Reece's Faith, Part 54

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Reece jumped in confusion from her sleep from the thud, not sure what was going on. She sat up, focused in the dark and saw Faith sprawled out on the floor, still sleeping deeply, Smudge sniffing the actress curiously. Reece chuckled to herself at the sight of her cute, sleeping lover and tried to imagine how she wound up on the floor. She stood up and stretched the aches from her body, making a promise to herself that she was never going to sleep on this couch again. Locating her pants, she slipped them on and rummaged around for Faith's clothes.

The actress mumbled in her sleep as Reece carefully dressed her. The smile on her face made the club owner stop and stare for a few moments in order to admire the cute lips as they curled upwards. Plenty of time for that later, she thought. A lifetime to watch her sleep. Reece turned her head and took a deep, shaky breath. Am I ready for that? Is Faith ready for me? The club owner shook her head to rid the fear and buttoned her shirt. She hesitated with her jacket as the thought came to her again. Forever. Jeez... Another deep breath and the club owner steadied herself. She knelt down on one knee and barely touched Faith's cheek with her fingertips.

The actress made a contented sound and pressed her face closer to the pleasant sensations, reaching out blindly to find the source.

Reece placed her hand in Faith's wandering one and smiled weakly as the smaller fingers instinctively threaded themselves with hers. God, Faith, I can't promise forever, she thought, feeling suddenly distraught.

As if she sensed Reece's fear, Faith's eyes opened and locked immediately on blue ones. Upon seeing the confusion, she sat up and squeezed the hand she was holding tightly. Reece looked away and Faith got scared. "What is it, Reece?"

Faith's voice was still scratchy from sleep, but Reece heard the fright. She shook her head and stood up, pulling Faith upright as she did. "We should get home."

"What am I doing on the floor?" When she got a shrug in response, Faith tried to read her lover's face in the dark room, but was at a loss. "Please, baby, what's going on?"

"Nothing. Just thinking, is all," Reece smiled tightly. "Come on, I can't sleep on that couch another night."

Faith sighed in disappointment, not buying that pathetic excuse for a smile. "Alright, I'll let it slide for now, but you are going to have to start talking to me, Reece," she said sadly.

The club owner made the mistake of looking into Faith's pained eyes. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Reece felt her stomach flip and had to look away. "I'm sorry, Faith." Reece reached down and scooped up the puppy. "It's not that I don't want to tell you. I'm just..."

The actress bit her lip. Reece sounded genuinely sorry. If only Faith could figure out what she was apologizing for, she could help her through this. She moved to face the tall woman and wrapped her arms around her securely. "It's okay, hon, when you're ready, you'll talk to me."

Reece blew out a breath of relief. "I love you," she whispered as she kissed the top of Faith's head. "I'm trying."

"I know and that's all that counts. Let's go, I can't wait to feel the bed under me."

Reece handed Faith the pup and scooped her up into her arms. "And I can't wait to feel you," she wiggled her eyebrows.

"Yeah?" Faith couldn't hide her excitement. "More?"

Reece put her down when they reached the street. "Much more," she leered.


A week later, Faith was waiting on Reece at the set. They never talked about what was bothering the club owner that night, but after a few chats with Cori, they came to a conclusion that made sense. Faith was breaking down all of the tall woman's barriers and this had to be scaring the shit out of her. Reece's life had changed so drastically in such a short time, the dancer was surprised that her old friend was reacting as lightly as she was. She warned the actress to beware; that Reece was liable to freak at any moment. Faith was quick to say she could handle it, but Cori wasn't so sure. Now, as she sat in her trailer, Faith was having second thoughts herself.

Reece's mood had been darkening for a few days and Faith was starting to worry. Everything set off her tense lover lately and this morning, Reece had been brooding over some insignificant thing. When Faith mentioned that fact, Reece had gotten hostile.Faith hated leaving her in such a state, especially after they had words, but she could not stay home, she had to go to work. Besides, she wasn't so sure she'd be able to deal with the angry woman without having an all out screaming match. Having never fought with Reece like this, Faith was relieved to hear that she was coming to pick her up.

