Reece's Faith, Part 59

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The Lounge was even busier than usual and the club owner should have been ecstatic, but she was too distracted to enjoy it. Reece had been sitting at the bar, staring blankly at the TV and nursing the same drink for hours. Amber, the bartender, had tried making conversation when she'd had a free moment and though the blue eyes looked at her, even she knew that the owner wasn't paying much attention. Reece was too busy thinking of the many ways in which to pay back her torturous little lover. She was the reason Reece was in this state and she was going to have to be punished. The club owner's eyes narrowed as she smirked at the thought of getting back at Faith. With an evil little snicker, she closed her eyes and let her head fall back, envisioning her lover in various stages of bliss.

Cori found the sight amusing and hopped up on the bar in front of Reece. "Hey, boss lady, thinking about Faith?"

"Mmm, yeah."

"Must be juicy."

Reece lifted her head to reply and leaned forward only to find her face in Cori's naked cleavage. She jumped back so quickly that she fell off of her stool and lay sprawled on the floor in a very un-Reece-like manner.

Cori didn't know what to do. Everyone seemed to be staring at the spectacle and Reece did not look pleased... at all. The dancer wanted to jump down and help her friend off up from the floor, but her legs wouldn't listen to her.

Amber leaned over the bar and started to laugh. This started a chain reaction and peals of nervous laughter filled the area. Reece still hadn't moved and considering the way her eyes were glowing, it wouldn't have surprised anyone if Cori had burst into flames on the spot.

Finally finding her legs, Cori hopped down and squatted by her fallen friend. "Uh... sorry?" she stammered, offering her hand.

Reece was beyond embarrassed. She knew that, if she made a scene, it would only make it worse, so she pushed Cori's hand away and stood up on her own. Glaring dangerously at the onlookers, she casually dusted off her backside and straightened out her jacket. Cori backed away as Reece stood up, fearing the worst. She flinched as the tall woman's arm lifted but breathed in relief as she was only smoothing her hair.

"You okay, Reece?" she dared to ask. "Oh, just great," the tall woman replied, red faced, as she turned on her heel and strode calmly to her office.

Confused, Cori shrugged her shoulders and had started towards the stage when a strong hand wrapped around her neck and dragged her backwards. She knew it was too good to be true and just prayed that Reece would get it over with quickly.

The club owner practically threw Cori into her office and slammed the door. She stood there fuming for a few seconds before she opened her mouth to speak. Cori watched quietly as Reece's mouth shut and she buried her face in her hands.

Suddenly, the tall woman's shoulders began shaking with laughter. "In all my life, I've never..." she laughed, "never been thrown on my ass by a pair of tits," Reece continued to laugh hard enough to evoke a snort.

Infinitely relieved and glad to be in one piece, the dancer started laughing too. "So, you're not going to kill me?" she asked between chuckles.

"I was, but I haven't got the strength," Reece said, still laughing and snorting.

"Okaaay..." Cori furrowed her brows at the unexpected turn of events.

Reece snorted again before she controlled herself enough to speak, "I should start billing you as 'The Most Dangerous Tits in New York'." Cori looked down at her chest. "I had no idea that was going to happen. Honestly," she started to giggle again.

"S'okay. You got me fair and square. I wasn't paying attention," Reece said as she crossed the room and sat in her chair.

"How unlike you. What's going on with you? Are you having trouble with Faith?" the dancer asked as she sat on the desk, far away from Reece.

"I wouldn't call it trouble. No, not at all," Reece paused and laced her fingers behind her neck. "She's teaching me a lesson in self-control."

"S'plain," Cori raised an eyebrow and leaned forward.

"She has her way with me... and I have to keep my hands to myself."

"Whooo," Cori shook her head in sympathy, "and you went with this willingly?"

"I figured I'd give it a shot," the club owner shrugged one shoulder.

"Wow. I'm totally impressed, Reece." She truly was and her eyes went wide.

