Reece's Faith, Part 55

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Faith wiggled uncomfortably in the back seat of the big black car, earning the occasional glance in the mirror from the driver. She couldn't help it. All that talking she did, stoked the embers that had been burning all day into a raging fire and she could not wait to get home to Reece... or The Animal, it really didn't matter to her any more. At this point, Animal be damned, she needed relief!

That last growl did it. Reece hadn't said a word during her last phone call, but the heavy, open mouthed breathing sounds spoke volumes to the actress. By the end of that particular call, Reece was growling and Faith was flushed. It was hours ago and it distracted the actress so much she kept flubbing her lines and everyone was ticked at her. God, but that growl! she thought with another squirm and a groan.

"Are you feeling alright, Ms. Ashford?" Barry finally asked.

"What?" Faith asked, after realizing she was being spoken to.

"I was just wondering if you were ill. You're making some awful noises. Shall I pull over?" he asked with concern as she began to turn a bit pink.

"No! Don't you dare stop this car!" Faith yelled with panic in her voice.

"Okay, I was just worried."

Feeling embarrassed for her behavior, the actress apologized and tried to hold a decent conversation until she arrived home.


Reece paced the first floor of the house, detouring to the window every few trips to look out at the dark, quiet street. Her boots made the only sound in the house, falling heavily on the wooden floors. "Where the hell is she?" she muttered as she dropped the mini blinds back into place.

Reece was jumpy, highly aroused, frustrated and getting more edgy by the second. She was more than ready for Faith, her desire was running rampant. Her head was filled with graphic details... sights, tastes and smells and it was the actress who put them there. Her ears picked up a sound and she fairly dove for the window. "It's about fucking time!" she growled as she watched the actress bound up the stairs.

Faith fumbled for her keys in vain, as the door flew open and she was practically dragged over the threshold. She flinched as the door was kicked closed and she dropped her keys with a loud clang. Securely squished between Reece and the wall, Faith finally took a breath. The overwhelming scent of leather made her exhale broken up and shaky. One strong hand held her arms high over her head as the other began to tear off her clothes. There was hot breath in her ear coming in short, moist spurts and Faith heard herself whimper. A faint ripping sound followed by a low groan made the actress' knees weak. The large hand was attempting to hold all of her ass in its grasp, groping and squeezing relentlessly. Reece suddenly dug her nails into the sensitive flesh of Faith's inner thigh and the actress gasped and jerked her hips. Reece filed that reaction away for later. Faith squealed in delight as sharp teeth met the sensitive skin of her throat. "Yes! Harder!" she urged.

As quick as a blink, the hand that was on her ass had its fingers in her mouth, pulling her lower jaw ever so slightly. Faith blinked in surprise. Reece moved her mouth from throat to ear and spoke in a low sultry whisper. "Oh, no. No more talking from you, young lady. I think you've done enough of that for today."

Faith did the one thing she shouldn't, she caressed the talented fingers with her tongue and raised her eyebrows slightly, head cocked in question. A defiant gesture that she knew would bring on the reaction she craved.

"Oh, you wanna play games, do you?" Reece asked, sliding her wet fingers to hold Faith's raised chin in place.

Faith raised one eyebrow higher and a slow grin spread across her lips as she finally took in the tight vest her lover was wearing.

Reece saw exactly where Faith's gaze landed and she took a deep breath to emphasize the area. Faith's face was heading for her cleavage and, although it took most of her control, Reece held her chin in place tightly. She narrowed her eyes and straightened up. Releasing Faith's arms, she wrapped her own around the actress and hoisted her up over her shoulder. "Fine, then we play by my rules," Reece replied with an evil chuckle.

Faith's heart beat wildly; this was what she had been waiting for all day. From her perch, the actress could see Reece's sexy denim-clad butt and her boots. She ran her hands up the muscular back, felt the thin covering of leather and shivered slightly. She remembered the boots... she thought briefly as she was deposited on the kitchen table. Hands were all over her and she was stripped to her panties in mere seconds.