Reece frowned as she drove towards the set. It was a bad morning, which led to a worse day, culminating with an excruciating evening. Reece had two choices for how she ended the day: going out and getting plastered or seeking comfort where she was sure it was waiting for her. She chose the latter after some serious contemplation. The club owner dressed and undressed so many times while she wavered between choices that her bedroom looked like the closet had exploded all over it. Reece sat impatiently at the red light, revving her Harley, just to hear the noise. Her decision scared her, she never went running to anyone except Frankie before and those times he was already dead. She felt a frightening weakness at the prospect of needing Faith so badly, but the need was strong and she couldn't deny it. She wished she didn't feel so anxious, so uneasy. There really wasn't anything to panic over, she convinced herself earlier, but, nonetheless, her heart was racing.

Faith heard the distant rumble getting closer and she, too, panicked slightly. She was unsure of which Reece was going to open her trailer door and the thought of the woman she left this morning being in such a state on that motorcycle made her break out in a nervous sweat. The sound of the bike got impossibly loud and then stopped. Faith stood and opened the door to watch her tall lover throw her leg over the seat, stand up and then reach back down into her saddlebag and pull out a package. She watched curiously as Reece tucked it under her arm and strode quickly towards her trailer, stopping in front of the three steps that led to the door.

The club owner was trying her best to act cool and controlled while all she wanted was Faith to wrap herself around her and hold on tight. She was Reece Corbett, for chrissakes, The Animal. She didn't need a hug!

Faith watched the conflict play in her lover's eyes and, when Reece finally looked up at her, she looked like a deer in the headlights. The actress motioned for her to come in and thought back to Cori's words, Reece Corbett never felt anything but anger and triumph until you came along. She was trained to never give in, you told me that. You tore down her walls and made her feel so much more. She gave you her heart and her trust. She gave you those to control and now she doesn't know what to do. Tread carefully, Faith.

When Faith looked up again, Reece was leaning her foot on the closed door, fingering the package nervously. The actress could see the tension rolling through her tall frame. Reece was on the edge.

"Watchya got in the bag?" Faith asked as she sat on the bed.

"I brought you those pastries you like. From where you used to live."

Faith studied Reece's expression. She was tight lipped and her brow was furrowed. "From Veniero's? What would you be doing down there?"

Reece shrugged. "I just figured you haven't been back there since you moved in with me and you might have missed it."

Faith smiled and shook her head. She got up, stood in front of her tall lover and took the bag, throwing it on the table. "I don't miss it, Reece, I don't miss anything about my life before you."

The club owner backed up against the door until she was flat against it. "Faith, I don't know if I can do this!" she blurted out loudly, like she had been holding it in forever.

"Wha..?" Where did *that* come from? "What are you talking about?" Faith grabbed Reece's arm, pulled her to the bed and pushed her down to sit.

"Just everything! I love you, but I can't promise... don't you get it?" Blue eyes darted everywhere but at Faith. Feeling exasperated, she stood and paced.

Cori was right. It seemed Reece was falling apart and Faith felt responsible. She stood in Reece's path, stopping her from going any further. She wrapped her fingers around the taut biceps and squeezed. "Reece, look at me. You have to tell me what you're thinking or I'll never be able to make sense out of times like this. Just a hint?" Faith cocked her head and tried to lighten the mood with a grin. Reece was terribly upset and Faith needed to know where to start damage control.

"Isn't it enough that I love you?"

"Yeah..." Faith waited for more.

"So why do you need promises? Forever is a long time, Faith!" the club owner seemed to be arguing with no one.

It was almost a whine and that's where it all made sense. Faith blew out the breath she was holding with great relief. This, I can fix. She led Reece back to the bed and pushed her back down again. "Sit," she ordered when Reece tried to stand.

