Reece's Faith, Part 58

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To Reece, it felt like forever until Quinn and Marsha finally bid their good-byes. Faith was still buzzing from her many margaritas and was humming to herself as she put away her new clothes. Reece pulled her boots off, stretched out on the bed and smiled as she watched her lover. Right then, the tall woman was contented in way that she had never experienced before in her life. It was a state of relaxation, a comfortable feeling, that forced a big old smile to her face and a lightness in her chest. Just watching Faith put away clothing, no talking, no sound other than the sporadic off-key humming that filled Reece with a good feeling. The club owner would have been uneasy about feeling so content just a few short months ago, but now, she felt safe, almost as if she could close her eyes and drift off without any worries. Funny that all it took was one small actress from Long Island to change her whole life, give her a new purpose. Reece sighed loudly and stretched her toes.

"Hey, baby, what are you doing all the way over there?"

"Watching you."

"So, watching me hang clothing puts that kind of smile on your face?" Faith giggled.

"It has nothing to do with the clothing," Reece said as she shook her head.

"Me? What did I do?" the actress blushed.

"You breathed."

"Huh?" Faith closed the closet door and sat on the bed next to Reece.

The tall woman reached up and traced Faith's ear. "Babe, you don't have to do anything. You are so beautiful; I can't help but smile."

"I just love you Reece!" Faith jumped onto the bed and smothered her lover in a hug. "God, the things you say!" she mumbled into Reece's neck.

Geez, Cori, you weren't kidding about this talking stuff... the club owner chuckled to herself. "I just say what I feel," she shrugged.

Faith sat up and looked into Reece's twinkling blue eyes. "Do you really think I'm beautiful?"

"Of course. I think you are the most beautiful woman on the planet, maybe in the whole universe. And I'm not just talking about your gorgeous green eyes or your way too-sexy lips. I'm talking about your insides, too. You're just one great, big, beautiful package."

Full of PMS and alcohol, Faith started to cry.

"Jesus, babe! Why are you crying? What did I say?" Reece turned nervous and started to regret speaking her mind.

"I just... sometimes I don't feel pretty and I know you sit in that club surrounded, night after night, by the most unbelievable..."

"Oh, no you don't," Reece reprimanded. "You listen to me." She turned Faith to face her and narrowed her eyes. "You are all I think about when I sit on my miserable stool, hour after hour. I wonder what you're doing, who you're talking to, if you're laughing, crying, smiling... I think about you and no one else. I'm not the old Reece any more. She's gone. And even the old Reece wouldn't be that stupid to let what I've got go. You mean the world to me." Reece was wide eyed at her own speech. The words just came out of her and she had no control over them. One look at Faith in distress and she was on autopilot. It scared her.

Faith continued to cry.

"What else can I say to convince you that I love you?" Reece felt lost.

Faith leaned down and kissed her lover reassuringly. She was at a loss for words. Reece just said everything she ever wanted to hear. "Nothing. You never have to say anything ever again. Thank you so much, Reece. I love you," Faith sobbed.

"Then why are you still crying?"

"Because I'm so incredibly lucky to have found you, that's all." Faith kissed Reece again, this time she held her face with both hands. "I'm afraid, sometimes, that I may not be to you, what you are to me. I just need reassuring sometimes."

"What would make you feel that way?" the club owner took Faith's hands off her cheeks and held them, sitting up on the bed. She pulled her over onto her lap. "Did something happen today?"

"God, a lot of 'somethings' happened today," Faith chuckled and sniffed.

"Something to make you feel like I don't want you?"

"No, nothing like that. I had a pretty weird day," Faith paused and looked in Reece's eyes, they were full of concern. "Am I holding you back?" Reece's eyebrow went up. "I mean, am I keeping you from... okay, do you feel like I'm stopping you from being you?"

"Faith, I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about."

"Well, The Animal... you have this violent side, a part of you that maybe I'm keeping at bay. Are you silencing that part of you because you're with me?"

"Uh, I still don't get it," Reece was really baffled now and it showed.