"Turn over," Reece ordered quietly.

Faith took in the breathtaking sight that stood before her. "God, Reece, you're fucking gorgeous!" she breathed in amazement.

The club owner was startled for a moment and actually nodded her thanks. Recovering quickly, she leered at her almost naked lover. "Turn over and hold on to the table."

Faith saw Reece's eyes flash with excitement and her belly flip-flopped. She took one last look to memorize the view and did as she as she was told. She was face down on the table and her already stiff nipples turned into painful knots against the cold, hard surface. She closed her eyes and imagined what Reece looked like at this moment, standing in all her triumph behind her prone body. She could still see her breasts straining against the leather vest and a small groan escaped her. She felt her legs being brought together and she was pulled along the surface of the table until her ass was just at the edge. The feel of soft, worn denim on the back of her thighs made her squirm as Reece leaned over her. The warmth from her lover's legs excited her more. She opened her eyes and saw a strong hand leaning on the table by her face, just above her shoulder. She turned her head and there was the other one, the pinkie twitched a few times as she heard Reece breathe erratically in her struggle to maintain control. Faith smiled to herself and wiggled her ass into Reece's crotch.

The club owner growled as Faith's butt pressed up into her. The urge to open her legs and ride that ass nearly overwhelmed her, she was that horny, but she had an agenda, one that Faith would remember for a long time. She felt her hands twitch as they ached to touch the flesh laid out under her, but Reece needed to ground herself. She wanted this and Faith wanted this, but there had to be control. She needed to show them both that The Animal was capable of this. Not frantic, aggressive coupling, no haste and urgency. The Animal was capable of much more and Faith was the one to prove that. Reece just needed to take a breath.

Faith had a very good idea what was going on behind her as she watched the strong fingers jump in anticipation. She so desperately wanted to poke out her tongue and taste one, or two, but she knew Reece had to go at her own pace. But, god, she wanted this badly. Faith knew only one thing that may ease Reece's mind. "I love you for this, Reece."

The words made a direct hit and the club owner lowered her body closer to Faith's, but not all the way down. "And I love you, too," she whispered before she placed a gentle kiss on Faith's temple, "but enough of that. Pay back time, baby."

The actress breathed a sigh of relief as she heard the confidence of Reece's tone. She could feel the heat emanating off of Reece's torso and the now steady breaths fall across he back of her neck. It was driving her crazy to have Reece this close and not feel her or see her. She inhaled deeply and took comfort in the smells -- Reece's body, leather and a faint touch of alcohol. It made her shiver.

"Oh, I can tell how much you want me," Reece drawled into her ear.

Faith felt Reece's weight shift and a hand was suddenly on her shoulder.

"Your body is talking to me." Reece touched Faith from shoulder to shoulder, pressing down slightly, not at all teasingly. "You've been waiting to feel me on top of you all day."

Faith breathed out a sigh as she nodded. She was going to answer but remembered Reece told her not to talk. That warm hand was wreaking havoc with her senses, moving confidently, possessively down her back. She opened her eyes again and stared at the hand by her face. The veins were standing out with the stress Reece was placing on it. Faith wanted to trace them with her tongue, feel the blood rushing through them, the sustenance that powered her strong lover. A groan escaped her as Reece's other hand slipped between their lower bodies and under her panties.

"Somebody is a little wet."

Just like that, the hand was gone and Faith heard Reece sucking her fingers. She squeezed her inner muscles, making her ass cheeks flex tightly as she pictured everything she heard.

The club owner smirked at the movement; she knew what she was doing. She placed her hand back on the table, leaned down as close as she could without touching Faith and licked the back of her neck. In doing, so her breasts weighed heavily against the leather vest and her nipples became painfully hard. She groaned quietly and brushed her chest against Faith's back and the smaller woman arched dramatically, giving Reece prolonged, much needed contact. She jerked her hips reflexively into the ass beneath her and was surprised to hear such an animalistic sound rumbling from her lover.