"I can't sit still," Reece explained.

"Then fidget, but pay attention to me." Faith pulled up a chair and sat in front of her lover who was now drumming her fingers on her thighs. "I never asked you to promise me anything, Reece. You asked me to promise you that I'll never go away. Do you remember? Christmas day?"

Reece nodded. She remembered, all right. She remembered more than she wanted to. "Yeah, I was really gone, wasn't I?"

Faith smiled in memory. "Oh, but you were sooo good," she leaned in and kissed Reece's nose, then pulled back and stroked the strong jaw line. "Baby, I know you can't make me any promises... and that's okay. I believe in you and that's all I need to get me through. I trust you with my heart. Honestly, I trust you with my life."

Reece closed her eyes and let Faith's touch soothe her. The knowing fingers found their way into her hair and she leaned heavily into the feeling.

"Forever is a long time," Faith whispered before she slipped her free hand around Reece's back and pulled her closer. "Please don't be scared of us, I know it's overwhelming sometimes..." Reece nodded into her neck and she kissed her head to reassure her. "It makes me think, too, but I'm not afraid. I'm more amazed that you would want to keep me around, more than anything else."

"Are you retarded?" Reece pulled back from the comfort of Faith's neck. "Me keep you around? I'm bowled the fuck over every time I wake up and find you in my bed! Are you serious?"

"Well, yes. God, Reece, how hard it must be to have to share everything in your life with me after you've been isolated emotionally for so long," Faith continued to stroke Reece's hair, running her fingers through the thickness, calming herself as much as Reece.

"It felt right, I never stopped to think about it. I want you there." Faith smiled doubtfully. "Hey, one insecure, emotional cripple is enough in this relationship, don't you think?" Reece pulled Faith close again and hugged her, burying her face in the safety of her neck.

Faith was startled with that act. Reece was never the needy type and it certainly felt like she was craving to be held. "What else is wrong, Reece?"

"I had a rotten fucking day and just really wanted you to hug me. Is that alright?" she asked timidly.

"It's more than alright. After this, I'll hug you all the way home, too."

"Thank you, Faith. I love you." Faith tightened her hold and rocked a little. "Never thank me for loving you."


Reece's fear abated as they rode home with Faith's arms wrapped around her. She knew it was for her own safety, but Faith reassured her by rubbing her belly and touching her thighs at every red light. At first, Reece felt stupid about the way she had acted, it was a knee jerk reaction to her fear, but Faith's hands soothed away the feeling and now she felt comforted and much more relaxed.

Reece cut the engine and guided the Harley around the corner of Bank Street. Faith thought it was sweet the way she turned off the bike before they reached their block as a courtesy to their neighbors. As a result of this act, more times than not, Reece was forced to push the Harley into a parking spot and she never complained once. The actress tightened her grip around Reece's ribs and leaned her cheek against her back.

The bike came to a stop besides a small space and the club owner grinned at the tight grasp. "You can let go of me now."

"Can't you just park it with me on it for once? I don't want to let go," Faith said as she rubbed her cheek into Reece's jacket.

"I have to get off too, babe, the space is too small." Faith whined. "You can assume that position when we get inside, okay?"

Faith pouted and got off the bike. "Oh, alright." Reece climbed off and threw her helmet at Faith, running her hands through her short hair out of habit. The actress put the helmet under her arm and took off her own. "Do you miss it?" she wondered.

Reece backed the bike into the small spot and was bending to put the lock in place. "Miss what?" she asked curiously.

"Your hair. You always used to run your fingers through it after a ride to get out the tangles and I was just wondering..."

Reece took Faith's hand and they walked the steps to their house. "Sometimes I do, but I don't much think about it. Do you like it like this?"

Faith reached up and scratched her nails lightly across the back of Reece's neck making her hunch her shoulders. "Yes, I really like it," she snickered at Reece's reaction.