"Yeah, well, it's Faith, ya know?" Reece said quietly. "If not for her..."

The dancer held her grin to herself. She was very pleased to be hearing this. Straight from the horse's mouth, too. Reece certainly has changed, she thought with a wide smile.

"Go on, tell me how whipped I am. I'm waiting."

"I'm not going to say it. There's no need," she winked at her friend. "So, how long has it been?"

"Two long, hard, exhausting days," the club owner crossed her ankles on the desk.

"You look no worse for the wear a little pleased with yourself, actually," Cori observed.

"Believe me. I'm suffering."

"Oh, poor baby," the dancer replied sarcastically.

"You would know this... how long is Faith's period, anyway?"

Cori laughed out loud. "So this is what it's all about?" Good one, Faith! "Three or four days. It depends." Reece nodded. "Is that what's got you so distracted? Thinking up ways to get her back?"

"You bet your ass. I can't wait to bury my nose so far..."

"OKAY! Okay... I get the picture," Cori sniggered at the expression of lust on Reece's face. "Hey, want me to play double agent and find out exactly when she's finished?" Cori asked with a gleam in her eye.

"You aren't gonna sell me out, are you?" Reece asked suspiciously.

"Oh please, Reece, like she doesn't know what she's in for and, no, I wouldn't do that to you," Cori huffed indignantly.



Faith was waiting up when Reece came home. The club owner silently chuckled as she saw the light on upstairs. She's really gonna be the death of me, she thought with a shake of her head.

"Oh, sweetheart... I have a surprise for you."

Reece felt her heart pick up speed at the sound of Faith's teasing voice. She hung up her jacket and called upstairs, "Should I be naked for this surprise?"

"Clothing is optional," came the sultry response.

Oooo... yay! Reece grabbed a liter of water out of the fridge. Fluid, plenty of fluid, she chuckled to herself. Bending down to pay attention to the spinning pup, she let her mind conjure up all sorts of scenarios that may be waiting for her upstairs. She's like an animal lately. Heh. An animal. The Animal Junior... Mini-me. Reece started to laugh uncontrollably, causing the dog to get even more excited and jump up and nip at her face. "Hey, not the lips! Auntie Reece needs them! Not to mention Mommy." Mini-me! HA! I kill me! She laughed loud enough for Faith to hear.

"What the hell are you doing down there that's so funny?" the voice called from upstairs.

"Just thought of something, baby." Reece willed herself to stop laughing. This could be very bad if she had a laughing fit when she went upstairs.

"It better not be me."

"Would I laugh at you?" Reece asked from the bottom of the stairs.

"Not in this outfit, you wouldn't," was the confident reply.

Reece tore up those stairs in record time.


Reece turned over in her bed and looked at the clock. It was late in the afternoon. "Well, I suppose I don't really need the gym today," she snickered to herself. The slight whimpering besides the bed prompted her to reach down, scoop up the little dog and plunk him down on her chest. She immediately hissed through her teeth. "Ooo, gotta cut them nails, Little Man." As she stretched, she replayed the events of the night before in her head, absently stroking the puppy who had curled up contentedly in the crook of her shoulder.

Faith biting her inner thigh... a white-knuckled grip on the wrought iron headboard... Faith dribbling cold water onto overheated skin. The club owner's mind was all over the place; little fragments of last night cutting into each other, making her grin like mad. She couldn't believe how much her body could take, thinking she'd be tired or sore before this was over. She squeezed her legs together as a test. Nope, she chuckled to herself. Faith was, if anything, a quick learner and knew just how to touch her. Lick me... stroke me... Reece stopped petting Smudge and covered her face with her forearm. Oh god, I can't possibly be getting horny again! she groaned at her libido and sat up, narrowing her eyes at the area between her legs. "Don't even go there, you hear me?" she warned her own crotch. "Haven't you had enough?"