Faith startled herself with the growl, but, for a moment, she had what she wanted and couldn't control herself. She could smell herself on Reece's fingers. The anticipation of it all made her skin burn where Reece touched her.

All at once, there was no contact from her tall lover and Faith shivered from the sudden chill. She heard the snaps pop open on the leather vest and she tensed even tighter, waiting to feel Reece's breasts touch her skin. Instead, she felt hands slide her underwear off and spread her legs wide open, displaying herself for her lover. The leather vest dangled in front of her face and Faith swallowed hard.

"You should see my tits, Faith. They're so ready for you. I bet you'd love to feel them."

The vest fell to the floor and Faith closed her eyes, imagining those beautiful breasts. Reece grunted and Faith whimpered. Reece only grunted in that particular way when her nipples were pinched. Faith knew now that she was being given a taste of her own medicine as Reece planned to torture her exactly like she had done to her all day.

"My nipples are so hard, I can't help but touch them. It feels so good. I can feel it in my clit," she grunted again. "They're so red now."

Reece's voice was sexy and low; Faith could feel herself swell and she knew Reece could see it if she looked. That aroused her even more.

"You thought it was cute, talking dirty to me all day, huh?"

Reece was suddenly standing in front of her and Faith struggled not to jump on top of her topless lover. She strained her neck to see all the way up to Reece's face.

The club owner knelt down to eye level with the panting actress, her right hand never leaving her tits. She closed her eyes and hummed, pinching her nipple in front of Faith's flushed face. "You want to do this, don't you? You thought you'd get this if you talked dirty to me all day, didn't you?" Reece licked her own nipple and Faith felt herself get soaked. The crouching temptress chuckled at the actress's pained expression. "Now you have to listen to me." Reece held Faith's panties in front of her face and sniffed them deeply. "These smell so good. You've been wet all day, haven't you?"

Faith's eyes narrowed as she watched Reece bring the crotch of her wet panties to her face and lick it. The actress jerked as she thought she felt that wet pink tongue caress her between her legs.

"God, this tastes so... mmm. You taste delicious, Faith," Reece punctuated that sentence with another lick and a serious nipple twist. After a long, self-induced groan, she stood up and disappeared behind Faith and the actress whined loudly.

Faith was dizzy from her arousal. Reece was working her into a frenzy and she hadn't even begun to touch her yet. She inhaled as she felt Reece step between her open legs, but that was all she felt. She listened carefully and heard Reece's breathing get louder, then a small moan.

"I'm driving myself crazy looking at your open pussy and playing with my tits. I can see you getting wetter."

The hitch in Reece's voice told her that her lover was telling the truth. A wave or desire shot to her center as she imagined what Reece looked like touching her tits. Faith squirmed on the table, her sweaty body sticking to the shiny surface. She wanted Reece to touch her so badly.

"I know what you want, baby, you want me to stick my face between your legs and lick you like I did your tasty panties. You want me to bury my tongue inside you so deeply that I can't breathe," Reece panted slightly, turning herself on more with every word.

Faith nodded rapidly. She lifted her ass and swayed her hips in hopes of feeling something, anything touch her. Her glistening sex, swollen and begging, danced around in front of the tall woman.

Reece stopped touching herself when she saw this. She'd never come from simply touching her tits, but, in this case, she feared she might. She needed to get a grip. Licking her dry lips, she thought of just the thing to do.

"AH!" Faith cried out and arched, slamming her pelvis into the table as Reece's nails suddenly dug into her shoulders. She hissed the entire time as they traveled down her back.

"Such pretty pink lines, Faith. You should see them," Reece traced a scratch with her fingertip. "Oh, yeah."

Faith could hear the arousal dripping off of each word. She screamed through clenched teeth and hissed again as the nails retraced their path.

"Oh, now that's a nice red. Perhaps this one may bleed," she said as she suddenly traced her tongue down the burning welt.

