Reece's Faith, Part 52

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Reece woke early, the unseasonably pleasant weather was a relief to the club owner and she ran, instead of jogged, to her workout. On the run home, she took a detour down Christopher Street and found herself in the pet shop. While roaming around the store, she saw the man who she ran out on during her previous visit.

Ooo, what a fine body... for a girl! "Well hello there, stranger," the man drank in the tall, sweaty woman with his eyes. "Need help today?"

"Yeah, kinda. Do these T-shirts come in extra small?" she glared at the man for staring at her.

The shopkeeper looked away from her angry eyes and smirked at the writing on the shirt. 'Man of the house'. "Yes, and I have a few other ones you may find equally as amusing," he offered with a giggle.

"Hey, I'm not laughing. He is a man," she argued.

Knowing he must have hit a touchy subject, the man nodded apologetically and rooted through the box of T-shirts, coming up with a few more to Reece's liking. Seeing her grin, he felt more at ease and tried to strike up a conversation. "So, where do you work out?"

"Down by the highway, at the end of Christopher. What about a collar for my dog?"

"Oh, so I see he's not a rat any more," he joked.

"Well, he's still really small..." she indicated size with her fingers and glanced at the shop owner's crotch.

My, my! So, the big, bad Butch is a little protective of her puppy. I wonder if the cute one knows she's on a shopping spree. "I see. Don't have that problem myself, but if you want a real collar, they're over there."

"Oh yeah, that's what I want."


Faith finished pouring herself a cup of coffee as the front door opened. "You're just in time, Reece."

After putting her purchases on a chair, the tall woman came up behind Faith and wrapped her arms around the actress's middle, kissing her on the cheek. "Morning, gorgeous," she teased. "Make me a cup?"

"Oh, yuck! You're all slimy!" Faith squirmed out of Reece's grasp and poured the coffee. "What did you get? Bagels?"

"No, stuff for the little man," Reece opened the bag and held up a shirt.

"The little man?" Faith smiled, bringing their coffee to the table. "What happened to rat?"

Reece shrugged and accepted the cup gratefully. "I don't know."

Just then, Smudge came to greet his auntie Reece; his little nails scratching at her leg. The tall woman reached own and scooped him up and let him rest in the crook of her arm.

"Oh, no you don't." Faith took the pup away. "You can smell like that all by yourself, don't drip all over the dog."

"You like it when I sweat," Reece wiggled an eyebrow and drained her cup.

"Different sweat, different smell," Faith grinned seductively. "Go shower, stinky."

Reece stood up and stretched, then peeled off her shirt, throwing it at her lover.

"Ugh! That's gross, baby," Faith grimaced and threw the wet garment back.

"What are you going to do today?" Reece asked as she twirled her shirt on her finger.

Faith stared hungrily at the club owners hardening nipples. "My first day off should be special. I thought I'd start by joining my hot sweaty lover in the shower."

A huge grin spread over Reece's face. "Shall we?" she held out her hand. Once Faith took it, the tall woman wrapped her in a bear hug, rubbing her damp body all over her shrieking lover.

"You are so dead!" Faith yelped as Reece picked her up and carried her towards the stairs.

"Oh yeah, kill me baby."


Reece was humming to herself as she finished her breakfast. Nothing like a little shower with Faith to put a smile on my face, she mused.

"Reece! What the hell?"

The club owner frowned, "What's wrong, Faith?"

The actress appeared, holding the dog. "What is this around his neck?" she thrust the pup in Reece's face.

Reece looked fondly at the black leather spiked collar. "It's called a collar. It's what you attach the leash to."

"Oh, you're a riot," Faith rolled her eyes. "Baby, it's too heavy, he can hardly hold his head up!"

"He'll be fine. He just has to build some muscle in his neck." She reached over and scratched him behind his ear. "Don't ya, little man."

"Have you ever called him Smudge?" Faith put the pup on the floor and he did look a bit top heavy as he scurried around Reece's feet.

