Reece's Faith, Part 53

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Faith was the first one in the office and she was already pulling off her shirt by the time Reece closed the door. The club owner leaned against the wall and watched as her lover tore off her bra and hesitated at her skirt.

"A little awkward, Faith?" Reece smirked. "I, uh, yeah. What if you think it looks funny?" the actress was suddenly terrified.

"Aw, babe," Reece felt terrible for teasing. She pushed off the wall and knelt in front of Faith, unzipped the back of her skirt and stood back up. "Go on, show me what you got in there." Reece stepped back and leaned against her desk, watching as Faith slid the skirt and panties to the floor.

"Please don't make fun of me," the actress whispered, enormously self-conscious.

Reece took a long look at her exposed lover. Faith looked different, but still very sexy. She was all woman, all Faith. Blue eyes drank in the vision, tracing the outline of her full delicious lips, across to the curve of her soft, sexy shoulders, down over the fullness of her perfect breasts, and lower... to the dick poking out from her soft curls. Faith was certainly standing in a new light and it turned Reece on more than she cared to admit. Reece gave Faith a sexy, reassuring grin. "I think... you look... hot. C'mere."

Faith walked over to her open-armed lover, very aware of the harness.

Reece knew she had to do something to make Faith more comfortable. She wrapped her arms around the actress and nuzzled her neck as she let her hands roam everywhere. "Did I tell you how much I love the way your neck smells?" she purred.

"Many times," Faith smiled and leaned her head back to give Reece more room.

Reece's hands traveled up Faith's torso and her fingertips teased two perfect breasts. "How about how much I love your tits?" Blunt fingernails scraped across hard nipples.

Faith inhaled sharply. "You may have mentioned it." Reece slid down into a half squat and circled one breast with the tip of her tongue.

"How the mere sight of them makes my mouth water?" Reece closed her lips around the nipple and pulled gently.

"Oh, god..." Faith breathed, pressing herself into her lover and holding on to her shoulders... her covered shoulders. "Off," she grunted as she tugged at the tuxedo jacket.

Reece released the nipple and leaned back. Faith's appreciative gaze traveled up and down the long frame as she stood up and removed her jacket.

"Have I told you how delicious you look in a tux?"

Reece smirked sexily, "I think so, yes. Would you rather I keep it on?" she teased, reaching for her discarded jacket.

"No! Please, take it off... quickly," Faith groaned in anticipation of Reece in all her naked glory.

The club owner chuckled and tore open her shirt, much to the surprise of her lover. "Snaps," she explained and kicked off her boots. She started on her pants when a hand interrupted her.

"Let me," Faith reached down and opened the button on the black pants, sliding her body down with them as they hit the floor. The actress waited until Reece stepped out of them and then brought her hands up behind her lover and squeezed her ass. "Mmm, I just love this ass," she said as she rubbed her cheek against Reece's cotton-covered crotch.

"Smell me, Faith. I've been thinking about you." Reece held Faith's head and turned her nose between her legs.

The actress groaned and boldly licked Reece through the material, causing the club owner to let go of her head and hold onto her desk tightly. Faith hooked her fingers in the elastic of the boxer briefs and slid them down to Reece's knees. "Lift," she instructed as she licked the inside of a knee.

Reece did as she was told and started when Faith buried her tongue in her sex without warning, attacking it with rough strokes. "God, Faith!" she gasped as her lover suddenly attempted to suck all the fluid from her body.

The actress rubbed her nose in Reece's scent and smiled at the shiver that shook the club owner's body. "You do smell so good. I couldn't resist a taste."

Faith stood up and Reece stared at her in shock. "That was some taste. Are you going to leave me like this?"

Faith chuckled evilly, "Just an appetizer." Reece narrowed her eyes and took Faith's outstretched hand allowing herself to be led to the couch. She sat back and Faith climbed on her lap, capturing her lips and both breasts at the same time. The club owner moaned at the forwardness; relieved that Faith felt more comfortable.

"I could kiss you for hours," Faith mumbled as she went back for more.