Faith smoothed out her lover's creased brow. "I saw this man today, a cab driver named Joey, who used to run a teen prostitution thing," she paused to let that sink into Reece's head.

After a short while, the club owner's face showed recognition. "Oh, yeah," she squirmed uncomfortably. "Him," Reece looked away from Faith, feeling totally guilty for her past actions. "I suppose Cori told you what happened," she stated flatly.

"Don't look away, Reece. I know what you did and why you did it. What concerns me is that you did that all by yourself. I've seen you get angry, enraged even, but I can't for the life of me understand how these hands," she brought Reece's hand up and kissed it, "can be the same hands that beat that man so violently."

Reece felt like she had to get up and move around, she couldn't look Faith on the eye. "What are you getting at?"

"Are you still holding that kind of rage inside of you? Do I prevent you from venting some of that anger? I know you used to use sex as an outlet, I'm also aware that I don't know the half of what you're capable of doing. Am I going to be the reason that one day you go berserk? I don't want to be guilty of that, Reece."

Reece took a deep breath. Faith deserved the truth; a simple 'no' would not do here. No matter how difficult it was to spill her guts, Reece would do it to make Faith feel better. "No. There is no more rage," the club owner said truthfully. She traced a finger over Faith's facial features as she continued, not wanting to lose contact with her lover. "The only thing you're guilty of is making me feel comfortable in my own skin for once in my life," she paused to kiss Faith gently. "I was just laying here thinking about how much I've changed... and how completely at ease I am with you. I could lay here for hours and do nothing. I never did that before. There was always something calling me, I needed to be doing, going, looking. I was always searching to fill that space. I'm not like that any more. I don't need any outlets any more Faith. Why? Because I finally found the one thing that was missing... You." Reece looked expectantly at her lover who appeared to be tearing up again. "Say something..."

"Kiss me."

And Reece did, with pleasure and a large-sized dose of relief.

"I love you," Faith murmured into her lover's mouth.

Reece only nodded her agreement as Faith pushed her down and deepened the kiss by epic proportions. Faith's insistent tongue was inside every crevice of her mouth, dueling with her own tongue, until Reece finally caught it in her teeth. The club owner had to slow this down, Faith made it pretty clear she didn't want any sex earlier and with the way this was going, sex would most definitely be the next thing on Reece's agenda. She released Faith's tongue and pulled back from the heated lip lock, putting her hand over her lover's mouth. "Hey, I thought you said 'no' this afternoon. You know, your period." The club owner was slightly breathless.

Faith was staring at Reece's lips and the second her mouth was uncovered, she dove back to capture them.

Reece didn't protest and welcomed the kiss by rolling them over until she was on top. Tearing herself away, she managed to catch her breath long enough to speak. "Changed your mind, I see?"

"Nope. Who said anything about you touching me?" Faith smiled so sexily that Reece felt her heart skip a beat.

"Oh, you can't just start something like this and expect me to keep my hands to myself," Reece raised one eyebrow as Faith's fingers started to drift across her chest. She lifted herself up on her arms and hovered over the actress.

"Yes I can... and you will... or else I won't let you touch me after my period, either." Faith circled Reece's right nipple and snickered as it stood up to meet her.

"How selfish of me. You mean, I lay here, you touch me and I don't touch you back? Aren't you a little left out of the picture?" The club owner closed her eyes as a fingernail lightly scratched her nipple through her shirt. Her arms started to tremble.

"No one said I'd be left out. I'm sure I can think of a few ways to get off using this glorious body of yours," Faith purred.

Reece groaned. Faith had a good point there. "Oh boy, so you're going to... uh!" Faith pinched her nipple and Reece almost fell on top of her. "You're going to use me. I can deal with that." Reece dropped to her elbows as Faith's other hand started scratching her back, under her shirt. "Shouldn't I get naked first?"

"Nope. I want to unwrap you all by myself," Faith pulled her lover down on top of her and licked her neck.

"I'm liking this idea, baby..." Reece growled as Faith teeth bit into the skin behind her ear.

