Your honest opinion. Is she hot? Would you do her?"

The man scrunched his brow in thought. "Is she gonna hurt me?"

Reece sneered, but Cori reassured him, "No, it's an official poll I'm taking."

"Well, then, yeah, I woulda did her... until she stood up. She's too tall, not my type. Now, if you keep her laying down..." Reece glared dangerously at him. "Can I go now?" he stage whispered to Cori who released him. The frightened man scurried away, much further away from the pair than he'd been before.

"I told you," the dancer stuck out her tongue.

"WhatifFaithhatesit?" Reece blurted out.

Cori processed the long word a moment before making sense of it. Bingo! I knew it was the hair. "Oh, hon!" she cried. "Is that what's been bugging you all night?"

Reece nodded and gave her friend a half smile.

"Faith adores you. Reece, she couldn't care if you were bald and orange, I think she's past that. She loves you unconditionally. Please don't eat your heart out over nothing."

It seemed as if Cori's words lifted a heavy box off Reece's shoulders and she visibly straightened out. "Yeah? You think so?"

"I know it. Now relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Ravenous Roxanne's about to do a show with Kaz and I happen to know that she brought whipped cream," Cori leered and skipped away.

"Whipped cream, huh?" Reece's mood brightened and she chuckled to herself.


Back at the movie set, Faith was getting dressed in her street clothes and John was packing up his tackle box.

"I still don't understand why you have to pack and schlep every day when you could just leave it here," she said as she tied her sneakers.

John gasped loudly, "Surely you jest? Do you think I wake up this beautiful?"

Faith snickered at his confession. Make up artists... gotta love them. "Hey, thanks, by the way, that is some plan. I'm going to go for it."

"Oooo, Faith." He rubbed his hands together.

"Tonight?" he asked with a giggle.

"I think so. You have a devious mind, John. Have told you I love you?"

"Yes. You can't help it," he stated confidently.

"C'mon, ego man, Barry's waiting."

The two shared an evil chuckle as they left the trailer for the night.


Back at the club, Reece entered her office after the exploits of Kaz and Roxy. She leaned on the door in the dark room and pulled on her suddenly too tight bow tie. Needing far more than the solitude of her dark office, Reece crossed her legs and squeezed hard, causing a shudder of arousal, her underwear now wet and uncomfortable. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, until she felt the stress ease up. All she could think of while watching the show was what whipped cream would taste like when licked off of Faith's toes. "Boy, I must be really bad off if I can get worked up over a show." Once she felt relaxed enough, she clicked on the lights and moved over to her desk. Sitting in her chair, she propped her booted feet up with a loud bang on the big desk and leaned back, lacing her fingers behind her hair.

Reece spent a long time just sitting there, swaying side to side in the soft leather chair thinking about what her lover might be doing right then. She never called her after a certain hour, knowing that Faith usually dropped exhaustedly into bed at night. Reece closed her eyes and hoped against hope that the actress would be wide-awake and waiting for her when she arrived home. She was damned horny and not about to sleep on it again.

Sighing deeply, the tall woman leaned forward, pulled her laptop onto her lap and proceeded to play solitaire as a distraction from her thoughts. After finding that she couldn't concentrate on the game, the club owner shut down the computer and frowned as she prepared herself to play host for just a few more hours.


Sam was shocked to see Faith climbing out of the black car at this hour, but she was glad to see her.

"Hey, Sarge! How have you been?" Faith leaned up and gave the bouncer a peck on the cheek. "My, don't you look handsome," she winked and straightened out the large woman's tie.

"Aw, Faith, I look like a mobster, but thanks," Sam complained.

"I think you look fantastic. How's the boss treating you?"

"Honestly, tonight she's a bit moody, but I'm sure, now that you're here, she'll perk up."

"Oh, I can guarantee she'll perk up all over the place when I get through with her, Sarge," Faith grinned and entered the club.

Gotta get me one of those, thought the bouncer as she watched the actress disappear.


"Hey, don't look now, but there's Faith at 3 o'clock"

Reece whirled on her barstool at Cori's words and there, just like she said, was Faith breezing up to the bar. The club owner stood up and smoothed the back of her jacket, suddenly overly conscious about her appearance.

"Don't worry, I don't think she'll be paying much attention to your wrinkles tonight. She's got that look in her eyes."