Reece sank down into the cushions and purred into the kiss. It was a turn on tasting herself on Faith's lips and tongue. The actress was kneading and pulling at her tits in such a way that it was sending a fire down to her center. Reece lifted her hands to Faith's breasts, teased the hard nipples until they were rock hard and then she twisted and pinched them, causing her lover to jerk and grunt on top of her. While pulling and working the nipple ring, she ran her other hand down Faith's belly, caressing and tickling her skin. Reece smiled to herself when she felt the gooseflesh sprout out on Faith's stomach. She slipped her fingers lower and stopped dead at the harness.


The club owner had forgotten all about it. She tentatively let her fingers travel along the leather straps and underneath to Faith's sex, but was uneasy about touching the dildo. She had never been in this position before and was a little nervous at the prospect of being completely submissive. The fact that it was Faith made her able to accept it, and she did actually think about it... but doing and thinking were two completely different things.

Faith started nibbling her way down towards Reece's nipples and when she got to the top of her breasts, she could feel her lover's heart beating insanely hard and fast. Knowing it had everything to do with the dildo she was wearing, and having no idea what to say or do to reassure Reece, Faith panicked. She sat up and looked into frantic blue eyes. "Reece, if you'd rather not... I mean we don't have to..." Faith stammered. "I know you never have and I certainly haven't..."

Looking into the worried green eyes of the woman she trusted most in the world, Reece relaxed and a grin crept across her face. "I'm fine, babe. I swear," she pulled Faith close and kissed her softly.

"I really never..." Faith looked down between them. "I don't know if I'm any good," she said timidly.

"I wouldn't worry about it, you could never disappoint me. Especially when it comes to pleasing me," the club owner said sincerely.

"Do you really mean that?" Faith wondered.

"Faith, before you, I would fuck women, sometimes every night. Sure, I'd come... sometimes three or four times... but I was never satisfied. There was always something missing. The first time you made me come, I swear, I thought I'd have a heart attack." Faith snickered in disbelief. "No, it's true. And, baby, you weren't even there," Reece grinned. "You make me feel things I never thought possible. If you ever stopped loving me, I would implode."

Faith was speechless. She never heard Reece talk like that before and for her to say all those wonderful things in one breath was shocking to the actress. She stared into her lover's eyes, reading nothing but complete honesty. It wasn't until Reece took her hands and replaced them on her breasts that she began breathing again.

"Now, make love to me, Faith," Reece whispered huskily.

Faith didn't need any further encouragement and she met Reece's lips in a crushing kiss. She was so thrilled that her normally aggressive lover was willing to allow her this moment, she felt light headed. She broke the kiss, gasped slightly for air and watched the expressions change on Reece's face as she teased her nipples. To her, Reece was the most gorgeous woman on the planet and to see the look of passion on her face and know that she was the cause, gave Faith a tremendous rush. It never failed to excite her and like every other time that she watched Reece's eyes darken, her arousal heightened dramatically. She lifted both breasts up and squeezed them together, licking and sucking both nipples at once.

The club owner was never open with her emotions especially when it came to vulnerability. She never even knew that she was capable of feeling vulnerable until Faith first touched her. Now, she welcomed the feeling, knowing that the end result would be the ultimate pleasure. Reece urged Faith on with groans of approval, running her fingers through the soft blonde hair. Knowing the surge that she felt when she was in control, Reece growled in empathy as Faith became more aggressive.

The actress paused in her assault on Reece's breasts and kissed her hungrily, pinching her hard, sensitive nipples, her tongue searching and spearing wildly everywhere inside her lover's willing mouth.

Reece's hands were frantic, they were kneading Faiths breasts, her ass, her thighs... grabbing, caressing and scratching. Faith's forcefulness was turning her on more than she thought it would. She covered the smaller hands with her own and brought one down between her legs, lifting her pelvis to meet it halfway.

Faith felt the copious wetness and groaned with Reece at the contact. She pulled away from the wild kiss and shuddered at the almost pleading look on her lover's face. She ran her fingers idly through Reece's sex and the club owner's head dropped onto the back of the couch with an open mouthed groan. Her hips rose off the leather seat. "God, you're beautiful," Faith whispered reverently at her panting lover. She entered Reece with her fingers and the tall woman reached both hands behind her head and dug her fingers into the couch a gesture that Faith found incredibly exciting. The club owner just gave Faith her complete submission, whether she was aware of it or not. It was a precious gift.