"Good thing, you have exactly four more days of it."

Reece pulled herself up and looked at Faith with a horrified expression. "Four days? No way! You can't do this for four whole days and I can't touch you. I'll go crazy! I'll explode! I'll..."

"You'll come back here if you know what's good for you." Faith's hands covered her own breasts and Reece groaned painfully.

"You gotta be kidding me! You expect me to survive four days of you touching me and yourself?"

"I think you'll live, sweetheart."

The actress caressed her own nipples and Reece whimpered, "I don't know about that, Faith."

The smaller woman gave Reece a half-lidded stare and licked her lips. "Oh yes, just think of all this..." she ran her hands Reece's torso, " my personal playground for the next four days.

"I am so dead," Reece moaned and let her head loll forward.


The doorbell rang twice before the club owner decided to move. The dog was yapping wildly, alerting his human of the visitor. She climbed out of bed and threw on the tank top that was hanging from the lamp. "Easy, Little Man, it's just the door." How dressed do I have to be? She opened the window and saw Violet waving up at her from the stoop. Cool, she thought. She was too lethargic to start putting on clothes and she didn't have to, if it was only Violet. Searching around the room, she found her underpants and winced as she lifted her leg to slip them on. I will get her for this, she promised herself.

The doorbell rang again and Reece descended the stairs slowly, adjusting the little wiggling pup in her hand. She realized she was limping slightly and tried to cover it up as best she could. As she thought about why she was walking so awkwardly, she narrowed her eyes and frowned. Three more days of this and she's all mine. Her frown turned into an evil leer and she chuckled as she opened the door.

"Hey, tall stuff," Violet smiled appreciatively at Reece's attire.

"Hi, come on in. I just rolled out of bed, gimme a minute." She handed Violet the dog and she kissed his head.

"I can tell. You don't have to cover up, it's just me." The piercer watched with a smile as tall bare legs quivered slightly when Reece stepped onto the first stair.

"Well, thank god, I don't want to walk up those steps again," Reece turned around and headed for the living room with a wave for Violet to follow.

The piercer's amused gaze followed her every move. She cocked her head in wonder at Reece's unusually uncoordinated movements. She put the dog down and he scampered off into the kitchen to eat.

After plopping herself on the couch, Reece sighed loudly and asked, "What's up, Vi?"

"Are you gonna explain why you're so incredibly graceful today? And why are you still in bed? Are you sick?"

"Nope. I'm wiped. And nope again," the club owner shook her head with a self-satisfied grin.

"Oh come on, Reece?" Violet stuck out her lower lip and sat in the recliner.


"You do realize, now, that my imagination is running wild with speculation," Violet teased.

"I'd bet you a hundred dollars that all your speculations are fact," Reece laughed.

The piercer's eyes widened. "No kidding?" she chuckled. "Our Faith?"

"Yeah, her," Reece pursed her lips and drifted off in thought. While lost in memories of what Faith had done to her, her expression turned hungry.

"Ooo, I like that look on you, Reece. I bet that look is what got you in trouble in the first place."

"Uh, no. It was Faith's period that got me in trouble... and I don't think I'd call it 'trouble' exactly," the tall woman winked. "Torture, maybe..."

"Oh god! I know what you're talking about. Cori doesn't let me touch her, but she gets incredibly horny when she's gets her period. It's most definitely torture. I feel for you, Reece, I really do."

"That's okay, Vi, I intend to make it up to her. Over and over again," Reece grinned seductively. "If I have to stand behind her every second of the day, I will find out the moment that she stops bleeding and then she's mine," her eyes narrowed at her own threat.

"I can't say I feel bad for her. Jealous, maybe... but not the least bit of sympathy," Violet laughed heartily. "I wouldn't complain."

Reece walked over to the recliner and leaned her hands on the chair's back, forcing it to recline so she was hovering over the piercer. "You couldn't handle me, Violet," the club owner purred in her most dangerous voice.

Violet gulped nervously, suddenly assaulted with the heavy scent of sex clinging to the club owner. "Whew! Ain't that the truth," she fanned herself. "God bless Faith for taming you."

