Reece's Faith, Part 56

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Reece woke up from the sensation of a heavy weight on her chest. That can't be the little man, can it? She didn't remember falling asleep, but grinned when she did recall what made her so tired. Opening her eyes and looking down, she chuckled. Faith was sprawled out on top of her, arms and legs akimbo, her face nestled under the tall woman's chin. Reece wrapped an arm around her and the actress whined and flinched. The club owner craned her neck and spotted the bright red marks that covered her lover's body. Oh, fuck me! she frowned and removed her arm gently. That's gotta burn. I am so sorry, Faith. She blew down the sleeping woman's back and watched with a raised eyebrow as goose bumps broke out all over Faith's arms. Oh, you like that, huh? She blew again, aiming the cool stream of air at the scratch marks. Faith shivered this time and a small sound of pleasure escaped her lips. Reece smirked as she felt Faith's nipples harden against her chest. She blew again.

"What are you doing?" Faith mumbled in a sleepy voice.

"Nothing," came the innocent reply, "just laying here."

Faith lifted her head and gave Reece a suspicious look, then yawned widely. The club owner chuckled as she poked Faith in the open mouth. The actress narrowed her eyes and pretended to bite Reece's finger, but instead kissed it.

"I thought not. You like that particular finger."

"I like all of your fingers, baby," Faith said before she braced her hands on Reece's shoulders and sat up, arching her back in a lengthy stretch. "Mmmmmm, yeah," she groaned, throwing her head back and rotating her neck. She let go of her lover's shoulders, lifted her arms up over and then behind her head.

Reece propped herself on her elbows and her mouth dropped open. That was the sexiest thing she had ever seen... or felt. When Faith arched her back, she pressed her sex into Reece's stomach and presented her tits, stiff nipples and all, as an offering. Far be it for Reece to turn down such an offer.

Faith yelped and grabbed the back of Reece's head as her left breast was being ravished. "God, Reece! Hungry?"

"Mmm hmm," the club owner nodded, wrapping both arms around Faith's waist.

"By all means... Oh! Easy baby..." Faith pulled Reece's hair accidentally when the club owner nipped too hard. Reece growled. Faith smirked. "So you liked that?" she asked with a short tug on the black locks.

Reece inhaled loudly and doubled her attentions to Faith's breast. The actress lifted an eyebrow with great interest and moved one hand to the back of Reece's neck. Faith felt the club owner stiffen slightly. She yanked a hand full of hair again and the club owner growled and nipped. Faith had to dig her nails into Reece's neck to pull her back. Careful, that's your nipple she's attacking...

Reece moved to the other breast, her pulse was racing and she heard herself groan as Faith held her by the neck. The hand in her hair adjusted, tugged a bit forcefully and the club owner received a tingle in her sex, telling her that this was a very welcome sensation. You learn something new... she thought as she groaned.

Already turned on by her lover lavishing such attention on her breasts, Faith became instantly wet at the sounds Reece was making. She dragged her nails across the back of Reece's neck and the club owner jumped and breathed out hard around her nipple. Faith couldn't help but push her hips down, taking pleasure from the pressure on her clit. The tall woman slid a leg up and bent her knee, propping the foot on the bed. The actress felt herself being moved down between Reece's spread legs. She groaned as her sensitive sex dragged down over Reece's pubic hair.

Reece bent her other knee and opened her legs wide, she pulled her mouth away from Faith's breast to breathe when their centers touched. Faith looked so sexy with that pink flush covering her face. Her breasts were glistening with saliva and her nipples were as hard as the club owner had ever seen them. She held Faith in place and scooted them across the bed until she rested her back against the headboard.

"I love when we make love like this," Faith admitted breathlessly. "I love the connection... it's so intense." Faith's ass was on the bed and she rearranged her legs until they were in a comfortable position on the outside of her lover's. Reece's hands skimmed up her back and she closed her eyes and hissed. "Careful, baby... it stings back there."

"I'm so sorry."