"Oh, god, Reece!" Faith sputtered twisting around under the assault. It felt terribly painful but in a very good way. She got wetter.

Reece pressed her crotch into Faith, hard enough to feel her jeans get damp with Faith's juices. "You can't believe how wet I am right now," Reece pushed forward until Faith's grip on the table was threatened. "Ooo... yeah, I'm dripping."

Reece growled the last two words and Faith felt like she may explode. She nearly did when suddenly the denim was gone and fingers explored between her legs. "Shit..." she whispered.

"Oh, Faith... this is all for me?"

Faith heard the sucking sounds again along with the sound of a zipper. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to ignore the arousing, burning sensation on her back, instead picturing Reece sliding out of her jeans. This image caused burning sensations elsewhere and she moaned.

"I do recall you wanted me to keep my boots on, didn't you?"

Faith nodded and twisted her neck to try and catch a glimpse of her naked lover. Instead, Reece's jeans landed on her face, inside out and crotch first. She inhaled deeply. Reece wasn't kidding around. She was soaked and Faith ate up the scent as if she needed it to survive.

"Does it smell good?" Reece pressed the material into Faith's face and she could feel her nodding. "I'm not wearing underwear. You made me so hot, I rubbed myself into these pants all day." Faith whimpered. "Yeah, you missed that, poor baby. Maybe you'd like to see that now?"

Before Faith could answer, the nails were back. "Oh, GOD!" she writhed under the attack and thought she may faint with the pain and pleasure.

"Poor, poor baby, do you need some ice?"

Faith heard the tinkling sound and tensed as tight as she'd ever been in her life.

Reece chuckled. The sight of her trembling lover stretched out on the table, bright red marks down the length of her back, sweat dribbling down the sides of her neck, gave her a rush like she'd never before felt with Faith.

The actress felt Reece's hair before she felt the words blow across her ear.

"Do you want me to stop?" she whispered playfully, confident in Faith's answer.

"Please don't. Please..." Faith whimpered.

"I thought you'd say that."

"Jesus!" Faith yelled as the freezing wet fingers suddenly entered her steaming sex. "Reece!" she rooted her ass up and around as the fingers stayed firmly buried deeply inside.

"Did that cool you off?" she grinned against Faith's ear. "Sometimes, when my hands are really cold I like to touch myself," she groaned for emphasis. "My freezing fingers teasing my hard nipples," she removed her fingers and painted Faith's lips with her own arousal then held her chin, turning her face all the way to the side. "It makes me so wet, so hot."

Faith fell limp when Reece's lips covered her own, sucking and nibbling them, driving her even crazier with each suck. She moaned and twisted under the heavy body to no avail. One of Reece's hands found its way to Faith's ass and she squeezed it roughly, grunting into her frenzied kiss. Faith's head fell back to the table when Reece let go of her chin. She groaned at the loss of lip contact, it was the first kiss she had gotten and she hoped it wouldn't be the last. This was much more than she asked for or hoped for tonight. This was every bit The Animal and she sucked it all up, but this was a different Animal and she had a feeling she'd be seeing a lot more of this one if she had anything to say about it. A guttural moan broke through her thoughts.

"God, that feels good," Reece groaned.

"Tell me..." Faith dared.

"I'm rubbing my clit," Reece panted.

"Are you going to come?" Faith closed her eyes and pictured this sight.

After some hesitation, Reece replied. "No," she said, much more controlled than a second ago. "I'm gonna come on your ass like you did to me."

"Oh, god...." Faith groaned with the memory of what that felt like.

"What a beautiful ass to come on."

"FUCK!" The nails were back with a vengeance and they went all the way down to the backs of her thighs. "Oh... oh... oh..." Faith whimpered continuously.

"Oh yeah, now that's pretty. Little pink trails all over your sexy, fuckable ass," Reece purred setting Faith's sex on fire.

The actress hissed loudly as the nails traveled back up to the small of her back and then down again.