"I've been meaning to talk to you about that. He needs to improve his image. Maybe we should change his name."

"Smudge is fine," Faith narrowed her eyes, curious as to where this conversation was heading.

"Maybe we should call him Brutus or something," Reece watched as the pup chewed his toes.

"Brutus?" Faith laughed. "He hardly looks like..."

"King, or Killer... he needs more syllables."

"More syllables? What are you talking about?" Faith was baffled.

"Conan, Caesar... ooo, how about Hercules?"

"Reece? What are you babbling about? Smudge is a perfectly good name, now stop that."

"Faith it's embarrassing enough that he's the size of a cashew, must he have that name too?"

"Honestly Reece, if he's that embarrassing you don't have to walk him. No one's twisting your arm.

"If I leave him with you, he's likely to come back without some important parts."

Faith knew she wasn't going to get anywhere with this conversation "Fine, but it's you he's hot for. He doesn't hump me."

Reece smirked.

"Okay... look, call the Vet, he'll tell you it's the best thing to do. You don't know embarrassing until he humps some stranger in the street."

"That's what the collar is for, no one will get close enough when they see how tough he is."

"You're impossible, Reece Corbett! Argh!"


After taking advantage of the beautiful day by shopping, Cori and Faith settled into their favorite booth for lunch. After placing their orders, Faith gave Cori a smirk.

"Stop doing that, will you? You're going to make me blush!"

"Oh, heavens no. Not a blush," Faith teased.

"You're just jealous that I'm not embarrassed to buy these things," Cori patted the pink bag.

"I'm not jealous at all. I have all the toys I need. I'm the one who suggested that last one, wasn't I?" Faith snickered.

"Yeah, you did. Thanks, I hope Violet likes it," Cori worried.

"It's great, feels like it's really a part of Reece. Strange at first, but very good," Faith wiggled an eyebrow.

"I imagine it would be odd, I mean it feels like a real one, ya know?"

"Oh, believe me, you forget about it really quickly," Faith nodded knowingly.

"Cool. I can't wait to use it," she said excitedly.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do, Cor," Faith chuckled.

"Hardly!" Cori snorted. "With a woman like Reece, I'm sure there isn't any ground you haven't covered."

"Don't be too sure about that," Faith looked down at her napkin.

"Huh? What could there possibly be, sexually, that she hasn't done?" Cori was really curious.

"Well, that's just it. She always does everything to me, I just want to... there's things I'd like to do to her."

"Oooooh," Cori nodded slowly. "Why don't you tell her?"

Faith laughed, "Yeah, 'Hey Reece, bend over so I can fuck you.'"

Cori snorted cola through her nose. "Ow, shit! Faith!"

"Well? Now you see my problem," the actress blushed.

"Bend over... Reece? Never. You'd have to start with her on her back, babe," Cori said seriously.

"Yeah, as if that will happen." Faith said sadly.

"Hey, didn't you do that already? I thought you fucked her?"

"Well, just recently, but she was on top. The first time I did was certainly a one-shot deal. I caught her in the middle of a fantasy, remember? She'd never let me do that again."

"Well, get her on top again and tell her to turn over." Cori offered.

"Tried that; she panicked. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Reece on top. God... nothing at all."

"Visual Faith... please, I'm dying here," Cori shook her head to dislodge the image. "Hey, you'll think of something. How about, get her really worked up, and slip it into the conversation, if you know what I mean," the dancer winked.

"Oh, she doesn't mind that on occasion. I want to be wearing it... doing it the right way."

"You never wore one?"

"That time she was on top... Reece even put it on me," Faith blushed brightly.

The dancer sat silently, contemplating her friend's options. Reece would never stand to be bent over, but Faith could certainly get her on her back. "What makes Reece crazy, what gets her hotter than anything?"

"Submission." Faith sighed.

"There's gotta be something else, Faith. Think..."

Faith grinned suddenly, "She loves it when I talk dirty. She can hardly stand it."

