Reece's Faith, Part 51

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Faith's eyes fluttered open slowly and she tried to gather her bearings. Looking around the office, the actress smiled at the memory of the night before. She stretched healthily and turned her head to look for her lover. Her eyes widened and her smile broadened at the sight she encountered. Reece was wearing nothing but her unbuttoned tux shirt and was bending at the waist holding her ankles. Faith's first instinct was to crawl over and bury her face between Reece's cheeks until she noticed the odd red splotches on them and the backs of her lover's legs.

"Baby? What happened to your legs?"

Reece turned her head from her current position and this prompted a gasp of surprise from the actress.

"Your face! What happened to you?" Faith jumped up off the couch and howled as she left half her ass stuck to the leather.

"That," Reece said as she straightened up and snickered. "I had some trouble peeling myself off the couch."

"Ooooowww," Faith groaned and rubbed her ass.

Reece shook her head at Faith's childlike pout and bent backwards, stretching the rest of the kinks out of her sore body.

"Oh, that will make me forget my stinging butt," Faith said excitedly.

The club owner straightened up and grinned at Faith's joyful expression. "See something you like?"

"Absolutely! I'll take it," Faith nodded rapidly as her eyes took in the whole vision of her semi-nude lover.

"It's all yours. Should I wrap it?" Reece asked playfully holding both ends of her shirt open.

"Hell no! Bring it here, baby," Faith leered openly.

"No way. Not anywhere near the couch," Reece put both hands up in protest.

Faith came over and snuggled herself up against her lover's chest, wrapping both arms and a leg around her. Reece looked down at the top of Faith's head. She snickered at the unruliness of her hair and engulfed the actress with her arms.

"I wish I didn't have to go anywhere today, hon. I wish I could stay in your arms all day." Faith mumbled.

Reece nodded in full agreement with the actress. It felt so good to be loved the way Faith loved her and she wanted to get lost in this feeling all day.

Hearing the drawn-out sigh under her ear, Faith looked up into her lover's contented blue eyes. It brought a warmth to her heart to see Reece in this state. She smiled brightly up at her lover, "Comfy?"

"More than I thought I'd ever be allowed."

Faith craned her neck for a kiss and was very pleased when she received one. Settling back into the safe cocoon of Reece's warm embrace, she nestled her face between her breasts.

"Are you comfy?" Reece chuckled.

Faith nodded and kissed the side of Reece's breast, "I wish I could take this feeling with me."

Reece nodded again, feeling totally at peace.

"I feel safe, so loved and incredibly warm," Faith sighed herself, as Reece's arms tightened around her. "Sometimes all I need is one minute in your arms and I feel like I can take on the world. I miss you terribly when you're not there."

"I make you feel that?" Reece asked disbelievingly. "With just a hug?"

Faith closed her eyes and smiled against Reece's skin. "Reece, I cannot even begin to describe the ways you make me feel. Nothing compares to you."

Suddenly, Reece felt like crying and she had no idea why. Surprised, she blinked the feeling away. She had the urge to pick Faith up and twirl her around like a fool. Instead, Reece kissed the top of her head and closed her own eyes, drinking in the new sensations that Faith's words caused in her, knowing that as soon as they let go of each other, the world was going to turn as planned.


Reece was more than looking forward to flopping herself down into her big, inviting bed. Her back ached from sleeping on the couch, not to mention how her flesh felt in the spots where she had stuck to the leather. Reece ran her hands through her short hair repeatedly, getting used to the feeling of it, messing it up as she did. She went to the dresser and pulled out her most comfortable sweats and the softest, most worn out T-shirt. She had big plans involving her bed, a nap and these clothes. She stopped by the mirror and laughed at her appearance, remembering the many looks Barry had given her in the rear view mirror on the way home. Reece laughed out loud at what Barry must have thought when Faith dragged her out of the club. Whatever he was thinking probably pales in comparison to what Faith actually did to me just before we left. The tall woman studied her hair, trying to see as much of the back as she could, then began to inspect the red splotch on her cheek. She was frowning at it furiously when her doorbell rang. She shuffled down the stairs muttering to herself. Reece cursed her luck as she opened the door. "What?"