Smudge sat up, too, and looked at his Auntie Reece with a cocked head. He knew he hadn't done anything wrong, but there was no one else in the room, so she must be yelling at him. He whined and walked hesitantly across her lap and stared at her forgivingly, his little tail hitting her thigh rhythmically.

"Oh, come here little guy, I wasn't mad at you," she picked him up and kissed his nose and the happy pup wiggled like crazy as he tried to retaliate. "All right, that's... pthht... stop that... that's enough!" she chuckled as he licked her face like crazy. "Okay, okay... calm down," she soothed as he started to nip at her nose. She loved this pup and, although she grumbled to Faith about having to walk him, she secretly enjoyed their playtime together. Of course, she'd never admit this to anyone.

"Ow! Hey!" Smudge nipped her bottom lip a little too hard. After checking for blood, she put him on the bed and he crouched down, his little butt in the air, tail wagging like crazy. "Ap! Ap!" he dared her to come get him, his paws thumping on the bed. The tall club owner kicked the sheet off of her naked body, crouched down to his level, ass in the air, and barked right back. Of course, she'd never admit this to anyone either. If anyone even dared to think of her in this position, they'd have to die.

The pup went for her face; she went for his. Smudge feigned right; Reece swatted him back into the middle with her hand. He nipped her finger; she bit his paw. He nipped her nose; she lipped his ear. "Play time" at the Corbett-Ashford residence was a whole lot different than it used to be.


John packed up his make-up as Faith dressed in her street clothes. She was so happy that there was a shower facility on the set. There wasn't one at the TV show and she hated going home wearing all that makeup and hairspray. It had been a hard day on the set today; a lot of problems with equipment and they'd have to do many of today's scenes over again tomorrow, which probably meant they'd be working late to catch up. This did not please the actress. She'd had big plans for tomorrow... huge plans. Enormous plans. She was just about finished with her period and was more than ready for Reece's revenge.

"Why the long face, Louise?"

"Ah, it's nothing," Faith lied and bent down to tie her sneaker. John's face appeared underneath hers and she had to laugh. "Okay, you're nuts, do you know that?"

"So I've been told," He straightened up and tapped his foot.

"Well, we're going to run late tomorrow, I'm sure of it." John nodded with a sympathetic face. "It's just that I had plans for tomorrow night, ya know what I mean?" she wiggled her eyebrows.

"Oh, I gotcha" He frowned too. "So, she's been keeping her word?" he asked with an amused smirk.

"Surprisingly enough, yes, and, with the things I've been doing to her..." she closed her eyes as a wave of sexual energy flowed over her, "she's going to get me back and I can't wait," she purred.

"Oh, no. Do I have to break out the skin tone?" he joked.

"Oh, god, I hope so."


Faith stopped in surprise half way through the doorway to the bedroom. Reece was lying there on her side, naked, waiting for her, with an evil little grin.

"Hiya. You hungry?" she asked, producing a tub of Cool Whip from behind her back.

"Starved, baby," Faith cooed and slinked over to the bed. She tried to stick her finger into the creamy contents of the container, but it wouldn't go anywhere. "It's still frozen?"

"Mmm, hmm. It's gonna take a while to defrost," Reece smiled alluringly.

"Oh? Got any ideas on how to fill the time?" Faith asked as she leaned over to kiss her lover.

"Sure do. I want to see you come for me... on me."

Faith groaned at the thought. Last night she'd directed all her attention to Reece and didn't touch herself in any way. Not that she wasn't satisfied, but now that Reece mentioned it, her eyes narrowed with lust. "Any particular place you want me to come, Reece?" she purred, already slipping off her sneakers.

"Nope," the club owner stretched herself out on the bed and gestured to her naked body, "it's your personal playground, you choose." She folded her arms behind her head and grinned at the sight of Faith's leer.