"She hasn't tamed me at all. As a matter of fact, you're playing with fire, right now," Reece growled.

Violet pushed the chair into its original position. "Oh, come off it, Reece. You would never be unfaithful to her and you know it."

The tall woman smiled and shrugged, "Yeah, but I scared you there, didn't I?"

The piercer breathed a sigh of relief, "Maybe a little." Reece raised an eyebrow. "OKAY, you scared me to death."

"Good, I still got it." Reece walked into the kitchen and grabbed two beers from the fridge.

"And just where do you plan on using it?" Violet called after the club owner.

"Well, I'm just saying..." Reece had no answer. She handed Violet the beer and sat back on the couch.

"I thought so," the piercer chuckled and took a drink. "Wanna see me pierce things today?"

"Depends. What kind of things?"

"Oh, lips, eyebrows, noses, navels, an occasional nipple... maybe even the errant clit."

Reece grimaced. "Who wants to do something like that?" Just the thought made the club owner cross her legs.

Violet laughed at the gesture. "Some chicks have an orgasm while I do it. I have mine pierced," she added with a shrug.

"You do? Your clit?" Reece's eyes went wide. "Didn't it hurt?"

"Yeah, a little, but it healed so fast, I hardly had time to think about it."

Violet took another drink while Reece squirmed uncomfortably. Her clit was already sore and thinking about it was painful.

"Besides, I only have the hood pierced, some people have their actual clit..."

"That's enough of that, Vi." Even though she was totally icked out, she was still a little curious to see it.

"I never would have thought you to be so squeamish, Reece?" she laughed loudly at the tall woman's body language.

"Yeah, well... there's some things you should never put a hole in."

"In your opinion." Violet noticed that Reece was glancing between her legs now and again. "You'd be surprised by what I put holes in."

"I don't want to know. I think Faith's nipple ring is so sexy, but I don't think I could ever do it myself."

"If Faith came home with a clit piercing, you'd freak out?"

"No, I don't think so. I think I'd be fascinated with it, like I was with her nipple ring." Reece suddenly sat forward on the couch. "Why?" she asked nervously, "Is she thinking..."

"No, calm down. She never even mentioned it, although she was totally intrigued with mine."

"She saw it?" Violet nodded. "I gotta tell you, ever since you mentioned it, I've been a bit distracted too."

The pierced smiled knowingly, "Do you want to see it?"

Reece thought about it for a second. "I don't know. I want to see it, but I don't want to ask you to drop your panties and spread 'em, if you know what I mean." Reece's eyebrows flew up. "Did I just say that? I never thought I'd say something like that in my life!"

Vi laughed, "Yeah, and it shows how whipped you are." Reece frowned and Violet smiled. She got up from the chair and stood in front of Reece. "Faith had no trouble demanding that I spread 'em." She pulled down her underwear and handed them to Reece who dropped them on the couch. She watched as Reece stood up and made some distance between them, blushing a little, and Violet smiled at how cute that was. "Are you actually embarrassed?"

"Fuck you, Violet. I am not."

The piercer chuckled at her discomfort. "I think it's cute, really. You're going to have a hell of a time explaining this to Faith, aren't you? You feel like you're doing something wrong, don't you?"

"Well, in a way... yeah," the club owner admitted.

"That's a good answer, Reece. I am very relieved to hear it."

The tall woman nodded. Yeah, it's not like I'm being unfaithful, I just want to see her piercing. I shouldn't be this fidgety. "Well then, are you going to lift up your skirt or do I crawl under it?"

"Ha ha... " The piercer lifted her skirt and, to Reece's surprise, she spread her lips.

"Jesus, Vi! That looks painful!" Reece had to stop herself from touching it.

"Just don't play with it, Reece. It may only be the hood, but it's still my clit."

Reece nodded at the instructions. She could only imagine how it would feel. "Wow, I bet you come so quickly with this." The club owner tilted her head to get a better look. "I can't believe you shave the entire thing Vi. If Faith did that, I'd feel like a child molester."