Cori pointed at her friend. "There you go. Talk a blue streak to her. Get very detailed in what you'd like her to do to you. Once she's crazy enough, tell her what you'd like to do to her," Cori smiled proudly.

"What if she says no? I'll feel stupid and I'll never get another chance," Faith said dejectedly.

"So if she says no, she's still going to do all those things you said you wanted her to do to you. It's a win-win, Faith."

"I suppose. I don't want to talk about it any more, my panties are very uncomfortable."

"Here, here," Cori agreed, lifting her soda for a toast.


Reece hooked the leash onto Smudge's new collar and led him out the front door towards the black car. Since it was such a nice day, Faith opted for walking around the city, leaving Barry for Reece. If she were by herself, Reece would have walked to the club, but she wasn't. Glancing down at her pup, which cocked his little head back up at her, she decided his tiny little legs would never make it and she didn't want to carry him in case of any accidents to her tux shirt. Whenever he got too excited, he peed and he always got worked up when Reece held him. He was very attached to her and the club owner didn't have a spare shirt.

Reece let him pee before gathering him up and putting him in the car, and then she bent down and slid inside.

"Taking the puppy with you today, eh Ms. Corbett?"

Reece nodded and settled back into the comfortable seat.

"Isn't it a little to much, though? All the music and smoke?" Barry asked as he pulled out into traffic.

Reece frowned, "I didn't think about that." Last time he came with her, it was for a few hours, but this was all night. "I'll have to keep him in my office then. Shit, I should a brought a few toys and some food huh?" Reece rubbed her forehead.

"Turning back, Ms. Corbett."


Reece was there before Sarge and she had to open the gates to the club one handed with Smudge in her arm. It was difficult and she had to work fast. He was already smothering her with kisses, which meant he was seconds away from wetting her. Finally finished, she dropped him down on the sidewalk in time for him to squat.

"You know there, boy, you should be lifting your leg like the others. Girls squat."


"Thought you'd see it my way."

"Hey, that's a cute little puppy!"

Reece turned to face the woman who was now kneeling at her feet.

"Aren't you just the sweetest little thing? Oh, yes you are!"

Reece grinned at the sight of the attractive woman cooing to her dog. Who knew? I shoulda got a puppy years ago.

Smudge flopped down on his back shamelessly displaying his little fat belly for a scratch. Reece raised an eyebrow.

"What's your name, little guy?" The woman indulged the pup by rubbing his tummy.

"Killer," Reece mentally slapped herself for lying.

The woman stood up and looked Reece over but good. "And what's your name big girl?" she smiled flirtatiously.

"Reece." She smiled right back.

"Donna, pleased to meet you," the woman practically dripped with seduction. "You work here?" she nodded to the club.

"I own here," Reece smirked cockily.

The woman faltered and the club owner was proud of herself. Ya still got it, Corbett. "Well, I gotta get to work, nice meeting you, Donna," Reece held out her hand.

"Maybe we can get together sometime for a drink?" Donna leaned in closely, holding the larger hand tight.

"I'm sorry, Donna, I'm involved."

"Well, maybe when you're not so involved?" the woman brushed her breasts against Reece's arm; jump starting the cub owner's libido.

"Uh," Reece stepped back, releasing the woman's hand, "I'm afraid this one's a keeper, Donna."

"Oh, well then," Donna composed herself. "She's very lucky. Goodbye, Killer." The woman walked away.

What the hell was that, asshole? Flirting? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Sarge appeared out of nowhere. "Whoa, that was dicey boss," she slapped Reece on the shoulder. "I'm proud of the way you handled her. Faith would be, too."

"Yeah? Proud? But I flirted right back with her Sam?"

"Nah, you did just fine." Sam smiled reassuringly. "The old Reece would have had her in her office already."

Reece smiled proudly, "Yeah, she would have. I did good." She unlocked the door and they entered the club.