"You like this new power you have now, don't you?" Reece growled trying to rub away the tingling sensation that Faith's nails had caused.

"Oh, yeah. Immensely," Faith smiled seductively.

"I bet." Reece opened the door and scooped up Smudge. "How's the little man?" she impulsively kissed his head and winced at Faith's gasp.

"I saw that! You kissed him!" she yelled once the door was closed.

"Yeah... yeah. So what?" Reece said defensively. "I like him." She checked his food and water before putting him down.

"Don't worry, hon, I won't tell anyone," Faith teased her uncomfortable lover.

Reece narrowed her eyes playfully and stalked Faith. "You better not or I will have to silence you, sweet thing." She backed Faith against the wall and leered at her.

"Yipes!" Faith yelped when Reece leaned all her weight against her. She feigned a swoon. "What will you do to silence me, oh, tall, scary, sexy hunk of woman?" she wiggled her body suggestively into Reece.

"If I tell you, I will have to kill you," Reece leaned down for a kiss.

"Then draw me a diagram," Faith replied before her lips were covered completely.


The incessant ringing woke Faith out of her sleep. She reached across the bed to elbow Reece, but she wasn't there. Faith looked at the clock and decided that it was way too early for anyone to be ringing the doorbell and they would have to die. Standing with a sigh of annoyance, she made her way to the stairs. Halfway down, the ringing finally stopped and she heard as their guest was greeted to loud, whispered curses from Reece.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Cori? Faith is still sleeping!"

"Well, that's a good thing, Reece. You'll never guess who I ran into this morning."

From where Faith was standing, Cori looked mad. She ducked up a few stairs when the dancer let herself in.

"By all means, make yourself comfortable," Reece said sarcastically, closing the door. "So, who was so important that you had to tell me this early?"

"I ran into Michele and Christina."

Faith saw Reece grimace. "Yeah, so."

"Reece! Why didn't you tell me?!"

"So, I had something to do with them meeting, I thought it was a match made in heaven, anyway," Reece shrugged.

"That's not what I was talking about and you know it!" Cori fumed.

Faith watched in shocked curiosity as her friend pushed Reece down on the couch.


"You were brought up on rape charges and you never told me!?"

RAPE! Faith sat down on the stairs as her knees went numb.

"Shhh... Cori, what are you nuts, screaming like that?"

"You haven't told Faith either! What's wrong with you?"

"She didn't have to know. It was attempted rape and it was a crock. The charges were dropped, anyway."

"Reece! Are you stupid? What happened to the shit you said about sharing with Faith, telling her your feelings? What if Christina shows up or Faith hears it from someone else?" Cori arrowed her eyes and folded her arms across her chest.

"You wouldn't!" Reece dared.

"Don't tempt me. Was this because of New Year's? When you turned her down?"

"Yeah, it was a revenge thing; she was humiliated and she filed a ridiculous charge against me. It was bullshit and she had to drop the charges. Nikki told her she was being an asshole," Reece shrugged.

Faith digested the information. Reece's explanation put her at ease but there was still no excuse for why she wasn't told. She felt hurt.

"But that doesn't answer why you haven't told Faith. I can understand not telling me, but her?"

Reece looked very guilty. "I wanted to, but she started having shit at work and then the club took off... after the charges were dropped, I figured what the hell."

"Reece, those are some serious charges to have on one's record. Please, tell Faith," Cori pled.

Faith agreed with Cori. She was pissed that Reece didn't tell her, but she felt oddly comforted that Reece thought to hold something this monstrous inside to spare her.

"It's not on my record, it's taken care of, but I'll tell Faith, okay? " Reece ran her hands up and down over her face in irritation. This wasn't how she planned this morning.

"Okay. Hey, how did you get those two together?"

"I have my secrets. Let's just say they have a common enemy."

"You're such an asshole. You won't tell me?"