"That's what Cori said. I just like it better like this. And I do come pretty quickly if you play with it."

Reece felt like this was a dream or something. She was actually on her knees, in front of her friend, who was holding her sex open for her to examine. She stood up quickly and shook her head. "How weird was that just now?"

Violet laughed as she pulled on her panties. "I'm so used to whipping it out at work for the potential clit piercings that I'm immune to embarrassment. I have to admit, having you on your knees like that was a great experience. I'll treasure that visual for a long time," she wiggled her eyebrows.

The club owner narrowed her eyes. "I bet you will," she teased.

Violet knew Reece felt awkward so she changed the subject. "So, you wanna come with me today? My partner is out today and it will only be me in the shop for a couple hours. I really don't want to be alone."

"Why didn't you say that in the first place? Let me shower and we'll head out, okay?"

"Thanks, Reece. I appreciate it."


Faith had a shit-eating smile on her face all day long. John couldn't get her to fess up to the source of her glee, but he was absolutely positive that it had something to do with Spike. He kept bringing up her name just to see Faith's reaction and it confirmed his assumptions. She would arch her back on occasion, like she was afraid of leaning on the chair, she was constantly avoiding any physical contact and he was dying to know why. He figured Reece must have done something memorable to her and she kept reliving it when he brought up her name. As she walked into her trailer, the make-up artist thought of ways to make her talk. "Did you get a tattoo?"

"What?" Faith sat on the bed and gave him a strange look. She had no idea why John would ask that question.

"Well, you are protecting a certain part of your body and I was just wondering."

Faith blushed, "No, I didn't get a tattoo."

He frowned, not getting the answer he wanted. "Well, are you going to tell me why you're acting so weird?

John was like a best girlfriend and she felt comfortable talking to him. "I have a few scratches on my back that I'm trying to forget, but with you bringing up Reece all day long, I can't do that," she explained.

"Spike scratched you? Isn't it the femme who scratches?" he asked with confusion.

"For someone who hates stereotypes, you certainly said a mouthful."

"Oh, I did? I just thought..."

"No, it's okay. I just get tired of that. I look the way I look, so I can't be gay. Reece looks the way she does, so she must always be on top. I just get so frustrated sometimes," the actress threw up her hands in defeat.

"I hear ya. Something happen?" John sat down next to Faith and rubbed her arm.

"Yeah, but I think I took care of it."

John pushed her hair off her forehead. "I'm sure you did. Now that I know you're on top, I have no doubts to your abilities," he grinned. "I'm in awe, even."

Faith snickered. "I'd be lying if I said that's true. Reece allows me certain liberties, but..." Faith smiled indulgently. "Actually, Reece was plenty in control when she scratched me up like this."

"Lemme see?" he asked expectantly.

Faith turned around and lifted her shirt. John gasped, "Spike has some set of claws!" He made cat noises.

"Honestly, her nails aren't that sharp, but she's strong, and anyone can do damage if they keep going over the same path," she shivered at the memory and she heard John snicker. "Oh, you laugh, Mary. If it were you, you would have fainted after the second run. I barely contained myself."

"I'm very impressed," he said truthfully as she put her shirt down. "I would faint from the mere idea of her putting her nails on me. You have my respect. Especially since I see that the marks didn't end at your waist line."

Faith groaned at the memory. "No, they don't."

"Ew... are you getting horny?"

"I have been perpetually horny, lately. I think there's something wrong with me," she said with a giggle.

"Nah, it's normal. Plus, I know you're at that time. You always have a few extra hickeys when that happens," he said with a confident nod.

"I do?" Faith wondered if this was true. "You know? I think you're right. I do get a little... demanding around this time."

"Honey, most of my friends are women. You're not alone. Besides, not many women let their partners near them, let alone Hoover all over them like you let Spike."

"Well, it certainly is a fight, she can be pretty insistent, but this time I'm not letting her near me either. I just don't feel comfortable."

"Poor Reece," he said with an exaggerated sad expression.

"Hey, whose side are you on?"