"Very pretty," Reece slipped a hand between Faith's legs, "and I see you don't mind a bit."

"Reece... please..." Faith begged for relief.

Reece straddled Faith's right leg and pressed her sex into the ass cheek, groaning in pleasure as she made contact with the slick skin. "Yeah, that feels incredible. I can... see the attraction, Faith." Reece faltered as Faith flexed her muscles.

The actress's knuckles were white and she could hardly feel her fingers. She was afraid if she let go, Reece would stop and that would kill her. "Reece? My fingers hurt..." she whispered.

Instantly, larger hands covered her own and peeled her fingers away. Reece stretched her arms on top of Faith's and lay her upper body down on top of her. Faith felt incredible with Reece on top of her, just as she always did. She moaned and grit her teeth as Reece's sweat stung her scratched back. Her lover's nipples were hard, very hard and she could feel their stiffness digging into her body.

"Better?" she whispered into Faith's ear, reveling in the shiver that shook the body beneath hers.

Faith nodded, she couldn't speak because Reece started to grind herself into her ass cheek again. The amount of wetness surprised Faith, she hadn't remembered ever feeling Reece so drenched. Her mouth watered at the prospect of tasting such wetness, such abundant sweetness caused by her and for her alone.

"Oh yeah, Faith... this is good."

Reece breathed directly into Faith's ear. The actress grunted as the heavy weight on top of her pressed her into the table. Faith felt strong fingers thread through hers and she closed her fingers around the longer ones, squeezing tightly. Reece continued to grind slowly into Faith, breathing quiet groans and grunts into her ear. The actress wanted nothing more than to have her gorgeous lover come this way, but her sex was throbbing, it was on fire and she felt the wet slickness she caused pool on the table under her body. This was torture and she had to do something.

Reece felt Faith trying to slide lower, attempting to make contact with her leg. The club owner stopped moving briefly to decide what to do. "You want me to touch you?"

"Yessss..." Faith whimpered. "Please touch me!"

Reece stood back up. "I'm still gonna fuck your ass Faith." She slid an arm beneath her lover and stomped a booted foot onto the table.

Faith turned her head and lifted her arm to see what that was. She was greeted by the view of Reece, naked except for the boot, her leg up on the table giving Faith a clear view of her spread sex.

"Oh god yes!" She breathed heavily as the arm underneath her pulled her lower, connecting her center with the leg still on the floor.

"Is this what you want?" Reece growled, leaning forward to resume her earlier activity.

"Mmm hmm," Faith nodded replacing her hand to the edge of the table, her free arm curling around her head. Reece's muscular thigh crushed into her wetness with a steady rhythm, she thought she would scream.

"Oh, this is good. Can you feel my clit? I'm so ready to come on you..."

The actress clenched her head tighter and moved her face to the side, finding a spot of cold on the table on which to lay her hot cheek. She did feel Reece's clit; her entire focus was on that small bit of flesh as it rubbed up and down on her flexed ass. She remembered distinctly how it felt to ride her lover in this manner, seeing the tall woman at her mercy, stretched out underneath her as she took her pleasure. "Oh god, Reece... more!"

The club owner lifted herself up and braced her body on her left hand. The loss of her lover's weight made the smaller woman whimper. Seeing the hand so close to her face, Faith slid her head over and touched the thumb with her tongue. Reece lifted that digit and allowed the lips to envelop it. Faith swirled her tongue around it and sucked it deep into her mouth.

"Jesus, that's nice... I'm so close, baby..." Reece slid her free arm under her lover and lifted her ass higher, thrusting herself against it.

Faith took the tip of Reece's thumb between her teeth and worked her tongue back and forth across it. Reece jerked against her erratically and Faith groaned. "Yeah, baby, come on me..." she spoke around the finger in her mouth.

"God... what you're doing... your tongue..." Reece growled. "Feel me?" the club owner asked between pants.