Cori was right. Reece's stomach clenched. Faith had yet to notice her, but she could certainly see the intent written all over her face. The tall woman was about to step forward when Faith turned and caught her eye. Green eyes widened and Faith's mouth hung open in shock.

"Oh, my g..." The actress stood motionless. "You're hair! It's so... so..."

Reece felt like throwing up and swallowed convulsively.

"God, you are gorgeous!" Faith exclaimed and threw herself at her stunned lover.

The club owner actually whimpered with relief and both of Faith's eyebrows shot up at the sound. Reece was close to hyperventilating and Faith could feel her panting. She looked up at her lover's pale face and reached a hand out to touch her hair. Oh no! The poor thing! She was petrified! Faith ran her hands repeatedly up and through Reece's shorter sexy hair, soothing her anxious lover. "Were you worried, Reece?"

The club owner leaned into the feeling of Faith's fingers on her scalp. "Nah, just hot is all," she lied and wiped her sweaty brow on her shoulder so not to let go of Faith. Her nervous system began to cool down moments after Faith began touching her.

"Wanna go in your office and chat, baby?" Faith's eyes betrayed her real intent and Reece was all over it.

"Chat? Oh, I don't know. I kind figured maybe we'd go into my office..." she paused, widened her stance so her legs surrounded Faith's, bent her knees slightly and rubbed their noses together.

"And..." The actress moved her hands under Reece's jacket and slid them into her waistband.

"We could take off our clothes..." The club owner squatted even lower and closed her legs around Faith's, licking the actress's lips.

"And... then what?" Faith was slightly breathless from the feel of her lover's tongue. She snaked her hands lower and dug her nails into Reece's backside.

The tall woman hissed air through her teeth, backed Faith up against the bar and licked her neck. "I'm gonna bend you over my desk and fuck you." Reece thrust her hips into Faith's and the actress collapsed in her arms.

"Oh, god yes!"

The club owner hoisted her swooning lover up in her arms and swore she heard applause as she carried her away.


Reece kicked the door closed behind her and stood still, unable to decide where to place her lover, who was lying over her shoulder and holding on to her bare ass for dear life. "Babe, get your hands out of my crack, if I put you down, it could be painful for me," she chuckled.

"Okay, but I need to hold your ass, they go right back," Faith insisted and obeyed.

The club owner focused in the darkness and made a beeline for her desk. Sitting the actress down, she tore off her bow tie and began to take off her jacket while Faith started on her shirt buttons.

"God, Reece! So many clothes!" Faith complained as her fingers fumbled in the darkness. "I need to feel you now." She wrapped her legs around Reece's waist and pulled her against her. Faith's whimper made Reece's heart pound. She undid her cummerbund and threw it over her shoulder, leaned back and struggled to get the half unbuttoned shirt over her head. Faith's hands were in the back of her tux pants just like she promised, kneading and squeezing.

"I love your ass, Reece," Faith whispered and leaned forward to suck on her lover's bare shoulder. "I missed you much," she added between sucks and nips.

Reece yanked open her pants and Faith opened her legs to let the garment fall to the floor, replacing them just as tightly. Reece suddenly realized that Faith was still wearing her coat, and pulled back from her relentless mouth. "Come on, get naked!" she urged, pulling on the long coat.

"Back up, sweetheart" Faith said, licking her lips and savoring the flavor of Reece's skin.

The club owner did as she was told and Faith hopped off the desk, opening her coat buttons slowly. "Hey, what do you have on under there?" Reece took a deep breath as Faith revealed a leg.

Faith had to smirk at the vision before her -- her tall lover standing in her bra and underwear, pants around her ankles and half lidded eyes staring intently at her stockinged leg. "Oh, just a little something you picked up."

"Oh god, Faith..." Reece breathed as the actress pulled open the coat, displaying her outfit. It was the red velvet and black lace number that Reece had picked up on a whim. It looked hot, feminine and oh, so delicious. Extremely aroused blue eyes riveted on the tiny thong Faith was hardly wearing and Reece audibly swallowed the drool that pooled in her mouth.

"Well, don't just stand there, baby, come to momma." Faith let the coat drop to the floor and ran her hands seductively along her body.

Reece gulped loudly and jumped so quickly she was practically airborne.