Cori and Violet both stared inquisitively at Reece. Her shirt was inside out and buttoned wrong, her hair was doing its best impression of Don King, there was a curious mark on her cheek, her pants were horribly wrinkled and the fly was open.

"What?" Reece asked again, this time filled with annoyance.

Cori nudged Violet who spoke up. "Uhm, we were going to ask you to come shopping with us... but..." the piercer cocked her head and chuckled quietly at her friend's state of dress.

Reece looked down at herself and grinned. She attempted to smooth out her hair and then zipped her fly. She stood aside and motioned for the two women to come in.

"What the hell happened to your face, Reece?" Cori stepped into the house and approached the grinning club owner.

Reece closed the door and turned to follow her friends into the kitchen. "I got stuck to the couch."

"Oh, no, is that why you look like that? Did you fight? You slept at the office?"

Reece laughed out loud at Violet's questions. "No, everything is fine. We both slept on the couch. I just got home, in fact."

Cori laughed too. "So... finally," she high fived her boss.

"Oh! Yeah?" Violet caught on. "Was it intense? Sometimes we hold off on it for a while cuz its so much hotter when we finally do make love."

"This is Faith we're talking about. It's always hot," Reece shrugged.

"Oh, god... get out the violins, Reece is totally smitten."

"Fuck you, freak."

"No, I'm serious. You're completely in love!"

"So? What's the problem?"

"Nothing. I just never thought I'd see this day. You have no idea how fuzzy this makes me feel."

"I just may, Cor. I feel fuzzy myself." Reece blushed a bit and looked at her feet.

Cori smiled widely, "That's good to hear. So, have you told Faith?"

"She knows I love her, asshole," Reece rolled her eyes.

"No, I mean, did you tell her how you feel?" Cori said excitedly.

"I don't think so. Should I?" Reece asked nervously.

"Hell yeah!" Violet shouted. "It's very important to say how you feel all the time."

"What if I feel shitty," Reece teased.

"Even more important. Faith can't read your mind. She has no idea what you're thinking or feeling."

"Sometimes I have no idea what I'm feeling," Reece admitted. "It's a little... scary."

Cori sat by her friend and rubbed her arm. "Scary is good, Reece. You won't make a fool out of yourself, I promise. Faith will never laugh at your feelings. Try it, okay?"

Reece nodded, afraid to make eye contact in case they could read the actual depth of her fear.

"O.K. Now, go hit that bed, Reece. We'll take a rain check on the shopping thing. You look like you can use a nap," Cori said as she stood up.

"Thanks, guys, I really am tired." Reece saw her friends out and trudged up to bed. She lay in her comfortable clothes, in her big bed and thought of nothing but Faith. Poor baby. If I'm this wiped, she's gotta be exhausted.

The tall woman willed sleep to come, but it didn't happen. She turned onto her side and hugged Faith's pillow, but that proved to be the worst thing she could do. The pang in her belly got stronger. Why is this happening to me? I feel what... anxious? The club owner scrubbed her hands over her face. Should I tell her how I feel? What if she thinks it's stupid? Reece began to panic and took a few deep breaths to calm down. Maybe I'll call her and... no, that's no good. You know what you have to do.


It was break time for Faith. John had just finished re-applying her make-up when his cell phone began ringing.


"Pack up your lipstick and step away from the trailer."

John snickered in delight and glanced at Faith.

"Who is that?" she mouthed at the make-up artist who turned his back on her.

"Sure thing, I'm on my way."

"Good boy."

"Sorry, Faith, but there's an emergency blemish on lot two." He slammed his makeup kit closed and zipped to the door. "See ya!"

Faith sat there with a confused look on her face. "What the hell was that?" she wondered as the door slammed behind him. The actress shrugged at John's antics and decided this was as good a time as any to nod off. She stretched her legs out in front of her and slumped down in her chair. Leaning her head back, she closed her eyes and relaxed. The sound of the door opening brought a grin to her face.

"What's the matter, forgot your tackle box?" she said from her current position.

"I didn't plan on going fishing, but if you want..."

Faith shot up in her chair. "Reece!" She jumped up, ran to her lover and wrapped her arms around her tightly.

