Reece's Faith, Part 6

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Reece shifted against the bike and re-crossed her ankles. For Christ sake! I'm always waiting for this woman! She heard the loud buzz signaling the start of a scene. She was debating whether or not she should have mentioned Faith's name at all. Wonder who sissy cakes is? Token gay boy? She chuckled and shifted again. Lifting her hand to pick at her nails she noticed the blood. Ah crap. Gotta clean this. Looking around at the barren streets, she decided to slip into the studio despite her agreement with Faith not to come inside. They both figured it was better off not to feed the spark of jealousy that would surely burn out of control if Reece ever saw Faith in another's arms. Make believe or not, the tall woman got stomach cramps just thinking about that. Reasoning to herself that blood on her hands would be much more difficult to explain than getting caught, she went for it. There's gotta be a bathroom close by.

Once inside, she peeked around a corner and saw the lounge. She snuck in quietly and took care to wash with the barest minimum of noise. On the way out, she again heard the buzzer and saw the red light go out. It sounded like a flurry of activity had begun. Just one look ain't gonna hurt.. no one seems to know I'm here anyway... Reece tiptoed to the opening in the prop wall and glanced around quickly. Everyone seemed to be scrambling around willy-nilly. Disorganized chaos came to her mind. Spotting Faith walking arm in arm, giggling almost evilly with the show's star, Michele, Reece smiled.

They walked and talked till they came to a stop almost three feet from where Reece was hiding.

"So, John tells me a certain someone single-handedly depleted his supply of cover-up. Anyone I know?" Michele shoulder-bumped Faith and grinned.

Faith's hand immediately shot to her throat, and she blushed.

"Uh huh. I thought so." the actress nodded. "So, who is he? Anyone I know? Famous?"

"Wait a minute." Faith laughed. "Nosy much?"

Just then two more actresses ran over, both smiling like they knew something. It made Faith nervous. Reece took the opportunity to get a good look at the women Faith was so closely associating with. All three very pretty women, but as different as night and day. I could be happy working with these chicks every day, she mused.

"Soooo..." Alison started "Rumor has it you're family."

"Family?" Faith repeated, desperately trying to play dumb. How the hell?

The tall woman in the shadows winced.

"Oh come on, Faith," Ali teased. "You know what I'm talking about. Sisters, wink wink nudge nudge?"

"Oh, that kind of family." she swallowed nervously, not really ready for this conversation.

Michele raised her eyebrows and grinned. Faith was just gorgeous and this information made her stomach tingle. Her fame and Emmy award forced Michele to keep her personal life hidden. So hidden, in fact, that it was nonexistent. If I could be alone with Faith under the guise of working.. well... The thought alone made her knees weak. Easy girl, it's been way too long.

Reece did not like the look on Michele's face and made a mental note to add her to her list of chats.

"Hey, it's nothing to be worried about, really." Sandy put her arm around Faith's shoulders and gave a squeeze. We're not going to rat you out. It's not my style anyway."

John bounded up like a puppy, and Faith groaned.

"What are we chatting about, girlfriends?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. Speaking of.." Ali gave Faith a questioning look.

"Ooo, she's??" He hit himself in the head a few times. "My gaydar must need new batteries, because you, Louise... I never even thought.."

"Yes, our Louise." Sandy sobbed and wiped her eyes dramatically. "We're so proud," she smiled.

Reece frowned at the women, John included. At least Faith had a crowd. That was important. But how did they know?

"Thank you guys, I appreciate the love, but Charles is supposedly birthing large farm animals over this. What do I do?" she whined.

"Tell him to fuck off. It works every time." Alison stated confidently.

"Uh huh. But how do we explain the walking billboard for queer stereotypes waiting outside for our 'Miss Judith'?" John asked seriously..for once.

Reece sneered.

All eyes turned to Faith, who blushed furiously. "She's uhm.. that's my..."

"Who's this?" Michele cut her off and started walking towards the exit, quickly followed by Sandy and Ali.

"NO! Please... don't go out there and stare at her... please! Faith panicked.

"And why not? She gonna run away? I just want to know who was lucky enough to practically eat you up alive." Mish laughed.

John put his head down guiltily.

"Oh? Do tell," Alison urged the makeup man.

"Big mouth." Faith glared at him.

John pointed all over his neck. "It was the most scandalous thing to happen here in a long time Louise. Give a bored soul a break" He batted his eyelashes and pouted.

Happy that the women weren't coming to gape at her, Reece beat a hasty exit.

"Oh puullease John. You'd find scandal on a toothpick given the chance." Sandy smiled at Faith reassuringly. Come on, we're almost done for tonight." She and Faith walked away from the others.

"Does everyone know?" Faith asked.

"I dunno, but don't worry, we're here for you. Just watch Michele, she looked hungry."

"Thanks for the heads up. So was that the extent of the gay crowd?"

"Yeah, but I'm not too sure about Jayme. I think even she doesn't know what she wants. Possibly asexual."

"Pity, she's very easy on the eyes." Faith grinned. She liked Sandy.