"E-mail, Cori. I sent Chris an accidental e-mail from Michele complaining about me to some phony person. I assumed they'd hit it off."

"You are so lucky, Reece. What if they didn't? You'd have two crazy women on your back."

"Only two? Where's Faith figure in there?" Reece joked.

Faith frowned on the stairs and decided it was time to show her face. "Where does Faith figure into where? Good morning, Cori, you're here early," she leaned over and kissed her lounging lover.

"Mmmm, morning, beautiful," Reece murmured into Faith.

"Hey, I was just leaving, Faith. I'll let you two get on with your morning rituals," Cori smirked at the embracing kissing women.

Reece broke the kiss when she heard the door close.

"What was she doing here so early, Reece? Was it important?"

"Uh, yeah," Reece lifted Faith onto her lap and rubbed her shoulders nervously.

Faith wished this wasn't going to be so hard, but she wanted to hear it.

"Remember New Year's? What I told you about Chris in my office?" Reece started.

"Yes, when she tried to take advantage of your... situation?" Faith offered to help her struggling lover.

"Well, she went off the deep end and filed charges against me, saying I tried to... rape her."

"And..." The actress tucked a bit of hair behind Reece's ear.

Reece eyed Faith suspiciously. Why wasn't she freaking out? "And, well, I was arrested and taken to jail for a few hours."

"Oh, baby, why didn't you tell me? I know how hard it must have been for you to be there!"

Reece leaned back and studied Faith's face. "I just told you I was arrested for attempted rape and you are okay with that?"

"Reece, you'd never rape anybody. I feel awful because I couldn't be there when you needed me the most."

"Good god, Faith!" Reece's eyes were wide with astonishment.

"What? What happened to the charges?" Faith let her fingertips wander down Reece's shoulders and arms.

"They were dropped. They were bullshit," Reece closed her eyes at the pleasurable sensations Faith's fingers were causing.

"I can't believe you were in jail and you didn't call me. I'm hurt, Reece."

Reece looked like she was going to cry. "I never want to hurt you, Faith. I'm so sorry."

"Then why didn't you tell me?" the actress began a teasing motion across Reece's ribs and up and down her sides.

Reece readied herself. She took a deep breath, grateful for the feel of Faith's fingers calming her soul. "It was a horrible day. I had a hellish nightmare, I got into a fight with some would-be muggers and then I was arrested. I didn't want you to see me like that. I didn't want to scare you... or disappoint you. That dream, Faith... it was because of Christina."

"Honey, that was why you got yourself so drunk that day, isn't it?"

"Yeah. It was stupid. I should have called you," Reece clenched her jaw and turned her head.

Faith persisted. She drew both hands behind Reece's head and forced her to face her. The pained blue eyes looked into hers and Faith felt the emotion in her own stomach. "Oh, Reece, I love you. You wouldn't have disappointed me. You wouldn't have scared me, either. You wouldn't hurt me."

"That day... I don't know, Faith. That dream... it was disturbing," Reece admitted quietly.

"What happened in that dream?" Faith asked while smoothing the worry lines in Reece's brow.

"I said it was because of what happened with Christina."

Reece's pulse sped up in fear and her mouth went dry. Faith saw her swallow and wondered what could have made the strong woman so scared. She remembered the panic in her lover's voice, the dream Reece desperate to save the dream Faith. But from what?

Reece's gaze flickered to Faith for an instant and the actress felt her fear.

Because of what happened with Christina... It dawned on Faith what could make Reece so frightened. "Reece, did you... force yourself on me in your dream?

Reece swallowed hard again, "Worse. It was The Animal, and she... liked it."

Faith pulled her trembling lover into a hug and kissed the top of her head. "So, that's why you didn't let me touch you... that's why you made me touch myself." God, I was teasing her, testing her relentlessly... but she didn't leave. She trusted me... us.

Reece nodded and kissed Faith's arm.

"Shhh, it's okay, Reece. I'm so proud of you. Had I known what kind of day... what kind of dream you had, I wouldn't have done what I did that day."