Faith fell backwards onto the desk with the weight of her growling lover on top of her. Reece was everywhere at once, groping and grabbing with hungry hands. The actress groaned under the attention and replaced her legs around Reece's hips, ramming their bodies together hard. The club owner growled even louder as she feasted on Faith's neck.

Wow, she's starving! Faith thought as Reece's mouth traveled quickly across her throat, sucking in huge amounts of skin each time it stopped. The sensation of her lover's teeth biting sharply and the intense suction on her flesh made her legs quiver. Faith felt her nipples harden, took hold of Reece's hand and brought it to her breast. Reece drew back from her feast, her lips still parted and Faith stared at them hungrily.

The club owner watched her hand as she closed her fingers around Faith's breast. She held it, twitching her fingers slightly and relishing the feel of the velvety material covering it. "I knew this would be soft," she said of the sexy teddy. She moved her free hand to Faith's thigh, and caressed the exposed skin between panty and stocking. "But nothing's as soft as you," she gasped quietly as her lover shuddered; the nipple in her palm grew impossibly hard.

Faith squeezed the large hand tightly around her breast and moaned, "I love you, Reece."

The sincerity in those green eyes gave Reece a tingly feeling in her stomach. "I want you, Faith," she mumbled as her face fell into the softness between her lover's breasts.

"God, how I want you, too!" Faith whined, guiding Reece's face higher so their lips could touch.

Reece lost herself in the kiss. Her tongue took on a mind of its own as it delved into every crevice of Faith's mouth. Her lips were out of control, catching her lover's questing tongue and holding it tight, sucking on it until Faith cried out, thrusting her hips erratically up into her stomach. "Then show me," she breathed into Faith's mouth.

"Huh?" Faith grunted, completely lost in the feeling of Reece's mouth devouring her own.

"How much you want me... Show me." Reece stepped back and unwrapped Faith's legs from her body.

Faith sat up, foggy and confused. Reece looked delicious standing there in her new short hair, panting. Show her? Faith gazed into her lover's blue eyes and saw uncertainty, but she also read the love, trust and burning need shining like a beacon. She wants me to take control? The actress jumped off of the high desk, and squatted down before the tall trembling woman. She rubbed her cheek against Reece's thigh and stuck her tongue out for a taste. Reece jerked and gasped, her hands suddenly buried in blonde hair. Faith smiled and inhaled. "You've been wet for a long time, Reece. I can smell it."

The club owner nodded and steeled herself as Faith's tongue traveled to her inner thigh.

"Mmmmm, it smells so good," the actress groaned, tugging on the elastic of Reece's underwear, baring her lower abdomen. "Oh yeah, look at how your belly twitches," she rested her palm on the club owners abs. "You do want me, don't you?"

Reece nodded again and swallowed hard. Faith knew how to play this game. She never let Reece feel trapped or completely submissive, yet she was completely at her mercy. This isn't what I had in mind at all... let's see how far she can go, she thought deviously.

Faith brought Reece's underwear down to meet her pants and started to untie her boots. She intentionally breathed in Reece's sex, driving them both crazier. "Go sit on the desk, baby."

The club owner complied and Faith took off her boots and her clothes; now Reece was sitting naked on the desk and Faith was standing before her. The actress steadied herself; she needed control if she wasn't going to throw herself on top of her lover and beg to be taken. The sight of Reece waiting for her, naked and very ready caused all of her bodily fluids to settle in her crotch.

Reece twitched in anticipation as Faith lifted her hands. She groaned loudly when, instead of touching her, they touched Faith. One moved the material aside, exposing her breasts, and the other disappeared inside her thong.

"Oh, honey, I am so hot for you, look," she presented her glistening fingers and Reece leapt forward to capture them in her mouth. Faith held her hungry lover back with a hand on her chest and, instead, painted Reece's lips with her juices.

Before the club owner had a chance to lick her lips, they were covered by Faith's. Reece suddenly took control of the kiss and held Faith by the back of her neck. The actress struggled and was surprised when strong fingers took a firm grasp of her chin.

Faith bit Reece's lip. She pushed Faith away and touched her bleeding lip. Her eyes narrowed and she growled.

"I thought you wanted me to take control, Reece?" Faith asked nervously. That gleam in her lover's eye told her the tables had just turned.