The actress got up and flicked on the radio. She bent over and began to take off her socks when a rather catchy beat caused her to sway with it. A wide grin crossed her face. Suddenly, she stood up and held out her arms for Reece, "Come here, sit at the end of the bed."

Reece complied, a little curious. "Okay, now what?"

"God, if you can only be this compliant all the time," Faith teased. "Just sit there," she shook a finger at her lover, "and don't move anything, not even your eyebrows." Reece furrowed said items and Faith snickered. "Patience, my dear."

Reece had a hard time controlling her eyebrows, and everything else, when Faith began to sway to the music. She had a very good idea where this was going and was certain that she couldn't obey her wish to sit still.

Faith started to dance seductively to the music, lifting her arms over her head and turning around. She bent over at the waist and gave Reece a close-up of her denim-clad ass, while she peeled off her other sock. She heard Reece shift on the bed, but let her get away with it. Standing back up and turning around, she began playing with the bottom of her shirt, lifting it slightly and then pulling it back down. She watched Reece's expression change to that of excited anticipation and grinned inwardly; this was sure to add tons of fuel to the fire, but she was sure she could handle it.

Reece gulped loudly as Faith's shirt was lifted high enough for her to see her bra. If there was one thing the club owner was a sucker for, it was a striptease. 'Tease' being the operative word here and her lover dropped her shirt back down. Blue eyes narrowed as the actress moved seductively around the floor.

Faith stopped between Reece's legs and presented her with her neck. Reece didn't disappoint and inhaled deeply, exhaling with a groan. Faith knew Reece loved to smell her skin and she used it to her advantage. Backing up a step, she reached under her shirt and opened her bra, watching her lover's blue eyes narrow slightly. Sliding her hands up her own arms, Faith slipped the straps down her shoulders and pulled the open bra out from her sleeve. Reece's gaze burned into her breasts, she felt her nipples harden from the intense stare.

Reece squirmed and focused all her energy towards keeping her arms at her sides. This was too good.

Faith ran her hands up her torso and stopped when they covered her breasts. "Do you want to see them? They're so hard for you." she asked coyly.

Reece nodded and licked her lips. Of course, she wanted to see them. What kind of question was that? She leaned forward and Faith put a hand out, stopping her progress.

"No, you have to stay there." Reece backed up again, so Faith began lifting her shirt slowly, still dancing to the music. As she neared exposing her breasts, she turned around. Pulling her shirt over her head, she gyrated her hips and heard her lover groan again. She covered her exposed breasts with her hands and turned around slowly, squeezing them together.

Reece's mouth watered. Faith's actions produced a deep cleft between her breasts and it was calling to her tongue. The club owner breathed a little heavier when the actress let a nipple peek out from between her fingers. She wanted to feel it between her teeth.

Faith slid her hands off her breasts and down her rib cage, stopping at the waist of her pants. She danced her way between Reece's legs and wiggled in front of her while she opened the button. "Pull the zipper down," she instructed. Reece's hands flew to her zipper. "With your teeth."

"Yeah..." Reece slipped off of the bed, onto her knees, resting her hands on Faith's swaying hips. She kissed across her lover's stomach until a hand on her forehead pushed her back.

"The zipper, baby."

The club owner grabbed the little tab between her teeth and pulled it down. Her nose brushed against the silky material of Faith's panties and she inhaled the delicious aroma of her lover's arousal. Relocating her hands to the shapely rear, she squeezed it as she burrowed her nose between Faith's legs. "Mmm, I wanna taste you."

The actress ignored Reece's request and backed up, dancing to the beat as she slowly slid her pants down to her knees. The tall woman, still on her knees groaned at the loss of contact and at the vision of Faith's ass when she turned around. Lifting herself onto the bed again, Reece leaned back on her hands and opened her legs, letting the air touch her wet sex. Watching Faith dance for her was driving her crazy.

When the actress turned back around, she grinned at the way her lover was gripping the bed. "Poor baby... are you getting all hot and bothered by me?"