"Don't be, every time I think about those scratches, I get wet. Watch, touch them."

Reece brought her hand from Faith's shoulder and touched lightly down her back. The actress shivered and pressed herself into Reece's center.

"God, baby..." Faith groaned. "I don't know what felt better, you touching my back or touching your clit."

Reece smirked playfully, "Faith has a nail fetish... Faith has a nail fetish..."

The actress jammed her sex into the club owner's, which shut her up immediately. "Reece has a pussy fetish... Reece has a pussy fetish..." she sang as she ground herself into her lover.

"Oh, yeah... I love it when you talk dirty," Reece teased.

Faith grabbed the tall woman by the hair. "Shut up and make me come."


Reece got back from the gym to find Cori drinking a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, Smudge asleep on her lap. She kicked off her sneakers and followed her nose to the coffee pot. "Freak," she acknowledged as she passed the dancer, picking up the puppy. "Mine."

"Asshole," Cori nodded back "or shall I say... Animal," she added with a smirk.

Reece turned around after pouring herself a mug of coffee and leaned against the counter, the dog nestled comfortably in the crook of her arm. She raised an eyebrow at the dancer as she drank.

"You're sweating on the dog, Faith hates that. Hey, speaking of Faith, you didn't disappoint, did you?"

"What the hell are you babbling about?" Reece crossed her ankles and leaned her elbow behind her on the counter.

"You know, last night. Did it work?" Cori wiggled her eyebrows. "The phone calls?"

Reece narrowed her eyes. "I should have known. I knew you'd corrupt my innocent Faith one day." The club owner pushed off from the counter and sat in the chair across from Cori.

"We are talking about the same Faith? The one who begged me to help her get The Animal to fuck her brains out?"

Reece stared at the dancer in disbelief. "She told you that? I was only joking! I didn't know she'd actually call you."

"Well, she did, she was desperate. It seems our little, innocent Faith likes it when you throw her down and fuck her," Cori snickered.

"Then, no," Reece grinned into her mug.

"No, what?"

"I definitely didn't disappoint," she smiled rakishly and put the pup on the floor, watching as he plopped down under the table.

Cori's eyes widened. "It worked?" She stood up and shook her ass at Reece.

"Now what the hell are you doing?" the club owner laughed at the display.

"Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a maniac named Reece Corbett."

"Cori, get on with it."

"Well, any way, you said, 'Make me' and I said 'I can make you do anything' and then you said 'The day that you make me do something is the day I'll get on my knees and kiss your ass'." The dancer moved her butt right in Reece's face. "Shall I drop my pants now or would you rather do it on stage tonight?"

"Get your ass out of my face, Freak!" Reece was laughing. "You didn't make me do anything."

Faith came into the kitchen wearing a very tiny pink camisole and even tinier matching pink panties, rubbing her head and dragging her feet.

"Come on, Reece, you said! And I did make you, indirectly, 'cuz I told her what to do!" Cori teased wiggling her butt for all it was worth.

"Get the fuck out of here! I will not!"

Faith poured herself a cup of coffee and leaned her head against the fridge. "What's the problem?"

"She wants me to kiss her ass!"

"She promised!"

"Shut up! I never said I promise!"

"Reece, just kiss her ass."

Both women turned to look at Faith.

"I have a pounding headache and the world's worst cramps. I'm waiting for the ibuprofen to work, so either kiss her ass or shut the hell up."

Reece shot Cori a glare and the dancer danced her ass around in circles. "I will not," Reece stage whispered.

"You lie. I'm not your friend any more." Cori stuck her tongue out at Reece and the club owner grabbed it. "Ahhh... et doe eece!

"Put your ass away and I will."

"Reece, let go of her tongue, now."

Faith didn't raise her voice; she didn't have to, her tone spoke volumes. Reece let go of Cori's tongue and slid her chair over to her suffering lover with a pout on her lips. "Come here, sweetheart."

Cori mimicked Reece and she glared at her.