"With the hormones you're throwing around, I'm on hers," he said with a nod.

"Thanks a lot," she threw a pillow at him.

"Hey, no problema. I feel bad for you when you're done. She's gonna show no mercy, you can count on that."

Faith shuddered at the thought... in a good way. She knew she was torturing her lover, but she couldn't help it. Just remembering Reece begging for mercy this morning was enough to start her heart pounding all over again. Picturing the club owner's naked, sweaty breasts heaving as she gasped for breath was making her stomach clench. She stifled a groan as she recalled Reece's fingers clenching her head painfully tight in an attempt to pry Faith's face from between her legs. "I deserve whatever she's going to give me, John."

"Just what are you doing to her, Louise?"

"Whatever I want." The actress thought about how Reece was allowing her to run rampant and how she took complete and total advantage of it. Then she thought of how she left Reece this morning, dead to the world and snoring her head off. The club owner wouldn't let her get away with this unless she had some ulterior motive. "Oh god, I am so in for it," she chuckled.

"Oh yeah, and I pity you," John snorted.


The phone was ringing as soon as Violet unlocked the door to the studio. Reece finished turning on the lights, so the piercer could answer it. She only heard the one side of the conversation and snickered, knowing immediately who was on the other end.

"Yes baby, I swear. She's right here. I'm not alone," Violet rolled her eyes. "Fine, here," she held out the phone to the club owner.

Reece took it and chuckled, "Hey, Freak."

"I am so glad you're there. Did she tell you about the crazy guys who came in last week and almost trashed the place?"

Reece's eyes narrowed and she shot a look at Violet, "No, she didn't tell me that."

"Well, I told her if she couldn't get you to come there, I would stand there with a bat and just bop the guys that looked like trouble."

"That's good for business, Cori," Reece laughed, knowing full well Cori would do it. "I'm here and I'll stay until the guy comes later, okay?"

"Thank you, Reece, I owe you," Cori blew kisses into the receiver.

"What was that, Cor? I was scratching my ass with the phone."


"Freak." Reece held out the phone, "Here, Vi."

The piercer took the phone and Reece went snooping around the shop. It looked like a dentist's office, with all the mechanical chairs, and it kinda freaked her out. Everything was wrapped in those sterile bags and she winced at all the packages of needles everywhere. When Violet hung up the phone, she stood behind Reece as the tall woman examined a clamp.

"What's this used for?"

"You don't want to know. Besides, you'll see more than you bargained for, soon enough."

"Oh," Reece nodded, not sure if Cori and her bat would have been such a bad idea after all. She wandered into the tattoo section of the shop and was soon engrossed in the more elaborate designs.

"See something you like, Reece?"

"I see a lot that I like, but I don't know that I'd want it permanently inked on my skin. Some of this is amazing artwork."

"It is. I don't know, when I first met you, I assumed you'd have at least one naked lady adorning your body, not to mention a few piercings."

"I have one," Reece said defensively and wiggled her tongue.

"How very original for a lesbian."

"Fuck you, Vi."

"Yeah, yeah... why don't you get a tattoo?"

"I always wanted one, but could never decide on what I want," Reece shrugged. "I hear, though, once you get one, you can't stop."

"That's not entirely true, but I understand that you would have to really be into something to want it on you forever."

"I once took out my tongue piercing and I missed it so much I had it re-done." Reece didn't know why she offered that information, she just felt comfortable talking about it in this atmosphere.

"I did the same with my lip. It annoyed me and I took it out, but after a while, I missed having it there."

The tall woman migrated to the tribal pictures and Reece took an interest in quite a few of them. Violet noted that she kept going back to one in particular and looking at it again. She made a mental note of which one it was and went about preparing her area for her first appointment.

"Hey, how much does one like this cost?" Reece asked, pointing at the design she'd been favoring.

"That one is about a hundred or so, but I wouldn't charge you, Reece," Violet smiled.

The club owner contemplated the tattoo a while longer before walking over to another set of designs. Violet had a feeling that her tall friend was going to leave here with a new addition.


Part 59

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