"So Faith, does she have a name?"

"Reece. Reece Corbett"

"Oh, that expression... priceless."

"It shows huh?" Faith smiled.

"It screams."


"CUT! That's it for tonight, everyone. Faith, can I see you for a minute?"

"Yeah, what, Chucky?" She saw him wince and smirked.

"James tells me you're not doing your best in the kissing scenes. Improve."

"How would he know what my best was?" She was insulted.

"Maybe you'd rather be with Travis?"

"Why don't you have me do both?" she grumbled.

"Look, I don't need your attitude. I'm trying to help you. We have to make this believable or you're going to be tossed into the background real quick. A piece of furniture. Can't fire you, discrimination and all..."

"Wait a fucking minute.." Faith saw red.

"Hey," Charles put up his hands. "I'm not the perv who's been hanging around in tit clubs." he smirked.

"Maybe you should, you uptight mother--"

"Faith! Can I see you?"

"What!" she yelled at Alison, who grabbed her elbow and dragged her away from Charles.

"Son of a bitch is smirking!" Faith was very angry.

"Babe, no need for this. Just relax. He cannot do anything drastic to your character. 'Judith' has 40% of the female cast fan mail. You're a teenage boy's wet dream. You have the upper hand.. use it."

Faith calmed a bit. "I do?" she asked skeptically.

"Yes, you do. I know how moronic Charles is sometimes, but, please, just blow him off. It makes work so much better. And he is the only one who acts like that."

"Thanks Ali. He really pissed me off." she chuckled. "What do I do about Jim though?

"Honey, no matter what you heard, pretend. Make believe it's your Reece."

"I would know her mouth anywhere." She shivered at the thought of Reece's mouth.

"OK, pretend she's drunk, or drugged." Alison shrugged. "Either way, the more real it looks, the less you have to deal with Chucky."

"You know, it just may work." Faith grinned.

"So she's a good kisser?" Alison winked.

"Good? No. Fantastic, wonderful, breathtaking, amazing.." Faith shivered again.

"Ok, ok. I'm officially jealous." she pouted.

"With good reason, Alison. With good reason."

"Well then, you better get going. I hear your chariot awaits."

Faith smiled evilly. "Oh yes, my chariot." She hugged Alison and darted off.


Reece waited patiently--well, as patiently as Reece was capable of. Her mind was working a mile a minute processing everything she'd heard, then going through it again. She was afraid that Faith would be angry with her for showing up, but she couldn't leave now. She's gonna be pissed at me. Shit! Why did I come here anyway? By the time the door opened to let out the crew, she was more than just antsy, she was actually fretting.

John spotted her and waved. She nodded her head and looked past him for Faith's head.

Suddenly he was right in front of her.

"Sooo, you're Mr. Wonderful huh?" He looked her up and down.

Reece stood tall and folded her arms across her chest.

"Ok.. heh heh. I'm afraid of you. No need to get all butch."

She had to grin, however slightly.

Michele strode by, took in the tall body and made a sour face. That reminded Reece.

"Hey, TV star."

Michele pointed to herself and looked around. The others took notice and stood closer.

"Yeah, you, a word please?"

"What." Michele stated boredly.

"Cut the crap, girl. Find other things to fantasize about. That particular subject is off limits."

Michele blushed. "I don't know what you're talking about. You don't scare me." She stood defiantly.

"But I should. Spoiled brats like you get on my nerves. And I'm not so pleasant when I'm angry." Reece gave her a dangerous smile.

Michele gulped, embarrassed in front of her peers, and stomped off.

"Oh and sweetie? Be sure to tell all your friends," she smirked.

Alison and Sandy stood by John, all three grinning. Reece thought they looked like those monkeys and shook her head. Leaning once again against her bike, she turned to the peanut gallery.

"What's taking her so long?"

"She had something to take care of, she'll be right out." Alison offered, somehow knowing that telling her the truth would have a very negative and messy result.

Sandy stepped forward and offered her hand. "Nice to meet you, I'm Sandy."

Reece shook her hand and nodded. "Reece, same here."

"Faith's one lucky woman if you ask me." she added.

"I didn't, but thanks." She smiled a little when Sandy frowned.

Faith walked outside and the devious grin she had on fell off. Oh no. I hope they didnít tell her what's going on.

Reece's relieved expression made Faith grin again.

"It's about time. I was gonna sic the mary on you."

"Hey!" John huffed. "You worked me today girl. A little less suction next time?"

Reece and Faith both shot him a look. The shorter woman wrapped her arms around the taller one, who bent down and covered her mouth with her own.

"Uh oh... I think that's our cue," Sandy whispered, and all three disappeared.

"MM, missed me?" Faith mumbled against soft lips.

"Like crazy," Reece mumbled back.

A few heated kisses later, Reece marveled at how kissing Faith made all her troubles dissipate. All that mattered was the mouth she was tasting and the body she was holding.

"I have a surprise for you." she whispered.

Faith narrowed her eyes. "I always did like it when you surprised me."

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