"Reece, I don't feel good," Faith whined. "It's all your fault."

"My fault?" Reece asked in confusion.

"Yes. You sucked it out of me, now make it go away," she sat down on Reece's lap and nestled her face in the tall woman's neck. The club owner rubbed the back of Faith's head. "Mmmm, I love the way your neck smells."

Reece smiled indulgently and held Faith closer.

"You always make me feel better just by holding me," the actress breathed into her lover's neck.

"Look, a Hallmark moment. Let me go buy a card, quick."

"Shut up, Freak."

Cori raised her eyebrow at Faith. "Oh sure, I'm the one who gave you drugs and this is the thanks I get?" she pouted.

Faith got up and sat on Cori's lap, nestling her face in her neck. "Better?" she giggled.

Reece's eyes went wide. "Hey, is it alright that I'm turned on by that?" Faith shot her a look. "I was just asking," she mumbled.

Cori gulped, "Uumm... Faith, you better get up. Reece has that look in her eye."

Reece did indeed have a wolfish look about her. Faith climbed off of her friend. "Didn't you get enough?"

"I can never get enough of you." Reece opened her arms. Cori made gagging gestures.

"Please, baby, if you really love me, you'll rub my back."

"I'm afraid I'll hurt you cause of... you know," she gestured towards Faith's back and Cori gasped.

"Shit, look at those marks! Wow! Reece... you did that to her?"

"Well, she did stuff to me this morning!" Reece said defensively.

"Wow. Did it feel good? Does it hurt now? Wow."

"Enough, Cori, Geez!" Reece growled.

"Honey, I told you it's okay; don't feel guilty." Faith shot Cori a warning look.

"Maybe you should put ice on it?" Cori offered.

Faith's nipples hardened to Reece's delight, and Cori's shock, then she groaned and clutched her belly.

"Why'd you have to go and say that for, Cori? Now she hurts again."

"Yeah, well those nipples did look painfully hard."

Faith blushed beet red. "So, I get turned on by the mere mention of them. It felt really good. I admit it. Okay?" she huffed and threw herself in a chair.

The dancer looked at the club owner and they both shrugged.

Reece knelt down in front of Faith and looked up forgivingly through her lashes "I'm sorry, babe. We won't talk about them any more."

"Okay. Thanks," Faith whispered and leaned over to kiss her lover.

"Oh, you're good, Reece," Cori shook her head and chuckled.

The doorbell rang and everyone sat around looking at each other until Reece finally stood up. "Who could that be?" she muttered as she left the room. When the club owner opened the door, she grimaced hard.

"Surprise!" Marsha whispered and put a finger on her lips. Quinn just shrugged. "Where's Faith?" the older woman mouthed.

Oh boy! Reece hung her head and groaned.

Faith was about to see who was at the door when Reece spoke loudly from the front door.

"What a great surprise, Mrs. and Mr. A!"

Faith froze, rooted to the spot. She had nowhere to hide and nothing to cover herself within reach. As her parents stepped into the kitchen, she waved and smiled weakly from behind Cori's chair.



"Mom! Dad!" Crap!

Marsha closed in on her daughter with her open arms and Faith grimaced even before their bodies met.

Reece smiled painfully from the doorway as she watched Marsha enclose her arms around her lover's stinging back and rub.

Cori looked back and forth between the occupants of the kitchen in anticipation of something big.

Marsha let go of her daughter and gave her scrunched up face a puzzled expression. "What's wrong, dear? Are you in some sort of pain? Why are you making that face?"

"Cramps," Faith covered and bent over just a bit. This stopped her father from approaching and he just waved and smiled instead.

"Heat, sweetheart, you must put heat on them. Is it your back? I know how bad you used to suffer with a backache. Let me rub..."

"NO!" Faith jumped back from her mom. "It's okay, I'll live."

"Goodness, Faith, a little jumpy today aren't we?"

"That's been happening lately, Mrs. A. Some sort of PMS," Cori offered with a genuine smile.