Reece was in ecstasy. This was the vulnerable feeling she was thinking about before -- the ability to lay back as she was, without any thought except what Faith's fingers were doing to her. No pretenses, just pleasure. She trusted Faith thoroughly.

Faith braced her free hand against the wall and leaned into Reece, their breasts touching. The contact tingled the actress's nipples and she rubbed them back and forth against Reece's.

The club owner lifted her head off the back of the couch and groaned at the blissful expression on her lover's face. She pulled Faith down until their torsos melded together. She needed the closeness and closed her eyes at the feeling of their damp flesh meeting and sliding together.

Faith continued to slip her fingers slowly in and out of her writhing lover, enjoying the feeling of her slick muscles closing around her digits, surrounding them with the warmth and wetness. Faith felt her heart skip a beat while watching the club owner. Reece apparently loved it as much as she did by the look on her face and the sounds of pleasure escaping her parted lips -- lips that Faith couldn't get enough of at the moment.

Reece closed her arms around Faith as their mouths came together. Her hands traveled up to clutch at her lover's shoulders and she held on as if her life depended on it. She opened her legs wider to draw in more of Faith's fingers. Feeling the tendons moving under her hand and knowing those muscles were driving the actress's fingers, caused her to moan loudly into her mouth.

Faith knew that moan and she answered with one of her own. Reece's wetness increased and the actress felt her own sex drench. She let go of the wall and fell heavily onto the strong body beneath her. Bringing her hand between their bodies, she reached into her own center, groaning at the temporary relief she found in touching herself. Reluctantly drawing her fingers away from her throbbing sex, she lifted her soaking fingers to their joined mouths and slipped them between their lips.

Reece growled as the sticky fingers slid into her mouth. The combination of Faith's scent and taste coupled with her lips and tongue still torturing her bruised lips, forced a whimper from her throat. Her tongue darted all over the tasty intrusions and before she had the chance to suck them clean, they disappeared.

Faith turned her head to suck on Reece's neck; she made contented yummy sounds at the slick sheen of sweat that covered her lover's skin. She sucked greedily at her flesh and drew her fingers out of their warm, wet haven.

Reece gasped and lifted her hips trying to bring them back inside. "Wha...?" Reece's voice cracked and she swallowed.

Faith worked her tongue into her lover's beet-red ear. "Shh," she soothed, bringing her hand up to run her fingers through Reece's damp mane. "I want you to lay down for me," she whispered.

Reece groaned and slid her body sideways until she was flat on her back with Faith straddling her. The actress never stopped her licking and sucking, causing large shivers of arousal to shake Reece's long frame. She planted one foot on the floor and the other foot in the couch cushions and thrust her pelvis up blindly. She groaned in frustration when her hungry sex met nothing but air. This was it; she wanted Faith inside her NOW. Don't think. Just feel. "Faith, I want you," she panted, grabbing roughly at Faith's ass.

The actress felt a twinge of adrenaline from the pulling at her backside and knew this was the moment of truth for the both of them. She slid her knees down until she was lying between her lover's long, open legs. Needing to look into Reece's eyes, she brought her face to meet the flushed one beneath her. She felt a trickle of fear at the base of her spine working its way up her back, causing her hair to stand on end. Reece looked so inviting, laying there waiting, panting and licking her lips in anticipation. Faith moved her hips slightly and she watched as her lover's swollen lips parted with a gasp.

Reece felt hotter than she'd ever been. Faith's glistening breasts leaning on hers and the torture of the dildo pressing against her spread sex was making her very impatient. She gyrated her hips and received the relief she was seeking. "Yesss," she hissed through her teeth.

Faith let her lover take her pleasure as she leaned down and covered her lips with her own. She was feeling a little awkward again, not knowing what to do. "Show me, Reece," she whispered into the kiss.

Reece didn't give herself a chance to think, she knew if she paused, the fear would work itself in and ruin everything. "Lean up, baby," she panted.

Faith lifted up onto her elbows and looked down between them. The pang of arousal she felt at the sight made her groan. Reece brought her hand to her steaming center and coated her fingers with her wetness, then covered the dildo with her essence. Faith groaned again with a shudder. Reece took that same hand and reached under to Faith's sex, and repeated the process. Faith whimpered at the sight and sensations. Then Reece did something that Faith would dream about for the rest of her life. The club owner returned one hand to her own center and spread the lips open and with the other hand, she led the actress's fingers to the dildo. "Now, put it inside me," Reece breathed heavily through her words.