The club owner reciprocated the hug and laughed softly at the contented sounds her lover was making into her shirt. "Miss me already?"


"Me too," Reece said nervously.

Faith stepped back and stared up into worried blue eyes, "You did?"

"Yeah." Reece backed up and her gaze darted around the trailer.

"What's wrong, honey?" Faith asked, concerned with her lover's behavior.

"It's okay that I came here?" the club owner twisted her fingers and fidgeted.

"Of course! What's bothering you?" Faith stepped closer to Reece and the tall woman looked trapped so she backed up again. "Okay, talk to me, Reece." The actress became very worried.

The club owner stared at the window. "Um, this morning... I felt like something changed in me, Faith."

The actress looked horrified. Oh no! I said too much! I'm smothering her! I'm such a fool! "What changed?" she asked shakily.

"Me... everything..."

Faith started to cry silently, thinking her lover was going to say the worst possible thing. She turned her back to Reece and wiped her eyes.

"You're in me, a part of me... I feel what you feel when I hold you... I never had this before. I don't like to be away from you. What I mean is... Fuck, Faith, I'm scared."

The actress sobbed loudly in relief and spun around to face her petrified lover. At the same time, the sound Faith made brought Reece to close the distance between them. The tall woman backed Faith up to the bed and made her sit, squatting down in front of her.

"Why are you crying?" Reece asked, alarmed.

"I thought... it sounded like..." Faith sobbed and buried her face in Reece's neck. "I love you so much," she mumbled. "I thought you were going to leave me."

"What?!" Reece said loudly. "Are you nuts? Faith, look at me." The actress drew back and looked into concerned, but truthful eyes. "I could never. I'd die without you now."

Faith's tears renewed and she slid off the bed, wrapping all her limbs around her kneeling lover. Reece flexed her legs, stood with Faith and then turned around and sat on the bed as the actress began to kiss her neck.

"Thank you, Reece," she breathed into the club owner's neck. "I know that was hard for you. It means the world to me."

Reece took a second to enjoy her lover's mouth against her skin. "I was so afraid to say it. I'm glad I did. It felt good."

"Say it again." Faith took Reece's earlobe into her mouth.

"I'd die without you."

"God, that feels good." Faith brought her lips down and nibbled on Reece's neck.

"Hey, watch what you start, movie star," Reece teased.

Faith laughed and sniffled, bringing herself face-to-face with a smiling club owner. "John's going to kill me. I ruined his masterpiece." She kissed Reece's nose. "Oh! I forgot," she smacked Reece on the leg.

"What the hell was that for?" Reece pouted.

"It's from John. I have eye bags and hickeys. He's very upset with you."

"The hickeys were your idea, Faith. Did you tell him what you did to me this morning?"

"Of course. Just bragging with the girls," she smirked. "Not many can say they made Reece Corbett scream."

"Indeed," Reece snickered and leaned in for a kiss. "Only you."

Faith purred contentedly into Reece's mouth. Her hands ran up and down her lover's strong back and settled at the back of her neck where her fingers drew light little patterns.

Reece shivered, "Mmm, watch it, Faith, or I'm going to have to retaliate."

"Oh, big scary threat," Faith challenged, leaning way back in Reece's arms, exposing her entire neck to the club owner.

"Faith..." she warned with a small growl.

The actress increased the leg lock she had on her lover. She held on to the back of Reece's neck and squirmed enticingly. Faith was very pleased that she had figured out Reece's new erogenous zone and planned on taking full advantage of her bare neck.

The club owner narrowed her eyes at the little vein that was throbbing in Faith's throat. "I hope they don't want you on the set any time soon."

"I don't care. I need you now," Faith groaned.

Reece leaned forward and attached her mouth to that vein.

Faith brought herself upright and leaned over Reece until she was lying back on the bed, still feasting on her throat. She started rocking against her lover's abdomen.

Reece reached down and lifted her shirt to feel Faith on her skin. "Oh yeah..." she commented on the warm moist sensation against her belly.

"Come on baby, make momma scream."

The club owner snorted into Faith's neck. Gotta ask her about this 'momma' thing...


John stared curiously at the trailer door. He had his ear pressed against it for a long time with no luck. No sounds, the trailer never moved and he was beginning to wonder if Reece ever made it inside. He went around to the other side and peeked through the window, but couldn't see much of anything.