"Oh no, I said no such thing." She reached out quickly, pulled Faith between her legs and then turned her around. Reece shivered in pleasure as her nipples crushed into the lace on Faith's back. Wrapping her long arms around her lover, holding her in this position, the club owner rested her chin on Faith's shoulder. "You assumed I did, but you were sadly mistaken," she chuckled into Faith's ear and then licked it.

Reece took Faith's hands, lifted them up and put them behind her neck. She felt her own nipples get even more rigid with Faith's touch on her bare neck. She had no idea how sensitive it was until now. Shaking the urge to tell Faith to dig her nails in, Reece breathed deeply. "Keep them here," she patted Faith's hands in place and used her fingertips to tickle Faith from her wrists to her shoulders. Turning her head she whispered in the ear at her lips, "You look so hot, stretched out in front of me in that sexy outfit." Reece wrapped her ankles around Faith's legs and pulled her close. "Can you feel me on your ass?"

Faith nodded, the sensation of Reece's pubic hair tickling the top of her crack caused her to push back and wiggle.

"I'm going to make love to you now, Faith, and you're going to watch."

Reece's hot breath in her ear made Faith groan. She rearranged her hands so she could grip the back of Reece's bare neck. She thought she'd miss the feeling of her long silky hair on the back of her hands, but she didn't. She could feel the fringe of Reece's shorter hair brushing against her wrists as she bent her head down, and it felt wonderful.

"Oh, I've been looking forward to feeling you against me for so long," the club owner moaned into Faith's ear as she brought her hands down over her lover's taut body, feeling the softness of the velvet under her fingers. "I need to feel you," Reece said, resting her hands on the soft skin of Faith's hips.

"Oh, god... me too!" Faith agreed breathlessly, pushing back to meet Reece's rocking hips.

Reece sucked Faith's earlobe into her mouth, studying every movement of the smaller body in front of her. Looking down the length, she could see the impression of Faith's hair beneath the thin material of her thong and the outline of her full nether lips beckoning her, causing her mouth to water. "It's been so long since I tasted you; since I buried my tongue up inside you," she breathed, holding the earlobe in her teeth.

Faith squirmed and moaned. All her instincts told her to turn around and climb on her lover's willing mouth, but Reece told her to stay and she would do anything for her. Besides, she knew, all in good time.

Reece caressed Faith's body from the top of her thighs to her underarms, her hands firm and sure of themselves. From her vantage point, she could see everything, but Faith's hard nipples seemed to be reaching for her and she couldn't tear her eyes from them.

The actress whimpered as Reece's fingertips circled her breasts. They drew teasingly slow circles around and around. She arched her back in invitation, but her lover's strong legs pulled her hips back, pressing her bottom into the increasingly wet place.

"You have such beautiful breasts, Faith. My mouth waters looking at them."

Faith whimpered.

"Do you want me to touch your nipples?"

"Yes, please."

Reece's gaze fell onto Faith's lips as they moved. The actress wet her lips and Reece caught sight of her pink tongue. One hand left Faith's breast and held her chin, turning her head upwards. Blue eyes stared, filled with desire, at Faith's swollen lips, while Faith stared at hers.

It was only a second, but to Faith, it was forever until Reece lowered her head and their lips met. The actress groaned into Reece's mouth, backing her tongue up, allowing her lover to invade her mouth at will, giving herself up to Reece.

The club owner felt Faith fall heavily into her and moaned with appreciation. Finally allowing herself the pleasure, she closed her hand around Faith's breast and squeezed it, drawing a sigh of relief from her lover. Bringing her tongue back into her own mouth, she invited Faith to control the kiss, but the actress wanted Reece's control. She brought her head even further back, stretching her neck to the limits and ran her tongue over Reece's lips repeatedly until the club owner seized her chin again and held her still, covering her lips with her own, nibbling them, biting them.

Faith inhaled loudly through her nose when Reece's fingers began pinching and pulling at her nipple, she pressed her ass into Reece in time with her strong fingers, desperately wanting that hand to slip lower and touch her where she was on fire. Faith didn't want slow, she craved fast and hard.

The club owner had the same wants, but a little teasing never hurt anyone. She released the nipple, slid her palm down over Faith's abdomen and stopped, letting her pinky delve under the silky thong, dragging it back and forth through Faith's pubic hair.

The actress whined into Reece's mouth, her tongue twining with her lover's blindly. She tried to move her hips, but Reece's legs held her tightly and she groaned in frustration. She could feel Reece's wetness, yet she couldn't touch it. Faith jammed her ass between her lover's open legs and growled.