Faith saw Reece's clit twitch as she spoke and knew the club owner was more than ready. She pressed her hips forward and guided the tip of the dick to her lover's waiting entrance. Both sets of eyes watched as the head of the dildo slid in slowly.

Reece willed her hips to stay still and let Faith set the pace; she never wanted to be filled this badly in her life.

"Oh, god... Reece..."

"More," Reece gasped, her muscles grabbing desperately at the dildo.

Faith slid it all the way in slowly, shivering at the sound of the long, satisfied groan her lover emitted as she did. The leg Reece had propped on the couch wrapped itself around Faith's back and pulled her in until their hips met.

"Shit, baby... yeah..." Reece grunted.

Faith couldn't see it, but she knew it. She felt her heart beat harder and her breath came quicker. "I'm all the way inside you," she whispered, amazed.

"All the way..." Reece repeated somewhat breathlessly.

The actress nearly swooned. I'm really inside of Reece... Green eyes, wide with astonishment, studied blue. The enormity of the situation overwhelmed her. She let me... no, she wants me inside of her...

Reece was also lost in the intensity of the moment. Faith is gonna fuck me... I'm gonna let her. Oh, Jesus... She panicked briefly, but one look into those wonder-filled green eyes calmed her dramatically. It's Faith. It's okay... I want her to. I need her to. The club owner's inner muscles clenched involuntarily. Fuck, she feels so good inside of me, on top of me...

"Oh, god!" Faith fell down on top of Reece and kissed her hungrily. Sucking on her lips forcefully, using her teeth to capture the club owner's thrusting tongue.

Reece rocked her hips, squeezing the dildo tightly inside her. It felt incredible to have Faith on top of her, kissing her and holding her at the same time. She didn't feel trapped, like she feared. She didn't want to run away, this was where she wanted to be.

Faith moved her mouth to Reece's ear and she sucked the earlobe into her mouth. Reece grunted and lifted her hips. The actress knew she should start doing something, but was afraid she wouldn't do it right and she didn't want to feel stupid.

The club owner sensed Faith's hesitancy and, she herself, would be hesitant to do something if she wasn't so desperately in need. Her long leg released Faith's body and she brought her hands down to grasp the actress's hips. She wanted to feel Faith moving on top of her, needed to feel her inside as she held her. It would have scared the club owner, had she given it some thought. Reece couldn't wrap her mind around anything else at the moment, except for the sensation of her lover's lips and flesh against her own, which was very fortunate for both of them.

Faith leaned her hand on Reece's shoulder and propped herself up on that arm as she felt Reece's grasp on her hips pushing her body back. She looked down at the dildo as it emerged from inside her lover, glistening and wet. The sight of Reece's lips surrounding it made her weak and her arm began shaking. Reece pulled Faith in again and the actress whimpered as the dick disappeared inside of her. She knew she should be helping Reece, moving on her own, but she was captivated at the sight of herself entering her strong lover in this fashion.

Large hands set a slow pace for the actress and Reece gasped in pleasure at the sensations she was causing to herself. The motions were slow and teasing but she wanted to give Faith a feel for the movement and not force her to move on her own before she was ready. The club owner pushed Faith's body back and pulled in close several times before she thought she'd explode with the frustration of it all. Finally, a second small hand slid up her body and rested on her other shoulder. She felt Faith's weight shifting to both arms and breathed a whimper of relief as the hips under her hands began to move on their own accord. "You got it, baby... just like that," Reece encouraged.

The sexy low timber of her lover's voice caused Faith to shiver, her nipples grew painfully stiff and she wished Reece would touch them, lick them. She really wanted to feel her lover's touch. Looking at the raw pleasure plainly evident on Reece's face, she assumed the tall groaning woman was in no condition to pay attention to her body. She whimpered painfully.

Reece heard the desperate sound from her lover and took her hands from her hips, letting them travel up the sides of the actress's body. Faith arched her back, silently pleading with those strong fingers to touch her breasts. Reece complied and palmed Faith's tits, rubbing her hands in small circles, alleviating the itch in the pebbled flesh.