Faith decided against going back to Cori's place, knowing that the dancer had a few hours before work and she was practically chomping at the bit to use her new toy. Instead, she wandered around the West Village on the way home and remembered the first time she did the same thing and how miserable she was. She remembered sitting on Reece's steps, not knowing whose house it was and crying her eyes out.

Things had really changed for the actress since then. Who would have imagined that she'd be this happy, living with and loving the enigmatic Reece Corbett? Certainly not her. Faith sat on the steps to their house and shivered with the cool wind. She thought back to the time when she first met the tall club owner and how she didn't know it then, but was soon to find out she was deeply in love with Reece.

Faith chuckled out loud at the first time she attempted to seduce Reece with a drunken game of Truth or Dare. God, what an idiot I was. She shook her head in amazement that despite it all, they were together now. Speaking of together... She thought about Cori's suggestions and a shiver passed through her body, but this time it wasn't from the cold. I suppose it couldn't hurt to try.

Faith stood up and brushed off her pants. She entered the house and wasn't surprised to find that Smudge was gone. She really freaked out over that neutering thing, didn't she? Faith laughed softly to herself as she wandered around the empty house.

Entering the bedroom, the actress went to their stash of toys and things. She held up a harness and smiled. Stripping out of her pants, she put it on and adjusted it to fit her perfectly. She muddled over the toy collection for a while, not really knowing her lover's preference. Choosing a pretty standard one, she attached it to her harness and turned to the mirror. Catching sight of herself, she had to laugh. She lifted her shirt, which was covering the protrusion, and wondered what pants she could wear that would hold this baby down. Trying on several pairs to no avail, she opted for tight Lycra panties and a skirt.

Checking herself out fully dressed, the actress really laughed out loud at the thought of what was going on under her skirt. Smoothing her hands down the front of her body, she smiled conspiratorially at her reflection when she ran over the lump between her legs. "Reece is going to croak when she feels this!"

Faith was nervously pacing the floor, wondering if she really had the balls to pull off this whole thing. She went down a list of things to say to the tall club owner that was sure to make her melt. Sure, Faith knew what to say, but could she really make Reece want to be fucked? Ask for it? She was a nervous wreck, but she knew she had to at least try. Catching her lover off guard in the club was a very good idea, it worked wonders last time and she figured she would have the same results this time. Grabbing her jacket and bag, the actress left the house before she could change her mind.

Faith felt dirty, but in a good way. Sitting there in the cab, feeling the bulge under her skirt gave her an unusual feeling. How am I going to act cool when I feel turned on by my own dildo? The actress squirmed around in her seat, very aware of the package in her tight underwear. She looked down for the millionth time to check if she could see it, and laughed at the irony of looking for a dick under her skirt.

Okay, I'm just going to go in there and drive her crazy. That's easy enough. She nodded to herself and checked her hair in the reflection of the window. Her hands dropped into her lap and she panicked. How am I going to drive her crazy without her feeling my crotch? I can't let her touch me? She always leans into me when we kiss! Oh, god... and she nudges her leg in between mine...

"Miss, we're here."


Reece was sitting at the bar with her head resting in her hand, listening to Amber, the new bartender, prattle on about the necessity of neutering Smudge before he matures. Amber, being the animal rights activist that she was, never passed up the chance to educate. While the club owner was actually interested for the first 5 minutes, now she just sat and stared at the piercing in Amber's septum and how it moved when she said the sound "o". Reece had stopped listening to the bartender quite some time ago and was reliving the shower her and Faith took earlier that day.

Cori danced over to the pair and noticed the look on the boss's face. Snickering to herself, she slapped Reece on the back sending her elbow flying out from its position. Reece fell face first onto the bar and she wasn't the least bit happy about it, either.

Amber, now wearing the drink Reece had had in front of her, ran away to get cleaned; leaving Cori the only one Reece saw when she lifted her face from the bar. The dancer smiled weakly at the big red lump forming on the boss's face.

Reece closed her eyes and counted to five before she took a deep cleansing breath. The smile on her face was anything but jovial and Cori felt a little more than nervous as the tall woman stood up.