"Pssst, Louise?" he whispered.

Faith sat up and looked around. "John? Where are you?"

"Is everything okay?" he whispered.

Faith looked down at her lover, who was sprawled out face down on the bed. "Would you just come to the door like a normal person?" Faith slipped off of the bed and cracked open the door.

John ran around the side of the trailer and stood with a stupid grin on his face. "Hiya!"

Faith chuckled and opened the door to let him in. He immediately eyed the bed and pointed at the sleeping form. "Did you do that to her?"

"And you're here, because?" Faith teased.

"Oh my god! Look at your face!" he shrieked.

"Shhhh, what are you, crazy? Never frighten her when she's asleep!" she hissed.

"Who could sleep?" mumbled Reece into the pillow.

"I'm sorry, Spike," John said apologetically. "I really wanted to see that sexy new haircut."

Reece rolled over and leaned up on her elbows.

Faith giggled and ran over to smooth out her lover's wild hair. "I get a little overzealous with it now."

Reece snorted. "Yeah, just a little," she teased.

"It's not bad. I like it. You look different; less severe," John said as he also began to comb his fingers through her hair.

Reece yawned. "Oh, yeah," she closed her eyes. "I could get used to this," she said sleepily.

"You're just a big ole pleasure hound, aren't you?" John said amusedly.

Reece leaned into the many fingers touching her head. "Mmmm..." she smiled.

"I told you she's not that scary. You just have to know how to touch her," Faith snickered.

"No offense, Reece, but I'll leave all the touching to Louise here."

John mentioned that he really should fix Faith's make-up. All hands disappeared from her head and Reece fell back down on the bed. "Wake me when it's nap time," she said with another yawn.

"Faith, I do believe you've ruined her for anybody else," John teased.

"That was the plan, big guy."

"Good plan," he grinned.

"S'okay. Only Faith, nobody else," Reece said sleepily.

"Oh, Spike! That was so sweet," John gushed and approached the bed.

"Hug me and die," Reece warned.

"Okay, backing off," he held his hands up.


The actress lucked out as she wasn't needed for the rest of the day's shoot and would be leaving much earlier than her usual time. It really didn't matter; the day flew by for Faith, knowing her lover was waiting for her in the trailer. She tried to convince the club owner to go home and to work, but Reece was dead set against it. She said the club would not fall apart without her and Faith knew it was the truth. The actress was just worried that her tall lover was going to get bored or fidgety without anything to do all day, but that proved to be no problem, since she wound up sleeping most of the day.

After Reece finally woke up, Faith introduced her to the cast and crew, and she saw the club owner puff up when she called Reece her partner. It felt good to the actress to know Reece was so proud of her.

John was having a ball with the tall woman and tried with all his might to let him make her up. At one point, Reece almost thought to let him, just so he'd shut up. She settled on convincing him that he would be allowed to do it another time. She even promised, which worried her now, but at the time it had worked well in quieting him down.

In the car on the way home, Faith laid her head in Reece's lap and stretched out on the seat. The club owner felt a strange sort of possessiveness come over her when Faith fell asleep. She wished she could pick her up and cradle her like a baby, protecting her from everything. It frightened her, never before feeling so scared to lose something, never letting someone so close to her heart that she would have the opportunity to feel like this. Reece traced Faith's features with her fingers and became even more nervous. Faith had become the most important thing in her life. She had no idea how it happened and now she was scared she'd do something to screw this all up. The club owner swallowed loudly and cupped her lover's head in her hands. Faith trusted her completely, with her life and with her heart. Reece felt terribly responsible and very scared. Not liking the feelings, she closed her eyes to conjure up a distraction, anything to take her mind off of the twisting feeling in her guts.

Faith awoke from Reece's chuckling. Smiling at the pleasant sound before she opened her eyes, she reached out blindly for her lover's hand.

"Good evening, sleepy," Reece said as she squeezed the smaller hand.

"What's so funny? Did I drool on you?"

"Just thinking," Reece answered vaguely.

Faith sat up and kissed the club owner on the cheek. She looked outside the car window and recognized the area. "We're almost home. What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking about Smudge, when he climbed into the bath with you," Reece chuckled again.