Faith cried but in relief at the touch and reflexively picked up the pace of her thrusts. "Yes, Reece, touch me," she whined.

"I love to... touch you," the club owner gasped between heavy breaths.

Faith arched her back and looked down between them, watching herself move, amazed at how her hips knew just what to do. She glanced briefly at her covered breasts and groaned, then back at her lover's face. It was flushed and sweaty, the tips of her ears, bright red. She knew everything that Reece was feeling right now, having felt it all herself. Her blue eyes ablaze with lust and want and her endless moans of pleasure made Faith's adrenaline flow freely. "How does it feel, baby? To have me fucking you?"

"Ohhh..." Reece groaned. "So damned good..." her hands fell away from Faith's tits.

Faith's lips curled in a sexy sneer when the long leg wrapped itself around her body again, pulling her in hard. "Tell me what you want, Reece," Faith said huskily, lost in the emotion of the moment.

"Harder," Reece demonstrated with an increase in the thrusts of her hips. Faith adjusted immediately. "Yesss... like that... god, yes," she closed her eyes and her head lolled to the side. Reece was lost in a haze of pleasure.

Faith is on top of me, fucking me... she groaned with the thought. If I open my eyes, she will be leaning over me, in total control of me... my feelings, the sensations... The club owner's heart beat fast and furious. Faith is fucking me. I'm on my back, shamelessly submissive, craving her inside me. Surprisingly enough, Reece was not ashamed, she was not scared and she was not panicked. This felt too good to be analyzed. God, it's so fucking good I could scream! She stifled the urge and groaned long and loud instead. Hearing the echoing sound from Faith, her leg tightened around her lover's back. What is she feeling?

Reece opened her eyes and turned her head to see Faith staring deeply into her eyes. She growled at the look of pure worship in her glowing green eyes. She felt a flood pour out of her and down between her ass cheeks to the couch.

"I couldn't love you more, Reece," Faith whispered, afraid to speak too loudly and break the moment.

Reece suddenly needed to feel Faith, really feel her. She reached up and grabbed Faith's shoulders, pulling her down on top of her. "Kiss me... hard," she breathed into the damp blonde hair at her lips.

Faith obeyed, meeting Reece in a bruising kiss, their tongues colliding and twining, fighting for space in each other's mouth. Reece held the sides of Faith's head, flexing her fingers each time the actress pulled her hips back.

"Don't stop kissing me," Reece murmured against her lover's lips. She needed to feel Faith inside everywhere at once.

"Mm, mm," Faith shook her head and dug her fingers into Reece's hair. The multitude of feelings she was receiving in her own body while she fucked Reece was making it hard to talk.

Satisfied she wouldn't lose contact with the actress's mouth, Reece let go of her head and slid her hands down to hold Faith's ass cheeks. She had to move her leg to reach and when she did, she gripped the flesh tightly, feeling the muscles flex and relax with each thrust. She sought Faith's lips hungrily, sucking and biting on the tender flesh.

Faith felt the strong fingers digging into her skin, clutching and releasing rhythmically, keeping time with her thrusts. She felt powerful to have such control over her lover's body and she was aroused more by knowing how it felt to be in Reece's position. She jerked as the leather harness rubbed into her already tortured clit. She briefly wondered how it was so easy for Reece to keep a steady rhythm and concentrate on what she was doing while wearing the harness as it must do the same thing to her. Faith figured she must have had three mini orgasms already from the friction alone and couldn't wait for the big one. She pulled back from the club owner's starving mouth and panted heavily into her neck.

Reece wrapped her arms around Faith so tightly that the actress had a hard time breathing. Faith, in turn, forced her arms underneath and around Reece's sweaty body, gripping her just as tight.

To Faith, it felt like they were one body and it felt fantastic. "Feels good?" she asked before swiping her tongue up the side of Reece's throat.

"Uh, uh..." the club owner grunted, cutting Faith's withdrawal short by pulling her back inside as quickly as she pulled out. "Want me to go faster?" the actress breathlessly groaned into Reece's ear.

"Yes... I wanna feel you..."

Faith gave herself some additional leverage by shifting her position so that she was more on her knees and obeyed Reece's request with harder, faster thrusts.

"Oohhh... god..." Reece moaned hoarsely.