Reece chuckled, "I passed out on you. I never did that before."

"Well let's hope you never have to get that drunk again. Next time you want your way with me or The Animal wants her way with me, I want you completely sober. I don't want to miss a thing."

Reece grinned wildly, "You want the Animal to have her way with you?" She extricated herself from the embrace to look into Faith's eyes.

"I love The Animal, Reece, especially when she has her way with me," Faith wiggled her eyebrows and licked her lips.

"Oh, you're going to open up that can of worms, aren't you?" Reece teased, willing The Animal to come out right that second.

Faith pulled Reece's face between her breasts and wriggled. "I can hardly wait."


Faith trailed behind her lover as she picked up the clothes that were strewn around their room. "So try harder?" Faith whined, watching Reece's butt as she stooped to pick up her jeans.

"Faith," Reece chuckled, "I told you, I don't have the head for that now." She folded the jeans over a hanger.

"Pleeease?" the actress stood in front of the tall woman and gave her best pout.

Reece sighed. "Babe, listen. Just because you want The Animal to be there, doesn't mean it will happen. There's certain factors involved," Reece furrowed her brows at the way that sounded, like she was talking about an algebra problem. It's not that fucking difficult!

Faith folded a shirt and still wore her pout. "What the hell did you do in here last night?"

"I had trouble choosing an outfit," Reece said in embarrassment.

"You could have shown up naked," Faith suggested with a big grin. "Reece, how come you can't just be..."

"Faith, you keep harping on it and The Animal will whoop your butt!"

"Fine," Faith said and stomped out of the room like a petulant child.

Reece shook her head and laughed. "Maybe I oughtta just go get drunk and belligerent and give her a healthy dose of the real Animal."

"I heard that!" Faith came barreling into the room. "Would you?" she asked hopefully.

Reece blinked a few times before finding her tongue. "Faith, that's not what I want to be."

"I know, but I'll take what you got," she laughed.

"You really want this, don't you?"

"Oh, yes," the actress nodded rapidly. "I'll tie myself to the bed as an offering?" she suggested.

"I don't need an offering, although if you tie yourself to the bed I won't complain," Reece laughed loudly. "You are too adorable. Okay, I'll see what I can do."

"Yes!" Faith ran out of the room and Reece could hear her doing a happy dance all the way downstairs.

"Now what?" she looked at her reflection in the mirror. "Can I will it to happen?" She closed her eyes and concentrated hard. She opened them up with a sigh. "Nope, that doesn't work." She sat down on the bed and tried to conjure something up. "Well, that won't work either. I'm in a weird mood." The club owner lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. "Now, if she caught me yesterday or the day before..." An evil grin came to her lips, but quickly faded. "No, I don't want an angry, nasty Animal, I want to have fun. I'm trying too hard." After a while, Reece ventured to the top of the stairs and yelled down. "Hey, Faith? Why don't you call Cori? She seems to know more about me than I do," Reece chuckled to herself.

Faith did call Cori. In fact, she had called her before Reece even mentioned it. The dancer didn't have many suggestions, but they put their heads together and came up with a good idea of what Faith could do to provoke Reece. Assist her, but not push her over the limits.

There was an edge to The Animal, one Faith craved more than anything lately. She didn't want the overbearing and angry Reece... that never made for good company. Faith wanted to play with the unpredictable, powerfully sexy Reece and, if she pushed the right buttons, she could have what she wanted and keep Reece close at hand -- Animalistic, but not quite Animal. The more she thought about it, the more excited she became.


The club owner was just getting out of the shower when Faith called up that she was leaving for work. Reece threw the towel over her shoulders, pulled on her underwear and ran down to see her off.

"Have a good day, babe, I'll miss you," the tall woman leaned down to give Faith a kiss.

"Have you any idea how hard it is for me to leave now?" Faith whined.