Reece moaned in return. Having Faith squirming against her was causing an inferno in her sex. The feel of her stockinged legs wrapped beneath her own and the roughness of the lace rubbing against her nipples was making her drip. She let go of Faith's chin and rested her own on the shoulder in front of her, breaking the heated kiss to watch her lover react to her touch. Faith's head fell forward and her fingers dug into the back of Reece's neck in anticipation of being touched.

The club owner grunted and her jaw clenched. No, she couldn't tell Faith how insanely hot the sensations on her neck were making her; it was too much ammo. Reece placed her other hand under Faith's neglected breast, cupping it. With her thumb and forefinger, she teased that nipple, pulling the ring every so often. The tall woman felt every twitch that jerked through Faith's body straight to her core and she flexed her thighs and tilted her hips, bringing her sex in closer contact with Faith's ass.

The actress felt the shudder that traveled through her lover and pushed back encouragingly, loving that Reece was getting off this way, by giving her pleasure. It always pleased Faith to know this. Again, she attempted to thrust forward as Reece's pinky finger meandered lower, brushing the top of her clit.

"Yes, Reece... touch me," Faith rasped, breathing heavily.

Reece poked her tongue out and tasted the skin on Faith's jaw; it was soft, damp and salty, making her want to taste Faith elsewhere. She slid her hand lower and buried her fingers between Faith's folds, the long groan of appreciation her lover let loose caused her to groan right back. She pressed herself into Faith harder now, and rolled her fingers in the wetness that surrounded them.

"God! Yes!" Faith cried out in pleasure. The wait made it all the more intense.

Reece moved her fingers out from under the red thong and Faith watched her lover's hand it went to Reece's mouth. The club owner growled and her nostrils flared, as she tasted the thick arousal.

Faith's eyes narrowed as she watched Reece's tongue dart between her fingers to catch every drop.

With sticky fingers, the club owner grabbed Faith's chin again and pulled her up for a kiss, sharing the taste of the actress with her. She pulled the nipple ring sharply and Faith grunted, trying desperately to arch her back. The actress's fingers were sure to leave marks in Reece's neck with how hard she was holding on, but Reece couldn't care. She was hot; this was hot.

Faith whined as the hand left her breast and cupped her sex. She ground into it, gyrated around on it, but it still didn't cooperate.

"Tell me, Faith," Reece rasped into her ear. "Tell me now."

Faith let the shudder envelop her before speaking. She knew that once she said the words, she'd be filled. She also knew that once she was filled, she would come. There was no way around it. She locked her knees and clenched her teeth in preparation.

"Tell me what you want!" Reece yanked Faith's thong down mid thigh, squeezed Faith's naked sex in her hand and shivered as the come slid around her fingers. She felt the uncontrolled spasms in Faith's legs and knew she was on the very edge; this pleased Reece.

"I can't... I'm gonna come, Reece!" Faith whimpered.

"Good. Tell me!" she sneered squeezing her hand again.

"Fuck me!" Faith grunted.

Reece brought her arm across Faith's chest to hold her in place and plunged her fingers inside her lover, raising her feet off the ground. The actress howled, digging her nails into Reece's neck.

Faith's strangled scream, the pain of her nails combined with her wracking spasms brought Reece to orgasm with her. "Shit, Faith!"

The club owner unfolded one leg from her lover and braced it on top of the desk, thrusting her sex into Faith's ass. She never stopped fucking her, her fingers pistoning in and out while her palm crushed into Faith's clit.

"Oh god!" Faith yelled as her orgasm ripped through her. She released the back of Reece's neck and held her forearm with both hands, riding out this intense climax.

Reece scooted back, moving her sex away from Faith's ass and concentrated on her lover. She was greatly relieved that those torturous fingers left her neck; her skin was tingling there. She adjusted her hand so that she was no longer in contact with Faith's clit and slowed the movement of her fingers until the actress stopped spasming around them. She could tell that if she moved her hand from between Faith's legs, she'd fall right on the floor.

"Good lord!" Faith groaned, letting her weight fall back into her lover. "Okay, you can take your fingers out," she said with a long happy sigh.

"I could," came the drawled response, the words vibrating through Faith's back.