"Oh, yeah. Come here and I'll show you," Reece growled.

"Patience," Faith snickered. She continued to dance to the music, seductively and teasingly until she thought Reece would tackle her and ravish her. She peeled her pants off of her legs and stepped out of them. She dropped to all fours and crawled to her lover, enjoying the look of lust in those baby blues.

Reece couldn't control it and she reflexively jerked her hips at Faith's nearness.

The actress leaned in as close as she could without touching the wet hairs in front of her. "I can feel the heat... you're so hot, baby," Faith purred, making sure she expelled as much air as possible when she spoke.

The tall woman groaned and opened her legs wider. "Wasn't this supposed to be about you?" she asked, twitching her hips at the feel of Faith's breath.

"Oh, yeah..." Faith lifted herself up into a kneeling position. She reached between her own legs and rubbed the crotch of her panties. Reece's eyes narrowed.

Faith grinned at her lover's expression. "That's right, you wanted to see, didn't you." Still kneeling, she spread her thighs and snuck two fingers into the side of her panties, shivering at the touch.

Reece's eyes narrowed even more, her legs closing now in order to ease some of the fire.

"Mmm, yeah... that feels so good," the actress groaned, then removed her fingers, replacing them down the front of her panties. "God, I'm so horny," she moaned. "It's not going to take long, Reece," she said with a hitch in her voice.

The club owner flexed her thighs and gripped the bed tightly. This was sheer torture. "You were supposed to come on me," she managed to croak out.

"Later... oh, this is too good."

Reece whimpered. It was going to be another long night.


Faith was filming a scene and John was watching TV in her trailer when his cell phone rang.


"It's Reece. Where's Faith?"

"Doing her thing, why? Is everything okay?" he asked with concern.

"Everything's fine. When do you think she'll be finished for the day?"

"Around eleven, maybe." The make-up artist smiled devilishly. "Oooo, you're gonna come here and get her, aren't you?"

"Yeah and I want her alone!" she warned.

"Will do. Go easy on her, Spike."

Reece chuckled and hung up the phone. Turning to Cori, she grinned mischievously. "I'm leaving early tonight, Cor. Got me some unfinished business."

The dancer eyed her grinning friend with amusement. "You sure she can handle it?"

"Oh, she'd surprise you. She ain't the Faith you think you know," Reece snickered and made her way to the office.

"Don't you wonder sometimes? I mean, Faith hadn't really had sex before you and, now, she's teaching you a few things."

"I used to wonder all the time about those things. Now I just wonder what I did to deserve her."

"Oh man," Cori closed the door behind her and shook her head in disbelief, "I never would have dreamed I'd see this day." She hugged Reece spontaneously. "I'm so happy for you, you have no idea."

"Uh, okay," Reece replied uncomfortably.

The dancer untangled herself from her tall friend. "Don't you see how much you've changed? Don't you understand the enormity of what Faith has done to you?" Cori asked wide-eyed.

"She's helped me, Cor. Nothing would have happened if I hadn't let it."

"See? You trusted her with everything. She believed in you and made you believe in yourself. God, don't you understand how wonderful that is?"

Reece thought about what Cori said. True. I trusted her with my heart, and now... The club owner smiled at her expectant friend. "You're right, Cori. Faith changed my life in ways I cannot even begin to fathom. After knowing, seeing the monster I was and can still become, she loves me. I never thought I was able to accept that; I never thought I deserved that kind of unconditional love."

Cori nodded, tears in her eyes. Reece rolled her eyes and pulled her into a hug. "I know you worship her too, Reece. You two were destined to meet," the dancer spoke into the club owner's shoulder.

"I had no choice, Cor. She holds my heart in her hands."

The dancer pulled away and sniffed. "That was beautiful, boss lady." Reece blushed slightly before clearing her throat uncomfortably. "Go on, Reece, go show her how much you missed her."

"You don't have to tell me twice."