Reece straightened up and rubbed her wet hair with the towel, totally aware of what this action caused her breasts to do. "Don't feel like working today?" she asked innocently.

Faith growled and threw herself at her half-naked lover. "No." She palmed two full breasts and sighed happily, "I'd like to stay home and devour you whole."

Reece snickered. Faith was so easy. "Wish you could, babe, but I have to get to work, too." She peeled Faith's fingers off her body and backed up a few steps, throwing the towel over her shoulders again to cover her breasts. Faith's look of disappointment was precious and Reece had to play with it. She ran her hands over her body and threw her head back. "Of course, I don't have to leave for hours yet and who knows what I'll do with the free time," she grinned wickedly and arched her back.

The actress's mouth watered. "You are evil. Evil. Evil. Evil." Faith stomped her foot with each word.

"I thought you liked me when I was evil," Reece teased, baring her teeth in a sneaky smile.

"You just wait 'til I get home, Reece," the red head turned on her heel and marched out of the house.

Reece chuckled, "That was fun."


John was having a hard time getting Faith to cooperate today. "Will you just sit still for half a second?!"

"I'm sorry, I can't." John gave her a glare that meant business. Faith took a deep breath and crossed her legs. "Okay, I'll try."

John sighed and lifted Faith's chin in another attempt to apply eyeliner. "What is wrong with you today miss thing? I've never seen you so jumpy."


"Uh oh. Trouble in paradise?" John asked distractedly as he finally finished one eye.

Faith exploded out of the chair. "She is so goddamned, fucking hot I can't stand it!" she yelled.

John almost fell backwards and he stood there with his eyebrow in his hairline and his mouth hanging open.

Faith began gesturing wildly. "She makes me crazy! I don't think she even knows that she's doing it half the time, but she knew it this morning." She started to pace. "She knows how badly I want her and she played with it. God, I want her so badly right now..." The actress put her face in her hands and was startled when her head was pulled back by a hand on the back of her neck.

"Oh, no! It took me half the morning to do one little green eyeball; you are not going to screw it all up just because you want to get laid! Now sit!" he pointed to the chair and tapped his foot.

Faith obeyed, totally mortified now by her explosion. "Oh, god, I am sooo embarrassed," she squeaked.

"You think you're the only one that's ever been horny? Well, you got another thing coming, Louise," the makeup artist pressed on her forehead and forced Faith's head back. "I could tell you stories for days about being horny, young lady, so don't even think that's an excuse."

"It's not merely horny, John. You wouldn't understand. It's more of a need to have something that you can't. It's right there and you can touch it, but it's not attainable." She squirmed around a bit and then sighed, "It's a part of her I want, but it's a part of her she's afraid to give me."

"Spike? Afraid of something? Ha!" John snorted.

"Yeah. Herself," Faith said quietly.

"I'll tell you what. I have no idea what you're talking about, but I think whatever it is, you have to make her face it head-on. I can't imagine what could frighten her." He pursed his lips studied her face. "You know, I was afraid of cats. One time I got stuck in an elevator with two of them and I thought I was going to die. A little while later, after some gentle coaxing, I was touching one and actually enjoying it. It was soft and silky; it enjoyed the way I was stroking it so much, it purred. How could I be afraid of something that wanted nothing but my attention, the pleasure I was giving it? I felt good knowing that I made it feel good. Now I love them."

Faith understood what John said and she bet he had no idea how much it applied to her own situation. Faith had a brilliant idea. With John's story and Cori's ideas, Faith was completely convinced she had a date with The Animal tonight. "Thanks, John. All it needs is a little stroking and I'm sure it will be purring in no time."

The make up artist eyed Faith curiously. He was sure he'd never seen that face before and he was afraid to ask its meaning.