"Sure, it's funny to you. If you would have been in that bathtub, it would have been anything but funny," Faith teased.

"Hell, yeah! I would have killed him. No one poops in my bathwater and lives to tell about it," the club owner laughed loudly now.

"Yuck it up, Reece. That was truly disgusting."

Reece contained herself. While it was very funny, it really was gross.

The car came to a stop in front of their house and the women said their goodnights to Barry before exiting. Reece left first and Faith made plans with the driver for the next day.

The club owner opened the door to the house slowly as she learned to do the last couple of days. Smudge had started to wait by the door for them and a few times Reece wound up flinging him halfway into the living room when she threw open the door.

"Hey there, little guy. Who's my little rat-face, huh?" the club owner spoke to the dog in a strange, high-pitched voice and then turned around to make sure Faith didn't hear it. "Didya miss auntie Reece?"

The actress entered the house and closed the door behind her, watching her tall lover play "catch my finger" with the dog. She smiled, knowing that if Reece ever knew Faith heard how she talked to the dog in that silly voice she'd drop dead. Faith made some noise to let Reece know she was close by and the club owner stood up.

"Are you hungry, babe?" Reece asked as her stomach growled.

"I could eat. What do you have in mind?" Faith scooped up the puppy and kissed him hello.

Reece opened the fridge and looked around. "Alls we got is salad. It's pretty late to order in."

"Salad it is then. I'm going to take a quick shower." Faith leaned up, kissed Reece on the cheek and disappeared.

When the actress returned after her shower, she found her tall lover in her boxers and a tank top, cutting tomatoes and fighting with Smudge. The dog was constantly humping Reece and it drove the club owner crazy. Not that Faith could blame the dog, humping Reece was her favorite pastime too, but Reece didn't appreciate Smudge's attentions. Presently, there was an ankle fetish happening and Faith watched amused from the doorway.

"Quit it!" Reece shook the dog off of her leg and pushed him away with her foot. The dog scrambled back and attempted to do it again.

"I said cut it out!" she repeated the shaking and pushing process.

Faith bit back a giggle. Smudge scampered back, his tail wagging, apparently thinking it was a game.

"Stop!" she looked down at the pup who was bounding around her feet happily. "I have a sharp knife, you, so cut it out!"

Faith couldn't help but smile. Reece was being so patient with the puppy. At first she would find Smudge trapped under Tupperware bowls as the bowl would be making its way across the living room or she'd open a cabinet and the dog would come stumbling out. She gave her lover credit for actually putting up with his antics. She watched as Reece picked up the dog and spoke to his face.

"You're a dog. I'm a human. Things don't work that way. Go do that to your mommy and see how much she appreciates it."

Faith approached the pair. "You know, Reece, we can fix that problem he has."

"Well then, what are you waiting for?"

"I'm not so sure you'll go along with the plan," Faith smirked.

"What plan?" Reece suddenly held the puppy a little tighter in her hand.

"He has to be neutered." Reece stared at her blankly. "Castrated," she clarified.

Reece's mouth hung open and she pressed the dog to her chest. "You mean..." she covered his ears and continued, "...cut his balls off!?" she asked, astonished.

"Yep," Faith snickered at her lover's horrified expression.

"Oh, no! Nononono!" She let go of Smudge's ears and held him to her face. "If you ever find yourself alone with your mother and she has this evil look in her eyes... run! Run like the wind!"

Faith chuckled, "Reece, unless you plan on breeding him, there's no need for them. It's healthier for the dog, anyway, in the long run."

"He's a man, Faith. You just can't go around doing that sort of thing willy-nilly to poor, defenseless dogs!"

"Okay, we'll discuss this another time. Is that salad almost ready? I'm starved."

Reece looked down at the counter and couldn't bring herself to slice the tomatoes anymore. "You finish it, I need to talk to Smudge in private."

Faith watched in shock as Reece cuddled the small dog close to her, whispering in his ear the whole way into the living room. "Sure. Now she bonds with him," she chuckled. "Nobody said she was normal. I'll never get him neutered now." Faith could only imagine what Smudge would look like wearing a protective cup.

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