"Well, hello Cori! How are you? Dear, look, it's Cori," she narrowed her eyes at her husband.

"Yeah, hi," Quinn mumbled. "Faith, maybe you should put some clothes on?"

"Oh, yeah, daddy. I wasn't expecting anyone." Faith walked sideways towards the door until she collided with her mother. Turning around to catch her mom before she fell, she inadvertently exposed her back to her father.

"Faith! What the hell happened to your back!?"

Marsha spun her daughter around and gasped, "Oh, my god! What is that!?"

Reece attempted to sneak out of the room until Faith's dagger-filled glare pinned her to the spot.

"Well? What the hell is all that?"

"Now, Daddy... it's really nothing..." Faith stammered to her beet-red father.

"Nothing? NOTHING?" he repeated.

"It was her," she pointed to Reece whose eyes threatened to bug right out of her head.

"Oh, Theresa! You must be more careful! Were your nails clean?

Faith's eyebrows disappeared into her hair.

"Uh, yeah?" Reece answered quietly, still keeping her eye on the fuming man in her kitchen.

Marsha tsked and shook her finger at her daughter and Reece, "Maybe we should put ice..."

"Anyone want coffee?" Cori cut in.

Faith crossed her arms over her hardening nipples, already dying of embarrassment.

"You did that to her? Under what circumstances would someone who claims to love her, make marks like that?" Quinn asked loudly causing Reece to stand taller.

Reece glared at Quinn, "Just you wait a minute, Mr. Ashford..."

"I wanted her to. I liked it, Daddy. Now, butt out."

"She scratched you and you... you wanted... and she..." He looked back and forth between the two women until he understood. "Ohhhh... I see. Oh, Christ, Faith," he blushed brightly.

Everyone stood in awkward silence until Cori stepped forward wagging her finger.

"And that, ladies and gentleman, is why your mother told you that you should never tease the Animal."

Faith blushed harder and Reece snickered.

"You know, dear, if you put a little aloe and Vitamin E on those, they'll heal faster," Marsha stated.

"I don't even want to know how you know that," Faith covered her face and shook her head in her hands.

Quinn glanced at his reddish daughter and then at her puffed-up girlfriend. He looked Reece up and down a few times before making eye contact and then he smirked.

"Hey, she did stuff to me, too!" she once again said defensively and pulled down the neck of her shirt until half her breast was showing. "See?"

Quinn, Cori and Marsha all stepped close and squinted.

"Oh, yeah, I see that," Cori said first, elbowing Marsha.

"Why of course! Me too," Marsha agreed, winking at Quinn.

"Oh, sure, there it is," he nodded and backed up with the rest of them.

"See? I told you. Faith is a wild animal, sir." Reece fixed her shirt and stomped across the kitchen to throw herself in a chair.

Faith rolled her eyes. "I'm going to get dressed now."

Marsha and Quinn stared at Cori who smiled brightly back at them. "Wanna see my marks?" she asked happily.

Reece dropped her forehead to the table and groaned.


When Faith finished showering and dressing, she came down the stairs into the Twilight Zone. The first thing she saw was two asses greeting her from the dining room. "Mother? Cori?"

"Oh, Faith! This puppy is so precious!" Marsha squealed from under the table.

"I think you're frightening him with that frequency, Mom."

"Who's the little man? Who? You are!" Marsha continued to squeak.

Faith turned to shoot Reece a look. Little man... but Reece wasn't there. Entering the living room, the actress had to catch her breath from shock. There was her lover and her father sitting on the couch, wearing identical outfits. "MOTHER!"

Marsha came running. "What? What is it?" she panicked. Cori skidded right behind her.

Faith pointed open mouthed to the couch. Her Father and Reece were shoulder to shoulder, wearing motorcycle jackets and boots, leafing through a biker magazine together.

"Why, look at that," Marsha snorted. "He looks every inch the rebel with whom I first fell in love with."