Faith approached the two and when she read the expression on their faces, she ran over and insinuated herself between the two women. "Okay, I don't know what happened, but I think you kids need to separate for a while." Turning to her lover, she looked up into what was growing into a hell of a shiner. "Oh my god! Who did that to you? What did you do to them?" Faith immediately grabbed the larger hands and began examining them. Finding nothing amiss, the actress began massaging Reece's tense forearm.

"Um, I did that," Cori waved her hand slightly and smiled guiltily.

Faith's jaw dropped open in disbelief.

"It was an accident. I swear." The dancer felt so stupid.

Having Faith touch her calmed the club owner and she relaxed into the feeling. "Yeah, you'd have been proud of her, Faith. Just walked right up and popped me a good one. Bam!" Reece jabbed with the hand Faith wasn't touching and the actress grabbed it mid-air, afraid it was going to make contact with the flinching dancer.

"Reece, stop that. If you'd have been paying attention..."

"Cori, my life was flashing before my eyes. You saved me, actually," the club owner looked around and spotted the bartender close by. "She was killing me," she nodded towards Amber.

"How was she killing you, Reece?" Faith asked a little jealously.

Reece chuckled and kissed her lover. "She was educating me on the finer points of castration."

"What?" Cori asked in confusion.

Faith laughed, "Speaking of, where is Smudge?"

Cori, looking a bit relieved, pointed to the back of the club, "In the office."

Faith leaned over the bar and asked Amber for some ice, a clean towel and a baggie. When she returned, Faith noticed the big wet stain. Feeling a bit empathetic, she smiled at the new bartender. "What happened?"

"Boss' drink flew on me when Cori scared her."

"Cori scared Reece?"

"Yeah, I think it was because she was so busy listening to what I was saying."

Faith chewed on that as she took in the bartender's clothing, or lack there of. Zeroing in on her barely covered breasts, she shook her head and laughed to herself. Yeah I'm sure it was the conversation that had my girlfriend so riveted. "Thanks for the ice," Faith turned to find Reece leaning against the wall with yet another set of tits in her face as a dancer talked to her.

Faith stood behind the dancer and stuck out her own chest to get Reece's attention. A raised eyebrow was her response. Narrowing her eyes deviously, she shook and jiggled her breasts behind the dancer. Reece's other eyebrow joined the first one and she pursed her lips so she wouldn't smile.

"Have you met my better half yet?" Reece said loud enough for Faith to hear her.

The dancer turned and almost bumped into a dancing Faith. "No, I didn't know... Uh, hi, I'm Lori."

"Hello, Lori," Faith smirked at her dejected pout and slid her arm behind her lover. "Here, put this on your eye, honey."

Reece accepted the bag and placed it on her eye with a wince. "I'm sure you have something to do, Lori?" Reece asked.

"Yeah, I suppose I do," Lori walked away with a frown.

"Is this what goes on here every night, Reece? Women... tits all over you?"

"What are you talking about? No one was all over me, Faith," Reece defended.

"Please, you have nipple prints on your tux."

"I do not!" Reece glanced down at her jacket just in case. "I hardly noticed her tits."

"Oh, and I'm sure you didn't notice Amber's assets either."

"Well, they are eye level when you sit at the bar," Reece teased.

"Now I know why you come home so horny," Faith grinned guiltily. "All these tits are getting me a little warm."

"Oh, yeah?" Reece leaned down, wrapped her arm around Faith and growled playfully into her neck.

"Come here, baby, lets sit down at the table," Faith said nervously as she pulled out of Reece's embrace. The club owner was in danger of feeling what Faith almost forgot was there.

Reece's eyebrows drew together as she tried to figure out what just happened. She followed Faith to the dark table and brought her chair right along side the actress's. "What's up, babe?"

"Oh, I just wanted to talk to you in private. I don't know that I like sharing you with all these women."