"I'm doing it, Reece..." Faith grunted with her efforts. "I'm fucking you, baby."

"Yes... fucking me..." Reece nodded quickly. "Soo good."

Faith watched Reece's eyes squeeze closed tightly. She immediately missed those baby blues, but knew how hard it was to keep them open. She adjusted her position so that she leaned more heavily onto Reece's body as she entered her, hitting the club owners hard clit with every stroke, giving herself more relief, as well.

Reece's eyes popped open and she clutched Faith's body desperately, digging her long fingers into her flesh. "Oh... shit..."

Faith reveled in that grunt. She knew Reece was loving this and Faith was never more turned on in her life. Her own clit was begging for more time and she pounded into her lover harder. Reece made a strangled whimper that shot right through the actress's body. "God, Reece... yes!" Faith buried her face in Reece's soaked neck and felt the vibrations of her deep groans reverberate in her ear.

"Faith?" Reece pawed Faith's ass roughly.

"Baby..." Faith answered into Reece's hot neck.

"I'm gonna come..."

A bolt of lightening hit Faith's sex with those words and she felt the nerve endings in her clit ignite and spread the waves out and down her legs. She struggled to keep thrusting as she rode out her orgasm, but it didn't really matter. Reece's pelvis was raised off the couch and she was holding onto Faith's backside so tightly, the actress was forced to continue coming even after her body wanted to stop.

"Holy..." Reece was body slammed with a powerful climax and she held on for dear life as her body shook and shuddered, carrying the weight of her twitching lover. The club owner gasped and grunted through the convulsive orgasm, feeling like she might actually pass out if Faith stayed on top and inside of her for too long.

Faith felt wonderfully alive, holding her spasming lover tightly as she came, knowing that she made her feel this way. She made sure to wait until Reece at least stopped twitching before she backed her hips up and pulled out of her still-clutching depths. The club owner was not accustomed to being fucked often and if Faith had stayed in there, she knew Reece would want her again and then she'd be sore. Faith would not have that. She replaced the dildo with her hand and just held Reece's sex. The club owner bucked up into the new contact a few times, causing some pretty strong aftershocks. Faith groaned with hunger as her lover shivered through them.

Faith watched curiously as her lover covered her eyes with her forearms. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly and she was breathing through her mouth. "Are you alright?" she asked with concern.

Reece nodded. She was too overwhelmed to speak. The myriad of things she wanted to say would pale in comparison to what she was feeling. She was afraid if she looked at Faith now, her eyes would show everything and she couldn't do that. Could I? she thought. Isn't that what I'm supposed to do? Tell Faith what I'm feeling? The club owner shifted and took one arm off her face. She wiped the sweat off of her face and rested that hand on her stomach.

Faith sat back on her heels and undid the harness, slipping it out from under her, she settled herself on top of her calming lover.

Reece felt the comforting weight on top of her and knew she owed Faith an explanation for her behavior right now. She tickled her fingers absently up and down Faith's damp back. What can I do? I don't know what to do. I've never felt like this before. She agonized over having to express the words. Well, words haven't always been my strong point. She uncovered her face completely and hesitantly opened her eyes. The concern and uncertainty she saw in Faith's eyes made her swallow hard. That will never do. Start talking, Corbett. Tell her what's going on.

Faith cocked her head in wonder as her tall lover turned them over. Reece was leaning on one elbow, the fingers of her other hand, running through Faith's hair. The club owner hovered so close to the actress, they were almost touching noses. Green eyes softened with relief as Reece's fingers began tracing her eyebrows; her eyes seemed to be studying every inch of the face beneath her. "I love you, Faith," she whispered softly.


"Shh," Reece put her fingers over Faith's lips. She traced them, feeling a strange warmth inside as the air she exhaled brushed across her fingertips.

Faith stared intently as Reece's mouth opened as if to speak and closed again.

The club owner watched her own fingers as they cupped her lover's chin. "You've changed me, Faith. I didn't think it was possible..." Reece tried to complete the thought but couldn't find the right words. "There's only you."

The club owner barely spoke. If Faith had breathed at that moment, she would have missed it. Faith smiled and her heart felt full.

Reece pressed her hand over Faith's breast, not lingering long before she began sliding it downward. There were no guessing games, its intent was clear. Faith shivered with anticipation as the large hand made its way lower.