"Well, there you go, Faith. You subconsciously went after the same type of..."

"Please, Cor, don't go there... please."

"Hey, Faith!" Reece said excitedly. "I'm gonna take your old man for a ride."

"You're what?" Faith and Marsha exchanged shocked looks.

"Reece here is going to take me for a ride on her pig."

"Hog," Cori corrected.

"That's right," Quinn beamed.

"Oh dear, please be careful!" Marsha worried.

"Reece? Are you sure you want to take my father on your bike?"

"Yeah, no sweat. Just a few times around the block," she shrugged.

They watched as Quinn and Reece clomped their way across the hallway. Reece opened the closet and tossed the older man a helmet, which he put on backwards.


"I know, Faith. I'll fix it."

The two disappeared out the door to the astonishment of the women.

"I can't believe she's taking Dad on the bike."

"I can't believe they're suddenly best friends," Marsha shook her head in wonder.

"I can't believe they have the same size foot," Cori patted Faith on the shoulder.

They heard the rumble of Reece's Harley and all three women ran to the window to witness this event. Faith snickered first, Marsha snorted next and Cori all out laughed as they pulled away.

"That certainly was a sight," Marsha giggled.

"Dad's fat ass hanging off the sides of Reece's bike or his knees squeezing the shit out of her?"

"It was his Fruit of the Looms that did it for me," Cori chuckled.

"Well, I don't know what happened, but I sure am delighted that they get along now, Faith."

"I know what you mean, Mom, but I really don't know if I want the two of them hanging around together.

"I feel for you, hon," Cori shook her head.

The group made their way into the kitchen and sat around the table. Faith fiddled with her coffee cup and Cori picked up the puppy.

"So what brings you here, Mrs. A?

"OH, I forgot! We saw the accountant this morning and since we were in the neighborhood..."

"You decided to drop in and mortify me."

"Now, dear, if you and your woman could be more discreet with your sexual escapades and not walk around half naked..."

"Mother! You dropped in on us. I can walk around any way I choose in my house."

"I didn't mind," Cori shrugged.

"Of course not; I hear you like to watch," Marsha teased.

"God!" Cori blushed and Faith laughed. "That's so not true. I'm gonna kill Reece"

"Before you kill anyone, do you want to go shopping?" Mrs. Ashford asked.

"Oh yeah," Faith nodded.


Idling at a red light, Mr. Ashford loosened his death grip on Reece. "You want to tell me again why I'm doing this?"

"Because I threatened you," Reece called back behind her.

"Oh yeah." He shook out his numb fingers.

"I told you, we have to get along or at least make it look like it." Reece revved up the motor to end the conversation.

Quinn took hold of Reece's body again as the light changed and said a few Hail Mary's for good measure. Finally opening his eyes, he noticed they were not in the neighborhood any more. Keeping his eyes open, he found that he rather liked being on the back of the machine and relaxed some.

Reece felt the man ease up on the squeezing and smiled to herself. No one can resist a ride. For you, Faith, I'll do anything.

Quinn whooped at the next light. "This is great!" he shouted enthusiastically. "Hey, where are we going?"

"To my favorite florist; Faith doesn't feel well."

"You surprise me, Reece... in a good way."

"Yeah, I surprise myself," she chuckled as she started away from the green light.

Quinn felt exhilarated, the sound of the bike and the feel of the wind made him giddy. He also bought flowers for his wife. When the florist asked Reece who her friend was and she replied, 'The old man,' Quinn felt himself puff up a bit. "Hey, thanks, you didn't have to say anything, you know."

"No, I didn't," Reece stated.

"Then why?" Mr. A stopped her from getting on the bike.

"Because Faith and me are forever. You come with."

Quinn smiled, "You're not half bad Corbett."

"Gimme a chance, I'll show you bad," Reece growled playfully.

"Faith loves you unconditionally. That's all I need to know."

"And that's all I need to survive. Let's get going. They're probably worried about us."


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