"Is that what's wrong? Faith, you have nothing to worry about, these women aren't worth the possibility of losing you," Reece took Faith's hand in hers and kissed the fingers.

"Oh, honey, that was so sweet. Thank you. I needed to hear that."

Although Faith was still teasing, Reece took it seriously and that made her feel very good. "So, what ya wanna talk about?" Reece put her ice on the table, leaned in and audibly smelled Faith's neck.

The actress grimaced. How does one bring up this sort of conversation?

"Mmm, you smell so good," Reece breathed into Faith's neck. "I was thinking about you before... Us, today in the shower."

Faith mentally thanked Reece for the opener. "What exactly were you thinking about?" the actress rubbed her face in her lover's hair.

"Oh, about how delicious your moans sound when they echo off the bathroom walls." Reece attempted to pull Faith onto her lap but the actress wouldn't let her. Instead, she felt fingers tracing the seam on her thigh and raised an eyebrow at Faith.

"I love how you make me moan like that," Faith crossed her legs and the dildo pressed against her tightly.

Reece saw the shudder and smiled. "I see. You think if I touched you right now, you could be quiet?"

Faith saw the look in those blue eyes and knew Reece must have really been thinking about the shower. She was pretty turned on already.

"Hmmm?" Reece asked as she ran her hands up and down Faith's exposed calves. "You're wearing a skirt, easy access." The club owner leaned closer for a kiss.

Faith melted as soon as Reece's lips met hers. Reece's hand came up and held her head close as the other one traced patterns on her leg. Who am I fooling? One look from her and I'm so gone. I can't do this. She deepened the kiss and felt Reece's throaty moan vibrate against her body. Her legs uncrossed by themselves and Reece started to push up her skirt.

Faith tore away from the kiss just in time to see the most unusual expression on her lover's face.

Reece's eyebrows virtually disappeared into her bangs and her mouth hung open in a large O.

Faith laughed nervously, "Surprise?"

"You have no idea," Reece's expression turned to amusement as she assessed the situation with her hand.

"Before you laugh, I really want this, Reece."

"I can't believe you walked out of the house all harnessed up. You plan on using this on anyone, Faith?" Reece grinned knowingly.

Faith nodded and blushed hotly.

"What makes you think that someone wants you to?" Reece pressed into the dildo and watched as Faith swallowed down the moan.

"I was hoping she would want me to," she said as she looked directly into Reece's eyes.

The club owner licked her lips, "The thought crossed my mind." She took her hand off of the dildo and slid it up behind Faith's neck. She leaned in so that their lips touched. "What do you want to do to me with that, Faith?"

Faith swallowed hard before she gathered enough nerve. "I want to bend you over and fuck you," Faith's heart beat wildly as she waited for a response. The feel of Reece's lips touching hers made it hard to breathe.

Reece had to hand it to her little lover. That was a tough request to make. She poked her tongue out and licked Faith's lips before replying. "I don't know so much about the bending over part, baby," she sucked Faith's top lip into her mouth and held it with her teeth, "but I'd love you to fuck me."

Faith threw herself at Reece and devoured her lips and tongue. She was suddenly pumped full of adrenaline and grunted her pleasure inside her lover's mouth.

Reece leaned back and helped Faith climb onto her lap. Reece felt the dildo press into her crotch and broke the kiss. "I gotta tell ya, babe, this is very weird," she pushed up with her hips. "It's a little awkward for me... but I wanna do it, okay?"

"Tell me. It's my turn now, Reece." Faith was breathing heavily; she felt the arousal seep through her veins in anticipation of hearing Reece say those words to her.

Reece leaned over and spoke directly into Faith's ear, "I want you to fuck me."

Faith shivered violently, "God, Reece!"

Reece chuckled. "You like that huh?" she teased as she traced Faith's ear with her tongue.

Faith rocked her hips into her lover, pressing the dildo tightly against both of them. "Please, let's go into your office," she groaned.

"Yeah... now," Reece agreed and they ran clumsily down the hall.

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