The actress tilted her head back to meet the still hungry blue gaze of her smirking lover. She ran her fingers up and down Reece's forearm and licked her lips. "I thought I'd return the favor." Faith turned her head and nipped at Reece's bent knee.

The club owner jumped and buried her fingers high inside her lover.

"God, Reece!"

Faith shuddered and a wicked grin crossed Reece's face. She pulled her fingers out and rested them at Faith's opening. "I can wait," the club owner said as she pushed her fingers slowly into Faith, drawing a long, low grown from the actress.

Faith felt herself sliding to the floor and clutched Reece's bicep. "But, I wanted to... oh yeah..." she tried to protest, but Reece was fucking her again, slowly and surely.

"What was that?" Reece teased, pulling her fingers out and sliding them up and down over Faith's hard clit.

"Uumm, taste you," Faith breathed out between moans.

"Turn around."

With the assistance of her lover, the actress turned to face Reece, a hard task with those long fingers rubbing her so deliciously. Faith's eyes widened as she watched Reece bring her hand down and cover it with her own arousal.

"Will this do?" The club owner offered her fingers to her lover. She was so incredibly turned on.

Faith greedily accepted, practically gnawing on the honey coated digits. "Hmmm," she hummed her delight.

Reece would have chuckled but Faith was doing incredible things to her fingers and all she managed was a groan.

Faith shimmied out of her flimsy underwear and kicked it away. She opened her legs wider and crouched down lower, swirling her hips on Reece's hand, while making love to her fingers with her mouth.

Reece could hardly take any more. The way they were positioned, Reece couldn't continue to fuck her and have Faith lick her at the same time. Thinking about it briefly, Reece came up with an idea sure to please her lover as much as herself.

Faith controlled the movements of Reece's hand by holding on to her arm. She didn't want to come again to soon; she wanted to see her lover do so before she did. She alternated rubbing against and lifting off Reece's hand while she sucked on her fingers like she would Reece's sex.

The pulling sensations on her fingers were shooting sparks between the club owner's legs. She withdrew her hand from Faith's mouth and traced the full red lips. "Do you want more?" Reece asked, closing her eyes from the feelings engulfing her other hand.

"Yesss," Faith hissed, rubbing Reece's fingers on her own clit again.

Reece brought her other hand back down between her legs, while Faith watched it jealously, her tongue moving in accordance with Reece's fingers. Green eyes narrowed when Reece's finger disappeared inside of herself.

"Oh, Reece... yes!" she groaned rubbing herself harder on her lover's other hand.

Reece moaned too as she pulled her finger out and offered it to her lover. "Faith, your mouth feels so good," the club owner twitched as Faith's tongue slid between her fingers.

"Touch yourself," Faith said as she lowered Reece's hand back between her legs. "Please," she urged, pressing the large hand into the wet flesh.

Reece let her propped up leg open wider and obeyed. Faith's hand dropped away and she watched intently as the club owner touched herself.

This highly vulnerable and open position her lover was in sent sparks shooting up her spine. "I wish that was my tongue, baby," Faith moaned, watching Reece's fingers slide up and down.

Reece shivered with the thought and groaned when she felt the fingers on her other hand being guided inside Faith. "Yeah... your tongue," she groaned out, her stare rooted on Faith's mouth, as her lips moved, and her tongue wet them.

The actress whimpered as she began riding her lover's long fingers. Her gaze glued to Reece's hand as it moved against herself, offering her the most wonderful gift. Reece's hand dipped lower, coating her fingers thoroughly before they moved back up and touched her clit. Faith whimpered and flooded Reece's hand; the smell of her lover making her weak, her head already spinning from the squishing sounds Reece was making in her own copious wetness.

"You're so wet. Can you feel my tongue, it's touching you clit," Faith whispered breathlessly, pushing Reece's fingers higher into herself.

Reece jerked her hips as she indeed felt Faith's tongue massaging her clit. "Yes, it's so hot... your tongue." Blue eyes rolled slightly as Faith moved her tongue in the same manner as Reece moved her fingers. The club owner growled deep in her chest. The combination of sensations and sounds of their lovemaking drove her wild. She could feel her fingers covered in Faith's sticky juices and the way her soft pubic hair rubbed against the inside of her wrist made her nostrils flare. She fought the need to fill herself, her toes curled with the effort not to plunge her own fingers inside of her.