Reece was sitting back in the recliner listening to her CD's. Smudge was sleeping on her lap, curled up in a precious little ball. They had been playing all morning and finally he fell into an exhausted nap. When she pushed the chair back, it made a noise that startled Smudge and he barked until she picked him up and held him. She was smiling down at the little black dog when the phone rang. She didn't want to disturb her puppy again and stared at the machine waiting for it to answer the call for her. Suddenly Faith's voice filled the room.

"Hi there, stud," she said seductively. "I've been thinking about you all morning," she made a yummy sound and Reece's eyes narrowed at the answering machine. "I keep picturing the way those glorious tits of yours looked this morning and I am soooo wet."

Faith practically purred the last two words and Reece felt a little damp herself. She shifted carefully in her chair so she wouldn't disturb Smudge.

"Anyway, I know you'd have loved for me to take those beautiful nipples in my mouth and lick them like tiny little lollypops, suck them, bite them..."

Faith paused here and Reece groaned. Her nipples reacted to Faith's words and she looked at them as they poked against her T-shirt. You are so gonna get it, Faith, she swore to herself.

"I bet they just got hard, didn't they? Oh yeah, I just got wetter thinking about wrapping my lips around them." Faith made a small groaning sound and Reece nodded at the machine. "Well, sexy, I have about 15 minutes until I'm needed on the set. Guess what I'm going to do with my time?" she asked with a chuckle. "Wish you were here," Faith blew a kiss and hung up.

Reece stared at the answering machine long after the call ended. What is she trying to do, kill me? She gently slipped her hand beneath the sleeping pup and lifted him up. After depositing him on the couch, she palmed both her breasts and tried to push her nipples back down. Ohhhh... she smirked. I know what you're up to, Reece nodded and chuckled out loud. Faith was trying to coax the Animal out to play and it was fine by her. She wasn't complaining at all. Good idea, baby... you just keep this up and you won't know what hit you.


That night at The Lounge, Reece sat on her usual barstool and banged her head against the bar. A few patrons moved away and some of the girls glanced over, but no one did anything. The girls had grown accustomed to this behavior from their boss; she'd been doing it all night long, usually after a phone call. They took a vote and Cori was elected to see if everything was alright, but the dancer came back with no news, having received only a growl for an answer. Cori knew that Faith was torturing her tall lover relentlessly, but she had never seen Reece act like this before. It was comical to see her in this state of painful frustration -- crossing and uncrossing her legs, pacing and muttering, fidgeting uncontrollably, closing her eyes in rapt attention when she listened to each phone call. The dancer laughed at the way Reece's hair was standing up all over the place from her hands constantly grabbing at it. Yep, bosslady, Faith has you exactly where she wants you. She would have felt a little bad for Faith, but she knew the actress had asked for it.

Reece's whole body was tingling and her clothes felt too tight. The shirt was damp with perspiration and everything felt rough against her highly aroused body. She put her head in her hands and leaned forward, letting her pants dig into her crotch. It was that call where Faith told her in intricate detail what she had done with her fifteen spare minutes that started Reece off and that last call telling her exactly what she wanted Reece to do with her tongue that put her in this state. She bit her lip and quickly leaned back again upon hearing the satisfied groan leave her own mouth. Looking around and finding no one there to witness her moment of weakness, Reece slumped back onto the bar. Her eyes kept flitting to the clock behind the bar. One more hour... just 60 minutes... I should get going... maybe I'll walk home.

Faith looked at her watch and her stomach jumped in anticipation. Reece is probably pacing around the living room naked right now, she thought with a rakish grin. "Well, not completely naked, I hope."

When Reece arrived home, she was no better off than earlier that night. Her mind was filled with visuals. Faith had been terrorizing her all day with graphic details and the club owner was about ready to explode with need. She started to strip off her clothes and remembered that one conversation where Faith mentioned something about her boots. Reece smiled evilly and went one further, sprinting up the stairs and digging her leather vest out of the closet. She rooted around until she found a few more items of clothing Faith was sure to love and ran back downstairs to await what she had been anticipating all day long.

Part 55

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