"Yes..." Faith replied breathlessly. The velvety softness of Reece's skin, in contrast with the wet stickiness of her pubic hairs grinding against her ass, fuelled her fires impossibly high. She pushed her ass back harder into her lover's taut, trembling thigh muscle, her upturned ass fucking Reece's leg just as passionately as the club owner fucked her.

The tall woman's nostrils flared at the carnal sight before her. She'd done this many times before, but never did she feel this fevered burning inside that Faith's body was causing. An explosion was brewing in her sex and she was almost frightened by its intensity. Pulling her hand away from Faith's mouth, she gripped the actress's shoulder strongly, knowing that if she didn't, she would thrust the small woman off the table and into the wall. The feelings were so intense, there was no way she was going to be able to control herself when she blew... and she was going to blow... big time.

Faith's internal fire flamed higher, her painfully tight nipples sliding against the hard, sweat-slicked table. She needed, craved Reece's mouth on her body. As if reading her mind, the tall woman fell against her back, completely draped over her body, a hot wet mouth sucking the skin on her shoulder.

It was building, her clit was pulsating and her legs began to shake. Reece dropped down onto her lover heavily, her fingers digging into the actress's left shoulder. She was going to scream; her mouth found purchase on the salty, damp skin of Faith's right shoulder and she sucked the flesh in through her teeth. Faith writhed and bucked; the club owner grunted wordlessly as her sex ground harder. Oh god! she thought, as her mouth was full of Faith's delicious skin.

The actress whimpered continuously, somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered if Reece was drawing blood with her mouth, her shoulder was on fire, it burned as hotly as her back. Her sex screamed as Reece's leg lost contact when the tall woman hunched against her ass desperately. The club owner released the suction of her lips and groaned hoarsely into her neck.

"Oh god... oh god... fuck... oh god..."

Faith braced herself, reaching up and gripping the edge of the table tightly. Reece covered that hand with her own and Faith felt her heart beating violently in anticipation. Reece sucked in a breath and held it, as her lower body took on a mind of its own. The shudders wracked through her frame and the breath she was holding came out in a long, deep groan. The tall woman's fingers squeezed the smaller hand in time with the orgasmic contractions, her pubic bone digging roughly into her ass cheek.

Faith grit her teeth against the onslaught of sensation. She could hardly breathe with the weight on her body. Reece was coming in a big way, twitching and jerking uncontrollably. The sounds she was making so close to her ear were making Faith shiver.

"Oh fuck... Faith..." Reece murmured into her lover's neck, her orgasm taking total control of her body.

"Yes, baby... come on my ass... yes!" Faith squeezed her eyes shut, picturing the way Reece looked on top of her, the muscles in her back, sweaty and glistening, her sexy ass jerking violently, fucking her. She felt her own clit contract in pleasure and an uncontrollable climax skittered through her body. "Shit, baby..."

Reece whimpered as her body started to slow down. She breathed in deeply and tried to lift her twitching sex off of Faith's ass but didn't have the strength. She groaned through an aftershock and foggily registered Faith's body tense up and shudder, so she moved her head, sucked the wet skin of her neck into her mouth and bit down.

"Ohhhh, Reece... " Faith groaned as her center spasmed one last time.

The club owner lay there, on top of her lover, trying desperately to catch her breath. She knew she'd have to move her head out of Faith's neck in order to get fresh oxygen, but her body wouldn't respond. "Help me," she whispered hoarsely into Faith's ear.

The small woman shuddered violently. "Oh, baby... "

Reece managed a chuckle through her dry throat. "You came, too," she said after licking her lips.

"Yeah, but it was a small one. I need more," Faith grinned into the table not having the desire to try and move.

"And I'd be happy to assist you, if I could bring myself to move." The club owner still needed to catch her breath.

"That was wild, Reece. It was... god, it just was," the actress sighed in contentment. She flexed her ass as she remembered and Reece growled in her ear.

"Oh, no, this time you're gonna work for it, Faith," Reece said with a smirk. "Just give me a minute."

Faith chuckled, "Give me five and you have a deal."

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