Faith glanced at her lover's face. It was flushed and sweaty. She was taking in huge gulps of air and Faith realized she had not seen her lover so turned on before. Looking back down, she saw the club owner's thighs twitching and her pelvis rocking from her own attentions. Faith moaned loud, she could take only so much. Letting one hand go from Reece's forearm, she placed her fingers at her lover's dripping entrance. "May I?" she asked while already sliding the tips inside.

"God, yes! Do it!" Reece groaned throatily, her inner muscles grabbing at Faith's fingers, trying to pull them inside.

Faith impaled herself on Reece's fingers at the same time she buried her own inside Reece. Both women groaned gratefully and pumped their hips to the same rhythm.

Faith watched Reece's fingers as they still teased her own clit. The actress knew what Reece needed to come and this wasn't it. This was purely indulgent play for the club owner, but to Faith, it was the ultimate turn on. Reece was giving her quite a show and she wondered briefly how to get her back in this state again. Faith tried to concentrate on one feeling, but seeing her own fingers being greedily sucked up inside her lover at the same time as Reece's finger worked inside her and on herself was a sensory overload to the actress. Faith felt herself nearing climax and she wanted Reece to come first.

"Rub it, like it was my tongue Reece, come on."

The club owner looked at Faith's face drinking in her desire. She couldn't refuse her anything and she moved her fingers purposefully, right on her clit. She arched her body forward, wanting more of Faith's fingers.

"Yes, baby, come for me."

"I need you harder," Reece grunted.

Faith complied. She thrust her fingers harder in and out of her lover and thrust herself harder up and down on her hand. "Reece, I'm so close."

Faith's whine made Reece even wetter. The idea that her lover was riding her hand and getting off watching her touch herself brought a tingle into her thighs.

"Watch me come," Reece ground out as she tensed her body and attacked her clit with abandon.

"Yes!" Faith cried, her orgasm building from her toes at this sight.

Reece huffed a few times and her face scrunched up in concentration before she finally lost it. Faith looked into her lover's intense eyes. Reece was a goddess, her tongue twitching in her half-open mouth and her body tight as a bowstring. Her own muscles clamped and twitched. She felt Reece's hand on her shoulder and saw she wasn't touching herself anymore.

Reece groaned out Faith's name as she came, grinding herself into Faith's hand, lost in the feeling of her own hand being milked by her lover at the same time. They came loudly, spasming erratically, but with each other.

Faith revived first, climbed off Reece's hand and pushed her down on the desk, hopping on top of her. She kissed her senseless until the club owner relaxed around her hand and then pulled away from the kiss with a series of smaller nibbles to her lips. "Reece, you are amazing. I love you so much."

Reece chuckled, "I can say the same for you."

"You did that for me, thank you."

"Made love to you? Don't tell me you're thanking..."

"No, silly. You touched yourself." Faith kissed Reece's nose and settled herself down on her shoulder. "It was wonderful," she shivered.

"Hey, it was for me, too," Reece smirked and kissed Faith's head before yawning.

"Poor baby. Are you exhausted?" Faith wrapped her arms under Reece's neck and squeezed her in a semi hug.

"Yeah, but it was well worth it."

"You're telling me." Faith ran her fingers through Reece's hair. "I like it, honey, I really like it. Who did it?"


Faith propped herself up on an elbow and looked disbelievingly at her lover. "You let her near you with a scissors? You trusted her with your hair?"

"Yeah, she did okay, didn't she?" Reece shrugged.

"I don't get you sometimes."

"Aw, Faith, she begged me. Besides, I threatened her within an inch of her life if I came out looking like a freak."

Faith chuckled into Reece's neck, "I bet you did. What did you say to her?"

"I told her I'd let you at her."

Faith pinched Reece's side. "Very funny."

"You can be scary, Faith. I'm afraid of you."

"I love you, Reece. Now hush, I'm going to take a nap."

Reece wrapped her arm around Faith's back and sat up. "We'd be more comfortable on the couch." She lifted her lover and Faith grumbled.

"Speak for yourself. I'm most comfortable when I'm in your arms; no matter where we are."

The club owner smiled at those words. Never before did she think she'd be the source of someone else's peace. It felt damn good. Settling herself on the couch, she stroked Faith's hair and kissed her on the head. "I really love you. You changed my life."

Faith snored. Reece chuckled and closed her eyes.

Part 51

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