"Do you know what you did to me?" Faith opened her mouth but Reece hushed her. "Shh. Don't talk, just feel," she said quietly.

Faith nodded and when her lips opened again it was to sigh as Reece's hand came to rest on her center.

"I wasn't scared. I wasn't afraid of you, Faith. I don't think there's a thing in this world..." Faith whimpered as long fingers slid through her folds. "...that I wouldn't let you do," Reece paused to lose herself in the feel of Faith's wetness. "...that I wouldn't do for you."

Faith licked her lips and smiled, her eyes reflecting the love and passion she felt for her most surprising lover. Her voice hadn't risen above a whisper and the actress knew these words were spoken from her heart.

"You've taught me things..." Reece entered Faith with one finger and brought it back up to look at it. "I did this, I gave you pleasure," the club owner stuck the whole finger in her mouth and sucked it, once again looking at it when she finished, "...and where it once was a triumph for me..." Reece replaced her hand in Faith's sex and brushed her clit. Faith jerked and groaned. "Now, I feel the pleasure with you. It's wonderful, really."

Faith lifted her arms to touch Reece and the tall woman intercepted them. She brought them one at a time to rest above Faith's head. "No, just feel." Faith swallowed loudly.

Reece circled Faith's clit and kissed her lips gently, sucking her bottom lip before pulling back again. Faith groaned and her eyes fluttered closed.

"Please look at me, look in my eyes." Faith opened her eyes and focused on bright blue. There was so much love in those eyes a tear of joy slid down her cheek. "What do you see?" Reece continued to talk in hushed tones. Before Faith could answer, Reece kissed her again and entered her with two fingers. Faith's nostrils flared with the intensity of the feelings Reece was invoking inside of her. "Tell me," the club owner spoke against Faith's lips. "Can you read my feelings?" She pulled back and let Faith look into her eyes. "It's devotion. I can't hide the truth." Reece whispered and leaned in, kissing Faith passionately, lovingly, pouring every ounce of feeling into the kiss.

"Reece... god..." Faith sputtered when her lover finished.

"Shh. Just feel me... worshipping you."

Faith nodded as more emotional tears welled in her eyes. Reece was making love to her so wonderfully, so passionately. Her hips started to move in time with the long fingers and Reece nodded silently. She leaned down and kissed Faith again, slowly, causing a whimper of desire to escape the actress.

"You're so beautiful," Reece whispered as she watched Faith's face express her pleasure.

The actress bit her bottom lip, never breaking eye contact with expressive blue. Reece rubbed her palm into Faith as she worked her fingers faster. The feelings in her center became intense and Faith started to moan loudly. Her eyes closed for a second before she forced them open again.

"That's it, baby, I want you to see me loving you." Faith nodded and her mouth fell open with a deep groan.

Reece could feel the climax as it built quickly and she knew just what to do to bring her lover over. "Come for me, Faith," Reece ordered gently.

Faith sobbed loudly and grabbed Reece's shoulders, grounding herself. She felt that she had to hold on to her in order to keep her eyes open. Finally reaching her orgasm, the actress cried out and sat halfway up on the couch. It wasn't an earth shattering orgasm, but it was the most wonderful one she'd ever experienced. Looking into the love-filled baby blues made it special. Not being able to stand it any more, she pulled Reece down on top of her and wrapped all her limbs tightly around her. "Oh, god, how I love you, Reece," she mumbled into her shoulder. "I really do."

"Well that's good, baby, because I'm never leaving your side."

They embraced like that for a long time until a certain puppy thought it was high time he got some attention. He jumped and yipped continuously.

Reece reached down and lifted him up. He walked all over the couple until he found a nice spot to curl up into and chew his tail.

Faith looked down at the dog curled up contentedly on her breasts and sighed. "I think someone's been spending way too much time with his auntie Reece," Faith giggled as his tail began beating into her chest. "May as well call him Killer"

Reece chuckled and scratched his head. "I thought you'd see things my way. Right, Killer?"

"Yap!" The pup jumped up and bounded across their bodies to smother Reece's face with kisses.

"Whoa! Okay, little man... calm down," Reece sputtered against the attack.

Faith laughed outright. "He seems to like kissing you. He just might have some of me left in there yet."

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