Faith entered her trailer and was a little weirded out to find it dark. "John?" she whispered. "Are you sleeping?"

"John's not here and I'm definitely not sleeping.

The low, sexy timber of the voice sent a shock wave of pleasure through Faith's body. She shivered. Reece was breathing on the back of her neck. "What are you doing here?" she whispered into the dark room.

"I couldn't wait any more."

Large hands roamed down Faith's back, past her ass and around to hold her inner thighs. She gasped as a hot wet tongue slid along the nape of her neck. "Yes," she breathed.

"Do you know how badly I want to taste you?" she spoke as she brought her hands around of the front of Faith's Levi's and began undoing the buttons. "Kick off your shoes."

The actress complied then reached behind her and wrapped her hands around Reece's neck. "Tell me," she panted as her jeans slid down her legs.

"I'd much rather show you." Reece brought Faith's panties down to join her pants and the actress stepped out of them. Large hands roamed up and down her body and staked claim to every inch of skin within their reach. Reece pressed herself into Faith's back and her breath became erratic as her lover arched and groaned against her.

"Show me... please..." Faith begged, leaning back into the tall body behind her.

The club owner continued to knead Faith's breasts, pulling and pinching her erect nipples while she sucked and licked every inch of her neck and shoulders. "I need to taste you..." she mumbled.

Faith groaned loudly as one strong hand left her breast and started downward. She arched her back and stuck out her hips, waiting for those fingers to touch her.

"Oh, yeah... you want it bad," Reece teased. She stopped her oral torture and leaned her chin on Faith's shoulder to watch her hands move.

"God, yes..." the actress moaned.

Reece shivered when her fingers slid into the heat. "You are so incredibly wet, Faith." The actress whimpered and bent her knees, trying to make more contact with Reece's fingers. The tall woman teased her lover, her fingers darting from one place to another, skimming lightly over Faith's clit.

"Please, Reece..." Faith whined breathlessly, getting even more aroused by Reece's clothed body pressing into her from behind.

The club owner twirled Faith around to face her and the actress released her death grip on Reece's neck, replacing her hands on broad shoulders and began pushing her down. "Oh, yeah," Reece growled at the look of want on Faith's face. She dropped to her knees with a thud and buried her tongue in Faith's folds.

"Reece!" the actress shouted at the unexpected roughness of her lover's mouth. The tall woman was devouring her, groaning into her sex, nipping and licking relentlessly, like she was starving. "God, baby!" Faith was careening towards orgasm, Reece's slurping and moaning adding to her arousal. The sensations of her driving tongue caused Faith's legs to shake uncontrollably. "I'm gonna come already!" she gasped as the fire started to spread out from her belly through her groin.

Reece nodded and latched onto Faith's clit, sucking it hungrily, her chin digging into Faith's opening. She shook her head back and forth in time with her tongue, smearing the abundant wetness all over her face. She held tightly to her lover's hips as they jerked spastically with her impending explosion.

"Oh... oh... Reece... yes!" Faith grunted and grabbed Reece's head, mashing herself into her mouth. Her fingers tightened and tangled in the thick black hair as she trembled and whimpered. When Reece felt Faith was about to collapse, she pulled her mouth away reluctantly. "Mmm, so fucking good, baby," she purred, extending her tongue all the way to her chin to lick up the wetness.

The actress slid down to the floor in front of her grinning lover. "Oh, god... that was good," she shivered with an aftershock and wrapped herself around the tall happy woman.

"I'm not nearly done with you yet." Faith smiled. "That's right, I have big plans for you. Big. Now let's get home."

"Can I ask why you came all the way over here?" Faith sighed as she stood up to dress.

"I needed to taste you."

The actress snickered. "I love you, Reece."

"I adore you."

Faith watched open mouthed as her lover disappeared out the door. "I adore you?" she repeated. Her insides turned to mush and she felt all warm and fuzzy. "God, Reece!"

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